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25 Best Newborn Baby Gifts of 2024

Stuck on finding the best gift for a newborn? We’ve got you covered!

Are you heading to a baby shower? Nobody wants to give the baby something that will just take up space in the house.

So how do you choose the best newborn baby gifts? What makes a baby gift good?

We’ve been through the baby shower circuit many times, so we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes the best gifts. We’ll share all we’ve learned to make the shopping process easier. We’ll also highlight our top 25 newborn baby gifts and give you tips on what to avoid.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Vicks Starry Humidifier
Congestion Buster
Vicks Starry Humidifier
  • Inhibits mold growth
  • Variable humidity control
  • Features a projector screen
Product Image of the Baby Bandana Drool Bibs
Drooling In Style
Baby Bandana Drool Bibs
  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Six-pack bandana bibs
  • Trendy and fashion-forward
Product Image of the As You Grow Memory Book
Guaranteed To Last
As You Grow Memory Book
  • Handrawn illustrations
  • 160 pages
  • Hardcover
Product Image of the Snuggle Me Lounger
Best for Relaxation
Snuggle Me Lounger
  • Made from organic materials
  • Soft, lightweight, minimalistic feel
  • Machine washable
Product Image of the Welcome Little One Book
Best for Welcoming Baby
Welcome Little One Book
  • World-renowned and best-selling author
  • 32-page book
  • Affordable
Product Image of the Manhattan Toy Teether
Work Those Hands
Manhattan Toy Teether
  • Safe and soft
  • BPA free
  • Lightweight construction
Product Image of the Monthly Milestone Blanket
Documenting Baby Milestones
Monthly Milestone Blanket
  • Organic
  • Multifunctional
  • Thick and soft
Product Image of the Little Remedies Kit
Essential Newborn Remedies
Little Remedies Kit
  • Safe and effective
  • Affordable
  • Pediatrician recommended
Product Image of the Baby Elefun Silicone Teether
Because Teething Sucks
Baby Elefun Silicone Teether
  • Ergonomic
  • Food grade silicone
  • Adorable and high quality
Product Image of the Baby Aspen Shark Robe
For After-Bath Snuggles
Baby Aspen Shark Robe
  • 100% cotton
  • 12 designs to choose from
  • Thick and absorbent

The Best Newborn Baby Gifts of 2024

Here are our top picks for newborn baby gifts.

Vicks Starry Night Humidifier

Congestion Buster

This product is a must-have for when the baby gets congested or needs a little extra light to sleep. It’s a cool mist humidifier that comes with a slot to insert Vicks VapoPads to help open nasal passageways.

It also has a starry night soother projector that will project the moon and stars onto the ceiling in changing colors. This is a nice way to help soothe the baby to sleep.

It’s easy to clean and uses wicking filters that help inhibit mold growth.

The first time our daughter caught a cold, we were miserable until we remembered we had this. Up until that point, we had only used it as a nightlight. Once we turned it on with one of the pads, our daughter instantly went to sleep without hesitation.

It should be noted that your baby should be at least 14 pounds before using Vicks tabs with this humidifier.

User Experience

My experience with this humidifier has been a mix of positive and negative aspects. On one hand, it effectively adds humidity to the room without producing the annoying white dust that other humidifiers often leave behind. The night light feature has been a hit, adding a cool moon and stars projection on the ceiling. However, the constant color-changing aspect can be quite bothersome, especially when it alternates between bright and dim lighting during the night. On the downside, the humidifier has developed a loud ticking noise in the motor within a year of use, making it difficult for my child to sleep. Additionally, the need for frequent filter replacements due to hard water can be a bit of a hassle. Despite these issues, the overall performance of the humidifier in terms of maintaining humidity levels has been satisfactory, and I have not experienced any leaking problems as mentioned in some other reviews. In conclusion, while this humidifier has its flaws, it has fulfilled its primary purpose of adding humidity to the room without creating white dust. If you can tolerate the noise and don't mind the filter replacements, it might be a suitable option for you. However, I would recommend looking into alternatives if the color-changing night light or motor noise might be an issue.

Vuminbox Baby Girl Bandana Drool Bibs

Drooling in Style

Let’s be honest; babies are a drooling mess when they’re teething. That’s why drool bibs come in handy. Not only will they save baby’s clothing, but they’ll help prevent uncomfortable rashes, too.

We like this drool bib set because it comes in a pack of six bibs, each with a bonus teether attached. These bibs can fit newborns to toddlers and are made of soft organic cotton for extra comfort.

Personal Perspective

I'm impressed with these bibs as they've significantly reduced the number of bibs my 8-month-old needs per day due to their excellent absorbency. The soft, comfortable material keeps my baby's clothes dry and clean, even with constant drooling. Additionally, the attached teether is a fantastic feature that my baby enjoys playing with and chewing on. I appreciate the multiple size options provided by the snaps, allowing my baby to continue using these bibs as she grows. These bibs maintain their quality after washing and drying, and the teether being dishwasher safe is a bonus.

As You Grow Modern Memory Book

Guaranteed to Last

Nothing is better than being able to keep something that babies can look at when they’re older and reminisce. This memory book is gender neutral and has enough acid-free pages to record moments from pregnancy until kindergarten.

This book is broken into sections and includes a pocket to store keepsakes. While a baby won’t be able to fully appreciate this until they’re older, it’s a sweet gesture any parent will appreciate.

Community Feedback

My experience with this baby book has been nothing short of fantastic, as it truly captures the essence of my little one's early years. The beautifully designed pages and meaningful prompts make documenting memories an enjoyable process, while the spiral binding ensures hassle-free writing. I do miss the multiple pockets from previous versions, as they made storing mementos throughout the book a breeze. Nonetheless, this elegant and modern baby book remains a cherished keepsake that I look forward to revisiting as my child grows.

Snuggle Me Organic Newborn Lounger

Best Gift for Relaxation

As much as a new baby wants to be held, there will be times when that just isn’t possible. This lounger allows babies to feel comfy and snug. It’s lightweight and is made from GOTS-certified organic material. And we love that it’s machine washable.

This product is recommended for newborns up to 9 months old or until the baby can roll over on their own.

Welcome Little One Board Book

Best Book for Welcoming Baby

If you want to give something heartfelt, consider this board book. It comes with colorful illustrations and a rhyming poem that promises baby a lifetime of love and care.

There’s also a spot where you can fill in your baby’s information. This includes their name and birth stats.

User Experience

I'm delighted with this colorful board book that I originally bought as a baby shower gift. The sweet story is easy to memorize and has become my grandson's favorite since he was 2 months old. He even has a favorite page that he likes me to read over and over. The size of the book is perfect for little hands and for reading while rocking a child. It has held up well despite being read countless times, and I can't wait to explore more books from this author.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Teether

Work Those Hands

This toy is perfect for helping the baby work on their grip and early dexterity skills. On top of that, the plastic loops are BPA-free, so it’s okay if the baby puts it in their mouth. It makes a rattling sound when shaken.

This teether has won several awards, including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this toy has been perfect for babies learning to grasp and hold objects. Its numerous rings provide various options for little hands to grab, and it doubles as a soothing teething toy. The gentle rattle sound keeps babies entertained without being annoying to those around them, making it a great option for car rides or tummy time.

Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Documenting Baby Milestones

If the parents-to-be are into social media, this may be a good gift to consider. This milestone blanket serves a double purpose with one side intended for measuring growth by weeks and the other for months. It comes wrapped in a soft ribbon and includes two frames for circling the appropriate week or month and number in photos.

Aside from picture time, you can also lay the soft fleece blanket on the floor so the baby can have comfortable tummy time.

Community Feedback

I've recently had the pleasure of using this giraffe milestone blanket and found it to be well-crafted and vibrant in color. It's a bit larger than expected, but the extra space allowed me to add personalized notes on my baby's development each month. The material is incredibly soft and the print is adorable, making it a great value for the price. I also appreciate the accessories that come with it, adding a lovely touch to the overall experience. This milestone blanket has been a delightful addition to our baby's monthly growth tracking and would make an excellent baby shower gift.

Little Remedies New Baby Essentials Kit

Essential Newborn Remedies

This may not seem exciting, but it will come in handy. In this kit, you get a variety of medicinal essentials for different ailments. That includes saline spray, a nasal aspirator, gas relief drops, butt paste, and gripe water.

Gripe water is a solution of herbs and extracts made from foods like ginger and fennel seeds. It’s said to help soothe gas and reduce colic in babies.

All products are paraben-free and don’t contain any artificial dyes or flavors.

First-Hand Impression

This baby care kit has been a fantastic and cost-effective way for me to prepare for my little one's arrival. As a soon-to-be mom, I was unsure of what essentials I would need, but this kit provided a great assortment of useful items. I've found it particularly helpful when dealing with late-night fussiness from my gassy baby. However, be cautious with the included Gripe Water, as some users have reported missing tamper-evident seals.

Baby Elefun Silicone Teether

Because Teething Sucks

There is nothing sadder than a teething child. Teethers help sore gums, and by keeping the baby calm, they keep parents from totally losing their minds.

This cute elephant-shaped teether comes in three color options: blue, pink, and turquoise. It also has five different textures and bristles that your baby will love to chew and serves as a first-stage toothbrush.

The teether is made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone to ensure no toxins reach the baby. The parents should still wash it before its first use and clean it with soap and warm water or pacifier wipes.

User Experience

Great teether for my nephew who absolutely loves it! This teether is not only super adorable, but it's also easy for little hands to grip and provides a variety of textures for babies to explore. Though smaller than I initially expected, it turned out to be the perfect size for my nephew, allowing him to comfortably hold and chew on it. The silicone material is soft on teething gums, easy to clean, and overall a fantastic gift for any teething baby.

Baby Aspen Bathrobe

After-Bath Snuggles

If you want to gift a bathtime item, consider one of these bathrobes. It fits babies 0-9 months and comes in six different designs. The cute shark design comes in three color options: pink, gray, or blue.

This thick terry robe is made from 100% cotton. It also comes with a hood to help keep the baby warm.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this baby outfit has been overwhelmingly positive. The soft and cozy material made it an excellent gift for a baby shower. Although the arms were a bit long for my 2-month-old, the rest of the outfit fit just right. Be aware that you may need to size up, as the texture can feel a little rough, but overall, it's an adorable and functional option for little ones.

Baby University ABC’s Four-Book Set

For Future Scientists

If the parents-to-be are into science, this book set will make the perfect gift for their new baby. This set comes with four board books — ABCs of Space, Science, Mathematics, and Physics.

Even though the content may be beyond their age, it grows with the child, from alphabet learning to deeper content education. And it still makes for a lovely bonding experience between caregiver and baby. A baby is never too young to enjoy books.

Community Feedback

My experience with these educational books has been quite positive, as they are designed to grow with the child's learning abilities. Initially, we focused on the alphabet, but as my child progressed, we delved into the more detailed paragraphs explaining words and concepts. The durable books feature excellent illustrations and present ideas in simple terms, making them a perfect introduction to science for young children. As a physicist, I appreciate how these books make learning fun and engaging, potentially sparking a lifelong interest in the subject.

The I Love You Book

A Sweet Read

This is a silly yet heartfelt book that any baby is sure to enjoy well into toddlerhood. The author uses simple and vibrant illustrations.

The wording reminds babies that their parents love them even when they do naughty things like hiding keys.

First-Hand Impression

I'm delighted with these Todd Parr books, particularly with their engaging graphics and inclusive messages. My three-year-old son and I enjoy reading them together, especially during significant life events, as they tackle big issues in a child-friendly manner. The vibrant colors and high-quality production make these books appealing to both parents and toddlers alike. Although my ten-year-old has outgrown these books, they remain a cherished staple in our household for my younger child.

Safety 1st Deluxe Health Kit

Safety First

If you want practicality, consider gifting this 25-piece health and hygiene kit. The set comes with everything needed for grooming, all in a convenient carrying case.

It includes nail clippers, nail files, a comb, a brush, a toothbrush, a thermometer, and more. On top of that, there’s an emergency information card that parents can fill out if needed.

User Experience

For new parents, this baby kit has been a convenient and handy resource, especially during travels. I personally found that it includes all the essential items needed, and the quality is impressive. Additionally, the pouch offers extra space to accommodate more items if needed, making it a practical and thoughtful gift for expecting mothers.

Skip Hop Silver Lining Playmat

Gender Neutral and Aesthetically Pleasing

Activity mats are a popular item on baby registries, so why not try this oversized one? It has a sweet gender-neutral design, making it an easy gift for any baby.

In gym mode, the baby can play with the removable toys, including a mirror, rattling star, and squeaker. The fabric is plush and soft, so the baby will always be comfortable. A cloud-shaped pillow is included for tummy time.

Baby Quote Socks

Best Novelty Gift

Novelty gifts are always a fun way to celebrate a new baby. These baby socks are just too cute. The pack comes with four different pairs of socks, each with a different saying on the bottom.

They’re gender neutral and are soft to the touch to ensure comfort for a baby’s sensitive feet.

Community Feedback

As a recent purchaser of these baby footies, I can attest to their charming appearance and accurate description. During my hands-on experience, I found the footies to look adorable on my little one, and they made for a delightful and well-received gift for a friend. However, I must mention that the quality wasn't quite what I expected, but it didn't detract too much from the overall appeal. The footies were definitely a hit and I would consider recommending them to others for their cuteness and affordability. My personal experience with these footies has been mostly positive, despite the minor quality issue.

Baby Swaddle Sleepsack

Swaddle Me Comfy

When babies are first born, swaddling is a must to help control their startle reflexes while sleeping. Many hospitals recommend this sleep sack. Some even send new parents home with one.

The fabric is cozy and warm and made from 100% cotton. Parents simply zip their baby into it with their arms through the armholes. Then they fold over the Velcro flaps to hold their arms in place.

This product makes swaddling a much easier process than when you use a regular blanket. There are 40 designs and colors to choose from, so you can choose your favorite.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased the Halo sleep swaddle for my baby, and it has quickly become my favorite swaddling option. The fleece material keeps my baby warm and cozy, while the lighter material is perfect for warmer nights. The Velcro design ensures a secure fit, and I appreciate that it's easy to change diapers without completely undoing the swaddle. I did notice some shrinkage after washing, but it still fits my baby comfortably.

Baby University Four-Book Set

Future Scientist: Part Two

This set comes with four books for babies, including an introduction to Quantum Physics, Rocket Science, General Relativity, and Newtonian Physics.

The wording is as simple as possible, and the illustrations are vibrant and bright. This is perfect for new babies to explore as their eyesight develops.

User Experience

After purchasing these books for my 2-year-old, I found them to be a unique and engaging way to introduce young children to physics concepts. The illustrations are simple and could benefit from more color and detail, but the sturdiness of the books ensures that they will last for years. As an engineer and a pilot, I appreciate the effort to make these complex ideas accessible to children, and I've even gifted them to my tech-savvy friends. My 3-year-old niece loves them too, often exclaiming, "I love energy!" after reading. While my son enjoys the repeated images of a ball and finds humor in the lack of a story, I believe these books would be even more beneficial for slightly older children who can better grasp the abstract concepts presented.

ProHouse Baby Headbands

Fashionista Baby

These head accessories are so adorable. They’re small enough to fit a newborn but have enough stretch in them to grow with the child for a few years.

They come in a pack of sixteen head wraps, giving you enough color options for that OOTD look. Nonetheless, the soft nylon material is perfect for newborns.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, these baby headbands provide both comfort and style for my little one. The wide, stretchy band ensures no marks are left on her head, and the soft fabric is thin enough to keep her cool. With a vast selection of colors to choose from, I appreciate the versatility these headbands offer. Although the bow can become slightly flimsy after wearing, it doesn't detract from the overall cuteness and wearability. The one-size-fits-all design is convenient, but be mindful that it may not be an ideal fit for smaller infants.

DC Comics Justice League Bodysuit Set

For Hero Babies

This is the perfect gift for any Justice League fans. This set includes five baby onesies, each with a different superhero theme, for one great price. This would make a nice, funny gift for pictures.

The fabric is made of cotton and polyester, so it’s lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking. It’s also machine washable and dryer-safe.

Knit Swaddle Snuggle Sack

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This thick-knit snuggle sack is great for families who live in cooler climates. It’s made from cozy material and comes in 10 different color options. The wooden buttons and hooded design add to the appeal.

It’s most suitable for babies ages 0 to 6 months and can be fastened and unfastened easily for quick diaper changes and removing the baby.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this beautiful product for my baby and was pleasantly surprised by its quality and versatility, particularly as a swaddle during chilly days. However, the packaging left some wrinkles and button imprints on the cable knit, which required some steaming to restore its appearance. Despite this minor setback and the buttons being plastic instead of wooden, I'm still pleased with the overall value and functionality of this item, making it a lovely gift for expecting parents.

Burt’s Bees Baby Trial Set

Best Bath Gift

If you want to gift something that you know the baby will use, consider this bath set. It comes with trial-sized bottles of shampoo/baby wash, lotion, rash cream, baby oil, and soap.

The items are pediatrician tested and tear-free, so you know you’re getting some quality products. We appreciate the small bottles, which are perfect for trying but not having to commit to. They’re also ideal for travel.

User Experience

In my experience, this Burt's Bees baby product set has been quite satisfactory for my little one's sensitive skin. The wash is mild, with a subtle scent, and it didn't cause any irritation when I tested it on my own eyes. However, the lotion included in the set seems to be unnecessary, as I haven't found a frequent need to use it on my baby's skin.

Amazing Baby Transitional Swaddle Sack

For the Tiny Baby

The swaddle sack is made of 100% cotton. The fabric is super stretchy and can fit babies from 0 to 3 months old.

Best of all? There’s no Velcro or snaps with this swaddle option, which means ultimate comfort for the babes.

Personal Perspective

These swaddles have been incredibly helpful in transitioning my newborn to more comfortable and longer sleep sessions. The cozy material keeps her warm and allows her to have her hands up, which she prefers, while the mittens help to suppress her startle reflex. After using this swaddle, my baby now sleeps for extended periods, allowing both of us to rest better.

Dodo Babies Pacifier Clip & Teether

A Baby Must Have

This pacifier clip and teether combo is another good option if you want to gift something to help with teething. It includes several animal-shaped teethers in pale pink, gray, and blue colors.

It includes a convenient clip, so parents can attach it to their baby’s clothing or car seat, making it great for outdoor activities.

Community Feedback

I recently purchased this teether set and found it to be a great bargain with a variety of items included. The teethers themselves are easy for my baby to hold and can be frozen for added relief, but they are a bit thin. While the pacifier clips are handy and the pacifier case is adorable, I experienced a metal clasp breaking on one of the clips after minimal use.

Noggin Stick Rattle

Baby’s First Sensory Toy

Many parents consider this one the “ultimate sensory toy.” It has high-contrasting colors, and it lights up. This is beneficial for a baby’s developing eyesight.

It has different textures for the baby to feel, a mirror on the bottom, and makes a rattling noise when shaken. This toy is sure to keep the baby’s attention and make tummy time much more fun.

This toy also comes with a booklet to give parents tips on using it in a developmentally appropriate way.

First-Hand Impression

This toy instantly became a favorite for my baby, who quickly learned to grasp and interact with it. The combination of the mirror, rattle, and color changes keeps my little one entertained and stimulated. While the rattle noise could be louder, this well-made toy is easy to clean and has helped my baby reach various milestones, making it a must-buy for any parent.

Nursery Night Light

Keep the Monsters Away

This night light comes in three modes and lights up with different colors just by tapping on the silicone surface. It makes the perfect night light for a baby’s room. It’s not so bright as to interfere with sleep, but the dim glow allows a parent to check on their baby in the night without waking them.

The lamp is made out of non-toxic washable silicone. There’s a built-in battery for portable use, and the lamp can be charged via the micro USB port.

User Experience

Definitely a fantastic addition to any child's room, this night light is not only colorful and adjustable in brightness, but also soft and cuddly. My child loves playing with it and watching the colors change either by using the remote or tapping the light itself. One minor issue is that the power-on button on the remote doesn't always work, requiring a manual press on the light's bottom to turn it on. But overall, it's a great product that provides just the right amount of light for nighttime and has quickly become part of our bedtime routine.

How to Choose Newborn Baby Gifts

Let’s cut to the chase: babies are expensive. As much as the parents-to-be may say they don’t want anything, everyone needs some must-haves. These are some of the best options we consider for newborn baby gifts:


If there’s one thing we’ve learned about parenthood, it’s that babies can be absolutely disgusting. From diaper blowouts to the first food experiences, baby clothes are bound to get ruined. Having some extras never hurt anyone.


Memory books and other keepsakes are sweet and personal gifts. Most parents don’t think about these until they realize they haven’t recorded anything.

Some people even have their baby memory books sitting out at their high school graduation parties. This means you’re giving something that will last a lifetime.

Toys and Books

Toys and books may seem unnecessary for a newborn, but some can be beneficial. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Sensory toys: Any toy that can make noise, light up, or has different textures can benefit a baby’s development. For the first few months, babies can mostly see black and white. High-contrast items will be entertaining for them.
  • Board books: As the baby gets older, they will learn to grasp things. Board books provide a sturdier structure to hold onto.
  • Teethers: These have different textures to help soothe the baby’s gums and come in many cute and fun designs. Some may even have a rattle attached.
  • Activity mats: These are bigger items, so make sure you don’t get a duplicate or one that the parents won’t like. They come with a soft mat for the baby to lie on. They’ll also sometimes have toys that hang over the top for the baby to look at and play with.

Gift Cards

Last but not least, the gift card. Don’t feel bad about giving a gift card. These can come in handy and help alleviate costs for new parents.

What to Avoid When Choosing Newborn Gifts

There is such a thing as a bad baby gift. And nobody wants to be the one who gifts the parents-to-be something inconvenient or distasteful. Here are some gifts we recommend avoiding.

  • Baby sleepers with buttons: This may not seem like a big deal, but it will when mom or dad are trying to change a poopy diaper in the middle of the night.
  • Formula: This may be a well-meaning gift, but baby formula shouldn’t be given unless the parents have explicitly asked for it, as some parents don’t use baby formula, and if they do, they often require a specific brand.
  • Elaborate outfits: They’re adorable, don’t get us wrong, but chances are the baby will outgrow it before they have a chance to wear it.
  • Anything that goes against the parents’ interests or values: This can include religious-themed gifts or clothing with suggestive wording the parents may be uncomfortable with.
  • Newborn-sized clothing: If you want to gift something the baby can wear right away, we suggest sticking to size 0-3 months. Based on experience, this size will last a little longer. And if the baby is long at birth, they may not fit newborn sizes.
  • Unsafe materials: If you want to give something like a teether or rattle, make sure they don’t contain anything that can be toxic to babies. Look out for labels that mention things like “non-toxic,” “BPA-free,” “no parabens,” etc.
  • Teething jewelry: The Food and Drug Administration recommends using teething toys rather than teething jewelry for relief. Teething jewelry can come with risks like choking or strangulation.


What Can You Do For People Who Have Just Had a Baby?

For people who have just had a baby, offer practical help like meals, errands, or cleaning. Or, give thoughtful gifts like baby essentials, a keepsake, or a gift card for baby items or food delivery.

What Should You Bring to a Friend’s House With Newborn?

When visiting a friend’s house with a newborn, consider bringing a meal, a small gift for the baby, and anything you might need to be self-sufficient to avoid adding to the parents’ workload.

When Can Visitors See a Newborn Baby?

Visitors can typically see a newborn baby after the first few weeks, once the family has had time to settle. Always ask the parents what works for them and if there are any visiting guidelines to follow.

Is it OK to Give Money For a Baby Gift?

It’s okay to give money as a baby gift, especially if the parents have specific needs or savings goals for their child. Some might prefer cash contributions to a college fund or to help with expenses.

Is it Better to Send a Baby Gift Before or After Birth?

The timing for sending a baby gift depends on your relationship with the parents and cultural norms. Some prefer to give gifts at a baby shower before birth, while others wait until after the baby arrives.

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