How to Choose the Best Toy for a 7-Year-Old Boy (2020 Guide)

What are the best toys for 7-year-old boys? At the end of the day, most parents want to see a big smile on their child’s face and the right choice of toy can help with that.

There’s a vast array of toys suitable for this age group. How can we select the most suitable option that will entertain and possibly educate too?

Let’s understand our children better and discuss the developmental milestones they’re going through at this age. I’ll then share my reviews of the best toys for 7-year-old boys.

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    7-Year-Old Boys: What’s Developing and How?

    While all children develop slightly differently, there are certain markers that determine if a child is on the path. These developmental milestones can help us better understand what’s going on in their little brains and bodies (1):

    • Speech and language: At this age, kids can speak more clearly and form more complex sentences. They might be developing a sense of humor. They’ll understand that a word can carry several meanings.
    • Emotions: They’re able to share their feelings and might take a great deal of time to tell you about their day at school.
    • Cognitive: Understanding directions, numbers, and time, mental ability improves considerably. Questions starting with the word “why” may be numerous. Memorization improves.
    • Social: The taste for independence continues and expands. Some might start playing team sports at around this age.
    • Motor: Improved body coordination and balance. They might be able to combine movements to create one action, as is required with cycling, for example.

    Time to Shop

    These milestones should be a good gauge on how to pick the best toy for a rowdy 7-year-old boy. Here are a few concrete examples of toys that might be the perfect fit, depending on what you’re looking for.

    • Ride-on toys should help them master both balance and coordination: At this age, they might request more challenging rides, such as a scooter, which is a widely popular option at the moment.
    • Anything that encourages exploration should also be a winner at this age: Diving toys, science kits, robots and more, there are plenty of options to help your 7-year-old expand his horizons and “think outside the box.”

    Parents can easily be tempted to overly control and micromanage their child’s learning process, which is a typical response, no judgment here. However, it’s important to let each child evolve at his own pace, in his own way, and not be compared to his playmates.

    The Best Toys for 7-Year-Old Boys of 2020

    Now that we understand which types of toys might help your child reach important milestones, let’s have a look at the best 19.

    1. Lego Technic Building Kit

    Best Construction Racing Car

    LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit with Pull Back Toy Stunt Car, Popular...
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    This racing car should challenge your child’s building and logical-thinking skills. Composed of 135 pieces that are easy to assemble, a 7-year-old boy will likely have as much fun building the car as he does playing with it.

    Sturdy in construction, it’s made to resist shocks and crashes. To activate the motor, pull the car back and release. Built with a robust bumper, and large thick wheels, it also holds an engine that pops out during a crash.

    Given the age range is up to 14 years, this item has the potential to “grow” with your child, providing years of entertainment.

    2. Lego Star Wars Toy

    The Most Famous Star Wars Battle

    LEGO Star Wars Duel on Naboo 75169 Star Wars Toy
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    Young boys love Lego and this popular Star Wars Lego set features all the accessories needed to recreate the battle between Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn. Each character comes with its famous respective lightsaber.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi tries to join the battle but gets held back by laser gates, which open thanks to a push-activated system.

    A catapult sparks up the battle, and the generator includes a chamber with removable lava. Your kid can come up with plenty of new scenarios with the 208 pieces included.

    3. Crayola Light-up Coloring Board

    LED Drawing Tablet for Artists

    Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Blue, Amazon Exclusive, Toys, Gift for Boys, Ages...
    Check Price

    Does your child enjoy drawing or coloring, but needs a little assistance? This coloring tablet might help him reach the artistic design he’s after.

    Ten tracing sheets are included, all sports-themed, with a wider variety available for download online. Insert the traceable image onto the pad and place a sheet of drawing paper over it. The non-slip frame holds the paper in place and the drawing pad lights up to reveal the traceable image for your kid to follow.

    Paper and colored pencils are included. Batteries are required but need to be purchased separately. Drawing in the dark has never seemed possible until now.

    4. Dueling Rockets

    Outdoor Sport Rockets

    Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets, 4 Rockets and Rocket Launcher - Outdoor Rocket Toy...
    Check Price

    Wondering how to get your child to spend more time outdoors and burn all their extra energy? This award-winning toy might be the solution you’re searching for.

    These rockets should get your kid running and jumping to launch the rockets as high as 200 feet in the air. Yes, you read that right! Included are four rockets in total, so he’ll be scrambling to catch them once they land.

    This kit comes with two launching pads, allowing him to invite a playmate or family member to compete. Not only will it get your child engaged in some physical activity, but it could also develop his taste for competition.

    5. National Geography Dino Fossil Kit

    Dinosaur Digging Kit

    NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dino Fossil Dig Kit – Excavate 3 real fossils including...
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    Looking to teach your child history and paleontology, while sharpening his patience and precision skills?

    This dinosaur fossil kit contains a dinosaur bone, tooth, and even dino poop. A 7-year-old should be able to dig up the treasures independently, building confidence as he goes.

    The included booklet provides additional information regarding the findings and the dinosaurs living in prehistoric times, motivating them to dig further. To make this experience more realistic, this kit comes with a magnifying glass and digging tools.

    6. Robo Explorer Toy

    Planet Explorer Robot

    LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy
    Check Price

    This interactive and electronic robot kit features real tracks, a movable body, and a working searchlight to best explore new planets. Another hit by the infamous Lego brand, the kit includes 205 pieces.

    When terrestrial exploration is over, the robot turns into a robot bird, to explore further grounds. The robot bird converts into a digging robot dog, to continue the imaginative roleplay.

    This adorable and versatile robot is easy enough for a 7-year-old to build on his own, while still challenging his construction skills.

    7. Minecraft The Zombie Building Kit

    Lego Minecraft-Style

    LEGO Minecraft The Zombie Cave 21141 Building Kit with Popular Minecraft...
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    We know we’ve gone a little Lego crazy here, but they’re always a winner with the boys. Due to Minecraft’s popularity in the past few years, this option should be a hit. The fun starts with the construction of the zombie cave, and continues with an exploding function, revealing coal, diamond, and red stones.

    To spark up the game, Steve Minecraft gets all the needed accessories to fight against a zombie, a baby zombie, and a bat. The 241 pieces include a ladder to escape the zombies, a furnace, and lava for protection.

    Your son’s Minecraft experience just got more real.

    8. Undersea Treasure Hunt

    Pool-Time Treasure Hunt

    Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Undersea Treasure Hunt Pool Game With Floating Chest...
    Check Price

    Needing a toy to make pool time more exciting? This unique, water-friendly kit is made of sturdy plastic to endure sun and chlorine from the pool.

    While the treasure chest is floating, the coins and jewels sink to the bottom of the pool. Solo or playing in teams, searching and diving to retrieve the treasures should create plenty of fun and exciting moments.

    Under parental supervision, this pool game may boost your child’s confidence in the water, improving their agility and swimming abilities.

    9. Circuits Beginner Electronics Exploration Kit

    Exploring Electronic Circuits

    Snap Circuits Beginner, Electronics Exploration Kit, Stem Kit For Ages 5-9...
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    It’s possible you didn’t know that such a toy even existed but hey, here’s to surprises. This is such a cool option for little boys and could really get their minds working.

    This beginner’s circuitry exploration kit comes with 20 different projects, starting with simpler ones, leading to progressively more complex circuits. Each circuit aims to help your child understand how electricity flows.

    With 12 pieces in total and built with circuit-safe technology, these electronic circuits should challenge any 7-year-old boy. He might be showing off his new knowledge in no time. An easy-to-follow manual should help with any bumps along the way.

    10. Pokémon TCG Ex Box Bundle

    Pokemon Cards Collection

    Pokémon TCG Ex Box Bundle
    Check Price

    Pokemon might seem like a strange phenomenon to most parents, but for some kids, the Pokemon trading cards are a real passion. Increasing their collection by possessing additional cards is the key to winning battles.

    This Pokemon bundle includes the Charizard, Mewtwo, and Dragonite boxes. Each contains a larger card featuring Pokemon-Ex, and four packs of pokemon cards.

    These should give your child a good advantage in their next Pokemon card battle!

    11. Marvel Super Heroes Fighter Attack

    Superhero Vessel

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100 Building Kit (358...
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    When it comes to superheroes, Lego comes out on top, yet again. The 358 pieces come together to form the impressive Royal Talon Fighter, which is Black Panther’s superhero vessel.

    Under the vehicle, you’ll find two shooters for defense and attack. The cockpit, located at the front of the vessel, opens for a driver to hop on board. The rear compartment can serve as a prison or a storage space for the included weapons.

    To make this vehicle come alive, this kit also includes Black Panther, Ulysses Klaue, Nakia, and Killmonger figures, with detailed printing and dual facial expressions.

    12. Y Fliker Lift Kids Scooter

    Ride-on Scooter Time

    Yvolution Y Fliker Lift | Swing Wiggle Carving Scooter for Kids Age 7+ and...
    Check Price

    Is your boy getting bored with his old-fashioned scooter? Not quite ready for an electric one? This scooter might be the perfect transition and compromise between the two.

    This foldable scooter is lightweight and made with strong-grip rubber wheels, to help your child maintain good balance. The added mini-wheels at the rear allow sharp, fast, but safe turns.

    The most adventurous riders might even lift the 360-degree rotating handlebar to ride on two wheels. Any scooter enthusiast knows the benefit to this free-spinning, trick-inducing unit.

    Breaks are easily accessible on the handlebar to slow down or take a break. After the fun is over, the scooter can be stored away easily, with its “twist and fold” mechanism.

    13. MDGZY STEM 4WD Climbing Vehicle

    Best STEM Engineering Kit

    STEM 4WD Car DIY Climbing Vehicle Motor Car Educational Engineering Car for...
    Check Price

    Combining basic technology, engineering, math and science skills, this climbing vehicle is highly educational. Although it might challenge your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, this vehicle is simple to assemble and build.

    Straightforward wiring will be needed to get the vehicle started, and full instructions are included. Once built, the vehicle chassis can be set to three different angles to climb obstacles up to 2 inches high.

    This kit is made from non-toxic material, and if you’d like to introduce your child to renewable energy, solar panels can be purchased separately.

    14. Power Wheels Boomerang, Blue

    Power Riding With Power Wheels

    Power Wheels Boomerang, Blue
    Check Price

    Watch out world. Perfect for a lively young boy, this powered vehicle features three large and stable wheels, to handle most adventurous drivers and sharp, goosebump-inducing turns.

    Driving at a maximum of 5 miles per hour — 2.5 miles per hour in reverse mode — this fashionable vehicle can drive over grass and even rough grounds with its AWD (all-wheel drive). Strong brakes will keep the vehicle under control.

    For comfort, the seat is adjustable, and for safety, it also comes with a seatbelt. Stylish and sleek, your 7-year-old will be feeling too cool for school with this ride.

    15. Science Kit for Kids

    Best Science Kit

    Creativity For Kids Grow 'N Glow Terrarium Science Kits for Kids - Create Your...
    Check Price

    This award-winning terrarium is a great way to introduce your child to nature and plants. No stone has been left unturned with this special set, which teaches kids the basics of planting and plant care, with wheatgrass and chia plants.

    It comes complete with decorative items for the garden, sand for decor, and more, to help with the beautiful design of this terrarium. Glow-in-the-dark stickers help present a lovely display at night, while waiting for the seeds to sprout.

    A small spray mister will keep the soil moist and, after three days, your child’s little ecosystem should start to show signs of life.


    16. Bit Coding Robot

    Color Coding

    Bit Coding Robot (White)
    Check Price

    Your child won’t have to wait to get started with this pocket-sized robot; it comes already assembled. The coding kit comes with stickers and accessories, allowing him to customize the robot to fit his style and taste.

    Draw up to 20 different color sequences using the included markers. Built-in optical sensors and LED lights will allow the robot to advance following the sequences.

    For experienced players, the little robot can be programmed directly from a computer or tablet. Drag and drop the colors as needed and load your robot by holding it up to the screen. An online library provides further options for robot fun.

    17. Transformers: The Last Knight

    Optimus Prime Time

    Transformers: The Last Knight -- Knight Armor Turbo Changer Optimus Prime
    Check Price

    Clearly inspired by “The Last Knight,” this Optimus Prime toy combines an impressive robot and truck into a single toy.

    Transformation happens in a simple two-step process. A button located on the chest reveals a red battle mask and should entail exciting and passionate fights.

    The limitation of this 8-inch-tall toy is that it comes with no articulations — besides the elbows — and doesn’t come with weapons. Given the creative potential of 7-year-olds, we’re sure they’ll find other weapons around for battle or make some of their own. Instructions are included on the box.

    18. Sewing Kit and Animal Crafts

    Sew and Travel

    Four Seasons Crafting Kids Sewing Kit and Animal Crafts - Fun DIY Kid Craft and...
    Check Price

    In need of a toy to keep your kid busy during a long road trip? At this age, boys love to figure out how things work, how they’re made or built. This animal-themed sewing kit might be ideal for that reason while teaching your child how a stuffed animal is brought to life.

    Kids might make a craft animal for themselves or proudly offer one as a gift to a sibling or friend. Plastic needles are included in the kit for additional safety.

    It contains colorful threads, name tags, precut designs, cotton to stuff the animals, and more. Last but not least, a nylon carrying case holds all the components for your kid’s first sewing adventures.

    It’s Playtime

    As we all know, 7-year-old boys are full-steam, all the time. They need to keep busy and have ample opportunities for energetic output. We’re super glad to know that so many toys exist to help them accomplish that while reaching developmental milestones.

    Has this selection given you new ideas? My favorite toy is certainly the Lego Technic Building Kit. I like the fact that it fine tunes construction skills while being entertaining at the same time. Your son will be able to combine it with his other Lego games, creating more elaborate scenarios and options.

    Does your child own one of these toys? Which toy did you decide to go for? Did you purchase one not included in this list? Please leave us your comments in the section below.

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