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15 Best Minecraft Toys: 2024 Picks

Keep the Creepers away with these top Minecraft toys for kids of all ages.

Minecraft, the iconic game of creativity and survival, has captured the hearts of millions. Whether you’re a parent, relative, or friend, you’ve likely seen a child’s eyes light up at the mere mention of Creepers or Ender Dragons.

So, if you’re seeking the best Minecraft toy to delight your young gamer, look no further. It could be a daunting task with countless options available, but we’ve done some mining of our own to come up with 15 great picks.

You can trust our curated list to make your child’s Minecraft dreams come alive.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Minecraft Alex Action Figure
Best Minecraft Action Figure
Minecraft Alex Action Figure
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Various characters to choose from
Product Image of the Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case
For the Collector
Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case
  • Handle included
  • Holds up to 32 mini-figures
  • Cave theme design
Product Image of the Minecraft Steve Large Figure
For Steve Fans
Minecraft Steve Large Figure
  • 8.5 inches tall
  • Fully poseable
  • Budget-friendly
Product Image of the Lego Minecraft Pirate Ship
Pirate Adventures
Lego Minecraft Pirate Ship
  • 386-piece set
  • Includes 2 minifigures
  • Fun and educational
Product Image of the Minecraft Enderman Large Figure
Enderman Fans
Minecraft Enderman Large Figure
  • 8.5 inches
  • Weighs 11.1 ounces
  • Great collectible
Product Image of the Lego Minecraft Bedrock Adventures
Rocking Adventures
Lego Minecraft Bedrock Adventures
  • 644-piece set
  • Complete set measures over 7-inch
  • Compatible with other original Lego set
Product Image of the Lego Minecraft The Polar Igloo
For Icy Adventures
Lego Minecraft The Polar Igloo
  • 278-piece set
  • Authentic Minecraft adventures
  • Includes an Alex minifigure
Product Image of the Minecraft Baby Animal 3 Pack
For the Minecraft Farm
Minecraft Baby Animal 3 Pack
  • A bundle of 3 farm animals
  • Pixilated design
  • Fully articulated
Product Image of the Minecraft Transforming Pickaxe
For the Indecisive Minecraft Warrior
Minecraft Transforming Pickaxe
  • Two-in-one tool
  • Quick-changing
  • Realistic design
Product Image of the Minecraft Figure Pack Steve
Best Minecraft Action Figure Set
Minecraft Figure Pack Steve
  • Perfect for both genders
  • Used as either toy or decoration
  • Moveable arms, legs, and head

The Best Minecraft Toys of 2024

Here are the top 15 Minecraft toys on the market.

Minecraft Alex Action Figure

Best Minecraft Action Figure

Unleash your child’s creativity with the Alex action figure from Minecraft. Standing at a compact 3.25 inches, Alex is armed with both a tool and a weapon, ready to craft enthralling adventures. With interchangeable facial expressions, your child can set the perfect mood for each scene.

Crafted with flexibility, Alex’s arms offer a wide range of motion, enhancing playtime experiences. Celebrated for its sturdy build, it’s a durable companion for imaginative children. And if Alex isn’t your child’s favorite, fear not. The collection boasts a range of characters, including the elusive Creeper and mysterious Enderman.

For an added touch of magic, children can scan the accompanying code to unlock online content—sounds, effects, and more, perfect for enriching their created comic book. Once their masterpiece is ready, it’s easily shared with friends on the dedicated app.

User Experience

After purchasing this Enderman figure for my young Minecraft enthusiast, I was pleased with its quality and attention to detail. The set includes an Endermite, a sandstone block, and interchangeable faces for the Enderman, giving it a versatile and fun appeal. However, the cat figure doesn't work as well and the TNT box lid can be frustrating, but overall, this is a delightful addition for any Minecraft fan.

Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

For the Collector

For the devoted Minecraft enthusiast, this collector case is a treasure. It is designed to store up to 32 cherished mini-figures securely, ensuring every favorite character has a dedicated post.

While individual Minecraft mini-figures can be bought separately, giving your child a headstart on their collection, the case itself offers more than just storage. Its cave-inspired interior will also spark imagination and play.

One side of the case transforms into a display, letting your child proudly showcase their growing collection. And with a sturdy handle, transporting their treasured collection to a friend’s house for a group playing session is a breeze.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this Minecraft toy cube to store my kids' mini-figure collection, and it's been a fantastic addition to our home. The cube is well-built with sturdy plastic, providing a safe and organized space for their figures while also allowing them to be easily seen. It would have been nice if it accommodated larger figures, but overall, it has been a great way for my kids to bring their Minecraft world to life off-screen.

Minecraft Steve Large Figure

For Steve Fans

For all the miniature Steve fans out there, this giant figure will undoubtedly be a hit. It measures 8.5 inches tall and has all the details you’d expect from a Minecraft figure.

Steve is fully poseable, enabling your child to move his arms, legs, and head when they play. For older children, it will become a collectible they’ll want to show off every time.

The large size is excellent for sparking fun and creative ideas for imaginative play. Your little one will also want to take Steve along on their real-life adventures through this world too.

If your child has a different favorite character, there are plenty to choose from, even a cool-looking zombie.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this Minecraft toy exceeded my expectations in terms of size and quality, making it a fantastic addition to my son's collection. Although it doesn't come with additional accessories like a pickaxe or sword, the toy itself is well-crafted and durable, perfect for imaginative play. Both my 7-year-old and 3-year-old have found enjoyment in playing with this figure, with the younger one even treating it as a stuffed toy for bedtime. Despite some concerns about its price compared to other Minecraft figures, the unique appeal and large size of this toy make it a worthy purchase for fans of the game.

Minecraft The Pirate Ship Adventure By Lego

Pirate Adventures

With the Lego Minecraft pirate ship, your child constructs a vessel to sail the seven seas. It’s a perfect mash-up of Lego and Minecraft, delivering a fun, educational toy your child will love.

Everything a pirate ship needs is included. The ship is ready to set sail with working cannons, a pirate banner, a rowboat, a gangplank, and a Minecraft crew.

As the ship begins its voyage, they head to Skull Island, where the treasure is buried. Along the way, they’re accompanied by a Minecraft dolphin, parrot, and turtle.

The kit has 386 pieces. It’s suitable for Minecraft fans aged eight and up and is excellent for creative play.

First-Hand Impression

My grandson and I had a blast building this pirate ship Lego set together. The details and vibrant colors of the pieces truly brought our creation to life, complete with captain, sailors, and even a skeleton. Assembling the ship was a smooth process, thanks to the clear instructions and high-quality pieces that fit together perfectly. I noticed that my grandson's logic and creativity flourished as he enjoyed redesigning the ship in various ways. This Lego set has proven to be a fantastic, long-lasting investment in both fun and imagination. It's no wonder Legos remain a top choice for kids and adults alike.

Minecraft Enderman Large Figure

Enderman Fans

For all Enderman fans, we present the ultimate figure. It’s the Enderman we know and love but in an 8.5-inch size.

Your child can play with it or use it for display. Its arms, legs, and head can move to create a unique pose or for imaginative play. Your Minecraft fan can construct their own story using the figure — their imagination will be the only thing holding them back.

The figure weighs a mere 11 ounces, so it isn’t cumbersome for small children to play with. Parents also praise its durability, saying it’s capable of taking some beatings and tumbles. Check out the other figures available too.

User Experience

From the moment I gifted this figure to my nephew, it has been a hit with the kids in my family. The figure is taller than a Barbie doll and has movable arms and legs, making it fun to play with and create stories and battles. It is durable and has held up well through numerous play sessions, even surviving the rough play of young children. The size of the figure was a pleasant surprise, and it fits well with other similar figures, like Creeper and Steve. While the price may be a bit high, the joy it brings to my son and nephew makes it worth the investment.

Minecraft The Bedrock Adventures By Lego

Rocking Adventures

Let your little one recreate the Minecraft bedrock levels with this set from Lego Minecraft. It’s a fun and exciting take on the game, allowing your child to create their own storyline.

You’ll receive Alex and Steve figures in the kit, a Creeper, zombie, silverfish, and cave spider. Your youngster can blast the rocks away with the TNT, making room for more construction.

With the set, your child must defend their Minecraft world against the unwelcome zombies who are marching in on the perimeter. Then descend into the mine where the cave spider awaits. It’s incredibly good fun and contains 644 pieces your youngster can build and rebuild how they like, time and time again.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this LEGO set as a gift for a young relative and found it to be full of exciting features like spanners and ores. The recipient was overjoyed and spent countless hours playing with it, making it well worth every cent. Even my five-year-old was able to follow the instructions and build most of it independently.

Minecraft The Polar Igloo By Lego

For Icy Adventures

This Lego Minecraft igloo is perfect for children who love an icy adventure. They get to build an igloo on top of a snow-covered landscape.

While constructing the igloo, they can mark their territory using the banner. The landscape can spark tons of imaginative play. It features a small water area, ice blocks, trees, plants, and even an arrow dispenser.

Your child also receives an Alex figure to watch over their icy fort. He may even get a visit from the included mama polar bear and baby.

Community Feedback

If you're looking for a fun and engaging activity for kids, this Lego Minecraft set is a great choice. The polar bears and igloo design are big hits, and it's a nice way to encourage hands-on play while still incorporating their favorite video game theme. Although it can be a bit challenging for younger children to assemble on their own, with a little help, it comes together quickly and can even connect with other Minecraft sets for added fun. Just be prepared for the occasional Lego mishap, like stepping on a stray piece or watching your hard work get dismantled by an enthusiastic little one.

Minecraft Baby Animal 3 Pack

For the Minecraft Farm

For a child looking to create a Minecraft farm, this three-pack will undoubtedly bring delight. Your little one receives a cow with hay, sheep with grass, and a pig with its carrot in the bundle. That’s enough to start populating their own farm.

Each animal is created using the famous pixelated design, with articulated body parts, enabling your child to play.

The bundle is suitable for children aged six and up. Each figure measures approximately 2 inches.

First-Hand Impression

Great set of Minecraft animal toys that I recently purchased for my nephew, who is a big fan of the game. He was thrilled with the quality and attention to detail, like the moveable legs and heads, and the ability to put food into their mouths. These toys were not only adorable and well-made, but they also proved to be quite durable, even in the hands of a 4-year-old. I've also used them as cake toppers for my daughter's birthday, which added a nice touch to the celebration.

Minecraft Transforming Sword/Pickaxe

For the Indecisive Minecraft Warrior

Do you want the pickaxe or sword? With this two-in-one toy weapon, your little one doesn’t have to choose.

The quick-changing sword allows your miniature warrior to switch weapons mid-battle against the Creepers. Whether they want a close-contact sword or a pickaxe to dig surprise holes, this toy is impressive.

It looks as if it came directly from the video game, which will make your child feel as if they have entered that world. The pixelated design makes it a clear winner. It’s colorful and sturdy, as well as easy to use for children.

User Experience

My 8-year-old absolutely adores this transforming Minecraft pickaxe and sword toy, and I am in awe of its durability. Despite being put through countless rough play sessions, including being thrown and chewed on, it continues to transform and function perfectly. While the foam on the impact areas makes it safer for play, I recommend supervising younger or more aggressive kids to prevent accidents or damage.

Minecraft Figure Pack Steve with White Horse

Best Minecraft Action Figure Set

Steve is one of the most popular characters in the Minecraft world, so this set won’t disappoint. It’s Steve and his white horse, packed together and ready for action.

Your youngster also gets an apple and hay block in the bundle. The figures are fully articulated, allowing the player to move their arms, legs, and head. Steve can sit on the horse, and you can remove the horse’s saddle and bridle if needed.

This set is excellent for both girls and boys. Minecraft recommends it for children aged four and up.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this Minecraft toy was a hit with my 6-year-old who adores everything related to the game. Although Steve doesn't stay on his horse perfectly, my son enjoyed incorporating these figures into his imaginative play with LEGO landscapes. The toy is slightly smaller than expected, but it has many moving joints allowing for great playability. While the price may be a bit high and there are some small parts to be cautious of, these figures brought joy to my child and were even used as a fun cake decoration.

Amazing Activity Book For Minecrafters

Best Minecraft Activity Book

Older kids might enjoy this fun and engaging activity book from Minecraft. It’s filled to the brim with puzzles, mineshaft mazes, parkour games, and crosswords. Your youngster will have to use the clues to figure out the answers, and when done, can color the page.

This activity book is fantastic for traveling. With 75 assorted challenges, your child should be entertained for the whole journey.

Although it’s an unofficial book, everything is Minecraft-inspired. If your child finds a puzzle that’s too hard, answers are available if needed.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this activity book exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and entertainment value. I gifted it to a couple of Minecraft-loving 8-year-olds, and they were instantly hooked, working on the various activities together for hours on end. With different difficulty levels, it caters to a range of ages and keeps kids occupied during trips or at restaurants.

Minecraft Light-up Adventure Sword

The Best Pretend Weapon

Every Minecraft player knows the importance of the sword —it’s crucial when fighting Creepers, Zombie, Skeleton, Ender Dragon, and Enderman. However, this sword has a secret — it lights up and plays authentic Minecraft sounds.

With the chosen weapon in hand, your youngster can set out to fight the dark forces of Minecraft. Pushing the button on the sword creates clanging and swooshing sounds.

The button also controls the color, allowing your child to switch between powers.

While large, the sword fits comfortably in hand. It requires three AA batteries to make it fully functional. These are included in the bundle.

First-Hand Impression

This Minecraft sword is well-made, lighting up and offering realistic sounds that add to the excitement. However, the sound buttons can be a bit difficult to use during a "battle" and the bulkiness of the sword made it challenging for my younger child to play with for extended periods. Despite these minor drawbacks, the sword has been a hit with my kids, providing a fun and interactive experience for any fan of the game.

Minecraft Creeper Plush Stuffed Toy By Jinx

Best Minecraft Plush Toy

Although the Creepers are a terror within the Minecraft world, the real-life plush version is adorable. This stuffed plush toy is ultra-soft and a fantastic Minecraft gift for any child over 3. It’s a good size for kids, measuring approximately 10.5 inches in height. It’s child-friendly, made of soft polyester velboa fibers, ready for cuddles.

Your child will love carrying it around. If they’re careful, they can balance it on their shoulders. It weighs just 4.2 ounces, excellent for even the smallest Minecraft fans.

User Experience

My experience with this Creeper plush has been fantastic, as it is not only adorable and well-crafted, but also incredibly soft and cuddly. Both my little brother and my nephew have enjoyed snuggling with it in bed and taking it along on road trips, making it a perfect companion for young Minecraft fans. The plush is surprisingly durable and has held up well to the demands of everyday play. Although it may be a bit pricey for its size, the high quality and huggable nature of this Creeper plush make it well worth the investment.

Mattel Games UNO Minecraft Card Game

Best Minecraft Card Game

Simple but fun! It’s just Uno, but Minecraft-themed. With these two popular games combined, your kids will enjoy hours of fun with a little bit of friendly competition.

Each card features a Minecraft character to keep all those Minecraft fans hooked during the entire game. But there is a twist — this game includes a special Creeper rule card. If you draw this card, all other players have to draw three cards from the pile. It definitely keeps things interesting!

If you’re an avid card game lover, but your kids aren’t — then this is the perfect way to capture their attention.

Personal Perspective

After purchasing this Minecraft-themed UNO game for my children, it quickly became one of our top choices for family game nights. My son, like many kids, is a huge fan of Minecraft, so combining that with the classic UNO game made it an instant hit. The cards themselves could be a bit sturdier, as one started to peel after shuffling, but the bright colors and familiar characters make up for it. This set is not only great for our family, but also makes an affordable and unique gift for others. Playing with friends and family has been an enjoyable experience, and the game truly brings everyone together.

Minecraft Color Changing Potion Bottle

Magical Lamp

With eight different colors, this potion bottle from Minecraft is impressive. Your child can decide what magic potion is contained within and swap colors between indigo, cyan, light blue, green, yellow, peach, red, and white. It’s effortless to switch using a gentle tap at the top.

The potion lamp runs on two AAA batteries and features a timeout function, turning it off after three minutes, saving you from frequent battery replacements. It’s cool to look at, sporting the familiar pixelated design. It weighs just 14 ounces and is recommended for children ages three and up.

Community Feedback

When I first received this Minecraft-themed lamp, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it exceeded my expectations in terms of design and appearance. The lamp provides the perfect amount of light, making it a great addition to any room. However, I did notice a minor issue with the bottle's stability, as the bottom wasn't completely flat, and I had to use sandpaper to fix it. Additionally, there was a small, noticeable scratch on the inside of the lamp when I took it out of the box. Despite these minor flaws, I found that this lamp is a fantastic gift for Minecraft fans of all ages, as evident by the joy it brought to both my nephew and my granddaughter.

How to Choose a Minecraft Toy

Age Compatibility

The Minecraft video game is suitable for children and adults of all ages. However, one must exercise caution when purchasing related toys.

Many contain small parts that pose choking risks for children under the age of 3 (1).

Recognized brands like Lego and Minecraft have earned the trust of parents and children, but many of their toys, with over 300 small parts, are only recommended for children aged seven and above.

Sensitive Children

As a mother to an easily-spooked preschooler, I have to watch everything I buy. Although Minecraft is suitable for children aged seven and up, it does contain some mild violence and scary storylines. Ensure that the toy you buy for your child won’t scare them.


Given Minecraft’s immense popularity, there’s a surge of knock-offs posing as authentic products. Only a few companies, like Lego and Jinx, are licensed to produce and sell Minecraft toys.

Minecraft also markets many products directly via its official website and Amazon (2). Purchasing from these authorized sellers guarantees quality. Our research indicated high satisfaction with authentic products, whereas non-authorized toys often garnered criticism for their subpar quality.


What is the Most Popular Minecraft Figure?

The Steve and Creeper figures are among the most popular, thanks to their iconic status in the Minecraft world.

In What Age Group is Minecraft the Most Popular?

Minecraft is hugely popular among kids aged six to thirteen, but its appeal spans across various age groups, including teens and adults.

Is Minecraft For Both Boys and Girls?

Absolutely! Minecraft is a gender-neutral game that appeals to both boys and girls equally with its creative and explorative gameplay.

Why is Minecraft Loved So Much?

Minecraft’s open-world, creativity-driven gameplay allows players to build and explore limitless virtual worlds, making it an engaging experience for many.

Does Minecraft Teach Kids Anything?

Yes, Minecraft can teach spatial awareness, resource management, problem-solving, and even basic coding skills through its gameplay.

What is the Coolest Minecraft Lego Set?

The LEGO Minecraft The Pirate Ship Adventure is highly acclaimed for its intricate details and interactive features, making it a favorite among fans.

That’s Crafty

Minecraft is a favorite game among many children and adults — taking the player into a different world where they control every aspect. The best Minecraft toys are impressive, too —they’re made of quality materials and do the game justice.

Before buying, check the authenticity to verify quality. You should also ensure the toy you pick is age-appropriate and something that won’t scare a timid tot.

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