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20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 5-Year-Old Boys: 2024 Picks

20 cool toy and gift ideas for a special 5-year-old boy.

How do you buy toys for a child who is both perfectly innocent and growing fast?

If you don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help. We have lots of combined experience shopping for our own 5-year-old boys, as well as all those birthday gifts for friends.

We’ve spent hours comparing old and new products to find toys that meet our criteria of being educational, interactive, skill-building, imaginative, and — above all — fun.

Read on to find the best toys and gift ideas for 5-year-old boys.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Monopoly Junior
Best Board Game
Monopoly Junior
  • Kid-friendly properties
  • 4 favorite tokens
  • Fun for the whole family
Product Image of the Transformers Optimus Prime
Best for Dress-Up
Transformers Optimus Prime
  • Movie-inspired detail
  • Easily adjustable straps
  • Voice-changnig properties
Product Image of the Magic in a Snap
Best Magic Set
Magic in a Snap
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Simple to master
  • 12-piece set
Product Image of the VTech Smartwatch
Best for Techies
VTech Smartwatch
  • Includes a motion sensor
  • Dual cameras
  • Splash-proof
Product Image of the Plugo STEM Math Kit
Best STEM Toy
Plugo STEM Math Kit
  • Foldable gamepad
  • Age adaptive
  • 5 games and 250+ levels
Product Image of the Stomp Rocket Planes
Best Indoor/Outdoor Toy
Stomp Rocket Planes
  • No batteries required
  • Includes three rockets
  • Sturdy adjustable launch stand
Product Image of the Robot Face Race
Best Social Game
Robot Face Race
  • Award-winning game
  • All-play matching
  • 120 robot faces
Product Image of the Hover Soccer Ball Set
Best for Fitness
Hover Soccer Ball Set
  • Rechargeable soccer ball
  • Toxin-free materials
  • Colorful LED lights
Product Image of the RoyalBaby Bike
Best Bike
RoyalBaby Bike
  • Unisex square-tube frame
  • Soft & adjustable bike seat
  • Anti-slip resin pedal
Product Image of the Toydaze Boxing Gloves
Best for Superhero Play
Toydaze Boxing Gloves
  • Easy to keep on
  • Make for interesting bedroom decor
  • Marvel-themed fun

Best Toys & Gifts for 5-Year-Old Boys of 2024

Here are 20 creative, interactive, and unique gift and toy ideas for 5-year-old boys.

Hasbro Monopoly Junior

Best Board Game

The fun thing about 5-year-olds is that they understand rules and cooperation. This means they can enjoy board games. What better game to start off with than Monopoly?

It’s fun, it’s competitive, and it involves the whole family. Monopoly Junior is almost exactly the same as the standard Monopoly, with a few alterations to make it more suited to younger kids.

This version includes child-friendly Peppa Pig character tokens and simple properties and locations to buy, like Peppa’s house, garden, and Potato city. But you can also choose from a wide range of character-themed options if your kids aren’t into Peppa.

Who’d have thought Monopoly could teach anything except how to rob your friends? The Junior version teaches kids about partnerships, confidence, decision-making, and consequence.

User Experience

When I first played this Monopoly version with my 5-year-old granddaughter, we both instantly loved it. The game retains the original Monopoly fun while incorporating the charm of the beloved cartoon characters, making it perfect for younger kids. It's a great way to teach counting money and taking turns, as well as keeping them engaged with their favorite characters. The board has fewer spaces than the original version, making it easier for children with shorter attention spans to enjoy.

Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changing Mask

Best Dress-Up Toy for 5-Year-Old Boys

5-year-old boys can be a bit dramatic. Their confidence starts to blossom, and their self-expression becomes energetic and imaginative. Their speech is also more concise, so this voice-changing mask could be a real hit for your boy.

The Optimus Prime mask has 21 phrases and a soundtrack programmed into it. It has adjustable straps to fit any boy’s head. However, batteries are not included in the set, so you’ll have to grab 3 AAs to go along with it.

Some parents complain that this mask is a little bit scary, so you might need to use discretion if you have a sensitive child. We think the accurate appearance and sound effects make it more fun. Optimus Prime is one of those protagonists everyone loves.

Personal Perspective

From the moment I received this helmet, I could tell it was a visually appealing and well-designed product. The colors and design are spot on, making it a great gift for fans of all ages. However, the voice changer feature could use some improvement, as it tends to make your voice sound more robotic rather than resembling Optimus Prime. Despite this small flaw, the built-in phrases and guitar riff are fun and engaging. The only other downside is the slightly uncomfortable nose piece due to the helmet's weight, but overall, it's an enjoyable product for both play and cosplay purposes.

Melissa & Doug Magic in a Snap

Best Magic Set

Here’s another one that will bring out your boy’s personality. Your 5-year-old’s ability to tell truth from fiction will make this magic set all the more fun for him. He’ll know it’s a trick, but he’ll expect you to be mystified.

This set will teach your boy how to perform simple (but cool) magic tricks that are easy to learn and only require a few basic supplies. It has everything your son needs to get started.

You get a disappearing coin, mesh bag, ball, vase, prop $100 bill, and magician’s scarf. This magic set contains an easy-to-follow illustrated manual. It has 12 pieces in total.

Best of all, it’s an affordable option.

Community Feedback

I'm impressed with how easy and fun these magic tricks are for kids. My young daughter and grandson both quickly learned the tricks and enjoyed performing them for family members, especially the Cash Case trick. While the quality of some components like the magic coin could be better, this magic set is a great value for the price and provides hours of entertainment for children.

VTech Smartwatch

Best Product for 5-Year-Old Techies

This smartwatch is more elaborate than you might think. It’s perfect for introducing your kids to the cyber age without running the risk of exposing them to the online world.

This watch has various built-in games, including action challenges that work through a motion sensor. Your boy can take photos and videos with it. It also comes with an alarm, timer, calculator, voice recorder, and voice changer.

You can connect it to your computer via USB. It’s also water-resistant and sweatproof, though it can’t be fully submerged. And you can add more games to it by downloading them from VTech’s “Learning Lodge.”

First-Hand Impression

My seven-year-old absolutely loves this watch that we got her for Christmas. It fits her small wrist well and has a handy flashlight for when she drops it, although we usually end up finding it with her tablet's light. The parental lock feature is a favorite of mine, as it requires solving math problems to unlock it, ensuring kids can't easily change the settings. The watch also has multiple alarms, games, and an easy-to-use camera, but the parental controls only allow you to turn off the games, leaving other distractions on. While I wouldn't recommend this watch for school, it's a fun and engaging gift for younger kids to enjoy at home.

Plugo Count STEM Math Kit

Best STEM Toy for 5-Year-Old Boys

You’ll need a device for this one, but that’s its only downside. This STEM gamepad is a great educational toy, especially for school-ready kids who’ll benefit from learning at home.

The gaming kit connects to your device and uses hands-on, story-based play to teach your kids about numbers and math. The set includes a foldable gamepad, a counting spike, an instructional manual, and tokens for numbers and operations.

You’ll have to download the app, but once you do, you’ll have access to more than 250 math games. What an educational toy!

User Experience

My experience with this educational game has been a mix of positives and negatives. On one hand, my five-year-old enjoys it and the customizable math skills keep him engaged and learning. However, the lack of variety in the games, as they mostly seem like copies of each other with different characters, leaves room for improvement. Although my older child and I encountered some frustrating questions that made little sense, my younger child on the autism spectrum has benefited from the hands-on learning approach, making abstract math concepts more concrete for him.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Best Indoor/Outdoor Toy

Here’s one to get your boy moving. The objective is to use your body to launch planes as far, high, or ridiculously as possible. Real aeronautical engineers designed the stunt planes in this set, so you know they mean business.

The set includes a launch pad and three different stunt planes. The Looper flies, the Glider can launch up to 100 feet, and the Wildcat does a bunch of tricks.

This can be an indoor or outdoor toy. It involves planes, stunts, and stomping. What more could a 5-year-old boy want?

Personal Perspective

Great versatile stomp rocket with a large stomping area and three distinct flying patterns. I've personally enjoyed watching the rockets glide and fly, providing endless entertainment for kids and adults alike. However, the hose connecting the launcher to the air bladder may require a clamp or a ny-tie to keep it secure during enthusiastic play. The foam planes have proven to be durable, surviving falls from trees and bounces off rocks. One thing to note is that younger or smaller kids may need to exert more force to launch the rockets effectively, but overall, this product provides fun and engaging learning experiences.

Best Social Game

Here’s a competitive math skills game that 5-year-old boys are sure to enjoy.

Children will match robot faces on the board to the image depicted on the “randomizer.” It teaches kids pattern recognition, association, and cognitive reasoning.

This game is enjoyable, whether your boy can read yet or not, and everyone plays at the same time. The board, 20 tokens, and the “robot randomizer” are all included. This game will provide hours of entertainment for two to four players.

Community Feedback

As a parent, I found this game to be a fantastic tool for helping children with retention and focus, while providing a fun challenge for the whole family. The game's concept is simple yet engaging, with players racing to find the robot face that matches a randomized combination of features. However, the quality of the game board could use some improvement, as it split apart after just a few uses. Despite this, my children and I have enjoyed playing this game together, and it has proven to be a valuable addition to our family game nights.

Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set

Best Toy for Fitness

Here’s a classic with a twist. You might think there’s nothing special about soccer, but the manufacturer has found a way to spice it up.

This soccer set comes with a unique light-up ball and net. The rechargeable hover soccer ball has a powerful suspension system that allows it to easily float on the floor.

It’s suitable for indoor (if space allows) or outdoor play. It’s suitable for solo play, or add a few friends for a fun game.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this hover ball has been quite enjoyable, especially when playing indoors on hardwood floors. The foam border, however, seems a bit weak as it broke after a few uses, but the goals are larger and more durable than expected. This toy has been an absolute hit with my grandchildren, who love the way it glides and changes direction upon bumping into objects. The rubber edges and cool light effects also add to the overall fun and protect our furniture from damage.

RoyalBaby Bike

Best Bike for 5-Year-Old Boys

Can your 5-year-old ride a bike yet? It doesn’t matter either way. This awesome bike comes with training wheels to use until your son finds his bike-riding feet. When he is ready to spread his wings, remove them, and problem solved!

With this bike, you can take your pick of various sizes, colors, and designs. We recommend the 16-inch model for 5-year-olds as it gives your son room to grow without foregoing the safety of training wheels. It’s suitable for most 4-year-olds to 7-year-olds.

This bike also includes a bell, assembly tools, non-slip pedals, and reflectors. It has a front-hand brake and a coaster brake for extra safety.

User Experience

My experience with this bike has been overwhelmingly positive. The assembly was a breeze, only taking about 20 minutes, and the instructions were easy to follow. This bike is not only visually appealing, with a sharp design and lovely color combinations, but also well-built and sturdy. My child found the wide road tires to be confidence-inspiring, and the gear ratio provides a great amount of speed. The hand brake and pedal brake combination is a fantastic feature, ensuring safety for my little one. However, one downside is its weight, as it is on the heavier side, but that's a small compromise for the overall quality of the bike.

Toydaze Hulk Boxing Gloves

Best for Superhero Play

I’m in a superhero groove now. My nephew adores the Marvel heroes, so these Incredible Hulk smash hands really caught my eye.

These gloves are made with polyester, so they’re not destructive, and they cushion your boy’s hands so he won’t get hurt. They work as a toy, practice boxing gloves, or costume if your little one is ever invited to (or throws) a themed party.

They can also be decorative, adding a cool touch to your son’s room. You also get a satisfaction guarantee upon purchase.

Personal Perspective

Great purchase for my son who is a huge Hulk fan. These Hulk gloves are well made and soft to the touch, allowing for rough play without causing any harm. My son has been playing with them non-stop since he received them. The gloves are sturdy, fitting both child and adult hands comfortably, and you can hit without hurting yourself or others. Though I couldn't find the pair with a voice box that says Hulk phrases like my oldest used to have, these gloves are still fantastic. My nephew also loved them and played without hurting anyone, thanks to their super soft material.

Mattel Batman Action Figure

Best Action Figure for 5-Year-Old Boys

Sometimes all boys need is a simple superhero figurine to play with.

We often get caught up in the flashy digital toys. It’s nice to go back to basics now and then. I like this Batman action figure because it’s true to the character and it’s versatile.

It’s 12 inches tall and has 11 points of articulation. Toys like these are great for developing your boy’s imagination, allow free play, and boost confidence. This Batman figure is part of a collectible series, so if your son is a DC fan, there’s more where this came from.

Community Feedback

Got this Batman action figure for my son's birthday, and he's been inseparable from it ever since. This well-made toy is durable enough to withstand playtime with multiple siblings, and its brilliant colors and flowing cape make it a favorite among kids. The figure's poseability is impressive, even if it doesn't have ankle rotation, but for the price, it's definitely a great value.

Fisher-Price Batcopter

Best for Imagination

Speaking of Batman, here’s another fun one: introducing the Batcopter. If your son is more fascinated by vehicles than characters, this could be the perfect toy for him.

Imagination comes easily with this toy (which is great for little boys). It has fully rotating helicopter blades and landing gear that can scoop all the bad guys up. It also includes a little Batman figure.

He’s not quite as stylish as some other action figures, but if your boy is more interested in the ‘copter, that shouldn’t matter at all.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this Imaginext toy has been nothing short of delightful, as both my son and grandson absolutely love playing with it. The toy's design is charming and it seems to be quite durable, making it suitable for my 3-year-old grandson. Although it would have been nice if it lit up or made sounds, I can't complain too much considering the affordable price. The brand's overall reputation for durability and quality holds true with this toy, ensuring that it's never a waste of money. It made a great Christmas gift for my great-grandson, quickly becoming one of his favorite toys. So, if you're looking for a charming and durable toy that kids adore, this Imaginext toy is worth considering.

Razor A Kick Scooter

Best Scooter for 5-Year-Old Boys

If bikes aren’t suitable for your boy yet, why not consider a scooter? Almost no skill is required to get started with them. They’ve been a staple in play since their invention.

The scooter is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and has a patented design. Its brakes allow quick stops too, which is good to know. It can hold up to 143 pounds.

The scooter has adjustable handlebars with foam grips. What a great way to get your child moving on wheels.

User Experience

From personal experiences with these Razor scooters, I can attest to their durability and ease of use. Whether it's for a young child learning to scoot around or an adult enjoying summer afternoons, these scooters provide a fun and lightweight way to get around. Just be cautious when attempting jumps or tricks, as they are sturdy enough to cause some bruises if things go wrong!
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Electronic Pet Dog

Best Robot Friend

Meet Harry, an interactive robot dog that can walk, bark, and respond to your touch. He’ll even do a song and dance routine for you if you touch his head.

He’s a cute little pup, at 7 inches by 6 inches. You can leave him to his own devices or play with him. And he’ll chase you if you allow him to.

This is an excellent choice for your boys, and makes a good solution for families who can’t have (or don’t want) real pets. It also works as a “practice” pet before you commit to a living one. Parents and kids agree that harry is adorable and a lot of fun.

Personal Perspective

As a parent of a one-year-old, I found this toy dog to be a fun and entertaining addition to our collection. My child loves playing with it, and surprisingly, it has held up well despite being thrown numerous times on hardwood surfaces. The toy claims to respond to touch, but I found that it only has a few physical buttons and could be a bit misleading. Additionally, my child enjoys pulling the dog's tail, which makes it cry and stop its activities, potentially teaching the wrong lesson about handling real dogs. Despite these minor drawbacks, I still appreciate the amusement and durability of this toy dog.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Talking World Globe

Best Educational Toy for 5-Year-Old Boys

Expand your son’s knowledge of the world with this awesome and interactive globe.

He’ll be able to learn more than a thousand facts about the world. Topics include animals and nature, countries and cities, continents and oceans.

It comes with a stylus pen (batteries not included) that you can use to explore the globe and measure distances. There are over 10 hours of interactive audio built in, and the best part is that Bindi Irwin narrates it. You might get bitten by the travel bug, but it’s worth it.

Community Feedback

My experience with this talking globe has been both educational and entertaining for my kids. They absolutely love exploring different countries and learning about various animals native to those regions. However, the pen can be a bit finicky and sometimes doesn't tap exactly where one intends. While my children enjoy the globe, I believe it could offer more information and accuracy for the price.

Swind Dinosaur Race Track

Best Track Toy

Adults have strong opinions on “Jurassic World” (don’t get me started), but kids, especially boys, love it. This play set is an excellent gift for fans of the movie and dinosaur enthusiasts alike.

The dinosaur race track is versatile, with 291 pieces that can be set up any way you desire. It includes eight dinos and two military racing cars, encouraging social play.

It also comes with trees, slopes, a bridge, and dinosaur head tunnels. Easy to assemble and made from non-toxic plastic, this set should bring some excitement to your 5-year-old boy.

First-Hand Impression

I'm thrilled with this dinosaur race track set I got for my grandson, as it combines his love for dinosaurs and trains. The unique design allows for easy assembly and customizable bends, making it much more enjoyable for young children. Not only is it a hit with the kids, but my cats also seem to enjoy playing with it! Although the quality could be improved, as one of the plastic connecting pieces broke, it was easily fixable with tape.

Lego City Vehicles

Best Lego Set for 5-Year-Old Boys

I can’t have a list of boy’s toys (or any toys) without including the legendary Lego. This set has 358 pieces, and since its theme is transportation, we think any boy will love it.

It includes a truck, a detachable trailer, ramps, and a combine harvester. The vehicles can articulate, and it comes with three minifigures: a driver, a farmer, and a scarecrow. We especially appreciate how the countryside and city come together in this one.

All pieces are compatible with other original Lego blocks.

User Experience

This Lego set was a hit with my 8-year-old son, who had a blast putting it together and playing with it. The quality is consistent with other Lego sets we've experienced, and the instructions were easy for him to follow. We especially enjoyed the endless possibilities this particular set offers, such as building a dump truck to transport the "crops" he harvested.

Lego Classic Large

Best Calssic toy for 5-Year-Old Boys

If your little Lego-lover prefers to follow his own rules and let his imagination rule his play, why not revert to the classic Lego?

This massive Lego set contains 790 pieces of varying sizes in a rainbow of 33 colors. It includes two base plates, windows and doors, tires, and wheel rims. And as always, all pieces are compatible with other Lego sets.

The original Legos bricks (like those in this set) can be refreshing to play with. It’s simple, creative, and you get your money’s worth. The big yellow storage box is both charming and functional.

Personal Perspective

Definitely a fantastic purchase for my grandson, who loves LEGO sets. This LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box has 790 pieces, allowing for endless creativity and fun for both children and adults. The set is not only versatile but also durable, ensuring that it lasts for a long time. My grandson and I have spent many hours playing with these LEGOs, building new structures and even incorporating other LEGO accessories like gears and motors. It's a great way to bond with my grandson, and I can't recommend this set enough for those who want to spark their imagination and creativity.

Assembly Bulldozer Toys

Best Construction Toy

This bulldozer is such an innovative idea. Your little boy can take it apart and put it together as often as he likes. It promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and reasoning.

The set includes a toy screwdriver and assembly parts. The vehicle consists of 26 pieces per set. It’s designed for small hands, so your son won’t find this too challenging.

This toy was built to last.

Community Feedback

Great construction toy for kids who love taking things apart and putting them back together. This bulldozer is durable and easy for toddlers to use, making it a fun and engaging toy. My grandson enjoys using the screwdriver and loading up snap-together blocks with the loader onto his dump truck. The only downside is the lack of clear assembly instructions, which can be frustrating for both kids and parents. Despite that, the quality of the plastic and the finished product make it a good value overall.

Force1 Ditto Mini Talking Robots

Best Robot Toy for 5-Year-Old Boys

This interactive robot is fascinating. He records and repeats what you say to him, which can really help your child’s communication and expression.

His joints can rotate a full 360 degrees, and you can twist him any way you like. He has flashing LED light eyes that change color when you speak to him. His batteries are included, so you can have fun right out of the box.

You can choose from several robot colors in case your son isn’t a fan of neon green.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this mini robot has been a delightful companion for my son, who loves how it repeats his words in a robotic voice. However, I must caution potential buyers about the fragility of the arms, as they can break easily during playtime. Despite this drawback, the robot's engaging responsiveness and automatic battery conservation make it a charming toy for young robot enthusiasts.

Milestones for 5-Year-Olds

By age 5, most children can do the following (1):

  • Communicate clearly and concisely: This includes using complete sentences, varying tenses, story-telling, and relaying information, like names, addresses, and other details.
  • Express emotion, personality, and empathy: Wanting to be a part of a group, agreeing to rules and instructions, and displaying independence. They should also be aware of their gender and be able to tell the difference between right and wrong and reality and make-believe.
  • Make sense of basic cognitive concepts: Counting, shapes, patterns, letters, and logic.
  • Have an awareness of society: By understanding concepts like money, school, safety, and family.
  • Perform physical actions: Hopping, tumbling and rolling, jumping, swinging, climbing, using the bathroom unassisted, and using a fork and spoon.

How to Choose Toys for 5-Year-Old Boys

When shopping for 5-year-old boys, these are the key factors we look for.

Social Toys and Games

5-year-olds can communicate effectively and develop a desire to play with others. You can introduce cooperative or even competitive games and toys at this age.

Simple Strategic Games

Five-year-olds should be able to follow rules and instructions. As long as strategic toys follow a simplified narrative, 5-year-olds should understand them without any problems.

Don’t Forget Their Motor Skills

It’s still important for 5-year-olds to work on their motor development. Stationery, puzzles, and blocks are good options for fine motor skills. Balls, bikes, climbing frames, or sports gear will develop their gross motor skills.

Creative and Imaginative Toys

Five-year-olds have active imaginations and are often exuberant and energetic. Allowing them to express some of their energy through art, drama, or music is an excellent idea.


What Types of Play are Most Common By Age 5?

By age five, common types of play include imaginative role-play, building and construction, arts and crafts, physical play like running or climbing, and simple board or card games that encourage counting and strategy.

Why is Play So Important For a 5-Year-Old?

Play is crucial for five-year-olds as it promotes physical, cognitive, and social development. It helps them explore their world, learn new skills, express emotions, and build relationships with others. Play also fosters creativity and problem-solving abilities.

How Many Toys Should a 5-Year-Old Have?

The number of toys a five-year-old should have isn’t fixed; it’s more about the quality and diversity of toys to encourage different types of play and learning. It’s beneficial to have a manageable number of toys and rotate them to keep interest high.

How Can I Improve My 5-Year-Old’s Attention Span and Focus?

To improve attention span and focus, encourage activities that require concentration like puzzles or building sets. Limit distractions during play or learning times, create a routine, and break tasks into smaller, manageable parts. Praise and encourage your child as they focus on tasks.

How Do I Encourage My 5-Year-Old to Play Independently?

Encourage independent play by providing a safe and stimulating environment with toys that match their interests.

Start off with some short periods of independent play and gradually increase them. Teach them to start and clean up activities on their own, and praise their efforts to play independently.

How Do You Spend Quality Time With a 5-Year-Old Boy?

Spend quality time with a five-year-old boy by engaging in activities they enjoy, like playing outside, reading together, or working on a project. Listen to their stories and ideas, and let them lead the play sometimes to show that you value their interests.

What Age Should a Child Stop Playing With Stuffed Animals?

There’s no specific age when a child should stop playing with stuffed animals. Many children (and adults) find comfort and value in stuffed animals beyond their early years. The attachment typically fades naturally as they grow and expand their interests.

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