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Best Punching Bags for Kids of 2023

Kids' punching bags that knock out the competition.

Is your child showing interest in sports such as karate or boxing? Perhaps you’re looking for a fun way to encourage your kid to exercise?

Children can benefit in many ways from boxing — it teaches self-defense as well as discipline. It’s also a fun way to exercise and will boost their confidence.

However, it can be scary sending your child off to the gym. Fortunately, plenty of options are available for home training. Let’s look at the best punching bags for kids.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Century Kid Kick Wavemaster
Best Foam-Filled
Wavemaster Kid Kick
  • Adjustable height
  • Safe materials
  • Easy to use
Product Image of the INFLATABLE DUDES Ninja {Nobi} 47 Inches -Kids Punching Bag | Already Filled with...
Best for Small Kids
Inflatable Dudes Ninja
  • Great for small children
  • Improved version
  • Repair kit included
Product Image of the Ringside Boxing Youth Heavy Bag Kit (40 lb.), One Size (HBKY)
Best for Older Kids
Ringside Boxing Heavy Bag
  • All-inclusive package
  • Awesome brand
  • Safe to use
Product Image of the Costzon Punching Bag with Stand, Height Adjustable Reflex Bag w/ Boxing Gloves,...
Best Boxing Ball
Costzon Boxing Ball Set
  • Perfect for serious boxers
  • Everything included
  • Adjustable height
Product Image of the Christmas Punching Bag for Kids - 63inch Immediate Bounce-Back Anger Toy for...
Best Inflatable
Inflatable Punching Bag
  • Wide age range
  • Easy set-up
  • Durable

The Best Kids Punching Bags of 2023

Here are 5 great punching bags for kids to consider.

1. Century Wavemaster Kid Kick

Best Foam-Filled Punching Bag for Kids

If you want something that looks professional, we recommend checking out the Kid Kick Wavemaster. The Wavemaster has an adjustable height, suitable for young and older children.

The punching bag is durable, made of nylon with a layer of high impact foam on the inside. Your child can practice punches and kicks. Century, the manufacturer, includes a one-year warranty.

You fill the base with water, to add some bottom weight. This allows the punch bag to bounce back after a hard hit. Despite its weight, it’s easy to move around thanks to the rounded base.

Photo of the Century Wavemaster Kid Kick

What We Like

Adjustable Height

Whether your child is tall or short, they can still use the Wavemaster. The height adjusts anywhere between 37 inches to 52 inches. It allows room to grow for your child and a longer window in which they can use the punching bag.

Safe Materials

Century is known for producing solid punching bags, and it didn’t disappoint us with this edition. The materials are kid-friendly. The bag’s nylon exterior is gentle on hands and legs, and the high impact foam is more forgiving than sand.

Your child can train all they like without getting injured. The materials make it safe for practically any type of martial art, from boxing to taekwondo.

Easy To Use

It’s straightforward to set up. Fill the base with water, and the punching bag will bounce back and forth between hits. It does weigh a whopping 170 pounds, but it’s steady. The rounded base makes it easy to roll to different locations.

What We Don't Like

Might Be Too Soft for Some Kids

High impact foam creates a significantly softer interior than sand. It’s great for kids who practice boxing, however, not so much for kickboxing. A few parents mentioned that it fell over too easily with a strong kick.

Not Great in Apartments

Because a hard kick can elevate the bottom, it makes a loud racket sound as it hits the floor. It’s not ideal if you have sound-sensitive neighbors or housemates.

Product Specs

Type Foam-filled
Material Nylon and high impact foam
Age group Youth
Color Red and black
Uses Boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo

2. J&A's Inflatable Dudes Ninja

Best Punching Bag for Small Kids

If you’re searching for something to get your 3-year-old up and going, this Ninja dummy is excellent. It’s a new and improved version for 2019 and features stronger and more durable arms and seams. The Ninja is ready for your child.

One of the reasons we like this is because it serves multiple purposes. Your child can get some exercise, but it’s also great for playtime.

The new materials are hardy, but just in case a breach occurs, a repair kit is included in the package.

Photo of the J&A's Inflatable Dudes Ninja

What We Like

Great for Small Children

Being active is crucial, even for the smallest, and an excellent way to ensure that children get exercise is by providing them with a fun tool. The inflatable Ninja is just the right height, measuring approximately 47 inches. It’s recommended for children down to 3 years of age.

The base is sand-filled, meaning the Ninja will pop back up after a hard hit. Your child can also use it for play by rolling and kicking it.

Improved Version

The new version is sturdy and will take hard kicks and punches in stride. It’s made of heavy-duty vinyl fabric. For this updated version, the manufacturer has removed some of the less-needed seams to avoid breaches.

The arms are stronger, allowing your child to pull and tuck. It will definitely give them a good workout.

Repair Kit Included

We appreciate that the manufacturer thought to include a repair kit. Things do go wrong when you have a kicking kid, so it’s good to know there’s a way to make a quick repair.

The vinyl is heat and cold repellent, so breaches shouldn’t occur unless excessive force is used.

What We Don't Like

Patches Aren’t Great

A few users who experienced holes said the patches included in the repair kit weren’t great. They aren’t as adhesive as they should be and only do a half-decent job.

Product Specs

Type Air-filled
Material Vinyl
Age group 3 and above
Color Black and blue
Uses Punching, kicking, and play

3. Ringside Boxing Heavy Punching Bag Kit

Best Punching Bag Kit for Kids

Designed for children between the ages of 5 and 13, this bundle from Ringside contains everything your kid needs. Ringside is a famous martial arts equipment brand, so this package won’t disappoint.

In the bundle, your child receives a beginner’s set, which includes youth-sized boxing gloves and hand wraps. The package also provides a heavy bag as well as a mounting clip and swivel for installing.

Your child can use the equipment to practice any martial art — although Ringside recommends boxing and MMA. The heavy bag comes pre-filled and is ready to set up.

Photo of the Ringside Boxing Heavy Punching Bag Kit

What We Like

All-Inclusive Package

Ringside put together a complete package of everything your child needs to practice successfully. The gloves are suitable for kids between the ages of 5 and 13.

The heavy bag is an excellent starter for children. It weighs 40 pounds, and Ringside has stuffed it using a custom filling consisting of natural and synthetic fibers. It provides ample resistance while still being relatively soft.

Awesome Brand

Ringside is a leader in the martial art equipment industry. It produces everything from punching bags to gloves, headgear, and trunks. It’s known for providing top quality goods that last.

Safe to Use

The heavy bag comes with an included swivel and mounting clip to hang it from the ceiling. It’s entirely safe for use as long as you follow the instructions. A hanging heavy bag is more authentic to use and may give your child a better experience.

What We Don't Like

Requires a Longer Chain

Many reviewers praise how durable the punching bag is, but said the included chain is too short. A lot of parents complained that it wasn’t long enough to hang from the ceiling and they had to purchase an extension.

Gloves Are Quite Thin

A few parents noted the included gloves are a little thinner than preferred. They’re decent for beginners who don’t hit too hard, but if your child has more experience, they will need thicker gloves.

Product Specs

Type Heavy bag
Material Nylon
Age group 5 to 13
Color Black and red
Uses Boxing, MMA, muay thai, taekwondo

4. Costzon Boxing Ball Set

Best Boxing Ball for Kids

If your child is serious about boxing, we recommend a punching ball such as this one from Costzon. Bags like these help to build speed and timing, as well as promoting hand-eye coordination.

The punching ball is also easy to use. It inflates in seconds and everything you need for the installment, Costzon has included. The height is adjustable, and it’s suitable for children from the age of 5 to 12.

Added in the bundle are also a pair of boxing gloves in a children’s size. Your kid can get started practicing right away.

Photo of the Costzon Boxing Ball Set

What We Like

Perfect for Serious Boxers

If your child has expressed a passion for taking part in martial arts, you may want to help them achieve this. Punching balls will teach your child vital skills to thrive in the ring. Timing, speed, and hand-eye coordination are essential traits to learn early on.

The ball sits on a base and spring that enables it to snap back into place after a punch. It’s not easy to master, providing a challenge that your kiddo will need to overcome, which also teaches discipline.

Everything Included

Costzon provides you with everything your child needs to train with the ball. It includes a pair of children’s boxing gloves and a pump, as well as the stand.

Adjustable Height

The punching ball is suitable for children aged 5 to 12. The stand has an adjustable height, allowing you to set it anywhere between 32 and 48.5 inches. The ball should be at eye-level.

Safe Usage

Punching balls are much safer than a swinging heavy bag. It’s the best choice if your child is just starting out. The inflatable ball isn’t nearly as dense and won’t cause any significant injury if it hits an over-enthusiastic little boxer.

What We Don't Like

No Instructions

A few parents complained there were no instructions included. We can help with that; fill the bottom stand with either water or sand to keep it grounded. It can hold 66 pounds of water or 33 pounds of sand.

Then inflate the ball using the included pump and your kid should be ready to go.

Product Specs

Type Punching ball
Material PE and PVC leather
Age group 5 to 12
Color Black and red
Uses Boxing

5. Qiqu Inflatable Free Standing Punching Bag

Best Inflatable Kids Punching Bag

Inflatable punching bags are a great place to start, seeing that they’re softer and not as heavy. This one from Qiqu measures 63 inches in height (160 centimeters), suitable for old and young.

It’s made of 100 percent PVC material, making it soft and safe for small hands. The inflatable provides your kid with a comfortable way to get rid of frustrations and stress. It’s more substantially weighted at the bottom, enabling it to bounce back up after being knocked down.

We appreciate how easy it is to set up, too. All you need is a few minutes and a good pump.

Photo of the Qiqu Inflatable Free Standing Punching Bag

What We Like

Safe Materials

The material used for this inflatable punching bag is soft and lightweight, weighing approximately 1.76 pounds. PVC plastic is also soft on hands and will minimize chances of injury should your kid get too enthusiastic. It’s durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Wide Age Range

The punching bag stands 63 inches tall and has a broad hitting surface. It is suitable for use with young and old. Adults, however, shouldn’t hit it too hard.

Your kid can also use it to practice kicks for karate or taekwondo. It bounces right back each time.

Easy Set-Up

All you need is a good pump and either sand or water. The bottom is weighted down — the manufacturer recommends water, but sand works just as well. Then proceed to inflate the rest of the bag.

Don’t over-inflate it. The bag should feel soft to touch. Too much air and it could sustain damage when punched.

What We Don't Like

Can Harden in Winter

If the winters are cold where you live, it’s imperative to empty the water from the bottom before storing it. If you don’t, and the water freezes, it could damage the material.

Product Specs

Type Inflatable
Material PVC
Age group Kids and adults
Color Red and black
Uses Boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type Material Age group Color Uses
Wavemaster Kid Kick Foam-Filled for Kids Foam-filled Nylon and high impact foam Youth Red and black Boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo
Inflatable Dudes Ninja For Small Kids Air-filled Vinyl 3 and above Black and blue Punching, kicking, and play
Ringside Boxing Heavy Bag For Big Kids Heavy bag Nylon 5 – 13 Black and red Boxing, MMA, muay thai, taekwondo
Costzon Boxing Ball Set Boxing Ball Punching ball PE and PVC leather 5 – 12 Black and red Boxing
Inflatable Fitness Punching Bag Inflatable Inflatable PVC Kids and adults Red and black Boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo

Benefits of Boxing for Kids

In today’s world, many children live sedentary lives, spending most of their time looking at a screen.

It’s recommended that children and teenagers should aim to do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical exercise a day (1). Boxing or other martial arts are an excellent way to encourage your child to be active after school and during weekends.

Boxing can teach your child many vital skills. Here are a few:

Goal Setting

Boxing and martial arts are all about setting goals for yourself. When training, your child’s coach will continually push them to improve their running time, punch harder, or go for longer. This will encourage them to focus on an objective, teaching them how to master challenges.


It may not sound logical that punching a bag will teach your child discipline. However, this is the most important lesson your child will learn from boxing.

The sport requires physical power, but it also calls for a lot of mental strength. The challenges your child will overcome help to build and strengthen character. The child learns to control their behavior while improving their mental focus — boxing teaches them discipline.

Teaches Respect

With boxing and other martial arts, showing respect for authority and peers is essential. It’s all about good sportsmanship, where trainers encourage self-respect and holding one’s head high even when things don’t go as planned. Boxers are taught to win and lose gracefully, respecting their opponents and judges.

Promotes Focus

Focus and concentration are two vital traits a boxer has to possess to be successful. By testíng your child’s mental strength, it can improve their concentration levels in other areas as well. This includes in the classroom.


In a world full of bullies, it can’t hurt teaching your child how to defend themselves. Boxing is a combat sport, and while trainers discourage fighting outside the ring, it teaches techniques for self-defense.

How to Choose a Kids’ Punching Bag


Safety is a top priority when looking for the best punching bags for kids. The bags must have a high level of stability.

Punching bags are usually hung from the ceiling. These are generally called heavy bags. For such, you want a heavy-duty chain to fasten it so that it doesn’t fall on your child.

Punching bags geared toward children are usually self-standing. They have a weighted bottom typically filled with sand or water.

With a standing punching bag, you want it to be stable. Some are fairly heavy, and injuries can occur if they fall on your child. Look for one with a spring or other device that helps it bounce back into position.

Always Wear Gloves

Gloves protect your child’s hands. It’s not advised ever to let them train without gloves on. This could damage their hands and wrists.


Durability and sturdiness are two crucial criteria. Although your child’s punches may not be that powerful yet, repeated hits can cause damage.

Most kids’ punching bags are nylon or PVC leather. With care, these should hold up just fine.

Ease of Use

When it comes to children, we don’t want something too complicated. They get impatient and frustrated easily, so having something quick to set up is helpful.

Punch and Duck

Boxing is proven to have many benefits for children. It boosts confidence, teaches skills such as focus and goal setting, as well as encouraging physical activity.

When searching for the best punching bags for kids, look for one that’s safe, durable, and easy to use. And consider giving that bag a light workout as well — boxing is great for adults as well as children.

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