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Best Gifts for Husbands of 2021

Wow your hubby with these 50 awesome gifts.

Your husband does so much for you and your family that occasionally he deserves a little reward. But buying gifts for men isn’t always easy, especially when he seems to already have everything you’ve considered.

We’ve compiled a list of the 50 best gifts for husbands. Now all you have to do is read our list and imagine his delight as he opens the gift that you so lovingly prepared for him.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter Game - Funny White Elephant Gag Gifts for Adults...
Best Funny Gift
Toilet Golf Game
  • Perfect for any occasion and age
  • Quick to setup
  • Unique gift idea
Product Image of the Credit Card Survival Tool - 11 in 1 Multipurpose Beer Bottle Opener Portable...
Best Inexpensive Gift
Wallet Sized Multitool
  • 11 useful & essential tools
  • Maximum durability
  • Guaranteed to never rust or bend
Product Image of the King and Queen Beer and Wine Glass Gift Set of 2 | Fun Novelty His and Hers or...
Best Romantic Gift
King & Queen Glass Set
  • Food-grade safe materials
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Organic ink print
Product Image of the Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch, Black
Best Electronic Gift
Garmin Forerunner 35
  • Receive audio prompts from smartphone
  • Longer battery life
  • Used as an activity tracker
Product Image of the TUSEN JEWELRY 8mm Magic Tungsten Carbide Ring Gold Plated Wedding Band for Men...
Best Nerdy Gift
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Elegant yet affordable
Product Image of the Sunnydaze Quilted Fabric Hammock Two Person with Spreader Bars Heavy Duty 450...
Best Outdoorsy Gift
Portable Camping Hammock
  • Durable and high quality
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 12-month warranty
Product Image of the Shell-D RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector,RFID Blocking Aluminum Wallets for...
Best Unique Gift
Aluminum Credit Card Holder
  • High quality aluminum materials
  • Block RFID Readers
  • Compact and portable
Product Image of the Logo Brands Officially Licensed NFL Dallas Cowboys Unisex Bleacher Cushion, One...
Best Sporty Gift
NFL Bleacher Cushion
  • Various team logo
  • Officially-licensed
  • Value for money
Product Image of the BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Small Travel Cable Organizer Bag for Hard...
Best Travel Gift
Bagsmart Electronics Organizer
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Water repellent
  • Great organizer
Product Image of the KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Blank Papers to Write-Your-OWN Messages -...
Best Meaningful Gift
KindNotes Jar Of Messages
  • Personalized gift idea
  • Decorative envelopes
  • Includes a beautiful gift box

How to Choose a Gift for Your Husband

If someone asked you to pick out a gift for one of your close girlfriends, you could probably slam dunk it in a heartbeat. It would be easy because women tend to share everything about themselves with their close friends. And, to make it even easier, we tend to share a lot of the same interests as our friends — that’s often what drew us together in the first place.

But husbands are a different story. Opposites often do attract and you may have no interest in some of your husband’s favorite activities. Or you might be perplexed by some of the things he likes to get for gifts. How many tools does one man need anyway? And how do you even know the difference when so many of them look the same?

Here are some things you can do to help ensure your gift for your husband is a raging success.

Do Some Recon

If your husband is a handy guy and you can’t even begin to imagine what kinds of tools your husband already has and what he still needs, ask his friends. You can do it on the downlow or you can tell them you need help. Either way, some of his friends may be able to help, just as your friends would be able to tell your husband what you would like.

Think Outside the Box

If you tend to get him items in the same category every year, mix it up a little to surprise him. If he loves playing poker, for instance, and each year you get him a new present for his poker room, maybe you should skip that idea this year and go with something he’ll never expect.

Make it Personal

Getting him a personal gift that reminds him of a time when you two first started dating is a great way to please him with your gift choice. Nostalgia can really take your gift to the next level. Tap into an emotion with your gift and you’ve just won the gold medal of gift-giving (1).

Support His Fitness Ggoals

If your husband is a runner, look for something that will help him in his pursuit of fitness. Giving a gift of fitness, like maybe a GPS watch so he can log his mileage, may be just enough to get him to ramp up his running mileage. Keeping him fit and healthy is a present to you both. With obesity rates climbing in the U.S., fitness gear is a great gift to give (2).

Think Couple Gifts

Sometimes gift giving is a perfect chance to find something you two will enjoy doing as a team for a little togetherness time. Whether you get a couple of tennis rackets and make plans to hit the court together or you get luggage for that dream trip you’ve always wanted to go on, include yourself in his plans.

Make Him Laugh

Laughter can relieve stress and it brings people closer together. A house that’s filled with laughter tends to also be filled with love. So consider getting your husband a gift that will make him, and everyone else, chuckle.

Don’t Spend More Than You Can Afford

Overspending causes more stress than it does joy. While we’d all love to give our husbands an extravagant gift, it’s not always possible.

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The Best Gift Ideas for Husbands of 2021

Here are some great gift ideas for husbands.

Best Funny Gifts for Husbands

Gag gifts are great for the husband with a sense of humor. Seeing your husband smile and hearing him laugh when he opens your present is a gift all on its own. Make sure you understand his humor and keep it in mind when you choose this gift.

1. Funny Coffee Mug

Remind your husband that you have impeccable taste and judgement with this coffee mug. It will remind him that you know what you’re doing at all times because you agreed to date and marry him. He’ll get a laugh along with his morning cup of java.

2. License to Grill Apron

If your husband considers grilled meat its own food group, he’ll love this apron. He’ll want to wear it every time he fires up the grill and he’ll probably want to have a get together with his friends soon after receiving this so he can show it off.

3. Toilet Golf Toy Set

Why do men spend so much time in the bathroom? If you frequently make cracks about the bathroom being his second home, your husband should get a chuckle out of this bathroom golf game. Be prepared though, if you give it to him, he’ll probably actually use it.

4. Cotton Beer Socks

Does your man like to come home after a long day of work and put his feet up? Is he known to like to occasionally have a drink in one hand and the remote in the other? Then he’ll get a kick out of these beer socks.

5. Bacon Dental Floss

If your husband should be in rehab for his bacon addiction, give him this pack of dental floss which will remind him every morning and night of his deep love for bacon. Plus, it will help him keep his teeth clean so he can have many more decades of happy chewing.

Best Inexpensive Gifts for Husbands

Great gifts don’t have to put you in debt. They can be simple and heartfelt. Or they can be little things that can make your husband’s life easier. In this crazy world, it just helps to know that someone’s thinking of us, even if they can’t spend much.

6. Ultimate Burger Press

Does your husband consider burger making an art form? Is he slightly obsessed with getting the perfect-sized patty every time? If so, you’ll score high marks for this present and you’ll end up with tasty dinners you don’t have to make. That’s a double win.

7. Wallet Sized Multitool

If your husband likes tools and hates being without them, here is one that can slide in his wallet just like a credit card would. Your Mr. Fix-It will appreciate the 11 uses this tool has — it can be a bottle opener, a screwdriver, butterfly wrench, saw blade and more.

8. Magnelex Magnetic Wrist Band

If your man frequently ends up losing all the screws he takes out while he’s trying to fix something, this gift will be a lifesaver. Now he can tinker with things to his heart’s content without constantly asking you to help him locate the tiny screw he’s dropped.

9. Komelon Locking Tape Measure

Your husband is lost without a tape measure at his side, but he can’t seem to keep track of the one he has. That’s when a back-up can come in handy, and with the locking feature and strong rubber coating on this one, it may become his favorite.

10. BlueFire Pro Heat Resistant Gloves

These gloves protect your husband’s hands from burns while he’s operating the grill, but it also lets him play dress up as one of his favorite superheroes — Spiderman. If you’re constantly worried about him going up in flames along with the meat, this gift will protect both of you.

Best Romantic Gifts for Husbands

Let your husband know the spark hasn’t died out between the two of you just because you said “I do.” Give him a gift that reminds him of why you two got together in the first place.

11. Song Lyric Art Print

Remind your husband of your romance even during the busiest of days with this song lyric art print that showcases one line from the romantic Christina Perri song, “A Thousand Years.” The sentiment behind this one will have your husband looking at you with fresh eyes.

12. His and Hers Engraved Necklaces

Even when you’re apart, you’ll still feel connected with these double ring pendant necklaces. They are engraved with the words, “I will always be with you.” These necklaces will remind you both of the strong bond you share.

13. Maycom Couple Keychains

Your husband has always had the key to your heart. You can remind him of that fact with these couple keychains. One is a lock and one is a key. With these at your side, you’ll always think of each other.

14. Love Coupons for Husbands

These coupons act as vouchers for your husband. They give him a picnic for two, breakfast in bed and a number of other activities the two of you will enjoy together. They’ll help put the spark back in your relationship.

15. King and Queen Wine Glasses

These wine glasses celebrate the special status you have in each other’s lives — something that will never change. You are his queen and he is your king and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Best Electronic Gifts for Husbands

If your husband is into gadgets, you’ll have a lot of choices out there. The key to choosing one successfully is knowing what he already has and what he’ll get the most use out of.

16. Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch

This watch will help your husband keep up with his fitness goals, while also allowing him to stay in touch with the world. He can see emails, texts and calendar reminders as long as he has a compatible smartphone. Just plug it in when it needs to be charged and he’ll be all set.

17. Great Northern Popcorn Maker

When your husband’s friends come over to hang out or watch a big game, he’ll be able to dazzle them with freshly popped pop corn. It’ll also make your home movie nights that much more authentic and enjoyable.

18. HP 17.3-inch Laptop

To keep up in today’s world, you need a laptop instead of or in addition to a home computer. Your husband will love the screen clarity on this one and you’ll get a kick out of how excited he’ll be when he unwraps it.

19. Kindle E-Reader

When you have a bookworm for a husband, sometimes it’s more practical for storage purposes to use an E-reader and limit the purchase of hardcopy books. Your husband will still be able to read to his heart’s content, but you won’t have to convert a full room into a library.

20. Blast Motion Baseball Swing Trainer

If your husband wants to take his weekly softball league performance to the next level, this is just the tool to help him. It will track his bat speed and angle, as well as other information he can use to improve his game. The data will be sent to his smartphone or tablet so he can review it.

Best Nerdy Gifts for Husbands

There’s never been a better time in history to be a nerd than right now. Nerds are taking over the world and it shows. If your husband has a nerdy streak, find something that will make his inner geak freak.

21. Tusen Jewelry Lord of the Rings Ring

If your husband can’t get enough of Lord of the Rings, he’ll be over-the-top excited when he receives this ring from you. It is engraved to imitate the ring in the book. Before long, he’ll be like Gollum and won’t want this bad boy out of his sight.

22. Batman Die-Cast Bat Signal

What superhero fan hasn’t dreamed of having his very own bat signal? This one casts a light pretty far away — he can do it into the night sky or he can light it up in the confines of his own house. This is a great pick for man caves.

23. Harry Potter Wand

It doesn’t get much nerdier than owning your own replica Harry Potter wand. Whether your husband puts it on display for everyone to see or decides to keep it for his eyes only, he’ll be sure to love trying his hand at casting spells.

24. Yoda Obi Wan For Me Mug

This sweet message will be appreciated by your husband because it references Star Wars, which is a universally-loved movie by nerds everywhere. He’ll love showing it off around the office or to his sci-fi loving friends.

25. Hogwarts Crest T-Shirt

This is the perfect wearable gift for your Potterhead husband. It boasts the beautiful Hogwarts crest, so no matter what house he is in — he will love this shirt. This is a great t-shirt for wearing to Harry Potter events, lounging around the house or cozying up to marathon all eight movies.

Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen Husbands

Is your husband a real man’s man? If so, you might want to find something he’ll be able to use in the great outdoors. Knowing what he likes to do outside will be a big help, whether it’s camping, fishing or hunting.

26. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

When your husband spends a lot of time outside during the winter months, he’ll make good use of this hand warmer. It can keep his hands toasty warm for hours, so whether he’s waiting patiently in a deer stand or skiing, he can stay comfortable.

27. Portable Camping Hammock

Your husband will have a soft spot to lay his head and get a good night’s sleep during camping trips with this hammock. Because it can hold up to 450 pounds, he can have total confidence that it won’t collapse under his weight.

28. Garmin Foretrex 601 GPS

When your husband is wandering around on a camping or hunting trip, you don’t need to worry about him getting turned around and losing his way when he’s wearing this GPS unit. It will help him retrace his steps if he gets lost so he can get safely back to you.

29. X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets

These heavy duty bracelets will keep your husband prepared if anything starts going south while he’s deep in the woods when he’s off on an outdoor adventure. It includes a flint fire starter, a whistle, a compass and a scraper.

30. Hydro Cell Stainless Steel Bottle

To keep your husband well hydrated when he’s off exploring the great outdoors, he’ll need a strong, sturdy bottle at his side. This one will keep his hot drinks warm and his cold drinks cool. It’s BPA free so you won’t have to worry about his health.

Best Gifts for Husbands Who Have Everything

If your husband is hard to buy for, we’ve got your back. We can help find something for everyone — even the guys who say they don’t want anything.

31. EdgeStar Commercial Beverage Holder

Man caves are more popular than ever. This beverage cooler will hold all the drinks your husband and his buddies will need in one day, and it will keep them from constantly walking into the house to get another drink.

32. RFID Aluminum Credit Card Holder

Your man might have everything, but with this gift you can help him protect what he has. This holder will stop RFID readers from stealing his credit card or debit card information. That will save him from a major headache if someone gets ahold of his information.

33. Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Kit

Your husband may have a lot of electronics, but he may not know a great way to keep them all clean. This screen cleaner gift will have all those electronics looking as good as new.

34. Remote Control Holder Caddy

Technology is a great thing, but misplacing all your remotes isn’t. If your husband is constantly losing them, this remote control holder caddy will keep both of you happy, and it will eliminate one of the minor annoyances of living with him.

35. The Man Sham Cloth

If your husband’s other baby is his car, he’ll like this soft towel that will quickly help him dry off his vehicle. It won’t leave behind any scratches or lint, but it will get rid of those unattractive water spots that drive him crazy.

Best Gifts for Husbands Who Love Sports

Being married to someone who can’t get enough of the sports world means two things — you’ll never get his attention when a game is on and your husband should be easy to buy for. Whether he’s playing sports or watching them, sports gear and memorabilia is a slam dunk when it comes to gifts.

36. NFL Bleacher Cushion

When your husband goes to as many sporting events as he can fit in, his behind usually ends up paying the price. Those bleachers and hard seats are hard on the bottom. This cushy bleacher pad will give him the gift of comfort.

37. Reflective Vest And Safety Lights

All that running and cycling keeps your man in great shape for you, and that’s something you want to encourage. But if you’re worried about his safety while he does it, this reflective vest and safety lights set will ease your mind.

38. Deluxe Disc Golf Set

Disc golf is the latest rage — it combines fitness with fun. If your husband hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, all he needs is a little nudge and he’ll be hooked. This beginner’s set will start him on his way.

39. Allied Medal Hangers Display Rack

Your man is a weekend warrior who competes in running races like 5ks, half marathons and marathons. The biggest challenge for him is keeping all his medals organized. This display rack will keep his medals on display so he’ll continue to be motivated.

40. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Golf Bag

To spare your husband’s back while he’s perfecting his golf game, you may want to get him this lightweight bag that stands up on its own. He won’t have to keep bending over to find the equipment he wants to use.

Best Gifts for Husbands Who Travel

If your husband is on the road so much you would have trouble picking him out of a police line up, he may benefit from gifts that we cover in this category. These picks are designed to make travel easier or more enjoyable.

41. Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player

Your husband will love having all his favorite tunes with him on his trips. This MP3 player holds around 5,0000 songs and clips right onto his shirt. Before he leaves, you can sneak a couple of songs onto his playlist that will remind him of you.

42. Bagsmart Electronics Organizer

Whether it’s for fun or for work, when your husband is on the road, he’ll need a way to keep all those cords and chargers organized. This bag does that easily so he can set up his equipment in no time as he travels from hotel to hotel.

43. Men's Vintage Canvas Leather Tote

This bag is so manly looking, your husband will love swaggering into a hotel carrying it. But it’s as functional as it is visually appealing. His laptop, an electronics organizer and any important papers can all fit in it so he’ll always know where all his work items are.

44. Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

Being on the road so much is hard on your fitness goals. This running belt will help your husband keep his hotel room key card and mobile secured while he runs on the streets of whatever town he’s visiting.

45. Memory Foam Neck Pillow

All that traveling can be hard on a guy’s neck and shoulders. This memory foam neck pillow will keep your husband feeling good no matter how many hours he logs on planes, trains and automobiles.

Best Meaningful Gifts for Husbands

Funny and popular gifts definitely have their time and place, but sometimes, you need to give a little more thought into a gift that will tug at your husband’s heartstrings. Our list of meaningful gifts will remind him of why he loves you and your life together.

46. Liujun Zodiac Stainless Steel Mens Bracelet

Remind your husband that he’s part of the bigger picture and a unique person who can change the world. This zodiac bracelet features an emblem that shows off his zodiac sign.

47. Wood Design Wall Art

This wall art puts into words what you both hope will happen in your relationship — “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.” That should serve as a reminder for both of you that relationships aren’t a sprint, they are a marathon.

48. Poem Gift For Husbands

This poem, which can be mounted, should remind your husband of how special your love is and how lucky you are to have found each other. It will be a significant reminder of your life together and all that you have accomplished since joining forces.

49. Glass KindNotes Jar of Messages

Remind your husband how much he means to you long after the glow of his special day. This jar is stuffed full of 31 messages that you’ve written for your husband. He can open one a day and be inspired every day.

50. Religious Chain and Dog Tag

If your husband’s Christian faith is important to him, he’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this gift. The dog tag has a Bible verse on it so he can rely on his faith even when the hard times hit.

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