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Parenthood is the craziest journey you’ll ever take -- Jenny found that out in record time when her first child was born. People had warned her but there are some things you don’t fully realize until you experience them firsthand.

Always grateful for the quality websites that helped her bridge the gap between when the doctor’s offices weren’t open, and her mom friends were sleeping for the night. Jenny's passion for becoming a parenting writer was born.

Jenny understands exactly how it feels when you’re a frantic, exhausted parent just trying to keep your eyes open for a few minutes while searching for quality parenting tips and information. You really regret every second you waste looking at those bad websites.

Jenny's insightful first-hand experiences and deep understanding of what parents are looking for put her in the unique position to create well-researched, meaningful content for other mothers that are just like her. Struggling, but constantly striving to do their best.

Articles by Jenny Silverstone

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