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Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 11-Year-Old Boys of 2022

33 cool toy and gift ideas for 11-year-old-boys.

Choosing a gift for a young child is not usually too taxing, but what happens when they are at an in-between age? No longer babies but not yet teens, what are the best gifts for 11-year-old boys?

Fluffy teddies, wooden cars, and bouncing balls will no longer be welcomed. Your 11-year-old is at that awkward age — their interests are constantly changing, much like their moods. They are on the road to adolescence and are often hard to please.

Let’s look at our top picks for the best toys and gift ideas for 11-year-old boys.

Our Top Picks

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Product Image of the Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 Electronics Exploration Kit | Over 500 Projects | Full...
Electronics Starter Kit
Snap Circuits Pro SC-500
  • Build over 500 experiments
  • No soldering needed
  • 70 color-coded, real circuit components
Product Image of the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 Building Kit and Magic Castle Toy,...
Classic Lego
Lego Harry Potter
  • 878 Lego bricks and 10 minifigures
  • Compatible with all Lego building toys
  • Detailed, four level-model
Product Image of the Stomp Rocket Original Dueling Rocket Launcher for Kids - Soars 200 Ft - 4...
Flying High
Stomp Dueling Rockets
  • No batteries required
  • 100% kid powered
  • Easy and fast assembly
Product Image of the ThinkFun Clue Master Logic Game and STEM Toy - Teaches Critical Thinking Skills...
Our Top Choice
ThinkFun Clue Master
  • Clear, high quality instruction manual
  • Comes with multi-level challenges
  • Fun logic game
Product Image of the For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever
No Girls Allowed
The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever
  • Lots of fun and educational facts
  • 160-page book
  • Very affordable
Product Image of the Elecder i36 Kids Headphones Children Girls Boys Teens Foldable Adjustable On Ear...
Block Out the Noise
Elecder i36 Kids Headphones
  • Excellent sound effect
  • Easy to carry
  • 1 year hassle-free protection
Product Image of the Not Parent Approved: A Fun Card Game and Gift for Kids 8-12, Tweens, Teens,...
Fun Card Game
Not Parent Approved
  • Award-winning party game
  • 100% family-friendly
  • 455 high-quality, premium-printed cards
Product Image of the Aerobie 13C12 Pro Ring - 13' Diameter, Assorted
Frisbee Fun
Aerobie Pro Ring
  • Secure grip
  • 14 inches in diameter
  • Unique design
Product Image of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Gemstone Dig Kit – Dig Up 15 Real Gems, STEM Science...
Dig Deep
National Geographic Mega
  • 16-page full coloring learning guide
  • Includes 15 amazing gemstones
  • Very informative
Product Image of the Spalding Slam Jam Over-the-Door Hoop
Indoor Basketball
Spalding Slam Jam Hoop
  • Padded polycarbonate board
  • Includes 5 inch rubber basketball
  • Sturdy steel rim

Best Toys & Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boys of 2022

Here are some great gift ideas for 11-year-old boys.

Tech and Electronic

Whether it’s building a robot, finding out how circuits work, or playing with gadgets, boys love electronics and technology. It could be the latest headphones, a camera that will capture their antics, or some screen time on a tablet.

1. Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 Electronics Exploration Kit

Electronics Starter Kit

There are 500 projects on offer in this kit, to help kids learn about circuits and electronics. No dangerous soldering iron or tools required — all the pieces just snap easily together.

Kids can experiment with alarms, a flying saucer, an AM radio, or a musical doorbell, among others. Clear instructions are provided to help them succeed.

2. Elecder i36 Kids Headphones

Block Out the Noise

Does your 11-year-old play video games which you have to listen to? Get them some kid-friendly headphones. These have a 59-inch lead, which doesn’t tangle or damage easily, and the headband is adjustable for a good fit.

Another great feature is that these headphones fold, making them easy to carry out and about. Plus they come with a one-year warranty.

3. Fire 7 Kids Edition Amazon Tablet

Kid Friendly Tablet

This kids version of the Amazon Kindle is a great way for them to access books, apps, their favorite shows, and more. What’s even better is that you can set the parental controls to make sure it’s all age-appropriate.

Included is a heavy-duty case, a year’s subscription to Freetime Unlimited, and a two-year replacement warranty.

4. Circuit-Test Robotic Arm Edge Kit

Explore Engineering

Start exploring the world of robotics and engineering by building your own robotic arm. Good for 11-year-old boys, this arm will open, close, grab, release, rotate, and reach, once assembled.

I like that there’s an audible indicator on each of the five gearboxes to help prevent injury or breakages when it’s operating.

5. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam

Record the Action

Get your boy interested in the world of photography and videography. This durable camera can be fitted to his scooter, skateboard, or bike. It will even work, in the waterproof case provided, in 6 feet of water.

An LCD screen lets him easily see what he’s capturing. There are also games, frames, filters, and fun photo effects.

6. Makeblock Programmable MBot Ranger Robot

Build a Robot

This kit can be used to build a robot in as little as 45 minutes and is compatible with most major building blocks. Once assembled, it can be programmed via the free Makeblock app, which is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and other operating systems.

The instructions are easy to follow and give you ideas to customize your own robot.

7. WowWee - Mip the Toy Robot

Hand-Controlled Robot Fun

This cute and fun robot responds to the simplest hand gestures. Swipe left, right, backward, or forward and see what he does. Expand his world by connecting via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android device.

MiP will also react to noises and sounds around him. He does talk, but as he speaks his own language, it’s unlikely you’ll understand him.

Games and Toys

Even at the age of 11 years, your boys will still like playing with toys and games just for the fun of it. It’s also great for you and the family to spend some time playing as well — if he’ll let you, that is.

Plus, it’s good for him to have games other than the Xbox or Playstation to get involved in.

8. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Classic Lego

Lego is timeless, and this kit will engage young Harry Potter fans. With wizards and mystical creatures, they can play out their fantasies in this advanced level building. It comes complete with 10 character figures and instructions to create Fawkes, Hedwig, Scabbers, or the Basilisk.

There’s lots of attention to detail with extra magical artifacts to complete the picture.

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9. Not Parent Approved: A Hilarious Card Game

Fun Card Game

This fill in the blanks card games is the kiddie-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity. It’s suitable for up to 10 players over 8 years old, so it can be played with friends or family.

I like that it can be played straight out of the box with no complicated rules. It’s also good for travel, making it ideal for holidays, summer camp, or sleepovers.

10. Hasbro Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition

Best for Cheaters

A new twist on the family favorite Monopoly. We usually encourage kids not to cheat when playing games, but this one allows it.

However, don’t get caught as there are consequences. Get away with it, though, and you get a reward. Bending the rules occasionally can be fun for all the family playing this game.

11. Dice Game, GoLong

Fun with Dice

One for the football fans in your life. This dice game is fast-paced and based on scoring a touchdown. It can be played individually, head to head, or in teams of two.

While there’s a certain amount of math involved, your 11-year-old won’t even realize it when they’re having fun with family or their friends. It’s also portable, coming with its own storage bag.

12. Learn & Climb Magic Kit

Magical Illusions

11-year-old boys are often fascinated by the world of magic. This kit contains all they need to learn some card tricks and illusions.

Your budding magician will have great fun putting on his own magic show to wow you.

13. Spin Master Perplexus Original Maze Game

Perplexing 3D Maze

Has your 11-year got what it takes to navigate the labyrinth? This clear sphere encloses 22 feet of 3D track, with 100 barriers in the way of getting the ball to the end. This will provide hours of flipping and twisting fun.

When your boy has gone to bed, you can see if you can master it as well!

14. Marky Sparky Magnetic Dart Board

Anyone for Darts?

A safe and fun darts game. The board hangs on a wall or door, with a picture hook or similar fixing, and the darts are magnetic. Throw them and they stick to the board.

This game is fun for all the family, and won’t damage the walls (or the kids!).

Sports and Outdoors

By 11 years old, boys will be finding their feet and many want to play outdoors with their friends. It’s hard to let go, but they’re getting more independent.

There are many gifts you can buy for an active tweenager to get rid of their energy and wear them out a little.

15. Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets

Flying High

Whose rocket will fly the highest? This kit has two “launchers” for kids to stomp on and send their rocket flying up to 200 feet in the air. It requires no batteries or electricity, simply kid-power as they jump on the ignition.

This is great for outdoor fun for your 11-year-old and his friends.

16. Aerobie Pro Ring

Frisbee Fun

What child doesn’t enjoy a game of frisbee? These rings from Aerobie are lightweight, soft, and easy to catch, plus they’ll also fly a long way. This type of ring was used to set a Guinness world record of a throw of 1,333 feet.

These are great for a game of catch and to personalize your throwing or catching style. The open center lets you catch it on your arm, hand, or foot.

17. Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C3 Scooter

Super Scooter

This Y-shaped scooter is more than likely the closest most of us will get to skiing off the slopes. Your 11-year-old can lean into the handlebars and twist his hips to do mega drifts and 360-degree spins. On top of that, it will go at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, so don’t forget the helmet and protective pads.

One of the best features of this scooter is that it folds away for easy transportation and storage.

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18. Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster

Prepare for Battle

Nerf battles are the in thing for boys on the go. This Nerf gun will hit your target with its 25-dart drum that can fire five darts per second. Load it up, press the trigger and blast them off — they’ll travel up to 90 feet on fresh batteries.

The motorized mechanism requires four D batteries that are not included.

19. Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

Tricycle Trickster

If you really want to push the boat out, this electric three-wheeler power rider is sure to be a hit. It will run for up to 30 minutes on a full charge and has a maximum speed of 9 miles per hour. It will slide, drift, and even do 360-degree turns.

Powered by a 12V rechargeable battery, it has a hand-operated front brake and a pneumatic front wheel that resists high impact.

20. Zing Air Storm Z-Tek Bow

Load, Aim, Fire

Take target practice to another level with this safe bow and arrow set. Pop the arrows in the fast load loops in the bow, take aim, and fire. These arrows will stick to many surfaces.

It can even be used indoors, but make sure your recipient checks with his parents first.

21. SKLZ Lightning Bolt Pitching Machine

Baseball Practice

For the little leaguers in your life, why not get them a pitching machine? Practice makes perfect and the soft, small-sized balls launched from this machine will train their eyes to the sweet spot. The pitch angle can be adjusted and there’s a 5-second delay between the pitches, which travel at 30 miles per hour.

It runs on C batteries which aren’t included, but it does come with 12 balls.

Education and STEM Gifts

11-year-olds won’t want to think they’re back in the classroom when they play out of school. With these educational and STEM gifts, they won’t even realize they’re picking up new skills.

These games and toys are designed to develop your child’s skills while they have fun at the same time.

22. ThinkFun Clue Master Logic Game

Our Top Choice

Clue Master Is a logic game which will help develop deduction skills and logical reasoning in a fun way. It comes with magnetic pieces that are used to solve the 40 challenges. It starts off easy, but gets progressively harder, and two minds might be better than one on this solo player game.

I like that it folds like a book, making it practical to use in a car or restaurant.

23. National Geographic Mega Gemstone Dig Kit

Dig Deep

Kids love digging for treasure. With this kit, your budding archaeologist or geologist can uncover 15 different gemstones from a solid block. The tools they need to excavate are all included.

An informative book with complete instructions is enclosed and easy to follow.

24. E-Blox Circuit Builder 115 Building Set

Explore Electronics

Introduce kids to the world of electronics with this brick building circuit set. There are over 115 projects they can complete which will light up, make sounds, or create motion.

It requires three AA batteries (not included) and is compatible with similar building bricks of different brands.

25. Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

To Catch a Spy

Become a super sleuth and enter the realm of forensic science. Use this kit to solve two mysteries by decoding secret messages, matching the fingerprints, and completing other scientific tests. The kit contains all you need to make your deductions.

Your kids will love this insight into the work of a crime scene investigator.

26. Anki Cozmo - Collector's Edition

Coding Fun

Ready to use out of the the box, Cozmo will become your child’s new best friend. He can be coded via a free app, with three different levels of coding to keep kids engaged. This robot expresses emotions on his screen, has facial recognition software, and is great fun.

This collector’s edition comes in cool black and silver colors. If you prefer, you can also get the original Cozmo in red and white.

27. SmartGames Asteroid Escape Sliding Puzzle

Save Your Starship

Have you got what it takes to get your starship out of the asteroid attack? This slide and move game will test your child’s planning, problem-solving, and visual perception skills. There are 60 levels to complete, from beginner through to expert.

The portable game board comes with complete instructions and challenges.

The Best of the Rest

There are other gifts for 11-year-old boys that deserve a mention. Their reading skills are now at a level where they’ll enjoy age-appropriate books. There are also some fun indoor games they might enjoy, to get away from screen time.

28. For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever

No Girls Allowed

This lighthearted, fun book is filled with puzzles, statistics, stories, and facts. It covers subjects such as monsters, disasters, treasure, weapons, cars, tricks, and so much more. Learn how to make some fake blood, escape from a shark attack, or land an airplane in an emergency.

I like that this book is aimed at boys, with lots of fun and educational facts thrown in.

29. Spalding Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Indoor Basketball

Practice throwing hoops in your bedroom with this mini-basketball kit. It fits over the door with padded hooks, so mom and dad won’t complain about any damage.

This also includes a 5-inch rubber Spalding ball and other tools for assembly.

30. Starlux Games Capture the Flag

One for After Dark

This modern twist on a classic outdoor game is great for camping, backyard fun, or the beach, when the sun goes down. Complete with all the batteries, you get territory lights, jail markers, light up team wristbands, and glowing crystals to represent each team’s flags.

This game is great for families or larger groups of up to 20 people.

31. Foosball Tabletop Games and Accessories


This is a miniature tabletop version of classic foosball. Suitable for two to four players, it’s compact and lightweight. Challenge your friends or siblings or create your own soccer league for hours of fun.

This sturdy set is made from chrome-plated steel rods with non-slip rubber handles and comes fully assembled.

32. Pranklopedia

Beware of the Prankster

With over 70 pranks and step-by-step instructions for each, your 11-year-old boy can have great fun with this book. He can make fake edible dog poop, fake snot, or fake mouse turds in ice — really gross!

What I do like is that all of these pranks are fun and not mean in any way, even if they might get a bit annoying for mom and dad.

33. Retevis Kids Walkie Talkies

Are You Receiving, Over?

Designed with kids in mind, these walkie talkies are great fun for boys. They can strategize while playing nerf battles, or give one to their friend across the street so they can keep in touch.

With a 9000-foot range, clear sound, and three channels, it’s an ideal communication tool until they’re ready for a cellphone.

How to Choose Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boys

Tween boys are primed for developing more maturity, and are starting to explore their independence. They also still want the loving nurturing care of a parent, though.

Toys and games which challenge but don’t frustrate them will be a good choice. Make sure the instructions are easy to read so they have the option to play independently if they want. If they need help from mom or dad or want to play a game, they’ll ask (1).

Technology is now becoming the in thing for kids, and this age is the ideal time to learn more about it. Gifts that teach them how to code, or the latest gadgets, will go down well.

Then there are toys and games which mirror the school curriculum, in regard to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). These will help them develop skills they can rely on later in life, when they decide on a career.

Many 11-year-old boys are likely developing a keen interest in sports and will love playing outdoors. Get them something that’s fun which they can play with friends or practice their chosen sport skills.

Also, don’t forget about books. Quiet time away from TV and video games is good. Their reading skills will be improving all the time, so find books that will engage their brains and spark their interest.

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