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Best Inflatable Bumper Balls of 2021

Learn how to choose the best and safest bumper ball for your kids.

Bumper balls, bubble balls, human hamster balls — they have many names. But they are all basically the same thing — a large air-filled ball in which a person can stand, run, and bump into others.

If your child wants to play bubble soccer or has asked for a bumper ball of their own, here’s everything you need to know.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Hurbo Inflatable Bumper Ball Bubble Soccer Ball Giant Human Hamster Ball for...
Big Ball for Big Fun
Hurbo Inflatable Bumper Ball
  • Handles & shoulder straps included
  • Ul Greengard approved
  • Inflates quickly
Product Image of the YUEBO Bumper Bubble Soccer Balls for Kids/Adults, Body Zorb Ball Dia...
Two Size Options
Yuebo Bumper Bubble Ball
  • Has shoulder straps & handles
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Non-toxic & odorless
Product Image of the Banzai Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers N Red, Blue, 2 Bumpers
Made for Kids
Banzai Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers
  • Sized for smaller children
  • Easier to store
  • Square-ended bumper
Product Image of the Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball Set 4FT Bubble Soccer Ball Suit 2 Pack 0.8mm...
Twice The Fun
Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball Set
  • Takes only 90 s to inflate
  • Has 2 adjustable shoulder straps
  • Comfortable canvas handles
Product Image of the Inflatable Body Bumper Ball, Bubble Soccer Ball for Teens and Adults, 5 FT (1...
For Big Kids & Small Adults
Baturu Bumper Ball
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Odorless PVC
  • Can accommodate a lot of weight
Product Image of the Sportspower Kids Thunder Bubble Inflatable Soccer Suits, Blue, 23'L x 23'W x...
Child & Adult Size Options
Sportspower Thunder Bubble
  • Padded webbing shoulder straps
  • Plastic handles
  • Options for adult or child size
Product Image of the Two Inflatable Bumper Bubble Balls Soccer Ball Dia Giant Human Hamster...
The Best Accessorized Bumper Balls
Keenstone Bumper Balls
  • Bright & colorful design
  • Ul Greenguard approved
  • Comes with 2 balls

At What Age Can Kids Use Inflatable Bumper Balls?

There are no universally accepted standards around bumper ball safety. The majority of companies that hire bumper balls or host bumper ball events set a minimum age limit of 8 years.

The majority of adult bumper balls weigh somewhere in the region of 20 pounds, so a younger child would struggle to play in one anyway. Children’s bumper balls weigh less but can still tip the scales at over ten pounds.

Are Inflatable Bumper Balls Safe?

There is the potential for injury when using bumper balls, especially with those who tend to be more boisterous and slam into each other with greater force.

If your children are going to be playing in bumper balls ensure they:

  • Use the handles and harness within the ball.
  • Play only on a soft surface such as grass or sand.
  • Do not play near hard surfaces, walls, curbs, roadways, or anywhere else they could potentially injure their head if they fall.
  • Are supervised at all times by a responsible adult who can intervene if the bumping becomes more forceful.
  • Use the bumper ball exactly as advised by the manufacturer.

Remember, no matter what the activity, you don’t have to suffer an impact to the head to get a concussion (1). A concussion can happen due to the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head. It is possible this could happen if children become too rough when playing with bumper balls (2).

Consequently, it’s important to supervise your children and ensure things don’t get out of hand.

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Bumper Balls?

There are a few things to consider when you are shopping for bumper balls.


Bumper balls come in two basic sizes — child and adult. If you’re looking for bumper balls for 8- to 10-year-olds, a child-size bumper ball will be safer and more fun than an adult one.

Weight Capacity

Bumper balls have a weight capacity range that reflects how large the ball is, how much air it can hold and the strength of the materials and construction. It’s important to check the weight range on the bumper balls you are considering.

While a bumper ball may still fit on someone who is heavier than the listed weight capacity, it may not stand up to a heavier person falling over in it. The extra weight falling onto it may cause the bumper ball to burst and may result in injury.


Most bumper balls are made from the same .03-inch thick PVC, so they are all roughly equal in their ability to stand up to punctures. The PVC is resilient to water and average summer temperatures.

Where bumper balls may differ is in the quality control of the manufacturer. The best way to ensure you are choosing a durable bumper ball is to read reviews or choose one from our list.


Check the labeling to see how the ball is inflated and deflated. Bumper balls with multiple chambers may inflate more evenly, but they may take longer to inflate and deflate.

Ergonomic Fit

Look at how high the handles in the bumper ball are. This will ensure they will be at a comfortable height for everyone who uses it.


Check labeling to ensure the product you choose has been approved for use in the U.S.


Smaller child-size bumper balls are good for the younger members of the family, but, because they are for a limited weight range, your kids can grow out of them pretty quickly. There’s also no chance of you having the opportunity to use one when the kids have gone to bed.

Consider whether you will get more use out of a larger bumper ball, suitable for both adults and children.

Extra Accessories

Look out for bumper balls that come with pumps, storage bags, or other useful accessories. Puncture repair patches are especially useful.

The Best Inflatable Bumper Balls of 2021

Here are our favorite inflatable bumper balls for kids and adults.

1. Hurbo Inflatable Bumper Ball

Big Ball For Big Fun

Hurbo has a line of bumper balls in a variety of color combinations. So, if you’re buying more than one, you can choose a different color for each person or ensure you have a matching or coordinating pair.

One style of the ball has a clear half and a colored half, while the other style has clear walls all around with internal spots of color. You can choose from clear and blue or clear and red, or there is an option for a completely clear version.

Choosing one with color does not affect the user’s ability to see through the ball, so it is purely a case of which you like the look the most.

Once inflated, the balls are five feet across at their widest point and a little over four feet tall. This makes them the ideal choice for most older kids and adults.


  • Handles and shoulder straps inside.
  • UL Greengard approved (3).
  • Inflates quickly.


  • No puncture kit.

Additional Specs

Diameter 5 feet
Weight Range 110 to 200 pounds
Height Range 4’9” to 6’2”
Age Range 8 years and older
Additional Features None

2. Yuebo Bumper Bubble Ball

Two Size Options

The Yuebo bumper ball has the same color options as the Hurbo — half-color and half-clear, color spots, or fully clear. But this one is available in two sizes:

  • Five feet wide and just over four feet, two inches high.
  • Four feet wide and just over three feet, five inches high.

Both sizes have the same height and weight limits, which can be a little confusing. So we looked into this in more detail.

We found that both sizes of bumper balls will stand up to use by people of the same heights and weights, hence the limits. However, smaller people may find the smaller ball easier and more comfortable to use.

So, if one of the bumper ball users in your home is less than five foot five inches, they will find the four-foot ball more enjoyable.


  • Shoulder straps and handles.
  • Choice of sizes.
  • It inflates fairly quickly with the use of a pump, which isn’t included.


  • No puncture kit

Additional Specs

Diameter 4-foot or 5-foot diameter options are available. Further specs in this table apply to both sizes.
Weight Range 60 to 250 pounds
Height Range 3’9’’ to 6’3”
Age Range 8 years and older
Additional Features None

3. Banzai Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers

Made For Kids

If you want a pair of bumper balls and your kids are too young or too small for the regular versions, we have an option for you. Banzai makes this set of bumper balls they recommend for children between 4 and 12 years old.

These are not the completely round shape of standard bumper balls, nor are you completely enclosed. This child-friendly option from Banzai is more like an inflatable, square-ended bumper with tubes of air attached to the outside. It covers the body, leaving the arms, legs, and head exposed.

Since a child using this ball has their head unprotected, it is recommended your child wears a safety helmet when playing in them. Some parents also have their kids wear their wrist guard and knee and elbow pads that they use on the skateboard.


  • Sized for children.
  • Easier to store than larger bumper balls.
  • Highly affordable.


  • Lots of chambers to inflate.

Additional Specs

Diameter 3 feet 11 inches
Weight Range Not listed
Height Range Not listed
Age Range 4 to 12 years
Additional Features Repair patch included

4. Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball Set

Twice The Fun

The Popsport inflatable bumper ball set gives you double the fun, as long as you are not too tall. That’s not because of any weight or height restrictions — those were not listed.

Multiple user reviews and comments state that at under four feet across, these balls are best for smaller teens and adults or kids. However, for taller adults, too much of your body sticks out of the balls.

We also found that smaller users had trouble playing for extended periods as the ball itself weighs 20 pounds.

If this size is suitable for your family, these are an excellent choice. The balls have canvas handles, covered with a soft plastic sleeve for comfort. There are also two adjustable canvas shoulder straps that stop smaller people from slipping out.


  • Only 90 seconds to inflate.
  • The smaller diameter is good for younger users.
  • Comfortable handles.


  • Weighty.
  • Not the best for taller users.

Additional Specs

Diameter 3 feet 11 inches
Weight Range Not listed
Height Range Not listed
Age Range 8 years and older
Additional Features None

5. Baturu Bumper Ball

For Big Kids And Small Adults

At first glance the Baturu looks exactly the same as the Hurbo and Yuebo, so why does it also make it onto our list of the best inflatable bumper balls? And if it’s similar, why isn’t it further up the list? The answer is its size.

Other standard bumper balls do work for adults and children. But those people on the smaller end of the spectrum may find it tiring to play for long or have difficulty controlling the ball.

The Baturu bumper ball is the best alternative if your kids and other bumper ball users are too big for the child-specific options, but the five-feet wide bumper balls are too weighty, or just simply too big.

You could even consider one of these balls for the shorter users and one of the other brands for the taller users.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Odorless PVC.
  • They can accommodate a lot of weight.


  • Over three minutes to inflate with an electric pump.
  • Not available in a completely clear version.

Additional Specs

Diameter 5 feet
Weight Range 100 to 250 pounds
Height Range 4’ 8” to 6’ 3”
Age Range 8 years and older
Additional Features Repair patch included

6. Sportspower Thunder Bubble

Child And Adult Size Options

This two-pack from Sportspower gives you one blue and clear bumper ball, plus a red and clear one. There are also options for adult-size bumper balls or child size, but you can only have two of the same size, not one of each.

These bumper balls are made of thinner PVC than other options, at .012 inches thick, rather than the more usual .03 inches thick. As a result, the Sportspower bumper balls may be more prone to punctures if the user falls against something sharp.

However, if you are playing on a soft surface, as is advised for all bumper balls, this should not be a problem.

Another issue is that there are no weight or height recommendations published anywhere that we could find. That makes it difficult to tell if they will stand up to use by taller or heavier people.


  • Padded webbing shoulder straps.
  • Plastic handles.
  • More affordably priced than some bumper balls.


  • Not as round as other balls.
  • Thin.

Additional Specs

Diameter Adult: 2 feet 2 inches; Child: one foot, eleven inches
Weight Range Not listed
Height Range Not listed
Age Range 8 years and older
Additional Features None

7. Keenstone Bumper Balls

The Best Accessorized Bumper Balls

This pair of bumper balls from Keenstone is a bright and colorful option, with clear panels interspersed with blue and green, or blue, green, and orange panels. However, there are a few issues with the information available that pushed these bumper balls down the list to the bottom.

There are three options available, with two of them labeled for an age range of 3 to 5 years and one labeled as for youth. But the headline labels all of the balls as being 5 feet across, and the photographs are all of the same bumper balls being used by adults.

In addition, web review listings refer to a line of products, not just the Keenstone bumper balls. That makes it difficult to tell who is satisfied and who is not. Although the majority of people seem to be happy with them, we can only say these bumper balls appear to be a reasonable choice.


  • UL Greenguard approved.
  • Colorful.
  • Two balls for what you would pay for one in some other brands.


  • Limited information available.
  • Specifications are unclear.

Additional Specs

Diameter 5 feet
Weight Range Not listed
Height Range Not listed
Age Range 8 years and older
Additional Features Storage bag

Inflatable Bumper Ball Comparison Chart

Product Best Diameter Weight Range Height Range Age Range Additional Features
Hurbo Inflatable Bumper Ball Big Ball For Big Fun 5′ 110 to 200 lbs 4’9” to 6’2” 8 years & older None
Yuebo Bumper Bubble Ball 2 Size Options 4-5′ 60 to 250 lbs 3’9’’ to 6’3” 8 years & older None
Banzai Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers Made For Kids 3′ 11″ N/A N/A 4 to 12 years Repair patch included
Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball Set Twice The Fun 3′ 11″ N/A N/A 8 years & older None
Baturu Bumper Ball Big Kids & Small Adults 5′ 100 to 250 lbs 4’ 8” to 6’ 3” 8 years & older Repair patch included
Sportspower Thunder Bubble Child & Adult Size Adult: 2′ 2″; Child: 1′ 11″ N/A N/A 8 years & older None
Keenstone Bumper Balls Accessories 5′ N/A N/A 8 years & older Storage bag

Fun With Bumper Balls

As long as they are used safely and with suitable supervision, bumper balls can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.

You can choose one of the bumper balls on our list, or use our information to choose your own. Either way, we recommend picking a bumper ball you can try out yourself. After all, you deserve some fun, too.

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