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Best Kids Skateboards of 2023

A skateboard introduces your kid to activity, fun, and adventure.

Is your child asking for a skateboard? It’s a great way for them to bond with friends, stay active, and learn a new skill. They feel confident and capable when they’re able to master new tricks on their skateboard.

To help you find a safe and appropriate one, we have put together this beginner’s guide to choosing a skateboard. It will help you make sense of skateboard specifications and highlights the materials and figures to look for when skateboard shopping with your child.

To help you find a good fit for your child, we have listed the 10 best kids’ skateboards.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the PHOEROS Skateboards -Standard Skateboards for Kids Boys Girls Youths Beginners...
Best for Beginners
Phoeros Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard
  • Wide deck
  • Strong construction
  • Smooth & stable ride
Product Image of the BELEEV Skateboards for Kids Teens Adults, 22 inch Cruiser Complete Skateboard...
Best Mini Skateboard
Beleev Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • Stable board for beginners
  • Fits for everyone
  • Easy to transport
Product Image of the WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard 31 x 7.88, 7 Layer...
Best Skateboard for Tweens
WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners
  • Good quality
  • Gender neutral design
  • Strong construction
Product Image of the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout dropthrough Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9.6-Inch x...
Best Longboard Skateboard
Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard
  • Made from bamboo
  • Mid-range bearings
  • Funky design & colors
Product Image of the SANSIRP 17' Mini Cruiser Long Board Skateboard for Kids and Aldults with Light...
Best Cruiser Skateboard
Sansirp Skateboard Beginner’s Cruiser
  • Accommodates up to 300 pounds
  • LED lights in wheels
  • Skateboard bag included
Product Image of the Hikole Skateboard - 31' x 8' Complete PRO Skateboard - Double Kick 7 Layer...
Best Skateboard for Teens
Hikole Pro Double Kick Skateboard
  • Affordable
  • Strong enough for larger teens
  • Gender neutral designs
Product Image of the Amrgot Skateboards for Beginners,31*8 inches Complete Skateboards for...
Best Skateboard for Girls
Amrgot Skateboard Pro Skateboard
  • Stable enough for taller beginners
  • Good for jumps & stunts
  • Not overly girly
Product Image of the ANDRIMAX Skateboards-Complete Skateboards for Beginners Kids Boys Girls Adults...
Best Skateboard for Boys
Andrimax Skateboard For Beginners
  • Strong & durable
  • Good for basic tricks & jumps
  • Smooth ride
Product Image of the RD Street Series Skateboard (Square)
Best Cheap Skateboard
RD Street Series Skateboard
  • Has 5-inch trucks
  • Abstract graphics
  • Ready to go
Product Image of the SkateXS Personalized Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard
Best Customizable Skateboard
SkateXS Beginner’s Street Skateboard
  • Can be personalized
  • Unique design
  • Available in many sizes

The Best Kids Skateboards of 2023

Here are our top picks for the best kids’ skateboards.

1. Phoeros Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard

Best Kids’ Skateboard for Beginners

This is a mid-range, mid-quality, double-kick skateboard specifically designed for beginners. This skateboard comes with a sturdy carrying bag, a metal tool to adjust the tightness of the wheels, two sets of spare ABEC 7 bearings, and a sheet of stickers and paint to customize your deck.

The top of the deck is coated with grip tape. The underside is decorated with a heat transfer printing technique that will not fade or peel.

Photo of the Phoeros Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard


  • The deck is 8 inches wide, so it will last as your child grows.
  • Strong enough to stand up to basic tricks and power sliding.
  • Provides a smooth, stable ride.


  • May be too large for smaller children.

Product Specs

Deck Material 7-ply Canadian maple
Length 31 inches
Wheels 53 mm
Bearings ABEC 11
Trucks Alloy

2. Beleev Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Best Mini Skateboard for Kids

This cute yet sturdy mini-cruiser from Beleev is made of thick plastic and has a flat nose and a raised tail. The deck does not have grip tape, but it does have a textured surface to provide some additional traction.

The high-rebound bushings, soft PU wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings provide a smooth ride. That means your child is less likely to take a tumble on an uneven surface than they are on some other boards.

This beginner skateboard is designed for everyone who wants to have fun with a smooth and comfortable ride.

Photo of the Beleev Mini Cruiser Skateboard


  • Stable board for beginners.
  • Made of polypropylyne that support riders up to 220lbs.
  • Weighs only 3.8 pounds, so it is easy to transport or put in a backpack.


  • It doesn’t have light-up wheels.

Product Specs

Deck Material Polypropylene
Length 22 inches
Wheels 60 mm
Bearings ABEC 7
Trucks Aluminum

3. WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners

Best Skateboard for Tweens

This double-kick beginner’s skateboard from WhiteFang is made from strong and durable Canadian maple. It has mid-range parts for a smooth, stable ride that doesn’t reach an excessive speed.

Reviewers praise its strength when used in jumps and stunts and say it stands up well to sustained use.

The board is available in five different designs. It also has a 400-pound weight rating so it should be good for your growing teen.

Photo of the WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners


  • The parts are mid-range, so you get decent quality for a reasonable price.
  • Deck designs are gender neutral and character free.
  • Strong enough for you to take a turn when the kids aren’t looking.


  • No accessories or tools included.

Product Specs

Deck Material Canadian maple
Length 31.75 inches
Wheels 52 mm
Bearings ABEC 9
Trucks Magnesium alloy

4. Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard

Best Longboard Skateboard for Kids

Made from five layers of bamboo, this Blue Wave Lookout longboard from Sector 9 receives consistently high praise from newbie and experienced skateboarders alike.

Owners speak highly of the stability and speed of this longboard as well as the strength of the bamboo deck. As with all longboards, the length makes it best suited for older kids. It appears that the occasional buyer who has experienced cracking in their deck, or another issue with their longboard has had the situation quickly rectified by customer service.

Photo of the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard


  • Made from environmentally preferable bamboo.
  • Mid-range bearings prevent excessive speed.
  • Funky design and colors.


  • You may not get the exact color combination as shown in the picture, which might be a disappointment.

Product Specs

Deck Material Bamboo
Length 42 inches
Wheels 74 mm
Bearings ABEC 5
Trucks Aluminum

5. Sansirp Complete Skateboard Beginner’s Cruiser

Best Cruiser Skateboard for Kids

The beginner’s cruiser from Sansirp is a skateboard for those who like to hang out at the skate park and cruise a little, but are not necessarily that interested in fancy jumps or tricks.

This fun and funky cruiser have lights that cycle through six colors. The light can be turned on or off with a switch underneath.

Included is a skateboard bag that adds up to its portability.

Photo of the Sansirp Complete Skateboard Beginner’s Cruiser


  • Accommodates up to 300 pounds.
  • LED lights in the wheels.
  • Skateboard bag included.


  • May run small for big kids.

Product Specs

Deck Material Wooden
Length 17 inches
Wheels 67.056 mm in diameter
Bearings ABEC 7
Trucks Plastic

6. Hikole Complete Pro Double Kick Skateboard

Best Skateboard for Teens

This is a wider double-kick skateboard that will comfortably accommodate taller or heavier teens. Stable yet maneuverable, the Hikole board is good for street cruising, spending time at the skate park, and learning the basics for jumps and other tricks.

The wheels and bearings provide a smooth ride but will also cope well with slightly uneven surfaces or small bumps. With mid-level bearings you can take corners, as long as they are not too tight, and not take a sudden tumble from a tippy board.

Photo of the Hikole Complete Pro Double Kick Skateboard


  • Affordable.
  • Strong enough for larger teens to learn on.
  • Available in two appealing, gender-neutral designs.


  • The description says the deck is made from nine layers, but it is only seven.

Product Specs

Deck Material Canadian maple
Length 31 inches
Wheels 50 mm
Bearings ABEC 7
Trucks Aluminum

7. Amrgot Skateboard Pro Skateboard

Best Skateboard for Girls

The Amrgot skateboard has a strong, seven-ply Canadian maple deck sitting on wide aluminum alloy trucks. This makes it about as stable of a skateboard as you can get, while still being able to have plenty of fun.

You can take some tight turns on this board without taking a spill, and it stands up well to basic jumps. With a gorgeous heat pressed, waterproof design on the underside of the deck, this skateboard will still look good after a hard day at the skate park.

Photo of the Amrgot Skateboard Pro Skateboard


  • Stable enough for taller beginners.
  • Good for jumps and stunts.
  • Not overly girly.


  • The deck is only available in a single design.

Product Specs

Deck Material Canadian maple
Length 31 inches
Wheels 54 mm
Bearings ABEC 9
Trucks Aluminum alloy

8. Andrimax Skateboard For Beginners

Best Skateboard for Boys

This 31-inch long and 8-inch wide, double-kick style skateboard is a great starter board for kids of all ages. Rated for up to 220 pounds, if you buy one for your 10-year-old, it should still be good well into their teens.

The hot transfer printing is flexible, yet durable so there will be no fading or chipping. Meanwhile the grip coating on the top of the deck is said to be extremely long-lasting.

Photo of the Andrimax Skateboard For Beginners


  • Strong enough to stay suitable as your child grows.
  • Good for a basic learner’s tricks and jumps.
  • It gives a smooth ride.


  • ABEC 11 bearings mean this board is a little faster than most beginner boards. Caution your child to be careful on slopes until they feel competent.

Product Specs

Deck Material Canadian maple
Length 31 inches
Wheels 53 mm
Bearings ABEC 11
Trucks Aluminum Alloy

9. RD Street Series Skateboard

Best Cheap Skateboard for Kids

Are you shopping for a skateboard on a tight budget? With the RD Street Series skateboard you don’t have to give up on quality in favor of affordability. It is so affordable that if your child decides they don’t like skateboarding, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted a fortune.

With nine layers of hardwood and good quality hardware, this board is strong and durable enough to stand up to a hard day at the skate park.

Photo of the RD Street Series Skateboard


  • It has 5-inch trucks for better stability.
  • Abstract graphics will appeal to many kids.
  • Ready to go straight from the box.


  • No accessories or extras included, not even the most basic of wheel tightening tools.

Product Specs

Deck Material Hardboard
Length 30 inches
Wheels 50 mm
Bearings ABEC 5
Trucks Aluminum

10. SkateXS Personalized Beginner’s Street Skateboard

Best Customizable Skateboard for Kids

While you can personalize any skateboard with stickers or paint, the Skate XS skateboard comes with a choice of colored grip and your skateboarder’s name on the deck. There is also a choice of wheel colors. You can have all wheels the same color or have four different hues.

Designed and made by the parents of skateboarding kids, the Skate XS is personalized and assembled in the U.S.

Photo of the SkateXS Personalized Beginner’s Street Skateboard


  • It’s possible to personalize the deck and wheels.
  • Nobody else will have a skateboard quite the same as yours.
  • Also available in other sizes for older or taller kids.


  • Not the cheapest of beginner skateboards.

Product Specs

Deck Material Bamboo
Length 28 inches
Wheels 53 mm
Bearings ABEC 7
Trucks Aluminum alloy

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Deck Material Length Wheels Bearings Trucks
Phoeros Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard Beginners 7-ply Canadian maple 31″ 53 mm ABEC 11 Alloy
Beleev Mini Cruiser Skateboard Mini Polypropylene 22″ 60 mm ABEC 7 Aluminum
WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners Tweens Canadian maple 31.75″ 52 mm ABEC 9 Magnesium alloy
Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard Longboard Bamboo 42″ 74 mm ABEC 5 Aluminum
Sansirp Skateboard Beginner’s Cruiser Cruiser Wooden 17″ 67.056 mm ABEC 7 Plastic
Hikole PRO Double Kick Skateboard Teens Canadian maple 31″ 50 mm ABEC 7 Aluminum
Amrgot Skateboard Pro Skateboard Girls Canadian maple 31″ 54 mm ABEC 9 Aluminum alloy
Andrimax Skateboard For Beginners Boys Canadian maple 31″ 53 mm ABEC 11 Aluminum Alloy
RD Street Series Skateboard Cheap Hardboard 30″ 50 mm ABEC 5 Aluminum
SkateXS Beginner’s Street Skateboard Customizable Bamboo 28″ 53 mm ABEC 7 Aluminum alloy

What Age Can a Child Start Skateboarding?

While you may see children as young as 3-years-old skateboarding, it doesn’t mean that’s recommended.

The younger your child, the less muscle development, control, and coordination they have. Couple this with the way kids believe they are invincible, and you have an excellent reason for waiting to introduce your child to skateboarding.

Many experts advise that no child under 5 should skateboard, and that kids between 6 and 10 only do so under adult supervision (1).

Types of Skateboards

There are four main categories of skateboards. Which one you choose depends on your child’s age, experience level, and what type of skateboarding they are interested in.


There are many sub-groups of longboard, but to keep it simple, a longboard is a skateboard of 33 inches or longer.

They are best suited for traveling from place to place and are not used for tricks and flips.

Longboards are appropriate for those 9 years and older. They are good for going:

  • Downhill.
  • On flat roads.
  • On city streets.
  • Surf and snowboarding practice.
  • Long-distance boarding.


A cruiser skateboard is shorter than a longboard. This makes them easier to carry, and more maneuverable, but not as stable as longer boards. They are a good pick for those 9 years and older.

They work well for:

  • Flat roads.
  • City streets. columns-2


A mini-cruiser is just like a cruiser, but smaller. This makes them a popular choice for young beginners or skateboarders who want a cruiser that will fit in their backpack when not in use.

They work well for those 7 years and older.

They are good for going:

  • Downhill.
  • On flat roads.
  • To the skate bowl and park.


A double-kick is a skateboard with an upturn at each end of the deck. This allows a skateboarder to perform tricks at either end of the board.

These are suitable for all ages.

They work well for:

  • Going downhill.
  • Flat roads.
  • The skate bowl and park.
  • Long-distance boarding.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Kids

If your child is a beginner, look for a board with a wider deck, as this provides greater stability (2). Then consider the following elements.

Age of Child

Your child’s age, height, and shoe size will all impact the size of the board that’s best for them.

Deck Width 7.5 inches + 7.3 inches 7 inches or less
Age 13 years + 9 to 12 years 6 to 8 years
Height 5’ 3” + 4’ 5” to 5’ 2” 5’ 2” or less
Shoe Size 9 + 7 to 9 6 or less

Purpose Of The Skateboard

Ask your child why they want their skateboard and what they want to do with it. Are they wanting a mode of transportation to get to a friend’s house, or do they want to do tricks?

Then choose the most appropriate type as discussed above.

Deck Material

The majority of decks are made from layers of wood, but an increasing number of skateboards are being produced with plastic, bamboo, and fiberglass decks. Each material has pros and cons.

Wooden Decks

The best wooden decks are made from maple. If you are buying a maple wood deck, be sure to double-check it is truly maple and not a cheaper birch wood. Birch is not as strong and resilient as maple.


  • Durable.
  • Stands up well to the elements.
  • Flexible.


  • Good quality maple is expensive.
  • Many fake maple decks on the market.

Bamboo Decks

Bamboo has become a popular, more environmentally sustainable alternative to wooden decks.


  • Lightweight.
  • Flexible.
  • More environmentally friendly than maple.
  • More affordable.


  • Less rigid so you may feel less stable.

Fiberglass Decks

Fiberglass decks stand up well to damage and are usually unscathed by hot weather, rain, and cold temperatures.


  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Flexible.


  • Expensive.

Plastic Decks

The rise in popularity of the “penny board” means you will see a multitude of plastic cruisers and mini-cruisers. Some are better quality than others.


  • Lightweight.
  • Can be strong.
  • Affordable.


  • Can be poor quality and break easily.


The trucks, bushings, bearings, and wheels will all have an impact on the durability, safety, and price of the skateboard you choose.

For serious skateboarders, the individual parts of the truck, their brand, and whether they can be upgraded or otherwise changed are all important considerations (3).

However, since we’re looking at the best complete skateboards for kids, we’re not going to discuss every component or every piece of the board. Instead, we’ll look at the things a typical, recreational skateboarder should consider.


The truck on a skateboard is the piece that holds the wheels on deck. Trucks consist of, among other things, a base plate, a hanger, and a kingpin which connects the two. The majority of trucks you find on complete skateboards are made from aluminum and have steel axles.

And as for size, for most skateboarders, a truck that is slightly bigger than the width of the deck provides the greatest stability.


A bushing is the cushioning between the base plate and the hanger. It is usually made of urethane or silicone and is assigned one of these three ratings:

  • Soft — below 92a.
  • Medium — 92a to 97a.
  • Hard — 98a+.

Medium bushings are best for all-around skating conditions. Soft bushings give you tighter turns but less control, and hard bushings are best for flips, tricks, and speed.

If the bushing’s specification is available and your child’s a beginner, look for medium bushings.


Bearings sit inside a skateboard wheel and allow it to turn smoothly. They are given an ABEC rating. The higher the ABEC number, the smoother and faster your ride.

Look for bearings of ABEC 5. Any lower and the bearings will be low quality and potentially dangerous. If they are higher, your child may get up too much speed.


Skateboard wheels are always measured in millimeters.

  • Wheels below 53 mm are safest for beginners, skate parks, and tricks.
  • Wheels between 53 mm and 59 mm are good for beginners and all-around skating.
  • Wheels over 60mm are for rougher surfaces and speed. They are best reserved for experienced skateboarders.

The exception to this is longboard wheels — they tend to be 70mm and over.


How the board looks is entirely up to your child and you. But you can expect your child to have strong opinions about it. Skateboards are seen as cool, and your child will probably want their skateboard to reflect that.

Tips for Riding Your Skateboard Safely

Riding your skateboard safely is a critical piece of enjoying your time on your deck. To help you stay safe, here are some important safety tips.

  • Always wear the correct safety gear: You need a well-fitting helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. You should also wear closed-toe shoes and if you wear glasses, safety glasses are also important.
  • Learn to fall: Falling in a way that minimizes the chance of an injury is an art. Practice falling on softer surfaces such as grass and sand, rolling when you fall, and falling with a loose body.
  • Know your limits: Don’t try to do complex tricks before you have mastered the basics. Know how to slow down before you try to speed downhill, and ensure you are confident on flat surfaces before attempting slopes.

How to Make Your Skateboard Last Longer

Once you have invested in your skateboard, you’ll want to make it last as long as possible. Here’s how.

  • Keep it clean: When you have finished with your skateboard, ensure it is clean and dry before you put it away. Make sure the wheels and trucks do not have dirt or grit, and that the deck isn’t remotely wet.
  • Don’t leave it somewhere hot: The heat will destroy your deck just as quickly as moisture. Don’t leave your skateboard in the car if the weather is warm, in direct sunlight, against any radiators, or on top of any air vents.
  • Make repairs: To make it last longer, sand out any chips, smooth rough edges, and use dabs of superglue to hold together a wayward piece of grip tape.

Safe Skateboarding

Buying your child their first skateboard is an exciting and worrying time. But by arming yourself with plenty of knowledge and purchasing a skateboard appropriate for your child’s age and experience level, you can buy a skateboard that could give them years of pleasure.

You’ll get the joy of watching them learn new skills and gain confidence.

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