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55 Unique Baby Shower Favors: the Perfect Thank You

Looking for the perfect way to express your gratitude to your baby shower guests? Our array of baby shower favor ideas will leave a lasting impression.

Welcome to the world of baby showers, where joyful anticipation and celebration fill the air! As you plan this special event to honor the arrival of your little one, expressing gratitude to your baby shower guests with thoughtful gifts is a beautiful gesture.

Discover our curated list of 55 unique and memorable baby shower favor ideas suitable for boys, girls, or unisex themes.

From personalized keepsakes to delightful tokens of appreciation, these baby shower guest gifts will add an extra touch of joy and love to your celebration. Let’s make your baby shower an unforgettable experience!

Baby Girl Shower Favors

Are you having a baby girl and putting together a gorgeous, picturesque shower? We have 10 party favor ideas that will suit a variety of themes.

1. Mason Jar Recipe

Put the ingredients to make cookies inside a mason jar. Top it off with a baby bottle lid, and you have a super cute favor. They can make cookies later at home and keep the jar as a drinking glass or flower pot.

2. Cupcakes

Food is always a good favor idea, and our first pick is cupcakes. Present these desserts beautifully, either by popping them in an adorable box or wrapping them in cellophane.

3. Bar of Soap

A budget-friendly favor is a bar of soap. Depending on your theme, you can choose between styles, such as a honeycomb soap bar for a buzzing bee shower theme. These usually only cost a couple of dollars each, but they’re a really thoughtful gift.

4. Body Scrub

Your guests have just pampered you, so pamper them right back with body scrub! You can buy a few jars of body scrub and split them into mini mason jars. Add a personalized note to each one as a special finishing touch.

5. Baby Girl Cookies

Cookies are great for any shower theme, but they look good with baby girl shower themes! You can hire somebody to make the cookies exactly to fit your theme or DIY if you have the time. Give a bundle to each guest to take home and enjoy.

6. Candles

Candles are always a good favor idea! You can design personalized labels that say “thank you,” “with love,” or “baby coming soon.” Every time guests burn this candle in their home, they’ll think of you and your new arrival.

7. Bath Bombs

Gift a bath bomb that matches your theme. You’ll find elephant bath bombs, bee bath bombs, and fizzing fun in any color you wish. This is a great way to encourage guests to wind down and relax after an exciting party.

8. Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

Give a practical gift to your partygoers. Heart-shaped measuring spoons are useful in the kitchen but also super adorable. Each time they use the spoons, they’ll be reminded of a love beyond measure: how you feel about your new baby.

9. Homemade Bath Salts

Making homemade bath salts is easy and cheap. All you need are Epsom salts, dead sea salt, baking soda, essential oils, dried herbs, and flowers. Pop a little in mini mason jars and gift it to each guest.

10. Hand Cream

Hand cream is another useful gift that can fit seamlessly into various baby shower themes. For example, if you’re having a “Pretty in Pink” shower, you can gift everyone Pink Sugar hand cream.

Baby Boy Shower Favors

Here are 10 party favors for a baby shower if you’re expecting a boy!

11. Ready To Pop-Corn!

Individualized popcorn bags are a special treat, so yummy and very easy to prepare! Whether you’re buying them ready-made or doing it yourself, guests will love this sweet idea.

12. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a gift to guests but also a gift to you. It’s important to wash or sanitize your hands before holding a new baby. Now your guests always have a pocket-sized sanitizer bottle on them, keeping you and your new baby safe.


If you have a story-themed shower, what better favor than bookmarks? This is a sweet and practical favor, especially if you have a lot of book lovers in attendance!

14. Cute Mugs

Mugs are always a necessity! You might see a lot of people choosing printed mugs, but your guests will use them a lot more if they’re plain or neutral. You can buy mugs in bulk or go and hand-pick a few for all your besties!

15. Test Tube Tea

This adorable favor idea can suit all kinds of baby shower themes, especially ones like “Sweet as Can Be” or “The Adventure Awaits.” Pour loose-leaf tea into individual test tubes, secure them with a lid, and tie a sweet note around them.

16. Hot Chocolate Jars

Having a winter baby shower? You can’t go wrong with hot chocolate mix jars! These are super thoughtful and will encourage your guests to go home, make a hot chocolate, curl up, and relax. And Mama, you should, too!

17. Peas in a Pod Shakers

Are you having twin boys? Two peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers are adorable for gifting to guests. Plus, they’ll actually use these. Make sure you keep one for yourself because come on — they are adorable.

18. Homemade Journals

DIY a gift for your guests. A homemade journal is so thoughtful and something your guests can cherish forever. Plus, you can design each one uniquely to suit individual guests and their style. Or you can make them match your chosen baby shower theme.

19. Jelly Baby

Keep on the baby theme without totally cringing out guests. Jelly Baby candy is a delicious idea. You can even put them in a baby bottle to keep with the theme or find another adorable way to present them to guests.

20. Donut Clouds

Donut clouds are another tasty sweet treat, especially appropriate if you’re having a Cloud 9 theme! Donut clouds are super soft and airy donut holes. You can make them yourself or hire someone to prep them.

Top Tip

Why not make little gift bags for each guest with a variety of goodies? You could include donut clouds, candy, and a small candle. It’s a little pricier but will mean a lot to guests.

Virtual Baby Shower Favors

If you’re hosting virtually, you still need giveaway ideas for baby shower guests. For this, we recommend either virtual gifts — like gift cards — or something that you can easily ship. For instance, we wouldn’t recommend sending donut clouds as they would get crushed in the mail.

Here are 15 ideas for virtual baby shower favors.

21. Gift Card

Send each guest a gift card. You don’t have to spend tons of money. But you could put $10 on a Starbucks gift card for each person, and trust us — guests will love it.

22. Hair Ties

You can never have too many hair ties. You can customize the packaging they come in, choose different colors for each guest, and ship them safely.

23. Personalized Keychains

Personalized keychains are thoughtful and come in so many beautiful designs. Plus, you’ll find something that matches your theme. For instance, if you’re hosting a Little Duckling virtual shower, you can find adorable duck keychains. Or you could even crochet your own mini ducks!

24. Sunglasses

Personalized sunglasses are a fun shower favor idea. Plus, guests will actually use these, especially if you’re gifting them during the summer months! You can get the guests’ names printed on the arm of the sunglasses, though some companies will write the names on the front using cute beads.

25. Water Bottles

Ship a personalized water bottle to each guest. You can’t have too many reusable water bottles! Not only does this cut down on plastic waste, but your guests will have something tangible to remember at the virtual party.

26. Coasters

Add to your guest’s home decor with gorgeous coaster favors. You’ll find a lot of personalized coaster ideas, but if we’re honest — people don’t really want a coaster with the words “Oh, baby!” on it. Instead, gift something that will look good for years to come in any style of home.

You can also make the coasters yourself. This will mean a lot to guests. Otherwise, ensure the coaster matches your theme. These Folkulture Boho Coasters are befitting of a woodland-themed shower.

27. Bottle Opener

This hilarious bottle opener is a great favor to give to guests. While it’s a bit cringy, guests won’t mind since it usually sits in a drawer, out of sight. And when they take it out to use it, it will be a fun talking point at parties!

28. Lip Balm

Lip balm makes for a great party favor. Guests can use it all year round. You can buy the Eos spheres and work them into a cute card. Or buy the Chapstick “It’s a Baby!” sticks.

29. Scarves

Give each partygoer a beautiful Pashmina scarf that they can wear all year round. When you get together with the girls, you’ll all have a matching accessory which is really sweet. This idea is a bit more pricey, but it’s a meaningful gift that guests can actually use.

30. Nail Polish

Give “mani thanks” to your guests by gifting them a cute bottle of nail polish. You can provide various colors from high-quality nail polish companies like OPI or Essie.

31. Themed Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters make for an excellent party favor. Plus, you can find them in many different shapes, ensuring you choose one that fits your theme. For instance, you’ll find stars, hearts, butterflies, florals, mushrooms, fruit, and dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters!

32. Personalized Makeup Bag

Send out gorgeous personalized makeup bags to each guest! This unforgettable gift idea is also very practical. If you want to go the extra mile, you can fill each makeup bag with a few essentials, such as lipstick, hand sanitizer, and perfume.

33. Mittens

It might seem like a random gift, but everybody uses mittens or gloves during the winter. This idea is excellent if you have a winter wonderland-themed party or are simply having your shower during the colder months. Guests will appreciate the cozy present.

34. Matchboxes

Choose a personalized matchbox to send to your guests. This goes well with a candle, too! These adorable boxes will delight guests when they arrive at their doorstep. Every time they light a candle, they’ll be thinking of you.

35. Lavender Sachet Bags

Lavender sachet bags are a calming baby shower guest gift. You can make these yourself and send them to your friends and family. The idea is they put them in a room and let the scent ooze out, creating a calming and floral atmosphere.

Unisex Shower Favors

Aren’t sure what the gender of your baby is? Or having boy/girl twins? We have 20 fantastic favor ideas for unisex showers that will fit any theme!

36. Mini Succulents

Mini succulents are almost as adorable as your new baby is going to be. This suits most themes, especially woodland, safari, or other nature-inspired parties. You can buy live succulents, or you can buy fake ones so that guests don’t feel pressured to keep them alive.

37. Honey Pots

Celebrate your sweet one to come with individual honey pots for guests. We recommend sourcing local honey as a special treat. This favor fits beautifully into a buzzing bee theme, but it also works for any party!

38. Wildflower Seeds

Wildflower seeds — or any other plant — make for a lovely party favor. Not only is it a nice thing to bring home, but it gives your guests a way to connect to one another and your baby for years to come. While you’re nurturing your newborn, they’ll be nurturing their new plants, which is a lovely thread to create.

39. Champagne Bottles

You can’t drink champagne, but that doesn’t mean your guests can’t enjoy a glass of bubbly! With individual mini bottles wrapped in a bow, this makes for a beautiful favor that guests will appreciate.

40. Cozy Socks

You’re about to be gifted more baby socks than you ever thought possible. Return the favor with cozy sock party favors for guests. This especially suits a mellow theme, like a woodland wonderland or a girly movie night.

41. Drink Koozies

Custom drink koozies are great for any baby shower! You can find them in various colors and styles to fit all kinds of themes, like a brunch party or a backyard BBQ.

42. Candy Kebab

When researching party favors for baby showers, candy was a big hit for guests. Take it to the next level by making candy kebabs for each guest. This cute souvenir is a great way to say “thank you” to guests for attending your special day.

43. A Baby Is Brewing

You’re brewing a baby, so we think coffee is an appropriate — and yummy — gift for your best friends! You can give them an option of various roasts and wrap them in individually sealed bags.

44. Ceramic Plant Pots

If you want to support a small business, gift your guests something unique, or take on a DIY project, consider ceramic plant pots. To add a little extra something, put a little succulent or plant cutting in each pot so guests have something to grow.

45. Hershey’s Kisses Baby Carriage

This adorable gift idea works for boys or girls. You can create any color you like, but we recommend choosing something that matches your theme! Simply make the carriage yourself before filling it with delicious Hershey’s Kisses.

46. Birdhouse Craft

This is a lovely gift idea if you and your friends are crafty. Not only is it super thoughtful, but it also allows guests to slow down and create something when they get home. To complete each kit, you can buy individual crates, birdhouses, and paint supplies.

47. Olive Oil Bottles

Your life is potentially about to be full of baby bottles, but your guests might not appreciate that as a favor. So gift them a bottle of something else — olive oil. Fill it with a sprig of rosemary, and you’ve got yourself a delicious infused olive oil that guests can use for all kinds of recipes.

48. S’mores Kit

How adorable is this s’mores kit? This is perfect if you have a woodland or camping-themed baby shower. While you can enjoy s’mores with guests, you can also send them home with their own kit to snack on later.

49. Macaron Boxes

Macarons are one of the most dainty and special desserts out there. Send each guest home with a few macarons; they will love it! Choose macarons that fit your party’s color scheme to tie the celebration together.

50. A Donation to Charity

This is such a thoughtful alternative to party favors. Instead of traditional party favors for a baby shower, consider donating to charity in honor of your guests. You can put the donation under their names. Choose a charity that has special meaning to you or your friends.

51. Candy Baby Rattles

Fill up plastic baby rattles with your favorite candy! This tasty party treat is something guests can actually use (the candy part), but the rattle still fits in with the baby shower.

52. Piggy Bank

Depending on your theme, you can choose a suitable piggy bank to match. For instance, choose a luggage-themed piggy bank if you have an Adventure Awaits baby shower. Guests can use this to collect coins and save a little money over time.

53. Bubbles

When your little one arrives, they might be shy around your friends and family. But I’ve never met a baby who didn’t love bubbles! Give each guest a bubble wand that suits your theme, and they can use it to entertain your baby a few months down the line.

54. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

We can’t leave you without a chocolate-themed party favor. Chocolate-covered pretzels are a huge hit with guests! You can work these into your theme easily, too.

For instance, cover the pretzels with white chocolate and an orange glaze to look like carrots. This is great for a Peter Rabbit-themed party! Yum.

55. Message in a Bottle

Why not write lovely notes to each guest, fill a small bottle with sand and a tiny shell, and gift it to each person who attends? This thoughtful and personalized gift is so lovely and means more than random bits and bobs!

Plus, you can turn it into a necklace for guests to wear. We love this party favor idea for a nautical-themed shower.

FAQs About Baby Shower Favors

How Much Should You Spend On Baby Shower Favors?

It depends on your budget. The recommended range is between $1 and $10, though some might spend a little more.

You might want to plan on $3 to $5 per gift. But this obviously will increase if you choose things like salt and pepper shakers or scarves.

How To Pick Baby Shower Favors?

The best way to choose baby shower favors is to consider your theme first. Stick to something that matches the theme and looks good on display during the party.

For example, if you’re throwing an afternoon tea baby shower, test tube loose-leaf tea is a perfect favor. For “A New Chapter Begins” baby showers, gift each guest a personalized bookmark to say thanks!

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