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30 Fun 14th Birthday Ideas: For Boys & Girls

You might get kicked out of the party, but you can still help plan it.

Chances are your child wants to plan their own party now. It’s bittersweet! But they might still be stuck for ideas.

We’ve put together a list of 30 fun 14th-birthday ideas. We have inspiration for boys, girls, and even parties in winter. We’ll also share seven gift ideas for parents who aren’t sure what to get their son or daughter.

Keep reading for your ultimate guide to making your 14-year-old’s birthday as special as possible.

Teenagehood is well underway! You’ve survived the first year, so give yourself a pat on the back. Birthday parties are about to get a little bit easier in terms of planning, but… they may get a little more wild.

To keep your teenager happy and parents as relaxed as possible, we have 30 family-friendly ideas for throwing your 14-year-old’s party.

14th Birthday Ideas for a Girl

How will you celebrate your daughter on her 14th birthday? This age is a big deal, and she might not want to throw a huge party. No matter what kind of inspiration you’re looking for, we have ideas for huge parties or small gatherings.

Here are eight ideas.

1. Pool Party

We won’t deny that at this age, a pool party could be a hit or miss, as young teens are pretty self-conscious. But if your daughter has a solid group of friends she can truly be herself around, this party will be a huge splash!

Whether you’re hosting at a local pool or in the backyard, fill the pool with cute floaties, set up a yummy brunch, and make the girls some summery mocktails.

2. Coachella Party

It’ll be a little while until your daughter attends Coachella in real life. But why not bring Coachella to her? Decorate with summery decor, motifs, and a sunset backdrop. Serve tasty and easy food, blast her favorite artists, and prompt everyone to arrive in Coachella-themed outfits.

3. Slumber Party

A sleepover party is a massive hit — and it can still be pretty low-key at this age! You can set up individual mattresses and teepees for each girl, allowing them a little privacy during sleep time. They might stay up late gossiping or watching movies, but hopefully, you — as the parent — can catch some Z’s without having to worry.

4. Afternoon Tea

This idea is one for the classy ladies! If you’ve never done this before, your daughter will love it. You can bake some delicious cakes and scones, offer a range of finger sandwiches, and of course, a variety of tea options. Decorate the house or venue in pastel colors, gorgeous bouquets, and voila! You have yourself a picturesque party.

5. Dance Lesson

Your daughter will love taking her friends to a dance class where they can learn a routine together! She doesn’t need to have any prior dancing experience. In fact, if they’re all rookies, this will be even funnier.

Find a dance studio that will take a few friends and learn a dance together, whether that’s in the style of ballet, hip-hop, or jazz.

6. Amusement Park

Your 14-year-old and her friends will love kicking back at a theme park. They’re likely now old and tall enough for all rides, meaning the world is their oyster! You can hang around with them to make sure everyone is safe and together at all times. Give them a budget to put towards food and snacks throughout the day.

7. Board Game Party

This would have been a dream party for 14-year-old me! Most people like board games, so this is an excellent way for your daughter to bond with her friends. Plus, it’s fantastic if your child has male and female friends. It’s a good way for everyone to get along.

Some fun group board games include Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Apples to Apples, Exploding Kittens, and The Chameleon. You and your daughter can make nerdy invitations together, too!

8. House Party

At this age, she might want a simple house party. Leave her and her friends to it with some music, food, and cake. For decorations, hang up some simple banners, balloons, and garlands. You could choose a color scheme, like her two favorite colors, and surprise her with it before guests arrive.

14th Birthday Ideas for a Boy

Now it’s time to unveil our 14th birthday party ideas for boys! Here are eight exciting ways to celebrate your son.

9. Backyard Campfire

If you have a large backyard with a campfire, that’s usually enough to delight your son! He can sit around the fire with his buddies, drinking hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows. Plus, it keeps the boys at home, which might be reassuring for your protective mama heart!

9. Go Karting

Go Karting is a thrilling experience for your 14-year-old and his friends! Take them to your local track and let them whizz around the racecourse before grabbing some pizza to refuel.

10. Pool Party

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate your birthday in the summer, a pool party is a fantastic way to celebrate. This idea is great for guys and girls, but your son might like having the pressure off by celebrating with his guy friends. You can also lay out some Nerf guns and water balloons to encourage a silly activity between buddies.

11. Stranger Things Party

Welcome to Hawkins! This party is extra special if you manage to time it with the release of the new season coming out. Either way, your son and his friends will love the Stranger Things-themed party. There are so many cool and unique ways to decorate, too.

12. Zorb Balling

Did you know there are places to go that will host a Zorb ball party? Usually, this consists of a couple of hours in various zorb ball or obstacle courses, as well as a bouncy castle experience! Not only will your son love it, but the guests will rave about it for weeks to come!

13. Visit a Restaurant

Your son is getting old enough to go out for a meal with his friends, unchaperoned! Book a restaurant for him and his pals and let them enjoy a few courses before you come and pick them up again.

14. Neon Party

A neon theme will be so exciting for teenagers. Plus, it’ll make for a great photoshoot, and they can post amazing photos online! Dim the lights, give everyone glow sticks, get everyone to dress in bright colors, and blast some trending music.

15. Murder Mystery Party

A mystery party is loads of fun, especially for theatrical kids! Each teen will come dressed as their delegated character, and a script will be waiting for them. This works great if your son wants to invite both boys and girls to the party.

You can find murder mystery kits online, such as this 80s Mall Murder Madness kit.

16. Rock Climbing

Whether you’re going to an indoor climbing gym or you can take the kids to an outdoor quarry, this is a fantastic way to celebrate a 14th birthday party. After everyone is knackered from the climbing, grab a bite to eat at your son’s favorite fast-food restaurant.

14th Birthday Party Ideas in Winter

Celebrating in winter might seem a bit trickier at first, but there are so many tremendous ways to make the most of the occasion. Here are seven ideas that teens will love.

17. Go To the Movie Theater

The movie theater is a classic idea, but a good one! Your child can take a few friends to the cinema with them — and you just act as the chauffeur.

Why not choose a fancy theater, like one with a theme or the option of table service? This makes it even more special.

18. Indoor Skydiving

An indoor skydiving experience would be incredible for your 14-year-old and a couple of friends! This activity will be a real thrill for daredevils, as well as ensure nobody forgets your child’s birthday in years to come!

19. Video Game Party

Entertaining a 14-year-old doesn’t have to be super tricky. Usually, they’re pretty content hanging with their friends, playing video games, and eating pizza. So why not turn that into their birthday party?

20. Shopping Spree

Drop your child and their friends off at the mall and let them go crazy! They can try on clothes, take pictures, and possibly even buy a few things! You can pick them up later and have dinner back at the house before returning them home.

Top Tip

Give your daughter a gift card or some cash before she goes into the mall. If you have the means to do so, give each friend a gift card with a little money on it, too, so that everyone feels included.

21. Pizza Party

You can’t go wrong with a pizza party, especially if you need to host inside your house. Order a bunch of pizza and lay it out. Let the teens relax, chatting away and watching films while they eat their pizza and enjoy each other’s company.

22. Welcome To Hogwarts

You’re never too old for a Hogwarts party! Decorate the house with magical balloons, decor, and motifs. Provide classic wizarding food and drinks, and ask guests to arrive in their house colors. This will be such an otherworldly experience for your teen.

23. Ice Skating

Ice skating is a beautiful birthday activity for winter babies. Whether you head to an indoor rink or an outdoor one, your child and their friends will love weaving between each other on the ice.

14th Birthday Gift Ideas

We’ve walked you through birthday party ideas for 14-year-olds, but now it’s time for some gift inspiration. If you aren’t sure what to do regarding a gift, we have seven unique ideas for you. Plus, these are great if you’re having no party — gifts are a sure way to make the day feel special.

24. Heatless Curling Kit

A heatless curling kit is super trendy right now. And what’s even better is that it actually works! Gift your daughter one of these silky headbands to give her bouncy and beautiful curls that last all day.

25. Noise Canceling Headphones

At 14, your child probably wants their personal space. Noise-canceling headphones give them some quiet time, even if you’re all in the car together. Plus, this allows them to focus when they’re studying or reading.

26. Makeup Organizer

A makeup organizer is a fantastic gift, especially if you accompany it with a few new makeup pieces! This keeps everything organized on your daughter’s desk or side table, allowing her to see everything — and hopefully get ready quicker in the mornings.

27. Pajamas

Cute or comfy pajamas are a great gift for your son or daughter. An updated pair of PJs is probably much-needed at this age! Plus, they’ll probably spend a lot of time lounging around the house as they study more or catch up on some extra sleep.

28. Bath Caddy

Everyone needs a good bath caddy! It’s a great place to put your iPad or book while you soak in the tub. There’s usually also a place for a drink, your candle, and your phone — everything you need while you relax.

29. Mini Fridge

A mini fridge allows your son or daughter to stash their favorite snacks and drinks in their room. Now they have a designated spot to keep their soda or water cool, as well as stocking some fruit, cheese, and other snacks.

30. Board Games

Board games are excellent for 14-year-olds. Not only are they super fun and sometimes educational, but it’s a great way to encourage your 14-year-old to spend time with you! A great option is Exit: The Abandoned Cabin, an exciting escape room game!

How To Make a 14-Year-Old Child’s Birthday Special

Whether you want tips for making their party a success or just helping them feel special on their birthday; we can help. Here are 10 things you can do to ensure the entire day is a roaring success.

  • Decorate their bedroom door: While they’re sleeping, decorate their bedroom door with stickers, signs, and streamers. They might roll their eyes when they see it, but deep down, this will make them feel super special.
  • Breakfast in bed: Serve your son or daughter their favorite breakfast and deliver it to their room.
  • Thoughtful gifts: Don’t just get them the first thing you see on the shelf or whatever is trending online. Get them something that will mean something to them.
  • They choose the dinner: On their birthday, they get to choose everything they eat for dinner. Whether that’s their favorite Chinese food or you cook them a three-course meal, it’s their choice!
  • Bake a cake: A homemade cake is simple, but it says a lot. Make them their favorite cake for their 14th birthday.
  • Let them decide on their party: While you might be in the groove of party planning after 14 year’s experience, it’s important your child gets to decide now. This will ensure they feel special, but also, the day will run much more smoothly when it’s going their way.
  • Will you stay or go?: Of course, you must ensure everyone is safe. But this doesn’t mean you need to stick around for all of it. Your child might feel more comfortable if you’re out of sight.
  • Be cool: While they may always be your baby, they are growing up. So make sure you’re cool, don’t baby them, and don’t cringe them out! Save that silly stuff for when their friends aren’t around.
  • Consider the guest list: At this age, your teen might have some peers they don’t get along with. While they may want to invite everyone to their party, consider keeping the guest list smaller. If they invite their closest and most trusted friends, the party might run smoother.
  • Plan in advance: We recommend planning the party a month or two in advance. This allows you to iron out all the finer details; it gives guests time to plan, and it means you’re not in a rush a few days beforehand.


What Can I Do Instead of a Birthday Party?

While we have some sweet ideas for a 14-year-old’s birthday party, not everyone wants — or can have — a party. But you can still make the day extremely special for your beloved. Here are some things to do instead of a party:

  • Day trip: Go away for the day. Bowling, ice skating, swimming, kayaking, or shopping are great ways to spend the day.
  • Hotel staycation: Book a nearby hotel and stay there for a night. This is an excellent idea for your family, or perhaps just you and your child. You can get room service, hit the spa, and enjoy snoozing the alarm clock all morning long!
  • Surprise day: Plan a day of surprises for your child. This can start with a surprise breakfast in bed, followed by visiting a friend or family member, before a surprise trip to the cinema.
  • Decorate the house: Just because you’re not having a big party doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the house. A few banners and balloons will set the scene and remind your child that it’s their special day.
  • Birthday scavenger hunt: Set up a scavenger hunt to help your child find all their birthday presents. Write out clues leading them from one spot to the next until they’ve located all their gifts.
  • Book a vacation: Why not book a vacation over their birthday? This can be your yearly trip, too, but it’s extra special because your child will turn 14 while you’re away!
  • Have a ‘yes’ day: Give your child a ‘yes’ day for their birthday. No matter what they request, you have to say yes to it! This could end up being a super random — or super lovely — day filled with all your child’s favorite things.
  • Do a food or drink tour: You could take your child on a pizza tour around the city, grabbing a slice at a few different places. Or how about a mocktail tour?

Is Turning 14 a Milestone?

For some people, 14 is just the next step in early adolescence. But for others, 14 is a big deal, as many are about to start high school!

What Games Do 14-Year-Olds Play?

If your child wants games at their party, here is a list of age-appropriate but super fun games they can play with their friends:

  • Hanging donuts.
  • Who am I?
  • Limbo.
  • Wink assassin.
  • Dodgeball.
  • Psychiatrist.
  • Name that song.
  • Scavenger hunt.
  • Truth or dare.
  • Wrap the mummy.
  • Charades.

How Do I Bond With My 14-Year-Old Daughter?

Bonding with a teenage daughter is challenging. Girls are going through a lot at this age — physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Our number one tip is to meet her where she’s at. She might have changed a lot in the last couple of years, throwing you both off balance a little. The things you used to do together aren’t fun anymore, she isn’t easily comforted, and she might not need you in the same ways.

But you’ll still be able to find common ground. Feel out her interests, get involved, and try them, too. If she’s really into social issues, do your research and discuss them with her. If she loves certain movies, ask if you can watch them together.

It can also be conducive if you share your teenage experiences with her. This reminds her that she’s not alone — you’ve been there before.

Another few ideas to bond with her is:

  • Volunteer together.
  • Travel together.
  • Leave a special surprise in her room (like flowers or her favorite chocolate).
  • Exercise together.
  • Do something creative together (like knitting or pottery).
  • Play hooky and do something special.
  • Make dessert together.
  • Play board games together.
  • Redecorate her room together.
  • Have meals together daily.
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