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40 Unique 6th Birthday Ideas: Activities for Boys & Girls

Make this birthday one to remember with our theme, food, and gift ideas.

Your super sweet son or daughter is turning six. How has time passed so quickly? It’s both weird and wonderful — but it’s also time to celebrate.

At this age, your child is likely beyond excited about their birthday. From the presents to the cake, games to the theme, they will be buzzing with all the celebrations. Whether you’re planning it together or want to make it a surprise, we have 40 6th birthday ideas to help you create an amazing celebration.

Keep reading for ideas for boys and girls, party entertainment, food, gifts, and more. We’ll also share some hosting tips to ensure the party is a success.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6-Year-Old Boys

Birthday Party Ideas for 6-Year-Old Boys Icon

Wondering how to plan a birthday party for your son? We have awesome 6th birthday ideas, including inspiration for themes, food, decoration, activities, and gifts.

1. Mario Kart Party

Does your son obsess over Mario Kart? This is a fantastic party theme since most people are familiar with Mario and all the side characters. Whether you’re dressing up as the various characters, decorating the venue like your son’s favorite race track, or making Mario-themed snacks, this party will be a hit.

2. Backyard Carnival

Bring your guests to the carnival. Provide hours of fun with plenty of carnival games, silly prizes, and a face-painting station. Rent a popcorn or cotton candy machine to feed your guests.

3. Superhero Bash

Celebrate your superhero with this outstanding party theme. Decorate with popular superhero figurines, dress up the birthday boy, and give all the guests a cape to wear.

4. Trampoline Party

Your six-year-old probably spends most of his day bouncing around the house, so get that energy out at a trampoline park. If you have a winter baby, this is a great active party idea. These places typically have a designated room for eating food and opening presents, so guests have somewhere quiet to take a little break.

5. Tyrannosaurus Six

Theme your child’s party around something they love. If your son is fascinated by dinosaurs, this party will be a roaring success. Decorate with dino toys and balloons, order an epic cake, and serve dinosaur eggs as a snack.

6. Pizza Party

You can’t go wrong with a pizza party. Plus, it’s great if you’re keeping costs low. You don’t need to spend money on decor — instead, serve pizza and let guests enjoy adding their own toppings. If your son would like, you could simply have a movie in the background for him and his friends to enjoy.

7. Willy Wonka and the Birthday Party

This is your chance to experiment with loads of funky and original candy. With Willy Wonka decor and a candy bar, this is a mesmerizing theme for a six-year-old.

8. Adventure Playground

If the weather is fair, an outdoor party at an adventure playground will be a hit. While this is an excellent idea for boys, it’s also fun for girls. In fact, this is how I celebrated my sixth birthday! Ask guests to pack their own picnic — all you need to do is provide cake and party favors.

9. On the Safari

Safari-themed parties are never going out of style. For kids who love animals, decorating the venue and entertaining the guests is easy. Set up a face-painting station so everyone can disguise themselves as their favorite creature.

10. Take Me to the Moon

It’s easy to throw your son a birthday party under this theme. From rocket and silver decorations to snacks cut out into star or comet shapes, guests will love this. Make it something to remember by getting everyone to build their own rocket and have a competition to see which goes the furthest!

11. Remote Control Car

Product Image of the Growsland 2023 Remote Control Car, RC Cars for Kids 1:18 Electric Toy Car Hobby...

Are you wondering what to buy your son for his sixth birthday? A remote control car is a fantastic gift idea and will provide hours of fun. These gadgets come with a handy controller so your son can race it around the house, making sharp left or right turns, and mad moves! He can also race against his siblings or drive it through a homemade obstacle course.

12. Juggling Balls

Product Image of the Duncan Juggling Balls - [Pack of 3] Multicolor, Vinyl Shells, Circus Balls with...

Is your son always looking for a new challenge? With these juggling balls, he can try a new skill. Soon, he might have a party trick he can share with friends and family.

13. Dodge Tag

Product Image of the Diggin Active - Dodge Tag

If your son loves running around outdoors, give him a new game to play with this Dodge Tag set. It’s like dodgeball, but the opponent has to hit a specific target on the child’s apron to score points and win the game.

14. Science Kit

Product Image of the Fat Brain Toys Disgusting Science Kit - Chemistry & Physics Activities, Ages 6+

Do you have a brainiac on your hands who doesn’t mind something a little gross? This disgusting science kit includes various experiments and activities that teach real science and provide lots of gnarly hilarity!

6th Birthday Ideas For Girls

6th Birthday Ideas For Girls Icon

Are you looking for birthday party ideas for 6-year-old girls? We have 14 ideas for party themes, food, decoration, and gifts.

15. Unicorn Magic

Most little girls’ birthday parties we’ve been to have been unicorn-inspired. The good news is that you can interpret this theme in many ways that haven’t been done before. Decorate with unicorn balloons and confetti, wear unicorn horns, and serve unicorn poop cookies!

16. Sweet 6

It won’t be long until she is celebrating her sweet 16. If she’s excited about that age, you can surprise her with a Sweet 6 birthday party. She can wear a fancy dress, and you can serve all kinds of sweets: macaroons, cupcakes, and donuts. Yum!

17. Once Upon a Time

Celebrate your daughter with her favorite princesses. Each guest can dress as a princess, and it will feel like a magical ball. A pink bouncy castle will complete the party and provide entertainment.

18. Spa Day

Pamper your daughter on her sixth birthday. Whether you’re taking her to a real spa or setting up an at-home spa she can enjoy with her friends, this will be a wonderful way to spend her birthday.

19. Wandering the Woods

A woodland-themed party is magical and feels extremely special. Tie the party together with woodland party bags, woodland animal cutouts, and a wooden backdrop. A teepee, toadstool seats for guests, and bamboo plates will complete the aesthetic.

20. Make a Mermaid Splash

Make a splash with this birthday bash! If your daughter is begging for a mermaid birthday party, you can make it magical with mermaid tail skirts, balloon arches, bubbles, and sea-themed decor.

21. Sleepover Party

Your daughter is approaching the age where she is likely pleading for a sleepover. Hosting one for her is a great 6th birthday idea. From pillow forts to a cute movie, this will (hopefully) be a relaxing way for your little one to celebrate.

22. Tea Party

It’s time for tea! If your little one has play-pretend tea parties with her stuffed animals, bring this dream to life with a tea party she can share with her friends.

23. Ladybug for a Lady

Celebrate your little ladybug with this party theme. There are so many great food ideas, too. Chocolate tarts with mixed berries or Oreos dipped in red icing — kids and parents will love this simple theme.

24. Simply Six

If crazy and colorful decor is overwhelming for you and your daughter, a Simply Six birthday theme is a great idea. Keep things neutral and natural with white and silver decor, a few garlands and balloons, and some yummy treats for guests to enjoy.

25. Her First Diary

Product Image of the Heart Shaped Lock Diary with Key for Girls PU Leather Cover Journal Personal...

At this age, there are a lot of feelings. Trust us — we went through many diaries from the age of six onwards. Gift your daughter her first diary with a lock to prove that her secrets are safe within.

26. IQ Stars Game

Product Image of the SmartGames IQ Stars Travel Game with 120 Challenges for Ages 6 to Adult

This portable game is terrific for building problem-solving and concentration skills. With 120 challenges, this game will challenge the mind. It’s suitable for ages six to adulthood, so it should keep her busy for a while!

27. Light Up Tracing Pad

Product Image of the Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad - Teal, Kids Light Board For Tracing & Sketching,...

If your daughter loves drawing, this tracing pad will improve her skills. With the light-up tracing pad, she can use the outlines to draw new pieces outside of her comfort zone.

28. Toy Purse

Is your daughter always playing pretend? Add this to her costume box. A toy purse is a great gift idea, and many come with a phone, car keys, and pretend makeup.

Party Entertainment for Your Kid’s 6th Birthday

Party Entertainment for Your Kid’s 6th Birthday Icon

Once you’ve decided on a time, place, and theme, you need party entertainment. At this age, your little one will appreciate exciting games or activities. It keeps guests involved, too.

Here are 12 fun party entertainment ideas for your six-year-old.

29. Jewelry Making

At six years old, kids love a project! Jewelry-making is a crafty way to keep little guests busy. Plus, everyone has a keepsake from the party!

30. Water Games

If the sun is shining, water games are going to be a blast. Host a water-gun fight or throw water balloons around. Set up a slip ‘n’ slide in the backyard or an inflatable tub. Or simply turn on the sprinklers and let the kids go wild!

31. Cake Decorating

If your son or daughter wants to decorate their own cake, turn it into a party activity. Each child gets cake decorating supplies. This keeps them busy and takes care of party food!

32. Petting Zoo

Whether you’re going to a petting zoo farm or hiring animals for your own backyard, these real animals will make this a memorable occasion!

33. Balloon Clowns

Hiring entertainment for a six-year-old’s birthday party is something to consider. If your son or daughter isn’t scared of clowns, hire a balloon clown. They can model any kind of balloon a child requests: balloon dogs, cats, ice cream, and more.

34. Karaoke

Let the kids sing their hearts out with a karaoke party! You can set up a machine at home or book a recording session where kids can sing a song together and take home the tape!

35. Marvelous Magicians

Here’s an idea that stands out from the crowd. Hire a magician to perform at your child’s birthday party. This is a magical idea if your little one is intrigued by all things magic and tricks.

36. Pool Party

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard or know a local place that would host a party, this will provide hours of fun for your guests!

37. Bouncy Castle

You can’t go wrong with an inflatable bouncy castle for a birthday party. This is especially awesome if you are going for a carnival or princess theme.

38. Treasure Hunt

This is tons of fun for the kids, but parents will also love planning a treasure hunt. The kids can work together to find the hidden treasure. Just make sure the treasure is super exciting for the partygoers!

39. Slime Party

Does your child want a slime party? Don’t worry — it doesn’t have to be super messy! We love that this entertainment idea can match any theme since you can customize the slime color. You can buy slime or make your own using one gallon of school glue, Elmer’s Magical Liquid, craft sticks, plastic jars with lids, craft glitter, and food coloring.

40. Storytelling

This classic (and cheap) idea will be a hit with bookworms! Ask a parent who is a skilled storyteller to read a few books to the children. This is even more silly if other parents get involved by dressing up as the various characters in the story.

Tips for Hosting a Fun 6th Birthday Party

You have many birthday party ideas for 6-year-olds now, but how do you make the party both fun and manageable? As a parent, you want to be in the moment. The last thing you need is for the day to become stressful.

We have nine tips for hosting a successful party for your six-year-old.

  • Limit the guestlist: Don’t invite too many people. For six-year-olds, six to eight guests is ideal. If you think it would run smoother with fewer people, cut the numbers slightly.
  • Keep food simple: The party won’t be too long, so you don’t need to provide everyone with a meal. Simple snacks and food will work wonderfully!
  • Choose the time and date wisely: Two to three hours is great for a six-year-old’s birthday party, so choose the time and date wisely. Parents won’t want to miss their younger kids’ naptimes, so avoid a midday party. Morning or mid-afternoon is best. Ask around in advance to check if parents are free on a specific date. Doing this before sending out invitations will prevent disappointment if not many people can attend.
  • Two or three activities: You are spoilt for choice when it comes to party entertainment, but choose only two or three activities, so you don’t overwhelm the guests.
  • Lower your expectations: Keep in mind that kids might not like the activities you plan. If they seem happy doing their own thing, go with the flow.
  • Don’t host at home if you don’t want to: Hosting at home can be stressful. If you’d rather host out the house, some practical ideas include a local playpark, Chuck E. Cheese, indoor trampoline parks, or a bowling alley.
  • Consider opening gifts later: Opening your gifts later has many benefits. It won’t make other kids jealous, it leaves more time for other activities, and it can prevent your child from feeling nervous. However, if your kid wants to open presents with their friends, go for it!
  • Involve your kid: Ask your child how they would like to spend their sixth birthday. Do they want it inside or outside? Would they like a family photoshoot? Do they want to invite just a couple of friends instead? What theme is calling to them?
  • Expect parents to stick around: At this age, some parents might be comfortable dropping off their kids and going. But other parents might want to stick around. It’s a good idea to be prepared for the latter, so make sure there is food and drink for them to enjoy.


What Can You Do Instead of a Birthday Party?

If you’re not planning to host a birthday party, there are other lovely ways to celebrate your little one.

  • Decorate the house: Even if you’re not throwing a birthday extravaganza, you can still decorate the house for your child to wake up to in the morning.
  • Have a special birthday meal: Whip up your child’s favorite meal or bring them to their favorite restaurant.
  • Do a birthday interview: Sit your child down and ask them a series of funny questions. Record their answers, and when they’re 18, you can play them back to them. Do this every year and watch how they change and grow!
  • Theme park: At this age, your child might start enjoying some rides at the theme park. This is a great idea for celebrating their birthday with friends or family.
  • Go on vacation: Book a family vacation for your child’s birthday. Make it special by booking an amazing excursion and a delicious meal.
  • Yes Day: There’s no better day for a Yes Day than your child’s birthday. The idea is that whatever your child wants to do, you have to say yes. So let them choose their outfit, morning and afternoon activities, and whatever they want to eat!
  • Family slumber party: Cozy up with your child on the eve of their birthday and watch their favorite film.

How Do I Make My 6-Year-Old Feel Special on Their Birthday?

Six years ago, your little munchkin came into the world. Of course, you want to make them feel extra special on this particular day.

Meaningful birthday presents, pretty decorations, and a birthday scavenger hunt are marvelous ways to make this day stand out from the crowd. You can make them a special birthday chair with balloons and streamers, fill their room with balloons or buy them a big bouquet of flowers.

Your child might also love a homemade cake. Then fill the day with their favorite activities. Whether that’s book shopping, watching movies, or playing outside, this is a foolproof way to ensure the day is all about them.

Start A Tradition

A birthday is a fantastic day to continue traditions. Why not mark your child’s height on the wall every year or do a birthday interview?

How Much Should a 6-Year-Old’s Birthday Cost?

This entirely depends on your budget. It’s possible to spend only $30 to $50 on your child’s birthday — even less if you aren’t hosting a party. But other parents spend up to $500!

If you’re buying decorations and food and setting up some activities, you can expect to spend around $150.

But it all comes down to your financial situation and how extravagant you want the party to be.

Is 6 Too Old for a Soft Play Party?

It depends on the venue. If your little one loves soft play, this party will be tons of fun.

Just make sure you book a venue that is built for older kids. Many standard soft play areas are designed for kids up to preschool age.

Should You Open Presents At a Birthday Party?

This entirely depends on the child and family. If your child is always polite and grateful, opening presents should be fine.

But if they get anxious and overwhelmed — or you know some kids will get jealous or sad — wait until later. Make sure you write thank-you cards for everyone who brought a gift!

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