Best Train Tables of 2019

Does your little one love trains, but you’re getting tired of having to pick up tracks from the floor? For the small conductor, a train table is the perfect playtime accessory.

It allows your child to get off the floor and straighten their backs while still having fun. And with any luck, you’ll no longer have to hold back your screams of pain as you step on wayward train pieces all over your floors.

These tables come in all shapes and sizes — some allow for free imagination, while others have a theme. We’ve reviewed the ten best train tables, so there’s one for every child.


    Educational Value of Train Tables

    There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in a train table. For starters, it’s a great gift for your child’s enjoyment, but it also has an educational value.

    While building their layout of tracks, they’ll have to use logic to fit everything together. Then they’re forced to ask themselves where to place the mountain, the station, or the bridge. If something doesn’t quite fit, it enhances their problem-solving skills.

    Younger kids will also get to practice their fine motor skills (source). It may be challenging for them at first, piecing everything together, but soon they’ll develop the skills necessary to play independently.

    Features of the Best Train Tables

    1. Included Features

    Some train tables are round, and others are rectangular. Some are bare, while others include a load of accessories.

    Tables that include a full set of trains and tracks are an excellent place to start. It eliminates the need for purchasing a separate bundle, and it’s ready to use from day one. Some sets provide other accessories such as buildings, cars, and helicopters.

    However, make sure the quality of the included bundle is decent. Some are poorly made and won’t hold up for long.

    There are also tables featuring a double-sided deck. These are fantastic if your toddler needs a place for other activities as well.

    No matter what’s included, we recommend finding one that features a painted landscape. This helps kickstart the imagination, creating a path for the adventure your youngster is about to embark on.

    2. Room for Creativity

    No doubt your child will have to use their imagination when playing. However, some tables have set limits as to how far kids can take their creativity. Some don’t allow the user to create their own layouts, and they must follow instructions to a tee.

    If train tracks are included, look for those that are double-sided. This allows for free roam as to how the layout should be, enhancing your child’s creative side (source). You may be surprised by their inventions.

    3. Quality of Materials

    Train tables have to be sturdy — children try to climb them or maneuver them around the home. Some manufacturers use plastic, and if choosing this type, look for one that uses a double-wall construction.

    Most companies use wood, which is great for indoor use. The tables become a piece of furniture, durable enough to hold a small child who likes to climb.

    If you’re searching for a table for the playhouse in your garden though, go for plastic. Wood will likely begin to mold after some time, which isn’t safe for your child.

    Quality Control

    A good way to ensure the quality is up to standards is by choosing a known and trusted brand. The best brands for train tables include KidKraft, Step2, and Melissa & Doug.

    4. Size and Height

    These are two crucial elements. Do you want your child to be able to stand while playing, or should they sit on the floor or in a chair?

    Heights vary significantly — some tables are suitable for a 4- to 5-year-old to stand at comfortably. Others have short legs and are merely elevated enough so your child doesn’t have to build train tracks on the floor.

    With the size, you want to find something that suits your home. Some wooden tables are rather large and heavy, meaning you can’t move it easily or store it away. Consider where you’ll be placing it and pick a fitting size.

    The Best Train Table Reviews of 2019

    1. Carry and Go Track Table By Simplay3

    Best Carry and Go Train Table

    Toddlers and young children love feeling independent, which is why a train table such as this one from Simplay3 is excellent. It’s lightweight, at 6.5 pounds.

    The table is suitable for kids ages 3 and up. It features side handles so your child can carry it themselves.

    It’s a two-in-one table — on one side, there’s a railroad for the train. When you flip it, it’s a racetrack for toy cars.

    On the train track, the rails run in a figure eight. It features a scenic experience for the miniature passengers with a small lake and quarry. These are decals you and your child can use to decorate the table.

    On the race car track, your child gets to navigate their trucks and cars through obstacles. The table is made of double-wall plastic, which is durable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

    • Lightweight and has handles to promote independent play.
    • Two-in-one table with a railway and racetrack.
    • Durable double-wall plastic construction.
    • No assembly required.
    • Quite bland — could use more colors.
    • More included decals would be better.

    Additional Specs

    Train includedNo
    Dimensions35.5 inches by 17.5 inches by 4 inches
    Weight6.5 pounds
    Recommended age3 years and up

    2. Deluxe Canyon Road Train Table By Step2

    Best Multi-Purpose Train Table

    A multi-purpose table such as this one is a good pick for active kids. It’s a deep tray table with a hardboard lid.

    When your child opens it, it turns into a multi-level track for trains and cars. Replace the top and it transforms into an activity table for drawing or playing games.

    The deep design of the table allows for a multi-dimensional experience. It has a rail and road layout so your child’s trains and cars can overlap — it sparks the imagination for hours of fun.

    Included in the package is a three-piece train set. Tracks are provided so your child can build a rail for trains to ride on. The accessories vary between kits.

    The depth of the table makes storing toys even easier. Instead of taking it all apart, looking for small pieces, everything can be left inside and hidden with the lid. The material used is scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean.

    • The deep design allows for easy storage and less clean-up time.
    • Train set included.
    • Durable material that wipes clean quickly.
    • The included trains are made of cheap plastic — we recommend buying new ones.
    • Some complained that the road stickers were too short, leaving gaps.


    Additional Specs

    Train includedYes
    Dimensions16 inches by 47 inches by 26 inches
    Weight24 pounds
    Recommended age3 years and up

    3. Wooden Activity Play Table By Melissa & Doug

    Best Train Table for Imaginative Play

    This table from Melissa & Doug is great for children of all ages. It’s a multi-activity table, meant to be used for train tracks, arts, block play, puzzles, and dolls.

    Melissa & Doug always use high-quality, wooden materials, and this table is no exception. It’s made of top-notch wood, coated in a white finish with a green deck.

    The table is spacious, so there’s room for several children to play at once without it feeling overcrowded. It’s suitable for kids aged 3 to 8.

    You’ll appreciate the big drawer included — it’s perfect for storing away toys. Once your little one is ready to play again, they can take out everything by themselves. You’ll have to purchase the train and track set separately, however.

    • Lots of potential for play.
    • Spacious surface and large drawer.
    • Good materials.
    • A breeze to keep clean.
    • Train set is sold separately.
    • The table isn’t high, so children have to kneel when playing.

    Additional Specs

    Train includedNo
    Dimensions16 inches by 32.5 inches by 50 inches
    Weight59.8 pounds
    Recommended age3 to 8 years

    4. Birch Wood Kids Train Table By Sodura

    Best Wooden Train Table

    If you’re looking for a sturdy, wooden train table for your active child, then take a peek at this. Sodura’s table is both durable and fun.

    The table is designed so children can let their imagination run free. It’s suited with robust legs that can hold your child’s weight, should they decide to hop onboard.

    The Birchwood construction, which is as strong as adult furniture, is delicately coated in a zero VOC, non-toxic finish. This protects it from occasional spills and keeps it easy to clean. The table does require some assembly, but most parents said it was a breeze.

    • Sturdy build with natural materials.
    • Suitable for various activities.
    • Large surface with room for complete train sets.
    • Straightforward to assemble.
    • The top sits a little loose.
    • It’s more expensive than other options.

    Additional Specs

    Train includedNo
    Dimensions48 inches by 36 inches by 17 inches
    Weight39 pounds
    Recommended age0 months and up

    5. Wooden Train Track Set with Table By ZONXIE

    Best Train Table with Set

    If you’re searching for a complete set with a table included, we’ve found it. This table from Zonxie provides your child with everything needed for some wholesome train fun. It’s suitable for children ages 3 and up.

    In the bundle, your child gets a set of 80 pieces to complete the look, all made of wood and easy to assemble. These include items such as tracks, a police station, bridges, helicopters, and cars, as well as others.

    The tabletop is embellished with roads, grass, and a small pond to spark the imagination. Then your little one can put the tracks and mini-city wherever they please, promoting creativity, coordination, and motor skills.

    • All-inclusive bundle with a table and an 80-piece train set.
    • Affordable for most budgets.
    • Promotes traits such as coordination and motor skills.
    • Child-friendly height of 14.96 inches.
    • Some wish the parts included were solid as opposed to needing assembling.

    Additional Specs

    Train includedYes
    Dimensions28.74 inches by 23.62 inches by 14.96 inches
    Weight20.28 pounds
    Recommended age3 years and up

    6. Ride Around Train Set and Table By KidKraft

    Best Train Table for the Aspiring Mayor

    Do you have a natural-born leader on your hands? If your child wants to run their own city, then this train table from KidKraft is a good pick. It’s a complete set with a table and a mini-city.

    In the set, your child gets four scenes — an airport, construction site, farm, and a sleepy town. They can ride their train over and under bridges, while the helicopter flies overhead — it’s fun.

    What’s more, the table is large, so there’s ample room for more kids to play together. The set also allows children to get creative — the tracks don’t have to follow the instructions. They can create a different layout for each playtime.

    Once your child has finished playing, they can stack all the pieces neatly in the included storage box. It sits conveniently underneath the table.

    • Thorough set with four scenes included.
    • Large surface with room for several children.
    • Useful storage bin included.
    • Excellent height for seated children.
    • The houses and animals are rather small.
    • The train tracks are only one-sided, which restricts how you can place them.

    Additional Specs

    Train includedYes
    Dimensions49 inches by 34 inches by 16 inches
    Weight43 pounds
    Recommended age3 to 12 years

    7. Metropolis Train Table & Set By KidKraft

    Best Train Table for Older Kids

    Let your child’s imagination soar with this metropolitan-inspired train table from KidKraft. It has everything your kiddo needs for hours of imaginative play.

    The table comes with a bundle consisting of 100 pieces, decked out in colorful hues. Contents include magnetic three-car trains, capable of gliding above the city on the elevated tracks. There’s also a double-decker suspension bridge, tall mountains, a police station, and boats.

    Your child can build the city how they like, or follow the included instructions. The play surface on the table sports vibrant colors to kickstart the imagination. It’s smooth and a breeze to keep clean — when finished playing, everything is stored in the included box.

    • One hundred pieces included with the table.
    • Vibrant colors and detailed pieces.
    • Large play surface, allowing for multiple friends.
    • Storage bin included for easy cleanup.
    • The tracks come apart too easily.

    Additional Specs

    Train includedYes
    Dimensions46.9 inches by 32.9 inches by 26.8 inches
    Weight81 pounds
    Recommended age3 to 12 years

    8. Pirate Theme Train Table By Pidoko

    Best Train Table for the Aspiring Pirate

    Pirates and trains — not your everyday combo, but with a bit of imagination, it’s possible. So, if your tot loves pirates and trains, they’ll love this table.

    Everything comes in the box — the table, train set, and accessories. Your little one can dive into the vast ocean with their train, cruise on the pirate ship, transporting cannons and goods. Then before dinner time, they can use the magnetic fishing rod to catch the night’s meal.

    What’s more, the playboard flips over. Your child can use the other side for arts and crafts, puzzles and building, among other things.

    • Affordable.
    • Lots of activities to do such as train-driving, fishing, and plundering.
    • Double-sided tabletop.
    • Sturdy wood construction and fantastic finish.
    • Requires two people to assemble.

    Additional Specs

    Train includedYes
    Dimensions50.8 inches by 31.5 inches by 16 inches
    Weight38.8 pounds
    Recommended age3 and up

    9. Wooden Play Table Train Table By KidKraft

    Best Train Table for 4-Year-Olds

    The Wooden Play Table by KidKraft is excellent for the child with a vivid imagination. It’s simple — in the best way.

    It’s a basic wooden table with a scenic picture on the deck, displaying a parking lot, green area, and beach. A train set isn’t included, but it’s compatible with nearly any kit.

    The free space of the deck allows for endless layouts. Your child can construct as they please and take the miniature passengers on a trip to the shore.

    The tabletop is double-sided, meaning you can flip it over for other activities. The table is large and includes a roomy drawer for storage.

    • Excellent for imaginative play.
    • Tons of layout options.
    • Double-sided tabletop.
    • Spacious drawer for toy storage.
    • Train set not included.
    • Scratches quickly.

    Additional Specs

    Train includedNo
    Dimensions47.6 inches by 31.6 inches by 15.8 inches
    Weight40 pounds
    Recommended age3 to 8 years

    10. Transportation Station Train Set By KidKraft

    Best Train Table for 3-Year-Olds

    The perfect play station for a 3-year-old is one that combines trains, airports, and a construction vehicle. KidKraft included it all in this train table and set.

    It’s a little boy’s dream bundle. They can drive the train around town, taking people to and from the airport. Then stop by the construction site to pick up the workers after a long day.

    They’ll love the bulldozer and the moving crane that lifts cargo around the site. Your little one can fly the helicopter or airplane, then land on the helipad and landing strip. People can rush down the escalator to catch the train — It’s fun, and there’s room for a friend.

    • Much more than just a train table.
    • Great for smaller-sized rooms.
    • There are two sets of tracks.
    • Not the biggest — two kids maximum.
    • Only one train is included despite the picture showing two.

    Additional Specs

    MaterialWood and plastic
    Train includedYes
    Dimensions34.2 inches by 26.8 inches by 26.2 inches
    Weight24.2 pounds
    Recommended age3 to 8 years

    Detailed Comparison Chart

    ProductBestMaterialTrain includedDimensionsWeightRecommended age
    Simplay3 Carry & GoCarry & GoPlasticNo35.5″ x 17.5″ x 4″6.5 lbs3 years and up
    Step2 Deluxe Canyon RoadMulti-PurposePlasticYes16″ x 47″ x 26″24 lbs3 years and up
    Melissa & Doug Wooden Activity For Imaginative PlayWoodNo16″ x 32.5″ x 50″59.8 lbs3 – 8 years
    Sodura Birch WoodWoodenWoodNo48″ x 36″ x 17″39 lbs0 months and up
    ZONXIE Wooden SetWith SetWoodYes28.74″ x 23.62″ x 14.96″20.28 lbs3 years and up
    KidKraft Ride AroundFor the Aspiring MayorWoodYes49″ x 34″ x 16″43 lbs3 – 12 years
    KidKraft MetropolisFor Older KidsWoodYes46.9″ x 32.9″ x 26.8″81 lbs3 – 12 years
    Pidoko Pirate ThemeFor the Aspiring PirateWoodYes50.8″ x 31.5″ x 16″38.8 lbs3 and up
    KidKraft Wooden PlayFor 4-Year-OldsWoodNo47.6″ x 31.6″ x 15.8″40 lbs3 – 8 years
    KidKraft Transportation StationFor 3-Year-OldsWood and plasticYes34.2″ x 26.8″ x 26.2″24.2 lbs3 – 8 years
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    All Aboard!

    Playing with trains is great for developing and enhancing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving. The best train tables come with fun features, room for creativity, are the right size, and are made of quality materials. We recommend a wooden table with a double-sided deck.

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