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Best Ride-On Trains of 2023

Find the safest, quietest, and most fun ride-on train for kids.

Trains seem to have a universal appeal, and so do ride-on toys. Put the two together, and you have a sure-fire hit that most kids will adore. But how do you choose which ride-on train is right for the little train lover in your life?

We’ll take a look at the wonderful world of ride-on trains, and share our tips for choosing the best ride-on train for your choo-choo crazy kid.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Rollplay Electric Train Ride On for Kids Featuring Real Cold Water Steam, 22...
Best Powered Ride-On Train
Rollplay Battery-Powered Steam Train
  • Easy to assemble tracks
  • Comes with headlights
  • Produces real steam for wow factor
Product Image of the TEMI Ride On Train with Track Electric Ride On Toy w/ Lights & Sounds Storage...
Best Electric Ride-On Train
TEMI Ride On Train
  • Adjustable foot pedal
  • Anti-tip accessory
  • Works for both indoors and outdoors
Product Image of the Hape Wooden Blue Foldable Ride-on Train Table
Best Foldable Ride-On Train
Hape Foldable Ride-on Table
  • Multi-purpose
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Made of wood
Product Image of the Peg Perego Santa Fe Train Ride On
Safest Ride-On Train
Peg Perego Santa Fe Train
  • Has excellent safety features
  • Steerable off-track
  • Comes with lights & sounds
Product Image of the Fisher-Price Tootin Train Ride-On
Best Budget Ride-On
Fisher-Price Tootin Train Ride-On
  • Anti-tipping cattle guard
  • Ball chute in the stack
  • Under-seat storage
Product Image of the Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas vehicle with track, 6V battery-powered...
Best With Tracks
Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Train
  • Can be ridden on/off track
  • Power Wheels reliability
  • Long-lasting battery
Product Image of the VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train (Frustration Free Packaging)
Best Interactive Ride-On Train
VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train
  • 3 fun play modes
  • Activity play center
  • Built-in educational features
Product Image of the Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Train with Caboose and Track
Best Disney Ride On Train
Kiddieland Minnie
  • DIY train track
  • Battery included
  • Motorized or manually powered ride
Product Image of the Kiddieland Toys Limited Battery-Powered Mickey Choo with Caboose & Tracks Ride...
Best Without Tracks
Kiddieland Toys Mickey Choo
  • Includes lights & music
  • Comes with storage caboose
  • Attractive train design
Product Image of the Lucky Doug Ride On Train with Track Toy for Kids, Ride On Toy Electric Train...
Best Space-Saving Ride-On Train
Lucky Doug
  • Convenient footrest
  • Built-in storage
  • Easy to assemble

The Best Kids Ride On Trains of 2023

Here are our top ride-on trains for kids.

1. Rollplay Battery-Powered Ride-On Steam Train

Best Powered Ride-On Train

Bring the wild west to your home with the Rollplay ride-on steam train.

The train comes with enough track to make a 24-foot oval or a circle with a 14-foot circumference. You can also buy packs of additional tracks and fill as much space as you like with battery-powered excitement.

A full charge of the battery provides roughly two hours of ride time, so it’s unlikely the train will run out of steam before your child does. And speaking of steam, pour water into the pot on the front of your train, and you’ll get tiny puffs of steam. But don’t worry, your child is completely safe.

A detachable caboose at the rear of the engine gives somewhere for favorite toys to ride along behind, and the conductor in training can press the buttons on the engine to hear a whistle or the sound of puffing steam.

Photo of the Rollplay Battery-Powered Ride-On Steam Train


  • Easy to assemble tracks.
  • 1 mile per hour maximum speed, which is good for young .kids.
  • Headlights
  • Produces real steam for a wow factor.


  • Some find it noisy.

Product Specs

Age 2 to 5 years
Weight limit 45-pound maximum
Power 6-volt rechargeable battery
Tracks Yes

2. TEMI Electric Engine Ride On Train with Track

Best Electric Ride-On Train

I particularly love this set as it comes with an anti-tip safety feature.

This electric ride-on engine is 20 inches long and 8.5 inches wide. It won’t take up a whole lot of room in the home. But it does pack a lot of fun into that little space.

There is a storage container at the back, which doubles as another seat for the other person. It’s a great choice for emerging walkers. By lifting the seat it can provide a little toy storage.

Meanwhile, the anti-tip features prevent your child from toppling while riding.

The steering wheel has a battery-operated squeaker to ensure everyone gets out of the way.

Photo of the TEMI Electric Engine Ride On Train with Track


  • Adjustable foot pedal.
  • Works for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Anti-tip features.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Others may find this cheaply made.

Product Specs

Age 3 years and above
Weight limit 55 lbs
Power Battery-Operated
Tracks Yes

3. Hape Wooden Blue Foldable Ride-on Engine

Best Foldable Ride-On Train

When you cannot closely supervise the roller-coaster action but still want your kids to enjoy the thrill of riding a train, then you’re in luck with this toy.

It’s made of wood which serves both as a train driving station and a track game table. The driving engine station has several lights and sounds for a great role-play. And when your tot gets bored with the driving act, he can just neatly fold the engine table and head over to the track table where he could play yet another game.

It’s also battery-efficient as it automatically sleeps after three minutes of being idle.

Photo of the Hape Wooden Blue Foldable Ride-on Engine


  • Multi-purpose.
  • Realistic sound effects.
  • Made of wood.


  • High price point.

Product Specs

Age 3 years and up
Weight limit Not stated
Power Battery or manual
Tracks No

4. Peg Perego Santa Fe Train

Safest Ride-On Train

A brightly colored red, green, and yellow train, the Peg Perego Santa Fe, has a stop/go button on the steering wheel. That gives your child full control over when they move and when they do not.

The button must be held at all times to make the train go, but the location of the button makes this easy to do. This is an excellent safety feature because if your child lets go of the wheel at any time, for any reason, the train will stop immediately.

Twelve pieces of curved track clip easily together to create a circle that is six feet in circumference, and the train can be used either with or without the tracks. If you have more room and want a longer ride, you can contact Peg Perego, buy additional track sets, and clip them into place.

The battery takes approximately two hours to recharge, giving you roughly one hour of ride time.

Photo of the Peg Perego Santa Fe Train


  • Use on or off the track.
  • Steerable off-track.
  • Lights and sounds.


  • AA batteries needed for lights and sounds.

Product Specs

Age 1 to 3 years
Weight limit 40-pound maximum
Power 6-volt rechargeable battery
Tracks Yes

5. Fisher-Price Tootin Train Ride-On

Best Budget Ride-On

If you’re looking for a basic ride-on train, then the Fisher-Price Tootin train is one to check out. Extremely affordable, lightweight, and compact, this ride-on train gives all of the joys of a more expensive option without the need to bust your budget.

Bright primary colors are paired with cute animal stickers to create a ride-on train that is likely to appeal to most toddlers.

The wheels are extra wide and set onto a low train body that is extremely hard to tip over. For further stability, the cattle guard at the front acts as an anti-tipping device preventing mini-train-drivers from falling forward.

Instead of a steering wheel, the Fisher-Price train has a steering bar, although that is a bit of a misnomer because the train wheels cannot be steered. Instead, if your child wants to change direction, they have to do the stand-lift-shuffle to move in another direction.

Photo of the Fisher-Price Tootin Train Ride-On


  • Excellent value.
  • Ball chute in the stack.
  • Under-seat storage.


  • No sounds.
  • No rear handle.

Product Specs

Age 1 to 3 years
Weight limit 44-pound maximum
Power Push
Tracks No

6. Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Train

Best Ride-On Train with Tracks

With 18 feet of track, there is no shortage of fun when you climb aboard the Power Wheels 6-volt Thomas the Tank Engine. But if you want even more thrills and excitement, you can buy additional packs of the track to extend your child’s journey.

This ride-on train can be ridden both on or off the track, although it does slow down considerably on carpeted floors. Some users have taken the train outside and say it’s great on hard surfaces, both with and without the tracks. It becomes incredibly slow when off track on the grass.

On the track, Thomas has a top speed of 1 mile per hour, and off-track he can reach up to 2 miles per hour. This low speed means the battery lasts for a long time, which is a good thing because you have to unscrew the seat and take it off to access the battery for charging.

Photo of the Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Train


  • 300 U.S. service centers.
  • Power Wheels reliability.
  • Many kids will be thrilled to have their own Thomas the Train.
  • Kids don’t have to be able to steer to use it.


  • Awkward to charge.
  • Low maximum weight.

Product Specs

Age 1 to 3 years
Weight limit 40-pound maximum
Power 6-volt rechargeable battery
Tracks Yes

7. VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

Best Interactive Ride-On Train

The Sit-to-Stand alphabet train from VTech is three types of fun all rolled into one.

First, your child can sit next to the train and enjoy playing with the activity center that makes up one side of the engine. This center has a built-in, plastic, three-page flipbook, 13 double-sided alphabet blocks, and five brightly-colored piano keys.

Together, these items teach letters, colors, and numbers as well as playing music, singing songs, and telling stories with over 100 sounds and phrases in total.

The blocks can be dropped down a chimney on the engine, and they slide down the internal chute, pop out the rear, and land in the caboose where they can be stored when not in use.

When your little one is ready to walk, they can do so while holding onto the back of the engine, and finally, you can clip on the caboose and let them ride-on.

Photo of the VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train


  • 3 play modes.
  • Educational.
  • Affordable.


  • Not as stable as some trains.
  • No volume control.

Product Specs

Age 1 to 3 years
Weight limit 42-pound maximum
Power Push
Tracks No

8. Kiddieland Minnie Mouse Battery Powered Train

Best Disney Ride On Train

Kiddieland designs and builds a range of cycles, kids wagons, and ride-on toys to win the hearts of every children. This Minnie Mouse ride-on train is a perfect gift set for Minnie Mouse lover.

The caboose can be used to store their toys. It comes with a train track which you can assemble yourself. What made it more entertaining is that it’s built with the iconic engine revolution sounds, whistles, and blows along with flashing lights.

This ride-on train measures just about 2 pounds, it is much lighter than most ride-on toy trains. With that being said, it can only accommodate children ages 12 to 36 months weighing less than 55 pounds.

Photo of the Kiddieland Minnie Mouse Battery Powered Train


  • DIY train track.
  • Battery included.
  • Dual mode of riding: foot-powered or motorized.


  • Can only accommodate a limited age range.

Product Specs

Age 12 to 36 months
Weight range 55-pound maximum
Power Battery or foot
Tracks Yes

9. Kiddieland Toys Battery-Powered Mickey Choo

Best Ride-On Train Without Tracks

Although this train does come with a set of tracks, we have named it the best ride-on train without tracks. That’s because your child can use the Kiddieland train without the tracks as both a powered or a non-powered train.

Flip the switch on the underside one way, and your child can push themselves along with their feet. Flip the switch the other way, and the six D-cell batteries take over, and your child is taken on a gentle ride across the floor.

Flashing lights, music, sound effects, and Mickey Mouse, this ride-on train from Kiddieland has a lot of upsides. It also has fun spinning roll pictures on one side of the engine and the twisty cogs on the other.

To round it all off, the caboose can be used to store toys, books, or other treasures your little one may want to take on their adventures.

Photo of the Kiddieland Toys Battery-Powered Mickey Choo


  • Lights and music.
  • Storage caboose.
  • It’s an attractive train for fans of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and all their friends.


  • It’s quite slow.
  • No volume control.

Product Specs

Age 1 to 3 years
Weight range 50-pound maximum
Power 6 D-cell batteries
Tracks Yes

10. Lucky Doug Ride-On Train with Track

Best Space-Saving Ride-On Train

If you have a space big enough to take a circle across, then you have enough space for the Lucky Doug train with track. And, if you have more room, you can buy additional carriages and send your child and their siblings on a great journey.

The train has two modes, either track or floor. It features a colorful steering wheel that controls music and lights.

Both the floor mode and the track mode have a speed of 1 mile per hour, slowly but surely, because if the train were to go too fast on the track it could derail. That’s not something you want to happen with your most precious cargo on board.

The little trailer, molded to look like a railroad truck, is pulled along behind the engine. Your tot can use the storage area underneath the train seat as storage for his toys.

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Photo of the Lucky Doug Ride-On Train with Track


  • Convenient footrest.
  • Built-in storage.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • May be a bit slow for others.
  • No volume control.

Product Specs

Age 2 to 5 years
Weight limit 55-pound maximum
Power 6-volt rechargeable battery
Tracks Yes

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Age Weight limit Power Tracks
Rollplay Battery-Powered Steam Train Battery-Powered 2 to 5 years 45-lb 6V rechargeable battery Yes
TEMI Electric Ride-On Engine Battery-operated 3 years and above 55 lb Battery Yes
Peg Perego Santa Fe Train Safest 1 to 3 years 40-lb 6V rechargeable battery Yes
Hape Foldable Ride-on Engine With Tracks 3 years and above N/A Battery or manual No
VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train Interactive 1 to 3 years 42-lb Push No
Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Disney Ride-on 24 to 36 months 55-lb Battery or manual Yes
Kiddieland Battery-Powered Mickey Without Tracks 1 to 3 years 50-lb 6 D-cell batteries Yes
Lucky Doug Ride-On Space-Saving 2 to 5 years 55-lb 6V rechargeable battery Yes

Types of Ride-On Trains for Kids

When looking at ride-on trains, your main choices are how the train is powered and whether it has tracks.

Electric/Battery Powered

You’ll see ride-on trains listed as electric, battery, or powered, and sometimes two or more of these are applied to the same train. These terms are used interchangeably for mainstream trains, so we have rolled them into one category and called it powered.

This set of trains allow your child to ride without the need for them to scoot along under their own power.


If a ride-on train does not have a power source, other than you or your child, then it may be labeled as a ride-on train, a push train, or sometimes both.


Trains with tracks allow you to control, to some degree, where your child rides their train. These may be preferable for people who want the train for their yard instead of a driveway.


Trackless trains give your child free-reign to travel where they like. This is a good choice if you want a vehicle that can be quickly put in the back of a truck and taken to any nearby park. You won’t have to worry about setting up tracks.

How to Choose the Best Ride On Trains for Kids

When choosing the best ride-on trains for kids, these are the factors to take into consideration. They’ll help you make a suitable choice for your child.

Child’s Age

Emergent walkers and new toddlers will benefit from a push ride-on train they can use to help support their first, tentative steps. They’ll also enjoy trains with extra features, such as a shape sorter.

Older kids may benefit from trains on which they can scoot along the floor.


Powered trains should have a simple stop button that allows you or your child to bring the train to a halt. You’ll also want to ensure a powered train doesn’t go too fast, especially for the youngest riders who may overbalance.

Tracks limit where your engineer in training can go on their train, keeping them safe in one place.


Trains made predominately of plastic are easy to clean and stand up well to the elements, which can be an important consideration if your child will be playing outside. They are also lighter weight, so they can be easier for children to move on their own if the battery or power source dies or if they are supplying the leg power.


Push trains tend to be more affordable, but this is not a hard and fast rule. There are cheaper powered trains and expensive push trains.


Look at the size of any train you are considering, as well as how much room any tracks or accessories will take up.

You can also look out for trains that have storage space for other toys within them.

Ease of Installation

Consider how complicated the initial set-up will be and how complex it will be to take down. The trains that don’t come with tracks are easier, not requiring much, if any, assembly.

Noise Levels

Not all powered trains are noisy, and not all push trains are quiet. Look for volume controls and options to turn off sounds.

A Ticket To Ride

Your child doesn’t have to be a fan of trains before they can enjoy a ride-on engine.

Decide whether you want a train on tracks to keep things under control or one without tracks for some free-styling adventure. There is something out there that will tick all of your boxes, as well as those of your child.

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