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Best Train Sets for Kids of 2022

Choo Choo! All aboard!

Is it time to get your child their first train set, or maybe upgrade their existing track? Wondering what the best train sets are? Toy trains aren’t simply designed to push and pull wagons — their primary purpose is to assist your child in skill-building.

Train sets can be entertainment for the entire family, creating long-lasting memories. They can also teach children to count, and enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills.

We’ve found all of the best train sets for kids to help you in your search.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the NameTrains (6 Letters) - Made in USA
Best for Basic Skills
Maple Landmark
  • Highly personalized
  • Safe, non-toxic paint
  • Sturdy maple hardwood
Product Image of the Thomas & Friends Super Station
Best Cartoon Themed
Thomas & Friends Station
  • 111-piece set
  • Trains fine motor skills
  • Manually powered
Product Image of the LEGO City Cargo Train 60052 Train Toy
Best for LEGO Fanatics
LEGO City Cargo
  • 7-speed infrared remote control
  • Full circular track
  • Includes 4 minifigures
Product Image of the Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas vehicle with track, 6V battery-powered...
Best Rideable Train Set
Thomas & Friends Wheels
  • Up to 1 mph speed
  • Easy to assemble track
  • Push button operation
Product Image of the Wooden Train Set Table for Kids, Deluxe Had Painted Wooden Set with Tracks,...
Best Multi-Purpose Set
Hey! Play! Set
  • Sturdy, durable poly construction
  • 75-piece set
  • No batteries needed
Product Image of the Hape Wooden Busy City Train Rail Set| 51 PCs Pretend Play Railway Set for Kids...
Best City Train Set
  • Non-toxic finishes
  • Will last for years
  • Realistic crane
Product Image of the KidKraft Wooden Rural Farm Train Set with 75 Pieces, Children's Toy Vehicle...
Best Farm-Inspired
KidKraft Farm
  • Brilliantly detailed
  • Sturdy construction
  • 75 colorful rural-themed pieces
Product Image of the BRIO My First Railway – 33727 Beginner Pack | Wooden Toy Train Set for Kids...
Best for Beginners
My First Railway
  • Frustration-free play
  • Simple guiding tracks
  • Tougher than tough
Product Image of the Electric Classical Train Set with Steam Locomotive Engine, Cargo Car and Long...
Best for Older Kids
Electric Classical Train
  • Electric train set
  • High-quality locomotive
  • 41 piece set
Product Image of the Bigjigs Rail Fairy Town Train Set | Wooden Toys | Wooden Train Set | Gifts for 4...
Best Transportation-Inspired
Bigjigs Wooden Fairy Town
  • Compatible with other wooden tracks
  • Different shades of pink
  • Princess-like train set

How to Choose a Train Set

Depending on the age of your child, there are some particular features to keep an eye on in order to appease them and also help them learn. Furthermore, as moms, we always have to keep safety, space and more in mind. Let’s look at what’s important:

Age-Appropriate Styles

  • Toddlers: Wooden trains are usually designed for toddlers. Heavier and more durable, they’re able to handle the skillful throws that toddlers can sometimes engage in (1). Some of the simplest train sets available are wooden, suitable for beginners.
  • Young children: Battery-operated train sets are usually suited for children who have outgrown the basic versions. Typically made from plastic, these make an affordable and safe transition between wooden sets and a fancy electric train set.
  • Older children, up to teens: Electric trains are great learning tools for older kids and a fun option for family bonding time. They will usually last for a lifetime if taken care of. The locomotives tend to be heavier and made out of metal, which could potentially injure younger children, if left unsupervised.


Most kids go through cycles with their interests in cartoons, colors, and more. Receiving a train set is already an exciting experience on its own. So, when I bought my little girl a pink and purple train track with fairies, her face was simply priceless.

Cartoon-themed train sets — such as Thomas & Friends — are popular as kids can create imaginative scripts and are familiar with the characters.

You’ll also find other thematic choices, such as construction work, travel-focused, farmland, and more.

You Know Your Child

Depending on your child’s interests, you may want to choose a train set according to what would spark their interest the most.

Floor Space

How much space do you have at home to set up the train set? Will you need to dismantle it after every use, or do you have a permanent spot available?

Some train sets can be set up vertically or horizontally, giving you the flexibility to match your available space. Other sets are already attached to a train table, so you’d need to plan strategically.

Finally, electronic trains are more challenging to assemble and put away. It would be preferable to create a dedicated location.


Train sets can be as simple as circular tracks. For smaller kids, pushing their train around in a circle could be enough to hold their attention.

As kids grow older, they might want something a bit more challenging, with track switching, bridges, and levels. The older your child is, the better he or she will be at handling a more demanding setup.

Many tracks are also universal and therefore compatible from one brand to another. As your kid matures, this will give you the flexibility to choose additional tracks and accessories among different brands.

Child’s Skills

When it comes to train sets, age might only be an indicator. Gifted kids may have fewer difficulties building things and concentrating on small constructions. When purchasing a train set, it’s important to take into consideration the maturity and potential of the child.

The Best Train Sets for Kids of 2022

Here are our favorite train sets for kids.

1. Maple Landmark Name Train

Best Train Set for Basic Skills

Are you looking for a unique, personalized present? Combining learning and fun, this personalized “name train” might be a good option for kids aged three years and older.

Each colorful letter is coated with safe, non-toxic paint. They attach to each other with a simple magnet, easy for any child to assemble and disassemble on their own. Made of sturdy maple hardwood, this versatile train is also compatible with other wooden train tracks.

2. Thomas & Friends Super Station

Best Cartoon Themed Train Set

Does the name Percy sound familiar? If it does, it might be because it’s one of your kid’s favorite animated friends. This train set can hold up to 100 engines and, given all the accessories, boredom shouldn’t be an issue.

This space-friendly train set can be configured in different layouts. It’s made to fit small playrooms, and also connects to other “Thomas & Friends” tracks. This is a gift made to impress.

3. LEGO City Cargo Train Set

Best for LEGO Fanatics

With its 888 pieces, this LEGO train set takes modeling and construction to the next level. Because of its complexity and many small pieces, it’s most suitable for kids over six years old. You might need a special storage box for this one, due to the number of pieces.

With so many features and accessories to play with — including a crane — your kid will have numerous opportunities for their imagination to run wild. The remote control will keep the locomotive rolling.

4. Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Track

Best Rideable Train Set

For toddlers, a train track is sensational, but sitting on a battery-operated locomotive takes the fun to the next level. Also, if Thomas & Friends happens to be his or her favorite cartoon, this is special, guaranteed. This durable car-like locomotive is easy to operate and is accompanied by sounds and phrases.

This train is suitable for the youngest of toddlers. When it becomes dull going round in circles, the locomotive also functions off the track. Watch out!

5. Hey! Play! Wooden Train Set

Best Multi-Purpose Train Set

If your kid’s area has limited space for a train track, this might be the solution you’re looking for. This train set has multi-level tracks.

Because it’s made of 100 percent wood, no batteries would be needed. Not only could it save you space, but money as well.

6. Hape Wooden Train Set

Best City Train Set

This complete city-themed railway set features a passenger train and a freight train, a station, automatic gates and a bridge. This set teaches your kids what a city entails. Traffic lights and signs will make their stories more animated and creative.

The wooden train set is also compatible with other tracks. When your child grows, you won’t have any hassle adding on to it. Not only is this product durable and child-safe, but also it contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes.

7. KidKraft Farm Train Set

Best Farm-Inspired Train Set

This train set contains 75 wooden pieces, inspired by rural living. It will take your kid on adventures through mountains and by lakes, passing farms, cows, horses, pigs, and more. The design is thoughtful, and the pieces are attractive.

Because these wooden tracks are compatible with other brands, you’ll be able to add different tracks to expand the set and keep your child interested.

8. My First Railway Train Set

Best Train Set for Beginner Enthusiasts

This high-quality wooden train set makes for the ideal starter kit for any child aged 18 months or older. Get your little one’s creativity flowing with different track layouts, ramps, and a colorful bridge.

This train set is easy to assemble and dismantle, and it’s compatible with other wooden train tracks for further development. Adventure is awaiting.

9. Electric Classical Train Set

Best Electric Train Set for Older Kids

This item from Temi is the type of electric train set your kid might keep around for a lifetime. It is listed as suitable for kids 3 years or older, but older kids will also enjoy this train set the most.

The high-quality locomotive contains detailed wagons with looped fast tracks. It’s great for tech-savvy kids who like construction and model railroading. The product’s been compliant for safety and standards as it is made from eco-friendly materials.

10. Wooden Fairy Town Train Set

Best Transportation-Inspired Train Set

If your little girl doesn’t play with anything unless it’s pink, this princess-like train set might be a good match. Different shades of pink are included to make it stand out.

The 75-piece wooden train set includes a dainty train, made to stroll through an enchanting little town. Composed of houses, fairies, and a helipad, this set is also compatible with other wooden tracks, to spread the magic.

On the Right Track

Many types of train tracks are available for kids of any age and with various interests. Whether you have a toddler or a kid approaching their “tweens,” train sets can bring with them long-lasting memories.

When acquiring new toys for our little kids, we always try to combine learning and fun. For this reason, our favorite train set right now is the LEGO DUPLO number train set. We love that it teaches numbers in a simplistic but purposeful way and that its size is not too large or difficult to maneuver.

We hope you’ll have as much fun with these train tracks as your kid will.

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