Best Gardening Sets for Kids of 2020

Help your child cultivate their green thumb and love of nature by introducing them to gardening.

Introduce your child to gardening, and you might plant the seed of a lifelong love of growing and nurturing plants. Your child will also reap the benefits of gardening, which go far beyond the healthy produce you’ll bring into your home.

To get them to buy into the concept, it helps to have one of the best gardening sets for kids so they’re not stuck trying to wield your adult-sized tools.

Is Gardening Good for Children?

Gardening is one of the most versatile and accessible pastimes for kids of all ages and abilities. You don’t even need a garden. Just a window with some daylight is enough to nurture and grow a plant if you know what you’re doing.

Benefits Of Gardening

I could probably write thousands of word on the benefits of gardening for kids, but for me, the top four are:

Gardening Fosters a Love Of Nature

Getting your child outside and encouraging them to explore the garden helps them connect with nature in a way that few other activities can.

Gardening harnesses your child’s naturally wondrous way of looking at the world, focuses that wonder, and solidifies it as a permanent part of who they are.

Gardening Is a Learning Opportunity

Not only is gardening an excellent way to teach your child about plants and growth, but it also opens the door to other educational opportunities. It helps teach about insects, other animals, eco-systems, and all manner of other fascinating subjects.

You may see some kids who struggle in the classroom bloom into voracious learners in the hands-on environment of a garden.

Gardening Provides Physical Activity

Carrying things about, digging, weeding, and all manner of other gardening activities provide physical exercise for you and your child. Plus, there’s fresh air and sunlight — what’s not to love?

Getting Kids to Try New Foods

Convincing kids to try certain fruits and vegetables can be tough. But if they’ve grown that produce themselves, it is easier to convince them to give new foods a chance.

How to Choose the Best Gardening Sets for Kids

With so many gardening tools for kids on the market, how do you narrow down the contenders to find the best set for your child?

Child’s Age

Choose a gardening set that is rated for your child’s age. This allows you to be confident the gardening set is appropriate for their abilities. It will also ensure the tools are sized correctly for their little, or not so small, hands.


Most kids’ gardening tools are either all plastic or a wooden handle with a metal head. I usually avoid metal tools for the youngest gardeners because they can be heavier, which makes them less fun for little gardeners to use.


Ask yourself if you are looking for a gardening set your child can use to garden, something for them to play at gardening alongside you in the yard, or a set that is purely for imaginative play.


Imaginative gardening tools can be found for a few bucks, but don’t expect them to last long if your child is going to use them for more than pretending. Instead, set your budget and look for the best quality in your price range.

Number of Pieces

Gardening sets with too many pieces can end up scattered around the place, or the pieces may get lost altogether. At the minimum, your child will need at least a small trowel, a fork, and some gloves if they are going to get down into the dirt.


Badly made tools or ones that are not fit for the purpose can be a safety hazard, especially if your child is digging in the dirt. Only consider gardening sets made or imported by a reputable outlet, and look out for reviews that mention tools snapping.

The Best Best Kids Gardening Sets of 2020

Keeping all those factors in mind, we scoured the available products to choose our 10 best gardening sets for kids.

1. Born Toys Kids’ Gardening Set

Best Metal Gardening Set for Kids

Born Toys Kids Gardening Set, Kids Gardening Tools with rake, Kids Gardening...
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It’s hard to find anything wrong with this kids’ gardening set from Born Toys.

It includes a pointed trowel, a square trowel, and a hand rake, all with metal heads securely mounted on a smooth wooden handle. You also get a plastic spray bottle, a gardening apron, a sun hat, and a pair of kids’ gardening gloves.

The apron, which fits children from 3 to 7 years old, has a large segmented pocket across the front that provides plenty of room for all of the tools. It also has an adjustable neck strap, so it continues to fit as your child grows. The hat has adjustable toggle strings to prevent it from flying off on a windy day.

The entire set fits into a convenient carrying case, which makes it easy to store and prevents any stray dirt from falling from the tools.

  • Durable tools.
  • Having a spray bottle helps your child avoid watering can spills.
  • The apron, gloves, and hat are machine washable.
  • A hand-held fork rather than two trowels would be nice.

Additional Specs

Age range3 years and older
Tool materialsWooden handles, metal heads
Good for:Real gardening, imaginative play
Number of pieces7

2. Kinderific Gardening Tool Set

Safest Gardening Set for Kids

Kinderific Gardening Tool Set, Designed for Kids, STEM, Tote Bag, Spade,...
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When looking at the safety of kids’ gardening sets, it’s important to look at how durable the tools are, but also what they are made from. This set not only stands up to rough use by strong kids, but it is also free from any hazardous materials.

The tools are exactly what I use myself, except scaled down for a child’s hand. It includes a trowel, a fork, and a hand rake, all with wooden handles, metal heads, and a small string loop so you can hang up your tools after a hard day in the garden.

The gloves are color-coordinated with the rest of the gardening set, as is the durable, multi-pocket tool tote that comes with the kit.

  • Comes with a cute tote for tools and treasures.
  • Bright colors that will appeal to most kids.
  • Washable grip-palm gloves.
  • The tools don’t have sharp edges, which is one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Tools are a little large for toddlers.
  • Although this is rated for toddlers, some parents may not like their child having metal-head tools at a young age.

Additional Specs

Age range18 months and older
Tool materialsWooden handles, metal heads
Good for:Real gardening, imaginative play
Number of pieces6

3. U+ME Kids’ Gardening Tools

Best Wooden Gardening Set for Kids

U+ME Mini Gardening Tools, Real Garden Set, Eco Friendly Design | Outdoor Play |...
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Many gardening tool sets for kids are bright, colorful, and unmistakably childlike, but not the U+ME gardening set. This is a great option for those who are not a fan of brightly colored kids’ toys and prefer the more low-key appeal of natural colors.

The three hand tools have carefully crafted wooden handles, sanded smooth to ensure there’s no risk of your child getting splinters. Your kids can take their tools to and from the garden in the canvas tote bag.

There’s also a gray metal watering can so your little one can keep their plants moist and healthy.

The set includes five wooden plant labels so your kids can keep track of which items they plant where, as well as a set of five peat pots in which your child can get their seedlings started.

  • Ergonomically designed for child-size hands.
  • The set includes a metal watering can, which your child will likely love.
  • Zero-waste packaging and 100 percent plastic-free.
  • Heavier tools may not be suitable for younger kids

Additional Specs

Age range3 years and older
Tool materialsWooden handles, metal heads
Good for:Real gardening
Number of pieces15

4. Green Toys Indoor Gardening Set

Best Kids’ Indoor Gardening Kit

Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit
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Not every budding gardener has the luxury of a safe outdoor space in which to learn, play, and grow. However, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the chance to nurture some plants of their own.

Green Toys have created an indoor gardening set that contains everything you need to grow basil, zinnia, and a teddy bear sunflower, except that is, for the water.

The set consists of three pots that sit on a peapod-shaped tray, a trowel, three solid discs, and three packets of seeds. The soil discs are dried for transport, but with a little water, they plump up enough to provide a suitable home for the seeds.

The seeds have been thoughtfully chosen so they’ll flourish in the small pots, allowing your child to experience the joy of growing healthy plants.

  • Includes seeds and soil discs.
  • Great for kids who live in cities with limited backyards or green spaces.
  • Trowel, tray, and pots are made from recycled materials.
  • Phthalate and BPA free.
  • Just one tool.
  • Only suitable for light, indoor use.

Additional Specs

Age range5 years and older
Tool materialsRecycled plastic milk bottles
Good for:Indoor gardening
Number of pieces11

5. FunzBo Flower Gardening Set

Best Gardening Set for Toddlers

FunzBo Flower Garden Building STEM Toys - Gardening Pretend Gift for Girls Kids...
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Toddlers are not known for their attention to detail, ability to follow multiple directions, or their patience, which is why we adore this flower gardening set for kids. Instead of expecting your child to plant seeds, flowers, or vegetables, and then wait for them to grow, give them this flower gardening set. They can enjoy an instant flower garden.

The set contains either green or brown bases and stem pieces that slot into them. Then you slide any combination of stamens, pistils, petals, and leaves on top to create the flower garden. You can also make your flowers and put them into a basket, pot, mug, or any other container you’d like.

To round off the set, there is a little watering can with which your child can pretend to water their plants.

  • Parts come in ten different colors.
  • Teaches the different flower parts.
  • No dead plants to cause upset.
  • You miss out on the fun of watching an actual plant grow.

Additional Specs

Age range3 years and older
Tool materialsn/a
Good for:Imaginative play
Number of pieces99


6. Taylor Toy Children’s Gardening Set

Best Kids’ Gardening Kit With Gloves

Taylor Toy Children Gardening Tool Set - Gardening Toys for Kids - Outdoor Toys...
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Taylor Toy produces this mid-price, mid-quality, children’s gardening set that comes with a fork, trowel, hand rake, tool tote, and a pair of child-size gardening gloves.

The maker lists this set as for kids of three months and over, but the tools are, as you might imagine, harder and heavier than lighter, plastic alternatives. I don’t think the set is truly suitable for kids younger than 18 months, though, because babies and metal head tools don’t mix.

Plus, some of the edges on the tools are sharp, which makes them even less suitable for the youngest kids. Before giving all the tools to your toddler, you should inspect them for sharp edges. You may have to put the tools up until your child is a little older or closely supervise their usage.

  • Child size tote to transport tools and other garden essentials.
  • Metal watering can.
  • Gardening gloves are thick.
  • Too heavy for the youngest gardeners.

Additional Specs

Age range18 months and older
Tool materialsWooden handles and metal heads
Good for:Real gardening, imaginative play
Number of pieces6

7. JustForKids Kids’ Garden Tool Set

Best Tall Tool Kids’ Gardening Set

G & F Products JustForKids Kids Garden Tool Set Toy, Rake, Spade, Hoe and Leaf...
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Not all kids’ gardening sets restrict your children to hand tools. Just For Kids makes this four-tool set with long handles that gives your little ones the opportunity to enjoy gardening without having to get down on their knees.

Strong wooden handles and thicker metal tool heads make these a sturdy, hard-wearing option that’s built to last at least until your child is big enough to graduate onto proper, adult tools.

The inclusion of a leaf rake and a hoe make this a versatile quartet of tools. That means your child can move onto more complex gardening tasks than they might otherwise enjoy with a basic hand fork and trowel.

The downside to their larger size is that these tools are not suitable for tiny gardens or pretend play indoors. Nor do they manage double duty as sand toys.

  • Rounded, plastic handle protectors for safety.
  • Includes a leaf rake and a hoe, which many gardening sets for kids don’t.
  • Cap loop for hanging the tools up.
  • Not all of the handles are the same length.

Additional Specs

Age range7 years and older
Tool materialsWooden handles, metal head, plastic handle cap
Good for:Real gardening
Number of pieces4

8. Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Tote Set

Best Cheap Gardening Set for Kids

Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Tote Set
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Just because you choose a budget gardening set for kids doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality.

Melissa and Doug make this gardening set in a range of color combos. As well as the Giddy Buggy tote set, there is also the Pretty Petals tote set, which is basically the same but with a floral and hearts patterned tote in shades of pink. They also offer a Blossom Bright tote set that comes with a yellow, pink, orange, red, and green tote.

The tote itself has multiple pockets around the outside as well as a large central area and is made of a durable canvas-like material that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The handles are also woven so they won’t hurt little hands.

  • The lightweight tools are easy for smaller children to use.
  • Spray bottle rather than a watering can.
  • The tote is surface washable.
  • Not strong enough for heavy-handed kids.

Additional Specs

Age range3 years and older
Tool materialsPlastic
Good for:Imaginative play and light gardening
Number of pieces4

9. Bo Toys Kids’ Gardening Set

Best Gardening Set for Older Kids

Bo Toys and Gifts Kids Garden Tool Set with Tote
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The majority of gardening sets for kids have the look of toys, but this set has the appearance of adult tools, combined with the functionality of small-sized tools for kids.

Rather than the bright colors or patterns of other kids’ garden tools, the Bo Toys tools have a pale, varnished, hardwood handle and the tool heads are enameled metal. The trowel and fork combo is easy to keep clean and should last for many years.

I have even used my child’s set of these once or twice myself when they have been on hand, and the walk to the shed seemed far too long.

However, don’t mistake these as tools you could buy for yourself and allow your kids to use. They are too small for the average adult to use on any more than an occasional basis.

  • Better quality than some adult tools.
  • “Grown-up” pattern on the tote.
  • Handy for the occasional use by an adult.
  • The picture online makes these tools look bigger than they are.

Additional Specs

Age range3 to 8 years
Tool materialsHardwood handles, enameled steel tool heads
Good for:Real gardening
Number of pieces4

10. FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids’ Garden Wagon Set

Best Plastic Gardening Set for Kids

FUN LITTLE TOYS Kid's Garden Tool Toys Set, Beach Sand Toy, Kids Outdoor Toys,...
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Not every child wants to join their parents in gardening. Some kids want to pretend garden, without doing anything practical. If your child is like this, then the Fun Little Toys kids’ garden wagon set might be what you’re looking for.

The tools are strong enough to poke about in the dirt and the mud, but may not be much use for digging a hole and planting a few bulbs, veggies, or other flowers.

What the set is excellent for is letting your child play in loose, dry dirt, lighter mud, or even in the sandbox. Four hand tools, a pair of pretend garden shears, and four longer handled tools come with a watering can, four flower pots, and a spray bottle.

All of the items can be transported in the long handle, four-wheel wagon that rounds out the set.

  • Lots of items.
  • Lightweight.
  • A lot of pieces for an affordable price.
  • Can break under heavy use.

Additional Specs

Age range18 months to 5 years
Tool materialsPlastic
Good for:Light gardening, pretend play
Number of pieces16

Kids Gardening Set Comparison Chart

ProductBestAge rangeTool materialsNo. of pieces
Born Toys Kids’ Gardening SetMetal Set3 years & olderWooden handles, metal heads7
Kinderific Gardening Tool SetSafest18 months & olderWooden handles, metal heads6
U+ME Kids’ Gardening ToolsWooden3 years & olderWooden handles, metal heads15
Green Toys Indoor Gardening SetIndoor5 years & olderRecycled plastic milk bottles11
FunzBo Flower Gardening SetToddlers3 years & olderN/A99
Taylor Toy Children’s Gardening SetGloves18 months & olderWooden handles & metal heads6
JustForKids Kids’ Garden Tool SetTall Tool7 years & olderWooden handles, metal head, plastic handle cap4
Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Tote SetCheap Set3 years & olderPlastic4
Bo Toys Kids’ Gardening SetOlder Kids3 to 8 yearsHardwood handles, enameled steel tool heads4
FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids’ Garden Wagon SetPlastic18 months to 5 yearsPlastic16
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How Do I Get My Kids Into Gardening?

If your kids don’t seem too enthusiastic to begin with, there are ways to get them interested in gardening.

Give Them Their Own Space

If you can, allocate a specific area as your child’s garden. This will help them feel invested in raising and nurturing their plants.

Let Them Get Dirty

Have your child throw on some old clothes and let them get dirty when they garden. Nothing kills an interest in a new pastime quite as quickly as having to stay spotlessly clean the entire time.

Choose Your Plants Carefully

Help your child grow bright, colorful flowers, fruits and vegetables they can eat, and fast-growing plants. If your garden is full of eggplants and peas, it will be a turnoff if they hate that kind of produce. Caring about what they are growing will help keep your child interested.

Think Outside the Box

If your child isn’t too excited by planting and growing, consider other things they can do to enjoy their time in the garden. You can make a scarecrow, build a bug hotel or worm hotel, create a fairy garden, or do something else that might pique your child’s curiosity.

Safety Tips for Gardening with Kids

Just as with many other activities, gardening is deceptively benign. There are many safety issues to be aware of when gardening with kids.

Garden Chemicals

Herbicides, pesticides, and plant growth preparations can be dangerous for children, even if they are labeled as safe. Try to avoid chemical use in your garden entirely. If you do have to use them, restrict chemical use to an area away from where your child will be gardening (1).


Tetanus is a potentially fatal condition caused by bacteria that live in the soil. If this bacteria enters a wound, no matter how small, it can cause tetanus, which is also known as lockjaw (2).

Tetanus can be avoided by ensuring your child is properly immunized against the disease. It’s a common childhood vaccine, so they are likely already protected, but you should check your child’s records just to be sure.

If you’re not sure about their immunization history, at least make your child wear gloves while gardening for additional protection.

Protection From the Elements

Ensure your child wears a hat, long-sleeved but light clothing, and sunscreen when gardening during the summer to give them more sun protection. Avoid the hours between noon and 2 p.m. as this is when sunlight is strongest and more dangerous. Remember to keep your child well hydrated, too.

Avoid Dangerous Plants

Many common garden plants are potentially dangerous whether through ingestion, touch, or other forms of contact. Check the existing plants in your yard before letting your child explore, and research any new plants before introducing them to the garden (3).

Watch Out for Insects

Ensuring that your child wears gloves will keep their hands safe from any biting or stinging insects they’ll encounter as they reach into the soil.

Sowing the Seeds

Introduce a child to gardening and you could be opening the door to a lifelong passion. You do not need a garden of your own to take the first steps, either. A plant in a pot or window box is all you need to get started.

If your child doesn’t embrace gardening at first, don’t give up. You have to nurture your plants before they get a chance to bloom, and the same goes for your child. You just have to find the right seed.

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