Best Pottery Wheels of 2020

Interested in pottery wheels for your child? Pottery wheels can be a great way to help your little one explore their creativity.

Pottery wheels can be used for more than self-expression, though. They can also encourage your child to work through any sensory issues and encourage tactile experiences (1). This can help your little one reach all the expected developmental milestones (2).

There are loads of pottery wheels created for kids out there, but we wanted to hunt down the best. Let’s take a look at what we found.

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    What Is a Pottery Wheel?

    A pottery wheel is a tool that helps you mold your masterpieces. The wheel spins, freeing your hands to shape the wet clay. Once it’s reached the desired shape and size, it can be baked or finished, according to the clay you’re using.

    On the fence about getting a pottery wheel because you’re afraid of the mess? It may help to know that using one comes with a host of benefits. It helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, plus encourages what many consider an unpleasant tactile sensation.

    A pottery wheel gives your little one a positive sensory experience, a creative outlet and a sense of skill and accomplishment.

    Types of Pottery Wheels

    Generally speaking, pottery wheels differ in how the spinning mechanism operates, with most of them spinning mechanically. Two main types are foot pedal and switch operated, each with their pros and cons.

    Foot Pedal Operated

    Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio, Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids

    A foot pedal pottery wheel operates a bit like a sewing machine. Simply apply pressure to the pedal with your foot while it sits on the floor. This engages the spinning mechanism and allows the pottery wheel to turn.

    A foot pedal can give you much more control, but it requires a little more focus and coordination. Your child will need to use both the foot pedal and shape the clay with their hands at the same time.

    This kind of wheel is a great long term option for an older child. It may be too complicated for a younger child to use easily, though.

    • Great for more nuanced control.
    • Leaves user hands-free to attend to the clay.
    • Can require more coordination.
    • May be difficult for young children.

    Switch Operated

    Cool Maker - Pottery Studio, Clay Pottery Wheel Craft Kit for Kids Age 6 and Up...

    Pottery wheels that are switch operated have an “on” switch that triggers the spinning mechanism. This kind of pottery wheel may be equipped with multiple speed options.

    Switch operated pottery wheels don’t offer the kind of control a foot pedal pottery wheel does. They do, however, allow you to focus entirely on your hands and shaping the clay. This makes it a great option for young children who are just learning to work with clay.

    • Allows user to focus on the clay.
    • Simple to use.
    • Doesn’t allow for precise control.
    • Offers limited speeds.

    How to Choose the Best Pottery Wheel

    When shopping for a pottery wheel for your child, keep the following considerations in mind.

    • How long do you plan to use it? Are you looking for a wheel to grow with your child? Invest in something larger with more features.
    • How do you want it to operate? Think about which spinning mechanism will best suit your child.
    • How old is your child? More sophisticated pottery wheels can be difficult for young children to use, so choose appropriately.
    • What’s your budget? Pottery wheels range in price, so make sure you have a firm idea of what you’re willing to spend before you start shopping.
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    The Best Kids Pottery Wheels of 2020

    Think you’re ready to start looking for a kids’ pottery wheel? Here’s a list of our seven favorites to get you started.

    1. Cool Maker Pottery Studio

    Best Starter Kit

    Cool Maker - Pottery Studio, Clay Pottery Wheel Craft Kit for Kids Age 6 and Up...
    Check Price

    If you want to hit the ground running, consider this kit that comes with everything you need to begin learning pottery. It includes supplies for six different projects, including a jewelry holder and a smartphone holder.

    This pottery studio also includes two sculpting tools, two coring tools, two sleeves, and a paintbrush. Ten different metallic colored paints and an instruction guide also come with the set. You’ll receive 2 pounds of non-toxic air-drying clay to craft whatever your heart desires.

    This wheel runs on four C batteries (not included) and is intended for children ages 6 and up. There’s no pedal, but you have a choice of two speeds. Overall, it’s a simple-to-use unit that’s great for a first-time pottery experience.

    • No foot pedal.
    • Runs exclusively on batteries.

    Additional Specs

    Dimensions4 inches x 14 inches x 11.1 inches
    Weight5.2 pounds
    Power SourceC batteries
    Operating MechanismSwitch
    Package IncludesStudio, spray bottle, tool holder, clay, tools, paint, instruction book

    2. Faber-Castell Pottery Studio

    Best for Budding Artists

    Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio, Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids
    Check Price

    Have a child who shows a natural aptitude for art? If you think your kid will be interested in pottery for some time, you may want something they can grow with. This pottery studio features a foot-pedal operation that suits both beginners and established potters.

    The kit comes with everything your child needs to get started: 3 pounds of clay, a six-piece toolset, an apron, and a table cover. An instruction manual and additional supplies are also included.

    This unit runs on four C batteries, which aren’t included. The clay is air-dry and meets current safety standards so it won’t harbor bacteria. For ages 8+.

    • Great for experienced potters.
    • Foot pedal.
    • Includes accessories.
    • Spins slowly.
    • Runs exclusively on batteries.

    Additional Specs

    Dimensions12.5 inches x 8.3 inches x 3.6 inches
    Weight1 pound
    Power SourceC batteries
    Operating MechanismFoot pedal
    Package IncludesStudio, toolset, clay, paint, instruction book, apron, table cover, glaze, sponge

    3. IAMGlobal Pottery Wheel

    Great for Inspiring Creativity

    IAMGlobal Pottery Wheel, Pottery Studio, Craft Kit, Artist Studio, Ceramic...
    Check Price

    This unit is battery operated and features a switch. Batteries are not included, so make sure you have them on hand. This wheel doesn’t have an AC adapter option, either.

    In addition to the pottery wheel, this set comes with pottery tools and paint. You’ll also receive some air-drying clay so your little one can get straight to creating works of art. They can choose from two different speeds to fine-tune their skills.

    Replacement clay is available, but any type of clay can be used. For best results, though, you’ll want to make sure it’s a moist clay that’s easy to work with. Designed for children 8 years and older.

    • Realistic accessories.
    • Multiple spin speeds.
    • Includes project materials.
    • Exclusively runs on batteries.

    Additional Specs

    Dimensions13.3 inches x 9.6 inches x 3.3 inches
    Weight3 pounds
    Power SourceBatteries
    Operating MechanismSwitch
    Package IncludesPottery wheel, sculpting tools, clay, paint, paintbrushes, cutting wire, paint tray.

    4. Hearth Song Pottery Wheel

    Most Realistic Pottery Wheel

    HearthSong Pottery Wheel Special, Battery or Electric Operated 12' L x 16' W x...
    Check Price

    If your child wants to feel like they’re working with the real thing, this wheel from Hearth Song features realistic touches. It’s sturdy, attractive, and can run on batteries or use an AC adapter.

    In addition to the wheel itself, you get sculpting tools like clay knives, a cutting cord, and a sponge. Two pounds of air-drying clay is also included to get your little one creating. The clay can be a little thick, so consider ordering some that’s easier to work with.

    This unit features foot-pedal operation and built-in tool storage at the base to keep things in easy reach. Paint included.

    • Realistic.
    • Foot pedal.
    • AC adapter.
    • Included clay is difficult to work with.
    • Motor may be slow.

    Additional Specs

    Dimensions12 inches x 16 inches x 5 inches
    Weight9.25 pounds
    Power SourceAC adapter
    Operating MechanismFoot pedal
    Package IncludesPottery wheel, foot pedal, AC adapter, clay, tools, paint, instruction book

    5. Imagine Nation Deluxe Pottery Wheel

    Great for Small Projects

    Deluxe Pottery Wheel
    Check Price

    This brightly colored pottery wheel from Imagine Nation is great for a coordinated child who can use a foot pedal. It’s designed to help your kid create symmetrical pieces even when they’re still mastering their skills.

    This features foot pedal operation and needs four C batteries. No AC adapter is included but a universal adapter purchased separately can be used.

    You get air-drying clay and a nice paint and glaze kit. Other tools include a paintbrush, sculpting tools, a sponge, and a cutting string. Plastic jewels are also included so your little artist can enjoy embellishing their beautiful works.

    This set also comes with an instructional book with useful ideas on how to get your wheel up and running. Best for children aged 8 and over.

    • Foot pedal.
    • Includes project material.
    • AC adapter compatible.
    • Exclusively battery operated.
    • Weak motor.

    Additional Specs

    Dimensions15.3 inches x 12.8 inches x 4.2 inches
    Weight4.6 pounds
    Power SourceC batteries/AC adapter compatible
    Operating MechanismFoot pedal
    Package IncludesPottery wheel, foot pedal, clay, tools, paint, instruction book

    6. Cra-Z-Art Pottery Wheel

    Best Budget Pottery Wheel

    Cra-Z-Art Pottery Wheel
    Check Price

    If you’re searching for a budget-friendly pottery wheel kit for your child, take a look at this great option. It comes with all the accessories needed to get started on projects.

    It’s a foot-pedal design and needs C batteries to operate, which aren’t included. There’s an “on/off” switch in addition to the foot pedal. You’ll need to set the switch to “on” to engage the foot pedal and activate the spinning mechanism.

    This unit is intended for younger children and suits kids up to 8 years of age. As with most kits, some clay is included, but if you run out, replacements are available. Or use whatever clay you have on hand!

    • Great price point.
    • Suitable for younger children.
    • Foot pedal.
    • Batteries required.
    • Loud.

    Additional Specs

    Dimensions12.2 inches x 11.2 inches x 13.2 inches
    Weight2.2 pounds
    Power SourceC batteries
    Operating MechanismFoot pedal
    Package IncludesPottery wheel, foot pedal, clay, tools, paint, instruction book

    7. MindWare Pottery Wheel

    Great for Left Handed Users

    Pottery Wheel For Beginners
    Check Price

    If you have a left-handed child, you know left-handed handicrafts can be difficult. This wheel from MindWare allows left-handed children to enjoy pottery because a simple switch changes the direction and speed it spins.

    Though there’s a switch, there’s also a foot pedal. It also runs off of an AC adapter instead of batteries, which makes it more affordable to operate. Tools and an instructional book are included, along with a little clay to get your child started.

    An interesting feature is the “safety stop” which pauses the rotation if too much pressure is applied, helping your child better understand how to work with clay. For children aged 7 and up.

    • Left-handed function.
    • Foot pedal.
    • AC adapter.
    • Includes tools and instructions.
    • Loud.
    • Motor is not very strong.

    Additional Specs

    Dimensions15 inches x 16 inches x 3 inches
    Weight1 pound
    Power SourceAC adapter
    Operating MechanismFoot pedal, switch
    Package IncludesPottery wheel, AC adapter, clay, tools, paint, instruction book

    Detailed Comparison

    ProductAwardDimensionsWeightPower SourceMechanismExtras
    Cool MakerBest Starter Kit4″ x 14″ x 11.1″5.2 lbsC-battSwitchStudio, spray bottle, tool holder, clay, tools, paint, instruction book
    Faber-CastellBest For Budding Artists12.5″ x 8.3″ x 3.6″1 lbC-battFoot pedalStudio, toolset, clay, paint, instruction book, apron, table cover, glaze, sponge
    IAMGlobalGreat For Creativity13.3″ x 9.6″ x 3.3″3 lbsBatteriesSwitchPottery wheel, sculpting tools, clay, paint, paintbrushes, cutting wire, paint tray.
    Hearth SongMost Realistic12″ x 16″ x 5″9.25 lbsAC adapterFoot pedalPottery wheel, foot pedal, AC adapter, clay, tools, paint, instruction book
    Imagine NationGreat For Small Projects15.3″ x 12.8″ x 4.2″4.6 lbsC-batt/ AC adapterFoot pedalPottery wheel, foot pedal, clay, tools, paint, instruction book
    Cra-Z-ArtBest Budget Pick12.2″ x 11.2″ x 13.2″2.2 lbsC-battFoot pedalPottery wheel, foot pedal, clay, tools, paint, instruction book
    MindWareGreat For Left Handed15″ x 16″ x 3″1 lbAC adapterFoot pedal, switchPottery wheel, AC adapter, clay, tools, paint, instruction book
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    Creating with the Perfect Pottery Wheel

    Pottery wheels can add a new level of fun to your child’s arts and crafts experiences. Whatever pottery wheel you decide is best for your little one, you’re sure to enjoy seeing the joy it brings them. You’ll love getting to hold on to their works of art as well.

    Have you made pottery with your kids before? We’d love to hear the good and the bad — and what you feel is a must-have in a pottery wheel. Leave us a note below in the comment section.

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