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Best Potty Training Books of 2023

Ease your baby into potty training with one of these great books.

Is it finally time? Has potty training become a hot topic in your household and you’re ready to start? Cue the “Hunger Games” theme music, because you’re in for a ride.

At this age, books are an effective way of teaching all kinds of things, and potty training is no exception.

So what are the best potty training books and how can you find them? Read on for everything you need to know before choosing the right ones for your child.


The Best Potty Training Books of 2023

Here are 13 excellent potty training books to consider.

1. Diapers Are Not Forever (bilingual)

Multilingual Potty Time

We’ve included this title for its bilingual quality. There are benefits to introducing new languages to babies and toddlers, so why not incorporate that into potty training?

This title includes both English and Spanish sentences on each page, so you can choose which one you’d like to read with them at the time.

It reminds your child that they’re becoming a big kid. It then hints at the fact that, since they’re growing up, they’ll need to learn to use the potty.

It goes through the routine and includes a short guide for parents at the end of the story, to help you help your child.

2. Big Girl Panties

For Motivating Reluctant Girls

For those of you with reluctant girls, this may be the best potty training book for them. It lightheartedly encourages girls to use the potty in a positive way, by getting them excited about wearing big girl panties.

The story uses catchy rhymes and colorful illustrations to pique your girl’s interest, which should help them feel a little more confident in using the restroom. We recommend this title for its relatable character and vibrant illustrations.

3. P is for Potty

Best Interactive Potty Book

This one is a tried and true pick of many parents because of its familiar characters and flaps. The book revolves around Elmo and Albie, as Elmo encourages toddlers to use the potty by telling them all about how to go.

It has over 25 flaps inside for your child to lift, and it’s made of sturdy material. Kids will love going through the steps and will feel obligated to “go.“

4. The Potty Book for Girls

Gentle Introduction

Potty training varies, depending on whether you have a boy or a girl. Books that cater specifically to those differences will help them better understand how to go.

If you’re looking for a gentle way to introduce the potty to your daughter, this is an ideal title. Hannah is given a potty in the story, marking her journey into potty training.

This one made our list for the fact that the main character is independent in everything else, despite still being in diapers. It makes it relatable and empowering for your little one.

5. The Potty Book for Boys

Best Potty Book for Boys

This title is great because, like its companion for girls, it serves as a gentle introduction into the journey of potty training. The book contains the same storyline as the one above, but from a boy’s perspective.

You can start out reading this as a regular story time pick. When your boy is ready, he’ll be more inclined to try training because he will already be familiar with it.

6. Potty Superhero

For the Superkid

For those of you with a super kid, this book about the potty superhero might be a great fit. This is an encouraging, straightforward book for boys, to get them excited about wearing big boy pants.

It shows your boy how to successfully use the potty. We like this story for its fun take on this milestone.

7. Big Girls Go Potty

Simple in Design

The narration speaks directly to your child and this helps them learn as you read this to them. If your little girl is ready to start the potty, Emma and her teddy bear are the perfect characters to accompany her.

We love its simple artwork and easy-to-understand story.

8. Even Firefighters Go To The Potty

Great for Encouragement

If your trainee is feeling a bit discouraged with their training journey, this book is worth checking out.

This story is a nice reminder that even the busiest people go potty. Whether you’re a firefighter, a zookeeper, or a little boy or girl, going potty is an essential part of daily life.

It teaches your child to make going potty a priority, even if it doesn’t seem important to them.

9. Everybody Potties!

For Potty Celebrations

This story features several different animals and uses rhymes to tell your child that everybody goes potty, including moms, dads, and grandmas. It also goes into age-appropriate detail about what your body may feel when you have to go potty.

The illustrations are cute and the rhyming chant is sure to get stuck in your child’s head — and yours.

10. A Potty for Me

Because Accidents Happen

Because accidents are inevitable when it comes to potty training, it’s important to let your child know that it’s okay.

That’s why we appreciate this title. It follows a little girl who is working on potty training and doesn’t want to go because she’s having too much fun playing. She ends up accidentally peeing her pants and gets upset until her mom says it’s okay.

We also enjoy this one because it has flaps to lift on each page and is easy for toddlers to understand.

11. Duck Goes Potty

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Duck is comfortable with his diapers. Perhaps a little too comfortable. When his mom proclaims there will be no more diapers, Duck is nervous about the change.

He has a few accidents along the way, but eventually gets the hang of going potty. If your child is somewhat anxious about losing the diapers, they’ll be able to relate.

It could help ease their mind about the training process and they may feel more inclined to go on the toilet.

12. Daniel Goes to the Potty

Book With Sound

This book is an adaptation from an episode of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” where Daniel has to remind himself to use the potty.

This book includes other hygiene habits to remember, like flushing and washing your hands.

It comes equipped with a button that makes a flushing noise when pressed. In the story, Daniel asks for help flushing the potty, which your child can do with the interactive button.

13. Tot on the Pot

Unique Concept

For those of you looking for the whole kit and kaboodle, this may be the one for you. This is a set that comes with a potty book, a guide for parents, and a training doll that also comes with its own potty.

There are different dolls to choose from, so you can pick one that resembles your child the closest. It’s even been recommended by some pediatricians and has won titles for its concept.

It allows your child to learn how to go by taking on the responsibility of “teaching” their doll how to use the potty too.

How to Use Potty Books

Once you’re sure your child is ready, it’s time to introduce the materials needed for successful potty training. Besides the obvious potty seat, investing in good training books for your child will help encourage them along.

We recommend keeping one in the bathroom at all times. Books are a great way to keep your toddler occupied and this will help them stay on the toilet as they’re trying to learn their new skill.

How Interactive Is It?

For books about potty training, the more interactive, the better. Books with lift-the-flaps and buttons that make sounds are usually more exciting for a toddler to interact with.

Flaps are especially beneficial because they can keep your child busier for longer. They’re also good for encouraging curiosity and discovery, two important things for the toddler stage.

Is It Easy to Understand?

Finally, it should be easy for your toddler to understand. When shopping around, ask yourself questions like, “Are the illustrations clear?”

It’s not likely that you’re going to read a full story to them while they sit on the potty. Choosing a book they can enjoy in sections will benefit you here.

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