21 Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids Spanish (Even If You Don’t Speak It)

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world - so with more parents than ever raising their kids to be bilingual, it’s a natural choice. But what if you’re clueless about the language yourself? Here are some great resources to help teach your kids Spanish - even if you don’t speak it.


21 Great resources to help teach your kids Spanish - even if you don’t speak it.

1. YouTube to the rescue! Your kids already know these nursery rhymes, now they can learn the Spanish versions.

2. A flip book is a great visual way to help them learn their colors.

3. Practice Spanish colors, numbers, AND strengthen math skills with this activity.

4. You need a plan. The good news is that this one’s already made for you.

5. Entertaining. Conversational. Kid-Centered. This DVD series is what you’ve been looking for.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids: SPANISH, Volume 1

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6. How amazing is this idea to teach time-telling?

7. Maybe you’re Type-A. Here’s a formal curriculum.

8. Kids won’t even realize they’re learning with these free online games.

9. A fun book with fun activities makes language acquisition...fun!

The Everything Kids' Learning Spanish Book: Exercises and puzzles to help you...

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10. Your older children will have so much fun with this.

11. Your child needs to learn their emotions anyway; why not teach them the Spanish versions, too?

12. Use technology to your advantage. These apps can help your kids learn a new language.

13. A board book is perfect for babies. Foreign language acquisition is easiest if it happens at the same time as primary language development.

My Big Book of Spanish Words

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14. Teach the days of the week through simple songs.

15. Love this activity that teaches kids that they’re part of such a HUGE global society!

16. Why learn Spanish? Because of this…

Why learn Spanish? Because of this…

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17. Flash cards worked for you in high school - it will work for your kids, too.

Carson-Dellosa 3924 Everyday Words in Spanish: Photographic Flash Cards:...

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18. No problem if you don’t know Spanish yourself - you can learn together with these tips.

19. If you’re ready to teach phonics, here’s how.

20. If you like the Montessori method, you’ll love this approach to teaching Spanish to young ones.

21. Use screen time to teach!

Are you planning to teach your child Spanish? What strategies are you using? Share this with a mama who’s also hoping to raise their child to be bilingual.

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