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Best Potty Chairs and Seats of 2023

Help make toilet training easier with one of these top potty chairs.

The potty seat purchase is one of those much-anticipated buys, as it gets your little one on the road to finally being diaper free. But your potty chair choice can make or break the experience for your little one.

Using a potty seat can be frightening after many months of using a diaper, so you want to find the best fit for your child.

We’ve been there — many times — so we’ve done the dirty work of testing and comparing the wide range of potty styles available.

We’ve created this list of the 10 best potty chairs and seats for every situation. We’ve reviewed each of our top picks, rating them based on how they look to your child, their comfort level, how easy they are to clean, and how functional they are.

Check out these great potty chairs and seats and our top potty seat tips, so you can choose the seat that will ultimately get your little one on the path to being diaper free.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the BabyBjörn Potty Chair, Deep Green/White
Best for Big Toddlers
Baby Bjorn Chair
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • High backrest and splash guard
  • Easy waste removal
Product Image of the BABYBJORN Smart Potty, Gray
Best Travel Chair
Baby Bjorn Potty
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Two-in-one design
  • Non-skid bottom
Product Image of the Potty Training Seat For Kids Boys Girls Toddlers Toilet Seat For Baby With...
Best Seat for Boys
Boshaosumo Potty Seat
  • Large splash guard
  • Cushioned removable seat
  • Secure on the toilet
Product Image of the GrowthPic Toddler Toilet Training Seat Ladder with Sturdy Non-Slip Wide Step and...
Best Seat for Girls
GrowthPic Toilet Seat
  • Cute design
  • Adjustable step height
  • Easy to clean
Product Image of the Summer My Size Potty, Pink Realistic Potty Training Toilet Looks and Feels Like...
Best Toilet Lookalike
Summer Infant
  • Realistic looking
  • With a storage area
  • Pretend flush with a flushing sound
Product Image of the Firares Upgrade Folding Large Non Slip Silicone Pads Travel Portable Reusable...
Best Travel Seat
Firares Portable
  • Foldable
  • Fits most toilets
  • Supports up to 80 pounds
Product Image of the The First Years Training Wheels Racer Potty System | Easy to Clean and Easy to...
Best Chair for Boys
The First Years Training
  • For car-loving toddlers
  • Two-in-one function
  • Handles and non-skid bottom
Product Image of the iLove 2 Step Stool for Kids and Toddlers, Bathroom and Toilet Stool for Potty...
Best Step Stool
iLove Dual Height Stool
  • Dual height
  • Non-skid base
  • Useful throughout the home
Product Image of the Regalo 2-in-1 My Little Potty Training & Transition Potty, Grow with Me & On The...
Best for Learning
Regalo My Little Potty
  • Interactive flushing noise
  • Impressive function
  • Handles for stability
Product Image of the The First Years Disney Minnie Mouse Potty and Trainer Seat
Best Chair for Girls
The First Years Minnie Mouse
  • Perfect theme for girls
  • Pretend flush handle
  • Durable material

The Best Potty Chairs and Seats of 2023

Here are 10 great potty chairs and seats to consider.

1. Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Best Potty Chair for Big Toddlers

If your toddler is tall or heavy, you’ll love this potty chair from Baby Bjorn. It’s built from durable materials, making it sturdy on the floor. The chair is also a little taller, so long legs won’t have to bend uncomfortably.

One thing your toddler will undoubtedly love is the high backrest. It allows them to sit on their throne and take their time while doing their business in comfort.

This potty chair includes ergonomic lines so that the seat is as comfortable as can be.

Baby Björn recognizes that toddler size and the age of potty training varies. This is why they made this chair to suit large and smaller toddlers. The high backrest makes it comfortable even for smaller users, and as your toddler grows, they can continue using it thanks to the tall design.

Additionally, the plastic used is 100% BPA-free, meaning you won’t have to worry about toxic materials.


  • Sturdy and made from durable material.
  • High backrest and splash guard.
  • BPA-free plastic.
  • Two-in-one design with easy waste removal.
  • Comfortable seat.


  • Some moms noted that their toddler’s bottom stuck to the seat after use.

2. Baby Bjorn Smart Potty Chair

Best Travel Potty Chair

Baby Björn takes another spot on our list, this time with their Smart Potty. The Smart Potty is smaller and lighter than the standard potty chair, making it perfect for trips.

This smart potty is compact, takes up very little space in the car, and will even fit into a bag when you’re out and about. Fortunately, Baby Björn didn’t compromise size for comfort as this seat still includes the ergonomic design.

Another fantastic plus is the material. It’s 100% BPA-free but also durable and will carry your toddler’s weight.

Its rubber edges keep it from sliding on the floor.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Two-in-one design.
  • Durable material.
  • Non-skid bottom.


  • The splash guard may be too short for some children.

3. Boshaosumo Potty Seat for Toddlers

Best Potty Seat for Boys

This potty seat from Boshaosumo is perfect for potty-training boys. We chose this product because of the large splash guard. Having a boy myself, I know how messy toilet training can be — it gets everywhere.

As well as the large splash guard, the seat also features a backrest and handles. Not only will this provide a comfortable seat, but it will also give some support if your child is new to using the toilet. The soft seating area is lightly cushioned.

One feature I love is how stable this seat is. Adjustable arms keep the seat firmly attached to the toilet. For extra security, Boshaosumo also included non-slip strips.

However, it doesn’t fit all toilets, so check before purchasing.


  • Large splash guard.
  • Cushioned seat.
  • Removable seat for easy cleaning.
  • Handles and backrest.
  • Secure on the toilet.


  • Won’t fit all toilet seats. Only fits round or elongated seats.

4. GrowthPic Toddler Toilet Seat with Ladder

Best Potty Seat for Girls

If your little one is feeling ready for independence, this potty seat from GrowthPic is for her. The first feature I’ll mention is the appealing design. This potty seat is everything cute. It’s all pink shades with an adorable bear theme. You can also choose a blue or green design.

Besides the cuteness factor, it’s also comfortable. GrowthPic cushioned the seat, so your little princess can sit for as long as she needs to.

But I’m sure your girl will especially appreciate the ladder. This provides some independence so she can go potty whenever she needs — all by herself.

The wide step has grab handles at the top, and there’s non-skid material at the base so it won’t slip. It also folds for storage.


  • Cute design.
  • Adjustable step height.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Cushioned seat.


  • No clear assembly instructions.
  • Doesn’t fit square-shaped toilets.

5. Summer Infant My Size Potty Chair

Best Toilet Look-Alike Potty Chair

This adult toilet look-alike from Summer Infant is an excellent choice for a realistic learning experience. It has all the right features, except a working flush.

What’s so much fun about this training toilet is the realistic detail. It has a pretend-flush handle that makes a flushing sound. At the top, you have a small cabinet for toilet paper or wipes for your toddler.

Your little one can open and close the lid themselves and go whenever necessary. All you have to do is clean out the bowl.

One valuable feature is the clip-on splash guard. It’s large and easy to put on and remove, making it more hygienic.


  • Realistic-looking potty chair.
  • Storage area for wipes or underwear.
  • Pretend flush with a flushing sound.


  • The splash guard often doesn’t stay in place.

6. Firares Portable Potty Training Seat

Best Travel Potty Seat Cover

If you’re often on the road, you’ll surely find this potty seat from Firares useful. You can fold it down to fit in your bag or use the included carry bag.

The material is polypropylene, but it’s hinged to fold easily. When you reach the restroom, unfold it, and it will stick to the seat using the silicone pads supplied.

One advantage is that the potty seat will fit most toilets — even the horseshoe-shaped seats you often find in public restrooms. It will support a child weighing up to 80 pounds.

Your little one will love that the seat doesn’t leave a gap where fingers or thighs can be pinched. However, although there are silicone pads to hold it in place, it can sometimes slip around on the toilet seat.


  • Foldable to an easy-to-carry size.
  • Fits most toilets.
  • Cute design.


  • May not grip well on some toilet seats.

7. The First Years Training Wheels Potty Chair

Best Potty Chair for Boys

This potty from The First Years is perfect if your little one loves speed and cars. The potty chair is a small race car that features a seat, four wheels, and headlight stickers. The colors are black and red, giving it some Ferrari appeal.

But what we love is that this potty is a two-in-one. You can remove the inner bowl for easy cleaning or place the seat on the adult toilet.

An additional feature you’ll surely appreciate is the large splash guard. This will ensure all the pee goes into the bowl. The potty also features handles and has non-skid material on the wheels.

However, although it’s claimed to be for toddlers aged 18 months and up, it’s pretty small for taller children.


  • Fun for car-loving toddlers.
  • Two-in-one function.
  • Large splash guard.
  • Handles and a non-skid bottom.


  • Not big enough for taller toddlers.

8. iLove Dual Height Step Stool

Best Step Stool for Potty Training

This step stool from iLove Store is ideal for your toilet-training toddler.

I chose this stool because of its dual height, meaning it will stay with you for a long time. It has two steps, with the highest reaching 10.5 inches. This is also a good height for reaching the sink to wash hands afterward.

We’re sure you’ll love the sturdy design. With two soft-grip steps and a non-slip grip surface, it’s secure on any floor surface. And although it’s lightweight, this step stool can hold a weight of up to 190 pounds. That’s pretty amazing!

What’s more, it has a simple, clean look. The white and grey colors will suit almost any bathroom without looking out of place.

This seat can be used anywhere around the house, not only in the bathroom. It might even be useful for those of us who are vertically challenged to reach higher cupboards and shelves.


  • Dual height.
  • Non-skid base.
  • Matching toilet training seats are available.
  • Useful throughout the home, not just for toilet training.


  • The width is relatively narrow.
  • Younger children may need support, as there are no sides or handles to hold.

9. Regalo 2-in-1 My Little Potty Chair

Best Learn and Laugh Potty Chair

This potty chair from Regalo is all about flushing. The musical “water” sounds set this potty chair apart from the rest. Once your little one finishes and pushes the flush button, it creates a realistic flushing noise.

There’s a bit more tech involved with this potty, so you’ll need three LR44 batteries. But it’s so much fun for a toddler.

The flush show aside, this potty is pretty cool. It has a storage compartment to hold wipes or books. It also has a splash guard for little ones.


  • Interactive flushing noise.
  • Impressive function.
  • Handles for stability.


  • The splash guard may be too low for some boys.

10. The First Years Minnie Mouse Potty Chair

Best Potty Chair for Girls

This Disney Baby Minnie Mouse potty chair from The First Years is perfect for little girls.

You’ll love this three-in-one design that includes a stand-alone potty with a removable inner bowl, a splash guard, and a toilet trainer.

Toddlers will love this because it looks like an adult toilet — it even has a pretend-flush handle. It’s all pink with Minnie Mouse stickers bringing that Disney vibe.

It’s made with durable plastic that’s strong enough to hold a toddler’s weight.


  • Perfect theme for girls.
  • Customizable design.
  • Pretend-flush handle.
  • Durable material.


  • Some of the components are too easy for toddlers to take apart.

What is a Potty Chair?

A potty chair is basically a mix of a toilet and a chair. The small seat will sit on the ground where your little one can keep their feet on the floor. Then there’s the bowl area, which catches all the poop and pee.

Product Image of the BabyBjörn Potty Chair, Deep Green/White

A great plus is its portability. A potty chair is generally compact and lightweight, meaning you can place it anywhere. As soon as your toddler feels the urge to go, the potty is within sight (1).

However, the biggest drawback is that you’ll still have to get your hands and nose near the poop. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve got nothing against pooping — it’s a natural process. But at some point, you just want to flush it and not see it.

Nevertheless, there are different types of potty chairs. So let’s take a look.

Types of Potty Chairs

  • Standard potty chair: These are very simple and budget-friendly — they consist of a single piece without additional features. However, they can be messy to clean.
  • Two-piece potty chair: These generally consist of a standard potty to support your child, with a removable bucket in the bowl area. These are easy to clean.
  • Fancy potty chair: Many extra features make for a fancy potty chair. Some come with drawers for wipes, deodorizers, lights and sounds, a cushioned seat, and even stickers.
  • Multi-functioning potty chair: This type is an investment that will grow with your child. These usually serve multiple purposes by converting from a potty chair to a seat and even a stepping stool.

How to Choose a Potty Chair

Although they’re usually pretty basic, some potty chairs have invaluable features. Here are a few:

  • Splash guard: This is a little lifted section you’ll see at the front. The splash guard is there to keep all the waste inside the bowl. It’s a must-have if you have boys, as it prevents pee from splashing out of the potty.
  • Stability: Whichever potty chair you choose, stability is a must. The last thing you want is for your toddler to tip the whole potty over when sitting on it. Look for a heavier potty, or test it by placing a hand on one side and pressing down to ensure it stays put.
  • Design: Toddlers love things that look interesting and fun. Your child may be more likely to use a potty chair that looks like a toy.

What is a Potty Seat?

A potty seat is a small seat that sits on top of the adult toilet. It reduces the opening size in the regular seat so your little one won’t fall through. You may also know the potty seat as a “toilet trainer,” “potty ring,” or “seat reducer.”

While pretty much any child can use them, potty seats are best for bigger toddlers or those who don’t feel intimidated by the adult toilet.

Product Image of the Potty Training Seat For Kids Boys Girls Toddlers Toilet Seat For Baby With...

Potty seats have many benefits. One of them is that there’s less cleaning involved — the waste goes straight into the toilet, and you simply flush. Plus, once your toddler feels ready, you just stop using it; no need for another transition.

Remember to measure your toilet to ensure the potty seat fits the opening.

Types of Potty Seats

There are only two types of potty seats.

  • Regular potty seat: This type merely sits on top of the regular seat. You can quickly remove it when it’s not being used. However, your toddler will likely need your assistance to get on and off unless you purchase a step stool.
  • Two-in-one potty seat: This includes a seat reducer and a step stool or ladder to help your child go whenever they need to without your assistance. These are bulkier than standard potty seats and not as easy to remove.

How to Choose a Potty Chair

Some seats have additional features. Here are a few you might find:

  • Fastener: Depending on which seat you purchase, it might stay fixed to the seat by suction cups, wings, or a hinge. Any of these methods will ensure the seat won’t slide off. Beware, though, some seats have no fastenings.
  • Splash guard: The splash guard is the small hump at the front of the seat. It helps to ensure the pee goes in the right direction.
  • Cushioned seat: You’ll likely have a choice between a soft, cushioned seat or a hard plastic one. Plastic is a lot easier to clean but harder on the little tush.
  • Storage hook: Some potty seats have a storage hook you can attach to the toilet. This is a huge advantage when it comes to storing. You can also buy them separately, but make sure they fit the potty seat.

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