Best Laser Tag Guns of 2021

Get ready to dodge — laser tag is a fun game the whole family can enjoy.

Staying active is essential, even for children, but it’s often easier said than done in our world full of smartphones and tablets (1). It’s time for some creative ideas to make exercise a priority, and one of these is laser tag. Yes, that game you’ve probably played when visiting the arcade can also be played at home.

Whether you want to get your child off the couch, or they specifically asked for a set, laser tag is fantastic. It’s suitable for most ages, and even adults can join in on the fun. However, finding the best laser tag guns requires some research and we were happy to take one for the team and do it.

Our Top Picks

Compare the Best
Product Image of the Kidzlane Laser Tag | Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 | Multi Function Lazer Tag Guns for...
Best Laser Tag Guns Overall
Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Guns
  • Team play
  • Four gun settings
  • Built-in receiver
Product Image of the ArmoGear Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4 – Multi Player Lazer...
Most Authentic Laser Tag Guns
ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters
  • Authentic set
  • Various gun modes
  • Stealth mode
Product Image of the Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set
Best Laser Tag Game
Laser X 88016
  • Long range
  • Voice coach
  • Great bonding activity
Product Image of the Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack - Fun Multiplayer Laser Tag...
Best For Older Children
Nerf Official: Phoenix LTX Tagger
  • Great for advanced players & newbies
  • Play indoors and outdoors
  • Fantastic effects
Product Image of the Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack
Honorable Mention
Laser Tag Set & Carrying Case
  • Fun effects
  • No vests needed
  • Allows for many players

How to Choose the Best Laser Tag Guns

Through our research, we’ve found these features to be key when buying a laser tag toys.

Battery Life

Laser tag guns are portable, meaning that they run on batteries. Some consume a lot of power, which might not be a significant issue if it was adults who were playing.

For children, however, such guns can run through batteries fast — perhaps even needing a change mid-battle. Children often push the trigger repeatedly without aiming, burning up the batteries.

So, always check reviews — users often tell how long the batteries lasted. Some guns allow for rechargeable batteries; just verify that they last long enough.

Gun Settings

Some of the better laser tag guns include several modes the player can choose from. These allow the user to switch between weapons, impact levels, and the number of lives lost.

Shooting Range

Some guns are best for indoor use, while others can do both — it depends greatly on the shooting range. Looking for a long reach is best — it gives the players space to hide and arrange ambushes. A span of 120 feet is decent, but for outdoors, we recommend 130 feet.

Effects and Features

Sound and light effects make the game come alive, and most laser guns include both. Some take it further and vibrate when hit, or make individual sounds as it reloads.

Another fantastic feature is a life indicator — this will clearly show the user how many lives they have left.

Other fun features include flashlights and stealth modes, where the player can sneak up on the opponents. Some guns even include running targets, like small robots, to shoot after.


Normally, laser tag players must wear a vest, which registers every time they’re hit. However, for home use, many manufacturers have started to include a built-in receiver in the guns, eliminating the need for a vest.

Both have their pros and cons. Without a vest, you must hit the player from the direct side or front. But vests tend to be one-size-fits-all, which isn’t fun for smaller or larger players.


Laser guns are often constructed from plastic, which means limited durability, although some are sturdier than others. Look at user reviews to figure out how durable a gun is.

The Best Laser Tag Guns of 2021

Here are our favorite laser tag toys on the market.

1. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Guns

Best Laser Tag Guns Overall

To start our list, we have this great set of laser guns from Kidzlane. It’s a pack of four different colored guns with a lot to offer.

The pack promotes team play, while also inhibiting players from shooting their team members. Each player has various modes and colors to choose from. While playing, the guns create sound and light effects.

We love this set mostly because it allows anyone of any size to join in on the fun. It’s suitable for any laser tag fanatic above the age of 8, and with a large range, you can play both inside and out.

Why We Love It

Team Play

Playing laser tag becomes more fun when several people can join in. One of the reasons we chose this as the best is because it’s a pack of four different colored guns.

Your youngster can play with friends where they can choose which team they want to be on. Each gun has a ‘selector’ button to pick which color to play for. The colors include green, blue, white, and red.

Four Gun Settings

Once everyone has selected their team, it’s time to pick a type of gun. Near the selector sits a gun settings button, allowing players to switch between gun modes.

They can choose between four variations — these are:

  • Shotgun.
  • Pistol.
  • Rocket.
  • Submarine gun.

Each has a different amount of available shots, as well as lives taken per shot. What’s more, cool sound and light effects also change between the four settings.

Built-In Receiver

Normally, laser tag guns require the players to wear a vest with a receiver, which acts as a target. However, Kidzlane included built-in receivers inside the guns, eliminating the need for vests. This also allows anyone to play, regardless of their size.

Each gun has nine lives. You can keep track of your lives on the lives bar on the gun.

Large Range

You can use these laser tag guns both indoors and outdoors; however, they’re perfect for large areas. They have a range of up to 130 feet, so you have a lot of room to play with.

As a side note, avoid playing in direct sunlight. The guns utilize infrared light, which can be impaired by the sun.

Keep In Mind

Restart to Reload

Once you’ve used up all your lives, the guns require you to restart them before you can reload. Some users said this was a bit time-consuming.

Additional Specs

Recommended age 8+
Number of guns 4
Vest required No
Gun range 130 feet
Gun modes available Yes

2. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

Most Authentic Laser Tag Guns

If you’re looking for a set identical to what you’re used to at the arcade, then this is it. The set includes four blasters and four vests that each player must wear.

These blasters have a lot of features. For starters, the player can switch between gun modes. There’s also a sneak-attack feature, which is great fun for carrying out a stealthy ambush.

What’s more, playing in the dark or dimly lit areas is no problem — each blaster has a built-in flashlight. The lasers have a large range, making them perfect for outdoors, and they’re suitable for anyone aged 8 and up.

The blasters are ergonomically designed, making them comfortable to hold with a solid grip. And they’re safe, even for young children. The infrared signal emission is at 0.9 mW.

Why We Love It

Authentic Set

The set from ArmoGear is close to the authentic arcade laser tag games. Each player will have to wear a vest that works as a target for their opponents.

Up to four teams can play with an unlimited number of members. As long as there’s a gun for each person, you’re good to go. Plus, you’ll have a range of 150 feet.

Various Gun Modes

Once you get the game started, you can switch between four gun modes. These are:

  • Machine gun.
  • Rocket.
  • Shotgun.
  • Pistol.

Each set has different amounts of preloaded ammo and points taken per shot.

Stealth Mode

The set has a lot going on — this includes a stealth mode. This is an invisibility mode, giving the player 15 seconds to make a secret ambush or to reload. During those 15 seconds, the vest can’t take any hits.

Night Vision Flashlight

You can also play in the dark, or at least a dimly-lit battleground. The guns have a night vision flashlight, which consists of a powerful LED light. It shoots out from the top of the gun, enabling you to navigate easier in the dark.

Keep In Mind

Short Range Aims Aren’t Optimal

A few users complained that when firing close to the target, you get a hit no matter your aim. Some even stated that players could hit the target even while shooting standing back-to-back. However, the issue solves itself when playing in a larger area.

Additional Specs

Recommended age 8+
Number of guns 4
Vest required Yes
Gun range 150 feet
Gun modes available Yes

3. Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

Best Laser Tag Set

This two player game is ideal for rainy days indoors or dry days outdoors. While you can definitely go rouge and make your own game, this set comes with instructions for a more logical game. This provides hours of competitive fun! Not just for kids, but for parents (and grandparents), too.

This game includes two laser guns and two receiver vests. The full color lighting effects help you keep track of shots and hits, so you always know who is in the lead! There is also an interactive voice coach that can help you out during the game. Just plug in your headphones and you can experience the soundtrack and sound effects.

This set is also compatible with all other Laser X sets. So while this set is good for two players, you can easily add on more!

Why We Love It

Long Range

Whether you want to play indoors, in close proximity, or outdoors in a park, this is the ideal game. The laser guns work from up to 200 feet apart, so you can make a big obstacle course in the back yard and have hours of fun.

Voice Coach

The added voice coach makes for a more dramatic experience. It plays atmospheric music and gives you coaching tips and tricks as you go. Plus, while wearing the headphones, you can’t hear your opponents which definitely increases the tension.

Bonding Activity

Parents, and grandparents, are so thankful they bought this toy for their kid. Not only do siblings get tons of use out of it, but it’s perfect for bonding with your kids. Grab a laser gun and join in on the fun!

Keep In Mind

Not Discreet

If you want a laser gun game where you can hide and jump out at your opponents, this isn’t the ideal one. First of all, the flashing lights are really bright, so if you’re hiding in a dark room, you’re going to get discovered pretty quick. But secondly, there is a pointless beep that occurs every couple of seconds. It can’t be switched off; it ruins your hiding places; and it has no purpose.

Headphones Required

While the headphones make the game a bit more exciting, not everybody enjoys wearing headphones as they run through the park. But unfortunately, you can’t experience the sound effects unless you’re wearing them.

Additional Specs

Recommended age 6+
Number of guns 2
Vest required Yes
Gun range 200 feet
Gun modes available Yes

4. Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger

Best for Older Children

Hasbro has brought us an Amazon exclusive Nerf laser tag gun. It’s excellent for beginner to advanced laser tag players above the age of 8.

This is a smaller set, consisting of two guns. However, more players can join in on the fun with compatible sets.

The guns are great fun — they react to hits and even have an automatic reload feature. You can play both indoors and outdoors. With sounds, lights, and vibrations, they get the players engaged in the game.

Why We Love It

Great for Advanced Players and Newbies

These guns provide an even playing field for newbies and advanced laser tag players. Different play settings are available that can make the game as fun or challenging as possible.

With each gun, the individual player can set either ten or 25 lives. For beginners, Nerf recommends 25 lives, and then the advanced players will only have ten. This way, all players will have an even chance.

Play Indoors and Outdoors

The guns work both indoors and out, so you can easily create the ultimate battlefield. Although the range isn’t stated, reviewers say it’s quite large. You can have as many players as you want, but remember to purchase compatible guns.

Fantastic Effects

The guns are super cool, filled with various effects. When you get hit, the gun will light up, create sounds, and vibrate. Every time you fire, the gun recoils and then creates more sounds and vibrations.

Another fantastic feature is the ammo reload. Your children can truly get into character without risking a failing gun.

Keep In Mind

The Sounds Are Loud

A few parents complained there wasn’t a stealth mode or volume control. The guns are loud, which can become annoying to listen to for hours.

Additional Specs

Recommended age 8+
Number of guns 2
Vest required No
Gun range Not stated
Gun modes available N/A

5. Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case

Honorable Mention

For our honorable mention, we have this bundle from Dynasty Toys. It’s a great package, consisting of four outstanding laser tag guns.

They work differently from the previous guns we’ve reviewed today — each has its distinct traits. There are cool light and sound effects, as well as a reload feature, engaging the players.

Dynasty made sure that everyone can play. With compatible guns, the team sizes are unlimited, so feel free to invite the whole family.

Why We Love It

Fun Effects

The four blaster guns are loaded with fun, but they’re not identical. Each has its strengths and weaknesses in regards to range, reload time and damage.

Once it’s time to reload, the guns will notify the player — then, tap the end and it reloads. The speakers will inform the player once the gun’s ready to re-enter the battle.

No Vests

The guns have built-in receivers, which the opponents must aim at to get a hit. There’s no need to wear excessive gear, like vests.

Allows for Many Players

Simply because there are only four guns in the package, it doesn’t mean that only four people can play. With the purchase of additional compatible guns, more people can join the fun.

Keep In Mind

Volume is Loud

A few users had a noise complaint with this set. The guns seem to be loud, perhaps even too loud to use indoors.

Additional Specs

Recommended age 10+
Number of guns 4
Vest required No
Gun range N/A
Gun modes available N/A

Laser Tag Gun Comparison Chart

Product Best Recommended age No. of guns Vest required Gun range Gun modes available
Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Guns Overall 8+ 4 No 130 ft Yes
ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters Authentic 8+ 4 Yes 150 ft Yes
Laser X 88016 Laser Tag Game 6+ 2 Yes 200 ft Yes
Nerf Official: Phoenix LTX Tagger Older Children 8+ 2 No N/A N/A
Laser Tag Set & Carrying Case Honorable Mention 10+ 4 No N/A N/A
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Appropriate Ages for Laser Tag

Friendly laser tag games at home don’t necessarily have an age range. The laser tag guns have a recommended age — the youngest that we came across was for 5-year-olds.

Think Twice

Although any child can play laser tag, it doesn’t mean they should. Players should know how to use the guns and understand the rules.
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Is Laser Tag Safe for Children?

Laser tag toys are relatively safe for children to use. Most are regulated to ensure they aren’t harmful (2).

Laser tag guns utilize mild infrared lights. Always teach your children not to point it directly into the eyes of others.

Know the Risks

Lasers can cause eye damage when misused. Your child should be aware that aiming it directly into the eyes can have serious consequences (3).

Beware of the Beam

Laser tag is a nostalgic pastime for many of us. Having memories of playing it every day after school, we know how fun it is. It’s a fantastic tool for getting your children some active play.

Finding the best laser tag guns for home use is essential. You want to look for something that’s durable, performs well, and includes fun features.

Once you’ve found the right one for your children, or even for you, make sure they understand the power of the beam. Although laser guns are relatively safe, there are dangers of using them, so always be cautious.

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