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Best Outdoor Baby Swings of 2023

Find an outdoor baby swing that is as safe and secure as it is fun.

The sensation of swinging through the air is an almost universal pleasure. Scientists believe we enjoy swinging because it stimulates our sensory systems while imitating the weightless, floating sensation we experienced in the womb.

Consequently, outdoor baby swings are a popular choice for those who want to entertain their little ones while enjoying some fresh air.

We combined our purchasing, installation, and user experience with that of other users to select the seven best outdoor baby swings we feel confident recommending.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Little Tikes Snug 'n Secure Blue Swing with Adjustable Straps, 2-in-1 for Baby...
Best Budget Outdoor Baby Swing
Little Tikes Grow With Me
  • Comes with fitted ropes fitted
  • Adjustable angle
  • Recyclable material
Product Image of the Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat, Turquoise , Blue
Best Bucket Outdoor Swing
Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing
  • Comes with attached carabiners
  • Roomy enough for bigger kids
  • Easy to clean
Product Image of the Monkey & Mouse Baby Swing Seat, Secure Canvas and Wooden Hanging Swing Chair for...
Best Portable Outdoor Baby Swing
Monkey & Mouse Canvas Swing
  • Can be hung anywhere
  • Easy to adjust
  • Has built-in toys
Product Image of the Swing-N-Slide WS 4861 Nest Swing with 40' Diameter, Blue
Best Outdoor Toddler Swing
Swing-N-Slide Nest Swing
  • Wide age range
  • Adult & child compatible
  • High weight limit
Product Image of the Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat with...
Safest Outdoor Baby Swing
Eastern Jungle Gym Swing
  • Deep bucket
  • Commercial quality
  • No assembly required
Product Image of the Ecotribe Wooden Horse Swing - Hanging Swing for Kids – Toddler Swing Set &...
Best Non-Toxic Outdoor Baby Swing
Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set
  • Made from natural materials
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Can be used indoors
Product Image of the Sportspower My First Toddler Swing - Heavy-Duty Baby Indoor/Outdoor Swing Set...
Best Versatile Outdoor Baby Swing
Sportspower My First Toddler Swing
  • Easy to use indoors & out
  • Has a cute design
  • Sits low to the ground

The Best Outdoor Baby Swings of 2023

Here are seven great outdoor baby swings to consider.

1. Little Tikes Grow With Me Swing

Best Budget Outdoor Baby Swing

The Little Tikes 2-in-1 Grow With Me swing is our top pick because of its versatility.

You can hang the swing with the seat in a more reclined position for younger children and adjust it to a more upright position for older kids. Also, the safety straps and T-bar can be stowed out of the way when your child is old enough not to need them.

Brightly colored, easy to wipe clean, and safe to be left outside, the previous incarnation of the swing had a different formulation of plastic and was recalled due to cracking issues. This problem has been resolved, and this new version of the swing has greater longevity.

Our only peeve is that the nylon rope may be too short for some locations, but this is easily resolved as replacement rope is easy to find.

Photo of the Little Tikes Grow With Me Swing


  • Comes with ropes fitted.
  • Can be left outside.
  • Adjustable angle.
  • Recyclable.


  • You have to buy anchors separately.

Product Specs

Age range 9 months to 4 years
Weight limit Up to 50 pounds
Seat material High-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and polypropylene
Suspension material Nylon rope

2. Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

Best Bucket Outdoor Swing

The Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing Seat is a big hit with the caregivers of bigger babies. As it is wider than other options, there is plenty of room for the larger baby. They can swing comfortably and safely without being shoehorned into the seat.

The safety straps are relatively easy to clip and unclip, but not so simple that there is any danger of your child making a sudden break for it. When your little one has reached toddlerdom, the straps can be adjusted in such a way that they sit comfortably behind your child.

There is a small amount of assembly required, but nothing complicated. The ropes are generous enough to suspend from high branches or overhangs and still have your baby at a safe height. The seat comes with carabiners securely attached to the end of the ropes, so all you need are some strong anchor points from which to hang it.

Photo of the Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat


  • Comes with carabiners already attached.
  • Roomy enough for bigger kids.
  • Easy to clean.


  • You have to buy anchors separately.

Product Specs

Age range 9 months to 3 years
Weight limit 50 pounds
Seat material Polyethylene and polypropylene
Suspension material Nylon rope

3. Monkey & Mouse Canvas Swing

Best Portable Outdoor Baby Swing

We love that the Monkey and Mouse canvas swing is designed to be hung up or taken down quickly and easily. This makes it the ideal outdoor baby swing for use in multiple locations.

You can suspend the swing from a branch, bar, or beam by throwing the end of the rope over and affixing it to itself. Alternatively, you can hang it from ceiling mounts or a doorframe anchor by simply clipping the carabiners onto your installed hardware.

The cute cotton seat pad can be removed for easy cleaning or to make more room for your child as they grow. Also, the swing can be dismantled, and the fabric machine washed while the beech wood pieces are treated for easy wipe down.

Our only quibble is, if you live in a particularly humid location, you may have to bring the swing in each day to avoid deterioration.

Photo of the Monkey & Mouse Canvas Swing


  • Everything included.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Built-in toys.


  • It’s best to bring it inside during sustained harsh weather.

Product Specs

Age range 6 months to 4 years
Weight limit 110 pounds
Seat material UV-protected cotton canvas and beech wood
Suspension material Cotton rope

4. Swing-N-Slide 40” Nest Swing

Best Outdoor Toddler Swing

Our choice for the best toddler swing comes with a caveat. This is for older toddlers and should only be used under careful adult supervision.

The Swing-N-Slide diverges from the traditional swing shape and is instead a large, horizontal steel ring with a nylon cover. Children recline on the swing, which is slightly concave, allowing younger kids to lay within a bowl-like seat.

The fabric around the metal ring is padded to prevent bumps, and the nylon rope connects to a steel chain, creating a durable suspension system.

We like that you can sit in the swing with your toddler, or up to three smaller children can lay in it together. However, because there are no safety straps or harnesses, you could not leave a toddler unsupervised in the swing as they would be in danger of falling.


  • Wide age range.
  • Adult and child compatible.
  • High weight limit.


  • Requires close supervision for younger children.
  • Needs lots of room.

Product Specs

Age range 36 months to 10 years
Weight limit 200 pounds
Seat material Steel frame, nylon cover
Suspension material Nylon rope and steel chain

5. Eastern Jungle Gym High-Back Swing

Safest Outdoor Baby Swing

It was a struggle to choose one outdoor baby swing as the safest because all of the swings we chose met our stringent safety standards. However, we chose the Eastern Jungle Gym high-back swing for this category because of its suspension system and commercial specifications.

Rather than rope, this swing is suspended entirely by chain and metal components. The chain links have a shrink-wrap plastic cover to prevent little fingers from becoming trapped in moving parts.

The seat itself is a softer, slightly flexible plastic rated for commercial use, so we are confident it will remain a sturdy part of our outdoor play area long after our kids have grown out of it.

We are also impressed with the high back for support and the deep seat, which minimizes the possibility of your older child leaning forward and tipping over.

Photo of the Eastern Jungle Gym High-Back Swing


  • Deep bucket.
  • Commercial quality.
  • No assembly required.


  • Large leg holes.
  • No hardware included.

Product Specs

Age range 6 months to 4 years
Weight limit 150 pounds
Seat material Polyethylene
Suspension material Galvanized steel coated in plastisol

6. Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set

Best Non-Toxic Outdoor Baby Swing

If you are looking for a wooden swing, this model from Ecotribe is an excellent option. With enough rope for a 78-inch drop, the appealing horse swing works just as well indoors as it does outside.

The swing ships in pieces, and while it is easy to assemble, this may be off-putting for some people. On the plus side, the package includes a screwdriver and the hardware you need, so there’s no need to worry about not having the right tools or fixings.

Our issue with this outdoor baby swing is that although it has been sanded smooth before shipping, there is no protective layer to ensure outside longevity. In some environments, this won’t be a problem, but in other climates, you need a coating to protect the wood from the elements.

While this does give you the option of choosing whatever stain or protection you prefer, it does mean most people will have to treat the swing before they can use it.

Photo of the Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set


  • No human-made materials.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • It can also be used indoors, which would eliminate the need to stain it.


  • Assembly required.

Product Specs

Age range 6 months to 3 years
Weight limit 44 pounds
Seat material Birchwood
Suspension material Cotton rope

7. Sportspower My First Toddler Swing

Best Versatile Outdoor Baby Swing

The swing does require some basic assembly, but nothing complicated. It took us about 15 minutes to assemble, and that was with a couple of adjustments to the length of the rope.

The manufacturer recommends you do not adjust the length of the ropes. However, for taller children, this can result in their feet brushing the ground when they swing.

Consequently, we pulled the rope through the fixing point and tied an additional knot making the swing sit slightly higher. But this will also alter the center of gravity for the swing so, although we did not experience this and can’t imagine it happening if you shorten the ropes, it could, in theory, cause the swing to tip.

Although the frame does fold flat for easy storage, if you are going to use this indoors, you need a space of at least 55 inches x 55 inches for the swing’s footprint. This makes it less convenient inside than another swing you might suspend from the doorframe or ceiling.

Photo of the Sportspower My First Toddler Swing


  • Easy to use indoors and out.
  • The swing has a cute design.
  • It sits low to the ground, which is nice from a safety point.


  • Takes up a lot of floor space.
  • A few parents have had issues with the shoulder straps breaking over time.

Product Specs

Age range 9 months to 3 years
Weight limit 55 pounds
Seat material Polypropylene with nylon panels
Suspension material Nylon rope on powder-coated steel frame

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Age range Weight limit Seat material Suspension material
Little Tikes Grow With Me Budget Pick 9 months to 4 years Up to 50 lbs Plastic Nylon rope
Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Bucket 9 months to 3 years 50 lbs Plastic Nylon rope
Monkey & Mouse Swing Portable 6 months to 4 years 110 lbs Wood & canvas Cotton rope
Swing-N-Slide Nest Swing Toddler 36 months to 10 years 200 lbs Steel & nylon cover Nylon rope & steel chain
Eastern Jungle Gym High-Back Safest 6 months to 4 years 150 lbs Plastic Galvanized steel coated in plastisol
Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set Non-Toxic 6 months to 3 years 44 lbs Wood Cotton rope
Sportspower My First Swing Versatile 9 months to 3 years 55 lbs Plastic Nylon rope on powder-coated steel frame

When Can a Baby Use an Outdoor Swing?

Outdoor baby swings can be used once a child is physically developed enough to sit up unsupported and hold their head steady. This is usually around six months. If your baby can do this before that age, it’s still best to wait until they hit the manufacturer’s minimum age recommendations for the swing.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Baby Swing

With so many options, how do you choose the best outdoor baby swing for your child?


Safety is our number one priority, so we considered the material from which the swing was made, the material used to suspend the swing, and the anchors to affix the swing.

While selecting our favorites, we also considered the clarity of instructions to ensure it was easy to mount the swing safely and checked for any recall notices.


Using the swing both indoors and outdoors is a useful option if you have space. We considered how easy it was to take the swing down, put it up again, and adjust it for a growing child.


We looked at how big swings were, how much room you would need around you to swing safely, and the age-range to price ratio.

How High Should a Swing Set Be Off the Ground?

Baby or toddler swings should be a minimum of 24 inches off the ground. That is measured from the lowest point of the swing seat to the highest point of the surface underneath.


A wide range of factors goes into assessing whether a product has the potential for toxicity. Generally, products made in or imported into the U.S. pass strict government safety guidelines. However, not everyone is comfortable that such guides are strict enough.

We ignore labels that say things like “natural” and don’t automatically assume a swing is toxic because it is plastic or safe because it is wooden.

Weather Resistance

Depending on where you live, an outdoor baby swing can be subjected to extreme heat, cold, dryness, or moisture. We took into account how well each swing stands up to a variety of outdoor environments.


The price of a swing alone is only one factor to consider. How long you will be using the swing and how much pleasure you and your child will get out of it in relation to the cost is a more accurate budgetary consideration.


The shape of a swing and how your child is supported by it are critical factors. We look at where on the swing the child’s weight is centered and how the swing supports a child’s body. The fit determines how comfortable a swing is.

Child’s Age

A manufacturer’s recommended age range should be considered, along with your child’s size, weight, and physical abilities.

A child’s age and ability to hold their head upright is most important for the lower age limit, and their weight is more important than the upper age limit.

Weight Limit

Weight limits are carefully calculated to ensure children remain safe while swinging. You should never use an outdoor baby swing once your child has passed the upper weight limit.

How Do You Make an Outdoor Baby Swing?

If you are handy with a sewing machine and drill, you could always try your hand at making your own outdoor baby swing.

Our favorite tutorials are on A Beautiful Mess and A Kiwi Country Girl.

Alternatively, if video tutorials are more your thing, then Owlipop DIY has an excellent guide.

Safe, Secure, Fun

An outdoor baby swing is fun for both children and adults alike and is an excellent way to give your little one some much-needed fresh air. They are also great for spending time outside with your child and not having both hands full with their wriggling little bodies.

As a bonus, if you choose a swing you can hang indoors, swings are a fabulous spot for your baby to hang out. You’ll be able to see each other when you are busy with work, chores, hobbies, other kids, or anything else that might cause you to take your eyes off of them for a moment.

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