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17 Fun Typing Games for Kids: Practice Makes Perfect

Give your child a head start with fun and free games that make typing practice enjoyable.

Mastering typing is critical in our technologically advanced world. It can significantly ease school tasks, writing assignments, and even future professional responsibilities.

That’s where fun typing games for kids come in, turning the tedious task of learning to type into an exciting adventure. Whether it’s free games or interactive alphabet exercises for kindergartners, my list of 17 options has got you covered.

I’ll provide all the necessary information on where to access the game, what it’s all about, and how to play. Explore, choose, and watch your child’s typing abilities soar.

Fun Typing Games for Kids

  1. Jungle Junior: This fantastic free resource will teach your child how to type correctly and efficiently using a series of videos, activities, and games.
  2. Keyboard Jump: Spell words correctly and jump higher and higher.
  3. Space Typing Junior.
  4. Keyboard Ninja.
  5. Type a Balloon.
  6. Farm Typing Game.
  7. Keyman.
  8. Keyboarding Zoo.

Fun Typing Games for Kids To Improve Typing Skills

Learn to type with these awesome kids’ PC games. I love the idea of incorporating these games into your child’s weekly routine. Typing is an important and useful skill, and knowing how to type correctly will aid your child through their schooling and career.

1. Jungle Junior | Free

This is my absolute favorite free resource for teaching children how to type correctly.

There are specific keys that you should press with certain fingers. Have you ever noticed the little ridge on your keyboard’s J and F letters? That’s because those are where you’re supposed to put your pointer fingers.

This website teaches your child how to properly press each letter so they can type more efficiently. It begins with an educational series of videos on typing and letters. It uses color coordination to easily teach your child how to properly use their fingers to type.

Once you get started, it brings you through each letter of the keyboard on some educational typing exercises to help your child memorize exactly how to type. Every few letters, there is a game to test your child’s knowledge so far.

How To Play

  1. Get started: Get started with the course, beginning with the first exercise. There are 250 exercises, so this program might take a few weeks to complete.
  2. Watch the videos: This course is divided into videos, exercises, and games. The first few exercises include watching videos, so make sure you complete these with no distractions.
  3. Complete the exercises: There is a different exercise for each letter of the alphabet. The resource shows your child how to type each individual letter with a particular finger. For example, press the A button using your left pinky finger.
  4. Continue on: Continue through all 250 different exercises. Some children might want to complete the course in a few days, while others like to take their time over the course of a month or so.

Where To Play

Jungle Junior is available through TypingClub.com. Once you have created an account, you can access your portal form to pick up where you left off.

2. Keyboard Jump | Free

Type what’s on the screen as your little character — a plant pot — jumps higher and higher. Before you get playing, you can choose your difficulty level (anything from easy to insane) and what words you’d like to play.

The options include hard words, easy words, using only a specific keyboard row, or even working with numbers. It’s a fantastic game for kids who already have excellent typing skills or are just getting started. Put your fingers to the test!

How To Play

  1. Choose your difficulty: Choose your difficulty level from easy to insane. Then choose which words you’d like to spell. The options include hard words, easy words, numbers, and more.
  2. Begin typing: Once the game starts, begin typing the word on the screen. When you get the word correct, your character will jump higher to the next word.
  3. Getting it wrong: If you type a letter wrong, you lose a life. Continue typing, trying to beat your high score.
  4. Game over: Once you’ve lost all three lives, the game is over.

Where To Play

This free game is available on typing.com.

3. Space Typing Junior | Free

If your child is a fan of outer space, they will love this intense typing and spelling game. They are a little spaceship at the bottom of the screen. When the game begins, words start falling down from the top of the screen, and you must spell them correctly to eliminate them.

If you misspell or spell them too late, they will continue falling. You lose a life for every word that reaches the bottom of the screen. You have five lives before the game is over.

How To Play

  1. Choose your difficulty: There are six levels. The first level only sends down letters rather than words, whereas the highest level sends down bigger words that you must type quickly.
  2. Start typing: When the game begins, start typing the words you see to eliminate the word before it reaches the bottom. Once you start typing a certain word, you have to finish that word before moving on to the next word.
  3. Getting it wrong: The word will keep falling if you get it wrong. When it reaches the bottom of the screen, it explodes. If this happens five times, the game is over.

Where To Play

Play this game for free at Kidz Type.

4. Keyboard Ninja | Free

This one will get your heart rate going! Every few seconds, the fruit will fly up onto the screen with a letter attached. You must type that letter to slice the fruit and gain points.

Occasionally, bombs will fly up, too, with a letter attached. You must ensure you don’t type that letter, or the game will end. The game ends when you type in a bomb letter or miss three letters altogether.

How To Play

  1. Choose your letters: You can choose to play with all letters, numbers, or one specific row of the keyboard.
  2. Choose your difficulty: Choose between easy, medium, and hard. I played the hard level with all the letters, and it was pretty tricky!
  3. Type what you see: When the game begins, type the letters you see that are attached to a fruit.
  4. Avoid bombs: Try not to type letters that are attached to a bomb. Otherwise, the game will be over.
  5. Game over: The game is over if you miss three fruits or you type in the letter of a bomb.

Where To Play

This awesome game is available for free on Typing.com.

5. Type a Balloon | Free

This bright and fun balloon-popping game is a great way to teach beginners and expert typers how to respond quickly when typing. Balloons appear from the bottom of the screen, and you need to type the letter shown to pop the balloon before it floats away. It’s a race against time in this fun, quick and educational game.

How To Play

  1. Choose your settings: Choose a difficulty level and the lesson type (all letters, top row, bottom row, etc), and begin the game.
  2. Type the letters: Once the balloons start appearing, type the letters shown in the balloons to pop them. There will be a few balloons on the screen at a time, so you have to act fast.
  3. Game over: Once five balloons have reached the top of the screen, the game is over.

Where To Play

This intense game is available for free on Typing.com.

6. Farm Typing Game | Free

In this game, you must help a rooster collect ears of corn. If your child loves farming, then this is a fun game for them.

The ears of corn are stuck in bubbles, and the only way to pop the bubbles is to type in the correct word. You must collect the corn before the bubbles burst on its own. You move on to the next level once you get 10 ears of corn.

Each level corresponds with how many letters are in the bubbles. For instance, level five will have five-letter words such as green or phone.

How To Play

  1. Choose your difficulty: You can choose any level from one to seven, but there are only seven levels in the game, so I recommend starting at level one.
  2. Type: Type the words in the bubbles to pop the bubble and drop the corn to the rooster.
  3. Get 10 right: You must get 10 words right to move on to the next level. Once you finish level seven, you get your score. There is no way to lose this game; you simply play until you’ve completed the game!

Where To Play

Access this free farming game at Turtle Diary.

7. Keyman | Free

Dive beneath the surface in this underwater game. You must hunt for the hidden treasure chests by first finding the keys hidden in the maze. The only way to access the keys and treasure chests is to type in certain letters to change your character’s direction.

Each time you press a letter, it will send your character in a different direction, so you can head toward the keys and treasure.

But watch out for the dangerous piranhas who will send your keys back every time you bump into them. This game is pretty tricky; even I struggled with it a bit! So I recommend it for kids ages eight and up.

How To Play

  1. Plan ahead: Look at your route and notice where the keys are. Then take a look at the green letters and change a few by typing the letter to alter the direction. Whatever way the arrow points is the direction your scuba diver will go in.
  2. Collect keys: Collect all the keys in the game, avoiding the dangerous piranha who will steal your keys and send them back into the ocean.
  3. Collect treasure: Once you have collected all the keys, collect the treasure.
  4. Collect coins and gems: Once you have collected the treasure, you have one minute to collect as many coins and gems as possible. Try and beat your high score each time you play!

Where To Play

Play this game for free at TypingGames.Zone.

8. Keyboarding Zoo | Free

This game is fantastic for beginners, as it teaches you how to press each key on the keyboard. It tells you which letter to type, so all kids have to do is find the letter and press it a few times to familiarize themselves with it.

The keyboard on the screen is split into two colors — blue and pink — to show which hand you use. For example, the blue side should be pressed with your left hand, and the pink side is pressed with your right hand.

Kids are encouraged to use their pointer finger, but if you’d like to teach your child which finger they’re supposed to use for each letter as they play, that’s up to you!

How To Play

  1. Choose your setting: You can choose to hear letter names or phonetic sounds.
  2. Type: Once the game begins, you’re taken through each letter of the alphabet. The letter is on the screen, so kids simply find the letter on their keyboard and type it in 10 times before moving on to the next letter.
  3. Continue: Continue through each letter of the alphabet. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have uppercase letters, numbers, or symbols included yet.

Where To Play

This game is available on ABCYA.com.

9. Cup Stacking Typing | Free

This is a simple and fun game to teach your children where each letter is on the keyboard. It allows them to practice their typing much quicker, as they want to beat their high score each time they play.

The idea of the game is to press each letter to stack up the cups. Once the cups are stacked, you simply press each letter on the top cups to unstack them. It’s a great play-and-repeat game to solidify the knowledge learned.

How To Play

  1. Stack: Stack the cups by typing the highlighted white letter.
  2. Unstack: Once the cups are stacked, unstack them by typing the highlighted white letter.
  3. Play four rounds: The game is over once you’ve completed all four rounds. Can you beat your high score the next time you play?

Where To Play

Play this game for free at ABCYA.com.

10. Dance Mat Typing

Learn how to type properly with this groovy game. It’s a fantastic free resource to build your primary typing skills using various levels. This game will teach you to type in rows, one at a time, as well as using capital letters and punctuation.

There are four levels, starting with the home row and then introducing more letters on each level. The fun and musical will game uses bright colors and a hilarious cast of farm animals to teach kids their basic typing skills.

How To Play

  1. Choose level one: I recommend starting at level one, even if you already have basic typing skills. This will refresh your memory and test your knowledge.
  2. Watch the video: Watch the video that precedes the game as it shares essential information about typing.
  3. Type: Type the words and letters on the screen. Any time you get one wrong, the keyboard will flash, reminding you which letter to choose. There is no way to lose the game; you simply correct your mistakes until you move on to the next round.

Where To Play

Play this education game and build your typing skills at BBC.CO.UK.

11. Tommy Q: Zombie Defender | Free

Protect yourself against incoming zombies with your powerful typing skills! The zombies are on their way to get you, but you have the power of spelling and typing on your side. As you move up and down, you can shoot baseballs at the hungry zombies by spelling the word above their heads — before it’s too late.

How To Play

  1. Choose your difficulty: Choose the hard, medium, or easy level. Then choose your words: hard words, easy words, top, home, or bottom row.
  2. Move Tommy Q: First, you need to use the arrow keys to move Tommy Q so that he’s aiming his baseballs at the chosen zombie.
  3. Type: Type the word above the zombie’s head that you’re aiming at. If you get the word correct, the zombie is defeated. Then quickly move on to the next zombie.
  4. Level up: Once you’ve defeated the zombies, you move up to the next level, and it gets harder and harder.
  5. Game over: The game is over when the zombies break through your barrier and get you!

Where To Play

Don’t miss out on this intense game! Access it at Typing.com.

12. Whack a Mole | Free

This is a great game for kids beginning their typing skill journey. It’s a pretty slow-moving game, focusing on one letter at a time. What I like about it is that it lets you know which finger you should use for certain letters. Can your kid whack the moles before the time is up?

How To Play

  1. Choose your setting: Choose between lowercase letters, capital letters, or numbers.
  2. Type to whack moles: You must type the highlighter letter above the mole’s head before the time is up. You have five seconds to do so. Once you’ve whacked the mole, your five seconds begin again.
  3. Game over: The game is over when you miss a mole. Try and beat your high score in the next round!

Where To Play

Play this game at KidzType.Com.

13. Amazing Inventions Surfing | Free

This game is fantastic for older kids who already have good typing skills. This will teach them to type quicker, especially when distractions surround them. As you type sentences about famous inventors, the dog on the surfboard will have to stay afloat, depending on how well you are typing.

How To Play

  1. Make an account: While this game is free, you must make an account to be able to play.
  2. Start typing: When the game begins, start typing the sentence you see on the screen. You must get all elements right, including capital letters and punctuation.
  3. Save the dog: If the letters start turning red, that means you’re getting it wrong, and your puppy will start to get sucked back into the wave and fall off his surfboard. Thankfully, you can’t lose this game. Simply fix your mistakes and save your dog!

Where To Play

Play this advanced game over at Education.com.

14. Type Rush | Free

This is one of my favorites on the list! It’s fun, and fast-paced, and who doesn’t love a racing game?

The idea is you have to type the sentences correctly to accelerate your car, trying to beat the other players to the finish line. If you get any part of the sentence wrong, the car slams on the brakes and slows you down.

Before you get started, you can adjust the settings, do some training, and customize your car. This game definitely provides hours of fun for kids who are learning to type.

How To Play

  1. Wait for the green light: Start typing when the light turns green.
  2. Type: Type the text at the bottom of the screen, ensuring your note capitalization and punctuation. When you get it right, the car will accelerate. When you get it wrong, the car will slam on the brakes.
  3. Finish: Finish the race by completing the sentences at the bottom of the screen. It will let you know how many words you type per minute to what accuracy, which are fun stats!

Where To Play

Play this competitive game over on TypeRush.com.

15. QwertyTown | Paid

As mentioned, typing skills are very important in the digital age. When kids know how to type correctly, they can excel in many areas of their schooling and career. QwertyTown is a paid resource that is fantastic for students, schools, and parents.

It’s a web-based app that teaches people typing and communication skills. In the QwertyTown world, kids can play games, earn rewards, communicate with others, and ultimately, learn how to hone their keyboarding skills. Founded by educators and made for students, you can’t beat QwertyTown.

If you’re unsure about it, you can sign up for a free trial before paying the full amount.

How To Play

  1. Watch demos: This game will teach you all kinds of typing skills. First, you can watch and play the demo.
  2. Guided mode: Then go into guided mode as the app guides you through the typing skill you’ve just learned.
  3. Play independent: Once you’ve played the guided modes, you’re ready to try it without any help.
  4. Play against others: Go online to play head-to-head with friends and classmates, trying to type as quickly and accurately as possible.

You can do many other things in QwertyTown, such as customizing your character, earning rewards, and chatting with friends.

Where To Play

Sign up for QwertyTown on their website.

16. Key Maze | Free

Put your typing skills to the test in this race against a scary black spider. Players must navigate their bug through a maze, pressing different keys to move up, down, left, and right. The twist is that the keys change after every move.

So the letter “t” might mean to go up, but once you’ve gone up, this might change to the number “4”. So you have to plan ahead and do everything you can to avoid the black spider before collecting all the stones.

How To Play

  1. Move your player: Move your bug around by pressing the correct letters or numbers to correspond with moving left, right, up, or down.
  2. Collect stones: Move the bug to collect all stones (points) on the screen while avoiding the black spider.
  3. Game over: The game is over if you bump into the black spider three times or when you collect all the stones.

Where To Play

Access this game on TurtleDiary.com.

17. TypeTastic! | Free

This is an incredible resource for teaching kids how to type. There are over 700 free activities used by over six million students. You can access activities made for kindergarten to second grade, then upper elementary, as well as middle and high school.

This site teaches motor skills, touch typing, and how to use the entire keyboard. Then it challenges you with games, fluency tests, and timed tests. Parents and educators absolutely rave about this game, with over 96 percent of users recommending it!

How To Play

  1. Choose your unit: Start by choosing your unit. The three options are K-2, upper elementary, or middle and high school.
  2. Begin your unit: Once you’ve chosen your unit, start with the first activity. Follow the rules for play before building your way up.
  3. Take part: Take part in the various games and tests to measure your skills and progress.

Where To Play

Access this free site at TypeTastic.com. Note that it is free, but if you want to use the school edition, there is a cost involved. However, you can get a free trial.

FAQs About Typing and Typing Games

How Can I Improve My Kids’ Typing Skills?

I recommend signing them up for a program with various units and levels. For instance, TypeTastic, Jungle Junior, and QwertyTown are fantastic resources that teach kids the basics of proper typing and work on honing these skills.

Next, you want to ensure your child has lots of practice time. It can take a few months for your child to grasp typing skills and put their knowledge to use. But over time, practice will make perfect.

As a parent, it’s essential to work on your own typing skills so you can spot where your child needs extra support. Sit with them as they practice typing and play games, and help them where they are struggling. Keep giving them praise, and encourage them to take breaks every 20 minutes or so.

What Are the Benefits of Typing Games for Kids?

Children learn by having fun. When you introduce them to typing games, you’re showing them a fun way to practice an important skill.

Games can hold a child’s attention, working on their typing fluency, speed, accuracy, and touch typing. Games also improve a child’s skills through repetitive practice. Since many games are competitive in that children play against their previous high scores, they repeat the same process, honing their skill with each round.

Additionally, these games also improve hand-eye coordination so that your child looks less at the keyboard. Soon enough, the act of typing becomes part of muscle memory, meaning they will type faster with more accuracy.

What Is the Best Age To Start Typing Practice?

Kids can start typing practice anywhere from ages six to nine. Generally, age eight (or 3rd grade) is a good starting point. If starting before then, play simple games that are aimed at kindergarten through to second grade.

It’s okay to delay teaching until about 10 years old, but by the time your child starts middle school, some typing skills will be expected.

What’s Your Type?

Typing skills are fundamental. At some point in life, no matter what kind of career your child chooses, they will need to type from time to time. It can be frustrating to sit down at a computer and realize you don’t know how to type correctly.

Thankfully, plenty of incredible (and free) resources teach children how to type. We have compiled a list of 17 online games for Kindergarteners through to high schoolers that will perfect their typing skills.

If your child is ready to learn to type, choose one of the recommended games, and watch as they go from zero to hero on the keyboard!

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