Best World Maps for Kids of 2020

If you want to inspire curiosity in your child, a world map is the way to go.

Kids are inherently curious about the world around them. What better way to feed those curious minds than with a map of the world?

Today, the best world maps for kids are available in a stunning range of formats. You can get the traditional style of poster maps. You can also find an interactive world map for kids, scratch-off maps, talking globes, 3D puzzles, bath mats, bedding, and more.

Treat your budding explorer to a world map today — you never know where they might end up tomorrow.

Our Top Picks

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The Best Kids World Maps of 2020

We looked at maps in every format, for every home, and for every age group. Then we used our parenting experience, budgeting skills, and a large helping of real-time kid input to put together this list of our best kids’ world maps.

1. Illustrated Map Of The World

Best Children's Illustrated Map of the World

Illustrated Map of the World for Kids (Children's World Map)
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This Akros illustrated map shows the countries of the world, along with each country’s capital city. You would expect this in a map. But where the Akros map excels is in its use of colorful illustrations which highlight an important aspect of each country.

Some countries have pictures of important and famous landmarks such as Egypt’s pyramids. Other countries have drawings of wildlife such as the pandas in China. Yet others have pictures of people in national dress, examples of the local transportation, or cartoons of national exports.

We found this helps younger children remember where each country is as they have the pictures to assist them.

Additional Specs

Ages3 years and older
Size (Inches)27.5 x 39 inches
Size (CM)70 x 99 centimeters
Interactive?No, although you can draw on it in washable markers or with whiteboard markers.

2. Eric Carle Elementary World Map

Best Kids’ World Map Rug

Home Dynamix Eric Carle Elementary World Map Educational Kids Area Rug 6'6'x9'5'...
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For the younger explorers in your life, how about a kids’ world map in the form of a beautiful area rug? And this is not just any old map of the world either. This rug is one of a series by Home Dynamix, which uses elements from dearly loved Eric Carle books to illustrate where in the world certain animals can be found.

The rug also features an Eric Carle animal border which includes many childhood favorites, like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said The Sloth.” This makes it a great spot for sitting on the floor together and sharing a book.

On the downside, this area rug doesn’t have much in the way of detailed country information. But for younger children, it does clearly distinguish and label the continents of the world. It’s ideal for nurseries, kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, and dens.

If you sit your little one down on this soft and brightly illustrated rug, they can begin learning about the world even before they can crawl.

Additional Specs

Ages2 years and older
Size (Inches)78 x 114 inches
Size (CM)198 x 300 centimeters

3. Motivation Without Borders Map Poster

Best Kids’ World Map Poster

World Map Poster For Kids (18x24 World Map LAMINATED) Ideal World Map For Kids -...
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Motivation Without Borders has designed a colorful, laminated kids’ world map poster that will brighten your child’s wall for many years to come.

Each continent is assigned a color, and each country is a different shade of that color. That makes it easy for children to distinguish between the continents and the borders of each country.

The map also features cartoon-style animals, food, and landmarks for some countries, as well as the occasional cultural artifact, such as the boomerang in Australia.

While this is a cute map that is suitable for all ages, some older kids might find the cartoon illustrations a bit too childish for their tastes. For this reason, we have rated this map as the best for kids from the ages of 3 to 8 years.

Additional Specs

Ages3 – 8 years
Size (Inches)18 x 24 inches
Size (CM)46 x 61 centimeters

4. Scratchiez Scratch-Off World Map

Best Scratch Map for Kids

Scratch Off World Map + Scratch Off USA Map Travel Poster | US States and World...
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Like a giant lottery card of countries, the Scratchiez scratch-off map is a fun way for your kids to get to know the countries of the world. When you scratch off the gold foil upper layer of each country, the colorful copy of the same country is revealed underneath.

The erasable gold marker included, allows your child to write notes on the map, to plan their travels, or to record where they have already been.

This world map for kids comes in packaging designed to look like an old-fashioned telescope and includes:

  • A bonus U.S. scratch off map.
  • A “guitar pick” scratching tool for the precise removal of the scratch-off material.
  • One microfiber cloth.
  • An erasable gold marker for making notes on your map.
  • A magnifier in the shape of a credit card so you can make out even the smallest of details.

Additional Specs

Ages8 years and older
Size (Inches)17 x 30 inches
Size (CM)43 x 76 centimeters

5. HomeEvolution Animal Map Decals

Best Extra Large World Map for Kids

HomeEvolution Large Kids Educational Animal Landmarks World Map Peel & Stick...
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This is a great pick for animal lovers. If you are looking for a fabulous way to brighten up your little ones’ walls, you might like this map. These removable vinyl decals are wonderful for brightening up a large empty wall, while at the same time providing an educational opportunity for your children.

The map is delivered in a sturdy tube and you unroll the decal sheets, remove the individual elements and apply them to your clean, dust-free walls. You could also apply them to a decorative piece of plywood and hang that on your child’s wall.

No tools or expertise is needed. If you’re unsure of where the continents should go in relation to each other, there is an image of how the finished map should look to help you.

Additional Specs

Ages8 years and under
Size (Inches)30 x 39 inches
Size (CM)70 x 100 centimeters

6. Think Gizmos: Talking World Map

Best Interactive World Map for Kids

Interactive Talking World Map for Kids TG661 - Push, Learn and Discover Over...
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The interactive world map for kids from Think Gizmo has almost 1,000 facts and figures waiting to be discovered. This information includes capital cities, flags, languages, landmarks, population, and fun facts.

When you press the name of one of the countries printed in yellow, the map will “speak” to you, providing you with information such as the capital city of the country.

Using the menu at the top of the map, you can select different modes for quizzes. The map can be used on the floor or on the wall.

The one drawback to this map is that it does not have information about all the countries of the world. Most are covered, but not all.

Additional Specs

Ages6 years and older
Size (Inches)24 x 35 inches
Size (CM)60 x 89 centimeters

7. A Map Coloring Book

Best Coloring World Map

The World: A Map Coloring Book
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Not every would-be explorer has room for a world map on their wall. Or perhaps your little traveler-to-be wants to take their world map with them wherever they go. In this case, how about a world map coloring book for kids?

Don’t make the mistake of assuming this coloring book is the cheap and cheerful, almost throw-away quality coloring book of your childhood dollar store memories. This 48-page paperback is printed on excellent quality paper.

Each map has the countries and capital cities marked on it, but the fun doesn’t stop there. The pages also have plenty of animals, landmarks, buildings, and people for your child to bring to life with their coloring expertise.

Additional Specs

Ages5 years and older
Size (Inches)9 x 12 inches
Size (CM)23 x 30 centimeters

8. Sleepwish World Map Bedding

Best World Map Bedding For Kids

Sleepwish World Map Bedding Duvet Cover Set for Kids Vivid Printed Childrens...
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For kids of all ages, the Sleepwish bedding comes in standard twin, full, queen, and king sizes, and with five different styles, there is something for everyone’s taste.

For the little ones, there is a cute cartoon animal and people design. This version has lovely land creatures and birds on the areas of the map where they can be found, but doesn’t have the individual countries marked. Nor does it have any borders, cities, or other information printed on it.

For the more hardcore geographers, there is a set that features what you might consider to be the “traditional” world map. This one has the countries, borders, and capital cities, as well as some major geographic features such as mountain ranges, the larger lakes, and more. This one is like sleeping under a giant soft map.

Finally, for the funkier tweens and teens out there, the last option for this bedding set has the world’s major landmasses in a kaleidoscope of colors on a back background.

Additional Specs

Ages3 years and older
Size (Inches)68 x 86 inches (Twin)

80 x 90 inches (Full)

90 x 90 inches (Queen)

104 x 90 inches (King)

Size (CM)173 x 218 centimeters (Twin)

203 x 228 centimeters (Full)

228 x 228 centimeters (Queen)

264 x 228 centimeters (King)


9. Where on Earth? Atlas

Best Kids’ Atlas

Where on Earth? Atlas: The World As You've Never Seen It Before
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Some kids are bookworms. They are not that interested in fancy, talking, or interactive items, so we felt compelled to include one children’s atlas on this list of the best world maps for kids.

However, this is no ordinary atlas. The Dorling Kindersley “Where On Earth?” atlas is packed from cover-to-cover with amazing images and information. There is much more material than you could ever cram into even the largest world map.

It has sections covering the climate of different areas of the world, animals, people, populations, flags, and much more. “Where On Earth?” is the most comprehensive, yet accessible, guide to the countries of the world for children in the tween/preteen age range.

Additional Specs

Ages8 to 12 years
Size (Inches)10 x 12 inches
Size (CM)25 x 30 centimeters

10. Mudpuppy World Map Puzzle

Best World Map Puzzle

Mudpuppy Map of the World Puzzle To Go, 36 Pieces, 12”x9” – Kids Ages 3+ -...
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This Mudpuppy map is a 36-piece jigsaw puzzle that comes with a cotton drawstring bag for easy storage and transportation. This makes it a great choice for traveling families as it is also sized to fit nicely on the average airplane fold-down tray.

Printed in bright, vibrant colors and backed with a hard-wearing board, the puzzle is designed and made to stand up to even the most vigorous play.

Since there aren’t many pieces to this puzzle, it’s best for younger kids. You can add it to your arsenal of things you bring with you on trips to keep your youngster occupied.

Additional Specs

Ages3 years and older
Size (Inches)9 x 12 inches
Size (CM)23 x 30 centimeters

11. USA Toyz LED Illuminated Globe

Best Kids’ Globe

USA Toyz LED Illuminated Globe of The World with Sturdy Chrome Stand - 3 in 1...
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This globe doubles as a bedside light and can also be set to show the major constellations of the stars — there are 88 of them in all. It comes with an information booklet and instructions for downloading an accompanying app. It will keep your child’s room lit up at night while it teaches them something.

The stand is resistant to tipping and has a 360-degree rotation. The LED lights are replaceable, and the globe will need access to an outlet.

Additional Specs

Ages3 years and older
Size (Inches)9-inch diameter x 13.5 inches tall
Size (CM)23-centimeter diameter x 34 centimeters tall

12. World Map Animal Tapestry

Best Children's World Map with Animals

LB World Map Tapestry Animal Tapestry Kids Tapestry Wall Hanging Cartoon World...
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This world map for kids is a giant wall hanging and features simple animal cartoons that children will love. It’s a colorful and eye-catching, fun addition to your child’s room.

The map shows and names the continents, but not the individual countries, so it’s not the best option if you want to teach your child about the countries of the world.

You can choose from different sizes, depending upon how big or small you need the tapestry to be. You can also use it as more than just a wallhanging — it’s a great tablecloth for a child’s birthday party too.

Additional Specs

Ages3 years and older
Size (Inches)40 x 60 inches
Size (CM)102 x 152 centimeters

13. Melissa & Doug Travel Rug

Best World Map for Toddlers

Melissa & Doug Round The World Travel Rug
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This travel rug comes with a wooden boat, plane, and car for your little traveler to explore with. These accessories can help spark your child’s imaginative play. The rug also comes with a toy passport and passport sticker set for your child to keep track of where they have been.

The colorful rug is decorated with adorable cartoon animals, labeled continents and oceans, and a compass rose which provides a world of play opportunities.

For parents who are also elementary school teachers, after your child has outgrown this rug, it’s a great thing to add to your classroom.

Additional Specs

Ages3 to 6 years
Size (Inches)39 x 36 inches
Size (CM)99 x 91 centimeters

14. ALEX Bath World Map

Best Bath World Map

ALEX Bath World Map in the Tub
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This waterproof foam world map puzzle provides educational bath time opportunities. It comes with 29 pieces which fit together to form a basic map of the world’s continents. When they get wet, they stick to the tile of your shower or bathtub.

To make it easier for your child, these pieces will float in the bathtub, so they’re easy to spot.

In addition, there are fun animal and landmark illustrations that decorate the map. It comes with a mesh bag so you can store the pieces together after bath time without worrying about losing an entire continent.

Additional Specs

Ages3 years and older
Size (Inches)10 x 20 inches
Size (CM)25 x 50 centimeters

15. Learning Resources Kids’ Puzzle Globe

Best Continents Map for Kids

Learning Resources Puzzle Globe, 3D Geography Puzzle, Fine Motor, 14 Pieces,...
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This small 3-D puzzle globe has brightly colored, plastic continents that can be removed and replaced by the littlest of hands.

The sturdy plastic construction gives the impression this globe will last for years. Since kids can remove and replace the continents, it makes it more likely they will remember what each one is named and where it goes.

Additional Specs

Ages3 years and older
Size (Inches)8 inches diameter x 10 inches high
Size (CM)21 centimeters diameters x 25 centimeters high

Kids World Map Comparison Chart

Illustrated Map Of The WorldIllustrated Map3 years & older27.5 x 39″NoNo
Eric Carle Elementary World MapRug2 years & older78 x 114″NoNo
Motivation Without Borders Map PosterPoster3 – 8 years18 x 24″NoYes
Scratchiez Scratch-Off World MapScratch Map8 years & older17 x 30″YesNo
HomeEvolution Animal Map DecalsExtra Large8 years & under30 x 39″NoNo
Think Gizmos: Talking World MapInteractive6 years & older24 x 35″YesNo
A Map Coloring BookColoring5 years & older9 x 12″YesNo
Sleepwish World Map BeddingBedding3 years & older68 x 86″NoNo
Where on Earth? AtlasAtlas8 to 12 years10 x 12″NoNo
Mudpuppy World Map PuzzlePuzzle3 years & older9 x 12″YesNo
USA Toyz LED Illuminated GlobeGlobe3 years & older9 x 13.5″YesNo
World Map Animal TapestryAnimals3 years & older40 x 60″NoNo
Melissa & Doug Travel RugToddlers3 to 6 years39 x 36″YesNo
ALEX Bath World MapBath3 years & older10 x 20″YesNo
Learning Resources Kids’ Puzzle GlobeContinents3 years & older8 x 10″NoNo
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Where Will They Go?

Maps of the world are not only a great educational item for kids, but they can inspire a sense of curiosity, adventure, and provide a way of showing your child that they are part of the wider world.

Whatever your space or budget, one of these best world maps for kids on this list should be suitable for your little one.

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