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10 Big Sister and Brother Books of 2024

Ten of the sweetest books to introduce your firstborn to siblinghood.

Introducing your child to the idea of having a younger sibling can be an emotional experience, and you never quite know what to expect. That’s why it’s important to find some good books that speak to your specific situation — to help you navigate those feelings and explain what to look forward to.

We’ve read countless big sibling books and are sharing our favorite options with you here. We’ll explain why we love each book and who they work best for.

We have book recommendations for toddlers or older kids, single children or multiple older siblings, girls or boys, siblings excited about a new addition or those dreading it, or even families expecting multiple new additions. We’ll help you choose the best big sister and brother books to ease the transition.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the You're the Biggest
Best Book Overall
You're the Biggest
  • Keepsake gift book
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Unisex
Product Image of the I'm a Big Sister
Best for Big Sisters
I'm a Big Sister
  • Paper-collage artwork
  • Rythmic sentences
  • Provides practical guidance
Product Image of the The New Baby
Best for Realistic Expectations
The New Baby
  • Funny & heartwarming
  • Quirky illustrations
  • Suitable for preschoolers
Product Image of the I Am a Big Brother
Best for Big Brothers
I Am a Big Brother
  • Cheerful images
  • Brief & lyrical text
  • Interactive & engaging
Product Image of the Big Brother Daniel
Best for Daniel Tiger Fans
Big Brother Daniel
  • Cute & adorable story
  • Colorful board book
  • Teaches responsibility
Product Image of the Just Me & My Little Brother
Best Little Critter Book
Just Me & My Little Brother
  • Suitable for brothers
  • Encourages sibling bonding
  • Appropriate for preschoolers
Product Image of the Hello in There!: A Big Sister's Book of Waiting (Growing Hearts)
Best for Explaining Pregnancy
Hello in There!
  • Interactive book
  • Whimsical drawings
  • Has sturdy pages & flaps
Product Image of the God Gave Us Two
Best for Families Expecting Twins
God Gave Us Two
  • A story book
  • Faith-based references
  • Affirms a child's uniqueness
Product Image of the What Sisters Do Best: (Big Sister Books for Kids, Sisterhood Books for Kids,...
Best for Young Toddlers
What Sisters Do Best
  • Intriguing illustrations
  • Cute storybook
  • Promotes kindness
Product Image of the My New Baby
Best for Colorful Illustrations
My New Baby
  • A board book
  • Lively illustrations
  • Simple conversational text

The Best Big Sister and Brother Books of 2024

Here are ten of the sweetest big sibling books.

You're the Biggest

Best Big Sister and Brother Book Overall

“You’re The Biggest” is an outstanding book for big sisters- or brothers-to-be. The short story is about two adorable foxes. The biggest is discovering what it means to be an older sibling. Every page includes colorful illustrations without too much text, which is great for toddlers and preschoolers.

We love how wonderfully adorable the book is and found it just right for our firstborn kiddos.

We especially appreciated the blank space at the front of the book. This spot is for a personal message for your firstborn. You can write a comment from you or as a greeting from the new arrival.

User Experience

Best gift for siblings of a new baby, this book is both adorable and informative. It highlights the importance of older siblings teaching their younger siblings and keeps it simple for young readers. The charming illustrations and sweet story make it a perfect present for children welcoming a new sibling. My niece loved the beautiful details in the illustrations and found the story engaging. This book stands out among others we have tried and is definitely a delightful addition to any child's library.

I'm a Big Sister

Best Book for Big Sisters

For big sisters-to-be, “I’m a Big Sister” by Joanna Cole makes a fantastic addition to the bookshelf. The book was first published in 1997, but its illustrations and text make it timeless.

The story revolves around a little girl who has a new baby in the house. As you go through the pages, she’ll compare what she and the baby can do. More importantly, she also talks about how special she is to her mom and dad, even with the new baby here.

Parents love how positive the story is and the colorful images that go along with it. A similar version is also available for big brothers. The book is suitable for ages 4 to 8 years; however, we find it to be best for toddlers and preschoolers.

Personal Perspective

Got this book for my soon-to-be big sister daughter, and she absolutely adores it! The engaging illustrations and simple language make it easy for her to relate to the older sibling's experiences, such as helping with the baby and enjoying activities the baby can't yet participate in. The positive messages throughout the book not only prepare her for her new role as a big sister but also reassure her that she's still special and loved by her parents.

The New Baby

Best Book for Realistic Expectations

Parents know firsthand how hard life with a newborn can be, and it’s good to prepare the big sister or brother. “The New Baby” is all about explaining the real expectations of having a newborn, with some fun in between.

In the story, we follow Little Critter as his baby sister arrives. Throughout the book, he helps take care of his sister, including diaper changes, rocking her to sleep, pushing the stroller, and tickling. It’s all the things that older siblings can help out with.

Because it’s a Mercer Mayer book, the illustrations are quirky and adorable. The book’s many colors make it attractive for preschoolers. Our kids especially love hunting for the cute little mouse character on each page.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this book was an excellent tool for introducing young children to the concept of welcoming a new sibling into the family. The story is simple and relatable, making it easy for 2-3 year olds to grasp, while also fostering a bond between siblings. However, the paperback format is quite thin and flimsy, so it might not hold up well with rough handling by younger kids.

I Am a Big Brother

Best Book for Big Brothers

When little boys become big brothers, they may need some extra TLC to adjust. The book “I Am a Big Brother” will help provide just that as parents cuddle and read this to their boy.

It’s a loving story of a boy who becomes a big brother and how he adjusts to his new role in the family. The boy expresses how happy he is about the new arrival and helps out when he can. He talks about the fun tasks and even the less pleasant ones, such as diaper changes.

The vibrant illustrations emphasize the sweet tale, and the rhythmic text makes this book a wonderful choice for toddlers and preschoolers.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with "I Am a Big Brother" by Caroline Jayne Church has been nothing short of delightful. The vibrant illustrations and simple rhyming language instantly captivated my little one, making it a perfect read for young children. This book does an excellent job addressing the emotions and responsibilities of becoming a big brother, and its inclusive portrayal of diverse families is commendable. The interactive elements, such as lift-the-flap surprises, made the reading experience enjoyable and engaging.

Big Brother Daniel (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood)

Best Book for Daniel Tiger Fans

Our toddlers love Daniel Tiger, so we thought this would be a fantastic book to introduce a new little one. It’s a book version of an exceptional episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, in which Daniel becomes a big brother.

In the story, we get to follow Daniel Tiger as he’s learning what it’s like to be an older sibling. He’s happy and excited to help take care of his baby sister Margaret, but sometimes, big brother needs a hug, too.

The book is just as wonderful as the series. Each page has minimal text, which is ideal for keeping the attention of small children, and it deals with situations and feelings young children are likely to experience.

User Experience

I bought this book for my nephew who was about to become a big brother, and he absolutely loved it (he's a huge Daniel Tiger fan). The story does a great job of explaining the arrival of a new baby and helps toddlers understand what to expect, such as the baby crying a lot and parents giving more attention to the baby. While it may not be the most engaging read for adults, it definitely resonated with my nephew and helped him become excited about his new baby sister.

Just Me and My Little Brother

Best Little Critter Book

Not every day is sweet and problem-free with a younger sibling, and this Little Critter book touches on that. “Just Me and My Little Brother” is about Little Critter thinking of all the things he and his little brother will do. However, along the way, he discovers that sometimes they’ll fight, and he may have to compromise.

The book isn’t every parent’s cup of tea, but we love it. It’s not all about the sweet things, and it touches on some real-life issues. Fortunately, they are resolved in ways that preschoolers can understand.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these Little Critter books spans from my childhood to sharing them with my nephew, who particularly enjoyed this book. The stories strike a balance between humor and heartwarming, making them relatable and engaging for kids of all ages. This specific book is a fantastic choice for families with a new baby, as it promotes togetherness and helps older siblings understand their role in the family.

Hello in There! A Big Sister's Book of Waiting

Best Book for Explaining Pregnancy

As every mother knows, those nine months of pregnancy can feel like years, so imagine what it’s like for a preschooler. “Hello in There!” is all about the wonders of waiting for a new sibling to arrive.

In the book, we follow a young girl who’s so excited about her mom’s pregnancy that she starts her big sister duties early. Through the belly, she sings songs, explains things on the outside, and much more. It’s a breezy story with a good flow and gentle humor parents can relate to.

Some of the pages include flaps to flip and lots of fantastic drawings. Although the story is about a girl, the book is also suitable for boys.

God Gave Us Two by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Best Book for Families Expecting Twins

If you’re expecting twins, the surprise ending in “God Gave Us Two” will fit right in. The story is about a sibling-to-be’s worries as their mother is waiting for baby number two (and three).

The little cub will ask heartwrenching questions, including “Will you forget me?” and “Why do we need a new baby?” The parents reassure the little cub of their unchanging love.

The story is gentle and suitable for both boys and girls. The polar bears and their snowy home make it extra special for winter babies.

What Sisters Do Best

Best Book for Young Toddlers

In “What Sisters Do Best,” you get to read a story about what big sisters can do. Big sisters can teach how to ride a bike, swim, climb a tree, or start a game of tag. Most importantly, big sisters will be there when their younger sibling needs them.

The book celebrates sisterhood in the most adorable, lovable way possible. Plus, the intriguing illustrations make it irresistible to toddlers.

User Experience

My experience with this book has been delightful, especially for my daughters who are excited to have a baby sister soon. The content is adorable, simple, and perfect for sisters of various ages, showcasing them participating in different activities together. What I truly appreciate is that the book promotes girls engaging in traditionally male-oriented activities, like ball sports and building model airplanes. The charming illustrations and easy-to-understand words make it enjoyable for my kids to read together. Although the binding came a little damaged, I was able to fix it and it didn't take away from the overall appeal of the book.

My New Baby

Best for Colorful Illustrations

“My New Baby” is a sweet story of an older sibling’s curiosity toward the baby. What do babies smell like? When will they walk, and what do they like to eat?

It’s a whole new experience for the firstborn.

Throughout the story, you follow siblings-to-be as they look forward to the new arrival with both happiness and worry. It gives a realistic look at what’s to come with vibrant colors, illustrations, and simple text. It’s suitable for preschoolers and young children aged 5 years and up.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uNfIsOpaUQ

Personal Perspective

Excellent book for introducing toddlers to the concept of having a new baby in the house. As a parent, I found "My New Baby" to be very engaging for my 19-month-old, and it quickly became her favorite among other similar books. The simple, relatable text and snapshot-style illustrations of daily life with a baby easily held her attention, helping her understand what it would be like to have a sibling. I appreciated the tasteful depiction of breastfeeding and the positive family interactions throughout the book, making it a valuable tool for promoting a smooth transition to brotherhood or sisterhood.

How to Choose Big Sister and Brother Books

Reading is one of the best ways to stimulate your child’s mind and help them make sense of upcoming changes.

But not all big sister and brother books are equally great. Many convey unrealistic expectations or are not at all relatable. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Age appropriateness: Make sure the book is suitable for your little one’s age and understanding. Books with a lot of text on each page aren’t ideal for toddlers (1). However, they could be a good choice for older children who need more content.
  • Relatable to your family: Not all families prepare for a new baby in the same way. Some include the firstborn in everything, while others don’t. Look for a book that relates to your situation to avoid confusing your child.
  • Entertaining: You want the book to be fun to read, especially with small children. It’s best if there is a good, rhythmic flow and some intriguing illustrations (2)

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