Best Spiderman Toys of 2020

Spiderman toys can inspire your own little hero at home.

Since 1962 when Spider-Man first arrived on the scene, he has captured the imagination and hearts of generations of children and adults. Peter Parker is a hero many youngsters can relate to, with his teenage issues and unconventional home life.

Spider-Man merchandise continues to be a highly-sought-after item, even when there aren’t any current movies being released. This list of 20 Spider-Man toys has something on it for every age range of kids.

Types of Spiderman Toys

There’s a dizzying array of Spider-Man merchandise out there. Some of the items, and factors we considered include:

Action Figures

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Spider-Man Action Figure (Build...
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Action figures come in various sizes, so we’ve included our favorite 6” and 10” action figures on the list. Why both sizes? Six-inch Spider-Man action figures can require finely tuned motor skills making them more difficult, and possibly frustrating for the younger Spider-Man fan.

Stuffed Toys

Ty Beanie Babie Spiderman 13' medium
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Soft toys are a good option for younger Spider-Man fans, those who like to throw their toys, or use them as hammers.

Comics and Coloring Books

Nick Jr. Studios Spiderman Coloring Book with Spiderman Stickers and Markers...
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For quiet times, coloring books, comics, or other Spider-Man books are a nice alternative to toys. They also have the advantage of helping to improve your child’s reading or fine motor skills.

Toy Cars and Motorbikes

Marvel Hot Wheels Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher
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Some children enjoy vehicles more than other types of toys. My youngest son is one of those kids and adores anything with wheels that he can push along the nearest flat surface.

If your little one is the same, Spider-Man vehicles come in everything from standard 1/64 scale Hot Wheels size toys, all the way up to Spider-Man vehicles you can ride in and on.

Physical Activity Toys

Huffy Boys Spider-Man Preschool Scooter for Kids, Red, 3-2-Grow
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Ride-on vehicles, skateboards, scooters — you name it and there is probably a Spider-Man version. These are excellent for encouraging your child to get in their daily recommended activity hours.

Building Toys

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man Bike Rescue 76113 Building Kit (235 Pieces)
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When choosing building toys, it’s important to follow the recommended minimum age. This is not a suggestion based on your child’s intellectual development, but rather a safety guide. Building toys often have small parts which can be a choking hazard for little ones.

Display Toys

Some kids like to have toys they can place on a shelf and enjoy looking at. If you’re looking for display toys, remember to consider your child’s age, how active they are, and if anyone is sharing their space. Some display items are expensive and you may want to avoid them if they could easily be knocked or bumped.

Choosing the Best Spider-Man Toys

With all the Spider-Man items out there, it’s a good idea to narrow the field by considering the following criteria.

Child’s Age

Stick with toys recommended for your child’s physical age and not how advanced you feel they are. Manufacturers use standard guidelines to determine whether a toy is appropriate from a safety perspective and not an intellectual development perspective.


Avoid toys made from fragile materials or with easily broken or lost parts. Not only could they be a waste of money, but they can be disappointing for your Spider-Man fan.


The best way to ensure the toys you buy are not in any way toxic is to buy items made by reputable manufacturers. This is not a 100 percent guarantee, but it is the closest thing to it.


Does your child prefer the live-action version of Spider-Man, or are they more of an animated fan? This can be a critical distinction for some children.

Once you have that element sorted, it’s time to decide whether your little one would prefer an item they can sit quietly and play with or whether they are more of an up-and-at-‘em kind of kid.


As with most toys, there’s no need to lay out a ton of money on a single item. Instead, set your budget and look for toys that give you the best value for the price.

The Best Spiderman Toys of 2020

Taking all of these elements into consideration, we have chosen 20 of the best Spider-Man toys.

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man FX Mask By Hasbro

Best Spider-Man Mask

Marvel Spider-Man Hero FX Mask
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This Spider-Man mask fulfills the need to be Spidey without the need to squeeze into a red, black, and blue Lycra suit.

The phrases and sounds are activated in two different ways. There is a button near the top of the mask, or your child can make the mask speak by shaking it.

  • The adjustable strap means one size fits all.
  • The mask is well-made and sturdy.
  • Large, clear holes for the eyes, which makes it less dangerous when your child is running around pretending to fight bad guys.
  • Ridgid construction can become uncomfortable after sustained use.

2. Hot Wheels Spider-Man Car Launch

Best Spider-Man Toy Car

Marvel Hot Wheels Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher
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With the Hot Wheels Spider-Man car launch, you get two toy cars worth of fun that should impress young car and Spidey fanatics.

Based on the suit design in Spider-Man Homecoming, the larger of the vehicles is fun to “drive” in its own right. It’s also a car launcher that sends your Hot Wheels web car speeding after villains.

  • Includes web exclusive Hot Wheels Spider-Man car.
  • Launches other standard 1/64th scale cars.
  • The car’s eyes change size when you press the spoiler.
  • The launch isn’t super powerful, so it’s best suited for younger Spider-Man fans.

3. Spider-Man Homecoming Action Figure

Best Spider-Man 6” Action Figure

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Spider-Man Action Figure (Build...
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Another Spider-Man toy whose styling is inspired by the Homecoming movie, this six-inch action figure has multiple points of articulation.

It also contains two extra hands, which allows you to change Spidey’s hands from “regular” to “web firing.”

The figure comes with an additional mask piece so your superhero can change facial expressions.

  • Includes a Marvel Build-A-Figure piece.
  • Spider-Man has removable web “wings.”
  • This free-standing figure also has a stand.
  • The small accessory pieces make it unsuitable for play around younger children.
  • It’s a pricier toy, but collectors might find it worth it.

4. Spider-Man Super Web Slinger

Best Spider-Man Web Shooter

Marvel Spider-Man Super Web Slinger
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The Spider-Man Super Web Slinger is a wrist-mounted unit that is designed to take a cylinder of Spidey shot web fluid.

This fluid creates silly string that you can shoot straight from your glove.

The glove also comes with a refillable water cartridge so you can shoot your enemies with regular H2O instead.

  • Refills of Spidey Shot Web Fluid are readily available.
  • Refillable cartridge means you do not have to have spare fluid on hand.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • There is only one glove in the set.

5. Marvel Spider-Man Bike Rescue

Best Spider-Man LEGO Set

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man Bike Rescue 76113 Building Kit (235 Pieces)
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Of the many Spider-Man Lego sets available, this 235-piece set wins our “Best” award because it offers the best play value for money.

Your child can build Spider-Man’s motorcycle, then help him use the web gun and tech spider shooter gun to bring down Carnage before he has a chance to destroy the power generator.

  • Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Carnage mini-figures are included.
  • It has nine web elements for mini-figure customization.
  • Cool looking power generator.
  • A smaller set so it could benefit from being played with in addition to other sets.

6. Spider-Man: Far from Home Costume

Best Spider-Man Suit

Rubie's Marvel Spider-Man Far from Home Child's Spider-Man Costume & Mask,...
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The stretchy, Lycra-like fabric makes this Spider-Man costume a great choice for your little climbers.

This set comes with an all-in-one jumpsuit, shoe covers, and a fabric mask for a complete Spider-Man look from head to toe.

The jumpsuit also has webbing between the arms which is loose enough not to get in the way of play but adds an extra cool factor.

  • Available in a range of sizes from small (44”- 48”) up to XL (58” – 60”).
  • It’s officially licensed.
  • Machine washable.
  • Gloves must be purchased separately.
  • It’s rather difficult to line up the eye and nose holes.

7. Ty Beanie Babie Spider-Man

Best Spider-Man Stuffed Toy

Ty Beanie Babie Spiderman 13' medium
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Spider-Man does not immediately come to mind when you think of superhero toys or other characters to cuddle. Nonetheless, Ty has released this incredibly cute Spider-Man figure as part of their Beanie Baby line.

This Spidey is a generous 13 inches tall making him big enough to be cuddleable, yet not so large he takes up too much space in a toddler bed.

  • The surface is washable.
  • It’s a reliable, established brand.
  • Feels well made and substantial for its size.
  • It’s durable so it can hold up well to the abuse toddlers might accidentally put it through.

8. Wonder Forge I Can Do That! Game

Best Spider-Man Game

Wonder Forge Marvel I Can Do That! Game
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Turn over three game cards and together they’ll form a body testing challenge.

Complete the challenge and keep the cards, all of which have random star values. The player with the most stars wins.

This game has fun accessories for use in the challenges, such as Spidey’s web and Captain America’s shield.

  • Promotes playful physical activity.
  • Props can be played with outside of the game.
  • Plenty of card combo variations.
  • It includes more heroes than just Spider-Man.
  • Kids need a reasonable amount of space to play, which can be a problem in small homes or apartments.

9. Marvel Spider-Man Talking Action Figure

Best Spider-Man Talking Action Figure

Marvel Spider-Man Talking Action Figure Multi
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Made by Disney, this 13-inch figure has over 15 different phrases to share with your little Spider-Man fan. This is one of the largest action figures you’ll be able to find of Spidey.

Press Spider-Man’s chest and he will speak to you. Alternatively, place one of his webs into the holes in his wrists press the button and watch him sling his webs toward villains. Or, in our case, the cat.

  • Articulated joints for action figure fun.
  • Detailed sculpting and surface texture.
  • The craftsmanship is outstanding.
  • No replacement parts are available if you lose the webs.

10. Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures

Best Spider-Man 10” Action Figure

Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Mega Mighties Spider-Man...
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This chunkier, more rounded figure is specially designed for the junior Spider-Man fans who are not yet ready for smaller, six-inch action figures. It has a more playful and friendlier look to it than some of the more adult action figures on the market.

With articulation points at the waist, head, and arms, this version of the web-slinger is formed well for big fun in small hands.

  • Excellent for toddlers and other younger Marvel fans.
  • One of many Playskool Mega Mighties superheroes figures.
  • The toy is lightweight because it’s hollow, which makes it easy for toddlers to handle.
  • The more childlike look may be off-putting for some kids.

11. Spider-Man Table and Chair Set

Best Spider-Man Desk/Chair Set

Marvel Spider-Man 3-Piece Table and Chair Set
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This folding table and chair set provides a dedicated spot for your kids to eat or play, and it’s also easy to put away. The table is made of tubular steel and at 18.5 inches tall with a 24-inch square surface, it’s a good size for those 7 and under.

It only comes with two chairs, so if you have a bigger group, they may fight over who gets to sit in the Spidey chairs.

  • The slightly padded, tabletop minimizes the impact of accidental bumps.
  • Washable surface for easy clean-up.
  • Chairs and table fold for easy storage.
  • It’s quite lightweight and may be relatively to knock over.

12. Huffy Kids Spider-Man Preschool Scooter

Best Spider-Man Scooter

Huffy Boys Spider-Man Preschool Scooter for Kids, Red, 3-2-Grow
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This is a three-wheel scooter that can be converted to a two-wheeler once your child builds confidence in their skills. It has a 60-pound weight limit.

The scooter deck is wide enough for both feet at once. This makes it less likely your child will try to place a second foot on the scooter, miss, and fall as a result.

  • Adjustable handle so it can grow with your child.
  • Bright, appealing graphics.
  • It’s nice you can use it with two wheels or three.
  • Requires a foot on the ground to brake and slow down.

13. Marvel Spider Cycle with Spider-Man Figure

Best Spider-Man Toy Motorcycle

Marvel Spider-Man 3-in-1 Spider Cycle with Spider-Man Figure
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The Spider-Man motorcycle from Nerf has three, fun, vehicle play modes.

From the basic motorcycle mode, your child can press a button and the vehicle will transform into “Crawler Mode.” In this form, four legs extend and the bike stands off of the ground.

Finally, launcher mode fires Nerf darts through the air, which is a bonus for older kids who love darts.

  • Comes with a six-inch Spider-Man action figure.
  • Nerf darts fly up to 20 feet.
  • It looks cool but is also fun to play with.
  • The legs sometimes pop out spontaneously.

14. Marvel Spider-Man Walkie Talkies

Best Spider-Man Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies For Kids Spiderman Far From Home Kids Walkie Talkies FRS Range...
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This pair of bright and chunky Spider-Man walkie talkies work over a range of approximately 300 feet. You speak with friends in that range, and you can also listen to or send any of the built-in sound effects and character spoken phrases. These are great fun for campouts or sleepovers, or for siblings to use during the day.

  • Units light up when built-in character phrases are used.
  • Power indicator LED, which can help avoid a dead walkie talkie.
  • The 300-foot range is decent for this price.
  • A belt clip would be a practical addition.
  • You need 4 AAA batteries for each one.

15. Marvel 2CH Spider-Man IR Helicopter

Best Spider-Man RC Toy

Marvel 2CH Spider-Man Marvel IR Helicopter
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What’s better than a Spider-Man RC toy? A Spider-Man RC toy that flies.

A double rotor design makes this exceptionally stable, meaning beginners can enjoy their toy without multiple crashes — as long as they keep the “copter” within the 26 to 32 flight control range. It also has three built-in Spider-Man phrases your child should love hearing.

  • Reaches heights of up to 32 feet.
  • Comes with spare rotor blades.
  • It’s a good RC choice for beginners because of its stability.
  • Flight time is only 5 to 7 minutes on a full charge.
  • Requires 6 AA batteries for the remote.

16. Marvel Spider-Man Slumber Bag Set

Best Spider-Man Sleepover Set

Marvel Spiderman Slumber Bag Set
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This Spider-Man sleeping bag is more than a basic sleeping bag printed with your favorite crime fighter. The addition of a coordinating carry bag, which is included, makes this a good option for sleepovers, trips to Grandma’s house, or indoor campouts.

However, it’s not thick enough for outdoor use, unless it’s super warm. It might be a good pick for summer campouts.

  • Easy for a kid to roll up and put into the bag, unaided.
  • A good option for daycare nap time.
  • The fun design might make your child more excited about heading off to bed.
  • It doesn’t unzip along the bottom — only down the side.

17. Kid Trax Spider-Man Ride-On Quad

Best Spider-Man Ride-On

Marvel's Spider-Man Premium Toddler Quad, 6V Ride-On Toy by Kid Trax (KT1283)
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A uniquely-styled quad bike for tots, this Spider-Man ride-on by Kid Trax is designed for children of approximately 18 months to 30 months. It’s also labeled with a 44-pound maximum weight limit. The weight limit trumps the age range, so if your 28-month old exceeds the weight limit, they should stop using it for their own safety.

The 6-volt rechargeable battery doesn’t need to be removed for charging, and there are Spider-Man specific details all over.

  • Cross-hairs on the handlebars light-up when accelerating.
  • Web “bumpers” push in if the rider bumps into anything.
  • Rubber track wheels.
  • Some assembly is required.
  • No reverse.

18. Marvel Spider-Man Mega City Playset

Best Spider-Man Play Set

Marvel Spider-Man Mega City Playset
Check Price

At almost four feet tall, this Mega City playset from Hasbro provides endless hours of fun across five levels of play space.

Over 20 play features are laid out across multiple “scenes,” including Peter Parker’s lab, the subway, and a bank vault for Spidey’s villainous nemesis to plunder. Watch out, you might get caught in one of the webs yourself.

  • Your child can send figures flying down the zipline.
  • There are multiple secret passages, trap doors, and a spinning crane.
  • Brightly colored and well decorated.
  • Action figures are not included.

19. Marvel Spider-Man Coloring Set

Best Spider-Man Coloring Book

Nick Jr. Studios Spiderman Coloring Book with Spiderman Stickers and Markers...
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This is a huge bundle of coloring fun. It has everything you should need for a rainy afternoon of art, those moments of quiet downtime, or to keep the kids entertained while traveling.

As well as a 96-page, A4 size coloring and activity book, this pack contains eight Marvel-themed washable markers and much more besides.

  • Includes sheets of 3D puffy, large square, and shaped character stickers.
  • Comes in a resealable bag.
  • It has a wide assortment of products to keep kids entertained.
  • Low-grade paper.
  • The markers do not last long — if on vacation, you may want to bring some spares.

20. Hedstrom Spider-Man Jr. Soccer Ball

Best Spider-Man Ball

Hedstrom Marvel Spider-Man Jr. Soccer Ball, Multicolor
Check Price

With multi-panel construction, colorful graphics, and stylish spiderweb patterns, this junior soccer ball is sure to be a hit for your sports-loving kid.

Or should that be a kick? At seven inches, it is big enough to enjoy a game, but not so large it is difficult for a little one to control.

  • Soft enough for use indoors.
  • Also available in football or basketball styles.
  • Sturdy, textured rubber.
  • It arrives deflated so you must have a pump.

Toys On The Web

While a large number of Spider-Man toys are collectibles, figures, or even collectible figures, not every manufacturer is restricted to those items.

It doesn’t matter if your Spider-Man fan is a toddler, a teen, or any age in between, there is a quality, enjoyable Spider-Man toy out there for them.

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