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Best Toddler Beds of 2023

The best toddler beds will help your child sleep, so you can, too.

Is your toddler ready for a bigger bed? Are you trying to move your little one from your bedroom into their own?

My toddler refused to sleep in their own room. It came to a point where I was getting less sleep than during the newborn weeks. What helped me was investing in a fun bed.

The best toddler beds are those that cater to a child’s need for fun. It has to be exciting and give them the confidence to sleep alone.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers [4-Sided] | Portable...
Best for Traveling
Hiccapop Inflatable Travel Bed
  • Inflates in seconds
  • Durable and leak-proof
  • Built-in bed rails
Product Image of the Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed, Nick Jr. PAW Patrol
Best Lightweight
Nickelodeon Toddler Bed
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Wide selection of characters
  • A breeze to assemble
Product Image of the Costzon Wooden Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds Convertible 2 Individual Twin Beds for...
Best for Twins
Costzon Wooden Bunk Beds
  • Durable wood construction
  • Convertible
  • Assembly is straightforward
Product Image of the Step2 733538854691 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed with Lights Vehicle, Blue,...
Best for Boys
Step2 Hot Wheels Twin Bed
  • Working headlights
  • Low-lying mattress
  • Easy to assemble
Product Image of the Dream On Me 624-LI Classic Design Toddler Bed in Lavender Ice, Greenguard Gold...
Best Wooden
Dream On Me Classic
  • Durable wooden construction
  • Great aesthetics
  • Kid-friendly
Product Image of the Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed, Black
Best Themed
Delta Children Turbo Race Car
  • Realistic-looking
  • Color options available
  • Made to last
Product Image of the South Shore Sweedi Natural Poplar Twin House Bed
Best for Minimalistic Homes
South Shore Sweedi
  • Eye candy for minimalistic-lovers
  • Sturdy material
  • Works with crib mattress

The Best Toddler Beds of 2023

Here are our top picks for the best toddler beds.

1. Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Best Toddler Bed for Traveling

Are you going on a family camping trip or perhaps need a bed for your toddler at grandma’s house? Inflatable beds are a great solution. They’re easy to bring with you, taking up minimal space while in their deflated form.

It’s not easy finding a good inflatable bed — poorly-designed models will deflate during the night. Hiccapop, however, is tough with reinforced seams and resists unintended air leakage, made with 40 percent thicker vinyl than other inflatables.

This inflatable bed is also versatile and protects even the squirmiest of toddlers while sleeping. Your little one will stay snug and comfy all night.

What We Like

Inflates in Seconds

This bed comes with easy instructions, sitting right on the mattress. Included is an electric pump to help you set up the bed. Hiccapop claims it takes no more than 30 seconds to inflate.

Once your trip is over, or the bed is no longer needed, you pull the quick-release valve, and the mattress deflates. It’s easy and practical, eliminating the hassle of jumping and squeezing to get the air out.

Easy to Travel with

To move the mattress around while inflated, you can use the handle attached at the end. Your toddler might even move it from room to room during playtime.

Once deflated, it’s straightforward to roll up and store. Included is also an extra-large storage bag.

Durable and Leak-Proof

There’s always the worry with inflatables that they’ll puncture with the slightest bump — but not with the Hiccapop. It’s constructed using thick vinyl, which is approximately 42 millimeters thick. The seams are doubled and reinforced to prevent any tears along the sides.

The vinyl is safe as well. It’s phthalate and BPA-free, meaning there are no harsh chemicals, which could cause injury or breathing problems for your toddler.

Built-In Bed Rails

Some toddlers move when they sleep — mine was never still. With this model, you can rest assured that your little one isn’t rolling anywhere. The bed is extra large and comes with built-in bed rails, which measure two inches taller than some competitors’ beds.

What We Don't Like

Smells of Plastic

A few moms complained that the bed reeked of plastic, like an inflatable toy, once out of the package. They recommended that you inflate it and let the smell dissipate before your toddler is going to use it.

Product Specs

Total length 62 inches
Maximum weight 310 pounds
Material Vinyl
Bumper rails Yes
Warranty Lifetime guarantee

2. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Toddler Bed

Best Lightweight Toddler Bed

If you want to help your toddler sleep on their own, a safe way is investing in a fun bed. One example is this bed from Delta Children — it’s available in several kids’ favorite character themes.

The bed is lightweight, easy to set up, and will accommodate your tot. Although it doesn’t weigh much, it’s sturdy and can hold up to 50 pounds.

Your little one will love this bed. It helps them feel independent by being low to the ground, so it’s easy to climb in and out. It also offers security with the included rails, preventing your tot from rolling out during the night.

What We Like

Lightweight yet Sturdy

The bed is feather-light, weighing around 16 pounds. The main material is sturdy plastic, which is reinforced by a steel frame. It’s meant for children aged 15 months and up.

Wide Selection of Characters

There’s a Delta Children bed for every child — it’s available in 17 different themes, suitable for boys and girls. Some of these include Spongebob Squarepants, Peppa Pig, Elmo, Ninja Turtles, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Cars, and Finding Dory.

A Breeze to Assemble

Some moms noted it took less than 20 minutes to get it ready. The frame is compatible with a standard-sized crib mattress. However, the mattress is not included.

What We Don't Like

Frame Offers Little Support for Mattress

Unless you buy Delta Children’s recommended mattress, there’s little support on the steel-framed base.

There’s also a gap at each end of the frame that a standard mattress may not cover. To fix this, one reviewer said to purchase a slat set and attach that to the frame.

Product Specs

Total length 53.94 inches
Maximum weight 50 pounds
Material Plastic and steel
Bumper rails Yes
Warranty N/A

3. Costzon Wooden Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Beds

Best Toddler Bed for Twins

If your sassy twins are ready for an almost big-girl bed, this one from Costzon is worth a look. It’s constructed from high-quality materials and has a classic appearance. What’s great is that it can be converted into two classic beds so it can be enjoyed by two.

Your little girl may love sleeping and spending time in this bed. You can choose between two colors — white or espresso. The bed has a toddler-friendly height when converted, sitting a few inches above the floor.

The bed is compatible with a standard-sized crib mattress.

What We Like

Durable Wood Construction

Made of solid rubberwood wood that’s dense and sturdy, this is a luxury bed. The wood keeps its form, even after years of use — you may also be able to use it for your next toddler.


Costzon made sure that this bed grows with your child. The bunk bed can turn into two detached single beds with a great weight limit. The robust frame can accommodate a child weighing up to 330 to 400 pounds.

Assembly Is Straightforward

Costzon includes everything you’ll need for the assembly. There’s an easy-to-follow instruction manual and Allen wrench was included too, helping to make construction a breeze.

What We Don't Like

Long Shipping Time

A few users complained the shipping time is considerably longer than it is with other companies. Some said it took over 11 days with standard shipping.

Product Specs

Total length 79 inches
Maximum weight 330 to 400 pounds
Material Solid rubberwood
Bumper rails No
Warranty Information not available

4. Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed

Best Toddler Bed for Boys

Inspire your little dude to sleep on his own by sparking ideas for adventures and car racing. Step2 offers the perfect tool — this Hot Wheel-inspired toddler bed. It’s your kid’s own nocturnal playground that they’ll likely look forward to each night.

The racing car bed features all the essentials that a tiny car racer needs. Their way over the race track is lit by two working headlights all operated by four triple-A batteries which can be bought separately.

Your little explorer will sleep like the racer — comfy and snug, while rocked by the race track. Step2 made the Hot Wheels toddler bed from high-quality plastic that safely accommodates children.

What We Like

It’s Fun

This toddler bed immediately grabbed our attention this week. It’s so intriguing, even for adults, that it’s hard to believe it’s a bed.

Step2 included everything to create a fun racing track experience. Your toddler gets two mattress support boards. Unfortunately, though, Hot Wheels cars and track set are excluded in the set.

Working Headlights

During the night, your baby speedster can turn on the dimmed headlights sitting on each side of the bed. This is a fantastic feature if they’re feeling nervous about sleeping alone.

The lights require four AAA batteries each. These are not included.

Low-Lying Mattress

There are no bed rails included with this bed. But since the mattress is recessed into the car, your child has little to no chance of rolling out as it somewhat functions as a guardrail. It’s still easy for them to jump in and out as needed without your help.

Easy Assembly

It may look complicated, but surprisingly, many reviewers praise how easy it is to assemble. It may take an hour or two, but the instructions are straightforward to follow. Adults are needed to spearhead the assembly though.

What We Don't Like

Quite Large

The car toddler bed is considerably large and will take up some space in your child’s bedroom.

Product Specs

Total length 93 inches
Maximum weight Kids up to 10 years old (approximately 40 to 90 pounds)
Material Plastic
Bumper rails No
Warranty N/A

5. Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed

Best Wooden Toddler Bed

If you’re searching for a sturdy wooden bed for your toddler, then look no further. This bed from Dream On Me is outstanding in many ways.

The design of the bed is simple yet aesthetically pleasing to have in your toddler’s room. There are multiple finishes to choose from, suiting every style and decor. It’s constructed from durable wood, resistant to the wear and tear of a toddler’s dynamic nature.

As parents, you’ll appreciate how the bed exceeds safety standards. Everything is ready to protect your little one while sleeping whether they lie still or tend to roll excessively.

What We Like

Durable Wooden Construction

Dream On Me used only durable materials to create this bed. The wood used is both sturdy and will resist deformities following years of use. Many reviewers say it exceeded their expectations by continuing to accommodate their kids in the kindergarten stage.

Great Aesthetics

The toddler bed looks like a classic. It’s minimalistic with smooth curves around the rails and beams. The head and footboards are slightly arched, creating stunning views.

It’s compatible with any standard size crib mattress.


Dream On Me ensures your toddler will sleep safely. Included in the package are two large bed rails. There’s an extra leg attached to the center to stabilize the bed and make

it structurally sound for a jumping toddler.

All the materials used are kid-friendly. The paints are free of latex, phthalates, lead, and BPA.

What We Don't Like

Not Easy to Assemble

When it comes to the assembly, not all reviewers found it easy. It’s imperative to read and follow the instructions — users said this is not the time to wing it.

Product Specs

Total length 57 inches
Maximum weight 50 pounds
Material Wood
Bumper rails Yes
Warranty N/A

6. Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed

Best Themed Toddler Bed

Fueled by pure imagination is what this bed is all about. Yes, it’s a race car, but it’s suitable for both boys and girls who are ready to speed off to sleep.

Delta Children has created a great toddler bed, inspired by a real race car. It looks incredibly realistic and will spark lots of imaginative play before bedtime. The car is durable enough for an excited toddler, and the mattress sits low to prevent them from rolling out.

The bed is available in different colors, including pink and red. It’s safe for years to come and can carry children of varying sizes.

What We Like


The race car toddler bed looks realistic. It features details such as a rear spoiler, racing tires, chrome-colored rims, and a front grill. The only thing that’s missing is a working engine and steering wheel.

Thanks to the sturdiness of the materials, your toddler can play as crazy as they’d like. Your child can burn off that toddler-energy before drifting off to sleep.

Color Options Available

The race car isn’t exclusively for boys. If your girl loves cars as well, it’s available in pink and red. If your sassy tot isn’t a pink girly girl, the black or blue colors may suit her bold personality better.

Durable Materials

Delta Children designed this bed of molded plastic and made it to last. It can accommodate children of any age until they outgrow the length. The bed is compatible with any twin mattress.

What We Don't Like

The Decals Are Poor Quality

To complete the look of a real race car, Delta Children included decals. Many parents complain about these though. Some say they don’t stick, noting they seem bubbly, while others say there are no instructions on where to place them.

Product Specs

Total length 94 inches
Maximum weight N/A
Material Molded plastic
Bumper rails No
Warranty N/A

7. South Shore Sweedi Toddler Bed

Best Toddler Beds for Minimalistic Homes

If you’re not into race cars, pirate ships, or large wooden beds, then our next bed might be for you. It’s a Scandinavian transition house bed by South Shore. The design centers around Nordic minimalism, but it’s functional and customizable.

It’s a wooden frame, shaped like a house. You can decide what the bed should look like by adding a taller toddler mattress, or hanging fabrics around the top. You can create a little fort for your toddler.

The frame is durable, and South Shore even included a one-year limited warranty. It does require some assembly.

What We Like

Eye Candy for Minimalistic-Lovers

The frame is simple and basic — there are no distracting colors or stickers. Despite its simplicity, it’s sure to make a statement when you show it off to other parents.

You can do pretty much anything with the frame — we recommend having a look at Pinterest for ideas. Many parents hang thin fabrics over the top bar to create a small space inside. Just make sure there are no strangulation or choking hazards.

Sturdy Material

South Shore made sure the frame is sturdy and long-lasting by using 100 percent solid poplar wood. All the surfaces are smooth, so there are no worries about splinters. However, the company advises against painting it as it would void the warranty.

Works with Crib Mattress

You don’t have to spend money on a new mattress. The house frame is compatible with a standard size crib mattress. Just remove it from the baby crib and place it on the floor for your toddler.

What We Don't Like

Difficult Assembly

Although it looks pretty simple, the assembly seems to be a complaint for many parents. Some said they had to take it apart a few times before getting it right. It does require a bit of skill and the appropriate tools.

Product Specs

Total length 82.75 inches
Maximum weight 250 lbs
Material Poplar wood
Bumper rails No

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Total length Maximum weight Material Bumper rails Warranty
Hiccapop Inflatable Travel Bed For Traveling 62″ 310 lbs Vinyl Yes Lifetime guarantee
Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bed Lightweight 53.94″ 50 lbs Plastic and steel Yes N/A
Costzon Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed For Twins 79″ 330-400lbs Solid rubberwood No N/A
Step2 Hot Wheels Twin Bed For Boys 93″ 40-90 lbs Plastic No N/A
Dream On Me Classic Wooden 57″ 50 lbs Wood Yes N/A
Delta Children Turbo Race Car Themed 94″ N/A Molded plastic No N/A
South Shore Sweedi For Minimalistic Homes 82.75″ 250 lbs Poplar wood No N/A

Why Buy a Toddler Bed?

As the name suggests, toddler beds are for children in the toddler years. Despite the name, many parents continue using it until 5 years old or so. They work as a transitional bed — helping your bambino move out of the crib.

Toddler beds come in all shapes and sizes — they’re much closer to the floor than a full-sized bed. Some companies cater to the playfulness of kids by using a pirate ship or race car design. Others look more classic with wooden materials and plain colors.

You should purchase a toddler bed once your child begins to outgrow the crib. It differs between kids — some are ready around the age of 18 months. It’s more typical, however, that parents wait until 3 years of age.

When Should You Make the Switch

Many parents struggle with the issue of when to take their toddler out of the crib’s confined environment. You may feel it’s time to make the switch once your toddler makes their first escape.

However, even though they’re able to climb the rail, you should still wait. Experts advise that you don’t rush into it and instead, take time to observe your baby for readiness. Try lowering the crib mattress as far as you can to buy time.

While you may feel it isn’t safe for a toddler to remain in the crib after they’ve escaped once, it also may be unsafe for your toddler to be awake and roaming the house while you’re sleeping. Because toddler beds are much lower, they don’t confine your baby should they decide to get up during the night (1).

How to Choose a Toddler Bed

To ensure your toddler will stay safe while they sleep, there are a few features to look for. Most of these are included in our top seven picks below.

Bed Rails

Up until now, your baby has probably always slept with a 360-degree rail, protecting them from falling. No toddler bed offers this much security, but many do include bed rails.

Bed rails prevent your toddler from rolling over the edge. They sit on each side and usually extend a little less than half of the bed’s length. They’re not foolproof but will minimize the chances of falling.

And remember, if they do fall out of their bed, it’s okay — it happens sometimes. Toddler beds are set low to the ground, so they won’t fall far.

Fitting the Mattress

Most toddler beds work well with a crib mattress, meaning you don’t have to buy a new one. That said, make sure you double-check this to avoid having one that’s too small.

Fun Themes

A fun theme isn’t a necessity, but it scores some points and may help your toddler’s transition. As we touched on above, toddler beds are available in lots of themes and colors — some are decked out in favorite characters. We have a few on our list today.

Age Appropriate

Not all toddlers are equally ready for a bigger bed. Some may feel better in one that resembles their crib. This can also minimize emotional distress and help your little one ease into it.

You can also opt for a convertible model, which can accommodate an older kid as well. This choice may save you cash by eliminating the need to purchase a new bed in a year or so.

Sleep Tight

Toddler beds are for children who have outgrown their crib. It’s important to ensure your child is ready for the big switch since a bed doesn’t offer the same confinement as a crib.

The best toddler beds include bed rails, are low to the ground, and feature a fun element. These will spark excitement and promote the confidence your toddler needs to sleep on their own.

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