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30 Woodland Nursery Ideas: For Your Little Cub

Transform your baby's room into a magical forest retreat with these enchanting woodland nursery ideas.

Creating a woodland-themed nursery brings a touch of nature’s serenity into your home. This theme, with its earthy tones and enchanting forest motifs, offers a calming and imaginative space for your little one.

From rustic furniture to whimsical animal decor, the possibilities are endless. Let’s explore some creative ideas to transform your nursery into a woodland wonderland.

Key Takeaways

  • Woodland nursery decor can be a stylish and adaptable way to create a place for your child.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a cute woodland-themed nursery, you can take an existing or secondhand chest of drawers and use woodland silhouettes to tie it into your theme.
  • Simple items like a sensory blanket or wooden Montessori toys can be enjoyed for years.
  • Choose decor items designed to do more than just look pretty, like a woodland creature money box that ties to the theme and has a practical purpose.
  • A crochet wall hanging can be washed to keep it clean and dust-free, and can be bought as-is or made by following a pattern.

30 Adorable Woodland Nursery Ideas

1. Cute And Cuddly Mobile

This lovely woodland mobile combines a variety of flora and fauna to bring the feel of the forest into your home. We especially like that the wooden elements are made of juniper wood, which introduces a faint woody aroma to your nursery.

2. A Rug With Attitude

While researching this piece, most of the nursery rugs we found were bears. So imagine our delight when we came across this gorgeous fake wolf rug for your child’s nursery. He looks comfortable enough to lay your head upon.

3. Refurbished Furniture

You don’t have to spend big bucks to create a cute woodland-themed nursery. Instead, take an existing or secondhand chest of drawers and use woodland silhouettes to tie it into your theme.

4. Sensory Blankie

Rather than spend a fortune on baby toys your child may quickly grow out of, look for simple items they can enjoy for years. This sensory blanket can be a fantastic, take-along comfort object for years to come.

5. Money Box

Choose decor items designed to do more than look pretty. We especially like this woodland creature money box that ties to the theme and has a practical purpose.

6. Woodland Ink Prints

If you have pale walls, you can afford to go for a darker yet whimsical woodland nursery print. This trio captures the theme and also gives a sleepy, nighttime feel.

7. Nesting Friends

These adorable nesting woodland friends can work as a decor item when your baby is still tiny and will then become an enjoyable toddler toy.

8. Wooden Montessori Toys

These handmade wooden animals are made from ash wood and finished with linseed oil and beeswax. All materials are organic and non-toxic, and you can have leaves or flowers burnt into the figures.

9. Shelf Baskets

We like the flexibility of this basket and cube storage solution. Also, the combination of animal baskets interspersed with chevron patterned cubes prevents a visual overload.

10. Crochet Wall Hanging

A crochet wall hanging brightens up the wall and can be washed to keep it clean and dust-free. This particular example can be bought as-is, or you can buy a pattern and make one yourself.

11. Rustic Crib

While not to everyone’s taste, this rustic crib is sure to draw plenty of comments. If you choose to go down this route, be careful to ensure all of the wood is carefully finished to prevent splinters or sharp spots.

12. Pattern Popping Pallet Sign

Woodland nursery decor can, if you are not careful, develop a bland palette of colors. These pretty, reclaimed pallet wood signs add a welcome splash of color and some lovely floral patterns.

13. A Snug Hammock

A comfortable hammock seat could be a cozy place to sit with your baby. The combination of pale, neutral colors and the wooden branch from which it hangs make this a brilliant idea for a woodland nursery.

14. Birth Stats Keepsake

These are not only a good looking addition to a woodland nursery, but they are a thoughtful keepsake gift for a new parent.

15. Family Tree

Staying connected to your family and where you come from is important for many people. What better way to surround your child with their family past and present than with a family tree?

16. Birdhouse Illumination

Lighting can be a tricky thing to get right in a themed nursery. These cute birdhouse lights may not be everyone’s idea of a woodland nursery addition, but they definitely emanate a playfulness vibe.

17. An Accent Wall

A combination of earthy colors, chevrons, and untreated wood have been used to great effect to create this woodland nursery accent wall.

18. Forest Wallpaper

This tree wallpaper gets our vote because it hits a great midpoint between realism and whimsy. Additionally, it is suitable for your baby as they grow older or for other family members should you swap rooms around.

19. A Lighter Woodland

Not everyone lives somewhere that has dark, fir tree filled woodlands populated by bears and wolves. If you live in a place with a lighter form of woods, these coordinating blankets, pillows, and prints may be just the thing.

20. Toadstool Stools And Table

Who could resist this precious stool and table combo? This may be an excellent spot for a tea-party when your little one is a little older.

21. Rocking Moose

This magnificent moose provides all of the tradition of a handmade rocking horse and a hefty dose of woodland whimsey.

22. Snug As A Bug

With earthy color crochet on one side and a tree print on the other, this lightweight blanket is right for those middle-of-the-night feeds.

23. Pretty, Practical Shelving

We all know how important it is to share books with our children, and this fir-tree shaped shelving provides off-beat book storage with a woodland theme.

24. A Personalized Growth Chart

These adorable, personalized growth charts are made of canvas and have velcro tabs on the back to keep them secured to the wall. They are available in a variety of designs, come with keepsake storage, and you can choose to have them with either inches or centimeters.

25. Foxy

Woodland nursery decor does not have to be dark and muted. This soft fox stool not only gives a vibrant pop of color, but it is also a cuddly friend, a footstool for tired caregivers, a place to sit for little ones, or even an over-sized pillow.

26. Woodland Walls

Turn your nursery wall into a beautiful forested view with this scratch-resistant, washable matte finish wallpaper.

Pretty and practical, the pieces come pre-cut, and you simply wet your wall before pressing the paper against it, so there’s no need for you to have decorating skills.

27. A Winter Woodland Wonderland

If you want a more minimalist look for your woodland nursery decor, we’ve got you covered. This trio of photos provides a sophisticated alternative to the sometimes overly busy options you may find elsewhere.

28. Details You Can Swap Out

Once your baby’s personality begins to emerge, you may want to change your nursery decor a little to reflect their preferences. Consequently, it makes sense not to spend too much on toys or accessories before your baby arrives.

These fabulous little toys are wonderful woodland decor details, to begin with.

29. Practical, Whimsical Signposts

One problem we have with some woodland nursery decor is maintenance. Many items are gorgeous dust magnets, and the last thing you want with a new baby is more things to clean.

So we love this signpost decal with all whimsical, enchanted forest signpost vibes and none of the dust.

30. Start As You Plan To Go On

Fun animal posters like this hilarious example can be a great way to introduce some humor to your woodland theme nursery decor.

What Wood Would You Recommend?

Are you looking for ways to enhance your woodland nursery? Perhaps you are looking for woodland nursery decor ideas. Or maybe you are cruising for general nursery inspiration?

Whatever the reason you’re here, remember, you do not need a picture-perfect nursery to show how loved your baby is. They will love and adore you no matter what their room looks like.

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