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85 Halloween Trivia Questions: To Make You Shiver

From ghosts to ghouls to horror movies, unmask 85 spooky and fascinating Halloween trivia questions.

If your home feels like a ghost town devoid of fun and laughter, we have some spooky silliness to share. Whether you’re trying to entertain tots or teens, trivia is always a good idea.

For fans of all things chilling who don’t mind getting scared stiff, this ultimate round of Halloween trivia is for you. With 85 trivia questions and answers across categories like costumes and horror movies, there’s something for everyone.

So dive right into these frightfully tricky questions, do some research, or quiz your family, and find out who the real Halloween buff is.

Random Halloween Trivia Generator

Halloween is a very beloved holiday in the United States. It’s great fun for kids and even for adults! But even if you donned a costume and roamed the streets for candy throughout your childhood, do you really know the ins and outs of Halloween?

Test your knowledge with these 85 Halloween trivia questions — no multiple-choice — not over my dead body!

Spooky Halloween Trivia

Spooky Halloween Trivia Icon

If you sense a chill going down your spine, it’s because we’re about to dive into a round of spooky Halloween trivia questions. Get ready for easy and hard questions and answers about haunted locations, spooky folklore, ghost stories, and more. Halloween trivia is excellent for creating a quiz — perfect for hosting a games night this October.

What does the black and orange signify at Halloween?

Answer: Death and Harvest.

Fun Fact: Orange and black became Halloween colors because they were associated with the fall harvest and the darkness of night, symbolizing the balance between light and death or rebirth.

Which state hosts the world’s longest indoor haunted house, Factory of Terror?

Answer: Ohio.

Fun Fact: The Factory of Terror in Ohio holds the record for the longest indoor haunted house, enhancing the eerie atmosphere with over 130 professional actors to scare visitors.

Folklore says you might have special abilities if you are born on Halloween. What two abilities are these?

Answer: See the future or be immune to evil spirits.

Fun Fact: Being born on Halloween is considered a sign of the supernatural in many cultures, with such individuals often revered as protectors against the spirit world.

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is a ghost that apparently haunted a house in Norfolk. But who took the famous picture of her walking down the stairs?

Answer: Captain Hubert C. Provand (and his assistant Indre Shira).

Fun Fact: The photo of the Brown Lady is one of the most famous ghost photographs ever taken, sparking debates about its authenticity and the existence of ghosts since 1936.

What does Isla de las Munecas, located in Mexico, translate to?

Answer: Island of the Dolls.

Fun Fact: The Island of the Dolls is filled with hundreds of hanging, decaying dolls placed there by the island’s caretaker, Julian Santana Barrera, to appease the spirit of a girl who tragically drowned.

How many people might be buried in the Catacombs of Paris?

Answer: Six million.

Fun Fact: The Paris Catacombs were established in the late 18th century to address the overflowing cemeteries in Paris. Bones are arranged in a macabre display of artistic formations.

What does urban legend mean?

Answer: A story told as if it were true, usually funny or terrifying in nature.

Fun Fact: Urban legends are a modern form of folklore that often contains elements of caution, morality, or humor. They reflect societal anxieties.

Who is thought to appear in a mirror if their name is repeated?

Answer: Bloody Mary.

Fun Fact: The legend of Bloody Mary is thought to have originated from a mixture of historical figures, folklore, and popular culture, evolving into the story known today.

What is the name of the folklore woman who signals the death of a family member by screaming or wailing?

Answer: Banshee.

Fun Fact: The banshee is a figure from Irish mythology, believed to be an omen of death and a messenger from the underworld, whose wail is a sign that someone in the family will soon die.

Where is the first ghost spotted in the movie “Ghostbusters”?

Answer: Library.

Fun Fact: The New York Public Library, where the first ghost is encountered in “Ghostbusters,” has reported several actual ghost sightings and strange occurrences throughout its history.

What famous director had to stop watching “Paranormal Activity” halfway through because they got too scared?

Answer: Steven Spielberg.

Fun Fact: Steven Spielberg reportedly found the film so disturbing that he initially thought his DVD copy was haunted and returned it in a garbage bag.

What is the final ingredient added to the cauldron when making Life Potion in “Hocus Pocus”?

Answer: A bit of their own tongue.

Fun Fact: The Life Potion recipe in “Hocus Pocus” is a whimsical concoction that reflects the film’s mix of horror and comedy and symbolizes the witches’ sacrifice for immortality.

What is the name of the haunted cemetery located in Georgia where Johnny Mercer and Gracie Watson are buried?

Answer: Bonaventure Cemetery.

Fun Fact: Bonaventure Cemetery is renowned for its beautiful and haunting atmosphere, often featured in literature and film, most notably in the book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

When did Borley Rectory, one of the most haunted houses in England, burn down?

Answer: 1939.

Fun Fact: Borley Rectory’s reputation as a haunted location grew after it was investigated by paranormal researcher Harry Price, who documented numerous unexplained phenomena.

Halloween Origins and History Trivia

Halloween Origins and History Trivia Icon

Whether you’re curious about Halloween’s origins or already a history nerd, this round is for you. Delve into 14 spooky questions about where Halloween all began.

From what group of people did Halloween originate?

Answer: Celtic Pagans.

Fun Fact: The ancient Celts celebrated Samhain, the precursor to Halloween. It marked the end of the harvest season and the onset of winter, a time they believed the boundary between the living and the dead became blurred.

What was Halloween known initially as to the Celtic Pagans?

Answer: The Celtic New Year.

Fun Fact: Samhain was considered the New Year because it signified the transition from the lighter half of the year to the darker half, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.

What did the Celtic Pagans believe would be available on Oct. 31?

Answer: The ghosts of people that had died.

Fun Fact: The Celts believed that on Samhain, the veil between our world and the afterlife was thinnest, allowing spirits to pass through and communicate with the living.

What century saw the first Halloween celebrations?

Answer: The 9th century.

Fun Fact: While the roots of Halloween go back thousands of years, the recognizable form of Halloween as a night of costumes and mischief developed over many centuries, with significant transformations by the 9th century.

Why did people initially wear costumes on Halloween?

Answer: To disguise themselves from ghosts and spirits.

Fun Fact: The tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween is derived from ancient practices of guising, where people don masks and costumes to ward off or appease wandering spirits.

Why are bats associated with Halloween?

Answer: Bonfires (lit to celebrate Halloween) attracted bats.

Fun Fact: The presence of bats around Halloween was more pronounced in the past due to the large bonfires during Samhain celebrations, which attracted insects and, consequently, bats.

Black cats are often viewed as a symbol of bad luck. Many people believe them to be a shape-shifter of what kind of person?

Answer: A witch.

Fun Fact: The association of black cats with witchcraft and bad luck dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe, where they were believed to be familiars of witches or transformed witches themselves.

Halloween took a while to become the norm in the U.S. But what two nationalities came over to America during the 19th-century and sparked the yearly celebration of Halloween?

Answer: Scottish and Irish.

Fun Fact: The modern celebration of Halloween in the United States was significantly shaped by Irish and Scottish immigrants who brought their traditions, including guising and jack-o’-lanterns, in the 19th century.

In Ireland, carving Jack-o’-Lanterns became a fun Halloween activity. But before using pumpkins, what did they use?

Answer: Turnips.

Fun Fact: Carving turnips into lanterns during Halloween has roots in an Irish legend about Stingy Jack, who roamed the earth with a lantern made from a turnip, leading to the tradition of creating jack-o’-lanterns.

During the Middle Ages, what would low-income families do in exchange for food and money from neighborhood homes?

Answer: Prayers for the dead.

Fun Fact: This practice, known as “souling,” involved the poor going door to door, offering prayers for the dead in exchange for “soul cakes,” a precursor to modern trick-or-treating.

In the year 1000, the Christian church tried to replace Halloween with what holiday on November 2?

Answer: All Souls Day — a day to honor the dead.

Fun Fact: All Souls Day, also known as the Day of the Dead, was instituted by the church to appease Christians who were celebrating pagan traditions like Samhain, integrating them into a Christian context.

What is trick-or-treating called in Scotland?

Answer: Guising.

Fun Fact: In Scotland, the tradition of guising involves children dressing in costume and performing a trick, such as a song or joke, in exchange for treats, emphasizing the performative aspect of the tradition.

In the 18th-century, single women would use the holiday to try to find a husband. What would they throw over their shoulder, hoping to spot their future husband’s initials in the pattern of the object after it landed on the floor?

Answer: Apple peels.

Fun Fact: Apple peeling as a form of divination was common in Celtic folklore, with the belief that the peel, thrown over the shoulder, would land in the shape of the future husband’s initials.

Instead of Halloween, one U.S. city celebrates “Beggar’s Night”, which involves children getting candy if they tell a joke. Which city is this?

Answer: Des Moines (Iowa).

Fun Fact: “Beggar’s Night” in Des Moines is a unique tradition where children earn their treats by telling jokes, highlighting the community’s emphasis on interaction and humor during the holiday.

Halloween Costume Trivia

Halloween Costume Trivia Icon

Whether you’re disguised as a monster or a mummy, one of the best things about Halloween for adults and kids is dressing up! Putting on a fun or scary costume is part of what makes the Halloween game exciting. We’ve got 15 Halloween costume trivia questions that might stump you, trick you, or allow you to show off your knowledge.

How much money do Americans spend on Halloween costumes (2023)?

Answer: 4.1 billion dollars.

Fun Fact: The spending on Halloween costumes reflects the holiday’s commercial growth and its importance in American culture, with elaborate costumes becoming increasingly popular.

What are the two most popular Halloween costumes for adults?

Answer: Witches and vampires.

Fun Fact: The popularity of witches and vampires as Halloween costumes speaks to the enduring appeal of these classic supernatural entities in folklore and popular media.

What are the two most popular Halloween costumes for children?

Answer: Spider-Man or a princess.

Fun Fact: The choice of Spider-Man and princess costumes reflects the broad appeal of superhero and fairy tale narratives among children, offering them a chance to embody their favorite characters.

What is the most popular Halloween costume for pets?

Answer: Pumpkins.

Fun Fact: Dressing pets in pumpkin costumes during Halloween showcases the holiday’s playful and festive nature, integrating pets into family celebrations.

What century does the modern Halloween mask date back to?

Answer: The 16th-century.

Fun Fact: The tradition of wearing masks during festivities dates back to ancient times, but the 16th-century saw the rise of masquerade balls in Europe, influencing the use of masks in Halloween celebrations.

What celebrity, engaged to Zoë Kravitz, dressed up as Rosemary’s baby for Halloween in 2023?

Answer: Channing Tatum.

Fun Fact: Channing Tatum’s choice to dress as Rosemary’s baby for Halloween highlights the influence of classic horror films on contemporary Halloween costume trends.

Which country singer dressed up as Disco Cowgirl Barbie for Halloween 2023?

Answer: Kelsea Ballerini.

Fun Fact: Kelsea Ballerini’s Disco Cowgirl Barbie costume reflects the merging of pop culture icons with nostalgic elements, creating a modern twist on classic themes.

What was the most popular Halloween costume in 2023?

Answer: Barbie.

Fun Fact: The popularity of Barbie costumes in 2023 can be attributed to the release of the Barbie movie, showcasing the impact of cinema on Halloween fashion trends.

What popular Addams Family character was the sixth most popular Halloween costume in 2023?

Answer: Wednesday Addams.

Fun Fact: Wednesday Addams’ enduring popularity as a Halloween costume choice is a testament to the lasting appeal of the Addams Family’s dark, quirky charm.

Which sci-fi thriller Netflix show inspired some of the most popular Halloween costumes in 2022?

Answer: “Stranger Things.”

Fun Fact: The show “Stranger Things” has not only captivated audiences but also influenced Halloween costume trends, with characters like Eleven and the Demogorgon becoming iconic choices.

In Mexican culture, what is the name of the skeleton-themed costume worn during Day of the Dead celebrations?

Answer: Calavera or Calaca.

Fun Fact: The Calavera costume, symbolic of Dia de los Muertos, represents the joyous celebration of deceased loved ones and accepting death as part of life’s cycle.

True or false — costumes are mandatory in the Village Halloween Parade, the biggest U.S. Halloween parade.

Answer: True.

Fun Fact: The costume requirement in the Village Halloween Parade showcases the event’s commitment to creativity and communal participation in the Halloween spirit.

What DIY Halloween costume consists of a white sheet with holes cut out?

Answer: Ghost.

Fun Fact: The simple ghost costume, made from a sheet with eye holes, is a classic symbol of Halloween and highlights the holiday’s roots in ghostly folklore.

Which famous couple dressed up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for Halloween in 2022?

Answer: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

Fun Fact: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s choice to dress as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for Halloween reflects the trend of couples choosing iconic, often controversial, figures for joint costumes.

What everyday object did Jennifer Garner dress up as in 2019?

Answer: A mailbox.

Fun Fact: Jennifer Garner’s mailbox costume exemplifies the playful and imaginative aspect of Halloween, where even ordinary objects can become the basis for creative costumes.

Trick or Treat and Candy Trivia

Trick or Treat and Candy Trivia Icon

Taking a break from all things creepy (okay, mostly!), it’s time for some trick-or-treating and candy themes. In this round of Halloween trivia questions, we’ll quiz you on how well you know your trick-or-treating rules, Halloween candy, and more.

In the 18th- and 19th-centuries, there was a Christmas activity similar to trick-or-treating, where kids would dress up in costumes and trick people into getting food and drink. What was this activity called?

Answer: Belsnickling.

Fun Fact: Belsnickling involved individuals dressing up and visiting homes to judge whether inhabitants were good or bad, a tradition similar to modern Halloween trick-or-treating practices.

When tricksters played pranks to look as though paranormal activity was to blame, what did people offer to “protect their homes” from the tricksters?

Answer: Candy.

Fun Fact: Offering candy to prevent pranks is rooted in the belief that treats would appease mischievous spirits or individuals, a custom that evolved into the trick-or-treat tradition.

When did the phrase “trick-or-treat” first appear in print?

Answer: 1927

Fun Fact: The first appearance of the term “trick-or-treat” in print reflects the formalization of the tradition, marking a shift from spontaneous mischief to an organized, community-based event.

After which war did trick-or-treating become popular in the U.S.?

Answer: World War II (after rationing ended).

Fun Fact: The post-World War II era, marked by prosperity and community rebuilding, saw the rise of trick-or-treating as a way to foster neighborhood unity and provide a safe, controlled environment for children’s festivities.

Before handing out candy, people would give out homemade goodies, nuts, and what else?

Answer: Apples.

Fun Fact: Apples, nuts, and homemade treats were common offerings that harken back to Halloween’s harvest festival origins, with apples playing a central role in many fall traditions.

What is the most popular candy to give to trick-or-treaters?

Answer: Chocolate.

Fun Fact: Chocolate’s popularity as a Halloween treat underscores its broader cultural appeal and the joy it brings, making it a favorite choice for both givers and receivers during the holiday.

What is the most popular type of chocolate given out at Halloween?

Answer: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Fun Fact: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, combining chocolate and peanut butter, have become a quintessential Halloween treat, beloved for their unique flavor profile and satisfying texture.

With 35 million pounds produced annually, what popular but generally unloved Halloween treat is an American classic?

Answer: Candy corn.

Fun Fact: Candy corn, despite its divisive nature, has a storied history dating back to the 1880s and has become an iconic symbol of Halloween in the United States.

What is the most popular Halloween candy for adults?

Answer: M&M’s.

Fun Fact: M&M’s popularity among adults during Halloween showcases the candy’s universal appeal, transcending age with its colorful coating and chocolate core.

What is the original name for candy corn?

Answer: Chicken feed.

Fun Fact: The name “Chicken feed” reflects candy corn’s original marketing as a cheap, everyday treat, mimicking the appearance of real corn kernels used as animal feed.

What candy was issued to all men who fought in the Korean War?

Answer: Tootsie Rolls.

Fun Fact: Tootsie Rolls were used in the Korean War due to their durability in all weather conditions, providing soldiers with quick energy and a taste of home.

How many pounds of candy does the average American eat at Halloween?

Answer: 3.4 pounds.

Fun Fact: The consumption of 3.4 pounds of candy per person illustrates the indulgence and excess that has become synonymous with Halloween celebrations in the United States.

What percentage of Americans buy candy at Halloween?

Answer: 95%

Fun Fact: The high percentage of Americans purchasing candy for Halloween highlights the significant role that candy plays in the celebration of the holiday, symbolizing generosity and communal sharing.

What is the Snickers bar named after?

Answer: The creator’s favorite family horse.

Fun Fact: The naming of Snickers after a family horse adds a personal touch to its origin, showing how personal experiences and affections can influence brand identities and product names in the confectionery industry.

Halloween Movie Trivia

Halloween Movie Trivia Icon

After that last round, you might have a craving for candy. And what pairs better with candy than movies? On the topic of Halloween, sit down, grab some popcorn and M&Ms, and dive into 14 Halloween movie trivia questions. This round is awesome if you’re hosting a Jeopardy game night.

What is the 1978 horror movie directed by John Carpenter called?

Answer: “Halloween.”

Fun Fact: John Carpenter’s “Halloween” launched a franchise and played a pivotal role in shaping the slasher film genre, influencing countless horror movies that followed.

Name the skeleton in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Answer: Jack Skellington.

Fun Fact: Jack Skellington, also known as the “Pumpkin King,” became iconic in gothic and Halloween culture, symbolizing the quirky blend of spookiness and whimsy.

Which spooky film won the Academy Award for Best Makeup in 1989?

Answer: “Beetlejuice.”

Fun Fact: The makeup in “Beetlejuice” was groundbreaking for its time, creatively blending horror and comedy elements, which helped to cement the film’s status as a cult classic.

What is Gale Weathers’ job in the “Scream” movies?

Answer: Reporter/journalist.

Fun Fact: Courteney Cox’s portrayal of Gale Weathers evolves throughout the “Scream” series from a sensationalist reporter to a key figure in unraveling the mysteries, reflecting the media’s complex role in horror narratives.

What was the original working title for “Hocus Pocus”?

Answer: “Disney’s Halloween House.”

Fun Fact: The working title “Disney’s Halloween House” hints at the film’s original darker tone before it was reworked into the family-friendly “Hocus Pocus” known today.

What “Friends” actress stars in the spooky film “Leprechaun”?

Answer: Jennifer Anniston.

Fun Fact: Jennifer Aniston’s role in “Leprechaun” marked her film debut before she achieved fame on “Friends,” showcasing her early acting versatility.

What are the sisters’ names in the movie “Practical Magic”?

Answer: Gilly and Sally.

Fun Fact: “Practical Magic,” featuring the witch sisters Gilly and Sally, blends romance, magic, and sisterhood, contributing to the film’s enduring popularity in the witchcraft genre.

What was the first horror to win an Oscar for Best Picture?

Answer: “The Silence of the Lambs.”

Fun Fact: “The Silence of the Lambs” is renowned for its psychological depth and chilling performances, setting a precedent for horror films in the Oscars.

What is the name of the clown in “It”?

Answer: Pennywise.

Fun Fact: Pennywise the Clown, with his terrifying visage and shape-shifting abilities, has become an iconic figure in horror, embodying the primal fear of clowns.

Ichabod and Katrina are characters in what spooky movie?

Answer: “Sleepy Hollow.”

Fun Fact: “Sleepy Hollow,” based on Washington Irving’s story, is known for its eerie atmosphere and gothic aesthetics, blending folklore with horror elements.

What doll from “The Conjuring” got its own movie spinoff?

Answer: Annabelle.

Fun Fact: The Annabelle doll, originating from “The Conjuring,” spawned its own series due to its frightening appearance and backstory, expanding the universe of the films.

“The Ring” is based on a novel by which author?

Answer: Koji Suzuki.

Fun Fact: Koji Suzuki’s novel “Ring,” which inspired the movie “The Ring,” is often credited with popularizing the J-horror genre internationally, blending traditional Japanese ghost stories with contemporary fears.

What movie does a young girl say the famous line, “They’re here”?

Answer: “Poltergeist.”

Fun Fact: The line “They’re here” from the “Poltergeist” film is one of the most iconic lines in horror movie history. It chillingly captures the invasion of the supernatural in a suburban home.

What superpower does the main character in “Carrie” have?

Answer: Telekinesis.

Fun Fact: Carrie’s telekinetic powers in Stephen King’s “Carrie” are a metaphor for the explosive and uncontrollable nature of her repressed emotions and puberty, tapping into deeper themes of power and victimization.

Halloween Pop Culture Trivia

Halloween Pop Culture Trivia Icon

It’s time for Halloween pop culture trivia questions. From horror films to candy treats, test your knowledge of everything thrilling.

In “The Simpsons,” what is the name of the yearly Halloween episodes?

Answer: “Treehouse of Horror.”

Fun Fact: The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” episodes are an annual tradition. They are known for their parodies of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, often featuring alternative realities and non-canonical stories.

What did Taylor Swift dress up as when hosting a Halloween party in 2016?

Answer: Deadpool.

Fun Fact: Taylor Swift’s choice to dress as Deadpool showcases the crossover appeal of comic book characters in pop culture, blending superhero elements with Halloween festivities.

Made in Ohio, how heavy was the world’s biggest pumpkin pie?

Answer: 3,699 pounds.

Fun Fact: The world’s largest pumpkin pie, made in Ohio, reflects the festive spirit of Halloween and the autumn season, emphasizing the agricultural and culinary aspects of the holiday.

Which famous escape artist died on Halloween in 1926?

Answer: Harry Houdini.

Fun Fact: Harry Houdini’s death on Halloween adds a layer of mystique to his legacy as a master escape artist, often associated with the supernatural and the unexplainable.

What island does the Scooby-Doo gang go to in the 2002 movie?

Answer: Spooky Island.

Fun Fact: Spooky Island in the “Scooby-Doo” movie is the quintessential setting for a mystery, combining elements of horror, humor, and adventure that define the Scooby-Doo franchise.

Which actress made her debut in the 1978 movie “Halloween”?

Answer: Jamie Lee Curtis.

Fun Fact: Jamie Lee Curtis’s debut in “Halloween” as Laurie Strode marked the beginning of her long-standing career as a scream queen, a title given to leading ladies in horror films.

What is the phobia of Halloween called?

Answer: Samhainophobia.

Fun Fact: Samhainophobia, the fear of Halloween, derives its name from Samhain, the ancient Celtic festival that Halloween originates from, reflecting the deep-rooted fears and superstitions of the holiday.

What is the name of the mythical character who inspired the jack-o’-lantern?

Answer: Stingy Jack.

Fun Fact: Stingy Jack, according to Irish folklore, tricked the devil and was doomed to roam the Earth with only a carved turnip to light his way, leading to the tradition of jack-o’-lanterns.

What is the name of the main male vampire in “Twilight”?

Answer: Edward Cullen.

Fun Fact: Edward Cullen, the vampire protagonist of the “Twilight” saga, became a defining character in modern vampire lore, sparking a resurgence in the popularity of vampire-themed media and romantic fiction.

Where was “Hocus Pocus” filmed?

Answer: Salem, Massachusetts.

Fun Fact: The filming of “Hocus Pocus” in Salem, known for its historical witch trials, added authenticity to the movie’s setting, enhancing its connection to real-world witchcraft lore.

What is the highest-grossing horror movie of all time?

Answer: “It.”

Fun Fact: “It,” adapted from Stephen King’s novel, achieved record-breaking success, demonstrating the enduring appeal and commercial viability of horror movies in mainstream cinema.

What was the original working title for the film “Halloween”?

Answer: “The Babysitter Murders.”

Fun Fact: The original title, “The Babysitter Murders,” highlights the film’s premise, focusing on the vulnerability of babysitters, a common theme in horror that “Halloween” helped popularize.

Who voices Sally in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”?

Answer: Catherine O’Hara.

Fun Fact: Catherine O’Hara’s role as Sally added depth to the character, blending melancholy and hope, contributing to the film’s cult status and its enduring appeal across multiple generations.

What does Phoebe dress up as in the “Friends” episode, “The One With the Halloween Party”?

Answer: Supergirl.

Fun Fact: Phoebe’s choice of Supergirl as a costume in “Friends” reflects her quirky and independent character and highlights the show’s ability to incorporate pop culture references into its episodes.


What Is the Most Popular Candy on Halloween Trivia?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the most popular Halloween candy, with over $2 billion in annual sales (1). M&M’s are the second most popular candy. Meanwhile, candy corn is another contender, despite it being disliked by many people.

What Is the Number One Searched Halloween Costume?

In 2023, after the movie’s massive success, Barbie was the most searched-for Halloween costume (2). The second most searched costume was a princess. Other popular costumes included Spider-Man, a witch, and a fairy.

Why Are Halloween Colors Orange and Black?

The colors represent harvest and death, respectively. Initially, in the U.S., black was often associated with motifs like cats and witches, whereas orange was often associated with harvest foods like pumpkins. Quickly, these became the recognizable colors of Halloween.

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