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Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 7-Year-Old Girls of 2023

Shopping for a 7-year-old? Here's how to hunt down the best gift.

Is it that time again when you want to buy something nice for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter? Are you wondering what kind of toy to get her now that she’s growing up? I know that feeling all too well, and I also know some tips and recommendations that’ll go a long way.

At 7 years old, your baby girl is a curious little human who is just starting to discover her individuality. At this age, girls are creative, practical, fun, and even dramatic. Their tastes seem to keep changing, and so does their outlook.

From toys that enhance and nurture cognitive abilities to those that inspire ingenuity and creativity, there’s a lot to choose from. Don’t worry — you’re about to learn how to hunt down the best toys for a 7-year-old girl.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set (140ct), Kids Art Supplies Set, Gifts...
Inspiring Artistry
Classic Inspiration Art Case
  • Coloring set with 64 crayons
  • Non-toxic art supplies
  • Very portable
Product Image of the Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art, Paint Your Own DIY Suncatchers, Fun...
Aspire Creativity
Create Your Own Window Art
  • Very affordable
  • 20 whimsical window art creations
  • Allows self-expression
Product Image of the K'NEX 70 Model Building Set - 705 Pieces - Ages 7+ Engineering Education Toy...
Ingenious Engineering Kit
K’NEX 70 Model Building Set
  • 705 classic K’NEX parts
  • Real moving parts
  • Convenient storage
Product Image of the Stomp Rocket Original Ultra Rocket Launcher for Kids - Soars 200 Feet - 4 High...
Outstanding Outdoor Play
Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket
  • No batteries required
  • Easy, fast assembly
  • Award-winning product
Product Image of the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Fish Hunt Pool Game With 2 Nets and 6...
Fun Swim Play Game
Sunny Patch Shark Fish Hunt
  • 8 piece set
  • Entertaining
  • Develops motor skills and coordination
Product Image of the LEGO Elves Naida & The Water Turtle Ambush 41191 Building Kit (205 Pieces)
Impressive Lego Set
Lego Elves Naida
  • 205 pieces Lego blocks
  • Includes a mini-doll figure
  • Interactive
Product Image of the SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrows, Light Up Archery Set for Kids Outdoor Hunting...
Best Shooting Toy
SainSmart Jr. Light Up
  • Sturdy arrows
  • Automatic illuminating bow
  • Awesome sighting device
Product Image of the PlayShifu Educational Globe for Kids - Orboot Earth (Globe + App) Interactive AR...
Educational STEM Toy
Shifu Orboot Globe
  • Augmented reality-based journey
  • Free app on iOS and Android
  • 10 inches globe
Product Image of the JaxoJoy Pretend Play Food Set, Toy Food Assortment Playset for Kids & Toddlers,...
Awesome Pretend Play
Deluxe Food Set
  • Durable construction
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Bold colors and realistic-looking food
Product Image of the Goliath Pop The Pig Game — New and Improved — Belly-Busting Fun as You Feed...
Interactive Funny Toy
Pop the Pig Game
  • Easy one pump game reset
  • No batteries needed
  • Teaches numbers, colors and counting

Best Toys & Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls of 2023

Here are 17 fun and unique gift ideas for 7-year-old girls to consider.

1. Crayola Classic Inspiration Art Case

Inspiring Artistry

Children rarely lose interest when it comes to coloring. Any girl will have all the tools she needs for her artistic inspiration with this Crayola classic art case. It comes with 60 crayons, 40 washable markers, 20 short colored pencils, and 15 sheets of paper.

A wide array of vibrant colors will help your child express herself through art. One of the things she’ll love about it is the carrying case that keeps everything in one place.

You’ll also appreciate how safe and non-toxic the art supplies are. With multiple mediums to create, she’s going to unleash her creativity and have tons of fun while doing it.

2. Create Your Own Window Art by Made by Me

Aspire Creativity

If your girl already has crayons, she might prefer something different. This window art collection features 20 whimsical art illustrations and 12 suncatcher shapes. She’ll paint and design to her heart’s content, then watch as the colors illuminate from the sunshine.

This set promotes creativity as your daughter will get to mix paints. She’ll have an opportunity to come up with unique patterns and designs that showcase her personality. Included in the set is a design booklet that she can trace illustrations from.

It also features suction cups that easily attach to glass, eight vibrant colored paints, and an acetate sheet for personalized creations. This creative kit is great for group activities or rainy-day crafts.

3. K’NEX 70 Model Building Set

Ingenious Engineering Kit

Packed with 705 classic parts and pieces, this building set looks awesome. The rods and connectors attach to each other in different ways. This will allow your child to create different figures, shapes, and models.

The kit features a booklet that showcases step-by-step instructions for 70 different design models, encouraging a better understanding of STEM subjects.

It will strengthen her hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and motor skills. The kit comes with convenient storage and a parts guarantee from the manufacturer.

4. Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket

Outstanding Outdoor Play

My list would certainly be incomplete without this stomp rocket. My kids went crazy for this, and to be honest, I like it just as much. This is a great toy for outdoor play, as your girl will need to run, jump, and stomp on it to launch the rockets.

It comes packed with one stomp launcher and four foam-tipped rockets that go as high as 200 feet. The foam tips make them safe to play with. The toy is not only easy to use, but she’ll get lots of exercise, retrieving the rockets after launching them.

5. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Shark Fish Hunt

Fun Swim Play Game

The shark is hungry and there are tasty fish in the water. Imagine the excitement of speeding up to catch them? The shark net comes with a handle for easy grip, and when your child holds on to it, she can chase the fish sinkers.

The game is designed to improve motor and water skills while keeping your girl engaged with inspiring imaginative play. The game is lightweight and easy to pack — you’ll love how portable it is.

Even better, it’s an interactive toy set so she can play with her friends or siblings, which will further enhance her social skills.

6. Lego Elves Naida & the Water Turtle

Impressive Lego Set

Naida needs to save Cory and baby Calypso, and she sure needs your girl to do it! This is an interactive Lego set in beautiful colors. It involves building a magical water turtle with space for a tiny doll.

She’ll also get to build a boat with an evil chain shooter that comes with a space for a bat, a floating island with a disc shooter, and a space for a fish. The 205-piece set includes Naida, Cory, Furi the bat, and Calypso the baby turtle.

7. SainSmart Jr. Light Up Archery Set

Best Shooting Toy

Featuring five durable suction cup arrows, archery has never been this exciting. The set comes with an automatic illuminating bow that features awesome lighting effects. They’ll light up each time your daughter pulls the string, leaving a smile on her face. The sighting device makes it easy for her to aim for the target.

Archery improves hand-eye coordination, and you can minimize their screen time by offering them an interactive sports toy. It will also motivate their athletic talent. This is a good way to develop your daughter’s outgoing personality and competitive nature.

8. PlayShifu Orboot Reality Based Globe

Educational STEM Toy

This intriguing STEM educational toy will help your daughter understand the world. It’s an app-based toy that’s compatible with Android and iOS devices. This globe will take your 7-year-old on an incredible, reality-based journey that she’s bound to enjoy.

The box comes with a 10-inch globe, a stamp, passport, country flag stickers, and a very detailed help guide. App categories include monuments, cultures, animals, maps, inventions, and weathers for different countries.

This is a toy for curious kids as it will spark their imagination and help with cognitive skills, linguistics, and knowledge.

9. Deluxe Pretend Play Food Set

Awesome Pretend Play

This toy incorporates 122 pieces of food, from fruits to vegetables and everything else in between. Your 7-year-old will feel like she owns a food store. Her cooking pretend play time will rise to a whole new level.

She’ll be making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and having snacks in between. How awesome is that?

Your child will also enhance her imagination by making creative dishes. The toys come in bold colors and realistic designs for the ultimate kitchen experience.

10. Pop the Pig Game

Interactive Funny Toy

Pop the pig is not only interactive (given that it needs more than one player) it’s also absolutely hilarious. Kids get to feed the pig and watch its belly burst from all the food! Even you might not be able to hold in the laughter, watching them play.

Your 7-year-old can play with siblings or friends and it’ll improve her social skills. She’ll learn to be patient by waiting for her turn. She’ll also learn how to operate in a group setting, how to share, and how to interact — plus have tons of fun too.

11. PlayMonster Prove It Game

Family Fun Time

If you’re looking for a toy that you can play with your little girl, this might be a good choice. Spending quality time with family is important, and it pays off to make it memorable.

Prove It game will do that for you. You need to be the one who can do something better and faster than the rest — it’s all about brains, brawn, and teamwork. A dash of luck will also help the winner. For 3 to 8 players.

12. Ride-on and Bounce-up Horse

Amazing Ride-On Toy

Horses are beautiful creatures and if your young lady thinks so too, this toy might be suitable for her. It bounces up and down to gallop and feels just like riding a real horse. You might also like that it doesn’t need power or batteries to run.

It comes with soft wheels that will be easy on your floor. It also features three stirrups for different ages, which is great if you have other kids, or even if you want to try it yourself.

13. Force1 Scoot Hands-Free Mini Drone

Fun Tech Toy

Drones have become so popular that almost everybody wants one. Who wouldn’t, when they’re so much fun to play with? This Scoot hands-free drone might be the perfect introduction for a little girl.

It’s a futuristic hover drone that doesn’t need a remote. It’s gravity-defying and can be played with both indoors and outdoors. It features a durable shell for protection, a sensor for guidance, and LED lights that add to the fun.

14. My Magical Unicorn Interactive Plush Toy

For Unicorn Lovers

Unicorns are such beautiful, mythical creatures that most girls are enchanted by them. This magical, plush unicorn is designed with over 100 sound and motion combinations, making it responsive to voice and touch.

It’s poseable, musical, and stylish, and your 7-year-old is likely to adore it. She can hug, pet, and enjoy how the unicorn flutters its beautiful wings. The horn lights up and flashes with different colors. Batteries not included.

15. Mermaid Music Jewelry Box

Enchanting Jewelry Chest

If your 7-year-old loves the mesmerizing world of mermaids, she might fall for this mermaid jewelry box. It comes fully assembled and is the perfect storage space for her tiny jewelry and treasures.

It plays the “Over the Waves” tune and the pretty mermaid rotates to it. It’s lined with a soft velvet inside to keep everything safe and features a star-shaped mirror and two drawers. Many other styles are available, including ballerinas, hearts or unicorns.

16. DIY Slime Kit

Glow in the Dark

Slime that glows in the dark? Say no more! This is a dream present for a seven year old girl.

There are endless options with this kit. You can make slime with confetti, fun foam beads, glitter and of course, glow in the dark powder.

Not only can you create stretchy slime, kids can blow bubbles, make animal shapes and ice cream shapes! The kit includes 24 colors and comes with a handy container for storage.

17. Mattel DC Super Hero Katana Action Figure

Best Superhero Toy

There’s just something about superheroes kids cannot get enough of. I can’t count the number of superhero toys that are in my home. Katana is an amazing superhero and will inspire your baby girl to unleash her inner hero.

Katana comes with her iconic accessories, including tall boots and her silvery body armor. Her sword is also included, and she wields it with much power. With a martial arts expert, your girl can have fun saving the day.

Development Milestones of 7-Year-Olds

Ensure you get your daughter something she will not only learn from but love as well. Development milestones play a huge role here. At 7 years old, she’s already mastered her motor skills and has control over her hand-eye coordination (1).

Physical development

Your little lady is likely to be more competitive and more confident with herself. She’s also likely to have a preference when it comes to learning styles. She might like to work independently, or she may thrive in a group with her peers.

Cognitive development

You might have noticed that at this age, she has a longer attention span. Your 7-year-old thinks logically and expresses herself quite well. She’s also likely to be very curious, so you need toys that enhance her problem-solving and memory skills (2).

Social development

At this age, most girls like to socialize and play with their peers. If your little girl does, you might want to consider dress-up toys. She’ll get to improve her social skills as she interacts with her peers during games.

How to Choose Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Your little girl seems to be maturing quickly, and you might be confused about what will really interest her. Let’s look at some of the factors you need to consider if you’re going to hit the nail on the head with this one.

Is the Toy Appropriate for Her Age?

Most children at this age get bored very quickly. If you get something meant for a younger age group, she’ll likely lose interest very fast. If you get toys meant for older children, you might be courting extra risks and hazards.

As your girl is maturing, she’ll have a longer attention span for more complex games and enjoy using her brain to solve problems.

What Does She Like?

Kids have different interests and you might have observed her and realized she loves superheroes. She may love speeding cars, arts and crafts, or dressing up and having tea parties. Get her something she will enjoy playing with.

Is the Toy Girly or Gender Neutral?

You might be tempted to buy girly toys, but thinking out of the box will truly pay off. By the time some girls are 7 years old, they’re no longer interested in playing with dolls or fashion accessories. Science projects, on the other hand, might keep them busy for hours on end.

Allow your daughter to play with toys that interest her. Gender-neutral toys are a good option. Your daughter will learn from an early age that she can achieve whatever she wants.

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