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Best Kids Swimming Goggles of 2022

Your child will want to play in the water much longer when their eyes are protected with goggles.

Swimming goggles are not just for competitive swimmers. They are also a valuable accessory that can make any child’s time in the water safer and more comfortable.

But finding the best swimming goggles for kids is tricky. How do you know which ones are right for your child? Lucky for you, we’ve got your back when it comes to protecting your child’s eyes.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Aqua Sphere Moby Kid Swim Goggle (Blue/Transparent)
Best for New Swimmers
Aqua Sphere Moby Swim Goggles
  • Larger frames
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to adjust
Product Image of the COPOZZ Kids Swimming Goggles, Child (Age 4-12) Waterproof Swim Goggles with...
Best Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles
Copozz Kids’ Anti-Fog Swim Goggles
  • Excellent for a wide age range
  • Adjustable, anti-slip strap
  • Odorless silicone material
Product Image of the Gaslen Swim Goggles, No Leaking Anti Fog UV Protection Triathlon Swim Goggles...
Best Polarized Swimming Goggles
FMU UV Protection Swimming Goggles
  • Comfortable double seal design
  • Wide field of vision
  • It comes with accessories
Product Image of the Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swim Mask with Clear Lens (Coral/Aqua) -  UV Protection...
Best for Toddlers
Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swim Goggles
  • Superior comfort for fussy toddlers
  • Easy to adjust
  • Stands up well in salt water
Product Image of the Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles with Pain-Free Strap | Ideal for Ages 3 – 10 in...
Best for Girls
Frogglez Swim Goggles
  • Soft silicone seals
  • 100% percent UV protection
  • Floats on water
Product Image of the Fruit Basket Blue Berry
Best Scented Swimming Goggles
Finis Fruit Basket Swimming Goggles
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Good for 18 month toddlers
Product Image of the AIKOTOO Comfortable Shortsighted Swimming Goggles,Nearsighted Swim Goggles
Best Prescription Swimming Goggles for Kids
Aikotoo Nearsighted Swim Goggles
  • Anti-fog lens coating
  • 2 to -6 prescription
  • Resilient silicone strap
Product Image of the Speedo Unisex-child Swim Goggles Junior Hyper Flyer Ages 6-14
Best for Competitive Swimmers
Speedo Unisex Junior Hyper Flyer
  • Snug but comfortable fit
  • Available in many colors & lenses
  • Latex-free
Product Image of the Vaincre Kids Snorkel Mask, 180° Snorkeling Gear for Kids with Panoramic View...
Best Full-Face Swimming Goggles
Vaincre 180° Full-Face Panoramic View
  • Anti-fog air flow system
  • Includes detachable go-pro stand
  • 180-degree views
Product Image of the NIKE Kids' Big Youth Challenger Swim Goggle, Game Royal, One Size
Best for Boys
Nike Youth Challenger Swim Goggle
  • Anti-fog coating and wide lens
  • Affordable yet high-quality
  • Six-way adjustable nose bridge

Do Kids Need Swimming Goggles?

You see in focus, or you don’t, because of the way your eyes work.

Light bends when it transitions from the air to the fluid in your eye. Your eye has evolved to accommodate this bend so that the light hits the retina at the exact point to provide a clear image.

The fluid in your eye is almost the same as water. Light bends at a different angle when it moves from water to the eye fluid. The image hits a different spot on the back of the eye and the image is blurred (1).

Goggles prevent this blurring.

Children also benefit from goggles because:

  • Some children’s eyes become irritated in as little as half an hour in the swimming pool. Goggles will help minimize irritation from pool chemicals.
  • For children who wear glasses out of the water, swim goggles can help them see, in focus, in the water.
  • Goggles can protect the eye from debris in the water.
  • They can prevent bacteria from getting into the eye.
  • Goggles can allow a child to see clearly, which makes time under the water more enjoyable.
  • Goggles can prevent children from swimming into the side of the pool and hitting their head. I used to do this all the time as a kid when my eyes were too irritated to keep them open underwater, but I didn’t want to stop swimming. I’d approach the side of the pool and hit my head because my eyes were closed — it wasn’t fun.

Types of Swimming Goggles

Look for swimming goggles that match your child’s water activities.


Recreational swimming goggles tend to be cheaper and are not designed for long periods in the water. Consequently, the anti-fog coating is not usually as effective or long-lasting.

However, they do tend to be more comfortable.


Goggles for competitive swimming and diving will usually have a long-lasting, high-quality anti-fog coating.

However, they are lower profile, to reduce drag, so they are not usually as comfortable for children to wear.

Full-face/snorkel mask

A full-face mask is often the most comfortable for a child to wear. However, a child must be able to breathe through a snorkel before using such a mask in the water.

If you opt for this mask, you need to be aware that there are safety concerns associated with them.

How to Choose the Best Swimming Goggles for Kids

There are numerous features to look for and things to consider before buying goggles.


Swimming goggles must be snug to be effective, and children grow like weeds. So, you need adjustable goggles to ensure they remain effective and comfortable while growing with your child.


For optimum comfort look for:

  • Straps that will not roll and catch hair.
  • Soft, silicone gaskets to protect the eyes.
  • An anti-fog coating.


A carrying case can be important for protecting your child’s swimming goggles. Some goggles come with nose clips, earplugs, a swimming cap, or even affixed earplugs.


Goggles that leak can be worse than no goggles at all. Ensure the goggles you are buying are leak-proof. If you’re buying online, you have the benefit of reading user reviews — if their goggles leak, the buyers will mention it.

Special Needs

Take into account whether your child has any allergies, like latex, or sensitive skin, and choose goggles that won’t aggravate these issues.

If your child wears prescription glasses, buy them prescription goggles that will help them see clearly.


Your child will be more inclined to wear goggles that are appealing, have bright colors, or their favorite characters on them. If you’re sold on a certain model, let them pick the color to make them happy.

The Best Swimming Goggles of 2022

Here are our top ten swimming goggles for kids.

1. Aqua Sphere Moby Kids’ Swim Goggles

Best Swimming Goggles for New Swimmers

Created specifically for beginners, these goggles have an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. The lenses are clear rather than tinted or polarized which makes them great for low light and overcast conditions. Plus, younger kids sometimes aren’t that fond of tinted goggles anyway — my kids hated them.

The Aqua Sphere Moby allows for crisp, clear vision both in the water and out.

Made from a latex-free, hypoallergenic material, these goggles minimize the risk of skin irritation, making them an ideal first swimming goggle for children.


  • Larger frames make them exceptionally comfortable.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to adjust.


  • Some reviewers complain the adjustment clip became loose after repeated use.

Product Specs

Age Range The manufacturer’s recommended age range is 5 to 10 years, but some users say these are good for children as young as 18 months
Lenses Clear
Accessories Storage case
UV Protection Yes
Watertight Leak-resistant

2. Copozz Kids’ Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles

Best Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles for Kids

The soft one-piece frame of the Copozz goggles makes them extremely comfortable. The high-quality, anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens means these goggles provide clear, unfogged vision for hours on end.

In addition to providing a suitable age range, the manufacturers helpfully advise these goggles will fit heads between 16.55 inches and 22.8 inches. This is achieved with a dual strap system that can easily be adjusted to keep your child’s swim goggles fitting correctly.


  • Excellent for a wide age range.
  • Adjustable, anti-slip strap.
  • Odorless silicone material.


  • It may be difficult for kids to adjust themselves.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 – 12 years
Lenses Tinted
Accessories Storage case
UV Protection Yes
Watertight No leak

3. FMU UV Protection Swimming Goggles

Best Polarized Kids' Swimming Goggles

These swimming goggles are not made just for kids. The strap is adjustable enough that the goggles can be worn by both adults and children.

The quick-release clip at the back of the strap prevents any of the potential hair catching incidents associated with goggles that must be put on over the head.

With an anti-fog coating, polarized lens, and a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic strap, the FMU swimming goggles will provide clear and comfortable underwater vision for your child.


  • Exceptionally comfortable, ergonomic, double seal design.
  • Provides a wider than average field of vision.
  • It comes with accessories.


  • Not suitable for smaller children.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 years and older
Lenses Polarized
Accessories Case, ear plugs, nose clip
UV Protection Yes
Watertight No leak

4. Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swim Goggles

Best Swimming Goggles for Toddlers

Once your child is comfortable in the water without goggles, these are a great first pair for your toddler.

The frame is large, sitting on the cheekbone and the forehead rather than the eye socket. This minimizes the chance of discomfort or marks around the eyes.

The goggles are latex-free. The gasket material is a proprietary one called Softeril, which is significantly softer than some other rubbers used in swim goggles.


  • Superior comfort for fussy toddlers.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Stands up well to use in salt water.


  • Some reviewers say they are not the best for children with a wider or flatter nose bridge.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 years and older
Lenses Clear
Accessories Case
UV Protection Yes
Watertight Leak-free

5. Finis Frogglez Kids’ Swim Goggles

Best Swimming Goggles for Girls

The unique design of the Finis Frogglez swimming goggles for kids is what makes these a winner.

Instead of a rubber strap, these have a larger, neoprene split strap that goes on over the head but does not pull the hair in the same way as other over-the-head swim goggles do.

The adjustable straps also come in a wide range of appealing colors and patterns from which to choose.



  • Not the cheapest option, but still affordable.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 – 10 years
Lenses Clear, tinted, or mirrored
Accessories None
UV Protection Yes
Watertight Leak-free

6. Finis Kids’ Fruit Basket Swimming Goggles

Best Scented Swimming Goggles for Kids

If you are looking for some fruit-scented goggles, then Finis has you covered. Their Fruit Basket model comes in five different colors, each of which smells like a different fruit. The scents and goggle colors are:

  • Gold peach – orange and blue.
  • Sour apple – green and blue.
  • Pineapple – yellow and green.
  • Watermelon – hot pink and green.
  • Grape – purple.

The goggle lenses have a latex-free, silicone gasket, and the goggles have an adjustable strap that is simple to use.


  • The scent is long-lasting but doesn’t transfer to the face.
  • Anti-fog coating.
  • Good for kids as young as 18 months.


  • Only suitable up to age 8.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 – 8 years
Lenses Clear
Accessories None
UV Protection Yes
Watertight Water-resistant

7. Aikotoo Nearsighted Swim Goggles

Best Prescription Swimming Goggles for Kids

If you wear glasses, then you know the pain of wearing standard swimming goggles. You can’t see anything, but it can also cause headaches and nausea which can become a safety issue in the water.

Fortunately, even if you cannot afford expensive prescription swimming goggles, the Aikotoo nearsighted swimming goggles have basic corrective lenses. You can choose the rough number of your prescription and it will be much easier to see under water or at the poolside. They also come with three different mirror coatings.


  • UV protection lenses.
  • Two to -6 prescription.
  • Anti-fog lense coating.
  • Resilient silicone strap.


  • Lenses get destroyed with a zinc-based sunscreen.
  • They fog quite easily.

Product Specs

Age Range Suitable for youth and adults
Lenses Polarized mirrored
Accessories Waterproof case
UV Protection Yes
Watertight Leak-proof

8. Speedo Unisex Junior Hyper Flyer

Best for Competitive Swimmers

If you have a young, serious swimmer or diver in your home, we recommend the Speedo Junior Hyper Flyer swimming goggles.

From one of the most trusted names in swimming, these goggles have a sleek, low profile, inner eye fit for superior hydrodynamic performance.

With a one-handed adjustment system, curved lenses for better peripheral vision, and a choice between mirrored or clear lenses, the Junior Hyper Flyer combines style and function for competitive swimmers.


  • Adjustable for a snug but comfortable fit.
  • Available in a variety of colors and lenses.
  • Latex-free.


  • The mirrored finish isn’t scratch-proof so it can become damaged easily if your child isn’t careful with them.

Product Specs

Age Range 6 – 14 years
Lenses Clear or mirrored
Accessories None
UV Protection Yes
Watertight Leak-proof

9. Vaincre 180° Full-Face Panoramic View

Best Full-Face Swimming Goggles for Kids

The Vaincre full face mask is a great entry-level swimming mask for kids. With this unique design, your child can breathe naturally through their nose or mouth, without having to hold the end of the snorkel between their lips.

The dry snorkeling system has a valve which prevents water from entering the snorkel itself. This allows your child to experience the pleasure of underwater views, without the pressure of learning to breathe through the snorkel first.


  • Anti-fog air flow system keeps the face shield clear.
  • Detachable Go-Pro stand to record your adventures.
  • 180-degree views.


  • Your child will need practice before they become comfortable with using it.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 years and older
Lenses Clear
Accessories Go-Pro mount
UV Protection No
Watertight Leak-proof

10. Nike Youth Challenger Swim Goggle

Best Swimming Goggles for Boys

Designed for use in the pool, but not open water, the Nike Youth Challenger swimming goggles are best described as basic, but do what they’re supposed to.

Shaped to fit on the inner eye, these do not provide the best beginner’s experience. But they are good for more experienced swim goggle users, or a competitive swimmer or diver.

The downside is they are said to come up quite small so that even an 8-year-old is a little too big to wear them comfortably.


  • Anti-fog coating and wide lens give a clear view.
  • Affordable, yet high-quality goggles.
  • It has a six-way adjustable nose bridge.


  • Too tight for bigger kids.

Product Specs

Age Range 8 – 14 years
Lenses Tinted
Accessories None
UV Protection Yes
Watertight Leak-proof

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Age Range Lenses Accessories UV Protection Watertight
Aqua Sphere Moby Swim Goggles New Swimmers 5 to 10 years Clear Storage case Yes Leak-resistant
Copozz Kids’ Anti-Fog Swim Goggles Anti-Fog 3 – 12 years Tinted Storage case Yes No leak
FMU UV Protection Swimming Goggles Polarized 3 years & older Polarized Case, ear plugs, nose clip Yes No leak
Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swim Goggles Toddlers 3 years & older Clear Case Yes Leak-free
Frogglez Swim Goggles Girls 3 – 10 years Clear, tinted, or mirrored None Yes Leak-free
Finis Fruit Basket Swimming Goggles Scented 3 – 8 years Clear None Yes Water-resistant
Aikotoo Nearsighted Swim Goggles Prescription Youth and adults Polarized mirroed Waterproof case Yes Leak-proof
Speedo Unisex Junior Hyper Flyer Competitive Swimmers 6 – 14 years Clear or mirrored None Yes Leak-proof
Vaincre 180° Full-Face Panoramic View Full-Face 3 years & older Clear Go-Pro mount No Leak-proof
Nike Youth Challenger Swim Goggle Boys 8 – 14 years Tinted None Yes Leak-proof


These are the questions that crop up most often when discussing kids’ swim goggles.

Is Swimming Without Goggles Bad for Your Eyes?

Eyes can be irritated by prolonged exposure to swimming pool chemicals. This may cause itching and discharge which can be avoided by wearing swimming goggles.

Should Toddlers Wear Swimming Goggles?

Before your child wears swimming goggles, they should be comfortable in the water without them. Some children become dependent on goggles and panic in the water when they are not wearing them. Children who can swim while wearing goggles can drown without them (2).

Can Swim Goggles Cause Bags Under the Eyes?

Swimming goggles can accentuate dark circles and puffiness under the eyes (3). That’s more of a cosmetic concern for adults, though. Kids don’t care as much about that kind of thing — they just want to be in the water.

How Do Swimmers Avoid Goggle Marks?

Swimmers can avoid goggle marks by:

  • Choosing goggles that do not sit on the delicate skin directly under the eyes.
  • Not wearing goggles longer than you have to.
  • Ensuring your goggles are snug enough to stay watertight but are no tighter than they need to be.

How Long Should Swim Goggles Last?

How long the best swim goggles for kids will last depends on how often they are used and whether they are used in salt or chlorinated water. Rinsing the goggles after use will ensure they last as long as possible.

It is reasonable to expect them to last at least a year.

Make A Splash

My tiny product testers have used a wide range of swimming goggles. That puts us in the unique position of being qualified to give our “Mom and Kid” stamp of approval to ten pairs.

While not every pair we looked at made the grade, we are able to give the thumbs up to a wide range of swimming goggles for kids of all ages, sizes, interests, and abilities. Now put those goggles to good use keeping your child active and having fun all summer long.

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