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Best Trolls Toys of 2023

Do you want to make your child the happiest little troll fan in the world?

Whether it’s the 2016 Trolls movie or Trolls: World Tour, the 2020 release, there’s no denying that kids adore Trolls. Perhaps it’s because the characters are relatable for children of all backgrounds or maybe it’s the sheer joy that the franchise induces.

Whatever the reason, fans of the movies and characters cannot get enough of these toys. Since the market is saturated, it can be hard to find the right Trolls toy for your child. We have chosen 15 of the best Trolls toys, the ones we would buy and, in some cases, have bought for the children in our lives.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Franco Kids Bedding Soft Plush Cuddle Pillow Buddy, One Size, Trolls World Tour...
Best Trolls Plush Toy
Super Soft Plush Trolls
  • Well made
  • Beautifully stitched features
  • Vibrant color
Product Image of the Trolls Party Hair Poppy Musical Doll, Sings 'Hair in The Air' When You Pull Up...
Best Trolls Talking Toy
Trolls Party Hair Poppy Musical Doll
  • Includes comb & hair accessories
  • Only needs one AAA battery
  • The crown is removable
Product Image of the LEGO Trolls World Tour Pop Village Celebration 41255 Trolls Tree House Building...
Best Trolls Lego Set
Trolls: World Tour Pop Village Celebration
  • Includes trolls world tour mini-figures
  • Includes assortment of accessories
  • Fabulous set Lego building bricks
Product Image of the ekids Trolls World Tour Sing Along Boom Box Speaker with Microphone for Fans of...
Best Musical Trolls Toy
Trolls Sing-Along Boombox
  • Excellent & crisp sound quality
  • Can load up any songs you like
  • Lightweight
Product Image of the Dreamworks Trolls Poppy & Twins Celebration Pack, 3 Dolls 9' Tall with Outfits,...
Best Trolls Action Figure
Poppy And Twins Celebration Dolls
  • Lots of play opportunities
  • Excellent value
  • Includes sheet of stickers
Product Image of the Pillow Pets DreamWorks Poppy Sleeptime Lite 11' – Trolls World Tour Stuffed...
Best Trolls Toys for Toddlers
DreamWorks Poppy Sleeptime Lite
  • Toddler safe option
  • Three different color modes
  • 20-minute timer for nightlight
Product Image of the Play-Doh Trolls World Tour Rainbow Hair Poppy Styling Toy for Kids 3 Years and...
Best Trolls Play-Doh
Play-Doh Poppy Styling Set
  • Includes several tubs of play-doh
  • Can create pretty hair accessories
  • The headpiece is easy to clean
Product Image of the Delta Children Kids Table and Chair Set with Storage (2 Chairs Included), Trolls...
Best Trolls Table & Chair Set
Delta Children Table And Chair Set
  • Each chair holds up to 50 lbs
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Features both Branch & Poppy
Product Image of the Crayola Trolls World Tour, Neon Create & Color Art Set, Over 70 Art Supplies,...
Best Trolls Art Set
Crayola Neon Create & Color Art Set
  • Includes washable markers
  • Sturdy case with handle
  • Many fun accessories
Product Image of the Hasbro Gaming Trouble: DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Edition Board Game for Kids...
Best Trolls Game for Kids
Trouble Trolls World Tour Edition
  • Multiple trolls details
  • Guitar spaces added as short-cuts
  • Fun & easy-to-play game

The Best Trolls Toys of 2023

Here is our list of the best trolls toys on the market.

1. Super Soft Plush Trolls: World Tour Poppy

Best Trolls Plush Toy

At 22 inches high and 8 inches wide, this Poppy toy is made for big cuddles. The plushie is quite firm, with a little give so it will stand up, but only if you are leaning it against a wall, pillow, or another item.

Poppy’s dress, headband, and hair are all true to the Poppy you see in the movie and her face, including lots of details such as the freckles on her cheeks, is embroidered into the fabric. The material for both Poppy and her dress is microfiber and can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary.


  • Well made.
  • Beautifully stitched features, with no stray threads to unravel.
  • Vibrant color.


  • Some kids would have liked hair that could be brushed and styled.

2. Trolls Party Hair Poppy Musical Doll

Best Trolls Talking Toy

This roller skate wearing Poppy is a multi talented doll.

Push her along on her working roller skates and Poppy will sing “Hair In The Air,” the theme tune to the Trolls series. If you brush or pull her hair upward, you’ll hear one of her 40 phrases, spoken in the signature Poppy voice.

The body of the doll is approximately six inches tall and her hair adds an additional six or seven inches in height.

The bright and sparkly rainbow color hair can be brushed and styled, which means this doll has more play value than some others.


  • It comes with a comb and six hair accessories.
  • Only needs one AAA battery that seems to last a long time.
  • The crown is removable.


  • The doll is not articulated in any way.

3. Trolls: World Tour Pop Village Celebration

Best Trolls Lego Set

This is a fabulous set for existing Lego fans, and it’s also an excellent introduction to the world’s favorite Danish building bricks for Lego newbies.

An unusual combination of traditional Lego building bricks and much larger pre-formed Trolls specific pieces means the set is an enjoyable build that doesn’t take a lot of time, help, or experience to complete.

The pods, and the “mini-scenes” they contain, can be removed from the larger build. Our kids like to take these places for play on the go.

Meanwhile there is a wealth of Trolls accessories with which to style Poppy, Branch, and the gang.


  • Includes five Trolls World Tour mini-figures.
  • You child should like seeing Tiny Diamond “hatch.”
  • Choose between rainbows and sunshine on the weather wheel.


  • Many tiny accessories to keep track of, so it can only be used by those 6 years and up.

4. Trolls Sing-Along Boombox With Microphone

Best Musical Trolls Toy

This brightly colored boombox from eKids has a genuine working microphone which allows your budding singing superstar to perform like their favorite Trolls: World Tour character.

There are two options for music. The first is to sing along to the built-in music which features “Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Secondly, you can hook the boombox up to a compatible mp3 player and sing along to whatever tickles your vocal cords.

Flashing lights add to your child’s musical experience. The lightweight design make it easy to take the party on the road. It’s also small enough to hide it away if things get too loud.


  • Excellent, clear, crisp sound quality.
  • Flexible — you can load up any songs you like.
  • Light enough to hold while singing.


  • Short microphone cord.

5. Poppy And Twins Celebration Dolls 3 Pack

Best Trolls Action Figure

There are many Trolls figures on the market but the majority of them are quite small and have fixed body parts. These are by far the best Trolls figures we looked at as they are articulated, and at nine inches tall they are big enough to play with and enjoy.

The figures come with three removable outfits so you can mix and match them with the hair accessories which are also included in the pack. There is even a piece so you can clip the twins, Satin and Chenille, together by the hair, just like you see in the first Trolls movie.


  • Three figures for lots of play opportunities.
  • Excellent value.
  • Sheet of stickers and “coronation invites” included.


  • The small accessories could be easily lost.

6. DreamWorks Poppy Sleeptime Lite

Best Trolls Toys for Toddlers

Trolls toys for toddlers are surprisingly tricky to find. Many items are tagged for toddlers, so they show up in your search results, but when you look at the details, most are for 3 years and older. Fortunately, Pillow Pets has created this adorable Poppy pillow and nightlight, all rolled into one.

Poppy can be cuddled as a buddy and then, if you release the strap, she can lay flat and act as a pillow. Then, when it gets dark, flip a switch. Poppy projects an array of rainbow-colored stars from the special night light panel on her back.


  • A toddler safe option suitable for rest and play.
  • Three different color modes for the lights.
  • A 20-minute timer for the nightlight.


  • The light panel reduces the “cuddle-ability” factor.

7. Play-Doh Poppy Styling Set

Best Trolls Play-Doh

The Play-Doh hair grow set gets an incredible upgrade with all-new Trolls styling.

Now you can grow Poppy’s hair using one of the three interchangeable attachments, each of which causes Poppy’s hair to grow in a different way. Instead of pushing her head down to grow the hair, this allows you to turn a crank, infinitely easier for little ones.

Once her hair has grown you can use the safe Play-Doh scissors or crimping tool to give her some unique styling.

This set comes with the basic Play-Doh Poppy Styling Set and six tubs of play dough.


  • Comes with six tubs of Play-Doh.
  • Use the base to create pretty hair accessories.
  • The headpiece is easy to clean.


  • It’s easy to mix the individual colors.

8. Delta Children Table And Chair Set

Best Trolls Table And Chair Set

A practical and pretty addition to the Trolls line is this cute table and chairs set from Delta Children.

The table and both chairs are made from a combination of solid and engineered wood, making this a strong and sturdy option if you’re looking for a craft table or somewhere to enjoy snacks and meals.

The best thing about this table is the storage “basket” in the center. Big enough for markers, small vehicles, and other similar size toys, the netting storage spot is suspended under the table and has a simple-to-use cover for maximum play space.


  • Each chair holds up to 50 pounds.
  • Scratch-resistant finish.
  • Features both Branch and Poppy.


9. Crayola Neon Create & Color Art Set Trolls World Tour

Best Trolls Art Set

Rather than just add some Trolls logos and wording on an existing product, Crayola has pulled out all of the stops to make this art kit a complete Trolls experience.

As well as 8 neon crayons and coloring pencils, and 3 washable markers, this set includes 30 construction paper sheets and 8 neon washable paint pots. In addition, there are 10 coloring sheets, as well as two sheets of stickers and a brush.

The art case itself has a handle and latches and is beautifully decorated with a wrap around scene depicting multiple Trolls.


  • Washable markers for easy clean-up and removal from clothing.
  • Sturdy case with handle for storage and transport.
  • So many fun accessories your little Trolls fan should appreciate.


  • The case only comes in a single pink color.

10. Trouble Trolls World Tour Edition

Best Trolls Game for Kids

This is an official Hasbro Trolls: World Tour reboot of the Trouble game of our childhood.

The “pop-o-matic” dice flipper is still in the center of the board, but now it has a numbered die alongside another Trolls-themed die. This second die can give you protection from being sent back to the start.

Instead of the original game pieces in four basic colors, this version has four sets of molded Trolls figures in appealing Trolls-themed shades. There is also a Tiny Diamond figure, with a high degree of detail, including the signature Troll hair.


  • Multiple Trolls details such as record graphics for the places on the board.
  • Guitar spaces have been added as short-cuts.
  • A fun and easy-to-play game that children have long loved.


  • It doesn’t have the plastic upper board of the original so figures fall over rather easily.

11. Trolls: World Tour Scrunchie Maker

Best Trolls Craft Kit

An alternative to the majority of craft kits, this Trolls: World Tour scrunchie maker is a fun crafting activity, with a practical end result.

The kit contains enough materials for your little Trolls fan to make a dozen Trolls-themed hair scrunchies. Then, when those materials are used up, the tool can still be used to make scrunchies, you just need to buy the readily available, simple supplies.

Use the fabrics on their own or mix and match them to create your own unique designs.

The kit also includes glitter glue and sequins for that extra Trolls sparkle.


  • It can be used to make gifts for friends and siblings.
  • Minimal mess potential.
  • It can occupy time when children are stuck inside because of poor weather outside.


  • Only three of the included fabrics are Troll patterned. The other nine are pretty, but solid colors.

12. Trolls Poppy Dress

Best Trolls Costume

Whether it’s for Halloween, a birthday party, or an afternoon of dress-up, this Trolls Poppy dress should delight all the little girl Trolls fans out there.

The dress is made in two pieces. The layer that touches the skin is a soft fabric that will not irritate. There is also an overlay of shimmering fabric to give your little Poppy a sparkle without shedding glitter around the house.

The loose-fitting cut of the dress makes it both comfortable and practical for active play, and many of the reviewers comment on the high quality of the dress.


  • Well made with lots of detail.
  • Fits 3 to 6 year olds.
  • A good pick for sparking imaginative play.


13. Tara Toys Trolls Necklace Activity Set

Best Trolls Activity Kit

Help your little one discover their inner designer with the Trolls necklace activity set from Tara Toys.

Your child can use the plastic beads to create a basic necklace and accent the creation with a Trolls charm. The charms are made of rigid backed rubber and hang from strong metal fixings.

The necklace “laces” are made from a firm plastic with molded fasteners at the end. That means you don’t have to worry about your child twisting strings around their fingers or anything else they shouldn’t.

It also includes cute, musical note accent beads for further necklace customizations.


  • Comes in a sturdy storage case with a handle.
  • Great for traveling and time away from home.
  • The set has enough to make five necklaces.


  • The design means that if the necklace comes undone, the beads slide off quite easily.

14. Trolls 2-Pack Coloring Book Set

Best Trolls Coloring Book

With this two-pack, you get two Trolls coloring books that are packed full of pictures to color and contain a wide range of activities.

Both books are approximately A4 size and have around 200 pages of potential fun. The paper is the standard off-white, not great quality paper you would expect in a coloring book. Due to this, we found that it’s better for the kids to use crayons or coloring pencils instead of markers, which have a tendency to bleed through and ruin the other side.


  • Plenty of dot-to-dot, and similar activities.
  • Basic pictures, easy enough for a toddler to color.
  • Children will like the variety of Trolls featured in the coloring books.


  • Not enjoyable with markers or paint pens.

15. Crayola Trolls World Tour Inspiration Art Case

Best Trolls Art Collectible

For your young artist with great adoration for Trolls, you might want to bolster their talent in drawing with this art set.

It includes 110 art crafts and supplies ranging from crayons, markers, glue sticks, pencils, scrapbook paper, and sticker sheets. With an included case, it would be easier for you to teach them the importance of being responsible for their personal belongings by allowing them to organize their art treasures.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone; you’ve already harnessed their art skill and at the same time imparted them some valuable lesson.


  • Complete set.
  • An affordable treat that doesn’t break the bank.
  • Good value for money.


  • May overwhelm younger kids.

How To Choose The Best Trolls Toys

If you’re trying to find a toy your child will love, it pays to look at some key features. That can help you narrow your search.

Child’s Age

Children’s toys are labeled according to age-appropriate safety guidelines and not according to intellectual development (1). If your child is developmentally advanced, you should still heed age labeling.


Strike a balance between what you know your kids will like and buying toys that broaden their interests. Our top tip? If you’re buying a toy that is different from your child’s usual interest, find a starter or small toy first.

That way, if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted too much money.


We draw on personal experience and read multiple toy reviews before recommending an item. By doing so, we can suggest toys that stand up to extended play and avoid those that are known to have a limited lifespan.


We are parents, just like you, who have to juggle multiple demands on our wallets, so we choose toys at a variety of price points. Our list has something you can give as a small treat, a birthday gift for your child’s friend, a special gift for your child, and every price point in between.


We only consider toys from reputable manufacturers and sellers. This minimizes the possibility of dangerous breakages or toxic materials.

We double-check all items against the Consumer Product Safety Commission recall list (2).

Extra Features

Toys that boost development or are in some way educational get bonus points in our book. We also consider:

  • Battery life, or recharging capabilities for powered toys.
  • Compatibility with other items.
  • The need to buy refills or purchase upgrades.

The Party Never Stops

If you have a Trolls fan in your life, you’ll already be familiar with these upbeat, colorful, and big-haired little music lovers.

The list of best Trolls toys is long and expansive, but we hope you’ve found something that hits the spot.

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