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17 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 3-Year-Old Girls: 2024 Picks

17 cool gift and toy ideas for your little princess.

Depending on how you look at it, shopping for 3-year-old girls can either be a challenge or a breeze.

You’re spoiled for choice because there’s less pressure to stick to what’s “gender-appropriate.” However, girls’ toys can be overly stereotyped or simplified and often lack imagination.

We have lots of experience shopping for girly gifts, so we’re here to help. We’ll share our favorite gift picks that are educational, original, durable, affordable, and fun. We’ll also discuss how to select age-appropriate toys and describe what makes the perfect gift for girls of this age.

Check out our reviews of the best gifts for 3-year-old girls.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Slice-and-Bake Play Cookies
Best PlayFood
Slice-and-Bake Play Cookies
  • Colorful wooden play food set
  • Durable construction
  • Healthy hands-on play
Product Image of the Moana Adventure Doll
Favorite Little Princess
Moana Adventure Doll
  • Includes wear & share hair clip
  • 14 inches tall
  • Dress in her iconic outfit
Product Image of the Frozen LED Dress
Dazzling Dress Up
Frozen LED Dress
  • Waterproof LED lights
  • Great value for its price
  • Includes wand and tiara
Product Image of the Amy&Benton Toddler Piano
Musical Magic
Amy&Benton Toddler Piano
  • Microphone to sing along
  • Beautiful bright colors
  • Record and replay button
Product Image of the Sunny Day Doll
Best Medium Doll
Sunny Day Doll
  • 6 inches tall
  • Posable pop-in style
  • Includes styling accessories
Product Image of the Magnetic STEM Blocks
Educational Excellence
Magnetic STEM Blocks
  • Non-toxic, durable ABS plastic
  • 103 magnetic tiles
  • Round edges for safety
Product Image of the My Own Leaptop
For the Tech Savvy Toddler
My Own Leaptop
  • Award-winning play
  • Customizable
  • 4 learning modes
Product Image of the VTech Little Apps Tablet
Developmental Greatness
VTech Little Apps Tablet
  • Interactive toy laptop interface
  • Color-changing screen
  • 12 learning activities
Product Image of the Fidget Toys Set
Best Sensory Experience
Fidget Toys Set
  • 35-pice set
  • Superior quality
  • Safety test approved
Product Image of the Crayola Scribble Scrubbie
For Creative Play
Crayola Scribble Scrubbie
  • Endless creative options
  • Budget-friendly
  • 6 markers included

Best Toys & Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girls of 2024

Here are our favorite toys and gifts for 3-year-old girls.

Melissa & Doug Slice-and-Bake Cookie Set

Best Play Food

When I was a little girl, my kitchen treats involved mud. Your daughter doesn’t have to get her hands dirty with this adorable wooden cookie set.

It includes 12 sliceable cookies with 12 removable toppings, a wooden knife, a spatula, a baking tray, and an oven mitt. It also comes with a handy storage tube. Your little girl can have a lot of fun as she bakes, decorates, slices, and serves these colorful cookies.

There are many benefits too. This toy will improve her fine motor development, cognitive function, and imagination. It can be a social toy or develop her sense of independence.

The cookies are made from strong, non-toxic materials, and the set has a 100% quality guarantee. They are durable and pass the test of time. We’ve had our set for over a decade, and it’s still going strong! They look good enough to eat, don’t they?

User Experience

Love this Melissa and Doug baking set for my kids, especially my 2-year-old daughter, who enjoys baking and serving cookies daily. The cookies and accessories are not only adorable but durable, as they still look brand new after months of frequent use. The Velcro on the cookies can be a bit strong, making it slightly difficult to slice or scoop up, but it gets easier over time. This high-quality set encourages imaginative play and sharing, making it a popular choice for playdates and family fun.

Disney Moana Adventure Doll

Favorite Little Princess Doll

Who doesn’t love Moana? She’s a strong Disney princess with a keen sense of adventure, bravery, and compassion. If she’s not a role model, who is?

If your little girl loved the movie, she’ll undoubtedly love this Moana doll. She’s an impressive 14 inches tall and is true to the character. She comes in her iconic outfit with a removable flower hair clip your girl can wear too.

This doll is a favorite that could enhance your daughter’s sense of compassion and creativity.

Personal Perspective

This Moana doll is a charming and well-crafted toy that my niece absolutely adores. The doll's sturdy design, however, does have a few minor drawbacks, such as the slightly knotted hair and the hard plastic material that makes it less cuddly. Despite these small issues, the doll's size and beautiful details make it a delightful addition to any child's toy collection.

Frozen Elsa LED Dress

Dazzling Dress Up

Fantasy play is important, and to this day, Frozen remains popular in girls’ pretend play. Although this dress is intended as a costume for Halloween or cosplay, our little ones wear it everywhere, adding that extra touch of magic to their imagination.

This Elsa-inspired dress has battery-powered LED lights that are pretty, cool, and out of the ordinary. It’s made of silk, so it’s soft and won’t scratch or annoy your little girl. The floor-length dress comes in various sizes, starting at 3 years old.

It also comes with a matching tiara, wand, and batteries for the LED lights.

Community Feedback

This light-up dress, wand, and crown set is definitely a hit with kids, as my daughter loved wearing it to a Disney on Ice event, and she received many compliments. The dress is well-made, with a protective layer underneath to prevent the itchy tulle from being uncomfortable. However, the fit can be a bit snug, and the cloak or attached train might be too long for some children. The wand, on the other hand, was not as durable and broke easily, but the crown and dress were of great quality.

Amy&Benton Toddler Piano

Musical Magic

If your little girl is showing a love for music, then this is the perfect present. This bright pink piano is made for babies and toddlers, but older kids will love it, too. It has piano keys, percussion effects, and even a multi-angle adjustable microphone so she can sing her heart out.

There’s a record and replay button, so she can record a song and play it back for you. There’s also a mode that teaches them to play better and note any mistakes they have made. If you want to add to the performance, plug in a mobile device so your little one can use their favorite songs for karaoke.

This helps kids to develop their musical skills at a young age and get familiar with electronic buttons and feedback. It’s perfect for parties, too!

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this little piano as a gift, and while it's smaller than expected, it's been a hit with the young ones in my family. They especially love the microphone feature, though I noticed when connecting a phone or mp3 player, the music volume is quite low. On the downside, the piano seems a bit flimsy and tips over easily, which isn't ideal for small children who can be rough with their toys. Additionally, the buttons could be designed better to help kids understand their functions, as currently, they're all the same color and the shapes don't correlate to specific features.

Fisher-Price Sunny Day Pop-In Doll

Best Medium-Sized Doll

“Sunny Day” is a Nickelodeon show that centers around a colorful hairstylist as she helps her community and encourages confidence. Whether or not your girl is a Sunny fan, she can enjoy this quirky doll.

Sunny comes in her exclusive, true-to-character outfit with removable accessories, including a comb. What’s really cool about this doll is that it comes with a 3 pop-in hair accessories tool your girl can use to customize Sunny’s hair.

She’ll have 9 pop-in spots to customize hair looks to choose from. However, her hair color can’t change. Still, what a cool idea.

User Experience

In my experience, this doll has been a favorite among young kids, especially my daughter who has had hers for over 5 years. The doll is smaller than a typical Barbie, but still very cute and well-made with soft hair and an interesting hair styling feature. The plug-in hair accessories can be a bit tricky to keep in place, but they allow for creative play and customization. Despite the hair being made of nylon and prone to tangling, it remains attractive with its vibrant colors. The doll's clothes and accessories are easily interchangeable with other dolls in the series, making for even more fun.

Magnetic STEM Building Blocks

Educational Excellence

As much as we hate to admit it, there’s still a bit of a stigma that girls shouldn’t (or can’t) be too smart. Prove them wrong by getting your girl this awesome STEM magnetic block set.

It has 103 pieces of varying colors and shapes. It also includes a guidebook to spark creativity. The blocks have round edges for extra safety and are durable and non-toxic.

This set can give your daughter a headstart in cognitive function, including coordination, critical thinking, and reasoning. However, as with all magnetic toys, we recommend you keep a close eye on children while they play to ensure none of the magnets escape the tiles and end up in a mouth.

Personal Perspective

Got this magnetic building toy for my niece and she absolutely loves it! The vibrant colors and various shapes make it a great tool for creativity and imagination. However, I did notice a few defective pieces that were warped and had to remove them from the set. The Ferris wheel stand was a bit difficult to assemble and disassemble, so we'll have to be extra careful with it. The storage box is a nice touch, but it could definitely be bigger to fit the pieces more easily without having to arrange them perfectly.

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

Tech Savvy

This little laptop has four learning modes that teach music, letters, and spelling. You can customize your Leaptop to spell your 3-year-old’s name and add personalized “email” messages that she can respond to in the email interface.

There are 16 songs programmed into this, with 26 animal animations to keep your daughter interested in learning. It also has a handle for easy portability.

This is a versatile toy that is educational and imaginative. It also helps keep your little one away from real electronics, and that’s a win-win situation.

Community Feedback

I'm a parent who recently bought this Leaptop for my toddler, and I must say, it has been a great purchase. My child loves playing with it and has learned a lot from the different modes and features. The durability of the toy has been impressive, even after being dropped multiple times, it still works perfectly. One downside is the small screen size and lack of contrast, but my child doesn't seem to mind too much. The personalization aspect is a nice touch, but I wish there was more variety in music and email content.

VTech Little Apps Tablet

Best Gift for Developmental Greatness

Here’s another electronic toy that will benefit your little girl. This keyboard has a color-changing screen, piano keys, and letter buttons. The tablet teaches letters, numbers, and matching.

There are 12 learning activities that progress in difficulty. The tablet also has a pretend camera, calendar, and volume control. Batteries are included.

We love this cute pink version that makes this developmental toy extra-appealing to little ladies.

First-Hand Impression

For those seeking an engaging and educational toy for their little ones, this VTech Little Apps Tablet is a fantastic choice. My daughter was captivated by the various noises and sounds, and she even refers to it as her "iPad." This tablet not only keeps her entertained but also offers a plethora of learning opportunities, such as counting, letters, numbers, and shapes. However, a word of caution: the tablet isn't liquid-friendly, as we learned after a milk spill led to glitches. Despite this minor setback, we replaced it and continue to witness our children's joy and growth with this wonderful and adventurous learning tool.

Stashables 35-Piece Fidget Toy Set

For the Best Sensory Experience

The hype regarding fidget toys hasn’t left us yet, and this pack of 35 is an easy way to keep your 3-year-old focused and calm. With such a large variety of sensory toys, your daughter will be spoiled for choice in busting boredom.

This pack includes beans, squishies, a rainbow magic ball, a speed cube, a maze, a fidget controller, a mesh marble trap, stress balls, and a whole lot more. These toys are healthy for all kids but especially work wonders in children with ADHD, anxiety, or autism.

Give all 35 to your child, or use the individual toys as party favors. There’s a lot of versatility here. However, as some of the toys contain small pieces, such as marbles, you’ll want to ensure that all play is supervised.

User Experience

In my experience, these toys provided a great variety of options for my grandson with autism and his brother. While some items, like the squeeze dinosaur and video game controller, weren't very durable, the overall set offered many choices for different interests and reward levels. My 8-year-old grandson particularly enjoyed this as a birthday gift, though I did notice the foam pieces seemed a bit dry. Despite a minor issue with the pea toy, I feel that this box is well worth the money and has been well-received by the kids in my life. The variety and excitement these toys bring make it a solid choice for families and educators alike.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari

Best for Creative Play

These crafty little creatures have been some of my daughter’s favorite toys for three years and counting. She has spent countless hours playing with her collection.

The unique design is fun for imaginative play and gets creative juices flowing. Your girl can decorate her selection of little white pets as she pleases.

The markers are super washable, and the set includes a bath/shower combo and a cleaning brush for the pets. Simply add a little water and pump the shower button to rainwater from the palm tree onto your pets. Scrub the designs away and decorate again.

If you have a tech-savvy daughter, Crayola has a corresponding app. Add the code for your pets or earn pets in the app, and you can decorate and play with them on a mobile device.

Although there are many sets to choose from, we like this safari playset. It includes different safari animals, such as a lion, elephant, monkey, and giraffe. The set comes with six markers to keep your little one busy for quite some time. If they run out of ink, you can replace them with any Crayola Ultra Clean washable markers.

If you want something bigger, you can add to the collection from a wide range of Scribble Scrubbie sets.

Personal Perspective

I've recently purchased this safari animal coloring set for my kids, and they are absolutely in love with it. The 3D sculptures have rich, detailed features that make the animals look realistic and engaging. My children, aged 4 and 5, have spent hours playing with these animals, coloring them and then easily washing them off to start all over again. The water feature works well, and the product is durable and well-made. Just be prepared for a little mess, and keep some paper towels nearby for cleanup.

Biranco Pop Beads Jewelry Set

Best Crafty DIY

Beads are the equivalent of diamonds to little girls. Here we have a jewelry-making set that is colorful, catchy, and easy to craft. It adds a new level to arts and crafts and can really give your little one a creativity (and confidence) boost.

You don’t need thread because the pieces all snap together. You get 520 pieces of varying shapes, sizes, and colors — enough to thoroughly decorate any princess.

Beading encourages your child’s creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and pattern recognition.

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Community Feedback

Best creative jewelry kit for children who enjoy hands-on activities and making their own accessories. My granddaughter and I have a blast crafting unique pieces with the numerous beads, colors, and design options provided in this set. Although there are similar kits available at a lower price, the quality and variety in this kit make it worth the investment. The durable components have withstood constant play, and the sizable case helps keep everything organized. This product not only exercises fine motor skills but also sparks imagination and creativity in young minds.

Power Your Fun — Robo Pets Unicorns

Best Unicorn Toy

Any 3-year-old girl will think this is the best gift ever! These adorable unicorn robots teach your child a host of developmental skills. And since there are two in this set, your girl will also learn the value of sharing with friends or siblings.

Use the paw-shaped buttons on the simple remote to make your unicorns glide forward, backward, or in circles. You can even make it dance.

In gesture mode, your little girl can control the unicorn by moving her hand. The unicorn will follow her gestures with no need to use the remote. You can feed the unicorn treats in treat mode and watch it respond with tricks. Adventure mode allows the unicorn to choose her own path. Watch her steer around the furniture without any assistance.

Truly, this makes her a cute interactive toy your girl will love. The remote control requires two AAA batteries, but you can charge the unicorn with the included USB charger.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, these interactive unicorns have provided hours of entertainment for children, receiving a five-star fun rating from my young relatives. The toy offers multiple moods and activities, making it highly engaging and user-friendly even for a 4-year-old. However, I encountered a few initial challenges with the packaging and instructions, such as the need for 4 AAA batteries (not included) and the remote control's occasional unresponsiveness. Despite these minor issues, the joy and excitement this toy brings to children make it a worthwhile purchase.

Ride-On Unicorn Rocker

Best Ride-On Toy for Girls

Not all ride-on toys require wheels or need to be made for the great outdoors. This cute unicorn rocker is a lovely indoor option.

The pretty toy is sturdy and has movable reins. It’s easy to clean (all it needs is a wipe-down with a damp cloth), and there’s no assembly required. It can hold up to 75 pounds.

Who doesn’t want to ride on a unicorn? This could be your daughter’s dream come true.

User Experience

I've recently purchased this rocking horse and, while it's a great toy, I was surprised by its foam and felt construction. The light weight is a bonus, but I would have preferred a more durable material like wood or hard plastic. Despite this, the rocking horse has been a perfect gift for a young child, who can grow up with this cute and lovable unicorn. It came fully assembled and in great condition, but its light weight could potentially cause it to flip over if rocked too hard.

500 Piece Interlocking Brain Flakes Set

Best Building Toy

Building blocks are a staple in kids’ toys, but have you ever considered buying building flakes instead? They put an original and fantastic twist on a well-loved classic.

This impressive 500-piece set promotes fine motor development, spatial reasoning, and cognitive functions. And it’s a STEM toy, so your little girl will get a brain boost too.

It comes with a free storage container, so you don’t have to worry about cleanup. This is a creative toy your princess can use independently or socially. You can’t go wrong with it.

Personal Perspective

I've recently discovered these building flakes, which offer a unique and exciting alternative to traditional building blocks. This 500-piece set not only encourages creativity but also enhances fine motor skills and cognitive functions. I appreciate that it's a STEM toy, benefiting both independent and social play for my little one. Plus, the included storage container makes cleanup a breeze!

Melissa & Doug Dust! Sweep! Mop!

Cleaning for Creativity

You might be hesitant to give your little girl a cleaning set, but trust me; this toy will be a hit. Three-year-olds love playing pretend, and your girl will enjoy cleaning up, copying you, or working alongside you with her very own cleaning set.

This imaginative toy is perfect for make-believe and role-playing. It also enhances motor skills, coordination, and confidence. It’s colorful, top quality, and designed for little hands.

The set includes a wooden broom, mop, duster, brush, and stand.

Community Feedback

I've been using this cleaning set with my kids, and they absolutely adore it! They get to mimic me while I clean, and it's helping them learn valuable life skills. The wooden handles are sturdy, and the overall quality is top-notch, but the base could use some improvements, like adhesive or mounting options to keep it secure.

Vermont Teddy Bear Giant Plush Unicorn

Big Imagination

Why not keep it simple and give your daughter a stuffed toy she can keep as a friend?

This 18-inch unicorn sure is cute, and your 3-year-old will appreciate the soft fluffy fur when it comes to cuddles. And we are so impressed with the company’s lifetime guarantee. Vermont Teddy Bear will repair or replace it free of charge if it’s ever damaged or destroyed.

First-Hand Impression

This Vermont Teddy Bear Oh So Soft Fox is a decently large, huggable plush with a good weight and feel, thanks to the weight beads in its rump. While it isn't the softest plush on the market compared to some competitors, it still offers a satisfying fur length and texture. The overall design and proportions are cute, but there were some minor issues with the sewing and seam alignment that I had to fix myself. Regardless, this fox plush is a charming and well-made toy that can appeal to both kids and adults alike.

Ice Cream Beach Set by Top Race

Best Beach Toys

This fabulous beach set is our little girls’ favorite for outdoor fun.

You get 14 tasty-looking beach tools. It includes a bucket, four cones, four ice creams, two scoops, a cover, and more.

Your little girl can use this stylish set for all sorts of play. Our little ones carry the play over to winter, making snow cones with the set. It’s also great for indoor play with kinetic sand.

Even if you don’t get out much, your 3-year-old can find all sorts of ways to make-believe with these treats.

User Experience

After purchasing this fabulous beach set, my little girl has found endless ways to enjoy outdoor fun. The 14-piece set, including a bucket, cones, ice creams, scoops, and more, has become her favorite for imaginative play. We've even seen her use it during winter to make snow cones! This beach set is versatile and can also be used indoors with kinetic sand, providing year-round entertainment for our 3-year-old.

Which Toys Are Age-Appropriate for 3-Year-Olds?

We know that 3-year-olds are full of energy, and it can be challenging to keep them entertained. How do you choose toys that won’t be too boring or difficult for them? Our advice is to follow the milestones above.

At this age, children will benefit significantly from educational toys. They’re also still young enough to appreciate toys that light up, make noise, or give them surprises, like pop-ups. They’ll enjoy toys that work on their motor skills, like modeling clay, blocks, or simple puzzles.

Toys that are colorful and big are usually a hit. However, remember that although 3-year-olds are capable of using toys with small parts, they’re still inclined to put things in their mouths. If you give them smaller toys, keep an eye on them when they play.

How to Choose Toys for Girls

As we already mentioned, toys for girls can be highly stereotyped, but there’s more freedom to cross the gender lines. If your daughter is a tomboy or a fan of otherwise “boyish” things, like superheroes or cars, there’s nothing in the world to stop you from getting her those toys.


What we look for most when shopping for the best gifts for 3-year-old girls are toys with a focus on learning and development. These don’t have to include obvious educational skills. Even playing with a stuffed animal will help a child develop social-emotional skills (1).


As screentime has become such a focus for children, parents also appreciate toys and activities that keep their children active, such as beach toys, sports and climbing equipment, water tables, and more. These toys, games, and activities will help children stay healthy and keep their brains active (2).


Children are creative geniuses (3). Finding toys, crafts, and kids that enhance their innate ability to design and create will further develop these skills and benefit their overall health and development (4).

Social Skills

As 3-year-old girls are entering a massive stage in their social development, gifts that promote group play can be one of the best ways to encourage healthy relationships. Board games, chasing games, and shared toys teach children about turn-taking and help develop an awareness of others’ feelings.


Above all, when shopping for gifts for 3-year-old girls, you’ll want to find the best quality toys. Three-year-olds are hard on their belongings. They can’t seem to help it. They’re full of energy and excitement. If you purchase toys that aren’t durable, they may end up broken, and you’ll have a disappointed child on your hands.

We look for gifts made with the best high-quality materials. Wood toys can last for decades if cared for properly. So can many outdoor toys and sports equipment items. Plastics should be free of BPA and solid enough to withstand some rough handling.


Above all, the best gifts for 3-year-old girls should be fun, laughter-inducing, imagination-freeing toys and games. These gifts will keep your kid coming back for more.

Play with your child to create long-lasting memories, but also encourage them to entertain themselves from time to time.


Which Type of Play is Most Common For 3-Year-Olds?

For three-year-olds, common types of play include imaginative role-play, simple puzzles and building blocks, arts and crafts, and active physical play like running or climbing.

How Do You Entertain a 3-Year-Old?

Entertain a three-year-old with a variety of activities that stimulate their curiosity and development, such as interactive story time, creative arts, outdoor exploration, and age-appropriate educational toys.

How Can I Surprise My 3-Year-Old Daughter?

Surprise your three-year-old daughter with a new toy or book related to her interests, plan a fun outing to a place she enjoys, or set up a playdate with a friend. Even small surprises like a new set of crayons or a special snack can be delightful.

Why is a 3rd Birthday Special?

A third birthday is special as it marks the end of the toddler years and the beginning of more independence and preschool age. It’s often a time when children’s language and social skills have blossomed, allowing for more interactive celebrations.

How Many Toys Should a 3-Year-Old Have?

A three-year-old should have toys that cater to different parts of their development, but not so many that they become overwhelmed or disinterested. Rotating toys and keeping a manageable number can help maintain their value and interest.

How Do I Teach My 3-Year-Old to Pick Up Toys?

Teach your three-year-old to pick up toys by making it a regular part of their routine, showing them how, and making it fun, such as turning it into a game or singing a cleanup song. Encourage and praise their efforts to reinforce the behavior.

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