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Best Toys for Kids with ADHD (2023 Reviews)

Keep kids with ADHD happy with these educational and entertaining toys.

Purchasing toys can sometimes be challenging for parents of children with ADHD. We’ve been there, so we get it. We have to consider our children’s unique needs.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching the best toys for kids with ADHD and have come up with this list of 13 terrific options.

These toys help children focus and develop motor and educational skills, are age-appropriate, appeal to all the senses, and are safe and fun for kids with a wide range of interests and abilities.

Our kids with ADHD love them, and we hope yours will too. Read on to learn more.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun Building Kit 10572 Open Ended Toy for...
Best Overall
Lego Duplo
  • 65-piece set
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Keeps busy kids engaged
Product Image of the VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set - A Creative and...
Best for Focus
Viahart Brain Flakes
  • Child-safe design
  • Contains over 500 discs
  • Endless fun & engineering education
Product Image of the The Shoulds and Should Nots Card Game to Help Kids Develop Social &...
Best Multiplayer Game
Shoulds and Should Nots Game
  • 64 durable cards
  • Teaches good morals
  • Hones reasoning and good communication
Product Image of the The One and Only Kinetic Sand, 2lb Brown for ages 3 and up.
Best Sensory Experience
Kinetic Sand
  • Never dries out
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gluten-free sensory toy
Product Image of the Rory's Story Cubes (Eco-Blister) | Storytelling Game for Kids and Adults | Fun...
Best for Creative Thinkers
Rory's Story Cubes
  • Pocket-sized creative story generator
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a case
Product Image of the Minecraft
Best Video Game
  • Infinite possibilities
  • For Xbox and PC
  • Enhances problem-solving skills
Product Image of the Spin Master Perplexus Original Maze Game
Best for Problem Solvers
Spin Master Perplexus
  • Easy to use but hard to master
  • Original challenging 3D labyrinth
  • Multiple levels of difficulty
Product Image of the 32 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys Set,Stress Relief Hand Toys for Adults Kids ADHD...
Best Combination Set
ChicFunhood Toy Set
  • Includes 32 sensory toys
  • For all occassions
  • High-quality materials
Product Image of the TANGLE Jr Classic (5-Pack) - Genuine Fidget Toys Fidget Pack - Twisty Fidget Toy...
Best Fidget Toy
Tangle Twisty Fidgets
  • Five color schemes
  • Truly therapeutic
  • Appeals to all ages
Product Image of the Fidget Toy 10Pcs Marble Mesh Fidget Toys Sensory Marble and Mesh Fidget Stress...
Best Budget Pick
Vanblue Marble Mesh Toys
  • Exquisite appearance
  • Extra strong and durable
  • Great value for money

The Best Toys for Kids with ADHD of 2023

Here are 13 great toys to consider if you’re shopping for a child with ADHD.

1. Lego Duplo Creative Play

Best Overall Toy for Kids with ADHD

Lego and Duplo are good toys for kids with ADHD. Children love to create, and the methodical building of bricks is very therapeutic. It helps them focus and achieve, and they can create objects in a short space of time, which keeps them engaged.

Duplo is suitable for little ones from 18 months old, whereas Lego sets will appeal to kids over 3. This Duplo set comes in a colorful, sturdy box for storage.

2. Viahart Brain Flakes

Best Toy for Focus

This construction toy is different from the rest. Interlocking flower-shaped discs allow your child to create whatever they want — there’s no right or wrong. It will help a child focus, stimulate their imagination, and encourage coordination skills.

Boys and girls ages 5 and over will enjoy building Ferris wheels, towers, lightsabers, trees, cars, and more.

3. Thought Spot Shoulds and Should Nots Card Game

Best Multiplayer Game

Kids with ADHD love games but sometimes lose interest if the game drags on. This fast-paced card game is quick and easy and suitable for kids aged 4 years and over, although our 3-year-olds even enjoyed it.

The goal of the game is to correctly choose two cards that are of the same activity representing both the “should” and “should not.” The player then explains why the card belongs on “should” or “should not.” The person with the most matches wins.

This game helps with turn-taking skills, manners recognition, self-awareness, reasoning, and communication skills.

4. Kinetic Sand

Best Sensory Toy for Kids with ADHD

Let your kid’s imagination run wild with this soft sand that sticks to itself. It’s good for building castles, making sculptures, pretend beach play with smaller toys, or anything else your child can think of.

This sand is easy to clean up as it doesn’t stick to hands or clothes.

It’s also a good stress reliever, calming children as they run their hands through the squishy texture. This is ideal when they find themselves overstimulated or overwhelmed.

We really enjoy playing with Kinetic Sand alongside our children, as it’s great for bonding and can help calm overstimulated moms too.

The sand is suitable for kids (and adults!) ages 3 years and up.

5. Rory's Story Cubes Game

Best Toy for Creative Thinkers

Roll the nine dice or less, look at the pictures that turn up, and create a story. This game is great for the imagination and can help a child in a fun way when they struggle with creative homework.

Although the manufacturer recommends these for kids aged 6 years and over, we found that even our young children, ages 3 and over, enjoyed playing with them.

This is the classic set, but you can also choose from a range of other themed sets geared to your child’s interests.

6. Microsoft Studios Minecraft Video Game

Best Video Game for Kids with ADHD

Available for Xbox and PC or purchased as an app, this video game is a firm favorite with kids and adults. It is loved by many children with ADHD, including our own. It encourages them to be imaginative and creative and focuses their brain on problem-solving and perseverance.

Players build with blocks and take part in adventures in a virtual world where the only limit is their imagination. Although it’s recommended for teens, many younger children find it fascinating. However, a parent should supervise children under 13 years and ensure the game isn’t connected to the internet or open chat groups.

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7. Spin Master Perplexus Original Maze Ball

Best Toy for Problem Solvers

Contained within a clear plastic sphere are 22 feet of track and a small silver ball. The task is to move the ball through the 3D maze to the end position. Be careful though; if the ball falls off the track, you have to start again.

This toy challenges kids ages 5 years and over, but it’s not so complicated they can’t complete it. It’s good for a hyperactive child’s focus as they guide their body to move the ball and concentrate on where it’s going.

8. ChicFunhood 32 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys

Best Combination Toy Set

This extremely fun game helps kids with ADHD develop patience, coordination, and self-esteem. It comprises 32 different sensory toys, so your child won’t run out of ideas or grow bored.

This set comes with great packaging, which is a good option if you are considering giving it as a gift. It’s recommended for kids ages 3 and over, but there’s nothing stopping little ones from joining in.

9. Tangle Twisty Fidget Toys

Best Fidget Toy

Fidget toys are some of the best playthings for kids with ADHD who have issues keeping their hands still while sitting down. Kids can move and sculpt this pack of five Tangles endlessly. They come in bright colors, with different combinations available.

Small and portable, they can help release nervous energy and calm an anxious child. However, they do come apart, so they are unsuitable for kids under 3.

10. Vanblue Marble Mesh Finger Toys

Best Budget Pick

Fidget toys come in different shapes and sizes. This one is a marble sewn inside a mesh tube. Your child can bend it, squish it, fold it, or slide the marble back and forth. They can use it with one hand or two, and it’s good to conceal in a pocket.

Not only will it keep little hands busy, but it can also help a child with ADHD to focus, relieving stress and anxiety. It’s suitable for kids ages 3 years up.

11. Simon Electronic Memory Game

Best Toy for Older Kids with ADHD

This might be a trip down memory lane for some of you; I remember playing it when I was young. Simon lights up in a sequence that you have to remember and repeat. This new, updated version has three play modes to keep your kids engaged.

It can help a child with ADHD improve their memory and focus on the task in front of them in a fun way. It’s suitable for kids ages 7 years or over.

12. Play-Doh Basic Fun Factory

Best Classic Toy for Kids with ADHD

Squishy Play-Doh is tactile and will appeal to any child, especially those with ADHD. This simple set lets them squeeze different shapes and colors through the machine then mold them. It’s both creative and fun.

It’s suitable for kids from ages 3 and up. And there are endless ways for kids to continue their Play-Doh experience. Give them some cookie cutters, provide them with textured tools such as coins or stamps, or let them use their imaginations.

13. Melissa & Doug Animal Hand Puppets

Best Toy for Preschoolers

Pretend and fantasy games are a good outlet for a child to deal with issues they may face at school or at home. Hand puppets allow them express themselves emotionally and socially. Putting on a puppet show for friends and family will help build confidence and self-esteem.

These two sets contain eight cute and loveable animals that kids 3 years and over will love.

How to Choose a Toy for a Child with ADHD

About 6.4 million children in the United States have been diagnosed with ADHD. The average age for diagnosis is 7 years old, but the symptoms can start presenting as young as 3 years old (1).

Choosing a toy for a child with ADHD can be challenging. They might have special play needs, so it’s important to make wise choices. It’s best to consider toys that will help your child focus, boost their self-esteem and confidence, and calm their anxiety (2).

Here are some things we look for when selecting toys for kids with ADHD:


Kids with ADHD get distracted easily, quickly losing interest and focus on toys and games. We like to choose things like bricks for building or STEM toys that will allow a child to be creative and improve their focus. They might find it easier to avoid distractions with these types of toys.

Noise Level

Loud noises and vibrations or harsh stimulation can be tough for a kid with ADHD to deal with. Find calming and quiet toys that will stimulate a child safely without causing additional stress.

Sensory Development

Children with ADHD might either under-respond or over-respond to sensory stimuli. Toys like sand and Play-Doh can calm a child while letting them be creative.

Stop Fidgeting

ADHD can cause a child to be fidgety and hyperactive. Even when sitting still, they might not know what to do with their hands. Fidget toys can occupy a child’s hands and help them concentrate. Games like Twister or other movement games can expend some excess energy.

Difficulty Level

A child with ADHD will quickly lose interest in an overly complex toy. Keep it simple but still challenging. This will let them develop and improve their self-esteem and sense of achievement.


Just as you would with any toy for kids, make sure it’s age-appropriate and safe.

Imaginative and Expressive Play

Costumes for dress-up and puppets for imaginary play can help a child with ADHD express themselves. They might find it easier to deal with issues they come across in everyday life by expressing them through play.

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