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50 Best Toys & Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls: 2024 Ideas

50 cool gift ideas for 10-year-old girls according to parents.

If that adorable baby girl you once bounced on your knee is fast approaching the double-digits, you’re probably finding it increasingly difficult to find an appropriate gift.

Some 10-year-olds are into Barbie and all things pink, while others love nothing better than running around the yard with a Nerf gun. Dainty or tomboy, determining the best toys and gift ideas for 10-year-old girls can be challenging.

We’ve narrowed down the options from what seems an endless list and compiled our top 50 gift ideas for your double-digit girl.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Tulip Tie-Dye Kit
For Creative Fashionistas
Tulip Tie-Dye Kit
  • 18 easy-squeeze dye bottles
  • Highly-concentrated nontoxic dyes
  • Safe to machine wash
Product Image of the Slackline Kit
Walking the High Wire
Slackline Kit
  • Complete set
  • Step-by-step instruction booklet
  • Longer walking line
Product Image of the Lego Harry Potter
Wonderful Wizardry
Lego Harry Potter
  • Compatible with all Lego building toys
  • Moving staircase
  • Detailed 4-level Hogwarts Great Hall
Product Image of the Sweet Animal Socks
Play Safe With Socks
Sweet Animal Socks
  • Woven design
  • Machine-washable
  • Soft and cozy
Product Image of the Bluetooth Animal Speaker
Mini Pet With Sounds
Bluetooth Animal Speaker
  • Impressive quality sound
  • Easy wireless connection
  • Remotely activates camera
Product Image of the Ravensburger GraviTrax
Marble Marvel
Ravensburger GraviTrax
  • Innovative marble run
  • 122-piece set
  • Comes with clear instructions
Product Image of the National Geographic Why?
For Inquisitive Minds
National Geographic Why?
  • Budget-friendly
  • Hardcover
  • Fun and educational
Product Image of the Doodle Pillowcase
Doodle Design
Doodle Pillowcase
  • 100% cotton
  • Reusable coloring activity
  • Promotes creative development
Product Image of the Flybar Foam Pogo Stick
Bouncing Around
Flybar Foam Pogo Stick
  • Non-slip footpads
  • Easy grip handles
  • Rubber tip for control support
Product Image of the Nintendo Switch
Great Gaming Console
Nintendo Switch
  • 6.2-inch screen
  • High-definition gameplay
  • Bright screen

Best Toys & Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls of 2024

Here are our top picks of gifts for these tween girls.

Arts and Crafts

As a 10-year-old girl, making things for herself, family, or friends will be an enjoyable pastime. As she starts to branch out and develop her own sense of style, she may also have fun experimenting with fashion.

Tulip Tie-Dye Kit

For the Creative Fashionista

If your 10-year-old loves bright colors and getting artsy, this tie-dye kit will be right up her alley. It contains 18 different colored dyes, which are non-toxic and safe for machine washing. She can either work on multiple projects herself or invite up to five friends to join her in creating a kaleidoscope of colorful clothing.

Gloves, string, and a full instruction booklet with designs are also included. If you don’t want your kids dying their existing clothes, you could get a pack of white cotton T-shirts for them to experiment on.

User Experience

For a fun and creative activity, this tie-dye kit is perfect for 10-year-olds who enjoy vibrant colors and expressing their artistic side. With 18 non-toxic, machine-washable colored dyes, it offers endless possibilities for personal projects or group activities with up to five friends. The kit also includes gloves, string, and a comprehensive instruction booklet with various design ideas. To prevent any accidents on existing clothes, consider providing a pack of white cotton T-shirts for experimentation. This tie-dye kit is sure to provide hours of entertainment and a unique way for kids to customize their wardrobe.

Doodle Pillowcase by Eatsleepdoodle

Doodle Design

This 200-thread count, 100-percent cotton pillowcase comes with 10 washable fabric markers. Your girl can doodle, draw, write messages, compose a story, or write down her dreams. There is even a flap on the inside for secret messages.

Once the pillowcase is ready for the wash, pop it in the machine, take it out, and dry it. Then it’s ready for your child to start again with a new design.

Personal Perspective

This craft project was a hit with the kids and made a perfect gift for my friend's daughter, who loved it so much that her sister wanted one too. I found it to be a great activity for those nights when the little ones aren't quite ready for bed, and it even served as a creative alternative for signing my grandson's cast. The final product is not only engaging but also soft and nicely printed, making it both fun and practical.

Klutz String Art Book Kit

Pin It

Any 10-year-old’s creative juices will flow with this string art kit from Klutz. It has six different design boards, including a fox, flowers, and a heart.

Everything the birthday girl needs to complete the projects is in the box. There are 80 yards of colored string, over 500 pins, tracing paper, backing paper, a pin-pushing tool, and corrugated boards. There is also an instruction book with easy-to-follow and clear instructions; she’ll be hooked in no time!

Community Feedback

When I first tried this string art kit with my 10-year-old daughter, we found the setup to be a bit time-consuming, but ultimately rewarding. The designs are engaging and fun to work on, though it's important to note that younger children may require some assistance and supervision. One drawback we encountered was the easily tangled string, which added some frustration to the process.

Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit

Creative and Practical

Keeping hydrated is important for young girls, especially as they become more active. This kit has all she needs to create a unique water bottle personal to her. There are five pens and 20 stick-on gemstones included to complete her design.

I like that the water bottle is BPA-free and has a clip to attach it to a school bag or rucksack. Not only will this bottle be easily recognizable, but it’s also less likely to get lost.

First-Hand Impression

For my granddaughter's Christmas gift, I decided to purchase this coloring item and she absolutely loved it. The variety of colors available for selection and the ample space to color and write in were truly impressive. I also bought one for my niece, and she enjoyed personalizing it as well. However, I noticed that the product comes mostly filled in already, leaving limited room for adding more colors and personalization with the markers. Despite this, it still made for a great birthday present for my niece and a delightful Christmas surprise for my granddaughter. The affordability of this item was a bonus, making it an ideal gift choice for young creative minds.

Make It Real Bracelet Making Kit

Accessorize Your World

This craft kit has lots of goodies a 10-year-old girl will love to help her design her very own charm bracelets. She can level up her creativity with the use of beads, gold chains, tassels, pompoms, and gem charms. With enough supplies to make ten bracelets, she can gift some and keep some for personal use.

User Experience

For my niece's Christmas present, I decided on this bracelet-making kit, and it turned out to be a hit! She's eight and had no trouble assembling the bracelets herself, proudly showing them off afterward. My seven-year-old granddaughter, however, found it a bit difficult and time-consuming, so I helped her create some beautiful pieces. Despite a few minor issues like needing to double the elastic thread for durability and dealing with difficult cloth ribbons, the end results were gorgeous bracelets and a necklace that both kids and adults loved.

PlayMonster My Fairy Garden

Fairytale Magic

Is your 10-year-old still in touch with her imaginative side? Why not bring the fairies from the bottom of the garden into her home? This kit has the soil, seeds, and tiny tools needed to create and look after a fairy garden.

We love that the seed mix included is organic. The kit can also help a child learn about patience, as it can take some time for the flowers to bloom.

Personal Perspective

For those seeking a unique gift for a young child, this fairy garden kit offers a delightful and educational experience. As a hands-on activity, my 5-year-old enjoyed planting and caring for her own little garden, learning responsibility and witnessing the fruits of her labor. The kit comes with seeds, easy-to-follow instructions, and a charming fairy house that can be reused for future planting. Despite minor design flaws such as water seepage and easily detachable fairy arms, the overall experience was positive and engaging. Within a week, we saw significant plant growth and my child loved playing with her fairy friend in the garden. This fairy garden kit not only teaches children about maintaining a garden but also nurtures their imagination and creativity.

Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Pets

Cute Pets

Does your girl want a pet? Let her make her own with this cute pom-pom animal kit. There are over 20 to choose from, including a bunny, kitten, elephant, or owl, among others.

Everything needed to make and bring these little critters to life is in the box. Just add eyes, ears, nose, paws, and more, to give your pet its own personality. The instruction booklet included is full of great ideas and tips.

Community Feedback

My nine-year-old and I had a blast creating adorable pom-pom pets with this kit, which includes clear instructions and a variety of supplies. It was a bit challenging at first, but we quickly overcame the difficulties and enjoyed this engaging craft project. The final products were super cute and provided us with quality bonding time, making it a fantastic experience for both of us.

Outdoors and Activity

Get your girls away from screen time and into the outdoors. Doing activities in the fresh air can benefit kids in many ways, from improving their health to reducing stress (1). Gifts that encourage girls to be more active and get outside are a great idea.

Slackline Kit with Training Line

Walking the High Wire

This is a great idea for outdoor play. The 57-foot slackline is made from strong polyester webbing and has a training line that can be held onto until your girl becomes proficient. You just need two trees up to 50 feet apart to set this up.

The high-grade steel ratchets tighten the line, and off the kids go, practicing their balancing act. It’s also suitable for adults, so you might find yourself tempted to join in.

This kit includes tree protectors to ensure they don’t suffer damage, and it comes with a handy storage bag.

First-Hand Impression

My kids and I absolutely love this outdoor slackline for endless fun and adventure. The 57-foot polyester slackline is sturdy and easy to set up between two trees, with high-grade steel ratchets to ensure a tight line for practicing balancing acts. The training line is a fantastic addition for beginners, allowing them to hold on until they become proficient. Plus, the tree protectors and storage bag make it convenient and environmentally friendly for the whole family, including adults who can't resist joining in the excitement.

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Bouncing Around

Have your kids bouncing around the backyard on a pogo stick. This one is brought to us by Flybar, who has been trading since 1918.

The stick has stable , non-slip footpegs, which help keep feet in place, making it easier to ride and do tricks with. The handlebars are foam covered for a comfortable, cushioned grip. This stick will take weights from 80 to 160 pounds.

A wide base on this pogo stick helps your child keep balance. There is a chance she can fall off, though, so don’t forget the safety helmet and pads.

User Experience

After purchasing this pogo stick, it took me a minute to get the hang of it, but now I'm bouncing around with ease, even on gravel. The quality is excellent, and it holds up well, providing fun for kids and even early teens. However, the foam grips could be better, as they didn't last long, and the spring may be a bit tough for younger kids to get a good bounce. Watching the kids enjoy this pogo stick and learn new skills brings me great joy, making it a valuable addition to our outdoor playtime.

Easton Pink Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat

Swing for the Stars

Create a bit of style on the diamond with this pink sapphire softball bat. It’s made from military-grade aluminum, making it lightweight, strong, and durable. The handle is thin, so it’s easy to hold and has an all-sports grip.

Whether your girl is practicing in the backyard or playing in a game, this bat is sure to be a hit.

Personal Perspective

This lightweight bat is ideal for younger kids, around 8 years old or younger, as it might be a bit small for older ones. I found that it has a nice balance and my child was able to hit the ball well with no dents on the bat so far. The bat is perfect for practice and casual games in the summer softball league, and the pink color is a fun touch. It's a good value for the price, and I'm planning to pass it down to my next child once my older one outgrows it.

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

Perfect Balance

Kids and adults love this giant form of the indoor game, Jenga. It’s made from quality pinewood blocks that are pest and water-resistant. It also has its own bag to pack it away and for carrying when camping, going to the park, or visiting family.

It’s great that the edges are smooth, reducing the risk of splinters in your kid’s hands. Create your own rules with the help of the scorecard and dice; all you need is a dry-erase marker.

Community Feedback

For those seeking a unique and entertaining game, this set of wooden blocks offers a refreshing twist on a classic pastime. The blocks are not only well-crafted and smooth, but also feature numbers on one side, providing the option to incorporate various customizable rules. I particularly appreciated the inclusion of a zipper carry case for storage and transport, making it perfect for outdoor activities or camping trips. The natural wood finish eliminates any chemical smell concerns, but be cautious not to expose the blocks to moisture, as this may cause the grain to raise and impede smooth gameplay.

Sisigad Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

Hands-Free Hover

Back to the Future is here! This hoverboard will have your girls whizzing around like Marty McFly. It’s self-balancing, meaning it detects changes in the center of gravity and weight of the rider, and levels out.

This board can cruise at up to about 6 miles per hour. There is also a built-in wireless speaker that can be easily connected to any portable device so that your girl can enjoy her favorite music or books without wearing headphones.

First-Hand Impression

Definitely an interesting experience with this hoverboard. Initially, it worked smoothly and provided enjoyable rides, but after about a week, it started to malfunction, causing abrupt stops and even "death spins" when dismounting. A second hoverboard faced similar issues, with poor weight detection and strange vibrations. It seems that the quality of these hoverboards might be a hit or miss, and while some customers have great experiences, others face disappointments and potential safety hazards.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Scooter Time

Scooting along at up to 10 miles per hour will excite and exhilarate your 10-year-old girl. And this pretty pink electric kids scooter will do just that.

It has a twist-grip throttle on the handlebars to control speed. It also has a hand-operated rear brake, a spring-loaded kickstand, and an 8-inch front tire.

Your girl can zoom around for up to 40 minutes of ride time, and easily recharge it with the included battery charger. All the tools to assemble it are also included.

User Experience

This electric scooter has proven to be a reliable and fun ride for my child. The initial assembly was simple, and the scooter has required minimal maintenance over the 20 months we've had it. It's important to note that the scooter needs a push start before the motor kicks in, which I think is a great safety feature for young riders.
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SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrows

Move Over Wonder Woman

Release your girl’s inner superhero with this pink bow and arrow set. It comes with five arrows with suction cups on the end, and a quiver to hold them. Hang the target in the backyard and let your girl use the sights on the bow to practice hitting it.

The bow also has some cool lights which illuminate when the string is pulled back. It does require three AAA batteries which aren’t included.

Personal Perspective

Great gift for my daughter, who specifically wanted a pink bow and arrow set, and she was thrilled when it lit up! The laser sight and lights add an extra level of fun, but the arrows could use a notch to hold onto the string better while pulling back. Although the arrows don't travel far and have difficulty sticking to the provided target, it's still a fun toy for kids to enjoy and potentially spark an interest in archery. My son, who has longer arms, had a bit of trouble using the bow, so it may be better suited for younger or smaller children.

Games and Toys

Girls this age might still enjoy playing with dolls and will still want fun family time. They will also like playing games with their friends at parties or sleepovers. There are dolls that can help them get in touch with their creative side and games which will excite them, whether traditional or modern.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Hall

Wonderful Wizardry

Immerse your child in the imaginative world of Harry Potter and friends with this Lego building set. It comes with 878 Lego bricks and 10 themed figures, including Hermione, Harry, and Ron. The hall even has a moveable spiral staircase.

Accessories, like magic wands and the Sorting Hat, and magical creatures, like Fawkes, Scabbers, Basilisk, and Hedwig, complete the picture. Your girls can act out their own stories, where their imagination is the only boundary.

Community Feedback

My 11-year-old grandson and I had a blast putting this LEGO set together after he finished reading the book series. The assembly was straightforward, and the pictures-only manual was mostly clear, except for a minor issue with the tower hinges. We were missing a single piece, but it didn't affect the overall build. The finished model looks fantastic, complete with 10 mini-figures to recreate scenes from the films, although the inclusion of Quirrel and not Snape was a bit strange. The only downside was the limited space for house banners and difficulty reaching inside the hall, but younger builders with smaller hands shouldn't have any problems.

Nintendo Switch

Great Gaming Console

The Nintendo Switch can be used on its own as a handheld gaming console with a 6.2-inch high-definition, bright screen. It can also be placed in the Nintendo Switch dock and connected to a television for playing games with family. The HDMI cable and AC adapter are included to enable this.

There are two Joy-Con controllers, which can be used alone or inserted into the supplied Joy-Con grip to be used as a traditional-style controller. A great feature is that even if you are halfway through playing a game on the television, you can remove the console and continue playing it handheld. There is also a Lite version of this game console.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased the Nintendo Switch and have been enjoying its versatility as both a handheld gaming console and a device that connects to my television. The bright 6-inch screen is perfect for on-the-go gaming, and I appreciate the inclusion of the HDMI cable and AC adapter for easy setup with my TV. The two Joy-Con controllers are a fantastic addition, as they can be used individually or combined with the supplied grip for a more traditional experience. One of my favorite features is the ability to seamlessly transition from playing on the TV to handheld mode mid-game. Although there is a Lite version available, I am extremely satisfied with the capabilities of the standard Nintendo Switch.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Cool Collectibles

Young girls love collecting things. If they don’t already have a Hatchimal collection going, you could get them started with this series, which has 100 figures to collect.

It contains five hatchable eggs, each of which contains one or two of these cute little figures. To hatch the egg, you rub its heart until it changes color. Open it up and see what’s inside — it could be one of a pair of best friends, one of a squad, or twins.

A chart is included, so you can see if you have a rare or limited edition, and also keep a check on what you have or what you need.

User Experience

My experience with these Hatchimals has been a mixed bag. My son was thrilled to find twins in one of the eggs, and my daughter enjoys hatching the small figures, although they don't hold her attention for long. I found the instructions for hatching them to be unclear, as rubbing the hearts on the eggs didn't seem to work, so we resorted to squeezing them open. While these Hatchimals are undeniably cute, be cautious with younger children due to their small size and potential choking hazard.

Barbie Crayola Confetti Skirt Studio

Timeless Barbie

Barbie has been a staple for young girls for many years, and most 10-year-old girls will still love playing with her. This set combines arts and crafts for creative fun with Barbie.

The studio has a punch for making confetti from the supplied colored paper, which it catches and drops into a drawer at the bottom. Three skirts are provided, which have an opening in the side that can be connected to a funnel.

Fill the skirts with confetti and then decorate them with the included Crayola gel pens and stickers. When she’s done, the skirts can be wiped clean, and the creativity can start all over again.

Personal Perspective

This Barbie set is perfect for 10-year-old girls who enjoy arts and crafts. The studio comes with a punch that creates confetti from the colored paper provided, which is collected in a drawer below. Three skirts are included, each with a side opening that connects to a funnel for filling them with confetti. The set also features Crayola gel pens and stickers for decorating the skirts. Once finished, the skirts can be wiped clean, allowing for endless creativity and fun.

Endless Games Sleepover Party Activity Game

Sleepover Time

Girls at the age of 10 enjoy their sleepovers. They want to spend time with their friends during the weekend or holidays. This game will be great fun for them to play, although it may keep them up all night!

There’s a spinner that stops on a category, and three categories of cards to match. Choose a card and do as it says.

It could be copying everything one of your friends does, licking your elbow, and much more. Full instructions for play are included.

Community Feedback

I've recently purchased this game for a sleepover and it provided hours of entertainment for the kids. At first, I thought the party cards were missing, but they were just mixed in with the other cards. The game encouraged the children to step out of their comfort zones, leading to lots of laughter and memorable moments. Although some cards were a bit challenging for my eight-year-old to read, the game was suitable for ages 8-12 and kept the party going.

WowWee Fingerlings Minis-Series

The Fingerling Phenomenon

Fingerlings are likely to already be on your girl’s radar. They are a must-have cute collectible for kids. Combine jewelry with the little creatures in this gift.

Each pack contains three mini fingerling characters, a bracelet, and a tail charm. They can be linked together on the bracelet or placed on a pencil. There are 36 different Fingerling minis to collect.

First-Hand Impression

After purchasing these Fingerlings for my little one, I noticed the price fluctuates quite a bit, so be mindful of that. In each package, you'll receive around 4-5 different monkeys, a bracelet, and a random charm, which could make for fun party favors or crafts. My kids enjoyed playing with them, though I would caution against giving them to children under three due to their small size. While I appreciated the value of getting three monkeys in a package, I did experience receiving duplicates of supposedly rare characters.

University Games Totally Gross: The Game of Science

Gross Games

Grossness is fun for 10-year-olds. Why not use this game, which can be played by all the family, to give them a fix? There are 140 question cards, 30 lab cards, four playing pieces, dice, and the all-important 50 gross-out cards, with a jar of slime.

Disgusting facts and gross antics, it’s all here. Stretch your slime to the end and complete an experiment to win. I like that kids are learning at the same time, with subjects covering all aspects of science.

User Experience

I'm impressed with how entertaining and educational the Totally Gross board game is for the whole family. The game covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, from biology to physics, in a fun and engaging way that appeals to kids and adults alike. We've had countless laughs while playing this game, and the "totally gross" dare cards and slime add an extra level of excitement. Even though the slime can be a bit tricky to stretch and stick to the board, we found a simple workaround by moving a blob of it down the board instead. This game has quickly become a family favorite, and I appreciate how it teaches science through laughter and hands-on play.

Clothing and Jewelry

By this age, young girls are starting to find their own style. They may no longer want to wear the clothes you choose for them and have their own opinions about what they like. Jewelry and clothes will likely feature high on the list of gifts they’d like to receive.

Sweet Animal Socks Set

Play Safe With Socks

Playing it safe can sometimes be the best option, and socks are always a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe. This cute set of four pairs of socks each have an animal design with little ears that stick up. The one-size-fits-all socks are made from a cotton blend.

If your young lady is more interested in kittens, rabbits, owls, or bears, then there are 36 other designs you can choose from. There’s sure to be one that delights her.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased these cat socks and have been wearing them since 2016. They started out a bit tight, but after avoiding the dryer, they now fit perfectly. These socks are soft, thin, and comfortable for both workouts and daily wear. The colors and patterns are bright, making them a great gift for cat lovers. Although they feel more like polyester, they still stretch well and maintain their vibrant design after multiple washes.

Unisex Emoji Slippers

Stay Warm in Slippers

Kids these days are well aware of what emojis are, and these fun slippers come in five different choices, from the infamous poop to a sunglasses smiley face. Let’s be honest, what kid at 10 years old doesn’t like pushing the boundaries? Or find poop-based things amusing?

The slippers are soft velvet and have a non-slip sole. This is great if you have hardwood or tile floors — your kids won’t be sliding all over the place.

Community Feedback

When I first got these slippers, I didn't expect much, but they quickly became a favorite in my household. Not only did my children find the poop emoji theme amusing, but the slippers were incredibly comfortable for all of us, even fitting both my husband and me. These slippers are soft, cozy, and provide a good laugh every time we wear them. The only downside is that the back of my feet tend to slide out a bit when walking, but it's a minor issue.

Girls Satin Kimono Floral Robe

A Bit of Luxury

At the age of 10 years, our little girls are blossoming into young ladies, and they’ll sometimes want to feel grown up. Why not pamper them with a silky kimono wrap?

This one is available in nine different colors with lovely Japanese-inspired flower prints. Make sure you use the manufacturer’s size chart when choosing, based on their height.

First-Hand Impression

This robe features a colorful and cute design that my daughter loved wearing, even as a jacket to school. However, the tie tends to slide, causing the front to open frequently and requiring constant readjustment. Keep in mind that the sizing runs small, so it's best to order a size larger than needed.

Kamik Raindrops Rain Boot

Footwear for Wet Play

Rainy days and snow days often mean cold, wet feet or a day indoors. These rain boots will let your kids splash around in puddles or build a snowman and keep their feet dry. They are made from synthetic rubber and are 100 percent waterproof, with a ridged sole for grip.

You can choose from six different colors, although I like the pretty pink ones. The boots are calf-length, with a decorative buckle and removable insoles. The big kid size covers sizes 4 to 6, for girls aged between eight and 12 years.

User Experience

My experience with these boots has been quite positive, as they offer great quality and a comfortable fit for both children and adults. I initially purchased a pair for my daughter and then later for myself, and we both found them to be well-made and super cute. They work well in various weather conditions, keeping our feet dry and warm when layered with socks. However, the decorative buckle seems to be a weak point, as it broke off shortly after initial use, leaving us with a plain-looking boot. That being said, the overall functionality of these boots still makes them a worthwhile purchase.

JanSport Big Student Backpack

Carry Things in Style

Now that your little girl is getting older, she likely carries more than just a lunchbox to school. This backpack, with pockets for a water bottle and many other things, like books and electronics, will hold all she needs. It’s made from 600D poly fabric and is durable, so much so the company will replace or repair damage for a lifetime.

I love that you can choose from over 100 different designs and colors. Whether your girl is into unicorns, emojis, dogs, or the pastel colors we have chosen, there will be one to suit. The designs are as quirky and individual as your child’s personality.

Personal Perspective

Best decision I made for my growing daughter! This backpack easily fits her essentials like lunchbox, water bottle, books, and electronics. The 600D poly fabric and lifetime replacement or repair guarantee on damages make it super durable. With over 100 unique designs and colors to choose from, it perfectly captures my daughter's personality – she loves her pastel-colored unicorn-themed one!

Queenberry Sterling Silver Bracelet

Charming Bracelet

Silver charm bracelets have made a comeback in recent years. They are an ideal gift you can add to by buying charms for future birthdays, Christmas, school achievements, or just because you can. This one is compatible with most major brand charms and is made from .925 solid sterling silver.

The 3mm diameter bracelet with an 11mm lobster claw clasp comes in six different sizes. To make sure you get the right one, measure your girl’s wrist with a measuring tape and then add an inch to allow for the room taken up by charms. The lengths vary between 6.5 inches and 9 inches.

Community Feedback

This sterling silver bracelet is an elegant, high-quality piece that fits comfortably on my wrist. The 925 Italy stamp indicates its flawless craftsmanship, and it looks even more stunning when adorned with charms. With various lengths available, including the hard-to-find 7-inch size, it caters to diverse wrist sizes. Although the silver gauge is thin and lightweight, it doesn't compromise the bracelet's durability and charm compatibility. The addition of extra silicone stopper rings is a nice touch, ensuring the beads stay in place and enhancing the overall beauty of this affordable bracelet.

Initial Silver Disc Necklace

Personalized Necklace

Simplicity is the word I would use to describe this lovely necklace. It has a silver-colored metal alloy chain, and a disc with the initial of your choice etched into it. The chain is 16 inches long with a 2-inch extender chain, and the pendant diameter is just over half an inch.

Girls at this age often lose jewelry, which is why I like that this is a lower-budget option than buying silver or gold. That being said, it still looks good and is sure to be appreciated.

First-Hand Impression

After purchasing this necklace as a gift for a young family member, I found it to be a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry that appeals to both younger and older audiences. The dainty design is complemented by the unique letter script, and it sits just below the collarbone, making it a perfect everyday accessory. While the accompanying microfiber cleaning cloth is a thoughtful touch, the chain's quality could use improvement as it may tarnish quickly with regular wear. Nonetheless, this necklace has been well-received by picky teenagers and has the potential to become a cherished item.

Electronics and Tech

Technology and electronics are not just the domain of boys. Our girls also embrace all these gifts have to offer. Whether it’s playing on a PC, taking a perfect picture, or flying a drone, tech toys for girls are here to stay.

Bluetooth Animal Wireless Speaker

Mini Pet With Lots of Sound

This mini animal Bluetooth speaker is cute and functional. It acts as a speaker, with a good sound when connected wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device. It has a built-in microphone, and the battery lasts for up to four hours on a one-hour charge.

With five animals to choose from, including a tiger, panda, or koala, it’s only a bit larger than a golf ball. It also has a cool selfie feature — use the button on the device to activate the camera or video on your linked device.

User Experience

Great sound quality and adorable design make this speaker a delightful addition to our bedtime routine. I've found it convenient for playing bedtime stories and lullabies for my 2-year-old without having to leave my phone in her room. However, the speaker emits a bright blue light when paired, which can be distracting in a dark room, and the "boop boop boop" sound it makes when pairing or disconnecting can be a bit noisy. Despite these minor drawbacks, the speaker's portability, ease of use, and powerful sound make it a favorite in our household.

Fujifilm Instax Square Instant Camera

Perfect Pictures

There’s nothing quite as gratifying as having a picture to hold in your hand, pop on your wall, or stick on your fridge. This instant film camera provides just that. It produces square prints instantly from the enclosed 20 sheets of Fujifilm film.

It has a built-in flash, with three different color filters for special effects. It also has a selfie mirror on the front for that perfect self-portrait.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this camera brought back nostalgic memories of instant photography and added a fun touch to special events like birthday parties. The picture quality is crisp and clear, but it can take some time to figure out the settings for optimal results. While the film can be quite expensive, it's worth it for the unique, instant photos you can add to your collection. The camera is easy to carry around during travels, with its compact size and convenient strap, making it a great gift for capturing memorable moments.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Search for Buried Treasure

Buried treasure is a mystery any girl would love to unravel. And they can, with this metal detector.

It can detect objects the size of a coin, up to six inches deep, and larger metal objects, up to 2 feet deep. It’s easy to shift between modes, using the toggle switch.

I like that this can be taken to the beach and used on the sand or in shallow water. Your girl can become a beachcomber with a mission. Who knows what she’ll find?

Community Feedback

In my experience, this metal detector has proven to be a useful tool for various tasks. I've used it to find buried water cut-off boxes, locate lost jewelry, and even discover property marker stakes. The lightweight design and ease of use make it an enjoyable tool for beginners, but it may lack some advanced features found in higher-priced models. While the sensitivity settings can be adjusted to avoid false positives, it's important to note that this detector may be more sensitive to certain metals over others, such as detecting foil more easily than gold.

Asus Chromebook

Rugged Starter Laptop

If you find you’ve lost the use of your PC, tablet, or smartphone to your pre-teen daughter, it might be time for them to have their own. The Asus Chromebook has reinforced rubber sides and a spill-resistant keyboard, making it a rugged option for a child.

It has 16GB of internal storage, which can be extended with 100GB of free storage on Google drive. It also has up to 10 hours of battery life, an anti-glare screen, and can be opened to 180 degrees.

It has a keyboard designed for kids, with character keys printed 15 percent larger. On the downside, this device does not have a CD or DVD drive.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this Asus Chromebook has been great for my pre-teen daughter who needed her own device. The reinforced rubber sides and spill-resistant keyboard make it perfect for a child, and the 16GB of internal storage (plus 100GB of free storage on Google Drive) is more than enough for her. The 10-hour battery life and anti-glare screen are excellent features, and the 180-degree opening capability is a nice touch. I also appreciate the larger character keys designed for kids. However, it's worth noting that this Chromebook doesn't have a CD or DVD drive, which may be a deal-breaker for some.

Tello Quadcopter Drone

Flying High

This kid-friendly drone is a great way to introduce her to this type of technology. Just download the Android or iOS app to control the drone, and away you go. Throw the drone in the air and perform stunts, create videos, or take pictures.

The auto takeoff and landing can be done with one tap, hovering can be controlled, and it will land safely if power is lost. It has a 13-minute flight time, with two antennae to aid control.

There’s a coding system called Scratch, which can be used to get your young lady used to using code to control the drone. Note that you need a smart device to control this drone.

User Experience

This drone is truly impressive for its price range, boasting exceptional stability and maneuverability for indoor flying. Even in light breezes outdoors, it holds its position well and can perform flips without losing altitude. The camera quality for still photos is decent, but the video quality could use some improvement, as it suffers from stuttering and low bit rate issues. The connectivity of the controller with certain Android devices can be problematic, but overall, this drone offers a fun and capable flying experience. Just remember that it is a "toy" drone and not suitable for serious drone piloting or replacing more expensive models.

Anki Cozmo - Collector's Edition

The Cutest Robot Ever!

Cozmo is the cutest robot friend for your daughter. He will play games with her and throw a tantrum when he doesn’t win, but still be adorable. This special edition version is a nice gunmetal gray color.

Cozmo can be coded with a starter app available for iOS and Android. Once your girl has mastered that, there’s an advanced app available as well. Until she gets used to either, Cozmo can be used straight out of the box and will happily display his quirky personality.

Personal Perspective

For someone who enjoys interactive and educational entertainment, this Cozmo robot has a lot of potential. However, I experienced some issues with its build quality and Wi-Fi connection, which hindered my overall satisfaction. On the positive side, this robot's facial recognition, engaging personality, and ability to teach coding through fun games make it an enjoyable companion for both children and adults alike.

Ailihen Girls Foldable Headphones

Plug in for Peace

These pink girly headphones are a good accessory for your child’s MP3 or MP4 player, tablet, smartphone, laptop, or other audio devices. They have a built-in mic, volume, and remote control, so you can skip a track you don’t want with ease. Even better, they can go anywhere with you as they fold up when you aren’t using them.

They have an adjustable hinge, so you can custom-fit them to the shape of your head. I like that they have noise isolation so you can cut out external noise. They also come with a one-year warranty and a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Community Feedback

I've been using these pink girly headphones for a while now and they're a fantastic accessory for my MP3 player, tablet, and other audio devices. The built-in mic, volume, and remote control make it easy to skip tracks I don't like, and the adjustable hinge ensures they fit comfortably on my head. I love how they fold up for easy portability and feature noise isolation to block out external sounds. Plus, the one-year warranty and 100 percent money-back guarantee provide peace of mind.

Educational and STEM Gifts

Gifts that enhance our kids’ education while still having fun are a great idea. There are many gifts available that follow the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) way of teaching in schools. Your girl will be gaining new skills while at play with these gifts.

Ravensburger GraviTrax Marble Run

Marble Marvel

Girls can explore the laws of physics and gravity as they build a track with twists, turns, and falls for a marble. How many junctions, different heights, and angles will it take to get it to the finish? There are over 100 pieces and 18 different construction options.

This kit includes all the tiles, switches, junctions, tracks, and even a magnetic cannon to build a marble run. It also comes with a booklet with instructions, tasks, and construction plans.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this marble run set stands out from others on the market and provides hours of entertainment. The hexagonal grid and unique design require some thought and creativity to assemble, while the steel ball bearings stay on track most of the time. Though the base plates are made of heavy cardboard and the silver track pieces are plastic, they have held up well so far. The included instructions and pattern books offer step-by-step guidance and various layouts, making it engaging for both kids and adults alike.

Snap Circuits Extreme Electronics Exploration

Easy Circuitry

The 42 parts included in this kit let your girls build over 200 different experiments with electronics. It doesn’t need any fancy tools or a soldering iron — all the pieces just snap together. They can create an adjustable light controller, an AM radio, a rechargeable battery, or a lie detector, among other things.

This award-winning STEM kit has a full-color instruction manual with easy-to-follow steps. There’s also a computer interface, which will let your kids see the frequencies and waveforms they make.

User Experience

I'm impressed with how engaging and educational this snap circuit set is, keeping my child entertained for hours. The clear project manual allowed them to create various projects, fostering their interest in STEM. Although we encountered a few defective components, the overall experience was enjoyable and sparked a sense of accomplishment in my child.

My First Mind-Blowing Science Experiment Kit

Science Made Simple

Girls can create an underwater volcano, make a sunset in a test tube, or grow some crystals with this great science set. The 20-piece kit has all the equipment needed to explore science basics, including chemical reactions using science-based tools.

It has a full guide included for hands-on science experience. Some kids might need adult supervision when using this kit. I like the sound of making fruit change color and finding out about acids and bases.

Personal Perspective

Great science kit for young kids who enjoy hands-on experiments! I got this for my 5-year-old daughter, and we had a blast trying out various activities together. The kit contains numerous supplies, such as test tubes, color tablets, citric acid, and more, but also requires some household items for the experiments. I appreciated the detailed step-by-step instructions and the educational "Mind Blowing Science Secrets" section. An older child could potentially conduct these experiments independently, but adult supervision is recommended.

Kano Computer Kit

Build Your Own Computer

If your daughter is tech-savvy and enjoys building things, then this Kano computer kit will be a hit. With this kit, you can build your own computer thanks to the step-by-step instructions. You get to set up the interface, the LED lights, the keyboard, power cables, and more. There are even stickers so you can decorate it to your liking!

That’s not all — once it’s set up, you can learn to code. It has hundreds of challenges and stories to help you learn this fun new skill.

With this computer, you can make music, games or art. It’s also compatible with Minecraft, Pong, and Snake.

Community Feedback

My tech-savvy daughter absolutely loves this Kano computer kit that allows her to build her own computer. Following the step-by-step instructions, she was able to set up the interface, LED lights, keyboard, power cables, and even decorate it with stickers. The real fun began when she started learning to code through hundreds of challenges and stories. She's been making music, games, and art with her new computer, and it's even compatible with Minecraft, Pong, and Snake. This kit truly combines hands-on creativity with valuable coding skills for young minds.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Lego Robot

Lego sets are a favorite with kids of all ages. This set takes it a step further, with 847 pieces that can be built into a robot. If you don’t want a standard-looking robot, you can build a robot cat.

The Lego Boost app can be downloaded for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows, which has all the instructions you need to control your robot. You can code your cat to purr and play, or the robot to crack jokes, pass gas, and dance. This kit requires six AAA batteries, which are not included.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased the LEGO Boost for my kids, and I must say, it's been a great learning experience for them. They've enjoyed building the different models and have been excited to learn about coding and robotics. The app can be a bit confusing at times, but overall, it's a fantastic product for kids aged 7 to 12. The only downside is that you need an iPad or Android tablet, which can add to the overall cost.

National Geographic Premium Geodes


If she’s ever wondered what’s inside a rock, now your child can find out, with these geodes from National Geographic. There are 10 supplied, varying in size from about that of a tennis ball to that of a golf ball. Just add a hammer and break them open, wearing the goggles supplied, to reveal the crystals inside.

The learning guide has 16 pages of facts about geodes, how they are formed, and the different types you might find. There are also display stands included, so your girls can start their own rock and crystal collection.

User Experience

I recently bought this geode set for my young niece and nephew, and they were absolutely thrilled with the hands-on experience of hammering open the geodes. The set included kid-sized safety glasses, which was a thoughtful addition to ensure their safety during the activity. While we all enjoyed the educational aspect of learning about geodes and their formation, we were slightly disappointed that all the crystals inside were clear. It would have been nice to have a bit more color variety, especially since these geodes are lab-made. Additionally, some of the geodes were quite difficult to break open, requiring more force than expected for a kid-friendly activity. Despite these minor drawbacks, the excitement of revealing the crystals inside made this geode set a fun and engaging experience for the whole family.

Ozobot Bit Coding Robot

Bright Bit

Bit is a pocket-sized robot that can help kids learn to code. It can start with using marker pens on paper to draw color codes for Bit to read. Once that has been mastered, then the free OzoBlockly app can help kids compose programs to control their robot’s behavior.

You can personalize Bit using the stickers, skins, and pop-outs that are included. The robot charges via USB and has programmable behavior, optical sensors, and an LED light.

Personal Perspective

I'm impressed with how easy it is to set up and use this robot in my robotics class. The app offers a variety of games and the robot can last up to 3 hours of constant play without needing to recharge. However, I've had difficulty finding the right app to teach coding with this particular robot, which has left some of my more advanced students feeling unchallenged. On another note, this robot is great for keeping kids entertained in situations where they need to sit still, like at a restaurant. My only gripe is the struggle to access the coding aspect of the robot, but overall, it's a fascinating and educational tool.

The Best of the Rest

There are so many other gifts you can buy for a 10-year-old girl. From books to baking, and make-up to beauty, let’s look at our top picks of some of these gifts.

National Geographic Kids Why?

For Inquisitive Minds

“Why?” We hear this a lot from kids of all ages, but as they get older, it’s usually “why does…?” This book will keep them informed and amused, with over 1,111 answers to questions on all sorts of subjects.

The topics vary from serious to silly, and there are top 10 lists, explorer profiles, weird-but-true facts, and some cool activities. Find out why the earth doesn’t float away into space, what you will find inside a turtle shell, and much more.

Community Feedback

I've experienced firsthand the educational and engaging nature of this book. My kids and grandkids alike adore it, and it has become a staple in our family gatherings, leading to fun and informative discussions. The well-crafted text and vibrant illustrations make it appealing for children and adults, sparking curiosity in all of us. This heavyweight book is packed with fascinating facts, ensuring that even I learn something new each time we explore its pages.

Dork Diaries Collection

All Things Girly

Worrying as it might be, at 10 years old, girls are growing up, and with that comes all the uncertainty about friends, boys, and more. These books take a lighthearted look at life from a young girl’s perspective as she moves to a new school. The adventures of Nikki Maxwell will engage and enthrall any tween.

There are 12 paperback books in this collection, including “Frenemies Forever,” “Once Upon a Dork,” and “Dork Diaries.” There are doodles, diary entries, and sketches, that give all the inside info on this girl’s drama-filled life.

First-Hand Impression

As a consumer who purchased these books for my 10-year-old niece, I found that the lighthearted perspective on growing up and navigating tween challenges resonated well with her. This collection of 12 paperback books, featuring titles such as "Frenemies Forever" and "Once Upon a Dork," effectively engaged her through the use of doodles, diary entries, and sketches that detail Nikki Maxwell's drama-filled life. In my experience, these books successfully address the uncertainties that young girls face, while providing an enjoyable and relatable reading experience.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Pretty and Practical

Has your girl ever imagined she is Ariel from the Little Mermaid? Now she can pretend she is a mermaid herself, with this lovely cozy blanket. It’s ideal for curling up with a book, listening to music, or watching a movie.

It’s made from a thick, soft yarn of 70 percent orlon and 30 percent cotton, and is open at the top and bottom. She’ll love that this blanket is easy to slide in and out of, with no buttons or zips. It comes in a package, with a casual bag you can keep it in, and a silver-colored mermaid necklace.

The crocheted blanket can be washed and tumble-dried at low temperatures. Just take care that it doesn’t get snagged on other clothes with zippers.

User Experience

These mermaid tail blankets are both visually appealing and unique, making them a popular choice for gifts. However, I found the material to be thinner than expected and not as warm as I had hoped, which could be an issue for those seeking a cozy blanket. The tail itself is also smaller than what is pictured, and there's an odd mix of colors in the stitching that seemed to clash with the main mint blue color. On the upside, I appreciated the hole at the bottom for feet, allowing the user to stand while wearing the blanket.

MasterChef Junior Baking Kitchen Set

For the Budding Chef

Would your girl like to be a whizz in the kitchen? Is she constantly glued to the Food Network, watching “Chopped Junior” or “MasterChef Junior?” This officially-licensed baking set could be just the 10th birthday gift for them.

It contains a measuring cup, mixing bowl, spatula, rolling pin, four baking cups, and four dusting guards. I like that the utensils have non-slip silicone grips, making them good for kids. They will soon be cooking up a storm with the three recipe cards included, and could even go on to create their own culinary masterpiece.

Personal Perspective

I'm thrilled with this cooking set I purchased for my young granddaughter who's recently taken an interest in cooking. The set comes with everything needed for her to start experimenting in the kitchen, even including some recipes which have piqued her enthusiasm. My daughter has also been enjoying it, although she's noted an increase in our grocery bill! While the quality of the set isn't top-notch, it's definitely a step above toy quality, and the recipe cards are a charming addition. However, I was disappointed to find that the dusting guards mentioned on the box were not included.

Lip Smacker M&M Lip Balm

Tasty Lippy

Kids love chocolates, so this gift of eight lip balms could be the ideal gift for your girl. There are eight different flavors, from strawberry and cherry lip balm to more creative flavors like Dr. Pepper, Vanilla Coke, or Cotton Candy. Fun and flavorsome, these will have your girls smacking their lips.

Community Feedback

I've been using Lip Smackers since my childhood, and getting my hands on these again brought back fond memories. The flavors taste great and apply smoothly, though they may not be the best moisturizers. Nevertheless, these lip balms are nostalgic and provide a fun and tasty experience for both adults and kids.

SmartLab Toys Girls Only

Keeping Secrets

Secret codes and messages for communicating will be great for a girl this age and her BFF. This kit has two cases, so they can compose and send each other messages for decoding, which siblings, moms, or dads can’t read.

Each case has a UV light pen, red marker, red filter, wax crayon, and a spray bottle. Then there are the two code wheels, a card with a phonetic code, a sticker sheet, and a message mask. The included activity book gives details on more than 10 codes they can use, while also teaching them about filters, molecules, and light waves.

First-Hand Impression

I've thoroughly enjoyed exploring this secret codes and messages kit with my daughter and her best friend. The kit comes with two cases, each containing a variety of tools for creating and deciphering codes, and an activity book that teaches them about various coding methods, filters, molecules, and light waves. This engaging and educational kit has provided hours of fun for my daughter and her friend, as they send each other secret messages that even their parents can't decode.

Monochef Unicorn Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bathtime Beauty

Indulge your 10-year-old with some fruity-smelling bath bombs. Just add water and watch them fizz around in the tub for up to four minutes. When the fizzing is done, marvel at the vibrant, fun color they’ve turned the water, and inhale the fruity smell.

There are eight unique bath bombs in this set — one unicorn, one lip, one sea shell, and five Macarons. They are handmade with natural ingredients.

User Experience

I'm thrilled with these bath bombs, as they provide a fun and enjoyable experience for my children. The bath water feels smooth and hydrating, without causing any irritation like we've experienced with other bath bombs in the past. The set also includes small toys and trinkets, such as a unicorn ring and little figures, which my kids find exciting and entertaining. The only downside is that the larger bath bombs may be too big for some, and the small toys can be quite tiny, but overall, these bath bombs have been a delightful addition to our bath time routine.

Fox Run Reusable Frozen Ice Pop Maker

Sweet Treats

When sleepovers come around, or the kids are playing in the yard in summer, who doesn’t love an ice pop? This reusable BPA-free mold will let your 10-year-old create her own ice pops for family and friends. It makes 10 individual ice pops, each weighing about 3 ounces, and comes with 24 wooden popsicle sticks.

There’s an aluminum cover with slots to hold the popsicle sticks straight while the ice pops freeze. Your girl can use juice, puree, yogurt, or ice cream to make her ice pops.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, these popsicle molds are sturdy and provide a traditional shape, but the metal lid can be difficult to remove. I found it helpful to partially freeze the popsicles before inserting the sticks and running warm water over the mold to easily remove the finished product. These molds allow for creative, healthy snack options, but be cautious of the metal lid and consider alternative ways to cover the mold, such as plastic wrap.

What Do 10-Year-Old Girls Like?

This is a transitional age for kids. They are no longer babies but not quite into their teens. It’s a time of huge change, especially for girls.

Physically, they are becoming more adept and coordinated. Gifts that allow them to play outdoors or follow through on sports interests could be the way to go.

BFFs will be an important part of any 10-year-old girl’s life. Anything they can do together, like play a board game or learn new arts and crafts, will help cement their friendships. These types of gifts are also great for family time; after all, they will still value that as well.

Exploring the world of electronics, playing video games, watching TV, and keeping up with their favorite celebrity may also be among their pastimes. Girls are just as savvy as boys when it comes to technology.

They will also appreciate educational gifts, which will make learning fun for them. Their attention span is much better now, and they’re more likely to stick with something. Gifts that will engage their minds and make them think for themselves are great.

There is a multitude of other gifts that will please them as well, from traditional books to quirky gimmicks. Just make sure that whatever you choose is suitable for their age and not too easy or too hard (2).


Do 10-Year-Olds Still Play With Toys?

Many 10-year-olds continue to play with toys, especially those that challenge them or align with their interests, such as building sets, craft kits, or more sophisticated dolls and action figures.

What Would a 10-Year-Old Girl Want For Christmas?

A 10-year-old girl might want items that reflect her interests and developing identity, such as books, arts and crafts materials, technology gadgets, sports equipment, or fashion accessories.

How Many Gifts Should a 10-Year-Old Get For Christmas?

The number of gifts a 10-year-old gets for Christmas depends on family traditions and budget. Rather than focusing on quantity, aim for thoughtful presents that will be meaningful and enjoyable for the child.

How Much Should I Spend On a 10-Year-Old Birthday Gift?

The amount to spend on a 10-year-old’s birthday gift varies based on your relationship with the child, your budget, and cultural norms. Focus on finding a gift that suits the child’s interests and provides value, regardless of the cost.

How Can I Make My Daughter’s 10th Birthday Special?

Make your daughter’s 10th birthday special by planning activities or a celebration that reflects her interests and personality. Consider a themed party, a special outing, or a family event that she’s been looking forward to.

Why is My 10-Year-Old So Moody?

A 10-year-old might be moody due to the onset of pre-adolescent changes, including social and emotional development, and the beginning of hormonal shifts. Just keep providing regular support and open communication to help navigate these mood swings.

How Many 10-Year-Olds Have Phones?

The number of 10-year-olds with phones varies widely. Some families choose to provide phones for communication or safety reasons, while others may wait until the child is older. If a 10-year-old has a phone, it’s important to set guidelines and teach responsible use.

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