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Best Gifts for 16-Year-Old Girls of 2023

We asked 16-year-old girls which gifts they would like for birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions. These are the 50 most popular items.

We’ve all been there. A 16-year-old girl in your orbit has a special occasion coming up, and you’re responsible for finding a gift.

As a parent of teens, I know exactly what you’re going through. And to help you out, we canvassed some teenagers for suggestions.

We’ve compiled the results and created a rundown of the most popular items on their wishlists.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Ancheer: 26
Freedom and Mobility
Ancheer: 26
  • Foldable, easy to store & carry
  • Wheels with anti-slip tires
  • 3 electric assist working modes
Product Image of the Blue: Yeti USB Microphone Bundle
Speak in Style
Blue: Yeti USB Microphone Bundle
  • Stereo, cardioid, bi-directional patterns
  • Reduced distortion sensitivity control
  • Easy Plug & Play setup
Product Image of the Acrylic Paint Pouring Kit
Gift of Creativity
Acrylic Paint Pouring Kit
  • 36 Vibrant colors
  • Premixed high flow paint
  • For beginners & professionals
Product Image of the Shower Steamers: Your Home Spa Fix
Alternative Bath Bombs
Shower Steamers: Your Home Spa Fix
  • Rich in pure essential oils
  • Natural and distinct scent
  • Helps to de-stress & soothe
Product Image of the Jeasona: Women's Cute Cat Socks
Fun Feet
Jeasona: Women's Cute Cat Socks
  • Soft and stretchy fabric
  • Cute cat face & paw patterns
  • Includes 5 pairs of socks
Product Image of the Iron Flask: Sports Water Bottle
Ultimate Hydration
Iron Flask: Sports Water Bottle
  • Double wall insulation
  • 3 different leak-proof lids
  • Made of premium stainless steel
Product Image of the Human Anatomy Poster Set
Gorgeous Gothic
Human Anatomy Poster Set
  • Unframed picture
  • High-quality photo-grade paper
  • Perfect gift for any occasion
Product Image of the Stonemaier Games: Viticulture Essential Edition
Not Bored Game
Stonemaier Games: Viticulture Essential Edition
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Works for 1 to 6 players
  • Great replayability
Product Image of the Razer: BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Pleasing Key Sounds
Razer: BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Ergonomic wrist rest
  • Mechanical switch keys
  • Fully syncs with popular games
Product Image of the Honche 300 Led Curtain Light Fariy Light Rainbow Color 8 Lighting Modes for Room...
Honche: Rainbow LED Curtain Lights
  • Waterproof strings
  • 300 LED lights per curtain
  • Remote-controlled 8 flash modes

The Best Gifts for 16-Year-Old Girls of 2023

Having a hard time choosing a gift for your best friend’s 16th birthday? Here is a list of the top 50 best gifts for girls.

Ancheer: 26

Freedom and Mobility

Ideal for school trips, traveling to work, or going to a friend’s house, an electric bike will get her there faster and with less effort.

The battery on this model will carry you at up to 15mph for as much as 30 miles on a single charge. Alternatively, when you ride without using the battery, it is no more difficult to pedal than a regular mountain bike.

With an adjustable seat, this model is suitable for those between 5.25 and 6.6 feet tall.

Blue: Yeti USB Microphone Bundle

Speak in Style

This fabulous bundle includes a Blue Yeti USB microphone, a suspension boom, a pop filter, and a pair of Knox Gear closed-back studio-grade headphones. With all of this gear, your teen will be set for streaming, music and vocal recording, podcasts, and more.

The microphone has three capsules, four pick-up patterns, and gain control.

Acrylic Paint Pouring Kit

Gift of Creativity

Acrylic paint pouring is easy with this kit which contains 36 paints, four canvas boards in two sizes, and a variety of tools, all in a sturdy storage box.

The instruction manual gives you all the information you need to begin paint pouring straight away. There are even two disposable clear plastic tablecloths to ensure you don’t accidentally paint the furniture or floor.

Shower Steamers: Your Home Spa Fix

Alternative Bath Bombs

This box contains 12 discs, similar to bath bombs. You place the discs on the floor of the shower, away from the stream of water. The shower’s warmth releases the subtle essential oil aroma of either lavender & rose, sweet orange & bergamot, eucalyptus & camphor, peppermint, or green tea.

The discs can also be placed out in the open to slowly release their scents.

Jeasona: Women's Cute Cat Socks

Fun Feet

Socks are a gift anyone can use, but just because they are practical doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.

These Jeasona socks fit anyone with a women’s US shoe size of 5–8. The mix of 80% cotton, 15% acrylic, and 5% spandex makes them both stretchy and comfortable.

Iron Flask: Sports Water Bottle

Ultimate Hydration

Iron Flask uses double-walled, stainless steel construction with insulation between the walls. This insulation prevents a build-up of condensation on the outside of the flask, which has a matt, powder-coated finish.

A built-in straw in the flask lid makes keeping your fluid levels up a breeze. And the bottle comes in six sizes from 14 ounces to 64 ounces.

Human Anatomy Poster Set

Gorgeous Gothic

Pretty floral displays growing on human body parts may not sound like something you’d want on your bedroom walls, but our teens assured us these images are appealing to them.

This set of six 8×10 inch posters is printed on high-quality photo-grade paper, but they do not come with frames. To some degree, that’s a good thing because you can choose a frame style that matches your 16-year-old girl’s room.

Stonemaier Games: Viticulture Essential Edition

Not Bored Game

In Viticulture, each player finds themselves the proud new owners of a small, rundown vineyard in pre-modern Tuscany. Players must juggle workers, visitors, and vineyard tasks to build their winemaking empire.

This game is way more fun than the initial description makes it sound. It works for 1 to 6 players, takes between 40 to 60 minutes to play, and is a massive hit among older teens and adults.

Razer: BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Pleasing Key Sounds

This keyboard is a great choice for any teen who loves to game.

The ergonomic wrist rest ensures your hands are in the most comfortable position possible for an extended time at the keyboard, and the mechanical switch keys provide that satisfying click sound on every strike.

Razer’s signature Chroma syncs with multiple games, hardware, and smart home elements to provide an immersive gaming experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Honche: Rainbow LED Curtain Lights


Go beyond LED strip lights with a 110-inch high curtain of LED fairy lights that expands as far as 118 inches wide. This example is a curtain of rainbow lights, but you can also choose warm white, cool white, multi-color, or a white option that responds to music.

The curtain has 10 strings of lights, each of which has 30 LEDs, for a total of 300 LED lights per curtain. They are light enough to be hung with command hooks and plug into the wall via a USB charger.

She Explores: Stories of Life-Changing Adventures

Explorers Delight

An ideal gift for the outdoors enthusiast and fans of biographical short stories, She Explores shares the traveling experiences of women from around the world. Inspirational tales, practical tips, and humor are all shared against a background of beautiful visuals.

From women living solo in vans and trailers as they explore multiple countries to stories of moms hiking with their young children, this book showcases a diversity of ages, ethnicities, social backgrounds, body shapes, motivations, and attitudes.

Anker: USB-C Power Bank

Emergency Lifeline

The best gift for a 16-year-old-girl can be something she would never think to buy for herself, and that’s where the power bank comes in.

It can be fully charged in just 6.8 hours. It then stores enough power to recharge phones, tablets, or any other compatible device. Designed to be compatible with most USB-C and USB-A devices, this power bank is slim and compact and can charge two devices at once.

Your gift recipient will never find herself with a dead phone again when she has a power bank in her bag.

Hair Chalk Comb: Temporary Bright Hair Color

Temporary Tints

For the person who wants to experiment with their hair but doesn’t want a permanent change, these color combs provide a way to have on-trend color without any long-term commitment. Simply brush the comb through dry hair, layering for deeper color, and it all comes out in the next wash.

The box contains six individually wrapped combs, each roughly four inches long. This compact size makes them easy to carry with you for a middle-of-the-day refresh.

The Gym People: High Waist Leggings With Pockets,


All of our 16-year-old girls raved about these leggings from The Gym People. Available in seven sizes, from extra-small to 3X, and 25 color and pattern designs, these high-waist pants are as comfortable for lounging with your squad as they are for yoga, working out, or other activities.

Especially popular was the fact these leggings come with a pocket on each thigh and an inside waist pocket, so your phone is always safe and close to hand.

Professional Printing: 3D Pen with OLED Display

Quality Creations

For those without the need, space, or budget for a worthwhile 3D printer, this 3D pen makes for a fun alternative.

It takes a little getting used to, but once you have the hang of it and know how to control the temperature and flow, you can create an almost endless array of items from the ABS plastic filaments included with the pen.

However, you’re not confined to ABS, and this pen works with almost any type of thermoplastic.

Primitives by Kathy: 19422 Box Sign

Reader Love

It can be challenging to know what to buy for an avid reader. Even if you know what style of books she likes, you may not know which books she has already read, which books she has decided against, or what format (hardcover, paperback, ebook, or audiobook) she prefers.

A decorative sign with a funny saying like this rustic wooden example may be a suitable alternative.

Otamatone Deluxe

Sounds Like Fun

Otamatones are the on-trend musical instruments from Japan that have taken the world by storm. The otamatone looks like a giant musical note with a metallic strip down the center of the shaft.

Pressing on the strip creates a note, and you can slide your finger along the otamatone to create a range of musical effects. The head can also be squeezed to modulate the volume, although there’s a headphone jack to prevent other people from having to listen.

Shany: Carry All Makeup Train Case

All-In-One Make-Up

Makeup is a highly personal buy, but this case from Shany holds a wide range of eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipstick, lipliner, lip gloss, and blush in a reusable metal makeup case.

There’s also a range of makeup brushes, a mirror, and nail varnishes. And your teen can feel good about using the contents knowing these products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Daron Shock Ball: Hot Potato Game

Fun With Friends

Play the hot potato game of childhood with a distinctly grown-up twist. The Daron ball randomly lights up and emits a mild electrical shock as players throw it to each other. Drop the ball, and you’re out. The last player in the game wins.

The shock is mild enough to be safe but strong enough to make this a fun family game.

DIY Gift Kits: Bath Bomb Kit

Craft and Relax

Made in the USA using pure essential oils, this bath bomb kit from DIY Gift Kits contains everything you need to create 12 cupcake-shaped bath bombs.

A complete bath bomb creation guide is included as well as a rundown of aromatherapy recipes you can utilize in other crafts. The ingredients used are 100% GMO-free, and replacement ingredients can be easily sourced if you want to keep making bath bombs.

A Year of Positive Thinking for Teens

A Gift For Life

Whether you’re a child, an adult, or somewhere in between, life can be challenging. Available in paperback and Kindle, A Year of Positive Thinking for Teens focuses on learning the art of positive thinking in any situation.

Not only does this book outline how to change and avoid negative thought patterns, but it can be an excellent conversation starter to help you connect with your teen.

B3: Bean Bag Bucketz

Portable Play

This bean bag game comes with a telescopic stand, six plastic scoring baskets, and 16 bean bags — eight each in two colors. The game can be played by individuals and teams, and you can play in various ways.

The entire thing folds down into a handy carry case, and it weighs just over six pounds. This makes it ideal for use at home, the beach, tailgating, or at other outdoor locations.

Nintendo Switch: Mario Red & Blue Edition

Mobile Gaming

The Nintendo Switch is like three gaming systems in one.

Use the Switch in the handheld configuration for playing alone or for multi-player gaming. You can also stand the screen element on a tabletop or other surface and play using the controllers. Alternatively, you can hook the Switch up to your TV and play.

The Switch stand allows you to recharge your device, and this particular edition has been created in Mario games’ signature blue and red.

Moon Lamp: LED Night Light

Lunar Lighting

An ideal room decor gift for teens is this unique moon lamp. It’s great for a range of interests and decorative styles.

The Moon Lamp is a 3D-printed lamp designed to look like the surface of Earth’s moon. It comes with a USB charging cable, a wooden stand, and a pothook and string to hang the lamp from the ceiling.

Use the remote control to change between the 16 available colors, adjust the brightness, and turn on and off. Alternatively, you can set one of the four pre-programmed timer periods, after which the lamp will turn off.

The Comfy: Oversized, Wearable Blanket

Huge Hugs

While my daughters and all of their friends seem to live in oversized hoodies, they are not designed for the kind of hard-core lounging that the Comfy was created for.

Instead, think of the Comfy as a thick blanket with a sherpa fleece finish on the inside and a plush outer shell.

Then, that blanket has been cut and sewn into a giant hoodie your teen can wear while sitting on the sofa, lying in bed, or rushing to the kitchen for snacks.

BIC: BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

Wash-off-able Body Art

The BIC brand name may evoke images of clear plastic ball-point pens, but they have moved beyond paper and created a series of pens that make your skin the canvas.

Choose from bright “new school” colors, more subdued “old school,” a pair of henna shades, or this eight-pack with one pen of each color. The flexible tip allows for thick or thin lines, and the ink won’t run in the rain. Instead, you can wash off your ink with well-lathered soap and water.

Cricut: Explore Air 2, Mint

Cut Out For Crafting

The Cricut Explore Air 2 works in conjunction with the free, bespoke Cricut Design Space software. Projects can be downloaded and used as-is, edited for a personal touch, or created from scratch.

Simply place your material on the cutting board, press the power switch, and sit back while the Cricut (pronounced cricket, like the insect) cuts the required shapes from your paper, leather, wood, laminate, balsa, ink-infused sheets, vinyl, and more.

Pack of 60 Hair Scrunchies

Wrist Warmers

A teenager’s scrunchie supply can never be large enough or colorful enough. Not only does this bag of 60 scrunchies provide plenty of variety, but it also minimizes the amount of time your teen will spend complaining they can’t find a scrunchie anywhere.

These super-soft, satin-finish scrunchies are made by a small mother and daughter start-up, and ours have been washed multiple times without any loss of elasticity or dimming of color.

Babycakes: Mini Cake Pop Maker

Tiny Tasty Treats

Babycakes manufactures a mini cake pop maker in which you can cook nine cake pops at a time. The twin non-stick plates make clean-up a breeze, leaving you plenty of time to decorate your creations.

Our teens have a blast making cake pops before their friends visit and then decorating them together.

The comprehensive instruction and recipe book tells you everything you need to know to create gorgeous cake pops as well as a range of savory treats such as wontons, delicious biscuit bites, meatballs, and more.

Respawn: Sugar-Free Focus Chewing Gum

Focus Food

Respawn is an energy booster and cognitive enhancer made by gamers for gamers.

The sugar-free gum has vitamins B5, B6, and B12 and green tea extract for a “natural” brain boost. There are 15 pieces in each pack and ten packs in the box. And the gum is available in mint, tropical punch, pomegranate watermelon, and pomegranate watermelon tropical punch.

In addition to being sugar-free, this gum is caffeine-free, so there’s none of the post-use crashes you get from energy drinks.

Bose Frames — Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

Rich Sound, Safe Eyes

Known for their high-quality audio, Bose now makes sunglasses with tiny speakers built into the arms. This allows you to listen to music, audiobooks, and phone calls while those around you can hear virtually nothing.

With a Bluetooth connection, a two-hour charging time, and 3.5 hours of playtime, these are an excellent choice for those who don’t like earbuds or who want to maintain a higher degree of awareness of their surroundings.

Available in two styles, these glasses have non-polarized plastic lenses which block 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

Unicorn Snot: Holographic Body Glitter Gel Set

Superior Sparkle

Everyone knows that glitter is a self-replicating, mobile horror designed to make people crazy. Thankfully, Unicorn Snot has developed cosmetic glitter gel that’s safe to use on skin, easy to wash off, and available in a range of fabulous colors.

Vegan and cruelty-free, Unicorn Snot is safe for skin, but should not be used on eyelids.

Herschel 23L Settlement Backpack

Style For School

For the trend-driven 16-year-old girl, a Herschel backpack is the must-have item of the moment. There are over 50 colors, designs, and patterns from which to choose, and the bag is large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop.

Padded shoulder straps ensure all-day comfort, and the air mesh back panel keeps you cool on your commute.

Bitty Boomers: The Child Bluetooth Speaker

Sound From the Child

This tiny two-inch speaker wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth 5.0 device and works in a range of up to 30 feet.

A speaker strap allows you to safely attach your speaker to a bag, items of clothing, a bike, or a cooler, so there’s no danger of losing it on your travels. This makes Bitty Boomer speakers ideal for trips to the beach, hiking, or hanging out with friends.

Among Us: 3D Night Light

No Imposter

For fans of Among Us, this 3D lamp has a remote control so you can choose one of the 16 light colors, cycle through the colors, set the light to flash mode, adjust the brightness, or personalize it to your favorite Among Us astronaut color.

The lamp has a light-up base that acts as a touch control, and it’s powered by either 3 AA batteries or by plugging it into a USB outlet.

Twitch Tie Dye Hoodie

Retro Styling

Twitch, the live streaming service, makes a range of clothing and merch, including this tie-dye hoodie.

Made from 100% cotton and available in sizes from XS to 3XL, this hoodie has a comfortable, relaxed fit, zippers on the front pouch pocket, and drawstrings for the cinch hood.

We throw our Twitch hoodie into the washer and dryer with the rest of the laundry, and even after multiple washes, it has always remained the same size, shape, and fit.

Plum Blossom Changing Mug

Hot Thought Experiment

Watch how this dull 16-ounce, microwave-safe mug turns into full bloom as you pour your hot drinks.

Add a hot liquid to the cup, and let your 16-year-old sweetheart discover the beauty of springtime as they watch their mug transform its color and bring bright and vivid hues thereby adding color to their day.

Canon: IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer

Flexible Portability

The Canon Ivy is a tiny thermal printer connected to your phone via Bluetooth and the free Canon Mini Print App.

Prints are 2 x 3 inches, and because the print is created using heat on the special printer paper, there are no inks or dyes to worry about. Peel the paper’s backing to expose the adhesive, and you can stick your images almost anywhere.

Crazy Aaron's Putty: Aromatherapy SCENTSory Tins Gift Set

Smelly Fidgets

Having something to keep your hands busy can reduce anxiety and help you focus. This putty from Crazy Aaron has the additional benefit of being infused with scents.

Explore the tropical vibe and feel as if you’re on a vacation. It’s made in the USA with non-toxic silicone, giving them a thicker consistency than the slimes you may be familiar with.

Dr. Martens: Women's 1460 Vonda Fashion Boot

Sturdy Style

Our teens have all rediscovered Dr. Martens footwear, and especially popular with those we spoke with are the embroidered Vonda fashion boots.

The Vonda has the traditional look and build of 16-hole Dr. Martens boots with 100% leather upper, a synthetic sole, and the trademark yellow stitching around the join. However, they also have a series of five roses embroidered on the outer side of each boot.

Our daughter loves hers, and buying these meant I could reclaim my own — now vintage — pair.

What If?: The Book Of Questions And Answers

For The Wandering Mind

Randall Monroe is the creator of the iconic webcomic xkcd.

On his website, he answers every kind of ridiculous question using carefully researched science. For example, when asked, “Would a toaster work in a freezer?” Monroe explains exactly what would happen, why it would happen, and works in some information about the Antarctic fire department.

What If? contains dozens of ridiculous questions, scientific answers, and a more than a generous sprinkling of humor.

Conair: Double Ceramic Flat Iron

Hair Control

The Conair double ceramic flat iron is great for girls with all types of hair. It has five temperature settings, so you have complete control over the amount of heat to which you expose your hair. There’s a 30-second heat up, and the extra-long plate allows you to straighten larger sections of hair at once.

The five-foot cord has a swivel connection so minimal twisting and turning of the cord is necessary.

Cookies, Chips & Candies: Ultimate Snacks

Marvelous Munchies

This 50-count box of chips, cookies, and candies also contains an Ultimate Chips Recipes booklet, so you can create your own custom snacks using some of the contents as a base.

The box can be shipped throughout the US, so it’s a great birthday gift for a 16-year-old girl that you don’t live with and can’t visit for her big day.

Yes4All: Total Body Workout Weighted Bar

Complete And Compact

This weighted bar and resistance band set includes a heavy-duty 48-inch steel bar and a set of five resistance bands in 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, and 30lb sizes. Each band is 53 inches in its unstretched state, and stretched bands measure between 153 and 157 inches.

The weight bar has a soft yet sturdy foam covering to prevent hand fatigue and can be used alone or with the resistance bands.

Ammiy: Unicorn Makeup Brushes


Perfect for any makeup lover, Ammiy’s unicorn makeup brush set consists of nine brush heads of various shapes and sizes. We love the whimsical handles that have a pearlized finish and are shaped to resemble a unicorn horn. The brush heads are coordinated, with a pale, pastel rainbow color scheme.

The entire set fits within the zippered folding case, which can be folded horizontally, turning the holder into a brush stand.

Adidas: Women’s Adissage Slides

Versatile Footwear

Available in sizes 3 to 13, Adidas Adissage slides have small rounded nubs across the entire surface, providing a gentle massage for your tired feet. While they were originally designed for post-workout wear, these slides are popular for all kinds of wear.

Comfortable around the house, the slides are sturdy enough for streetwear, making them ideal for trips that involve time on the beach, in the park, and on harder surfaces such as sidewalks.

Amazon.com: Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

Anything And Everything

There are times when you can’t covertly ask for gift ideas. Or you may know what your 16-year-old girl would like, but it’s outside of your budget. And sometimes there are so many options, it’s overwhelming. In these cases, a gift card can be the best gift.

Send a virtual Amazon gift card or a physical card in a cute gift box, and you give your teen the option to choose the perfect gift. You can even use the Amazon gift card to purchase gift cards for other stores and services.

Tulip: One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

Tie-Dye Everywhere

This tie-dye kit from Tulip includes eight color dyes, six pairs of plastic gloves to prevent hand staining, and 30 elastics for all of your tie-dye projects. Depending on the project’s size and the amount of dye you use on each one, the kit is good for up to 12 items.

The dyes are non-toxic, and unlike some other examples, these colors from Tulip already contain soda ash. You do not have to pre-soak your fabrics and clothes before you begin dyeing.

Ultimate Ears: Wonderboom Waterproof Speaker

Shower Singers

This gift is great for any music-loving teen. In the box, you’ll find the compact Wonderboom speaker and a charging cable that lets you charge via a USB port or power block. Charge for about an hour, and you’ll get ten hours of music from this lightweight, portable speaker.

The LPX7 rating means it can be submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes and still be good. As a result, ours gets extended use in the bathroom, particularly the shower.

Lulu Candles: Pineapple Evergreen

Minimalist Scent

Lulu candles are made with soy wax and a cotton wick and are paraben-free. Great for socially conscious teens, they are both cruelty-free and vegan.

The candle sits within a glass jar with a minimalist label listing the scent. Handpoured in the USA, Lulu candles burn clean and have a noticeable but not overwhelming fragrance.

What Should I Get a 16-Year-Old Girl for Her Birthday?

When you think about what to buy a 16-year-old girl for her birthday, consider how she likes to spend her time.

Does she enjoy making or listening to music, gaming or programming, creating art, or spending time outdoors? If you cannot choose a gift that actively supports that pastime, you could consider a book or a piece of room decor in the same vein.

Alternatively, a gift card to a favorite store, an online community, or a website like Amazon will ensure the birthday girl can get exactly what she would like the most.

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In Conclusion

16-year-old girls are as diverse as the rest of us, so we can’t claim that you’ll find something every teen of this age will adore. But with the wide range of gifts we’ve recommended, you’re very likely to find a great choice for the 16-year-old girl in your life.

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