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50 Best Gifts for 16-Year-Old Boys: 2024 Picks

We’ve put together a list of the 50 best gifts for a 16-year-old boy using our experience, online reviews, and plenty of input from boys themselves.

It can be especially difficult to choose a gift for a 16-year-old boy. They are no longer children but not yet adults.

We asked a wide range of 16-year-old boys what gifts they would like, why they would like them, and — just as importantly — which gifts they would rather avoid.

No time to shop? Let us help! We’ve put together a list of the 50 best gifts for a 16-year-old boy using our experience, online reviews, and plenty of input from boys themselves.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the SteelSeries: Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset
Gaming Untethered
SteelSeries: Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Steel-reinforced headband
  • Detachable noise cancelling mic
  • Mic mute & volume control
Product Image of the Art of Sport: Total Routine Kit
Best for Staying Fresh
Art of Sport: Total Routine Kit
  • 7-piece total routine kit
  • Exclusive Art of Sport gym towel
  • Dermatologist-tested & non-irritating
Product Image of the Vans: Men's Low-Top Trainers
Best Classic Footwear
Vans: Men's Low-Top Trainers
  • Skate-influenced design
  • Double-stitched multi-paneled upper
  • Smooth lining & cushioning insole
Product Image of the Garmin: Instinct — Rugged Outdoor Watch
Tactical Time
Garmin: Instinct — Rugged Outdoor Watch
  • Thermal, shock, and water-resistant
  • GPS, Glonass, Galileo navigation
  • Monitors heart rate, activity & stress
Product Image of the Herschel: Form Cross Body Bag
Best Lightweight Carry-All
Herschel: Form Cross Body Bag
  • Adjustable strap
  • Signature striped fabric liners
  • Internal storage sleeve
Product Image of the Room Decor: Floating Globe
Best Bedroom Decor
Room Decor: Floating Globe
  • 360° rotating globe
  • Uses magnetic levitation technology
  • Both educational & decorative
Product Image of the LEGO Ideas: Dinosaur Fossils Building Kit
Love to Build
LEGO Ideas: Dinosaur Fossils Building Kit
  • 3 buildable, posable dinosaur skeletons
  • Each model comes with a stand
  • LEGO construction toys compatible
Product Image of the RazorX: DLX Electric Skateboard
Powered Moves
RazorX: DLX Electric Skateboard
  • Smooth ride 125-watt motor
  • High-quality 5-ply Maple deck
  • Speed control wireless wrist strap
Product Image of the Spalding: NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop System
High-End Hoops
Spalding: NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop System
  • 54” acrylic backboard
  • 7.5’ to 10’ height adjustment
  • Ultimate hybrid portable base
Product Image of the Street Art: Banksy — Behind The Curtain
Finesse Those Walls
Street Art: Banksy — Behind The Curtain
  • High definition Giclee canvas
  • Waterproof, UV & fade-resistant ink
  • Hanging accessory kit included

The Best Gifts for 16-Year-Old Boys of 2024

The 16-year-old boys we interviewed said these are all gifts they would appreciate receiving.

SteelSeries: Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

Gaming Untethered

This wireless headset by SteelSeries has a flexible, steel-reinforced adjustable headband that’s light and comfortable enough for hours of gaming. The ClearCast noise-canceling microphone is detachable and Discord-certified with the same bi-directional design as the sets used by aircraft carrier deck crews.

The headphones come with a USB-C dongle for use with the Nintendo Switch and Android phones.

User Experience

Excellent sound quality and comfort make these headphones a fantastic choice for gaming. I've been using them for 2 months and they provide a balanced audio experience without causing ear fatigue, even during intense gaming sessions. The lightweight design makes it easy to forget you're wearing them, while the battery life lasts a solid 20 hours on a single charge. The only minor drawbacks are the small volume dial and the use of micro-USB A for charging, but these are easily overlooked considering the overall performance and value for money.

Art of Sport: Total Routine Kit

Best for Staying Fresh

Art of Sport has put together a fantastic seven-piece skincare set that includes an aluminum-free deodorant, an activated charcoal body wash, and an all-in-one anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner.

This set also includes a mint-scented, charcoal face wash and a daily skin lotion. And the entire set is rounded out by soap bars and an exclusive AOS towel.

Personal Perspective

Bought this Art of Sport set and have been using it for a few weeks now. I love that it's made with natural ingredients and doesn't leave my skin dry or itchy like other chemical-laden products. The victory scent is subtle and refreshing, not overpowering, and the charcoal face wash works wonders on keeping my skin clear.

Vans: Men's Low-Top Trainers

Best Classic Footwear

The Filmore from Vans combines classic skate shoe styling influences with modern-day construction and color combos. Choose from “dress blues chili pepper,” “pewter, white, black,” or “port royale, black.”

You get the comfort you’d expect with the padded tongue and collar and the trademark Vans’ “Off The Wall” phrase and logo at the rear of the sole.

Community Feedback

My experience with these Vans has been nothing short of awesome. They not only look great and feel super comfortable, but they also proved to be quite durable. I was pleasantly surprised by the quick delivery, even coming from Poland. Although they may run a bit small for some, I found them to be a perfect fit and extremely stylish. These Vans are ideal for everyday activities, making them a great addition to my wardrobe.

Garmin: Instinct — Rugged Outdoor Watch

Tactical Time

The Garmin Instinct comes in a range of models, including a solar, sports, and tactical edition. It’s made to U.S. Military standard 810G for shock, thermal, and water resistance, so you can be confident this model is going to stand up to the roughest abuse.

You can connect the watch to your smartphone, upload your fitness info to the Garmin online community, and use the GPS trackback function to find your way back to any starting point.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this watch has been quite impressive, especially when compared to my previous Pebble 2 and Apple Watch. The always-on display, long battery life, and physical buttons make it a reliable and user-friendly device. Its heart rate tracking, GPS, and rugged design are great bonuses that add to its appeal. The notification system works well with my iPhone, and the music controls are effective, though it would be nice if the current time was displayed while using them.

Herschel: Form Cross Body Bag

Best Lightweight Carry-All

At a little over seven ounces, the empty Herschel crossbody bag is so light that you might forget you’re wearing it.

It’s large enough to hold a water bottle, phone, wallet, and a couple of other small items. It’s perfect for the times you have several small things to juggle but you still want to have your hands free.

User Experience

My experience with this Herschel bag has been nothing short of fantastic - it's both stylish and practical. Initially, I bought it for a vacation to keep my essentials organized, but it has since become my go-to everyday bag. The three compartments easily hold my phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and even a Kindle e-reader, with room to spare for travel essentials like a face mask and hand sanitizer. The canvas material is thick and durable, yet soft to the touch. The only minor downside is the limited adjustability of the strap, but overall, this bag has quickly become an indispensable part of my daily routine.

Room Decor: Floating Globe

Best Bedroom Decor

Powered by an electromagnetic field, this floating globe makes a fabulous piece of room decor that combines science, geography, and a generous dose of quirkiness.

Plug in the stand, and use the plastic spacer to set the globe. Then, take away the spacer, and you’re left with a floating world, illuminated from above.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this globe exceeded my initial expectations in terms of appearance, sturdiness, and size. It has been working flawlessly for over a week, although the blue light at the top remains on constantly and I haven't found a way to turn it off. I've received numerous compliments from visitors, and children are particularly fascinated by the levitating feature. On the downside, the globe itself looks cheap and it's difficult to see the countries clearly. Additionally, the magnets are quite strong, so be cautious when handling the globe and turning it off.

LEGO Ideas: Dinosaur Fossils Building Kit

Love to Build

The LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Building Kit has 910 pieces. It comes with instructions to build skeletons that resemble a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Triceratops, and a Pteranodon.

Unlike some sets with multiple models, you can build all three at once. The models come with a display stand for each, which allows you to set up your own museum. You even get a tiny paleontologist minifigure to help adjust the bones and maintain the dinosaurs.

Community Feedback

I'm impressed with the quality and detail of this LEGO set, despite the small size of the pieces. My 8-year-old grandson was able to assemble it quickly and enjoyed the process. The set includes a mini archeologist figure, tools, extra bones, a dino egg, and a book, allowing for creative play even though it's primarily meant for display. The dinosaur heads, necks, and tails are adjustable, offering some variation in positioning. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, making it suitable for kids who read well, but I'd recommend this set for teens or older due to the tiny pieces. The only drawback we experienced was that it was missing two pieces, but overall, it's a fantastic set for LEGO and dinosaur enthusiasts.

RazorX: DLX Electric Skateboard

Powered Moves

The RazorX skateboard has a lightweight five-ply maple deck that’s a little over 34 inches long. The urethane wheels and custom trucks give a smooth ride, and the entire board is driven by a 150-watt motor.

A 24 GHz remote comes with a wristband and controls your speed. Riders can reach a top speed of 12 mph, and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery runs for roughly 40 minutes per charge.

First-Hand Impression

When I first got this electric skateboard, I noticed it was slightly heavier than expected, but that's understandable due to the motor. The wide wheels provide stability, but they could be softer for a smoother ride. I found the board's logo placement a bit odd for my stance, but it's not a deal breaker. After using it for a week, I'm happy with my purchase, but remember to keep it dry as it's not waterproof.

Spalding: NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop System

High-End Hoops

With a 54-inch acrylic backboard, a 16-inch offset, and an Arena Slam breakaway rim, this portable basketball hoop is sturdy enough to stand up to the most enthusiastic slam dunking your teen can throw at it.

There’s a ScrewJack lift system that makes adjusting the height a breeze, and the base is specially designed for easy assembly.

User Experience

I've recently assembled this basketball goal, and while it was not an easy task, the end result was worth the effort. The instructions could use significant improvement, and it took a few hours and multiple people to put it together, but once it was assembled, it proved to be sturdy and fun to play with. The height adjustment was not too difficult once the goal was set up correctly, making it enjoyable for both kids and adults alike.

Street Art: Banksy — Behind The Curtain

Finesse Those Walls

Art can be hit and miss no matter who you are buying for, but our teens approved this canvas print. Of course, it helps that the artist is Banksy, who is as popular for the social commentary he expresses through his art as for the images themselves.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this framed canvas print has been quite positive. When it arrived, it was well-packaged and protected, ensuring it was in perfect condition. The print itself is just as beautiful as it appeared in the picture and it's a great size for the price. However, while the print quality is amazing, the overall build quality could be slightly better. Despite this minor drawback, I still love this canvas print and believe it was well worth the wait. It has definitely added a touch of elegance to my living space.

Pro Combo: 5-in-1 Heat Press Machine

Best Stylin’ Clothes

This 5-in-1 heat press allows teens to print t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing and items such as hats, mugs and other ceramics, and mousepads. The list of possibilities is almost endless.

Our teens love the idea of making their own clothing, printing items for teams, other groups, or even just their squad. Then there’s the opportunity to create items for sale. Some of the sixteen-year-old boys we spoke with have made significant amounts of cash by printing and selling with this press.

Community Feedback

My experience with this heat press has been a mix of positives and negatives. On one hand, it's perfect for various crafts like pressing shirts, masks, and fabrics, and it's super easy to set up and use. However, I've encountered issues with the timer not working properly and the initial beeping due to the main plate's plug not fitting correctly. Despite these minor setbacks, the heating element worked well, and the press provided even temperature and pressure for my projects.

Roku: Streaming Stick+

Best for TV Lovers

The Roku Streaming Stick+ plugs directly into the HDMI port on the back of a TV and allows you to wirelessly stream services such as Netflix, HBO, and ESPN. Setup involves plugging the stick in, connecting it to your wifi network, and logging in to your subscription services.

The remote works as a stand-alone control and is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Plus, you can share content from an Apple product with Apple AirPlay.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, the Roku Streaming Stick+ has been an absolute game-changer for my home entertainment needs. The setup was painless and quick, allowing me to access a vast variety of movies and TV episodes from my favorite streaming services. Its advanced wireless receiver ensured smooth streaming even in rooms further away from my router, and the all-in-one remote with a headphone jack made my viewing experience even more enjoyable. The user-friendly interface and customizable home screen made finding and switching between content a breeze, making the Roku Streaming Stick+ an essential addition to any modern home.

The How-To Cookbook for Teens

Best to Grow Up

More than just a recipe book, The How-To Cookbook for Teens covers topics such as how to read a recipe; the correct way to use measuring cups, spoons, and scales; and knife skills basics.

In addition to telling you how to cook a variety of dishes, this book teaches essential life skills.

User Experience

As a parent trying to encourage my teenager to develop their cooking skills, this cookbook has been a fantastic resource. The recipes are simple and appealing, requiring only basic cooking skills and ingredients we often already have in our pantry. My teenager has been picking one recipe each weekend to try, and they've been gradually becoming more adventurous. The colorful pages, helpful tips, and beautiful accompanying pictures make it an enjoyable experience for both young and older aspiring chefs.

Logitech: C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Best for Video Recording Skills

With so many teens spending time producing and consuming online content, it’s not surprising that many of those we asked put streaming gear at the top of their must-have list.

This combo pairs a Logitech pro-stream webcam with a Yeti snowball microphone. The 1080p Logitech C922x camera records or streams at 60 frames per second for blur-free video. The Yeti is an easy plug-and-play microphone without any software or drivers to install.

Double Trouble: Wooden Puzzle by Constantin

Best for Puzzling Boys

This carefully crafted puzzle consists of a pair of cogs, each with its own maze. To solve it, you have to navigate a metal ball through each maze and have both arrive at separate openings at the same time.

At roughly nine inches by five inches and one inch deep, the maze also makes a great bedroom decor piece.

Community Feedback

This product arrived in an unfortunate condition, as it was broken right out of the box. I was really looking forward to using it, but my excitement was short-lived. Despite the setback, I can see the potential of this item if it were intact. It's a bummer that I didn't get to experience it firsthand, but I hope others have better luck.

Holy Stone: HS340 Mini Drone

Beginners Luck

Drones come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. If your teen wants to try their hand at aerial acrobatics or filming, this is an excellent entry-level choice. Roughly the size of an adult’s hand, the drone has three speeds, always starting on the slowest.

There’s no SD card to worry about. Instead, the drone connects to your phone via its own wifi signal. Any photos or footage you take are automatically saved to your device.

First-Hand Impression

My initial impression of this drone was its surprisingly small size, which turned out to be a positive aspect as it allowed for easier indoor flying. The package contained all the necessary accessories, and I appreciated the inclusion of two USB charging cables for simultaneous battery charging. The drone's stability and responsiveness exceeded my expectations, making it an excellent choice for beginners, especially with the added propeller guards. Although I experienced some initial difficulties with app control and voice control, I eventually figured out the proper pairing process and found the drone to be incredibly fun to fly, both indoors and outdoors. The camera quality was also impressive for the price, making this drone a fantastic option for those looking to learn the basics of drone flying.

GlowCity: Light-Up Soccer Ball

Best for Night Athletes

The GlowCity soccer set is a unique gift for athletes who never want to quit. One soccer ball that has LEDs so play doesn’t have to end when darkness falls.

Although this one is red, you can choose from blue, green, purple, or white lights in the cones, which come with the LEDs pre-installed. The soccer ball is impact-activated and stays lit for 30 seconds after a hit, kick, or drop.

User Experience

Bought this glowing soccer ball for my kids, and they absolutely adore playing with it after dark. The only drawbacks are its extreme bounciness and the fact that it doesn't come with an air pump. Nonetheless, it's been a fun addition to our summer evening activities.

GTRACING: Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

Comfort and Sound

The metal frame of this chair is covered in high-density foam and wrapped in faux leather. The seat and armrests are adjustable, as is the angle of the back. The chair is also able to rock back and forth.

You can connect this gaming chair to your Bluetooth devices and enjoy high-quality surround sound while you work, watch TV, or game. However, if you want to connect to an Xbox or Playstation, you’ll need to purchase an additional adapter.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this gaming chair for a while now, and I must say it's quite comfortable and has helped alleviate my back pain, especially during those long work-from-home hours. The assembly process was straightforward, taking around 45 minutes to complete, and the chair's cushions and lumbar support are fantastic. However, the built-in speakers could use some improvement, as one was broken and the other had poor sound quality. Despite this minor setback, the chair's overall performance, comfort, and adorable pink color have made it a worthwhile purchase for me.

CoolSteelAndBeyond: Men’s Braided Leather Bracelet

Wrist Wrapper

At 8.7 inches, this bracelet is large enough for most wrists. And unlike other similar bracelets, this one has a solid magnetic clasp, so you don’t have to roll it over your hand.

The two rows of braided leather are decorated with steel elements. There are various leather and element color combinations to choose from.

Each bracelet comes with a sturdy presentation box which makes it feel more like a special gift.

Community Feedback

I'm quite pleased with this bracelet overall, but it does have a few drawbacks. The design is attractive and durable, yet I find it difficult to put on due to the clasp and identical ends, which requires me to be in a well-lit room to fasten it properly. I also wish the size was adjustable since it feels a bit too large for my wrist. On the other hand, the bracelet has received compliments from others, and I've noticed it's a popular choice among teenagers. So, while it's not perfect for me, it still has its merits and can be a great accessory for those with larger wrists or different preferences.

Liovode: Programmable LED Display Hat

Best for Expressing Yourself

This is a great gift for 16-year-old boys with a unique sense of style.

Download the free app, available for both Apple and Android, and you can program your hat to display text and images of your choice. Write or draw your own display, use one of the pre-made options, or start with a pre-written design and enhance it.

The LED panel and rechargeable battery can be removed so you can wash the 100% cotton hat in the laundry with other clothes.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this LED hat has been quite positive, as it's not only eye-catching but also a fantastic way to promote my business around town. The customizable messages and symbols make it versatile for various occasions, and the rechargeable USB feature adds convenience. However, the fit might be a bit tight for some individuals, so keep that in mind when considering this unique accessory.

Cyberpunk 2077: The Complete Official Guide-Collector's Edition

No Walkthroughs

If you’re purchasing a gift for a 16-year-old boy who loves to game, check out this beautifully compiled guide to Cyberpunk 2077. This guide skips the prescriptive walkthroughs, instead offering all of the maps, reference chapters, and spoiler-free information you need to enjoy your time in Night City.

Created by the CD PROJEKT RED team, the flowcharts show you the availability conditions and order of the missions without including mission-specific spoilers. The premium paper and printing and a hardback cover make this a book to enjoy for years to come.

User Experience

I recently got this hardcover book for a friend who's a fan of cyberpunk, and the artwork is truly impressive. This book not only adds a layer of game experience, but it also provides detailed maps and a code for an online map that can be updated and used to track progress. Although there are a few typos and some outdated information, the majority of the content is accurate and helpful in deciding the story's direction based on the characters created. I found the story progression tree and build suggestions particularly useful for additional playthroughs.

GoSports: Shuffleboard and Curling

Best for Old-School Gaming

For tabletop game fans, this wooden shuffleboard and curling set provides twice the fun of other options.

The 45 x 13-inch board is made of solid wood and weighs a hefty 16 pounds, so there’s a feeling of quality and permanence you don’t get with other lightweight plastic or veneered options.

There are eight plastic pucks which are .78 inches in diameter, four each of blue and red. Extras are available for purchase from a California-based company.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this GoSports Shuffleboard and Curling 2 in 1 Board Game has been quite enjoyable and perfect for game nights. The well-made and durable board offers a smooth surface for the discs to glide effortlessly. While I appreciate the eight rolling pucks included for shuffleboard, I do wish it came with wooden discs for the curling game. Nonetheless, the game is simple to learn and suitable for all ages, and its lightweight design makes it easy to transport for fun with family and friends.

Hatch: Idea Notebook/Brainstorming Journal

Best for Creative Thinkers

Notebooks are great for jotting down linear thoughts and to-do lists, but for those of us who do not think that way or for more complex ideas, check out this brainstorming journal from Hatch.

The hardcover book includes 160 pages split into three categories: Conceive, Incubate, and Hatch. Alone or together, these help you organize, structure, and implement your ideas.

Community Feedback

My experience with this Hatch notebook has been quite positive, as it offers a unique design that is great for project management and conceptualization. The quality is comparable to Moleskine notebooks, with good paper quality that prevents ink from bleeding through. However, it does lack some features like an elastic band and multiple markers. Portability is a plus, as it is lightweight and easily fits in a bag or an oversized coat pocket. While it may not be the best option for those on a tight budget, I found it to be a helpful tool for organizing my projects and gathering my ideas in one place.

Edge by Body Code: Keto Sweet Tooth Snack Box


Created by Edge for athletes, keto diet fans, and sweet snack lovers, this snack box would make the perfect gift for any 16-year-old boy with a sweet tooth. Included in the box are cookies, gummy bears, brownie brittle, granola bars, and more. There’s plenty of snacking variety for the hungry teen in your life.

For those counting their carbs, Edge includes a complete listing of the box contents along with the carbs in each item, so you don’t have to go searching for information.

First-Hand Impression

From the moment I received this keto snack box as a gift, I was thrilled to explore the variety of snacks it offered. Although most of the snacks were tasty and satisfying, I noticed that a few of them had expired dates, which affected the flavor. My experience with the coconut cookies was not the best, but the other treats definitely made up for it. This keto snack box is a fun and convenient way to discover new snacks while staying committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Hanes: Men's Humor Graphic T-Shirt

Best Fun-Wear Gift

Many of the funny graphic tees we looked at were low quality, so we were excited to find these premium Hanes t-shirts in a range of colors and with a variety of funny slogans.

Available in six sizes, from small to 3XL, these 100% cotton shirts are machine washable and pre-shrunk with a slimmer fit. Ours have survived dozens of washes and wears and still look good. However, we advise sizing up for those who like a looser fit.

User Experience

Definitely a pleasant surprise, this shirt exceeded my expectations in both design and comfort. At first, I was unsure about the design, but seeing it in person changed my mind completely. The material is soft and durable, and it holds up well through washing and drying. Just a heads-up, you might want to consider ordering a size bigger than usual for a perfect fit.

Flybold: 40-Foot Obstacle Course/ Slackline Kit

Best Outdoor Adventure

Flybold has put together a kit that works as a standalone 40-foot slackline or a higher-level obstacle course, giving you twice the bang for your buck.

In the box, you get two 5-foot tree protectors, the 40-foot line, and a twin gear ratchet for easy installation. There are four rings, two monkey bars, and two fist holds, all of which are adjustable for height and position on the line.

The presentation box is sturdy enough for long-term storage, and there’s also a carry bag for easy mobility.

Personal Perspective

After setting up this slackline, I found that it's a great way to keep kids of various ages entertained, but it can be challenging to find the right height for everyone. The quality of the slackline and ratchet is solid, but some of the plastic obstacles seem less durable and the storage bag is not very practical.

Numark: Party Mix for Serato DJ

Best for Music Mixers

Perfect for the budding DJ in your life, this controller from Numark is designed to work with Serato DJ Lite software, which is included with the deck. There are two decks with jog wheels, faders, and four pad modes for seamless mixing and total cue point control.

The setup takes seconds, and the built-in light array automatically syncs to your music for a unique audiovisual combo experience. Included with this controller are an ⅛-inch headphone jack and a primary output of the same size, so you can quickly hook up to other mixers or boards.

Community Feedback

As a returning hobbyist DJ, I found this MIDI controller to be an enjoyable and affordable way to dive back into mixing. The hardware feels solid, with responsive buttons and a nice weight to the sliders and knobs, making it a pleasure to use. However, the software licensing can be a bit confusing, as it initially appears to be included with the controller but turns out to be a demo license, so just be aware of this when purchasing.

Damian Brindle: How to Drive Safely: 49 Expert Tips

Drive Safe

This book combines a range of information, advice, and tips to help your teen not only drive more safely but also to understand why each nugget of knowledge contributes to safer driving.

It’s available in paperback or a Kindle edition and is broken up into easily digestible sections, which is perfect if your teens, like ours, have a shorter attention span.

First-Hand Impression

I've recently had the opportunity to read this driving book, which provides helpful tips and insights for both new and experienced drivers. The content is straightforward and informative, focusing on the essentials of safe driving practices without unnecessary fluff. As someone who's relatively new to the country, I found the advice in this book to be particularly beneficial in understanding the local driving culture and rules. Although the book is targeted towards teenage drivers, I believe older drivers can also benefit from it as a refresher or as a guide to help teach new drivers in the family.

Wake Up Light: Sunrise Alarm Clock

Rise and Shine

The Sunrise alarm clock uses the body’s natural responses to light to help your teen rise and shine with less trouble.

Set the alarm, and before you want to wake up, the clock will light up red. The light gradually changes in color, brightness, and intensity until you’re bathed in bright sunlight by the time your alarm goes off.

There are also seven light colors, 20 brightness levels, an FM radio, seven nature sounds, and a snooze button to let you customize your lighting experience.

User Experience

If you're looking for a way to improve your morning routine, this Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock might just be the perfect addition. I've been using it for a couple of months now and have found it to be reliable, easy to set up, and a gentle way to wake up. The gradual sunrise simulation creates a soothing environment, making it much more pleasant for heavy sleepers like myself. While the clock may have a few quirks and be a bit tricky to navigate for those not tech-savvy, it's still an affordable and effective option for those wanting to ditch the standard alarm noise.

Infinity Cube Fidget

Fiddly Fun

Fidgeting can reduce anxiety and focus concentration, but many fidgets are brightly colored or childlike, which is a disadvantage anywhere outside the home.

That’s why we like this particular fidget cube from Infinity. The matte black cube comprises eight connected smaller cubes. Twist, turn, and flip the pieces to create and disassemble the larger cube. And because they’re interconnected, you can’t drop or lose any of the pieces.

Personal Perspective

From the moment I started using this fidget cube, I could tell that it was a significant upgrade from the cheaper versions I've tried before. The sturdy and sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to this handy little toy, while the galaxy pattern offers a unique and appealing aesthetic. Although the hinges may loosen over time with regular use, the cube remains functional and continues to provide a sense of relaxation during work or study sessions.

Big Joe: Lumin Cool Float

Grown-Up Bean Bag Chair

Rather than the large bean-filled shapeless beanbags of your childhood, the Lumin cool float chair from Big Joe is sewn in such a way that it maintains its bucket-chair shape.

The fabric is both water-resistant and stain-resistant, but if you do need to clean it, the chair can be spot cleaned with hot soapy water and a damp cloth.

Shaken: Motivational Book by Tim Tebow

Best Inspiring Read

Your teen doesn’t have to be a sports fan or an active Christian to get something from this book by Tim Tebow.

The football star shares how he has coped with life’s adversities and offers advice on how to keep going when all you want to do is give up.

First-Hand Impression

I recently read "Shaken" by Tim Tebow and found it to be a captivating and inspiring read. The book delves into Tebow's journey through the NFL and his missionary work, illustrating his Christian beliefs and how they helped him overcome challenges. Although it's not a sports book, Tebow's experiences in the NFL provide an interesting backdrop for the message he's trying to convey. I appreciated how relatable and honest his stories were, as they touched upon struggles that many people face.

Pick-a-Palooza: DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Playful Pick

The musicians in our test group thought this was an excellent gift on two different levels. Not only does it allow your teen to make a guitar pick out of virtually any suitable material, but it’s portable, so you can easily make a pick when you have lost, broken, or forgotten another.

User Experience

From the moment I received this guitar pick maker as a gift, I was eager to create some unique picks. Unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived as the device broke after making just one pick. However, after contacting customer support, they promptly sent a replacement that has been working perfectly ever since. The additional accessories, such as the pick keychain holder and the sheets for creating picks, are of great quality too. My family members who play guitar have also enjoyed using this pick maker and experimenting with different thicknesses. Although the initial cut can be a bit rough, with some filing, the picks turn out quite nice.

Marino: Fun Socks 12 Pair Multi-pack

Toasty Toes

Socks used to be the boring gift you received from a well-meaning relative, but not anymore. Our teens were almost unanimous in their positive comments about the gift of high-quality but fun and funky socks.

These packs come in three sizes and include three style options. The “fun” collection includes twelve brightly colored and patterned pairs. The “cool” collection has twelve pairs in slightly more subdued colors and patterns. And the “trendy” collection makes the most of polka dots and geometric patterns.

Personal Perspective

Excellent! These socks have completely transformed the once-boring gift into a fun and exciting present for our teens. I personally enjoyed the variety of styles offered in the three different collections: "fun" with its bright colors and patterns, "cool" with more subdued tones, and "trendy" featuring polka dots and geometric designs. Not only are these socks high-quality, but they also provide a sense of individuality and personality for the wearer.

Razer: Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop

Best Technology

Available in four configurations, the Blade 15 gaming laptop from Razer has a 16GB memory, 15.6-inch screen, and the lightning-fast processing speeds you need to enjoy modern-day gaming.

It comes with a machined aluminum body and is just 0.78 inches thick, so it’s as light and portable for school as it is speedy for games.

Community Feedback

My experience with this laptop has been excellent, as I use it for video editing, gaming, word processing, and web browsing. The 4K OLED screen provides bright and vivid colors, enhancing my workflow in video editing and Photoshop. The build quality is top-notch, with a sleek design that resembles Apple's style, making it suitable for professional use. However, it does run hot during intensive tasks, but a laptop cooling pad easily solves this issue. The performance is impressive, handling games at 4K with smooth gameplay.

LapGear: Home Office Lap Desk

Comfortable And Cool

This laptop desk is designed with two cushions on the underside for maximum airflow, which allows your teen to keep their computer cool, even after an extended period of use.

There’s plenty of room for a 15.6-inch laptop, a regular-sized keyboard if you’re typing from a distance, or a tablet and notebook. In addition, you’ll find a built-in mouse pad, a slot for a cell phone, and a handy carrying handle.

First-Hand Impression

Got this Acer Predator Helios 300 lap desk a week ago and it has been a great addition to my gaming setup. The lightweight and sturdy design makes it comfortable to use for hours on end without feeling like it's going to fall apart. My 15.6" laptop fits perfectly on the desk area, and the mouse pad is large enough for day-to-day usage, though I prefer using a separate gaming mouse pad during longer sessions. The bean/sand-filled pads on the bottom are positioned well, making it easy to reposition and comfortable to use. The only minor gripe I have is the size of the phone holder, but it's not a deal-breaker for me.

The Awkward Storyteller: Party Game

Creative Card Game

The Awkward Storyteller is a card-based game that makes it easy to transport and play without the need for a great deal of space.

Simply put, the first player picks up a story card and reads it aloud. Other players ask questions about the story, and the storyteller has to make up creative answers that align with both the story and the card that the questioner chooses to play.

Made specifically for the 16+ crowd, the game is grown-up without the cringe-inducing factor you get with some adult games.

User Experience

I've played this game with both family and friends, and it has provided plenty of laughs and fun moments. It's easy to learn and can be as appropriate or inappropriate as you want, making it versatile for different groups. However, it might not be the best choice for those who aren't very creative or struggle with out-of-the-box thinking. The game's quality is great, and the compact size makes it a convenient addition to any game collection.

Amazon Kindle: Paperwhite

Mobile Reader

Give your 16-year-old boy an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, and you give them the ability to carry, store, and read thousands of books, audiobooks, and comics right in the palm of their hand.

The glare-free screen makes it easy to read, even in bright sunlight, and the Bluetooth capability means you can pair the Paperwhite with wireless headphones for quiet, discrete audiobook enjoyment.

You get up to 21 hours of use on a single charge, and you can order, buy, and download content directly within the Paperwhite — there’s no need for a computer.

Personal Perspective

I'm thrilled with my recent purchase of this Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, which has enabled me to carry, store, and read countless books, audiobooks, and comics effortlessly. The glare-free screen allows for easy reading, even in bright sunlight, and I can pair it with wireless headphones for discreet audiobook enjoyment. With up to 21 hours of use on a single charge, I never have to worry about running out of power during my reading sessions. Additionally, this Paperwhite allows me to order, buy, and download content directly on the device itself, eliminating the need for a computer.

Walnut Hollow: Deluxe Woodburning Kit


If your teen wants to try woodburning, or if you’d like to introduce them to a new craft, this kit from Walnut Hollow has everything your 16-year-old boy needs to start. And it won’t be an expensive mistake if they find wood burning isn’t for them.

The 510c/950f woodburning tool comes with four different tips, two wooden plaques, transfer paper, templates, and colored pencils to get them started.

Community Feedback

After purchasing this wood-burning kit, I found it to be an excellent starter set for beginners. The kit comes with a variety of bits, tracing paper, patterns, and pencils, providing all the essentials to start experimenting right away. While using the wood-burner, I appreciated the shut-off switch feature, as it allowed me to control the heat and prevent overheating.

Monolike: Magnetic Bookmarks

Zero Dog Ears

Many readers struggle with the issue of buying and losing bookmarks, especially when they get tucked so far into a book that they’re difficult to find again.

These packs of magnetic bookmarks from Monolake consist of five thick paper bookmarks that fold horizontally and secure with the magnets inside. They don’t slip, slide, or fall out of your book, and they’re always easy to relocate.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased these magnetic bookmarks and found them to be both cute and functional. While they don't hold many pages, they have been useful in keeping track of my progress in various books and activities, such as word searches and note-taking. The colors are vibrant and aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of charm to my planner. However, I did notice that the material is not as sturdy as I had anticipated, and the magnet strength could be improved upon.

Wrangler Authentics: Men's Long-Sleeved Quilted Shirt

Stylishly Snug

This authentic Wrangler shirt was chosen by our “test teens” as a shirt they’d happily wear instead of a jacket or coat. Available in sizes small to 3XL, the quilted liner and relaxed fit make this warm, practical, and durable enough to hold up for most teenagers.

Choose from six color combos, each of which has a grey flannel, cord-cinch hood for extra warmth.

User Experience

Bought this Wrangler Authentics Men's Long Sleeve Quilted Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket with Hood, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The quilted lining adds extra warmth for chilly days, while the hood provides protection from the elements without feeling bulky. I'm a fan of the classic flannel design, which is both stylish and comfortable. The quality of the stitching and button closures is top-notch, making this a durable and versatile addition to my wardrobe.

Everlit: 42L Tactical Backpack Survival Kit

Explore Safely

When our teens go out into the backcountry, there’s often the typical parental worry that they may not have everything they need. This backpack from Everlit not only ensures your teen will have what they need in an emergency situation, but it also has plenty of room to spare for other gear.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this survival kit bundle for only $70, and I must say, the value is quite impressive. The quality of the items isn't top-tier, but if I were to buy all of them separately, it would definitely cost a lot more. This kit comes with a decent backpack and a variety of tools and gadgets, some of which are better quality than others. For example, the water pouch and shovel are good, while the multi-tool and paracord could use some improvement.

Spalding: NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball

Best Street Sports Equipment

If you have a 16-year-old boy in your life who enjoys playing sports, this unique basketball is a great gift option.

Rather than your standard basketball, made for court play, the Street Phantom is specifically made for play on asphalt and concrete. It is official NBA size and weight with a high-performance rubber cover for superior grip and control.

You can choose from five color schemes, all of which have the specialist outdoor design.

Community Feedback

Got this Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball after extensive research on the best outdoor basketballs. Upon receiving it, I was initially excited about the stylish design and affordable price. However, the ball was way too bouncy when fully inflated, making it necessary to find a balance between being underinflated and having the perfect bounce. The material, though rubbery and resilient, caused the ball to bounce far when hitting the rim, altering the flow of the game.

Personalized Chalkboard Ceramic Coffee Mug

Design Your Own Gift

Although this mug is labeled as personalized, it does not come with any personal information printed on it. Instead, the outside of the mug has a blackboard-like surface that you can write and draw on.

It comes with two sticks of chalk, and messages can be easily rubbed off, the same way you would wipe off a chalkboard.

First-Hand Impression

These chalkboard mugs have been a hit with my family, providing a fun and interactive way to share messages and drawings during our morning coffee or evening wine sessions. As a gift for teachers and professors, these mugs add a touch of elegance and humor, allowing them to write equations or quotes to accompany their tea or coffee. However, I did notice that the writing tends to rub off more easily than expected, affecting the design's longevity. The included white chalk is functional, but soft and prone to breaking. I recommend purchasing an additional set of colorful chalk markers for more vibrant and long-lasting designs.

Montana BLACK: 12 Street Art Spray Paints

Make Your Mark

Montana makes a highly regarded range of paints, the most popular of which is their Black spray can line made specifically for artists. You can remove the caps if they become clogged, or you can swap them out for different sizes and create fatter or thinner lines.

This set includes the 12 most popular colors made by Montana.

User Experience

Bought this set of Montana spray paints and found them to be of exceptional quality, providing a smooth, even coat without dripping or puddling. The range of colors was fantastic, making it perfect for creating a galaxy scene on a sign for a special event. I did encounter a minor issue with the nozzle, but quickly realized there was a lock ring on the stem that needed to be removed for it to work properly.

Access Denied: Vegan Leather Slim Minimalist Wallets

Low Profile

When you don’t carry cash, or you carry very little, a traditional wallet can be bulky and unnecessary.

That’s where the RFID-protected vegan wallet from Access Denied comes into its own. This black minimalist wallet has enough room for an ID card, four additional cards, and a little cash. It comes in a box for easy gifting.

Personal Perspective

Great vegan wallet with a functional and compact design! I've been using this wallet for over a year, and it still looks and feels like new. It easily holds my driver's license, credit cards, insurance cards, and cash, with a transparent window for easy ID display. The durable, high-quality material and perfect size make it an excellent choice for those looking to minimize bulk without sacrificing functionality.

Amazon.com: Gift Card in a Mini Envelope


Sometimes the best gift for 16-year-old boys is the gift of choice. When you give an Amazon gift card, you can choose between a standard or animated e-card or a physical gift card in an envelope or tin.

Your teen can stack the cards for an expensive item, buy from Amazon, or use the card to purchase other specialist store gift cards of their choice.

Community Feedback

Love how convenient and versatile these Amazon gift cards are for any occasion, from birthdays to Father's Day! The adorable holder and envelope make it feel more personal, and I appreciated the safety measures taken to prevent tampering. The paper-like material didn't bother me, as it still served its purpose and allowed me to write a message on the provided lines. It's such an easy solution for gift-giving, and my friends and family have always been thrilled to receive them.

Alesis: Surge Mesh Kit

Best for a Beat Maker

If you have a budding or intermediate drummer in your life, the surge mesh kit from Alesis comes with everything you need. There’s a four-post chrome stand, three symbols, a kick drum, a 10” dual-zone snare drum, and three 8” mesh tom pads.

You also get a pair of drumsticks, the electronic Surge drum module for recording, and 60 free online drum lessons.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this electronic drum set is a fantastic solution for those who need a quieter and more compact option compared to an acoustic kit. As someone who's played drums for 9 years, I found the mesh heads to be quite similar in feel to an acoustic set. However, the sound quality isn't as good as a real drum, especially the hi-hat, but it's manageable when using headphones or an appropriate amplifier. While it takes some getting used to, this electronic drum set is perfect for practicing at home and exploring different sounds without disturbing others.

GeeekPi: Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Starter Kit

Homemade Computing

The Raspberry Pi starter kit from GeeekPi provides all the parts and instructions your teen needs to build their own functioning, credit-card-sized computer.

The installation guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build your Pi. Items such as the heat sink and fan come complete with adhesive pads already installed, so you don’t need additional tools and adhesives for assembly.

User Experience

If you're looking for a Raspberry Pi kit for your projects, this one has some interesting features and parts. The case is compact, but be careful with the fan connectors, as they may not fit perfectly on the GPIO pins. The heatsinks come with stickers instead of thermal paste, which surprisingly works well, but be prepared to replace the included SD card, as it may not be reliable.

Grow the F*CK Up

The Gift of Knowledge

While the title makes it sound like a snarky gift, this book is, in reality, jam-packed with all the information you don’t know you need until the moment you need it.

Life’s hard-learned lessons are bundled together and shared with humor in this unique book. It teaches the practical challenges of changing a tire, tying a tie, and doing your taxes to parallel parking, and how to do laundry without ruining your clothes.

Personal Perspective

I recently gifted this book to my teenage daughter, and despite the content being more geared towards males, she found it enjoyable and useful. Although the language can be a bit inappropriate for younger teens, it provides beneficial information that can't be found in traditional classrooms, including how to change a tire and tie a bow tie. This book works well as a graduation gift or for any young adult looking to learn practical life skills, making it a great find.

What Gifts Do Teenage Boys Like?

While the best way to discover what your 16-year-old boy would like is simply to ask, this can ruin the element of surprise. So you may have to get creative to pin down a gift. Think about how he likes to spend his time, what he likes to do with friends, or where he enjoys hanging out.

Then, pick something that supports one of his pastimes. If you don’t know what games, sports equipment, books, or music he would prefer, consider buying something decorative for his room with a similar theme.

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In Summary

In an ideal world, you could physically define precisely what your 16-year-old boy would like as a gift. It would be appropriate from your point of view and at the perfect price point for your budget, or your budget would expand to accommodate the gift.

In the absence of an ideal world, we hope our gift guide for 16-year-old boys has been of help. If not, you could also check out our other teen gift guides for more inspiration.

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