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50 Best Gifts for 17-Year-Old Girls of 2024

Confidently buy a gift for the 17 year-old-girl in your life.

If you’re having trouble finding the best gift for 17-year-old girls, you’ve come to the right place. We asked the teenagers in our lives what they would like, compiled their responses, and scoured the internet for a wide range of suitable items.

We’ve got gifts for girls of every interest, across a wide range of price points. We tried to include plenty of items that would be useful at home, or if they were to leave home in the next few years. Finding the right present will cut back on your stress and bring back the joy involved with gift giving.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the GTRacing Bluetooth Speaker Gaming Chair
Online Comfort
GTRacing Bluetooth Speaker Gaming Chair
  • High-quality leather gaming chair
  • Has surrounded sound system
Product Image of the LED Lytes Flameless Candles
Not Burning, Just Hot
LED Lytes Flameless Candles
  • Multi-colored flameless candles
  • Multi-function remote control
Product Image of the Themed Sticky Notes Booklet
A Gift Of Note
Themed Sticky Notes Booklet
  • 8 styles
  • Colorful self sticking sheets
Product Image of the Conair Reflections Makeup Mirror
A Bright Idea
Conair Reflections Makeup Mirror
  • Huge three-paneled mirror
  • Double-sided LED vanity
Product Image of the Peeramid Tablet/Phone/Bookrest
Reading & Viewing Comfort
Peeramid Tablet/Phone/Bookrest
  • Pyramid book holder stand
  • Trendy selection of graphic prints
Product Image of the Maybe Swearing Will Help Coloring Book
Coloring Therapy
Maybe Swearing Will Help Coloring Book
  • 62 pages
  • Fun yet crafty stress-reliever alternative
Product Image of the Canon EOS Rebel T7 Camera
Video And Stills
Canon EOS Rebel T7 Camera
  • High-performance camera
  • 4K Ultra HD video, 24. 1 MP
Product Image of the Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottles
Epic Flavored Water
Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottles
  • 32-ounce infuser water bottle
  • Shatterproof, BPA-free plastic
Product Image of the Hanging Planter Air Fern Holder
Decor With A Difference
Hanging Planter Air Fern Holder
  • Handmade plant holder
  • Artistic home decor
Product Image of the Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Xpressive Shoes
Walking On Clouds
Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Xpressive Shoes
  • Rubber soles
  • Available in 40 colors or patterns

The Best Gifts for 17-Year-Old Girls of 2024

Whether you have a girly girl or more of a gamer girl, here are the 50 best gifts for 17-year-old girls.

GTRacing Bluetooth Speaker Gaming Chair

Online Comfort

For those who enjoy gaming, streaming, have online meetings and classes, or simply spend a lot of time at their computer, the GTRacing gaming chair combines ergonomic comfort with flexibility and excellent built-in sound.

The chair has a strong metal frame, cushioned support system, and a black faux leather cover with a choice of five accent colors. Removable lumbar and neck supports, adjustable armrests, and a recline function make this chair so comfortable, you may want one for yourself.

User Experience

This gaming chair is not only affordable but also offers great comfort and easy assembly. I've been working long hours from home, and my back has been thanking me ever since I started using this chair. The cushions are incredibly comfortable, and the built-in speakers provide an enjoyable audio experience. The chair also features adjustable armrests and a detachable lumbar pillow for added support. Despite the minor issue of the armrests being a bit far apart and not being high enough for some users, this chair has been a fantastic addition to my home office.

LED Lytes Multi-Colored Flameless Candles

Not Burning, Just Hot

Flameless candles have been a thing for a while now, but this three-pack from LED Lytes takes the concept to a whole other level.

Choose from either round or square, and you’ll receive three candles, each of which is three inches wide. In height, there’s one four-inch, one five-inch, and one six-inch candle, all of which are in an off-white ivory color. The good stuff happens when you turn them on.

Instead of a standard faux flame, you have an LED that not only flickers but can be changed, via remote control, to one of thousands of colors.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this pack of flameless candles from LED Lytes and they have quickly become a favorite in my home. The set includes three off-white ivory candles in various heights, adding a touch of elegance to any room. What sets these candles apart from others is the color-changing LED feature that can be controlled via remote, allowing me to choose from thousands of different hues. The flickering effect adds a realistic touch, making them a perfect addition to a cozy atmosphere.

Themed Sticky Notes Booklet

A Gift Of Note

This nurse-themed sticky notes has eight different note sets designed to appeal to a range of medical students. Each coordinating sticky note design has 30 sheets which your young lady can use to act as a reminder.

Meanwhile, serious pink lovers can choose the Pink Series Style set.

Community Feedback

I'm quite pleased with these themed sticky notes, but there are a couple of minor drawbacks. First, the pads lack a cardboard backing, which can make the last sheet less sticky. Second, some of the pads arrived with slight bending or wrinkling, possibly due to the absence of the backing. On the positive side, the colors are fun and the paper quality is on par with other sticky note brands. While the stickiness varies, these unique notes have received many compliments and make great gifts for nurses and healthcare workers.

Conair Reflections Double-Sided, Lighted, Makeup Mirror

A Bright Idea

Rather than a huge three-paneled mirror with multiple light effects and magnifications, we went for the more practical and portable double-sided, lighted mirror from Conair.

The mirror rotates a full 360 degrees, with one side being a standard 1x magnification and the other 10x magnification. This allows you to see what you are doing in the context of your entire face or flip the mirror for a close-up view while you tweeze those brows.

LED lighting around the outside of the mirror is powered by 3x AAA batteries, and the LED bulb has a lifetime guarantee.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this double-sided, lighted mirror from Conair has been quite practical and convenient for everyday use. The mirror's 360-degree rotation feature, offering both 1x and 10x magnification, enables me to easily switch between seeing my entire face and focusing on finer details like tweezing my eyebrows. The LED lighting surrounding the mirror is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which means I don't need to rely on a power outlet for usage. I appreciate that the LED bulb comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring the longevity of the product. This portable mirror has proven to be a more functional alternative to larger, three-paneled mirrors with multiple light effects and magnifications.

Peeramid Tablet/ Phone/Bookrest

Reading And Viewing Comfort

No matter where you are, the Peeramid provides a way to hold up your book, phone, tablet, or e-reader, without having to use your hands.

Place it on your lap and snack while you read, sit it on the table, and put your feet up while you watch. The Peeramid even has a pocket in which you can store your next-to-be-read volume.

Simply stand your book or device on the soft but firm padded edge, and it will lean against the main pyramid, and the built-in rope bookmark means you’ll never lose your place again.

User Experience

Bought this Peeramid to make my reading and device usage more convenient, and it truly delivers. I love how it comfortably holds my books, phone, and tablet in various locations like my lap or on a table. The added pocket for storing my next read is a nice touch, and the built-in rope bookmark ensures I never lose my place.

Maybe Swearing Will Help Adult Coloring Book

Coloring Therapy

A 62 pages coloring book, this “slightly sweary” coloring book features images such as a fox, patterned fish to color with the caption “Holy Carp.”

While not to everyone’s taste, and certainly not for children, this is a decidedly adult twist on a children’s gift, which makes it a good present for a teen on the cusp of adulthood. You can pair it with colored pencils from Crayola and start destressing.

Personal Perspective

Excellent stress-relief coloring book for adults with a sense of humor! I enjoyed the simple, yet entertaining art, which allowed me to complete a piece in about 30-45 minutes. The paper quality is not the best, especially for markers, but it works well with colored pencils. One downside is the pixelated printing, which can make the final product look a bit messy, but this book is more about fun and relaxation than creating a masterpiece. The artwork reaches close to the binding, which makes it difficult to remove pages without tearing them.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 Camera

Video And Stills

If your teen enjoys photography or videography, the Canon EOS Rebel is, in our experience, a great camera. It’s a good pick for those who want to take a step away from their phone cameras and dip their toes into the world of the digital DSLR.

This bundle comes with an 18-55mm lens and a memory card included, so your teen will have everything they need to begin recording the rest of their life.

Community Feedback

Love how this camera kick-started my photography journey, providing an excellent foundation for beginners like myself. The user-friendly interface and impressive image quality make it a reliable choice for those looking to enter the world of photography. Throughout my hands-on experience, I've found that this camera consistently delivers in various lighting conditions and settings. The build quality and durability ensure it can withstand regular use while still performing optimally.

Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottles

Epic Flavored Water

Forever Fused is a 32-ounce infuser water bottle that allows you to create flavored waters at home. You can fill the full-length infuser rod with your choice of fruits and/or vegetables and lock it into place in the center of the bottle. Then, fill the bottle with water and enjoy flavored water for the rest of your day.

Made of dishwasher safe, shatterproof, BPA-free plastic, the bottle has a lid lock to prevent leaks and a convenient traveling hook for transport.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this infuser water bottle has been nothing short of fantastic. As someone who needs to stay hydrated for health reasons, I appreciate the ability to add fresh fruits to my water, giving it a flavorful twist that makes drinking water more enjoyable. The long infuser chamber almost reaches the bottom of the bottle, maximizing the infusion process, and the leak-proof design ensures no messy spills. I've experimented with various fruit combinations, such as cucumber-lemon and peach-mint, which keeps my hydration routine interesting. Cleaning the bottle is a breeze, and I love prepping my infusions the night before for a refreshing drink the next day.

Hanging Planter Air Fern Holder

Decor With A Difference

This pair of glass terrariums can be hung by the jute rope included in the package or placed on a tabletop for display.

The set contains one tear-drop and one spherical terrarium, both of which have a large opening at the front through which to place your air ferns, stones, mosses, or whatever else you would like to display.

User Experience

From the moment I received these glass hangers, I was impressed by their beauty and how perfect they were for housing my succulents and air plants. With their great price and quality, I found them to be a nice accent to any room in my home. However, I must caution that they are quite fragile, as I accidentally broke one while adding some small stones. Despite the small hole in the front, the overall style and aesthetic of these hangers are truly spectacular. My family and I absolutely adore them, as they showcase our plants wonderfully above our kitchen sink area.

Adidas Women's Cloudfoam QT Racer Xpressive Shoes

Walking On Clouds

While clothing and footwear can be challenging to buy for someone, the Cloudfoam QT Racers from Adidas are a sports casual shoe that many like.

Available in 40 colors or patterns, the rubber sole is topped with a layer of memory foam to provide a soft, comfortable, cloud-like cushion for your feet. The upper is a knit textile and can be surface washed with a damp soapy cloth.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these shoes has been quite positive overall. They're comfortable, true to size, and quite stylish for a pair of sneakers. I've used them for light exercising and walking around town, and they've held up well for those purposes. However, I did notice some issues with the heel being tight and the laces being excessively long, which can be annoying.

Kindle Essentials Bundle E-Reader

Pocket Library

This 8GB Kindle can hold thousands of books, and a single charge will last for approximately 14 hours. The wireless, fully autonomous e-reader does not require a computer or other device to download your books and other content.

The adjustable lighting on the display allows you to read in a variety of environments, so there’s no more having to find a shady spot in which to enjoy your book outside. Also, you can listen to audiobooks. The bundle comes with a cover to keep your screen safe.

Community Feedback

Bought my first Kindle recently and I couldn't be happier with its convenience and functionality. The lightweight design and long-lasting battery make it perfect for traveling and reading by the pool. Although some books aren't available on the Kindle and it may not be as smooth as reading from a smartphone, I've found myself reading more books in the past year than in the last decade. The easy-to-see screen and vast selection of genres make it an enjoyable experience.

Carstens Inc. Rustic Sherpa Fleece Throw

Snug And Sumptuous

A generously sized 54 x 68 inches, this 2-inch thick throw from Carstens has an off-white deep, sherpa plush on one side and a smoother, vibrantly colored pattern on the other.

The throw is warm and snuggly but not too heavy, making it ideal for the bedroom, or for taking with you on a trip, or even a move to college.

First-Hand Impression

Best blanket I've ever owned! This blanket keeps me warm and cozy during TV time, and it's the perfect size—not too big, nor too small. It's incredibly soft and comfortable, and it even withstands multiple washes without losing its quality. The vibrant Christmas color adds a festive touch to my home, and even my dog loves snuggling on it. I've purchased six of these blankets for various locations, and they never fail to impress me.

New Phone, Who Dis? Card Game

Off Phone “Texting” Fun

Designed specifically for those 17+, New Phone, Who Dis? is a game best played with three or more players.

Each player is dealt several Reply cards; then players take it in turn to be the Receiver. The receiver turns over a Text card, and the other players choose one of the replies in their hand. The funniest response, according to the Receiver, wins a point.

The player with the most points wins.

User Experience

My experience with this game has been a blast, as it provided hours of fun and laughter with family and friends over a long weekend. The game is easy to catch on to and can be enjoyed by both adults and older kids, though I did have to remove around 50 cards with sexual content to make it more family-friendly for my 12-year-old. While I enjoyed playing it, I did notice that it can get repetitive after a while, and the expansion pack seemed to differ in finish, size, and color, which was odd. Nevertheless, this game has become a hit in our household, and we look forward to playing it during future gatherings.

Resistance Bands Set

Compact Workouts

This resistance band set includes five high-quality resistance bands. It also has a door anchor, two cushioned hand grips, two ankle straps, one figure of eight exercise cord, and a protective sleeve that allows you to use the bands while wrapped around a non-smooth surface.

The 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-pound bands can be used individually or stacked together to give up to 150 pounds of resistance.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased these resistance bands and have been using them for a month to get in quick workouts without cluttering my space. The bands are easily transportable and provide a decent workout, although the weight ratings may not be entirely accurate and the hand grips could be improved to prevent chafing. Despite these minor drawbacks, the bands have not broken or failed, and their flexibility and convenience make them a valuable addition to my fitness routine.

EcoTools Interchangeable Makeup Brushes

Flexible Face Tools

If you have a 17-year-old girl who adores make-up but you are unsure of which items to buy for her, these interchangeable make-up brushes are an excellent option.

One brush handle comes with five heads that include two brushes, a make-up blender sponge, an under-eye de-puffer roller, and a face mask applicator.

Community Feedback

I'm thrilled with this compact skincare brush set, as it's perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and doesn't take up much space in my bag. The brushes are high-quality, easy to clean, and the interchangeable heads make it versatile for various uses. Although the eye roller didn't work as expected, the overall set is still a valuable addition to my skincare routine.

ThinkGeek Steampunk-Styled Tesla Analog Watch

Steampunk Stylings

For those with a less mainstream taste, this steampunk-inspired watch is half timepiece and half work of art.

The weathered brass look case holds a Japanese movement and is mounted on a leather strap. Two faux vacuum tubes sit atop the watch face, and at the flick of a switch, the red LEDs light up to give the appearance of functioning tubes.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this steampunk watch and have been thoroughly impressed with its unique design and attention to detail. The working watch is adorned with two vacuum tubes that light up, creating a captivating effect in low-light situations. However, be aware that this watch is not water-resistant and the movement may not be super accurate. Adjusting the time can be a bit fiddly, as it requires a key to engage the winder, but once you get the hang of it, it's not too difficult. The strap could be longer and more user-friendly, but overall, I'm loving this watch despite its minor drawbacks.

Car Roadside Emergency Kit

Safety First

For new or soon-to-be new drivers, a roadside emergency kit is both a thoughtful and a practical gift that could, realistically, be a lifesaver.

This kit is a compact 12.5 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches and includes a foldable safety triangle, work gloves, jump leads, a tow strap, and a ten-piece First Aid kit. It also includes a safety vest, LED flashlight, emergency blanket, and more.

There is also a multi-tool for the car cabin with a seatbelt cutter and window breaker.

User Experience

Great compact emergency kit for my EV! I appreciate the balance between cost and value, and it makes a perfect gift. I added a first aid kit and, since I live in a cold area, a foldable snow shovel. Some items may feel flimsy, but they work in a pinch, giving me peace of mind knowing my family and I are prepared for emergencies.

Samsung Galaxy A21 Factory Unlocked Cell Phone

Unlocked Flexibility

The new Samsung A-Series phones offer high-end features at more affordable prices.

The main camera has four lenses with 16 mps, and the phone has a generous 32 GB of onboard storage, which can be expanded through the use of an SD memory card. A 6.5-inch edge-to-edge display gives a full 6.4-inches of usable screen.

Factory unlocked, the Samsung Galaxy A21 is compatible with all major U.S. networks.

Personal Perspective

This A21 is a decent upgrade from my previous J7, offering a larger and clearer screen at an affordable price. However, there's a major flaw - it doesn't allow moving apps to the SD card, and it can be a bit laggy when opening apps or updating pages. On the plus side, the built-in Smart Switch app made transferring my data from my old phone a breeze, but I do miss the seamless hand and gesture motions of my old Moto.

Letters to My Future Self Book

A New Kind Of Keepsake

Letters To My Future Self is part memory book, part journal, part planner, and part personal exploration tool, all rolled into one lightweight, spiral-bound book that’s as easy to use as it is to store for the future.

This journal has lots of space to write about who you were, who you are, and who you want to be, plus plenty of room for photos, ticket stubs, greetings cards, and other memorabilia.

We found this was an adorable gift to round off one chapter in life before opening another.

Community Feedback

My experience with this fill-in notebook has been quite positive, as it has served as a thoughtful gift for my teenage daughter. The layout is well-designed, offering ample space and thick pages to accommodate her heavy handwriting. This hardcover notebook includes various prompts and stickers, encouraging the user to write and create a keepsake for years to come. This notebook has also proven useful for my niece and young cousin, who have enjoyed reflecting on their thoughts and feelings.

Pinky Up Tea Pot and Cup

Tea For Two One

Not everyone is a coffee fan. There are some tea fanatics out there too, and if the 17-year-old girl in your life is one of the latter, this is a cute yet stylish gift idea that she can enjoy for years to come.

The 12-ounce teapot sits atop an 8-ounce cup, which sits on a large deep saucer. The set is delivered in a presentation box for gifting.

First-Hand Impression

This tea set is undeniably adorable and beautifully designed, making it an excellent gift for tea enthusiasts. However, my personal experience with the shipment left me disappointed, as the set arrived with broken pieces due to insufficient packaging and protection. Despite the frustration of receiving a damaged product, I was eventually able to collect all the unbroken parts after requesting multiple replacements. The teapot and cup differ slightly in shades of blue, but it's not a significant enough issue to detract from the overall charm of the set. It's crucial for the manufacturer to improve their packaging methods to ensure that future customers receive this lovely tea set in perfect condition.

Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Timeless Threads

Some clothing items go out of fashion quickly, others never really arrive in fashion, but a few pieces remain fashionable, never going out of style. The motorcycle jacket is one of those rare pieces.

This faux leather cropped motorcycle jacket has side pockets, a waist buckle, and a classic offset zipper.

User Experience

When I first tried on this jacket, I was pleasantly surprised by how it looked. The fit was just right for my body type, hitting right at the hips and providing enough room in the chest and arms for a thin sweatshirt. The material, though not my favorite, gave the jacket an expensive appearance. However, I did find the belt to be a bit cumbersome and ended up removing it for a more comfortable wear.

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bathly Delights

Made in the U.S., this gift set contains 12 bath bombs, each of which is around two inches in diameter and roughly two and a half ounces in weight.

You receive 12 different fragrances, and while the bombs fizz away and color the water, they are guaranteed not to stain your bathtub.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these bath bombs has been nothing short of amazing. The packaging is always elegant and the bath bombs themselves retain their shape and heavenly smell, even after sitting in storage for over a year. I find them incredibly moisturizing, relaxing, and enjoyable, especially as I've reached my mid-60s. The variety of colors and scents keeps me coming back, although I do prefer the non-yellow and non-orange ones due to the odd coloration in the water.

Sterling Silver Birthstone Stud Earrings

Stunning Studs

It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of stud earrings, and these sterling silver birthstone earrings from Amazon are made with 92.5 percent sterling silver.

Butterfly backings hold the earrings secure, and a claw setting holds the stone. Choose the birthstone for the month in which your gift recipient arrived, or pick their favorite color instead.

Community Feedback

I recently acquired these earrings and have been thoroughly impressed with their high-quality appearance and secure fit. They are the perfect size for everyday wear, adding a subtle touch to any outfit with their faux pearl design. The prongs are small and practically invisible, which works well with my gold-tone jewelry despite the silver-toned setting. Although the amethyst color is not as vibrant as pictured, I have received numerous compliments on these earrings and find them comfortable to wear. In fact, they are so comfortable that I occasionally forget to remove one before heading to work, but they meet my workplace's dress code requirements for stud earrings.

Music Monkey with Headphone

Musical Decor

As your teen is on the cusp of adulthood, perhaps it’s time to upgrade from posters on their walls to actual artworks. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun, and this whimsical chimpanzee in headphones proves the point.

Hand-painted in oil, this chimp is the ideal way to brighten a bedroom or dorm room wall.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, the front-facing Gorilla painting exceeded my expectations, while the side-facing Gorilla painting had some minor issues with the paint looking a bit sloppy. When I hung this painting above my son's bed, he absolutely adored it, and we received numerous compliments from guests. The size was a bit smaller than I anticipated, but the overall quality was still impressive, showcasing visible brush strokes and texture. I even went out of my way to find a matching female ape painting to complete the look in my dining room. It's a beautiful piece that adds a touch of Zen to the room it's in, and I'm glad I made the purchase.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Soothing Sounds

While many people buy or gift a Tibetan sing bowl for use in formal meditation, yoga, or mindfulness activities, we bought ours because it is a lovely piece in its own right.

Not only does it look good, but taking a moment to sit and make the bowl sing, is a stress-relieving, mindfulness activity for those who do not practice them.

User Experience

My first experience with this sound bowl has been nothing short of amazing. After a few days of practice, I was able to produce beautiful, soothing sounds that filled the room with positive vibrations. This small but powerful bowl is perfect for both beginners and experienced users, making it a great addition to anyone's collection of musical instruments.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle


A Cricut machine allows the user to upload images and cut them out of a variety of materials, from simple cardstock to specialist iron-on fabric inks.

Use the machine to create decor, personalized items, jewelry — the list is almost endless. A Cricut is also an excellent way to make money with a side hustle.

Personal Perspective

Best investment for creative projects, this machine has been extremely helpful and versatile in its uses. It was easy to set up and even my 9-year-old enjoys using it for designing. However, the cost of additional files and materials can be a bit high for those not running a business. Despite a few missing items in the package, our overall experience with the machine has been positive and it's a great tool for anyone starting a t-shirt business or similar venture.

Grow a Boyfriend Novelty Item

Silly Fun

This is a silly, fun item that even a cash-strapped sibling can afford to give as a gag gift.

This small, dried “boyfriend” can be dropped into water, where it will grow to six times its original size. It’s available in girlfriend, husband, and wife versions.

Community Feedback

This grow-a-boyfriend product serves as a hilarious gag gift for friends and family members. I gifted one to my sister, and it took three days for it to grow, but it shrank once removed from water. Although the concept is amusing, the actual performance falls short, as the figure became soggy and misshapen instead of growing into its intended shape. While this product may not be perfect, it definitely provides some laughs and requires a good sense of humor to enjoy.

The Driving Book

Gift Of Knowledge

The Driving Book is not a text-book style “how-to” guide, but rather a series of stories from teens, law enforcement, driving instructors, and others, sharing their experiences of difficult situations.

This updated version includes advice about texting, music playlists, GPS, and other tech your teen may be using in the car.

First-Hand Impression

I'm thrilled with this book, as it taught me some new things and provided excellent information for new drivers. I noticed that both my stepson and grandson enjoyed the informative content, along with the humor sprinkled throughout, which kept them engaged. This book covers various scenarios and driving sense that aren't typically addressed in driving tests, making it a valuable resource. I also gifted it to my granddaughter, who was appreciative and found it helpful.

Amazon.com Gift Card

Flexible Gifting

Gift cards are an excellent choice when either you can’t decide what to buy, you have no idea what to choose, or that longed-for item is out of your budget.

The advantage to Amazon gift cards is that you can send them virtually, include an animated card, or send a physical gift card in one of many cute gift boxes or tins.

User Experience

If you're looking for a versatile gift option, this Amazon gift card in a tin is a great choice. The tin itself is sturdy, featuring balloons without any specific writing, making it suitable for various celebrations such as birthdays, graduations, or retirements. One of the best things about these gift cards is that the tin, or any other container, is included for free and you can choose the desired card amount. The gift card in the tin adds a festive touch and makes for a well-received present when you're unsure of what to get someone.

Mohawk Home Aurora Foliage Friends Rug

Brightening Floors

A good quality rug brightens up a room. It can also make a cold, wooden, tile, or stone floor a warmer place to put your feet when you get out of bed.

Then, when they move out and take the rug with them, it’s a reminder of home every morning. This could be a great choice for a 17-year-old who will be starting college soon.

Personal Perspective

Definitely impressed with this rug's durability and vibrant colors, even after years of use. This low-pile rug is not only soft and easy to clean, but also a favorite among my pets. The non-slip grip backing is a nice bonus, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. Although there were some color defects in my rug, I still appreciate the overall quality and design.

Candle-Making Kit

Make And Enjoy

This candle-making kit has everything your teen will need to create their own soy candles, including the pitcher in which to melt the wax and a thermometer to ensure they reach the correct temperature.

Six decorative tins, color wax melts, and fragrances allow the maker to create candles in multiple color and scent combinations.

Community Feedback

This candle making kit brought back fond memories of making candles years ago and provided a fun project to do with my 11-year-old. Everything we needed was included and we enjoyed experimenting with colors and scents. One tip I would suggest is to crush the color into a powder before pouring it out of the bag, as we noticed that the color didn't dissolve well in a couple of candles, but they still came out nice enough to give as gifts. While the scents provided are not fantastic, they are good enough for beginners. The wicks didn't slide easily into the metal guides, so we opted to center them without using the cutouts.

Under Armour Women's Vanish Mesh Leggings

Performance Meets Comfort

Microthread technology means these leggings wick sweat away from your body and dry exceptionally fast, preventing the discomfort and chaffing experienced by other leggings.

Offset seams avoid the common pressure points, mesh panels promote breathability, and an envelope pocket in the rear waistband provides secure transport for your phone.

First-Hand Impression

As a runner, I found these leggings to be both comfortable and well-suited for cooler weather. They didn't make me feel too hot while exercising and provided a perfect fit. However, I did notice that the material was quite thin and the leggings were a bit too long for my liking. Despite these minor drawbacks, I enjoyed wearing these leggings during my outdoor workouts.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker II

Grab And Go Sound

A single charge of the Bose Soundlink gives around eight hours of high-quality musical entertainment via a link to any Bluetooth or NFC device.

The soft silicone outer cover ensures the speaker is safe from liquid splashes, no matter what direction they come from, and the mic means this doubles as a speakerphone for conference, personal, or Zoom calls.

User Experience

Best speaker I've owned in quite some time, the Bose Soundlink Color II delivers rich and clean sound quality across various music genres. Initially, I had some problems with the battery not charging, but after trying different methods and updating the driver from the Bose website, it finally began to charge. The waterproof feature is fantastic - I can now enjoy high-quality music even while showering. The battery life is impressive, lasting about 11 hours at medium-high volume, and the multi-device sync is a great addition. The only downside is the charging adapter being MicroUSB rather than USB-C, but overall, this speaker is worth every penny.

Adulting Notepad

First Steps In Adulting

If you have a teen who needs constant nagging, this adulting notepad might help them transition to independence.

As well as an area for “to do” items and appointments, there are checklists to ensure you have showered, worn matching socks, and are not eating cereal for dinner.

Also important are the sections for “errands I can’t ignore anymore” and “people to contact, reluctantly.”

Personal Perspective

Great notepad for those who need to focus on daily tasks without feeling overwhelmed. As someone with ADHD, I found this notepad particularly helpful due to its simplicity and clear layout, which includes sections for general tasks, appointments, and phone calls/emails. I appreciated that it allowed me to concentrate on one day at a time and prioritize tasks based on urgency. However, the lack of a quick view for the entire week led me to purchase another planner for that purpose. This notepad is an excellent tool for neurodivergent individuals who struggle with traditional planners. It also makes a humorous and practical gift for young adults learning to "adult" without parental guidance.

High School Activities Book

The Countdown Is On

This edition of 97 Things To Do Before You Finish High School is split into nine sections from “for your personal development” and “for your body” to “things to do with or friends” and “things to do with or for family.”

Actual things to do include the practical, such as write a resume, to the fun, like host a film night.

Community Feedback

I'm a book enthusiast and I recently came across this book which caught my eye. On one hand, it has some great ideas to help youngsters set achievable goals and broaden their horizons, encouraging independence, decision-making, and creativity. It's a fun book to flip through and discover new activities that may not have crossed your mind. However, I was disappointed to find some far-leftist and potentially inappropriate advice sprinkled throughout the book, which may not be suitable for all readers. Furthermore, some sections, like the tips on learning to ride a horse, lacked accuracy and could even be dangerous.

Sushi Socks Box

Tasty Toes

For sock lovers or sushi fans, the sushi socks box is a fun gift that’s likely to raise a smile as well as keep their toes warm.

Three pairs of 80 percent cotton socks are printed and packaged to look like the most popular of sushi – tamago nigiri, salmon nigiri, and cucumber maki. They come arranged in a faux sushi takeout box.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these sushi-themed socks has been nothing short of delightful. The creative presentation makes them an excellent gift choice for sushi lovers of all ages, and I have personally seen the smiles they bring to people's faces. The socks themselves are not only fun and unique in design, but they are also soft, comfortable, and of good quality. However, I did notice some shrinkage after the first wash, but they still managed to fit well. The attention to detail in the packaging, such as the inclusion of "wasabi" and "pickled ginger," adds an extra touch of charm.

Healthy Snack Box Variety Pack

Yummy Tummy Filler

A tasty treat for your teen and their friends, the healthy snack box has 60 individually portioned items ranging from Snyder of Hanover mini pretzels and Pirate’s Booty aged white cheddar twists to Mott’s fruit gummies and Stretch Island fruit leather.

Suitable for school snacks, days out, or midnight munchies, the snack box should keep them going for a good few months.

User Experience

Got this snack box as a gift for friends and family, and it was well-received by both young and old alike. The variety of snacks in the box was impressive, and they were fresh and packaged neatly. However, the box's size was smaller than expected, and the presentation could have been better for special occasions like Easter.

Embroidery Backpack Purse

For the Fashionista

This canvas backpack with adjustable straps is covered on the front and top with vibrant embroidery in one of 11 colorful designs.

There’s a main compartment, an open pocket and a zipper pocket in the bag’s main body, and a second zippered pocket on the rear. Large enough for a tablet or lightweight chromebook, this is a fabulous choice for a fun yet stylish backpack.

Personal Perspective

From my personal experience with this bag, I can attest to its vibrant and beautiful design, as well as the high-quality materials used in its construction. The hand-embroidery truly stands out, and I've even noticed some shimmering when sunlight hits it. However, I do wish the bag was slightly larger, as it appeared bigger in photos, but it still served its purpose well on a recent trip and easily fit under an airplane seat.

Songmaster Songwriting Journal

For Music Lovers

For would-be, budding, or already doing it songwriters, this journal provides a place to record words, music, and notes, all in one convenient spot.

There are 180 thick, ivory-colored pages with a faux, vegan leather cover and a flexible spine that prevents the journal from breaking after constant use.

Community Feedback

Definitely a well-designed journal that has inspired me to write more this year. I appreciate the small details, like the chord progression charts and the elastic pen holder on the outside. One suggestion would be to include a spiral binding for easier use while playing, and possibly a version with tablature.

SweatyRocks Women's Hoodie

The Best Friend of a Casual Teen

SweatyRocks are known for their oversized, soft, comfortable hoodies. We would say that it is more of an oversized shape than actually big for the sizing.

Available in multifarious color, image, and wording combinations, the drop shoulders and drawstring neck make this an ideal sweatshirt for relaxing weekends, camping trips, and lounging around the house.

First-Hand Impression

This hoodie has quickly become one of my favorites due to its warm fleece lining and accurate representation of colors. I found it beneficial to order a size up for a looser fit, as it does seem to run on the smaller side. The outer fabric has a slight sheen, which may not be everyone's preference, but I personally didn't mind. However, I did notice that the pocket buttons were not very sturdy and needed some reinforcing after minimal use.

Tree of Life Leather Bracelets

For Looking Good in a Hurry

Creating and coordinating a set of bracelets that look good together can be time-consuming and expensive. Alternatively, you can pick one of these leather bracelet sets that do all of the work for you.

Seven separate bracelets are mounted on a single, long clasp, meaning you put them on all at once for a coordinated look, straight out of the box.

User Experience

My initial impression of this bracelet was its stunning appearance, with the true rose gold tree beautifully complementing my rose gold jewelry. The magnetic clasp exceeded my expectations in terms of strength, making it easy to put on and take off while staying securely in place. Although the pearls slide around as they're not attached, I didn't find this to be an issue. I appreciated that the deep black color of the leather strap made any words on the jewelry nearly invisible, as I prefer a more minimalist look. The bracelet is a comfortable fit and extremely versatile, making it suitable for various occasions. However, one slight drawback is that it can feel a bit heavy on the arm after extended wear.

Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine

For Fans of Sewing

This sewing machine from Brother is an ideal first machine for the beginner and the relatively experienced sewer.

There are ten stitch settings, an automatic threader, and a drop-in bobbin, as well as four sewing feet and an instructional DVD to get you started. It’s an excellent gift for a newbie at home or a more practiced sewer who is moving out on their own.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this sewing machine and it has been a great addition to my crafting tools. The lightweight design makes it easy for me to move around and set up in any area of my home. Although threading the bobbin can be a bit tricky, once it's done, the machine works smoothly and efficiently. The built-in light could be brighter, but overall, I'm satisfied with the performance and functionality of this sewing machine for the price.

Kuston Sports Gym Bag

Sporty Style

Kuston has developed a lightweight, waterproof sports bag for the gym, school sports event, and even the odd weekend away.

As well as a generously proportioned main compartment, there is a deep side pocket specifically designed to take your shoes. Consequently, you do not have to worry about wet, muddy, smelly footwear making a mess of your clothes.

Community Feedback

From my personal experience, this gym bag has proven to be highly functional and durable. I appreciate the separate shoe compartment and waterproof pocket, which keeps my belongings organized and dry. The bag's classic design and quality construction make it a reliable choice for daily use. Though the shoe compartment does take up some internal space, it still provides ample room for my gym essentials and has remained sturdy over time.

Artist Paint Palette Necklace

Arty Jewelry

Choosing a gift for a 17-year-old girl who enjoys painting can be tricky, especially if she has particular preferences for her paints and other materials. Avoid buying something she won’t use and pick up a pretty palette necklace instead.

The ten “paints” are synthetic gemstones of different colors, and the box chain on which it hangs is 16 inches long.

First-Hand Impression

Best decision I made was to purchase this artist-inspired necklace. Initially, I was skeptical about its quality, but upon receiving it, I was impressed by its delicate and feminine design. The paintbrush hanging off to the side is a unique touch that sets it apart from other artist palette items I've seen. I opted for the white version and have received numerous compliments whenever I wear it. This necklace makes a fantastic gift for artists, art teachers, or anyone with a creative spirit.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Jeans

Top Skinny

These pull-on skinny jeans from Levis are available in eight colors and three lengths, so you can be sure to choose the combination that suits her best.

The stretchy 82 percent cotton, 15 percent polyester, and 3 percent elastane fabric is guaranteed to keep its shape all day, so there are no baggy knees or butts to spoil the line of your jeans.

User Experience

My experience with these jeans has been nothing short of amazing. As a pear-shaped individual, finding jeans that fit my hips without gapping at the waist has always been a struggle, but these jeans hit the mark perfectly. The tummy slimming panel is an added bonus, making me feel more confident in my appearance. Although the waistband can be a bit tight and uncomfortable for some, especially during bloated days, the overall comfort and quality of these jeans make up for it. Despite some minor issues with sizing and the lack of front pockets, I would still highly recommend these jeans for their flattering fit and exceptional comfort.

Digital LED Compound Microscope

For Science-Minded Girls

The solid metal construction and 360-degree binocular viewing head make this LED digital microscope incredibly comfortable to use. The built-in USB camera means you can view whatever is on your stage, on the screen of your laptop or tablet.

This higher-end digital microscope has eight levels of magnification — 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1,000, and 2,000x, coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs on both sides, and 5x, 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this microscope as a beginner and found it to be an excellent tool for my biology and microbiology labs. The digital camera and software made it much easier to view and focus on specimens using my computer screen. However, finding online support and manufacturer's website has been a challenge, so be prepared for some difficulty in that area.

Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Big Tiny Gift

Buried within the gorgeous wooden presentation box of this kit, you’ll find four bonsai soil potting mix pods and mini burlap sacks in which to place them. Then you water the pods, plant one of the four different species of tree seed included, mark them with a bamboo sign, and wait.

As your trees grow, you can trim them with the bonsai pruning tool provided, and check out the bonsai book or online videos for help.

Community Feedback

I've recently purchased a set of tree seeds, including Brazilian Rosewood, Colorado Blue Spruce, and Black Spruce, and I must say I'm quite impressed. The germination time for the two spruces was accurate, and with the use of a heating pad, grow light, and improvised humidity dome, I managed to get the Rosewood to germinate in just 10 days! However, I did notice that the Dawn Redwood seeds in this bundle were incorrect, as they were not actual Redwood seeds. The packaging and included planter bags, growing medium, and wooden label tags were of good quality.

Intelligent Design Comforter Set

To Keep Toasty Warm at Night

Comforter sets from Intelligent design can be machine washed and dried, which is one reason we like them so much. Another reason is that you get a comforter and pillow shams, as well as a sheet set and decorative pillow to match.

Choose from four sizes and four patterns.

First-Hand Impression

For someone seeking an affordable and visually appealing comforter set, this one certainly delivers. The colors are vibrant, and the set comes complete with skirting, sheets, pillow shams, and a cute decorative pillow. However, be aware that the comforter is lightweight and can slide off the bed easily, and the sheets might not stay put on thicker mattresses.

Genuine Leather Journal

A Journal Forever

Rather than just a standard journal, this Sovereign Gear Store journal has multiple details to make it a special gift to keep forever.

Handmade and ethically sourced, the journal has 300 pages of ivory color paper, which are held in place with leather stitching and binding. The hidden pen holder is great for the matching pen.

The journal comes in a presentation box, making it feel like the extra special gift it is.

User Experience

After purchasing this journal as a gift, I was quite impressed by its lovely design and high-quality craftsmanship. The leather binding is attractive and unique, adding a rustic touch that many of my coworkers have complimented. However, I was disappointed by the broken pen after just two uses and wished the pages had lines for easier writing. Although the picture shown didn't quite live up to the actual product, the journal still exceeded my expectations in terms of beauty and overall quality. Despite a minor crease in the leather due to delivery mishaps, this journal remains a charming and functional gift for various occasions.

Home Office Desk & Exercise Bike

Active, Not Sedentary

If your teen finds they have to spend more time than they would like sitting at their desk, attending online classes, and studying, or even if they have a work-from-home job, this could be the gift for them.

Place your laptop, tablet, or books on the adjustable height desk and get comfortable on the seat; adjust your pedal resistance, and away you go. Exercise for the brain and the body all in one compact spot.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this desk bike has been mostly positive. The assembly process was quick and easy, taking only about 5 minutes, and the bike operates silently, allowing me to focus on work. The desk is at a comfortable height, making typing and other tasks ergonomic. However, I found the digital readout difficult to see without backlighting, and the castors are not suitable for use on carpet.

What Should I Get a 17-Year-Old Girl for Her Birthday?

When you’re trying to choose a gift for a 17-year-old girl, take the time to think about what she likes to do, how she likes to spend her time, and what plans she has for her future.

If you cannot ask her directly what she might like, browse her social media feeds, or ask her friends or other family members. You can also sneakily ask her what kind of gifts her friends are getting and what she thinks of them.

Feeling completely stumped? There’s nothing wrong with deciding to buy her a gift card so she can buy herself anything she wants. It’s better to ensure your money is well spent by coming up with something she’ll use, rather than wasting it on something she won’t just because you wanted to surprise her.

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