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150 Sports Trivia Questions: To Test Your Knowledge

Let the games begin with 150 fun and challenging sports trivia questions.

Are you hosting a quiz night and need trivia questions? Do you want to test your family’s knowledge of sports?

We’ve put together the ultimate list of 150 sports trivia questions! From easy to more challenging questions about football, basketball, baseball, and even Olympic sports, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Not only will these fun trivia questions challenge your mind, but you might also learn some new interesting facts about the world of sports. Let the games begin.

Random Sports Trivia Generator

Whether you’re hosting a Jeopardy game night or looking for some general sports trivia, continue reading for the ultimate list of sports trivia questions and answers. Across nine topics, you’ll find 150 exciting questions to challenge your mind.

Easy Sports Trivia

Easy Sports Trivia Icon

This round is for the rookies! Whether you’re new to sports or need interesting questions for little kids, these 16 questions are nice and easy.

What ball is used in table tennis?

Answer: Ping-pong.

Fun Fact: The table tennis ball has changed in size over the years to slow the game slightly and make it more viewer-friendly on TV. It’s currently 40mm in diameter.

What color is a standard basketball?

Answer: Orange.

Fun Fact: The first basketballs were brown, and the orange ball was introduced in the late 1950s to make it more visible to players and spectators.

Where does the Wimbledon tennis tournament take place?

Answer: England (United Kingdom).

Fun Fact: Wimbledon is the only major tennis tournament still played on grass, a surface that gave the game its original name, “lawn tennis.”

How often are the Olympic games held?

Answer: Every four years.

Fun Fact: The ancient Olympic Games were held every four years at Olympia in Greece, from the 8th-century BC to the 4th-century AD.

How many pins are there when bowling?

Answer: Ten.

Fun Fact: Did you know that bowling pins must weigh between 3 pounds 6 ounces and 3 pounds 10 ounces and stand 15 inches tall?

Apart from the goalie, what body part can’t touch the ball in soccer?

Answer: Hands.

Fun Fact: The rule excluding the use of hands in soccer aims to maintain skillful use of the feet and head, distinguishing it from other sports like rugby.

What do players hold when playing a game of tennis?

Answer: Tennis racquet.

Fun Fact: The modern tennis racquet has evolved from wooden frames, introduced in the 16th-century, to the high-tech composite materials used today.

What sport is played with a round ball that must be kicked into a net?

Answer: Soccer.

Fun Fact: Soccer is known as “football” in most of the world and is considered the most popular sport globally, with over 4 billion fans.

How many strikes does a batter get before they’re out in a baseball game?

Answer: Three.

Fun Fact: The rules of baseball were formalized in the mid-19th century in the U.S., with the establishment of the National League in 1876.

How many players are on a basketball team?

Answer: Five.

Fun Fact: Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. He nailed a peach basket onto an elevated track, and players used a soccer ball to shoot into it.

What is the name of the equipment used for balancing routines in gymnastics?

Answer: Balancing beam.

Fun Fact: The balance beam is four inches wide, and routines on it combine elements of dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics leaps.

How many players are on an ice hockey team?

Answer: Six.

Fun Fact: Ice hockey originated in Canada in the 19th-century, and the first organized indoor game was played in Montreal in 1875.

What is the flat rubber disc used in ice hockey?

Answer: Puck.

Fun Fact: The hockey puck is made of vulcanized rubber and is frozen before high-level games to reduce bouncing and increase its slide on the ice.

How many holes are played in a typical round of golf?

Answer: 18.

Fun Fact: The 18-hole round became standardized because the Old Course at St Andrews, considered the “home of golf,” has 18 holes.

How long is a marathon?

Answer: 26.2 miles.

Fun Fact: The marathon distance was standardized at the 1908 London Olympics. The extra 0.2 miles were added so the race could start at Windsor Castle and finish in front of the royal box.

Name a sport like baseball, but the pitcher throws the ball underhand instead of overhand.

Answer: Softball.

Fun Fact: Softball was invented in 1887 in Chicago as an indoor game and was initially called indoor baseball.

Hard Sports Trivia

Hard Sports Trivia Icon

Let’s heat things up a bit. The next round of trivia questions is a bit more challenging. Setting the bar high with 17 difficult trivia questions, let’s see if you can earn a gold medal for your team!

Who was the first athlete to win four gold medals at a single Olympics?

Answer: Alvin Kraenzlein.

Fun Fact: Kraenzlein’s unique technique of straight-leg hurdling revolutionized the sport, and his record of winning four track and field events in a single Olympics stood alone for more than 70 years.

Who won the Ballon d’Or Féminin award for women’s football in 2021?

Answer: Alexia Putellas.

Fun Fact: Putellas became the first player from FC Barcelona Femení to win the prestigious Ballon d’Or, highlighting the club’s rise to prominence in women’s football.

How many NFL teams have yet to play in the Super Bowl as of March 2024?

Answer: Four.

Fun Fact: The teams that have never reached the Super Bowl include the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars, each with a unique history of near misses and rebuilding efforts.

What is Canada’s national sport?

Answer: Lacrosse.

Fun Fact: While many believe hockey is the national sport, lacrosse was declared Canada’s National Summer Sport in 1994, with hockey being the national winter sport.

Who was the first athlete to win a gold medal for the Philippines in 2020?

Answer: Hidilyn Diaz.

Fun Fact: Hidilyn Diaz’s victory in weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics ended the Philippines’ 97-year wait for an Olympic gold medal, sparking national celebrations and recognition.

What is the official length of one-quarter of NFL football?

Answer: 15 minutes.

Fun Fact: The NFL’s game clock management includes intricate rules regarding when the clock should stop, such as during out of bounds plays, adding a strategic element to the game’s final minutes.

Heinz Field in Pittsburgh is a football stadium, but what is its official name?

Answer: Acrisure Stadium.

Fun Fact: Heinz Field was renamed Acrisure Stadium in 2022 after the Pittsburgh Steelers entered into a naming rights agreement with Acrisure, a global fintech leader.

How much does an NFL football weigh?

Answer: 14 to 15 ounces.

Fun Fact: The specific weight and size of an NFL football, also known as “The Duke,” are designed to provide a standardized experience, balancing both throwing and kicking gameplay aspects.

What year was the first Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece?

Answer: 1896.

Fun Fact: The 1896 Athens Olympics marked the first international Olympic Games held in modern history, inspired by the ancient Greek tradition of competitive athletic festivals.

Ashleigh Jacinta Barty is an Australian tennis and cricket champion who has won the Grand Slam how many times?

Answer: Three.

Fun Fact: Ashleigh Barty is one of the few professional athletes who have excelled in more than one sport, having played high-level cricket before returning to tennis and winning multiple Grand Slam titles.

What team won the first-ever World Cup?

Answer: Uruguay national football team.

Fun Fact: The first FIFA World Cup in 1930 was held in Uruguay to celebrate the centenary of Uruguay’s first constitution, and the host nation won the championship by defeating Argentina 4-2 in the finals.

How many personal fouls is a player allowed before they’re kicked off an NBA basketball game?

Answer: Six.

Fun Fact: The NBA’s foul limit is designed to penalize players for aggressive and illegal plays while ensuring that the game remains fast-paced and fair.

What is the name of the New York Post’s NY Giants football podcast?

Answer: Blue Rush.

Fun Fact: Blue Rush offers an inside look at the New York Giants, featuring interviews with players and analyses by sports journalists, enhancing fan engagement.

Frank Paul Vogel is an NBA basketball coach who appeared on what late-night talk show when he was in eighth grade to demonstrate his skills at spinning a basketball on a toothbrush while brushing his teeth?

Answer: “Late Night with David Letterman.”

Fun Fact: Vogel’s quirky skill of spinning a basketball on a toothbrush was showcased on a national platform, illustrating the playful side of sports personalities outside the competitive arena.

Which American professional golfer designed the Muirfield Village Golf Course in Ohio?

Answer: Jack Nicklaus.

Fun Fact: Jack Nicklaus, known as “The Golden Bear,” designed Muirfield Village Golf Club as a homage to his success at Muirfield in Scotland and to serve as a venue for the prestigious Memorial Tournament.

Who is the only player in NHL history to score more than 200 points in a single season?

Answer: Wayne Gretzky.

Fun Fact: Wayne Gretzky achieved this extraordinary feat four times during his career, cementing his status as “The Great One” in the world of ice hockey.

Who was the first Olympic athlete to be disqualified for drug use in 1967?

Answer: Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall.

Fun Fact: Liljenwall, a Swedish pentathlete, was the first to be disqualified for alcohol use, which he ingested to calm his nerves before the event, highlighting the early days of drug testing in sports.

Football Trivia

Football Trivia Icon

Let’s blitz a round of American football trivia. With 16 easy and hard sports trivia questions and answers all about football, this is a super fun quiz for kids and teens.

Which two NFL teams have won the Superbowl six times each?

Answer: The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots.

Fun Fact: The Steelers and Patriots have not only succeeded on the field but also in fostering significant fan cultures and iconic coaching legacies with figures like Bill Belichick and Chuck Noll.

What team won the first Super Bowl?

Answer: Green Bay Packers.

Fun Fact: The first Super Bowl was not called the Super Bowl then; it was referred to as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.

What is the name of the football stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, which is the home field of the Tennessee Titans?

Answer: Nissan Stadium.

Fun Fact: Nissan Stadium, located on the east bank of the Cumberland River, also hosts numerous music concerts and other events, highlighting its role as a multipurpose venue.

How many NFL teams were there when the NFL was founded in 1920?

Answer: Ten.

Fun Fact: The original NFL teams were based in smaller cities and towns, unlike today’s teams, which are generally based in large metropolitan areas across the United States.

What team is known as “America’s Team”?

Answer: The Dallas Cowboys.

Fun Fact: NFL Films narrator John Facenda coined the nickname “America’s Team” in a 1978 highlight film, reflecting the team’s wide popularity and frequent appearances on national television.

Walter Eugene Foreman was an American professional football player, better known by what name?

Answer: Chuck.

Fun Fact: Chuck Foreman’s versatility as a running back and receiver made him a key player in the evolution of the “West Coast” offense, changing how running backs were used in the NFL.

Who founded the New York Giants in 1925?

Answer: Tim Mara.

Fun Fact: Tim Mara purchased the team for $500, and it has since become one of the most valuable franchises in the NFL, reflecting the significant growth and commercialization of American football.

What team did Reggie Wayne play for in 2007?

Answer: Indianapolis Colts.

Fun Fact: Reggie Wayne’s performance in 2007 helped lead the Colts to a Super Bowl victory that season, and his partnership with Peyton Manning is one of the most successful in NFL history.

Which college did Tom Brady play football for from 1995 to 1999?

Answer: University of Michigan.

Fun Fact: Despite a successful college career, Tom Brady was only picked in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, making him one of the greatest draft steals in sports history.

Who was selected first overall in the 2020 NFL draft?

Answer: Joe Burrow.

Fun Fact: Joe Burrow’s outstanding senior year at LSU, where he won the Heisman Trophy by a record margin, catapulted him to the top of the draft board.

Who was the first openly gay NFL player?

Answer: ​​Carl Nassib.

Fun Fact: Carl Nassib’s coming out marked a significant moment in NFL history, as he was the first active player to publicly declare his homosexuality, highlighting the growing acceptance of LGBTQ+ athletes in sports.

What’s it called when a player loses control and possession of the ball before being tackled, scoring, or going out of bounds?

Answer: Fumble.

Fun Fact: Fumbles are among the most dramatic and game-changing moments in football, often leading to swift shifts in momentum and crucial turnovers.

How many times have the Buffalo Bills won the AFC East division?

Answer: 15.

Fun Fact: The Buffalo Bills’ dominance in the AFC East is particularly marked by their four consecutive Super Bowl appearances in the early 1990s, a unique achievement in NFL history.

How many seasons did Barry Sanders play for the Detroit Lions?

Answer: Ten.

Fun Fact: Barry Sanders is known for his elusive running style and surprisingly retired at the peak of his career, still close to breaking the all-time rushing record.

Who is the leader of the football team?

Answer: Quarterback.

Fun Fact: The quarterback is often considered the most critical position on the field, responsible for calling plays, orchestrating the offense, and often being the face of the franchise.

Who was the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl?

Answer: Tony Dungy.

Fun Fact: Tony Dungy’s victory in Super Bowl XLI with the Indianapolis Colts marked a significant milestone in NFL history, promoting diversity and inclusion in coaching positions within the league.

Basketball Trivia

Basketball Trivia Icon

Dribble, shoot, score! It’s time to dive into a round of basketball trivia questions. Perfect for teens, adults, and kids, it’s time to test your knowledge about basketball legends, historic moments, and records.

What is the current governing body for the world’s top basketball league?

Answer: NBA (National Basketball Association).

Fun Fact: The NBA was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America (BAA) before merging with the National Basketball League (NBL) in 1949 to become the NBA.

What is it called when a player scores in basketball?

Answer: Basket.

Fun Fact: The term “basket” originated from the early days of basketball when actual peach baskets were used as hoops, and the ball had to be manually retrieved after each score.

What team did Michael Jordan play for?

Answer: Chicago Bulls.

Fun Fact: Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships and is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

What were the original team colors for the Chicago Bulls?

Answer: Red, black, and white.

Fun Fact: The Chicago Bulls’ colors were chosen to reflect the city’s other major sports teams, like the Blackhawks and the White Sox, which also feature red, black, and white.

Who scored the first three-point basket in the NBA?

Answer: Chris Ford.

Fun Fact: Chris Ford’s historic three-point shot came in 1979, the first year the NBA adopted the three-point line, which many sports traditionalists initially viewed with skepticism.

Wilt Chamberlain has scored the most points ever in one basketball game. How many points did he score?

Answer: 100.

Fun Fact: Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game occurred on March 2, 1962, against the New York Knicks, a monumental achievement that remains unrivaled in the history of professional basketball.

Which two teams have won the most championships, with 17 each?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics.

Fun Fact: The rivalry between the Lakers and Celtics is one of the most storied in the NBA’s history, highlighting decades of coast-to-coast competition.

What violation is called when a player takes more than two steps without dribbling the ball?

Answer: Traveling.

Fun Fact: Traveling is one of the most commonly called violations in basketball, from amateur games to professional leagues worldwide.

Which NBA star wrote an autobiography titled “Chocolate Thunder”?

Answer: Darryl Dawkins.

Fun Fact: Darryl Dawkins was known for his powerful dunks, which he claimed were so forceful they could break backboards—a claim he proved true on multiple occasions.

What is the name of the Pacer-Pistons 2004 brawl that involved players and fans?

Answer: Malice at the Palace.

Fun Fact: The “Malice at the Palace” is considered one of the darkest moments in NBA history. It led to significant changes in security and player-fan interactions during games.

Spud Webb is the shortest player to win the Slam Dunk contest, but how tall was he?

Answer: Five feet and six inches.

Fun Fact: Spud Webb’s victory in the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest was highly unexpected due to his height, making it one of the most memorable moments in the contest’s history.

Who was the first NBA player to test positive for COVID in March 2020?

Answer: Rudy Gobert.

Fun Fact: Rudy Gobert’s positive test for COVID-19 led to the suspension of the NBA season, marking the beginning of widespread global sports disruptions due to the pandemic.

Who has the most NBA assists of all time, with over 15,000?

Answer: John Stockton (1).

Fun Fact: John Stockton, who played for the Utah Jazz, is not only the all-time assist leader but also holds the record for the most steals in the history of the NBA.

There are four quarters in a basketball game, each lasting for how many minutes?

Answer: 12.

Fun Fact: The 48-minute game has been standard in the NBA since 1946, although college basketball games are played in two 20-minute halves.

Scott Allen Skiles Sr has the NBA record for the most assists in one game, with how many?

Answer: 30.

Fun Fact: Scott Skiles set this impressive record on December 30, 1990, for the Orlando Magic against the Denver Nuggets, showcasing an exceptional display of playmaking and court vision.

Tim Hardaway holds the record for the most attempted shots in a game without making a basket. How many attempts did he make?

Answer: 17.

Fun Fact: Tim Hardaway’s unfortunate record highlights the unpredictable nature of basketball, where even the best players can have off nights.

Who is the shortest NBA player ever?

Answer: Muggsy Bogues.

Fun Fact: At 5 feet 3 inches, Muggsy Bogues played 14 seasons in the NBA, proving that size is not the only determinant of success in basketball.

Baseball Trivia

Baseball Trivia Icon

Batter up! Fans of baseball will love this round of sports trivia. And people who don’t know baseball too well… that’s another story. Let’s see if you can get a home run.

What baseball club from New York gets the credit for the first baseball games in the U.S.A.?

Answer: The Knickerbocker Base Ball Club.

Fun Fact: The Knickerbocker Base Ball Club, formed in 1845, is credited with codifying the first set of baseball rules recognized in the United States.

How many players are on a baseball team?

Answer: Nine.

Fun Fact: A baseball team’s nine players include positions like pitcher, catcher, first baseman, and others, each with specialized skills and defensive responsibilities.

What does MLB stand for in the U.S.A. and Canada?

Answer: Major League Baseball.

Fun Fact: MLB was formed in 1903 from the merger of the National League and the American League. It was structured to foster competition and grow the sport’s popularity.

Baseball was part of the Olympic Games for a period before starting again in 2020. What were the original years of the first baseball stint as part of the Olympic Games?

Answer: 1992 to 2008.

Fun Fact: Baseball’s fluctuating Olympic status reflects its varying global popularity, contrasting its prominent status in countries like the U.S., Cuba, and Japan.

What is the name of the person who makes rulings on the outcome of each baseball play? They usually stand behind the catcher.

Answer: Umpire.

Fun Fact: Baseball umpires are unique in that they can call “balls” and “strikes,” which are subjective decisions that can significantly influence the course of the game.

What year was the National Association of BaseBall Players formed?

Answer: 1857.

Fun Fact: The National Association of Base Ball Players was the first organization to govern the sport and helped standardize many of baseball’s early rules and equipment specifications.

Who was the first African American man to play in MLB?

Answer: Jackie Robinson.

Fun Fact: Jackie Robinson broke the MLB color barrier when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, leading to significant cultural and social changes in American sports.

During the recent 2023 season, how long did the average MLB game last?

Answer: Two hours and 42 minutes (2).

Fun Fact: The duration of MLB games has been a point of debate, with initiatives introduced to speed up the game and improve the pace of play.

Name the baseball-inspired poem written by Ernest Thayer in the 1880s.

Answer: “Casey at the Bat.”

Fun Fact: “Casey at the Bat” remains one of the most famous American poems, capturing baseball’s dramatic and often unpredictable nature.

Who holds the record for the most career home runs in MLB?

Answer: Barry Bond (762 home runs).

Fun Fact: Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s long-standing home run record under controversial circumstances, as his career was marred by allegations of steroid use.

The New York Yankees have won the most World Series. How many have they won?

Answer: 27.

Fun Fact: The New York Yankees’ success is often attributed to their financial clout and strategic player acquisitions, allowing them to build dynastic teams over the years.

Which MLB pitcher has the most strikeouts, with over 5,700?

Answer: Nolan Ryan.

Fun Fact: Nolan Ryan’s fastball, often clocked at over 100 mph, helped him maintain dominance over batters and achieve seven no-hitters in his career.

Which baseball player is known as “Mr. October”?

Answer: Reggie Jackson.

Fun Fact: Reggie Jackson earned his nickname “Mr. October” for his clutch hitting in the postseason, most notably during the World Series, where he performed exceptionally well under pressure.

Which Philadelphia Phillies player joined the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2023?

Answer: Scott Rolen.

Fun Fact: Scott Rolen’s induction into the Hall of Fame highlighted his exceptional defensive skills and significant contributions to the teams he played for during his career.

Was Brian Giles of the San Diego Padres left or right-handed?

Answer: Left-handed.

Fun Fact: Left-handed players like Brian Giles often have a strategic advantage in baseball, particularly with their angle of hitting and pitching, which can complicate opposing teams’ strategies.

Frank Robinson became the first Black manager of big-league baseball, managing what team?

Answer: Cleveland Indians.

Fun Fact: Frank Robinson’s appointment as manager was a groundbreaking event in MLB, representing progress in racial equality in sports leadership roles.

Name the oldest professional baseball park. Clue: It’s situated in Alabama.

Answer: Rickwood Field.

Fun Fact: Rickwood Field, opened in 1910 in Birmingham, Alabama, is not only the oldest but also served as a filming location for several baseball movies, preserving its historical significance.

Soccer Trivia

Soccer Trivia Icon

Will it be a goal? Check out how many soccer trivia questions your team can answer correctly at the next Jeapordy-themed night! From simple questions to more difficult ones for teens, this is no funny guessing game. You’ll need to know your stuff.

What is soccer called in the U.K.?

Answer: Football.

Fun Fact: In the 19th-century, the term “soccer” originated as a slang abbreviation of the word “association” from “association football,” the formal U.K. name for the game.

What is the highest governing body for soccer?

Answer: FIFA.

Fun Fact: FIFA was founded in 1904 to oversee international competition among the national associations of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Soccer has two nicknames: The World’s Game and what else?

Answer: The Beautiful Game.

Fun Fact: The nickname “The Beautiful Game” is thought to have been popularized by the legendary Brazilian footballer Pelé, who called soccer “o jogo bonito” in Portuguese, reflecting the sport’s artistry and grace.

How many team members per side?

Answer: 11.

Fun Fact: The 11-player team format was standardized in the late 19th-century, aligning with the formal rules set by the newly formed Football Association in England.

How long is a typical game of football?

Answer: 90 minutes.

Fun Fact: The duration of a football match was initially set to 100 minutes but was reduced to 90 minutes during the 1897 International Football Association Board meeting.

How many soccer players are there worldwide?

Answer: 240 million (3).

Fun Fact: This vast number of players makes soccer the most played sport globally, as it is part of everyday life and culture in many countries.

What was the original football made of in ancient Greece and China?

Answer: A rock or animal hide stuffed with hair.

Fun Fact: Early versions of footballs were often made from inflated animal bladders, especially pig bladders, which gave the ball its irregular and unpredictable shape.

What year was the first football association formed in England?

Answer: 1863.

Fun Fact: The formation of the Football Association marked the beginning of standardized soccer rules, which helped spread the game internationally.

When was the first U.S. national soccer team constituted?

Answer: 1885.

Fun Fact: The first U.S. national team played its debut match against Canada, recognized as the first international soccer match involving the United States.

Who is the all-time leading goal scorer in World Cup history with 16 goals?

Answer: Miroslav Klose.

Fun Fact: Klose scored his record-breaking 16th goal in Brazil’s 2014 FIFA World Cup, surpassing the previous record holder, Brazilian star Ronaldo.

Who won the World Cup in 2022?

Answer: Argentina.

Fun Fact: Argentina’s victory in 2022 marked their third World Cup win, with Lionel Messi lifting the trophy, which many considered a crowning achievement in his illustrious career.

What country won the 2020/2021 European Championship?

Answer: Italy.

Fun Fact: Italy won the Euro 2020 (held in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic) by defeating England in a dramatic penalty shootout, securing their second European Championship title.

What nickname is Liverpool Football Club known by?

Answer: The Reds.

Fun Fact: Liverpool’s nickname, “The Reds,” simply references their primary kit color. However, the club is also associated with the anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” deeply embedded in its identity and fan culture.

Who was the first manager outside Europe to win the Premier League in 2014?

Answer: Manuel Pellgrini.

Fun Fact: Manuel Pellegrini, hailing from Chile, broke the European dominance in the Premier League with his tactical acumen, leading Manchester City to the title.

What year was Mohamed Salah, a Liverpool player, born?

Answer: 1992.

Fun Fact: Mohamed Salah, born in Egypt, has been instrumental in Liverpool’s recent successes, known for his speed, skill, and formidable goal-scoring ability.

What country has the most World Cup titles, and how many do they have?

Answer: Brazil with five.

Fun Fact: Brazil’s five World Cup victories reflect the country’s rich football tradition and its contribution to the global sport, including producing legendary players like Pelé and Ronaldo.

Hockey Trivia

Hockey Trivia Icon

Hockey is a super popular sport in the U.S.A. If your kid or teen is a keen ice hockey player or a huge fan, then this round of trivia questions with answers might please them. Keep in mind that there are no multiple-choice questions — you need to have some good general hockey knowledge to score points.

Who is the highest-scoring NHL player with almost 900 goals?

Answer: Wayne Gretzky.

Fun Fact: Wayne Gretzky holds the record for the most goals, assists, and points, making him the all-time leader in nearly every significant scoring category in the NHL.

Russian player Alexander Ovechkin is one of the leading goal-scorers. How many NHL goals have there been as of April 2024?

Answer: 848.

Fun Fact: Alexander Ovechkin’s goal-scoring prowess has earned him the nickname “The Great Eight.” He is considered one of the greatest goal-scorers in NHL history.

What team won the Stanley Cup in 2020?

Answer: Tampa Bay Lightning.

Fun Fact: The Tampa Bay Lightning’s 2020 Stanley Cup victory was particularly memorable because it was secured in a “bubble” environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with no fans present.

Who coached the Anaheim Ducks when they won the Stanley Cup in 2007?

Answer: Randy Carlyle.

Fun Fact: Randy Carlyle’s coaching led the Ducks to their first and only Stanley Cup victory, making him a celebrated figure in the franchise’s history.

How many players are on each ice hockey team?

Answer: Six.

Fun Fact: Ice hockey is played with six players per side, including the goalie. The game’s fast-paced nature often leads to frequent player substitutions known as line changes.

Where was ice hockey developed in the late 1800s?

Answer: Montreal, Canada.

Fun Fact: Montreal is often credited as the birthplace of organized ice hockey, and the city hosted the first recorded indoor hockey game in 1875.

What year was ice hockey first played in the Olympics?

Answer: 1920.

Fun Fact: The introduction of ice hockey into the Olympics in 1920 marked the sport’s growing popularity and established it as a key feature of the Winter Games. However, it was initially part of the Summer Olympics.

When was women’s ice hockey introduced into the modern Olympics?

Answer: 1998.

Fun Fact: Including women’s ice hockey in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, represented a significant step forward in gender equality in sports.

What is it called when a player enters the other team’s zone before the puck enters?

Answer: Offside.

Fun Fact: The offside rule in ice hockey helps maintain a fair play dynamic by ensuring that players do not simply camp near the opponent’s goal, waiting for the puck.

Ice hockey games are split into how many periods of 20 minutes?

Answer: Three.

Fun Fact: The three-period structure of hockey games is intended to allow players to rest and strategize between segments, which is crucial given the sport’s high intensity and physicality.

Shoulder injuries account for what percentage of injuries in NHL games?

Answer: 10 percent (4).

Fun Fact: Shoulder injuries are common in hockey due to the physical nature of the sport, including checking and frequent impacts with the boards and other players.

How many injuries occur per 1,000 games in men’s professional ice hockey?

Answer: 78.

Fun Fact: The high rate of injuries reflects the intense physicality of professional hockey, where high speeds and hard hits are a regular part of the game.

How many NHL teams are Canadian?

Answer: Seven.

Fun Fact: The presence of seven Canadian teams in the NHL underscores the country’s deep connection to the sport, a vital part of its cultural identity.

Eddie Shack, a Canadian ice hockey player, had two nicknames: the Nose and what else?

Answer: The Entertainer.

Fun Fact: Eddie Shack was known for his colorful personality on and off the ice, which earned him his nicknames and made him a fan favorite during his career.

Which NHL team has won the most Stanley Cup titles with 24 wins?

Answer: The Montreal Canadiens.

Fun Fact: The Montreal Canadiens’ 24 Stanley Cup victories make them the most successful team in NHL history and a symbol of hockey excellence globally.

Which country has won the most gold medals in Olympic ice hockey?

Answer: Canada (nine gold medals).

Fun Fact: Canada’s dominance in Olympic ice hockey is a testament to the country’s deep-rooted passion for the sport and its continual development of hockey talent.

What is the name of the NHL team from San Jose?

Answer: Sharks.

Fun Fact: The San Jose Sharks, established in 1991, reflect the expansion of the NHL into non-traditional hockey markets during the late 20th- and early 21st-centuries.

College Sports Trivia

College Sports Trivia Icon

College sports are a popular part of American culture. Even though people compete at a collegiate level, millions of fans follow these college teams. Explore your understanding of college sports with these 17 trivia questions.

What is the name of the organization that takes care of the well-being and success of college athletes?

Answer: NCAA (The National Collegiate Athletic Association).

Fun Fact: The NCAA oversees numerous sports across divisions, ensuring fair play, academic compliance, and the overall well-being of student-athletes.

Which college football team has won the most NCAA national championships?

Answer: Yale.

Fun Fact: Yale’s success in the early years of college football helped establish the sport at the collegiate level, contributing significantly to its growth and popularity.

Who won the 2023 NCAA women’s lacrosse championship in 2023?

Answer: Northwestern.

Fun Fact: Northwestern University’s women’s lacrosse team has become a powerhouse in the sport, with multiple NCAA championships signaling women’s lacrosse’s growth and competitive nature.

Which college team has the Banana Slug mascot?

Answer: UC Santa Cruz.

Fun Fact: UC Santa Cruz’s unique mascot, the Banana Slug, is a nod to the natural environment surrounding the campus and is beloved for its distinctiveness.

Which college did Magic Johnson, the professional basketball player, play for?

Answer: Michigan State.

Fun Fact: Magic Johnson’s time at Michigan State culminated in a national championship win in 1979, setting the stage for his legendary NBA career.

Which college is nicknamed Blazers?

Answer: University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Fun Fact: The nickname “Blazers” reflects the University of Alabama’s dynamic approach to academics and athletics, fostering a spirit of innovation and competition.

The University of Illinois’ athletic teams are known as the “Fighting Illini.” How many times have they won the Rose Bowl game?

Answer: Three.

Fun Fact: The Fighting Illini’s Rose Bowl victories highlight the university’s athletic history, showcasing its football team’s historical success on a national stage.

What are the two most watched college sports?

Answer: Football and basketball.

Fun Fact: College football and basketball attract massive audiences, especially during playoff seasons and March Madness, highlighting Americans’ deep cultural connection with collegiate sports.

What is the main form of compensation for college athletes?

Answer: Athletic scholarships.

Fun Fact: Athletic scholarships allow students to pursue higher education while competing at high sports levels, which, for many is a pathway to professional sports careers.

What is the national sport governing body of college sports in Canada called?

Answer: U Sports.

Fun Fact: U Sports plays a crucial role in the Canadian collegiate sports scene, similar to the NCAA in the United States, promoting student-athlete development across various sports.

What sport do most schools participate in?

Answer: Basketball.

Fun Fact: Basketball’s widespread adoption in schools across North America is due to its relatively minimal equipment requirements and the inclusivity of the sport.

Yale University was the first college to create an organized sports club in 1843 for what sport?

Answer: Boating.

Fun Fact: The establishment of the Yale Boating Club highlights the early adoption of competitive sports in American colleges and the role of rowing in collegiate athletic traditions.

When did the first intercollegiate baseball game take place?

Answer: 1859.

Fun Fact: The first intercollegiate baseball game between Amherst College and Williams College marked the beginning of organized college sports in the United States.

What was the NCAA’s revenue in 2023?

Answer: 1.3 billion dollars (5).

Fun Fact: The NCAA’s substantial revenue is generated primarily through TV rights, sponsorships, and championships, reflecting the commercial scale of college sports.

How many points did Pete Maravich score while playing for Louisiana State University?

Answer: 3,667.

Fun Fact: Pete Maravich’s scoring record in college basketball stands unmatched, a testament to his extraordinary offensive talent and showmanship on the court.

Which college team is known as the Sycamores?

Answer: Indiana State.

Fun Fact: The Sycamores of Indiana State are famously associated with Larry Bird, who led the team to the NCAA championship game in 1979 against Michigan State.

What is the nickname for the University of Connecticut’s sports teams?

Answer: Huskies.

Fun Fact: The University of Connecticut’s Huskies are mainly known for their dominant women’s basketball team, which has won multiple NCAA championships under coach Geno Auriemma.

Olympic Sports Trivia

Olympic Sports Trivia Icon

The Olympics are arguably the most popular and well-known sporting event globally. With both summer and winter competitions, the Olympics attracts millions of viewers. Explore Olympic sports trivia questions and answers and see how many you can get right.

Who has won the most Olympic medals of all time, with 28?

Answer: Michael Phelps.

Fun Fact: Michael Phelps, an American swimmer, has not only won the most medals but also holds the record for the most gold medals at 23, making him one of the most decorated Olympians in history.

How many teams compete in the Olympics?

Answer: 206.

Fun Fact: The participation of 206 teams, which includes nations and independent Olympic participants, highlights the global inclusivity and scale of the Olympic Games.

When was the first official Paralympic Games?

Answer: 1960.

Fun Fact: The first Paralympic Games were held in Rome, Italy, featuring 400 athletes from 23 countries, a significant step in promoting sports for athletes with disabilities.

Where were the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games held?

Answer: Vancouver.

Fun Fact: The 2010 Vancouver Paralympic Winter Games were notable for their high participation and support, furthering the development and recognition of winter sports for athletes with disabilities.

Rugby was reinstated into the Olympic Games in 2016 for the first time since when?

Answer: 1924.

Fun Fact: Rugby’s reinstatement into the Olympics in 2016, in the form of rugby sevens, resulted from the sport’s growing global popularity and the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the sevens format.

How many countries competed in the very first Olympic Games?

Answer: 14 (6).

Fun Fact: 241 athletes participated in the 1896 Games in Athens, Greece, but women were allowed to compete in the 1900 Paris Olympics.

What year will squash officially become an Olympic sport?

Answer: 2028.

Fun Fact: The inclusion of squash in the 2028 Olympics is a culmination of years of campaigning by the squash community, aiming to raise the sport’s profile on the global stage.

Who was the first Chinese Winter Olympic gold medalist?

Answer: Yang Yang.

Fun Fact: Yang Yang’s success in short-track speed skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City was a milestone for China in winter sports, encouraging the development of ice and snow sports in the country.

Where is the International Olympic Committee headquarters located?

Answer: Lausanne, Switzerland.

Fun Fact: Lausanne has been known as the “Olympic Capital” since the IOC was established there in 1915, reinforcing the city’s role as a hub for international sports administration.

How many times did Misty May-Treanor win an Olympic gold medal for beach volleyball?

Answer: Three.

Fun Fact: Misty May-Treanor and her partner Kerri Walsh Jennings are considered one of the greatest beach volleyball teams of all time, dominating the sport in the early 2000s.

The U.S.A. has won the most gold medals in the history of the Olympic Games with how many?

Answer: 1,061.

Fun Fact: The United States’ success at the Olympics is a testament to the country’s strong sports infrastructure and investment in athlete development across a wide range of disciplines.

How many competition venues were needed for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games?

Answer: 42 (7).

Fun Fact: The Tokyo Games featured a mix of newly-built, existing, and temporary venues, some of which were also used in the Tokyo 1964 Olympics, showcasing a blend of modernity and tradition.

How many torchbearers were included in the 2020 Olympic Torch Relay in 2020?

Answer: 10,500.

Fun Fact: The number of torchbearers was symbolic, representing the number of days between the previous Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, signifying continuity and connection between the events.

What animal was sacrificed at the first Olympic Games in Greece?

Answer: Oxen.

Fun Fact: The ritual sacrifice of 100 oxen at the ancient Olympics was called a “hecatomb,” a term which has since come to refer to any large-scale sacrifice or destruction.

When did the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games take place?

Answer: Summer 2021.

Fun Fact: Originally scheduled for 2020, the Tokyo Olympics were the first to be postponed rather than canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, marking a historic delay in the Games’ long tradition.

Marion Lois Jones was a track-and-field and basketball athlete who had her five Olympic medals stripped from her for what reason?

Answer: Using steroids.

Fun Fact: Marion Jones was the first woman to claim five track-and-field medals at a single Olympics before her titles were stripped during the 2000 Sydney Games.

Which Olympic swimming champion is nicknamed the Iron Lady?

Answer: Katinka Hosszú.

Fun Fact: Katinka Hosszú earned her nickname “Iron Lady” due to her ability to compete in multiple swimming events during the same tournament, often outperforming her rivals in endurance and versatility.


What Is the Most Watched Sport in the World?

Soccer is the most watched sport globally, also called football in some countries (8). It’s estimated that there are four billion soccer fans worldwide. In fact, 1.5 billion people tuned in to watch the 2022 World Cup final on TV (9).

What Is the Oldest Sport in the World?

It’s hard to determine exactly which sport is the oldest, but wrestling is believed to be one of the oldest, dating back 15,000 to 20,000 years (10). There are carvings and drawings in southern European caves depicting wrestling positions. The Greek poet Homer described wrestling matches in his writings, and the poet Pindar depicted how Greek gods wrestled for ownership of the universe.

What Sport Was Played on the Moon?

Golf was played on the moon in 1971. Alan Shepherd took four swings while he was on the moon, sending them flying up to 40 yards. Another astronaut from the same trip, Edgar Mitchell, threw a javelin while on the moon. They described it as “the first lunar Olympics.”

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