Best Bikes for 1-Year-Olds of 2020

No more toddling around with these top 1-year-old bikes.

How do you pick the best bike for a 1-year-old? You want something sturdy, with the right number of wheels to provide ample support for your baby.

Baby bikes will prepare your little one for their first balance bike. They keep it simple, helping your baby move along independently while giving the needed support.

Some bikes for this age group resemble toys, and there are key features to look for to ensure you get a good quality bike. We’ve looked hard and found there’s a right one for every child.

Our Top Picks

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    Finding the Best Bikes for 1-Year-Olds

    1. The Size

    Bike size matters. For small toddlers, who are just mastering their walk, both feet must be firmly on the ground when they’re straddling their bike (1).

    Baby bikes don’t have set sizes. Instead, manufacturers state the seat height and what age they’re suitable for. Because of this, we suggest you measure your little one’s height and inseam before buying.

    Go for a bike with a seat height that’s 1 inch less than your baby’s inseam. This size is low enough for their feet to reach the ground — it will allow for ample leverage to push themselves forward, building speed and balance.

    For Non-Walkers

    If you think your baby will use their bike primarily as a walker to start with, you can choose a higher seat height to allow room for growth.

    2. No Pedals

    For this age, pedals simply aren’t necessary. Young toddlers won’t be able to use them properly yet due to a lack of coordination. For 1-year-olds, it’s best to simplify the process and provide them with a tool they can use to develop balance and leg muscles.

    You’ll see that none of the products in our review have pedals. Kids this age may use a bike as a walker in the beginning, standing behind it and pushing while taking steps.

    3. Toy or Bike?

    Toddlers love doing what they want, whenever they want, and it can be hard to predict how they’re going to use the bike. Don’t feel disappointed if they use it as a toy in the beginning, especially if it resembles one.

    If you sense your little one is more adventurous, you could look for a model that resembles a balance bike. This will challenge your toddler, helping them to develop biking skills faster.

    If your toddler is timid, it’s a good idea to look for a design that sparks some imagination and fun. One that’s stable and features four wheels to keep them steady is important, too — you don’t want to give them a fear of bikes.

    4. Steering Limiter

    For ride-on toys, steering varies significantly between manufacturers. Some include fixed front wheels, preventing any steering from left or right, while others have a limiter.

    A steering limiter is excellent for this age. Most toddlers aren’t capable of fully controlling a bike yet, so limiting turning will help them learn. The general turning arc is 135 degrees; there are those, however, with a broader range.

    We don’t recommend a bike that provides a full range of turning. This could cause it to jackknife, leading to tip-overs.

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    Best 1-Year-Old Bike Reviews of 2020

    Using our advice above to guide us, we set out to find the best bikes for 1-year-olds. We searched through leading blogs and top parent reviews to create our top 10.

    1. Baby Balance Bike By Avenor

    Best Baby Bike Overall

    Baby Balance Bike - Baby Bicycle for 6-24 Months, Sturdy Balance Bike for 1 Year...
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    Scoring the top spot on our list, we have a premium baby bike from Avenor. It’s an infant bike, suitable for babies aged 6 months to 36 months.

    With a sturdy, carbon steel construction, this is an ideal ride for helping your little one feel confident on wheels. It’s fully certified, and its outstanding reviews suggest it’s one of the best.

    Suited on the bike are four durable wheels, for indoors and outdoors use. On the handles is EVA foam, providing a comfortable grip for your little one.

    The bike will also work as a walker and toy — your little one can push it around, finding their balance. Once the rider is in their seat, it promotes a natural, upright position, centering the weight across the hips.

    You’ll love how easy the assembly is. It has a modular design and arrives 95 percent ready. No tools are needed to put it together, and your little one will be ready to ride in no time.

    • Sturdy build with durable materials.
    • Works as a walker and bike.
    • Fully certified.
    • Easy assembly.
    • Only two color options.

    Additional Specs

    MaterialCarbon steel
    Age range6 months to 36 months
    Turning limitYes
    Seat height10 inches
    Handle height14 inches

    2. Baby Balance Bikes By Bammax

    Most Reliable

    Bammax Baby Balance Bike, Baby Bicycle for 1 Year Old, Riding Toys for 1 Year...
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    With a sturdy construction, this baby bike from Bammax is great for babies who are learning how to walk. The company is known for producing high-quality products, and this bike is no exception. It receives stellar reviews from parents, praising its reliability.

    The bike can help your little one develop coordination, balance, and muscles. It’s a great pre-balance bike for children aged 1 to 2 years.

    Your little one should love riding this bike. The handlebar is optimized for small hands and fitted with BPA-free, EVA foam material. There’s also a turn limiter, preventing sharp turns and tumbles.

    The seat is ergonomically designed and padded with PU leather to ensure small tushies stay comfortable. It’s snug and comfy, ready for long hours of fun.

    The bike is also stable. It’s suited with wide, soft EVA tires — these are non-slip and can ride safely across smooth surfaces.

    • The tires don’t make marks on hardwood floors.
    • Soft handlebar with EVA foam and turn limiter.
    • Ergonomically designed seat.
    • Non-slip tires.
    • Not for outdoor use.
    • Doesn’t work well on carpeted surfaces.

    Additional Specs

    MaterialCarbon steel
    Age range1 to 2 years
    Turning limitYes
    Seat height9.5 inches
    Handle height13.8 inches

    3. Baby Walker Balance Bikes By Ewoki

    For the Smallest

    Ewoki Baby Walker Balance Bikes Bicycle Toy for Children 10-24 Months,Outdoor...
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    Ewoki recommends this product for infants as small as eight months, and we think this pre-balance bike is outstanding. For starters, it’s cute, sporting a baby blue and white coat — it’s bright and eye-catching, which will attract babies.

    It’s a sturdy bike, with a carbon steel frame, four EVA tires, and soft handles. The seat is cushioned and will keep tiny bottoms comfy. It’s the right height for babies, giving their legs ample room to push forward.

    The steering wheel includes a turn limiter to keep your little one safe. It stops the handle at 135 degrees. This will prevent side falling or jackknifing.

    A huge plus is how easy the bike is to assemble. The process requires no tools, and parents said it took less than 15 minutes to complete.

    • Excellent starter bike for the smallest riders.
    • Durable materials and good tires.
    • Comfortable, cushy seat.
    • Optimal height for small legs.
    • Babies may outgrow it before getting big enough for their first balance bike.

    Additional Specs

    MaterialCarbon steel
    Age range8 months to 24 months
    Turning limitYes
    Seat heightN/A
    Handle height13.9 inches

    4. Pewi Ride-On and Walking Toy By YBike


    Pewi Walking Ride On Toy - From Baby Walker to Toddler Ride On for Ages 9 Months...
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    Being featured on most expert blogs, we had to include the Pewi. It’s a multi-purpose bike and walker, suitable for babies aged 9 months to 3 years, or up to 44 pounds. It has a unique look, somewhat like a cross between a chair and a horse, but it’s an award-winning design.

    The bike features four multi-directional wheels, enabling the bike to go in every direction. It’s fun for babies who are learning how to walk or want to keep up with their older sibling’s trike. The pushbike is capable of growing with your little one and has a long window for usage.

    With a durable and lightweight aluminum frame, the rest of the bike is mostly molded plastic. The seat, however, is fitted with a soft foam pad for extra comfort.

    The plastic makes it easy for small hands to hold onto it and for adults to keep clean. It’s available in three colors, suitable for both boys and girls.

    • Innovative design, capable of growing with your baby.
    • Works well as a bike or walker, featuring multi-directional wheels.
    • Lightweight yet durable.
    • Three colors are available.
    • The screw cover can pop off but is easy to fix with either duct tape or by drilling a tiny hole for the air to escape.

    Additional Specs

    Age range9 months to 36 months
    Turning limitNo
    Seat height10 inches
    Handle height18 inches

    5. Baby Balance Bike By BEKILOLE

    Balance Bike Look-Alike

    BEKILOLE Baby Balance Bike- Baby Bicycle for 10-24 Months, Perfect as First...
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    If you want to prepare your little one for their first two-wheeled balance bike, then this is a great place to start. This pre-balance bike from Bekilole promotes confidence, coordination, muscle development, and stability.

    It’s the balance bike’s close cousin, featuring three wheels — two at the front, one in the rear. It’s suitable for babies aged 10 to 24 months and has a low step-through frame.

    The options are cute. It’s available in pink, red, or blue, and in themes such as zebra and giraffe.

    With an incredibly durable carbon steel frame, it’s a high-quality design. The bike is fitted with a non-slip EVA handlebar and a cushioned seat for comfort. This allows for a smooth ride for your little one.

    It’s fully certified for safety and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

    The bike offers maximum stability — it promotes a low center of gravity, keeping the bike steady. For added security, the tires are wide and sturdy, capable of riding indoors and out.

    The handlebar includes a turn limiter set to 135 degrees to prevent tipping or jackknifing.

    • It resembles a balance bike, but with more stability.
    • Sturdy frame.
    • Non-slip EVA handles, offering a secure grip.
    • Wide, durable wheels.
    • Small — toddlers may outgrow it quickly.

    Additional Specs

    MaterialCarbon steel
    Age range10 to 24 months
    Turning limitYes
    Seat height10 inches
    Handle height15 inches

    6. Baby Balance Bike By Bodaon

    Best for Boys

    Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle for 1-2 Year Old Girl/Boy, Best Cycling Toy Gifts
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    This cute, high-quality baby bike from Bodaon is adorable. It’s suitable for toddlers aged 1 to 2 years, and it’s meant as a walker and ride-on toy.

    Although this bike is not exclusive to boys, we think the electric “Blue2” color is a great pick for all the sons out there.

    You’ll likely appreciate the bike’s sturdiness. It’s constructed with a durable frame, strong enough to ride outdoors. It features double tires, two front and two rear — stabilizing the bike, preventing tumbles and falls.

    It’s low, keeping your little one close to the floor. Many parents lauded how it helped their babies learn to walk. Because it’s so sturdy, it can support them as they’re leaning against it.

    Another praiseworthy feature is the easy assembly. It requires no tools, and parents say they finished the job in less than 30 minutes.

    Bodaon’s baby bike is fully certified in toy safety standards so you can feel confident when your baby is using it.

    • A cute design with vibrant colors.
    • Highly durable construction.
    • EVA wheels capable of running indoors and outdoors.
    • Fully certified.
    • Small, and not suitable for tall toddlers.

    Additional Specs

    Age range1 to 2 years
    Turning limitYes
    Seat height10 inches
    Handle height14 inches

    7. Scoot Around Ride-On Bike By Hape

    Best Wooden Baby Bike

    Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike | Award Winning Four Wheeled Wooden Push...
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    With a wooden frame and rubber wheels, this baby bike from Hape is a great pick. It has received outstanding reviews from parents, with many praising its appearance. It’s a bike that’s just right for most babies to gain confidence and balance.

    The Scoot Around features an adorable design, which is basic yet highly functional. Hape made sure it has just the right height for optimal space to scoot with the legs. Your little one may even be able to build up some speed, so make sure they wear a helmet.

    To make steering smooth, it includes a turning limiter, which also prevents nasty tip-overs during tight turns. Hape limited the steering to 135 degrees. Some parents, however, did say they removed it once their babies were more confident.

    With four wheels, the bike offers excellent stability. The rear wheels are wide-set, providing outstanding balance.

    • Cute wooden design.
    • Anti-slip rubber wheels.
    • Outstanding stability.
    • High handlebars.
    • The seat is quite low — tall toddlers may outgrow it fast.

    Additional Specs

    Age range1 year and up
    Turning limitYes
    Seat height8.98 inches
    Handle height14.76 inches

    8. Scoot-About By Radio Flyer

    Retro-Style Baby Bike

    Radio Flyer Scoot-About
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    For the coolest of toddlers, we present the Scoot About from Radio Flyer. Radio Flyer is famous for creating iconic bikes for children of all ages.

    This retro-style baby bike is excellent for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years. It’s suited with all the right accessories to keep a baby entertained. On the handlebar sits a small bell they can ring as well as fun ribbons that twirl and trail as they speed along.

    The bike sports a bright red coat with black tires and white rims. The handlebars are bare chrome to finish the look, giving it some edge and that classic appearance. It features a front bumper that’s aesthetic, but also functional to protect furnishings and walls.

    Your little one will love gliding around on this bike. The tires sit in a widespread design and provide a smooth ride with excellent stability.

    The Scoot Around grows with your little one. The seat is adjustable, and it can safely carry your toddler up to 42 pounds.

    • Retro-style, great for sassy toddlers.
    • It offers excellent stability with its widespread wheel design.
    • Features a bell and ribbons.
    • Adjustable seat, suitable up to 42 pounds.
    • The front platform gets in the way when the rider tries to push forward with their legs.

    Additional Specs

    Age range1 to 3 years
    Turning limitYes
    Seat heightN/A
    Handle heightN/A

    9. Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle By XJD

    Duckies Design

    XJD Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Baby Toys for 1 Year Old Boy Girl 10 Month -24...
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    The duckie Mini Trike is ideal for small babies, ranging from 10 to 24 months. It’s one of the smallest baby bikes on the market today, suitable for early walkers or late crawlers.

    We love the yellow duckie theme on the bike. It’s adorable and suitable for both boys and girls. The frame is yellow, sporting duckie stickers — then the black tires feature yellow rims for an eye-catching detail.

    Other than being cute, it’s extremely lightweight, weighing in at approximately 4 pounds. Because of the featherweight, your little one can build up a good speed while still being able to control it.

    The bike promotes independence, featuring a low seat and low step-through design, which makes it easy for small legs to mount the bike.

    The handlebar is suited with a turn-limiter, preventing the rider from turning more than 135 degrees. The seat is broad and comfy for little tushies, even without a diaper, and it also features the ultra-cute duckie theme.

    Small babies might need some help when riding — otherwise, they can use it as a walker.

    • Excellent size for small babies.
    • Super cute duckie theme.
    • Lightweight structure, easy to maneuver.
    • Comfy seat.
    • The bike is small, so babies may outgrow it fast.

    Additional Specs

    MaterialCarbon steel
    Age range10 to 24 months
    Turning limitYes
    Seat heightN/A
    Handle heightN/A

    10. Bunzi 2-in-1 Gradual Balance Bike By Chillafish

    Two-In-One Baby Bike

    Chillafish Bunzi: 2-in-1 Gradual Balance Bike & Tricycle, Blue
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    If you’re looking for a baby bike that resembles the real deal, this one from Chillafish is worth a look. Designed with a pair of close-set rear wheels and a single front wheel, it requires some balance to ride. It’s recommended for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years, but we don’t suggest it for babies who can’t walk.

    Nonetheless, if your little one is steady on their feet, this bike is terrific. Many parents commend how the bike has helped their child’s stability and prepared them for their balance bikes.

    Because this bike is a convertible, you can remove one wheel once your youngster is confident and make it into a two-wheeler.

    The Chillafish bike also features plenty of toddler-friendly components. One of these is a small compartment for snacks or other gear. It’s lightweight, too, making it a breeze for kiddies to maneuver it and build up speed for balance.

    • Converts into a two-wheeler.
    • Excellent for building balance and confidence.
    • Lightweight frame.
    • Snack compartment.
    • Not for small babies — walkers only.
    • The steering is stiff.

    Additional Specs

    MaterialABC material
    Age range1 to 3 years
    Turning limitYes
    Seat height8.66 inches
    Handle heightN/A

    Detailed Comparison Chart

    ProductBestMaterialAge rangeTurning limitSeat heightHandle height
    Avenor Balance BikeOverallCarbon steel6 mos – 36 mosYes10″14″
    Bammax Balance BikesMost ReliableCarbon steel1 – 2 yrsYes9.5″13.8″
    Ewoki Baby WalkerFor the SmallestCarbon steel8 mos – 24 mosYesN/A13.9″
    YBike Pewi Ride-OnMulti-PurposeAluminum9 mos – 36 mosNo10″18″
    BEKILOLE Baby Balance BikeBalance Bike Look-AlikeCarbon steel10 – 24 mosYes10″15″
    Bodaon Baby Balance BikeBoysN/A1 – 2 yrsYes10″14″
    Hape Scoot Around Ride-OnWooden BikeWood1 yr and upYes8.98″14.76″
    Radio Flyer Scoot-AboutRetro-StyleChrome1 – 3 yrsYesN/AN/A
    XJD Baby Balance BicycleDuckies DesignCarbon steel10 – 24 mosYesN/AN/A
    Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike2-In-1ABC material1 – 3 yrsYes8.66″N/A
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    One for the Smallest

    Investing in a bike for your toddler can help develop stability, coordination, and confidence. The best bikes for 1-year-olds help prepare them for their first balance bike, or even two-wheeler with training wheels.

    However, it’s crucial to find the right size — use your little one’s height and inseam as a guide. Then look for one that features a steering limiter, has no pedals, and caters to your toddler’s needs.

    Don’t be surprised if they use it as a toy to begin with — that’s still a good starting point.

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