Best Gymnastics Bars for Home Use of 2020

Indoor gymnastics bars — a safe and economical way to support your little gymnast at home.

Gymnastics can be an incredible way to get your little ones to exercise and learn social skills at the same time. So, why not consider letting them practice with the best gymnastics bars for home use?

If you have a little gymnast in your home, you already know how energetic they can be. Even after coming back from practice, they’ll still be flipping around the house. Having a gymnastics bar in your home will allow your little one to get out all that energy and practice, too.

Don’t know what to look for? We do, and we’ll share that information with you, from one parent to another.

Our Top Picks

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How to Choose the Best Gymnastics Bars

Before you run out and buy the first set of bars you stumble across, these are the most important factors to look for:

Weight Limit

Make sure the gymnastics bar you choose will be able to sustain your child’s weight. Chances are you’ll want to keep using this bar for at least a few more years. So be sure to choose one that will be able to hold your child’s weight not only now, but in the future.

There’s no definitive age-to-weight ratio, so we can’t guide you there. Instead, weigh your child and then check the limit for each set of bars.

Paying attention to the weight limit will increase the safety for your child while doing this activity (1).


Ensure the height and width are suitable for your home or gym space before purchasing.

  • Height: Most gymnastic bars are adjustable. However, if you have low ceilings in your home, it might be a challenge to fit in a gymnastics bar. Be sure to factor in the height of your child as well.
  • Width: There is no adjustability option, so you’ll have to make sure you have a space wide enough to accommodate the bar. Keep in mind, you’ll also need to find a mat to fit the width of the bar.
  • Room space: Something many forget is the space around the bars. Make sure there’s enough room around the bars for dismounts, falls, and general flipping.


This is arguably the most important factor to take into consideration. With all that jumping and twirling, you’ll want a gymnastic bar that holds up well.

High-quality gymnastic bars will have extra stabilizing features to make sure the bar won’t fall over. Look out for these:

  • Curved edges.
  • Steel frame.
  • Floor stamp.
  • Spring-loaded locking mechanisms.
  • Non-slip rubber base.
  • Triangular frame.

Skill Level

If your child’s a beginner and you buy them a more advanced bar, you’ll just be wasting money. They don’t need the additional equipment that comes with it.

  • Kip bars: If your child’s just getting into gymnastics, a kip bar is great for entry-level. It’ll help them get some additional practice without being too intimidating.
  • Pro bars: For the more advanced gymnast, pro bars will help them develop more complicated moves. Your child won’t be able to practice casting or circling on a kip bar.

The Best Home Gymnastics Bars of 2020

It took us many hours, but by combining personal knowledge of gymnastics, as well as user feedback and expert advice, we found the below best gymnastics bars for home use.

1. Safly Fun Gymnastics Kip Bar

Best Overall Gymnastics Bar for Home Use

Safly Fun Gymnastics Bars Expandable Children's Training Monkey Folding Bars...
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If you’re looking for a way to support your child at the beginning of their gymnastics journey, this is it. The bar’s triangular frame is completely made out of aluminum, which is super strong, and the frame’s shape adds to this sturdiness.

For added stability and protection for the gymnast and the floor, the Safly kip bar comes with rubber footing. This means it’ll grip the floor without causing damage.

The thing we love most about this bar? It’s foldable! You can store it away whenever your little one isn’t using it.

This is especially important if you have a beginner gymnast who won’t necessarily be using it all the time. It also makes it easy to transport.

This bar doesn’t have many moving parts, which means easy assembly. With only five main parts, you should be able to put it together in one short sitting.

  • Triangular frame for added stability.
  • Foldable.
  • Extendable bar.
  • Rubber footing for grip.
  • Not for advanced levels.

Additional Specs

Weight Limit120 pounds
Bar Length34.8 or 40.5 or 45.4 or 51 inches
Base Size42.5 by 58.5 inches
Build MaterialAluminum

2. Tumblr Trak Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar

Best Value Gymnastics Bar for Home Use

Tumbl Trak Expandable Gymnastics Training Jr Kip Bar, Purple
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This brilliantly designed gymnastic bar can withstand even the most rigorous routines. With a working load of 125 pounds, you can rest assured that your little gymnast is safe while practicing on it.

In terms of materials, this gymnastic bar’s frame is all steel, and the bar is made out of solid wood. It was designed with safety and stability in mind. Its curved bar edges provide extra safety and reduce the risk of injury that can arise from pointed corners.

What’s scarier than a gymnastics bar tipping over mid-spin? Hardly anything.

The folks at Tumblr Trak know this is one of a parent’s main concerns. That’s why they’ve designed this bar with a huge 4 by 6-foot floor stamp.

The wooden bar is 1.5 inches thick, built to withstand even the most difficult training routines. The bar length is also easy to adjust and can reach a maximum height of 56 inches. Thanks to the spring-loaded knob on the bar, it will hold its position securely.

  • High-quality construction.
  • Additional crossbars for support.
  • Curved edges for added security.
  • Easily adjustable bar height.
  • No extension kit.

Additional Specs

Weight Limit125 pounds
Bar Length36 to 56 inches
Base Size54 by 48 inches
Build MaterialSteel frame and beach wood bar
WarrantyTwo years

3. Milliard Professional Gymnastics Kip Bar

Most Versatile Gymnastics Bar for Home Use

Milliard Professional Gymnastics Kip Bar Height Adjustable, Bright Teal
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This stylish bar comes in either teal or bright pink — the colors are vibrant, so they’ll encourage your child to practice more. Even better, this kip bar comes with a cute little sticker pack, so they can customize it how they like.

Even though it’s labeled for professionals, it can be used by gymnasts of all skill levels. It has 12 different levels that are easily adjustable to fit your child’s height, and it can reach as low as 35 inches and as high as 57 inches. This means your kid will be able to continue using it as they grow.

In terms of materials, the bar is made out of maple wood and features a fiberglass core. This gives you the best of both worlds — stability and flexibility. For added sturdiness and grip, the bar is fitted with a rubber base.

It’s so stable and safe that it doesn’t require any additional stabilizers or extra equipment. The frame is made out of steel, which is the industry standard.

  • Sturdy and flexible bar.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Rubber base for added stability.
  • No mat included.

Additional Specs

Weight Limit140 pounds
Bar Length35 to 57 inches
Base Size72 by 54 inches
Build MaterialSteel frame, maple wood bar, fiberglass core

4. Gymmatsdirect Gymnastics Junior Training Bar

Best Heavy Duty Gymnastics Bar for Home Use

gymmatsdirect Gymnastics Junior Training Bar Pro Height Adjustable Horizontal...
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This bar is heavy-duty, hefty, and adjustable with a triple locking mechanism — it’s a powerful combo.

If you’ve been hesitant to buy your child a gymnastics bar for home use due to safety concerns, consider this bar. The people at Gymmatsdirect are only using high-quality materials.

The base and frame are made completely out of stainless steel, while the rail itself is made out of fiberglass. This means you’ll have an ultra-stable base with a strong and slip-resistant bar.

This bad boy has 11 adjustable heights, from 37.5 to 57.5 inches, making it suitable for most children. It can also hold up to 340 pounds, so parents can give it a whirl occasionally while their kids aren’t looking if they want to preserve their pride in case of a fall.

  • Triple-locking mechanism.
  • 340-pound weight limit.
  • Steel and fiberglass construction.
  • 11 adjustable heights.
  • Users mention that the mat comes separately, even when ordered together.

Additional Specs

Weight Limit340 pounds
Bar Length37.5 to 57.5 inches
Base Size50.4 by 72 inches
Build MaterialSteel frame with fiberglass wood bar
WarrantyThree years

5. Z Athletic Adjustable Kip Bar

Best Home-Use Gymnastics Bar with Rubber Base

Z ATHLETIC Expandable Kip Bar Adjustable Height for Gymnastics, Training & 4ft x...
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This is an all-in-one set since it comes with its own properly-sized safety mat. You won’t have to worry about finding one that matches the base of your bar. Also, the mat is made of closed-cell foam, which is the stuff used in professional gym equipment.

The gymnastic bar itself is also made from high-quality fiberglass, so you can be sure it is durable. The joints are all welded firmly together, and the legs are steel for ultimate stability and safety. This gymnastics bar is made to last.

The bar extends from 36 inches to 58 inches — that’s almost 5 feet. You’ll get lots of use out of it as your child continues to grow. This is the kind of high-quality gymnastic bar that hangs around for so long, it almost feels like family.

  • Safety mat included.
  • Adjustable bar.
  • Available in an array of colors.
  • Built to last.
  • Customers comment on the tedious assembly — tightening bolts with a wrench.

Additional Specs

Weight Limit120 pounds
Bar Length36 to 58 inches
Base Size72 by 48 inches
Build MaterialSteel frame with fiberglass rail core
WarrantyTwo years

6. Costzon Gymnastic Training Bar

Best Beginner Gymnastics Bar for Home Use

Costzon Junior Training Bar, Gymnastics Adjustable Steel Gymnastic Horizontal...
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With a 220-pound weight limit and 12 adjustable heights, you can be sure this gymnastics bar will live with you for a while. It’s best for beginner levels 1 through 4.

It utilizes a stabilizing triangular-shaped base, which ensures overall stability for the whole bar. The support plates are welded together to withstand even the toughest routines, and the base is fitted with rubber floor pads to prevent slipping.

This training bar is also equipped with a double-locking mechanism for extra safety. Also, its base fits any standard 4-foot wide gym mat, so you won’t have to go out searching for a specially-sized one.

This bar is sturdy, has a large weight capacity, and is equipped with various safety features. It’s great for little gymnasts just at the beginning of their gymnastics journey.

  • Double-locking mechanism.
  • 220-pound weight limit.
  • Rubber floor pads.
  • Stabilizing triangle plates.
  • Users have found difficulty screwing in some bolts.

Additional Specs

Weight Limit220 pounds
Bar Length36 to 59 inches
Base Size80 by 60 inches
Build MaterialSteel

7. Polar Aurora Gym Gymnastics Training Bar

Best Affordably-Priced Long-Term Gymnastics Bar for Home Use

Polar Aurora Gym Gymanastics Training Bar Adjustable Height (3'-5') Horizontal...
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If your child’s just getting into gymnastics and you don’t want to splurge on a fancy bar, this is for you. This one is good for beginners due to its simple yet stable design.

It doesn’t require any additional stabilizers because it’s fitted with a high-quality non-slip rubber base. This will provide additional grip for your child’s feet, which will help boost their confidence while practicing.

The bar is adjustable, which means you won’t need to purchase a new bar as your child grows. If your child does happen to outgrow the bar, you can always get the extra height-adjustment kit.

At 350 pounds, the weight limit is also impressively high. You can be sure that this gymnastics bar will be able to support all your child’s flipping, kipping, and spinning.

  • Offers an optional extension kit.
  • High weight limit.
  • Non-slip rubber base for added stability.
  • Solid wooden bar.
  • No warranty.

Additional Specs

Weight Limit350 pounds
Bar Length37 to 57.9 inches
Base Size77.6 by 47.6 inches
Build MaterialSteel with wooden bar

Home Gymnastics Bar Comparison Chart

ProductBestWeight LimitBar LengthBase SizeWarranty
Safly Fun Gymnastics Kip BarOverall Pick120 lbs34.8 to 51″42.5 x 58.5″N/A
Tumblr Trak Gymnastics Kip BarValue Pick125 lbs36 to 56″54 x 48″2 years
Milliard Pro Gymnastics Kip BarVersatile140 lbs35 to 57″72 x 54″N/A
Gymmatsdirect Junior Training BarHeavy Duty340 lbs37.5 to 57.5″50.4 x 72″3 years
Z Athletic Adjustable Kip BarRubber Base120 lbs36 to 58″72 x 48″2 years
Costzon Gymnastic Training BarBeginners220 lbs36 to 59″80 x 60″N/A
Polar Aurora Gym Training BarAffordable350 lbs37 to 57.9″77.6 x 47.6″N/A
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Think Long-Term

Try to look past solely focusing on the immediate needs of your kid. The right bar has to be able to accommodate your child’s growth — both in age and in skill. With this in mind, the adjustability of the bar should be the priority.

Coupled with this, ensure the sturdiness of the bar is sufficient. All of the products we’ve featured tick this box, so there’s no need to scratch your head too much on that one.

But don’t forget to factor in the available space in your home — it’s great that the best gymnastics bars for home use are adjustable, but that’s only relevant if you have room.

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