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16 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 5-Year-Old Girls: 2024 Picks

Shopping for a 5-year-old girl? Check out these cool gift ideas.

The pink aisles in the toy section might first seem overwhelming, but understanding the developmental milestones for 5-year-olds should ease this process.

We have studied all the latest research on child development and put what we’ve learned to the test. We’ve compared countless toys, games, and activities to come up with our list of the best toys and gifts for 5-year-old girls.

Our choices reflect our goals to help promote motor skills, thinking skills, social-emotional development, an active lifestyle, creativity, and a sense of fun and adventure.

Check out our top picks to find the best gift to thrill that special 5-year-old girl.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the WellieWishers Willa Doll
Best Doll
WellieWishers Willa Doll
  • 14.5 inches tall
  • Dressed from head-to-toe
  • Whimsical garden-themed accessories
Product Image of the My Pony Ride On
Best Ride-On
My Pony Ride On
  • Best pretend play horse
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Big and soft cushioned seat
Product Image of the Kids Fashion Craft Kit
Crafty Fashion
Kids Fashion Craft Kit
  • Ultimate headband set
  • Mom's Choice award winner
  • Great value for money
Product Image of the Horse Color Change
Unique Bath Toy
Horse Color Change
  • Changes color in water
  • Affordable
  • High-quality design
Product Image of the Fingerlings 2Tone Monkey
Best Toy Friend
Fingerlings 2Tone Monkey
  • Magical interactive pet
  • Batteries included
  • Over 40 animations and sound effects
Product Image of the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles
Hatchimals Pretend Play
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles
  • 12-pack egg carton
  • Easy to stack
  • Lightweight
Product Image of the Fashion Design Activity Kit
Fashion Design Kit
Fashion Design Activity Kit
  • 16-piece fashion-plate rubbing kit
  • Snap-shut, take-along storage case
  • Easy to use
Product Image of the SwimWays Finding Dory
Pool Playtime
SwimWays Finding Dory
  • 6-piece set
  • Durable materials
  • Characters float at different depths
Product Image of the Toysmith Deluxe Chef Set
Most Fashionable Cooking Attire
Toysmith Deluxe Chef Set
  • 100% cotton
  • Adjustable straps
  • Machine washable
Product Image of the Smarty Pants Kindergarten
Best Educational Card Set
Smarty Pants Kindergarten
  • Whimsical design
  • Contains 120 cards
  • Colorful and creative

Best Toys & Gift for 5-Year-Old Girls of 2024

Here are 16 great toy and gift ideas for 5-year-old girls.

American Girl WellieWishers Willa Doll

Best Doll Gift for 5-Year-Old Girls

This American Girl doll might quickly become your little girl’s best friend. Her boots have cute ladybug faces printed on them, and the adorable outfit makes her look like a sweet rainy-day fairy. Your girl can brush and arrange her long strawberry-blond pigtails to her liking, and her limbs are movable.

When she’s ready to go out, a leafy headband adds an extra touch. Willa has cute facial details, including freckles and hazel eyes. Her outfit includes underwear, a velour leotard, and a skirt that are easy to put on and remove.

If Willa feels lonely, this collection comes with four other doll friends. Your daughter can add Ashlyn, Camille, Kendall, and Emerson to her friend group to extend the fun. Exciting pretend play awaits.

User Experience

I've recently introduced this American Girl doll to my little girl, and she has become inseparable from her new friend. The charming ladybug boots and rainy-day fairy outfit bring a smile to my daughter's face every time she plays with her. She enjoys brushing and styling the doll's long strawberry-blond pigtails, and the movable limbs allow for various playtime adventures. The attention to detail, such as the freckles and hazel eyes, make this doll even more special. With the possibility of adding four more doll friends to the collection, the fun and imaginative play can continue to grow.

Medallion My Pony Ride On

Best Ride-On Toy for 5-Year-Old Girls

Is your 5-year-old begging for a horse? This ride-on toy might be a good compromise. It’s designed to look like a real horse for the most realistic experience and should stick with your child until their early tween years.

By pressing the footrest forward and backward, the pony’s legs move in a galloping motion. The handles located on each side of the head will give your child something to hold onto while they “ride.”

Although the pretend horse cannot go backward, it can make right or left turns. However, you can use safety locks if you’d prefer your child to advance in a straight line.

This toy can be used on any flat surface — indoors or outdoors. Your girl might need a little help with the mouth, but once she’s on, this toy offers a chance for physical exercise and some riding experience.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this ride-on pony has been nothing short of delightful for my 7 and 9-year-old girls. They were ecstatic when they first saw it, and its well-made construction promises longevity. The pony is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. However, it doesn't go backward due to a locking mechanism, and it could benefit from added reins and a more secure saddle. Despite these minor drawbacks, this ride-on pony has been a hit with my children and their friends, providing hours of entertainment and imaginative play.

Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Craft Kit

Crafty Fashion for Girls

Most 5-year-old girls love to accessorize. Wearing headbands is fun, but making them can take the excitement to another level.

This award-winning headband kit includes 10 colorful headbands your child can accessorize with satin, butterflies, flowers, feathers, and more. This craft promotes creativity and fine motor skills, and her little fingers will be working hard to come up with the most outstanding headbands.

Ideal for playdates, this set might also help your little one with social skills, teaching them to share while promoting teamwork.

Community Feedback

My experience with this headband kit has been quite positive, as it offers a fun and creative activity for children who enjoy arts, crafts, and fashion. I found that the kit was simple enough for my friend's 5-year-old daughter to make a headband all by herself, resulting in a beautiful final product. However, I would suggest that younger children may need some assistance, especially when it comes to using the provided glue.

Breyer Horse Color Change Bath Toy

Most Unique Bath Toy

Having trouble getting your child in the bathtub? This pony toy should make any bathtime battle a little easier. It could be the starting point for many interesting storytime adventures.

When placed in warm water, spots on the body, along with the mane and tail, change color. Ella, the pony transforms from purple to pink. Once dried, the pony converts back to its original purple color.

When bath time is over, your girl can dress her pony in a bathrobe. The set comes with a pretend sprayer and a brush for grooming.

Bryer makes several of these fun, color-changing horses, so your little one can continue to grow her collection.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this color-changing unicorn bath toy for my little one, and it quickly became a favorite during bath time. The vibrant colors and the color-changing feature are definitely entertaining and fun. However, after a few uses, we noticed that it filled with water and there was no way to get it out, which led to concerns about mold. Despite this issue, my child still enjoys playing with it both in and out of the water.

WowWee Fingerlings 2Tone Monkey

Best Toy Friend for 5-Year-Old Girls

Fingerlings are fun toy companions that can occupy your little one when they have no one to play with.

Summer the monkey comes in four different colors to appeal to all styles and tastes. She’ll latch onto your girl’s finger while making cute noises.

Summer will show different reactions when held upside down or upright. Blow a kiss, and she might blink her eyes open or even respond with a kiss in return.

Summer is interactive, responding to touch, movement, and noise. This toy comes with batteries installed, ready for play.

User Experience

Excellent interactive toy for children, these Fingerlings have brought joy to my nieces who adore their monkey and unicorn. I found them to be cute, affordable, and sturdy, making them great gifts for all ages. While there weren't any instructions included, a quick Google search provided all the necessary information for endless fun with these charming little creatures.

Season 4 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Hatchimals Pretend Play

This cute and popular set includes 10 Hatchimals and two Swanlings. Arranged in an egg carton, they’re easy to take on the go. Whether you’re adding these Hatchimals to your existing collection or this is her first set, your child won’t be disappointed.

Each egg displays a purple heart. To hatch your Hatchimal, gently rub the heart. Once it turns pink, crack the egg to discover which Hatchimal it hides.

These Hatchimals are either metallic or translucent. Some can also shine, glitter, or glow when placed over a light.

Personal Perspective

Best toy for kids who love surprises and cute little animals! My children had a blast cracking open the eggs and discovering the adorable Hatchimals inside. It's great that the set comes with a handy egg carton for storage, preventing these tiny toys from getting lost. Although the Hatchimals don't have moving limbs, their sparkle and charm make them a delightful addition to my kids' playtime, and they enjoy incorporating them with their other figurines.

Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Art Activity Kit

Fashion Design Kit

Is your little girl already expressing an interest in fashion or drawing? This artistic kit should satisfy both interests. It includes 18 stylish designs over nine plates and comes with four pencils.

To get started, select the combination of textured fashion plates you wish to use to make your perfect outfit. Next, place the paper over the plate and close the frame. By rubbing the black crayon horizontally over the plate, the design outline will clearly appear on the paper. Open the frame; it’s time for coloring.

This fashion design art kit comes in a case for easy storage and transport. Note: the paper isn’t included.

Community Feedback

This fashion design toy has brought back memories from my own childhood and has been an instant hit with my 5-year-old daughter. She enjoys using it in the car and swapping plates between the original and princess sets for more outfit options. However, the set only comes with four colored pencils which don't color very well, especially the yellow one. I recommend buying additional crayons for better results and more color variety. My daughter does have some difficulty opening and closing the latch on her own, but overall, it's a great toy that keeps her entertained for hours.

SwimWays Disney Finding Dory

Best Pool Playtime Toy

This pool kit should make your little girl feel more confident around water and add some fun to swimming time.

This Disney kit includes a net designed in the shape of Mr. Ray plus five cute figures: Kathy, Nemo, Sheldon, Pearl, and Dory. Some characters float, while others sink for diving practice.

Your girl might be more comfortable catching the floating characters at first. As she becomes more confident, she can drop the sinking figures to increase the challenge.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this cute toy and absolutely love the solid little fish design, preventing water and mold from getting inside - no more throwing out bathtub toys! The net opening could be wider, as it was slightly difficult for my 1-year-old to scoop them up. This toy is versatile, suitable for younger kids and even older ones to play with in various water settings. However, I recommend being cautious with the net, as the end can be sharp for kids over 5 years old.

Toysmith Deluxe Chef Set

Most Fashionable Cooking Attire

Do you need a little sous chef? Or does your little girl own a pretend kitchen and needs the matching outfit?

This stylish pink kitchen ensemble is a complete chef’s attire. It combines an adjustable apron, a chef’s hat, two hot pads, a wooden rolling pin, and a cooking spoon. All the accessories are included to help out in the kitchen.

The machine-washable clothes are made with 100% cotton for ultimate comfort.

User Experience

This adorable chef set has brought endless joy to my young niece who loves to play in the kitchen. The apron, chef hat, oven mitt, and wooden utensils are all well-constructed and the bright colors add a fun touch. While the apron is a bit big for a petite child, it is easily adjustable and can be tailored to fit. The chef hat's elastic band can be snug on a smaller child's head, but it does keep the hat in place.

Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Kindergarten Cards

Best Educational Card Set

Feeling like your child already has enough dolls, ponies, and princess toys? Looking for a different and more educational toy? This brain-building card set might fit the bill.

Developed with the help of educators, the 120 cards contain fun and colorful illustrations. Each card includes an activity to challenge her skills in math, vocabulary, and more.

When your child outgrows this card set, the grade 1 version is available to continue the learning process. The set comes in a cleverly-designed tin featuring a brain wearing little baggy pants and sneakers, hence the “smarty pants” name.

Personal Perspective

I've recently purchased the Smarty Pants card game for my granddaughter, and it has provided our family with hours of entertainment and learning opportunities. These cards offer a range of age-appropriate questions and challenges, although a few might be better suited for children towards the middle or end of kindergarten. The only drawback we encountered was the lack of directions, but we've managed to have fun and even improve my granddaughter's math and observational skills.

CreativeElf Drawing Stencils Set

Artistic Traveling

Containing a built-in handle and lock, this portable drawing case is easily transportable. It includes 10 colored pencils and 16 reusable stencils to make 300 different shapes. A three-color pen has been added to the kit as a bonus.

With animal, fashion, flower, butterfly, or even princess shapes, this portable drawing case should keep your little one busy for a while. She can trace the shapes and get to coloring.

The plastic stencils are easy to wash. The kit also comes with a sharpener and 25 sheets of paper.

Community Feedback

These stencil sets are perfect for young kids, especially those who enjoy drawing and arts and crafts. I bought one for my 9-year-old great-grandson, and the whole family has found creative ways to use them. The set comes with 16 sturdy stencils, paper, colored pencils, and a sharpener, all in a reusable carrying case. My 5-year-old granddaughter loves the variety of items she can trace and practices her freehand drawing next to the traced images. Although the included paper didn't last long, we simply added printer paper to the kit, and it continues to provide hours of entertainment for the kids.

Lego Disney Frozen Sleigh Adventure

Frozen Fun for Everyone

This “Frozen” Lego set will wow most little girls. It includes 174 pieces and features three of the main Disney characters from the movie: Anna, Kristoff, and Sven.

The sleigh comfortably fits two passengers and comes with accessories such as an ice pick, two ice cubes, cups, and more. A trading post is fitted with all the details to make the scene more realistic.

This winter wonderland will be a great place for your girl to develop her thinking and instruction-following skills as she builds the set and her imagination as she plays.

First-Hand Impression

Definitely a delightful LEGO set for Frozen fans, this set kept my daughter and me entertained for hours. The Sven reindeer figure was particularly charming and well-proportioned, and the overall design of the set was impressive. It did feel a bit overpriced due to its Disney licensing, but the fun we had constructing and playing with it made up for the cost. Although the buildings in this set felt incomplete, combining it with other sets allowed for more creative and enjoyable playtime.

Lego Ariel and The Magical Spell

Building for Imagination

This 222-piece Lego set from the movie “The Little Mermaid” is another playful Lego option.

Ariel’s cave comes with a treasure chest containing a yellow diamond, a sliding door, and a hiding space for Flounder. Ariel uses her hairbrush to ensure her hair remains beautiful as always. And Ursula, the evil witch, makes an appearance too.

Girls love that this kit allows them to recreate the entire story, as Ariel has the option to go full-human, with legs instead of her tail.

Although your 5-year-old girl might need some assistance with construction, this set should be the root of many exciting stories.

User Experience

I recently purchased this Lego set as a gift for my young niece, and I must say it exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and playability. My 4-year-old niece and I spent well over an hour assembling the set together, and the detailed instruction book made the process enjoyable for both of us. These small Legos may pose a risk of losing parts, so I recommend storing them in a large zip-lock bag. The set is an accurate representation of the Disney Mermaid story, and it inspired my niece to create her own story extensions. While the hairpiece on the characters comes off easily, it's a minor issue in an otherwise fantastic and imaginative toy.

Toysmith Rainbow Stunt Streamer

Best for Outdoor Fun

This toy should help your little one spend more time outdoors and enhance gross motor and fine motor skills. The colorful ribbon is attached to a handle and stretches to 78 inches long. By pulling the cord through the handle, loops will go from small to large spirals.

The ribbon is made of sturdy material that should withstand hours of play without ripping. Although our girls prefer to use this as an outdoor toy, you could also bring it indoors if space allows.

Personal Perspective

If you're looking for a simple yet entertaining outdoor toy, this ribbon twirler has been a hit with my kids. They enjoy running around the yard, making different shapes and patterns, providing endless entertainment. However, the control cord can get tangled easily, so be prepared to make adjustments for younger children to avoid frustration.

Build-A-Bot: Unicorn

Best STEM Robot Toy for 5-Year-Old Girls

This cute pink robot comes with 20 pieces that your 5-year-old might need a little assistance snapping together. It includes detailed instructions and a “Build-a-Bot” certificate as a reward when construction time is over.

Your little one can choose her bot’s eye color and decorate the unicorn by adding stickers in various shapes. A clap will activate the robot.

If you’d like a visual, here is a useful video showing how to build and use the robot, which moves and makes sounds in response to your little one’s signals:

Community Feedback

I recently gifted this toy to my daughter for Christmas, and she absolutely loved it! She managed to build it in just two hours, all by herself, which I found quite impressive. My granddaughter, who is six, also had a blast building and playing with this toy alongside her father. This toy is not only sturdy and well worth the money, but also provides an enjoyable bonding experience for parents and children. I would definitely consider this as a great gift idea for children aged 7 and above.

Enchantimals Bree Bunny Doll

Best for Animal Lovers

This adorable six-inch doll could become your child’s best friend. The bunny-themed doll is paired with her own cute little bunny pet.

Your little one can play for hours with this doll and her pet. It will also teach them to love and care for animals. They’ll love the detail in each outfit. The makeup is carefully designed, the outfits are bold and fun, and the doll comes with fun accessories, including her own bunny ears, a removable outfit, and high-fashion shoes.

If your little girl loves magic, enchantment, animals, and dolls, this set is the perfect combination!

First-Hand Impression

I'm thrilled with these Enchantimals dolls, especially Bree Bunny, who has quickly become a favorite in our household. The charming design, with pink ears and a cute green flower dress, is absolutely adorable, and the included pet bunny adds extra fun for my kids. These dolls may be smaller than a standard Barbie, but they make up for it in cuteness and creativity. Just be aware that the prices can fluctuate, so keep an eye out for the best deal to add these delightful dolls to your child's collection.

Developmental Milestones of 5-Year-Old Girls

Your daughter’s abilities are progressing rapidly, and she’s developing a greater taste for independent play. Here are a few other milestones to consider (1):

  • Motor: 5-year-old girls should be able to run, jump, and hop. They usually have good balance and improved coordination. They should be able to hold a pen, unzip a sweater, or fasten a button.
  • Emotional: They’re now able to express their feelings, what they like and don’t like, and even show empathy. This phase is characterized by extreme emotions.
  • Social: She enjoys spending time with family and making new friends. Being accepted and pleasing friends and parents is important at this age.
  • Language: They can be understood as their vocabulary expands, forming more structured and complex sentences.
  • Cognitive: She can copy shapes and count up to 10 objects. Her drawing skills continue to improve.

Other Things to Consider

When purchasing the best toy for your 5-year-old girl, a few other things are worth considering.

Your Child’s Interests

Most girls at this age start developing areas of interest, such as unicorns, princess toys, or even just a favorite color — often pink. Considering your 5-year-old’s preferences when selecting a toy will increase the success rate of finding the best gift for your girl.

Pretend Play

Girls love to role-play and mimic parents. Pretend toys such as a cooking outfit or pony ride could be a big success. Girls tend to analyze facial expressions better than boys and are likely to be fascinated by dolls they can nurture (2).


Five-year-old girls are active players. However, some girls prefer less boisterous outdoor toys, such as a kite or streamers. Most also love creative play, such as drawing or painting.

Craft kits are usually a hit when it comes to indoor creative play. And sports equipment, including balls, bouncer houses, and gymnastics equipment, can keep girls busy when outdoors.

Spatial Reasoning

Boys are generally thought to be better at analyzing sizes and distances than little girls (3). This is the reason why you won’t find as many building blocks, electronics, or construction toys for girls. However, it’s important not to stereotype. Instead, offer a wide variety of toys to girls and boys. A Lego construction set showcasing your child’s favorite series is guaranteed to appeal to a girl, just as it would to a boy.


Why is Play So Important For a 5-Year-Old?

Play is crucial for five-year-olds as it contributes significantly to their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. It helps them explore the world, learn problem-solving skills, develop social skills, and express themselves creatively.

What are the Top 5 Selling Toys of All Time?

The five top-selling toys of all time typically include classics like Barbie dolls, LEGO sets, Hot Wheels, Rubik’s Cube, and Monopoly. These toys have stood the test of time and continue to be popular across generations.

Can 5-Year-Olds Play By Themselves?

Yes, five-year-olds can play by themselves, and it’s an important skill for them to develop. Independent play allows them to use their imagination, practice problem-solving, and enjoy personal interests. It’s important to provide a safe and stimulating environment for this play.

How Much Time Should a 5-Year-Old Watch TV?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that five-year-olds have no more than one hour of high-quality, educational screen time per day, and it should be watched with a parent or caregiver to ensure understanding and engagement.

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