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21 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 6-Year-Old Girls: 2024 Picks

21 gift ideas perfect for the 6-year-old princess in your life.

Are you looking for a developmentally appropriate, high-quality gift for a 6-year-old girl that will hold her interest for more than a few weeks? You’ve come to the right place!

As moms, we’ve seen more than our share of colorful toys that look exciting but break easily or get abandoned within days. So we set out to create a list of gifts that will not only wow your little girl but also benefit cognitive development, social and emotional processing, and gross and fine motor skills. Playtime is an important way to encourage development and learning, so we’ll also discuss developmental milestones.

Read on to learn more about the best toys and gift ideas for 6-year-old girls.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Micro Kickboard
Best Outdoor Toy
Micro Kickboard
  • Smooth-gliding, long-lasting scooters
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Two-year warranty
Product Image of the Crayola Coloring Board
Ideal for Creative Time
Crayola Coloring Board
  • Over 100 traceable images
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Glow in the dark
Product Image of the Klutz Make Your Own Soap
Best for the Bathtub
Klutz Make Your Own Soap
  • Includes a 36-page book
  • Make up to 10 soaps
  • Gift wrapping materials included
Product Image of the Unicorn Coloring Book
Best Quality Coloring Book
Unicorn Coloring Book
  • Matte cover
  • Contains 50 individual designs
  • Pictures printed on one side
Product Image of the Color Your Own Bottle
Imagination Goes Wild
Color Your Own Bottle
  • BPA-free water bottle
  • Vibrant markers
  • Highly personalized
Product Image of the Ravensburger Horse Jigsaw
Puzzle Time
Ravensburger Horse Jigsaw
  • Anti-glare surface
  • Extra-thick cardboard
  • Every piece is unique
Product Image of the ShinShin Creation Fuse Bead Set
Best for Parent-Child Bonding
ShinShin Creation Fuse Bead Set
  • Comes with 80 full-sized patterns
  • With 5,200 colorful beads
  • 100% food grade beads
Product Image of the Spirograph Travel
Nostalgic Art on the Go
Spirograph Travel
  • Built-in design ring
  • Portable
  • With storage tray
Product Image of the Orb Sticky Mosaics Heart Box
Best Gift for Fashionistas
Orb Sticky Mosaics Heart Box
  • With 653+ sparkling pieces
  • Easy to use
  • Encourages creativity
Product Image of the RoyalBaby Stargirl Bike
Time to Ride
RoyalBaby Stargirl Bike
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Non-slip resin pedal
  • Enclosed chainguard

Best Toys & Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls of 2024

Here are 21 great gift and toy ideas for 6-year-old girls.

Micro Kickboard Scooter

Best Outdoor Toy

If your little girl is active, check out this cool two-wheel scooter that’s suitable for 6-year-olds. Its quality polyurethane wheels allow for a smooth gliding action when your daughter pushes with her legs. The scooter has a solid construction to avoid shaking, which may lead to accidents.

There are five colors to choose from, so your girl can choose the one she loves. The scooter is lightweight and foldable, making it easy to stow away and bring with you on trips.

The kickstand allows it to stand upright. This is a good feature if she wants to take a break from all that fun. The height-adjustable handle makes for easy adjustment after those sudden growth spurts. Don’t forget a helmet and other protective gear as you see fit.

User Experience

My five-year-old and I have been loving this scooter since we got it. The LED lights in the wheels are a big hit, and the smooth ride makes it enjoyable for both of us. It's really well-made and sturdy, so it can even be ridden on wood floors inside when the weather isn't cooperating. The kickstand is a great addition, making it easy to park without it falling over.

Crayola Light-Up Coloring Board

Ideal for Creative Time

At the age of 6, girls may be becoming more artistic and showing off their drawing skills. One way you can encourage this is with this light-up tracing pad.

The drawing board has a bright LED drawing surface, making it an excellent toy for use at night or during late-night drives. The set includes everything you need for creating beautiful drawings, such as 12 colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, and 10 blank sheets.

There are over 100 downloadable images your daughter can trace over. This is sure to keep her amused on a rainy day and bring out her creative side. However, you’ll need to purchase 3AA batteries to operate the light.

Personal Perspective

When I first gifted this drawing toy to my six-year-old niece, she couldn't put it down, as she adores both fashion and drawing. While it initially took her some time to get the hang of lining up the pictures to trace, she soon developed her skills and created fantastic fashion illustrations. The light is adequately bright without being overwhelming, and the variety of stencils provided keeps her engaged. However, I do wish it came with more tracing sheets and patterns, considering the cost of the toy.

Klutz Make Your Own Soap

Best for the Bathtub

If you have a girl who loves to be inventive and artistic, check out this soap-making kit. She’ll especially enjoy bath time with these colorful, fun soaps she can make herself. They smell good, and there are even glitter versions for a sparkling good time.

She can make up to 10 soaps, including cats, stars, and cupcakes. There are instructions to follow, which will tell you what you need. You can enjoy this experiment and guide her through the process and then see if she can take over.

This kit includes six soap molds, 20 blocks of soap base, and 20 color tablets. There’s also some fun glitter, a sweet papaya fragrance, and stickers. Gift wrapping materials are included if you’re giving this as a present.

Community Feedback

I'm thrilled with how these soap-making kits brought joy to my family, especially my young granddaughter. She was able to choose the project, colors, and scents, though I had to help with the stirring and pouring due to the quick hardening of the soap. The variety of shapes and the cute final results made the experience enjoyable, despite some difficulty in removing the soaps from the molds. The mild scents were pleasant, and having these adorable soaps encouraged my granddaughter to wash her hands more often. With some improvements, such as silicone molds and clearer directions, this kit could be even better.

Unicorn Coloring Book for Kids by Silly Bear

Best Quality Coloring Book

Many girls adore bright colors and art. Now they can enjoy coloring in cute images of rainbows and unicorns with this coloring book. All pictures are printed on one side, making them easy to cut out and display.

You’ll have to use your own crayons or pencil crayons for this book. But there are 48 pages to keep your child amused when you’re traveling or on a rainy day.

There’s even a spare page for each design. This is great if kids make a mistake and want to start again. It’s also ideal for when children are sharing the coloring book — no arguments.

First-Hand Impression

Excellent coloring book for those who love bright colors and creative designs, especially with rainbows and unicorns. This coloring book features 48 one-sided pages, perfect for cutting out and displaying, and even has spare pages for each design in case of mistakes or sharing between kids. It kept my child amused during long trips and rainy days, just remember to bring your own crayons or colored pencils.

Color Your Water Bottle by Just My Style

Imagination Goes Wild

If you want to make drinking water fun for your 6-year-old girl, this is the best gift to make it happen. She can decorate her very own water bottle just the way she likes it. This exciting activity will let her enjoy a personalized accessory afterward.

We appreciate that the water bottle is BPA-free. This means it’s a healthy way to hydrate. Your girl can use the included brightly colored markers to color in and create patterns and then decorate it with the adhesive gemstones provided.

Included is a carabiner clip, convenient for clipping onto a backpack or purse.

User Experience

When I bought this coloring book for my granddaughter, she absolutely adored it! The variety of colors to choose from and the ample space to color and write in were fantastic. However, keep in mind that it does come mostly filled in already, so there's not a huge amount of coloring to do and personalize with the markers.

Ravensburger Horse Dreams Glitter Jigsaw

Puzzle Time

If you want to help your 6-year-old improve her problem-solving skills, take a look at this vibrant puzzle. This one will encourage your daughter to put her thinking cap on and concentrate to join all the pieces together.

The image is of a colorful horse with a flowing pink mane, radiant flowers, and a vivid rainbow in the background. The glittery pieces make this jigsaw puzzle even better.

Each of the 100 pieces has a unique shape, making it harder to place a piece in the wrong spot accidentally.

Personal Perspective

Great puzzle with vibrant and appealing visuals that drew my daughter and niece in right away. The interlocking pieces are well-made and sturdy, ensuring they won't easily bend or break during assembly. While one piece was missing, it didn't detract from the overall enjoyment of putting the puzzle together. Both my daughter and niece adore this brand, and it has remained a favorite pastime for years. It's an ideal gift for any young puzzle enthusiast looking for a fun and engaging challenge.

Shinshin Creation Fuse Bead Set

Best for Parent-Child Bonding

Are you looking for a fun activity to enjoy with your daughter? This fuse bead set may be just what you’re looking for. You and your child can create colorful beaded patterns on the peg boards, then iron them into a molded shape to display.

The beads are made from non-toxic materials, and the set comes with a booklet of designs and ideas. You can let your 6-year-old take charge of creating the designs while you iron the beads in place.

This is a good toy for weekends or rainy days. You’ll receive 5,200 colorful beads, so you don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this fuse bead set has provided countless hours of creative bonding with my daughter. The non-toxic beads and variety of designs allow for endless possibilities, and the ample supply of 5,200 beads ensures we never run out. It's perfect for weekends or rainy days when we can work together on her designs while I handle the ironing part.

Spirograph Travel Playset

Nostalgic Art on the Go

If your girl likes to draw, traveling doesn’t have to limit her creations. Instead, she can enjoy this geometric drawing toy from Spirograph, which will transport you back to your childhood. It’s designed for travel, which means she can bring it anywhere.

Six drawing wheels, two pens, and 24 sticky note pages are included. There’s also a design guide, so you can look at the patterns and gain some inspiration.

Everything for Spirograph Travel is contained within a compact case, so it’s easy to store and bring with you on vacation.

First-Hand Impression

Great compact Spirograph for keeping kids entertained during travel, but it does have some limitations. I found that the sticky paper provided didn't stick well in high humidity, so I switched to using 3x3 inch sticky notes, which worked much better. The case is too small for regular pens, so it comes with short ones in blue and orange, but I'd recommend splurging on better pens. While this travel-sized Spirograph is easier for kids to handle, the small size can be limiting and may not be suitable for younger children or those with larger hands.

The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Heart Box

Best Gift for Fashionistas

Your 6-year-old girl may already be showing her fashion sense. So, why not let her create her own jewelry box? This toy encourages kids to be bold in their decision-making while creating a functional item.

The set contains over 653 sparking jewels and gems your girl can attach to the jewelry box to make it pretty. They’re sticky, which makes them easy to attach with no glue required.

The guide included in this kit will give your little girl some inspiration. It also teaches her about the different shapes of the jewels and gems and their meanings.

User Experience

My experience with this craft activity has been delightful, as both my 4-year-old granddaughter and my 8-year-old daughter have thoroughly enjoyed decorating their heart-shaped paperboard boxes. The boxes themselves are quite sturdy, with a charming, large shaped mirror inside that adds an extra touch of excitement. The glittered stickers come in appealing designs and are not only easy to apply but also stick very well, providing hours of fun for my children. It has been a pleasant surprise to see that these mosaic boxes are larger than expected, making them perfect for storing little treasures.

RoyalBaby Stargirl Girls Bike

Time to Ride

This pink and white bike will let your child expel that pent-up energy and enjoy the sunshine too. It’s constructed from durable materials with rubber gripping tires and has a chain guard for safety.

Hand and coaster brakes are included. Of course, all little girls will appreciate the pink streamers. The basket on the front also means she can bring toys or other belongings along for the ride.

The training wheels will help boost her confidence and are easy to remove when she’s ready. The only safety feature not included is the helmet, so ensure you have one before her first test run.

Personal Perspective

Bought this bike for my daughter and it has exceeded our expectations. The vibrant blue color, pink accents, and adorable basket make it visually appealing. Assembly was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions and included tools. My daughter finds it comfortable and easy to ride, with adjustable seat and handlebars, as well as both hand and coaster brakes for added control. This sturdy and well-made bike is perfect for various terrains, and the added reflectors provide extra safety.

Just My Style Ultimate Scrapbook

Arts and Crafts Time

This scrapbook is all about self-expression. Now your 6-year-old can describe her feelings about various situations and events and share these memories with you. Plus, she can have some fun with it.

The kit has everything your little girl needs for the perfect journaling experience. It includes a 40-page scrapbook, over 500 cartoon stickers, colorful gemstones, and sequins. It even includes basic tools, such as a ballpoint pen, glue stick, and scissors. She’ll have over 800 accessories to choose from, enabling endless scrapbooking ability.

Community Feedback

I'm thrilled with this scrapbook kit that I purchased for my daughter and niece, who are both 7 years old. They were able to enjoy it during hot summer days indoors and even played together when they visited each other. My daughter, who had never tried scrapbooking before, created cute pages and loved the experience. The hardback book is durable, and the customizable elements allowed their personalities to shine through. This scrapbook kit was an excellent gift that brought lots of excitement and happiness to the girls.
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Two little girl painting messily outdoorsBeyond Playtime: The Real Benefits of Art for Kids

VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0 Digital Selfie Camera

Capture the Memories

Electronics are a big part of children’s lives, so why not let your 6-year-old enjoy her first digital camera?

She can use the bright pink 5-megapixel camera to capture the wonder around her. It has a 2.4-inch color screen, 4x zoom, and a front-facing option for selfies.

This camera also features an MP3 player with headphones. The 256MB of internal memory is great for storing short videos or lots of photos. It has an expandable memory slot for even more storage. It will take a microSD card (not included) of up to 32GB.

Battery life isn’t a problem since there’s an automatic shut-off feature after three minutes of no use. Games are also included, with a parental-control option.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this camera for my grandson's birthday, and he absolutely loves it. The kid-friendly interface is easy for him to navigate, even though he cannot yet read, and the device seems indestructible. However, the image quality is not that great, so while he enjoys using it, the photos don't come out as nice as we would like.

STEM Educational Building Blocks

Best Building Toy

These building blocks help develop problem-solving skills, with 106 interlocking pieces included. Construct many creations from planes to elephants, then tuck it all away into a plastic storage box when it’s cleanup time.

They’re BPA-free and have no harmful lead or phthalates. This means that your child can play independently, and you can enjoy peace of mind. An illustrated instruction manual is included.

User Experience

These building blocks sparked excitement in my 6-year-old son and have provided endless entertainment for the whole family. The variety of shapes and sizes, along with the sturdy pieces, allows for imaginative creations with moving parts. However, the lack of detailed written instructions can be disappointing, as it requires reliance on technology for guidance, which may not be ideal for all families.

L.O.L. Surprise! Jewelry Activity Case

Best Crafting Kit

Do you remember when you used to make friendship bracelets and swap them with your friends? This could also be a good toy for your little girl to enjoy with her friends. This box includes everything you need to make your own accessories.

Your girl can create a variety of items, including bracelets and necklaces. She can add a little bling with the jewels and gems included.

With over 100 beads, charms, and bright gleaming jewel pieces included, there’s plenty to go around.

Personal Perspective

My daughter and her friends have been having a blast making friendship bracelets with this kit. The variety of over 400 beads, charms, and shiny jewels allows them to create unique bracelets and necklaces, adding a personal touch to each piece. Plus, the secret message decoder adds an element of fun as they share and decipher messages between each other.

Spot It! 123

Best Number Game

This game is all about visual perception and concentration. The idea is to spot the matching number or symbol between two cards as fast as you can. Your little girl will have to concentrate.

This is a fantastic game to bring on vacation and when you’re visiting friends and family. It comes with a compact tin to keep the cards contained.

The game’s concept is simple, making it suitable for all ages, but you still have to spot the match quickly. We’ve enjoyed many hours playing it with our kids!

Community Feedback

When I first played this game, I was impressed by its focus on visual perception and concentration, making it a fun challenge for all ages. Bringing it on vacation or to family gatherings has been a hit, as the compact tin keeps everything organized. My kids and I have spent countless hours enjoying this game, and its simple concept makes it easy for everyone to join in and spot matching numbers or symbols quickly.

Travel Scavenger Card Game

Top Travel Game

Are we there yet? Well, this traveling game is going to be a lifesaver. You can now keep your little girl amused even when you’re in the car.

They choose a card and have to find the object displayed while traveling. There are 54 cards, which include restaurants, tow trucks, motorcycles, etc. With many different things for your kids to spot, they’ll soon beat the boredom of a long car journey.

The game includes special “Hear it,” “Smell it,” and “Feel it” cards, making it so much more fun than a traditional “I spy” game.

First-Hand Impression

This travel game has been perfect for keeping my little one entertained during long car rides. With 54 cards featuring various objects like restaurants and motorcycles, it offers a more interactive and engaging experience than traditional "I spy" games, even incorporating "Hear it," "Smell it," and "Feel it" cards.

Lego Friends Emma’s Art Stand

Leading Lego Toy

Lego is a brilliant way to encourage creativity and practice fine motor skills at any age. This 210-piece set lets your daughter create an art stand and play with a scooter and pet cat. The pieces are easy to connect and fun for 6-year-olds to build.

Once built, your girl can enjoy role-playing and have fun with Emma and her artwork. A sticker sheet is included, so your little girl can customize the set.

User Experience

Bought this LEGO set as a gift and was pleasantly surprised by the cute features and attention to detail. The instructions were easy to follow and my six-year-old recipient was able to complete it within a few hours. This set is perfect for both young builders and older LEGO enthusiasts, as it provides a fun and relaxing experience. The art mobile has working wheels and a spinning sign, making it an engaging addition to any LEGO collection.

Create Your Own Window Art

Most Creative

With this gift, your 6-year-old can decorate her bedroom window with colorful and fun suncatchers. This means that when the light shines in the window, the images will illuminate even more. There are 20 projects included.

This is a great activity to keep your daughter amused in the summer. She can trace the illustrations and use the paints to make unique designs. They’re easy to stick to the window with the help of the included suction cups.

The set includes everything needed for this sweet project, such as an instruction booklet, window paint, glitter, and more.

Personal Perspective

For a creative and entertaining activity, this suncatcher kit is perfect for 6-year-olds looking to add some color and fun to their bedroom windows. I found the 20 included projects to be engaging and perfect for keeping my daughter amused during the summer months. She enjoyed tracing the illustrations and using the paints to make unique designs that beautifully illuminated when the light shined through the window. The suction cups made it easy to stick her creations to the window.

Sequin Pets Unicorn Plush Toy by Creativity for Kids

Perfect Plush Toy

Is your girl a fan of unicorns? Sparkles the unicorn can calm and comfort your child with its weighted construction. Since it’s a plush toy, Sparkles is super soft and cuddly, with brightly colored sequins.

This toy may help your child learn how to care for a companion and develop nurturing skills. Reusable stickers are included, so she can have some fun and be inventive. They’ll easily attach anywhere, such as on the hooves, body, and face.

The reversible sequins allow your little girl to admire the changing colors.

Community Feedback

Got this plush toy for my son, and it has been a great help in calming him down when he's upset. The weighted and durable design is perfect for squeezing, and the sequins provide a fun and interactive aspect. However, the felt stickers that come with it lose their stickiness and are easily damaged after a few uses. Despite this minor issue, the plush has been a favorite tool for managing emotions in our household. The toy is well made and is worth the value, but could use some improvement on the sticker aspect.

LeapFrog Mathematics Learning Game

Best Educational Game

Are you looking to encourage basic math? Well, you can start with this exciting Finding Dory learning game. The idea is to help join Dory on her mission to find her family and home.

Your little girl can work on counting, subtraction, and probability through colorful fun games. There are charts, graphs, and diagrams to help her with problem-solving.

This game is compatible with the LeapPad learning tablet, Leapster Explorer, or LeapsterGS (not included).

First-Hand Impression

I bought this Finding Dory LeapPad game for my 4 and a half-year-old, and it quickly became her favorite choice over other games. The game includes various educational activities that teach early math skills, shape identification, and logical reasoning using beloved Finding Dory characters. My daughter has not only improved her knowledge of shapes, but has also begun practicing addition using this game. The only issue we encountered was an occasional error message with the cartridge, but overall, the game is engaging and well worth the price for the fun and skills she's learning.

Princess Castle Play Tent

Role-Play Fun

Your 6-year-old may be growing up, but she still might like pretending she’s a princess. This pink castle tent is fantastic for encouraging her imagination and role-playing with friends.

It’s made from durable polyester — perfect for indoor and outdoor play. The fiberglass rods provide the stability this tent needs, and there are ground stakes to ensure it stays in place.

It’s easy to set up, and you can fold it into the carry bag for storage. What’s more, there’s a glittery tiara and wand included.

User Experience

This pink castle tent is amazing for sparking my 6-year-old's imagination and encouraging her to play pretend with friends. Made from durable polyester, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, with fiberglass rods and ground stakes for stability. The tent is easy to set up and store, and even includes a glittery tiara and wand for extra fun.

Developmental Milestones of 6-Year-Old Girls

Everyone wants their little girl to grow and develop at the same pace as other kids. However, it’s important to remember that kids tend to do things in their own time. Let’s look at what the experts say about 6-year-old milestones (1).


  • Can talk in complete sentences, usually five to seven words.
  • Able to understand a series of commands.
  • Starts to laugh at jokes and understand puns.
  • May be able to write simple stories.


  • Has the curiosity to work out words she doesn’t know.
  • Can concentrate and focus on a task for around 15 minutes.
  • Has begun reading and can do this independently.
  • Can understand what’s right and wrong.
  • Begins to tell the time.

Emotional and Social

  • Can be defiant about independence from parents.
  • Is learning to share with friends and teamwork.
  • Starts to talk about how she feels.
  • Wants to choose her own clothes and accessories.

Fine Motor Skills (Use of Small Muscles)

  • Is becoming better at drawing.
  • Holds and uses scissors and other tools properly.
  • Ties her shoelaces with no problem.
  • Works with intricate and small items.

Gross Motor Skills (Use of Large Muscles)

  • Has a lot of energy and needs exercise to let it all out (2).
  • Might start to show early signs of athleticism.
  • Is confident at jumping and skipping.
  • Has strong hand-eye coordination during sports.

How to Choose Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls

There’s a wide selection of toys available for this age range. However, there are a few things you should consider when you’re shopping for a 6-year-old girl.

Hobby and Creative Toys

6-year-old girls love to be creative. The good news is that there are many toys that allow them to enjoy arts and crafts. This may help your girl develop hobbies and interests and work on artistic and fine motor skills.

Sharing and Multiplayer Games

Your 6-year-old is likely to have friends that she likes to play with. She’s also learning to understand feelings and the workings of relationships. A multiplayer game is an excellent way to work on these emotional and social milestones.

Active Outdoor Toys

You’ll probably notice that your 6-year-old is full of energy. This is the best time to ensure she is active and healthy while she’s young, setting her up for good habits in the future. Do this with active outdoor toys, such as bikes or scooters.


Do 6-Year-Olds Still Play With Toys?

Yes, six-year-olds still play with toys, often enjoying a range of dolls, action figures, building sets, arts and crafts, and board games. Their play becomes more complex and imaginative at this age.

What Toys are Trending Right Now?

Trending toys can vary widely and often include the latest collectibles, tech gadgets, interactive toys, and anything tied to popular children’s media. Checking current bestseller lists or toy awards can give you an idea of what’s popular.

Do 6-Year-Olds Like Stuffed Animals?

Many six-year-olds like stuffed animals as they provide comfort, companionship, and a sense of security. They often become part of imaginative play scenarios and can be cherished sleep companions.

What Games Are Best For 6-Year-Olds?

The best games for six-year-olds include those that challenge their growing skills without being overly complicated. Look for board games, card games, physical activity games, and video games that are age-appropriate and promote learning, strategy, or physical coordination.

How Many Hours Should a 6-Year-Old Play?

A six-year-old should have a balance of different types of play throughout the day, including physical play, imaginative play, and structured games or activities. While there’s no strict limit, ensuring they have time for other important activities like school, rest, and family time is crucial.

Should My 6-Year-Old Be Reading?

By age six, many children are starting to read or are developing pre-reading skills. It’s common for them to recognize some words, understand basic phonetics, and enjoy being read to. You can evoke a love of reading by sharing books regularly.

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