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Best Kids Go-Karts of 2023

Get ready to roll with these top go-karts for kids.

Children have a lot of energy — there’s no sugar-coating it. But, nowadays, many kids waste that energy sitting in front of a screen.

Fortunately, if you both make a little effort, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are many great outdoor activities you can get your child involved in — one of these is go-karting.

Finding the best go-karts for kids can encourage them to stay outdoors for hours. Go-karts can be thrilling, and they’re relatively safe for children to use. We’ll be your guide and let you in on everything you need to know.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Hauck Lightning - Pedal Go Kart | Pedal Car | Ride On Toys For Boys & Girls With...
Best Go-Kart Overall
Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart
  • Pedal power
  • Race design
  • Comfortable to ride
Product Image of the Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart - Blue
Best Electric Go-Kart
Razor Kids’ Electric Car Go-Kart
  • Electric motor
  • Safe steel frame
  • Comfortable seat
Product Image of the BERG Pedal Kart Buzzy Nitro | Pedal Go Kart, Ride On Toys for Boys and Girls, Go...
Best for Small Children
Berg Toys Buzzy Nitro Go-Kart
  • Easy pedals
  • Solid tires
  • Adjustable seat and handles
Product Image of the Berg Toys - Buddy B-Orange Pedal Go Kart - Go Kart - Go Cart for Kids - Pedal...
Best Pedal Go-Kart
Berg Buddy Pedal Go-Kart
  • Brake, forward, reverse hub
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Outstanding wheels
Product Image of the Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart, Superhero Ride-On Batman Vehicle, Kids 4 and...
Best for Boys
Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-Kart
  • Miniature batmobile
  • Adjustable seat
  • Race-style pedals and brake
Product Image of the BERG Pedal Kart Buzzy Bloom | Pedal Go Kart, Ride On Toys for Boys and Girls, Go...
Best for Girls
Berg Pedal Go Kart
  • Very safe to use
  • Great look
  • Sturdy wheels
Product Image of the Costzon Kids Pedal Go Kart, 4 Wheel Ride on Car, Pedal Powered Ride On Toys for...
Most Affordable Go-Kart
Costzon Go-Kart Ride-On Car
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable seat
  • Anti-slip wheels and pedals

The Best Go-Karts for Kids of 2023

Here are the top seven go-karts for kids on the market.

1. Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart

Best Go-Kart Overall

For the best overall go-kart for kids, we found this pedal one from Hauck Lightning. With outstanding reviews, it’s proven worthy of our top spot.

This go-kart has a lot to offer for a relatively broad age range. It’s recommended for children aged 4 to 7 years. Thanks to its pedal-power design, even newbies can ride it from the get-go.

Parents praise how well built and easy it is to both use and assemble. With an adjustable seat and ergonomic design, it’s comfortable to ride, too.

The design is inspired by a real race go-kart. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect. Your little one should have plenty of fun.

Photo of the Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart

What We Like

Pedal Power

Pedal power allows for an authentic experience and full control over the speed. The pedals are easy to use and work well for young riders.

Race Design

Hauck Lightning used racing go-karts for inspiration when designing this. It has race-inspired pedals, ball-style hand brake, durable rubber wheels, and three-point sporty steering. The body has a steel tube frame, and it’s available in three fun colors for boys and girls.

Comfortable to Ride

Your child will be able to ride for hours. The go-kart features an ergonomic seat, which is adjustable — you can move it forward and back to accommodate different sized legs. It also has a high backrest, promoting a comfortable sitting position.

Easy to Handle

Besides the pedals, the go-kart is easy to control. The steering wheel is comfortable, and it responds quickly to adjustments.

What We Don't Like

Not Great on Uneven Surfaces

Although the go-kart rides well, some parents reported it performs poorly on uneven surfaces. It works best on concrete or indoors, but gravel makes it challenging to pedal.

Product Specs

Power Pedals
Recommended ages 4 to 7 years
Weight limit 120 pounds
Dimensions 38 inches by 21 inches by 22 inches
Item weight 21 pounds

2. Razor Kids’ Electric Car Drifter Kart

Best Electric Go-Kart

If you’re searching for a drifter kart with an electric motor, you might like this one. This product from Razor is extraordinary, suitable for children aged 8 years and up.

Made with an alloy steel frame, this one will protect your child during a crash. It has a comfortable seat and seatbelt.

It receives a lot of praise from parents, saying how well it’s made and that it comes assembled. With two 12-volt batteries, it can go fairly quickly, too, so be sure to teach your child about safety.

Once they’re confident and safely padded up, they can ride it almost anywhere because of the durable tires.

Photo of the Razor Kids’ Electric Car Drifter Kart

What We Like

Electric Motor

Razor has put a spin on the classic go-kart by including a chain-driven motor, powered by two 12-volt batteries. The engine enables the go-kart to reach a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour.

Included is also a reduction drive. This will maximize the engine’s torque. The batteries require 12 hours to charge, and will then provide 40 minutes of maximum use.

Safe Steel Frame

Your youngster can sit safely and comfortably, thanks to the durable steel frame. It acts as a side roll cage, protecting the rider during accidents. The fitted seat belt keeps them securely fastened in.

Comfortable Seat

Razor used a seat that is comfortable to sit in for hours. It’s a padded bucket seat with a medium-high backrest. The floor of the go-kart is textured to prevent the feet from slipping out.

There are no pedals. Your child controls everything through the hand throttle and brake.

Fantastic Tires

The go-kart is suited with four, 4.5-inch knobby pneumatic tires. They’re capable of running smoothly over an array of surfaces. At the rear, there’s a suspension system, working to smooth out bumps even further.

What We Don't Like

Not for Small Children

Although the go-kart looks inviting, it’s not for children under the age of 8. It can go intimidatingly fast for a younger rider.

Product Specs

Power Battery-powered motor
Recommended ages 8 years and up
Weight limit 140 pounds
Dimensions 39.5 inches by 26.5 inches by 16 inches
Item weight 32.61 pounds

3. Berg Toys Buzzy Nitro Go-Kart

Best Go-Kart for Small Children

For toddlers, this stylish Buzzy Nitro go-kart from Berg is small and easy to ride for beginners.

With a pedal design and an emphasis on ergonomics, the go-kart is comfortable, effortless to steer, and simple to build up speed. Your little one can sit nicely in the seat, which you can adjust as they grow.

Your child can ride almost anywhere in this, be it outdoors or inside when it rains. The tires are durable and maintenance-free, and together with the swing axle design, they create a stable balance.

It’s stylish, featuring a black coat with red details and red rims. However, it is small, so if your child is older than 5 years or tall for their age, it might not fit.

Photo of the Berg Toys Buzzy Nitro Go-Kart

What We Like

Easy Pedals

To make this Fiat go-kart suitable for small children, Berg made the pedals manageable. They’re ergonomically designed, making them comfortable to use, and they can even pedal backward. Your little one will have full control — even if they decide not to use the pedals, the steering won’t be compromised.

Solid Tires

Berg suited the go-kart with four EVA tires. They’re maintenance-free and have zero chance of puncturing. Your speedster can ride across various surfaces, even indoors.

The EVA material is ultra-quiet, so if your kid decides to ride indoors, it won’t be a disturbance.

Adjustable Seat and Handles

The go-kart can grow with your little one until the age of 5. The seat and steering wheel adjust into three positions to accommodate different heights. However, keep in mind it has a weight limit of 66 pounds.

Stable to Ride

This Fiat go-kart will remain stable on the ground while riding. The four wheels and the swing axle design keeps it firmly grounded, preventing tip-overs.

What We Don't Like

Not for Older Children

The go-kart is for children aged 2 to 5 years. Parents say it’s small and won’t last long after age 5.

Product Specs

Power Pedal
Recommended ages 2 to 5 years
Weight limit 66 pounds
Dimensions 32.68 inches by 19.29 inches by 19.69 inches
Item weight 15.4 pounds

4. Berg Buddy Pedal Go-Kart

Best Pedal Go-Kart

Whether your child is a go-kart newbie or experienced, pedals are always great to have. It allows the rider to be in full control of the speed and it provides great exercise.

This one from Berg has some of the best pedals yet. They’re easy to use and enable your child to go forward and backward.

Made from sturdy steel and coated in bright orange, it’s suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years.

Photo of the Berg Buddy Pedal Go-Kart

What We Like

BFR Hub (Brake, Forward, Reverse)

The pedals on this go-kart are outstanding. They include a BFR hub, which enables the rider to brake, go forward, and reverse without the use of gears. Your child has to pedal slightly back to reverse or brake.

At the front, there’s a swing axle, allowing it to turn on a dime. It will smoothly turn, even when riding on uneven surfaces.

Sturdy Steel Frame

The Buddy go-kart is reasonably robust. It’s based on a tubular steel frame, offering strength without excessive weight. The steel frame is powder-coated with a cool orange color.

Outstanding Wheels

Fitted on the car are four large pneumatic tires, providing a safe and controlled ride. They offer outstanding traction as well as durability. To keep them rolling smoothly, each features a seal bearing, eliminating the need to lube the wheels.

What We Don't Like


Pedal-powered go-karts are generally lightweight. However, the Berg Buddy weighs around 40 pounds, which some parents thought was too heavy.

Product Specs

Power Pedal
Recommended ages 3 to 8 years
Weight limit 150 pounds
Dimensions 45.28 inches by 25.59 inches by 24.8 inches
Item weight 40.7 pounds

5. Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-Kart

Best Go-Kart for Boys

For boys between the ages of 4 and 8, we found this cool Batmobile-inspired go-kart. It’s a pedal model, which includes features that give it the Dark Knight feel.

Your child will be ready to speed along the road to save Gotham City from villains. The go-kart is easy to use, and it includes a ball-style handbrake.

As your Batman grows, you can adjust the seat to suit their height. The bucket seat and high backrest will keep them comfortable while saving the day. The steering wheel is quick to respond, and the low-profile makes it stable.

Photo of the Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-Kart

What We Like

Miniature Batmobile

It’s decked out in the famous superhero theme. When looking from the front, it resembles an authentic Batmobile. The details and decals give it a real but fun appearance, perfect for fans.

Adjustable Seat

The bucket-style seat is fully adjustable. It can safely accommodate children between the ages of 4 to 8. The seat also has a large backrest, making it comfortable for the rider to lean back while they build speed.

Race-Style Pedals and Brake

The pedals are easy to use. When stopping, the ball-style handbrake is effortless to engage. The brake controls the rear wheels, ensuring a safe stop without any chance of rolling over.

Three-Point Steering Wheel

The three-point steering wheel not only looks sporty, but it’s responsive, too. It’s effortless to make adjustments while riding, and thanks to the low-profile tires, the go-kart is stable as well.

What We Don't Like

Front Fender Comes off Easily

The front fender is reported to come off rather easily. It’s only attached to the go-kart by two plastic tabs. Fortunately, it doesn’t break, and parents say it’s easy to reattach.


The Batmobile isn’t for older children. Parents reported they were surprised to see how small it is, saying it’s not suitable for children over 8 years or those who are tall for their age.

Product Specs

Power Pedal
Recommended ages 4 to 8 years
Weight limit 120 pounds
Dimensions 44 inches by 21 inches by 22 inches
Item weight 22 pounds

6. Berg Pedal Go-Kart Car Buzzy Bloom

Best Go-Kart for Girls

Girls who love speed may like this pick from Berg. It’s colorful and fun, excellent for girls between the ages of 2 to 5.

It’s pedal-powered, so your child is ready to ride at any time.

Great for both outdoor and indoor use, it turns on a dime and is highly responsive to even the slightest adjustments.

With a tubular steel frame that’s coated in shades white and decorated with flower designs, your girl will undoubtedly love to ride this around the neighborhood.

Photo of the Berg Pedal Go-Kart Car Buzzy Bloom

What We Like

Safe to Use

Equipped with four wheels, this go-kart from Berg is more stable, comfortable, and easy to ride compared to the majority of three-wheeled go-karts. This combo gives you peace of mind while your little one is playing outdoors.

Great Look

Berg has created a fun product and has paid attention to minor style details like the decals at the front. The low-profile wheels and the feminine design. It also comes with a basket where your child can place their little belongings.

Pedal Power

Your girl will always be ready to go thanks to the auto-clutch, free-ride pedals. It’s effortless to use and build speed. The driver is in full control, and by pedaling backward, they can reverse the go-kart.

What We Don't Like

Low Backrest Seat

The only downside I can note with this product is that it lacks a comfortable backrest so if your child will ride a little longer, they might feel aches or might become overly exhausted.

Product Specs

Power Pedal
Recommended ages 2 to 5 years
Weight limit 66 pounds
Dimensions 33 inches by 20 inches by 20 inches
Item weight 15.4 pounds

7. Costzon Go-Kart 4-Wheel Ride-On Car

Most Affordable Go-Kart

For children between the ages of 3 to 7, we recommend having a look at this go-kart from Costzon. It’s a tough little thing, capable of riding both indoors and out.

With a colorful design, it’s attractive for young riders. The go-kart is pedal-powered and suited with non-slip wheels — it’s stable and easy to ride.

You can adjust the seat to accommodate a larger or smaller child who wants to ride. The seat is comfortable and promotes a healthy posture for when your child wants to rest or build up speed.

Photo of the Costzon Go-Kart 4-Wheel Ride-On Car

What We Like

Durable Construction

Suitable to ride both indoors and outdoors, this go-kart is hardy. It’s made with a stainless steel frame and with polypropylene plastic parts that are non-toxic. The go-kart can withstand sun and rain.

Comfortable Seat

The seat is comfortable and includes a high backrest for extra support when the rider gets tired. You can also adjust the seat into three positions, enabling it to grow with your child.

Anti-Slip Wheels

The wheels are suited with anti-slip strips, allowing them to ride securely over different surfaces. The wheels are large, too — giving the go-kart a secure feel, excellent for beginners.

Non-Slip Pedals

Using the pedals is effortless. They’re non-slip, keeping the foot secure and stable, giving the driver confidence. The design promotes a comfortable posture, seeing that the rider doesn’t have to strain themselves to keep their feet in the correct place.

What We Don't Like

Quite Small

The recommended age is 3 to 7 years, but parents said it is too small for most 7-year-olds. Even with the seat in the last position, there’s still not enough room to ride comfortably.

Product Specs

Power Pedal
Recommended ages 3 to 7 years
Weight limit 55 pounds
Dimensions 37 inches by 24.8 inches by 20.1 inches
Item weight 16.5 pounds

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Power Recommended ages Weight limit Dimensions Item weight
Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart Overall Pedals 4 – 7 years 120 lbs 38″ x 21″ x 22″ 21 lbs
Razor Electric Powered Drifter Cart Electric Battery 8 years and up 140 lbs 39.5″ x 26.5″ x 16″ 32.61 lbs
Berg Pedal Car Buzzy Nitro Small Children Pedal 2 – 5 years 66 lbs 32.68″ x 19.29″ x 19.69″ 15.4 lbs
Berg Buddy Pedal Go-Kart Pedal Pedal 3 – 8 years 150 lbs 45.28″ x 25.59″ x 24.8″ 40.7 lbs
Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-Kart Boys Pedal 4 – 8 years 120 lbs 44″ x 21″ x 22″ 22 lbs
Berg Pedal Go-Kart Girls Pedal 2 – 5years 66 lbs 33″ x 20″ x 20″ 15.4 lbs
Costzon Go-Kart Ride-On Car Affordable Pedal 3 – 7 years 55 lbs 37″ x 24.8″ x 20.1″ 16.5 lbs

Types of Go-Karts


Pedal-powered go-karts resemble bicycles in some ways — they’re powered entirely by the rider. They’re a good fit for beginners and small children — some are suitable for kids as young as two years.

These go-karts don’t require much — only willing feet. They promote exercise by having the rider continually moving. Your child gets to be in full control of the speed, and you’re guaranteed they won’t go too fast.

One drawback of pedal go-karts is that they’re generally small, so older children may have a hard time riding them.


  • They don’t require much to ride.
  • A good pick for young children.
  • They promote exercise.
  • Easy to control.


  • Generally small in size.
  • It can get tiring pedaling for long periods of time.


Electric-powered go-karts come with a battery supplying power to the onboard motor. These require more experience to drive and are often not recommended for children under the age of 8. Speeds vary, but you can expect anything between 9 miles per hour up to 20 miles per hour.

Still, if your child is older, electric go-karts are fun — you don’t have to worry about tired legs. They do require a significant amount of time to charge — the first is always the longest. Some batteries must charge for 24 hours before their first ride.

Once the battery is full, you’ll probably get 40 to 60 minutes of riding time before the next charge is needed.


  • They can go fast without much effort from the rider.
  • Great for casual racing.
  • Can teach the rider about driving.


  • They require frequent charging.
  • Not for young children.


As the name suggests, gas-powered go-karts run on gas — which type depends on the machine. These are usually only suitable for children over the age of 12.

Gas-powered go-karts have an engine and transmission. They require some experience to drive and are only for outdoor use.

They’re great for taking off-road. Many allow for a passenger to tag along. We weren’t able to find any good ones suitable for our list today, which is why this type hasn’t been included on it.


  • No extended charging required, only gas.
  • They’re powerful and can run fast.
  • Sometimes come with two seats.
  • Excellent for off-road riding.


  • Not for young children.
  • Difficult to find online.
  • You need to factor in your child’s maturity level. Not all children should be allowed to use a machine this powerful.

How to Choose a Go-Kart for Kids


Before you start searching, it’s good to pick which type you want. This will narrow your choices down significantly.

If your child is young, and this is their first vehicle, then consider a pedal go-kart. For older children, you can easily go with an electric or gas-powered go-kart.


The good thing about go-karts is that most have tubular steel-sided frames to protect from roll-overs. They’re generally quite stable, but still, try to look for seatbelts, especially if the go-kart runs on battery or gas.

Also, search for durable tires, which offer some traction. These will prevent the go-kart from slipping and causing the rider to lose control.

If you’re going to ride on any roads, make sure there’s a safety flag. You can always buy these separately.

Proper Gear

Motorized go-kart accidents do occur, even when the driver isn’t going fast (1). Wearing the appropriate equipment is essential. This includes a helmet, protective jacket, and pants.

If your child has long hair, tuck it under their helmet. Then teach them about riding safely and to never go too fast.


Avoid buying a go-kart made of plastic — these are likely to break upon the first impact. Instead, look for tubular steel frames — these can take a variety of hits, and they’re likely to last a lot longer.


If you choose to invest in an engine or motor-powered go-kart, consider how fast it goes. For inexperienced drivers, look for a slower-paced 9 to 15 miles per hour — this should be ample for first-time riders.

Some fancier go-karts include speed control, allowing the parents to set a speed limit. It’s generally in the form of gears that you can lock, preventing the go-kart from changing up.

The Takeaway

Go-karts are fun for young and old — they’re also a great way to get out and get some exercise. Finding the best go-karts for kids is easy — start by deciding which type you want.

For small children, pedal cars are best — engine or battery-powered models are better suited for children above 8 years.

In addition to type, make sure your choice includes the right safety features, is durable and doesn’t go too fast. Then, get your young one out and let them enjoy the ride.

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