Best Ziplines for Kids of 2020

Do you know which kids’ ziplines are easy to install, durable, and safe?

Ziplines are a great opportunity to lure your children away from playing with their screens all the time.

This kind of play gives them a sense of adventure, some fresh air, and good exercise. But because it can be a more dangerous activity, you’ll need to find the best ziplines for kids to ensure their safety.

Where Can You Install a Kids Zipline?

To install a zipline, you need an open area between two healthy, solid, trees that are at least 18 inches in diameter. The area must have at least seven feet of clearance on either side and be free from anything that could hurt your child if they fall off the zipline. You don’t want them to come crashing down onto decorative landscaping rocks if they fall off.

You don’t need a slope to have a zipline in your backyard. Instead, ensure one end of the zipline is higher than the other.

The difference in height will depend on the length of your zipline. The entire zipline should have a 3 percent gradient.

How to Choose the Best Ziplines for Kids

With so many ziplines on the market, how do you choose the best one?


Do not rely purely on the price to gauge the quality of a zipline. Instead, look at all possibilities in your price range and choose one after you consider the following features.


Measure the distance between the trees you will use as anchor points and add the diameters of your trees to that measurement. Then buy a zipline that is longer than that.

Double-check the specifications as some ziplines are labeled according to the usable length and some according to the total length.

Two ziplines we looked at were labeled as 70 feet. One was almost 90 feet long to take into account the amount of cable you would wrap around a tree. The other was 70 feet in total and, once the ends were wrapped around the anchor trees, it would only span a gap of 50 feet.


A zipline that is made from powder-coated steel will last the longest. Other cables will last for several years but may deteriorate or rust in excessively humid conditions.


You should only buy a kids’ zipline that conforms to U.S. consumer safety standards. Always install and use the zipline according to the manufacturer’s guidance and inspect the zipline before use. This is especially important if it has not been used for an extended period.

Give consideration to having the trees you’re attaching your zipline to inspected by a professional. Fatal accidents have occurred when seemingly healthy trees have fallen when a zipline is being used (1).

Are Ziplines Safe for Kids?

Ziplines that adhere to U.S. safety standards and have been correctly installed should not pose an undue risk if they are used correctly. Correct use includes having your child wear safety equipment, such as helmets, and regularly inspecting your zipline and the trees you’re using for it.


Some ziplines require your child to dangle by their hands without any further supports. Look for ziplines with adjustable seats as they will be most comfortable for your child.

Ease of Installation

Installing a zipline requires at least two adults and is more complex than tying the end of the zipline to a tree. If you are in any doubt about your ability to install a zipline, consider having someone else install it for you.

The Best Kids Ziplines of 2020

Taking each of these points into consideration, we found seven ziplines for kids that we felt were suitable for backyard use.

1. Slackers 70 Foot Hawk Series Zipline

Easiest to Install Zipline for Kids

Slackers 70' Hawk Series Zipline w/ Spring Brake kit
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Simple and straightforward to install, the 70 foot Hawk series zipline from Slackers takes approximately 30 minutes to put up, as long as you have two people to take on the job. You will need a pair of pliers and a wrench.

The plastic seat is comfortable and easy to climb on and off. The height of the seat is easy to adjust.

There is a spring on the cable that slows the rider down as they get to the end. This means you don’t have to worry about your child coming to a sudden hard stop.

The only negative we found was that it says on the box that the cable is 80 feet and will span a 70-foot gap. Our cable was only 74 feet, so this could be an issue if you need the extra feet to wrap around your trees.

  • The zipline comes with clear instructions for installation.
  • It’s made of excellent quality materials.
  • The spring brake is included.
  • The cable is not the 80 feet it claims on the box.

Additional Specs

Ride length70 feet
Weight Limit200 pounds

2. Jugader 160 Foot Zipline Kit

Best Durable Zipline for Kids

Jugader 160FT Zipline Kits for Backyard with Spring Brake, Cable Tensioning Kit,...
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This zipline from Jugader has everything you need for a comprehensive installation. It includes a tensioning wrench and a cable tensioning kit. It even includes soft tubing that goes onto the cable anchor points to protect your trees.

There is a 160-foot main cable, as well as a generous 6 ½ foot sling cable to go around your upper anchor tree. The kit also includes a spring brake and all the hardware you might need to erect your zipline.

The steel trolley can be taken off the cable, without the need to take down the entire zipline. That makes it easy to remove the trolley and prevent the use of the zipline without your knowledge.

Another important safety feature is the adjustable harness that is included in the kit. This allows you to clip the rider to the trolley, preventing a fall to the ground should they let go of the handles or slip from the seat.

  • It includes a safety harness.
  • It has a removable trolley.
  • It offers a tree protection feature.
  • It may be longer than you need.

Additional Specs

Length160 feet
Weight Limit250 pounds
BrakeSpring brake

3. American Ninja Warrior 50 Foot Zipline

For Budding American Ninja Warriors

American Ninja Warrior 50 ft Zipline - Kids Zip line Kit with Safety Zipspring...
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An official product endorsed by the American Ninja Warrior show, this 50-foot zipline is on the shorter side.

This is not a problem for younger or beginner zipliners. But if you have a child who enjoys American Ninja Warrior and is already throwing themselves into this type of activity, and you have the space to erect it, look for a longer zipline.

The zipline takes about 30 minutes to put up if there are two adults working on it. However, it is important to read through all of the directions before you begin. The instructions are written in such a way that if you don’t read ahead, you may have to take the zipline down and start again.

The 50 foot measurement is also deceptive. It is a 45 foot cable, with a five-foot sling cable that goes around a tree. You’ll need to be aware of this when you measure your distance.

  • American Ninja Warrior brand.
  • Exceeds U.S. safety standards.
  • The set up is easy to do.
  • You must read all the instructions first for a seamless set-up process.
  • The rideable line is 45 feet, not a full 50 feet.

Additional Specs

Ride length40 feet
Weight Limit200 pounds

4. Slackers 100 Foot LED Night Riderz

Nighttime Zipline

Slackers 100 ft LED Night Riderz Zipline - Kids Zip line Kit with Safety...
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The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun begins to set. With proper adult supervision, your kids can continue to enjoy this zipline while dusk descends.

Both the zipline trolley — the piece that runs along the cable — and the seat have LEDs that are bright enough to see during the day and have a fun accent when the light is low. You can also turn off the lights on both the trolley and the seat and use them just as you would any other seat and trolley.

The zipline comes with detailed instructions for installation and use. Unlike some other ziplines, this kit from Slackers also comes with a comprehensive safety guide. The guide details how to inspect the zipline, things to look for which might indicate a safety issue, and guidance for riders.

The only issue seems to be that the spring brake does not provide a slow gentle stop.

  • It has a light up seat and trolley.
  • It includes a comprehensive safety guide.
  • Clear instructions are included.
  • The brake is rather inefficient — it could be improved upon.

Additional Specs

Length100 feet
Weight Limit200 pounds
BrakeSpring brake

5. Joymor Backyard Zipline Kit

Best Long Zipline for Kids

JOYMOR Backyard Zip Line Kit with Detachable Trolley, 304 Stainless Steel Cable,...
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This 200-foot zipline from Joymor is excellent if you have a slope on which to install it.

When you attach a zipline to two trees on a flat area, you have to create the slope by placing one end higher than the other. With trees this far apart, the upper end would have to be approximately 3 feet higher than the lower end. This could make your start point dangerously high for smaller children.

The other issue with a zipline of this length is that you need several people to help with the install. It can take four hours or more for a two-person team.

Neither of these issues are specific to this brand of zipline, they are both to do with the length of the ride. But you’ll want to keep them in mind when deciding whether this is a good zipline for you and your family.

The Joymor zipline is of good quality, and they include a wrench tool for installation. It comes with a safety belt and strap.

  • Adjustable height seat.
  • Wrench tool included.
  • It includes a safety harness.
  • Tricky to install.
  • Requires a slope.

Additional Specs

Length200 feet
Weight Limit250 pounds
BrakeBungee brake

6. Slackers 40 Foot Falcon Series Zipline

Best Zipline For Less Adventurous Kids

Slackers 40' Zipline Falcon Kit
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For smaller or less adventurous kids, the Falcon zipline from Slackers provides a slower, shorter ride. Meanwhile, the trolley, which is the piece that slides along the cable, is fully enclosed so there is no chance of little fingers getting trapped.

The height of the plastic seat can be adjusted so your child doesn’t have to stretch too far to reach the trolley handles. As this is primarily for the younger zipliners, the shorter length means it can be installed closer to the ground.

The cable is 50 feet long, providing plenty of extra length to wrap around your anchor points while still leaving a full 40 feet to ride.

Installation time is approximately 30 minutes when you have two people, and the kit contains all of the hardware you need to put up the zipline. You will, however, need a pair of long-nose pliers and a wrench.

  • Shorter length for a slower ride.
  • Enclosed trolly to prevent trapped fingers.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • No brake.

Additional Specs

Ride length40 feet
Weight Limit200 pounds

7. CTSC 60 Foot Zipline Kit

Best Budget Zipline for Kids

CTSC 60 Foot Zip Line Kit for Kids and Adult(Less Then 250lb), Ziplines for...
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This basic zipline from CTSC is a good option if you have a shorter distance between trees.

The zipline cable is a full 60 feet long with an additional sling cable of 7 feet to wrap around your tree at the upper anchor point. All of the basic hardware is included, but you will need a wrench and a pair of pliers for the installation.

While this is a zipline of good quality, it is a rather basic kit.

There is no seat included, so your child will travel the zipline while holding onto the handles and hanging from the trolley. This may be okay for older kids or those with a lot of upper body strength, but it is not suitable for younger children or anyone who may let go of the handles.

You can buy a seat separately and connect it to the trolley.

  • Good length.
  • Easy to install.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Does not come with a seat.
  • No brake.

Additional Specs

Length60 feet
Weight Limit250 pounds
StyleHanging by hands

Kids Zipline Comparison Chart

ProductBestRide lengthWeight LimitStyleBrake
Slackers Hawk Series ZiplineEasiest to Install70 feet200 lbsSeatedSpring
Jugader 160 Foot Zipline KitDurable Zipline160 feet250 lbsSeatSpring brake
American Ninja Warrior ZiplineBudding American Ninja Warriors40 feet200 lbsSeatNone
Slackers LED Night RiderzNighttime Zipline100 feet200 lbsSeatSpring brake
Joymor Backyard Zipline KitLong Zipline200 feet250 lbsSeatBungee brake
Slackers Falcon Series ZiplineLess Adventurous Kids40 feet200 lbsSeatNone
CTSC 60 Foot Zipline KitBudget Zipline60 feet250 lbsHanging x handsNone
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Safety Tips for Kids Ziplines

The quality of your zipline is only part of the safety equation. To make it as safe as possible, here are our top safety tips for kids’ ziplines (2).

  • Check your anchor trees for health both before you install your zipline and at least once a month during use.
  • Do not have your zipline cross any hazards, such as a body of water or a rocky area.
  • Before using the zipline, have an adult who is close to the weight limit, hang from the line to ensure it does not move or loosen.
  • Inspect the zipline every day it is in use. Check that the cable shows no signs of damage or deterioration, that the anchor points are still tight, that the handle grips are not loose, and that the seat is still firmly attached.
  • Walk the length of the zipline each day before use and ensure there are no obstacles or potential dangers within seven feet on either side of the line.
  • Instruct all riders in the proper use of the zipline. Remind them to always hold on, wait until the trolley has come to a full stop before getting off the zipline, and not to play in the zipline area.
  • Have your children wear proper safety equipment while using the zipline. This should include, at the least, a helmet, but preferably knee and elbow pads and wrist guards.
  • Remove the trolley when you are not able to supervise the use of the zipline. This will minimize the risk of unauthorized play.

Consider It Carefully

The idea of a backyard zipline is fun. When it is installed and used correctly, it can provide endless hours of fun for the family.

However, before you make the commitment, be sure you are aware of the significant safety issues involved in the installation, use, and maintenance of a zipline.

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