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Best Toy Lawn Mowers of 2023

Get your child away from all those screens.

Whether it’s fixing lunch in a toy kitchen or mowing the grass with a toy lawn mower, kids adore pretend play. Helping mom or dad do the yardwork is something almost every child wants to do. It makes them feel like a contributing member of the family.

That makes a toy lawn mower an excellent choice when you are looking for a toy to get your child out into the fresh air. Let’s look at the ins and outs of buying these products, and we’ll share our 10 picks for best toy lawn mowers.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the John Deere Electronic Toy Lawn Mower, Ages 2 and Up , Green
Best Talking Lawn Mower
John Deere Electronic Lawn Mower
  • Has 4 unique sounds
  • Includes rotating ball
  • Collapsible handle
Product Image of the Husqvarna 589289601 Toy Lawn Mower for HU800AWD
Best Kids’ Lights & Sounds Mower
Husqvarna Toy Lawn Mower
  • Realistic engine sound
  • Tall handle
  • Large wheels
Product Image of the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
Best Bubble Mower
Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
  • Sturdy, good quality construction
  • Has bubble reservoir
  • Realistic sounds with spinning motor
Product Image of the Lydaz Bubble Lawn Mower for Toddlers, Kids Bubble Blower Maker Machine, Summer...
Best Bubble Mower
Lydaz Bubble Mower
  • Easy to assemble
  • Realistic engine sounds
  • Durable
Product Image of the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer
Best Riding Lawn Mower
Peg Perego John Deere Tractor
  • Has two speed levels
  • Has a working fm radio
  • Includes a trailer
Product Image of the Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower 21inx11-1/4inx20-1/2in
Best With Accessories
Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower
  • No batteries are needed
  • Removable gas can give
  • Has a fun dome full of balls
Product Image of the Fisher Price Bubble Mower, Pink
Best Girly Toy Mower
Fisher Price Bubble Mower
  • Pretty in pink
  • Realistic sounds
  • Bubble blower
Product Image of the Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble-N-Go Toy Lawn Mower with Refill Solution | Pink...
Best Budget-friendly Toy Mower
Sunny Days Mower
  • Feminine design and shade
  • Safe and durable materials
  • Very affordable
Product Image of the small foot wooden toys Lawn Mower & Baby Walker playset Designed for Children...
Best Baby Walker Toy Mower
Small Foot Wooden Toys Baby Walker
  • Mower blades have felt grass
  • Removable wooden engine block
  • Made from FSC certified wood
Product Image of the CP Toys 6 Pc. Child-Size Power Gardening Tools w/ Realistic Sound Effects
Best Toy Garden Power Tools Set
Constructive Playthings Garden Tools
  • Moving parts & realistic sounds
  • Recommended for 4 years and up
  • Includes extra power tools

The Best Toy Lawn Mowers of 2023

Here are the best toy lawnmowers we were able to find.

1. John Deere Electronic Lawn Mower

Best Talking Lawn Mower For Kids

We put the John Deere electronic lawn mower in first place because we love the fact that it has so much play value.

The age range says 2 years and over, but many people I know have toddlers of 18 months who adore this mower.


  • There are four large, sturdy buttons on this mower. Each one has its own unique sound, and there is also a voice that reminds your child to check the gas and the oil.
  • The plastic ball at the back of the mower has “grass” cuttings that rotate as you push the mower along.
  • The collapsible handle makes it relatively easy to store.


  • Some reviewers have said this mower is not easy to push along in longer grass, so you might have to relegate your little gardener to the areas you’ve already cut.

2. Husqvarna Toy Lawn Mower

Best Kids’ Lights And Sounds Mower

This mower is meant for children who are a little older, although it is still for the preschool set.

The box says it’s for children 3 to 5 years and this seems like a pretty accurate suggestion, even for the taller children in this age range.


  • It has a realistic engine sound and a flashing light which makes it fun to use.
  • The handle is taller than on most toy mowers, which means your 5-year-old can enjoy the same kind of pretend play yard work as their younger siblings.
  • Slightly larger, chunkier wheels make this model easy to push on grass, gravel, and, unfortunately, recently planted flower beds.


  • The higher quality of this toy mower is reflected in its price tag. It is still affordable, but not in the same range, as some low-end, cheap mowers on the market.

3. Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

Best Bubble Mower for Toddlers

The only bubble mower on our list, this pick comes from one of our favorite toy manufacturers.

On this model, I am especially fond of the bubble mixture bottle holder which means refills are always on hand.


  • Sturdy, good quality construction — it feels like a safe toy for your child to be pushing around outside.
  • The bubble reservoir is enclosed. Mowers with open reservoirs often suffer from problems due to debris falling in and clogging up or breaking the blower mechanism. This mower does not.
  • Realistic sounds and a “spinning motor” add to the fun.


  • The design of the mower is such that the bubbles are released from the side of the mower. As a result, if your child is in longer grass some bubbles can pop before they have a chance to fly freely through the air.

4. Lydaz Bubbles & Go Mower

Best Activity Center Mower

This is a big hit from Lydaz. In fact, it has been the top-selling toy gardening item.

The Lydaz mower encourages your young ones to walk. And as he pushes the mower, he can begin bubble-blowing by just pressing a button with this mower.

Truly, this is a good pretend play gardening tool for kids and kids at heart.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Realistic engine sounds.
  • Durable


  • Batteries not included.

5. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Ride On Tractor

Best Kids’ Riding Lawn Mower

If your yard is large enough to require a ride-on mower, then your child will need a ride-on mower too!

This one will make your child feel like they are driving a real vehicle.


  • This mower has two speeds and reverse. The speeds are 2¼ and 4½ miles per hour and the higher speed can be locked for beginners.
  • It has a working FM radio.
  • The trailer is included.


  • Not the most practical toy lawn mower for everyone.
  • The assembly process requires some time.

6. Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower

Best Toy Lawn Mower With Accessories

As you would expect from Little Tikes, this mower is a sturdy plastic toy that feels like it will last for years.


  • Sounds are mechanical, so no batteries are needed.
  • The removable gas can give kids another way of emulating mom or dad.
  • It has a fun clear dome full of balls that pop up and down as you push the mower.


  • Not the tallest of handles, so it may become too small quite quickly.

7. Fisher Price Bubble Mower

Best Girly Toy Mower

Who says mowers should have neutral colors?

This pretty in pink mower from Fisher Price has an eye-catching shade for your little princess. An added bonus is that this mower is a bubble blower!


  • Realistic sounds.
  • Pretty in pink.
  • Bubble blower.


  • Boys may not want the shade.

8. Sunny Days Maxx Bubble-N-Go Lawn Mower

Best Budget-friendly Toy Mower

If you are on the lookout for a cost-efficient mower for your child, then this toy from Sunny Days is exactly what you’re looking for.

At its price point, you would not expect it to be sturdy and durable, but its tires can rugged for tough terrains. Moreover, it’s built with safety and durability in mind. You won’t be needing any batteries to operate this unit, therefore, encouraging your child for a physical workout by playing.


  • Very affordable.
  • Durable without breaking the bank.
  • Feminine design and shade.


  • May leak bubbles if picked up, tipped over, or in any position other than flat.

9. Small Foot Wooden Toys Lawn Mower & Baby Walker Play Set

Best Baby Walker Toy Mower

Nominated for the Toy of the Year 2019, this wooden toy lawn mower is an interesting retro yet modern twist on the traditional toy mower.


  • The mower blades have felt grass applied to them which gives the impression you are really mowing the grass. It is affixed by velcro, so it can be easily removed for washing.
  • The wooden engine block can be removed and is also a “plug in the shapes” toy.
  • Made from 100 percent FSC certified wood.


  • Although the handle is adjustable and your toddler can use it as they grow, this toy mower is best suited to those under three only.

10. Constructive Playthings Power Garden Tools

Best Toy Garden Power Tools Set

Along with the toy lawn mower, this gardening set has a play chainsaw, leaf blower, and weed trimmer.

And because safety is important, it also has gloves and safety glasses.


  • All four toys have moving parts and realistic sounds.
  • This set is recommended for ages 4 years and up, so your older preschoolers can continue to enjoy pretend play.
  • The extra power tools allow your child to emulate you carrying out other tasks in the yard.


  • To use the entire set, you need a total of 11 AA batteries.

Toy Lawn Mower FAQs

How Does a Bubble Mower Work?

A bubble lawn mower has a reservoir that you fill with bubble liquid. When your child pushes the mower, the bubble wand passes through the reservoir. Then, depending on the model of bubble mower, a bubble is blown either by the air pushing through the wand as your child pushes the mower or by a motorized blower.

How Do You Fill a Bubble Mower?

To fill a bubble mower, you either buy or make some bubble mixture. Then it will depend on the model of mower you have chosen. Some have an open reservoir that can be filled easily, while others have an enclosed reservoir — the top of which must be removed to refill the mower.

Gardening Fun For All Weather

Whether it’s indoors or out, a toy mower can be great fun for both you and your child. Working with you in the yard makes your child feel important and helpful. Meanwhile, you’ll have a buddy who will, hopefully, grow to enjoy helping out in the yard.

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