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150 Bee Jokes and Puns: Un-bee-table Jokes for All Ages

Bee jokes that will have you saying, “Hive never laughed so hard!”

Get ready to bee entertained by this buzzing hive of humor! If you’re on the lookout for the best bee puns and jokes, then you’ve landed in the right spot.

Whether you’re looking for some bee-rilliant dad jokes, riddles that will create a buzz, or sweet honey bee puns, I’ve got you covered. So, let’s comb through these 150 jokes that are seriously the bee’s knees.

Bee Jokes and Riddles

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Let’s embark on the journey of wordplay revolving around buzzing bees. Check out these 42 cute bee jokes and riddles that will have your friends and family bee-gging for more!

  1. What do bees use to style their hair?
    Honey combs.
  2. What are a bee’s favorite flowers?
  3. What’s black and yellow and flies at 30,000 feet?
    A bee on an airplane.
  4. I’m a black and yellow insect.
    I am an organism that yields honey.
    I wobble when I go.
    What am I?
    A bee.
  5. This has a head and a tail
    But it is not money
    It’s a flying insect
    That helps to make honey.
    What am I?
    A bee.
  6. If a bee is in my hand, what’s in my eye?
    Beauty. Because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.
  7. What’s a bee’s favorite sport?
  8. Why do bees hum?
    They can’t remember the words.
  9. Where do bees catch a bus?
    At the buzz stop!
  10. What’s more impressive than a talking dog?
    A spelling bee.
  11. What do you call a bee that lives in America?
    A USB.
  12. What is the name of a bee who creates laws?
    A pollen-tician.
  13. What’s another name for a wasp?
    A wanna-bee.
  14. Who is a bee keeper’s favorite singer?
  15. What do you call a bee with messy hair?
    A frizz-bee.
  16. What do you get when you cross a sheep with a honey bee?
    A baa-humbug.
  17. What do you call a bee who works at a coffee shop?
    A buzz-ista!
  18. What do you call a bee that’s been put under a spell?
  19. What’s a bee’s blood type?
  20. What should you say to a nosey, interfering bee?
    “Mind your own buzziness!”
  21. What’s the name of a bee that falls down a hill?
    A stumble bee.
  22. What would bears be without bees?
    Just ears.
  23. Which varieties of bees never die?
  24. Why do bees make good dancers?
    They have a lot of buzz!
  25. Why was the bee fired from the barber shop?
    He only knew how to give a buzz cut.
  26. Why do bees get married?
    Because they’ve found their honey.
  27. What do bees use to build roads?
  28. What kind of cars do bees drive?
    A Volkswagen bee-tle.
  29. Who’s a bee’s favorite painter?
    Pablo Bee-casso.
  30. What do you call a bee explorer?
    Christopher Colum-buzz.
  31. What is a bee’s favorite band?
    The Bee Gees.
  32. What did the bee say to his girlfriend?
    “I have pollen in love with you.”
  33. What do you get when you cross a horse with a bee?
    Neigh buzz.
  34. What do bees like with their sushi?
  35. How did the bumblebee lose an eye?
    With a beebee gun!
  36. How do little bees get to school?
    On the school buzz.
  37. What did the bee say to her boyfriend?
    “Hive never felt this way bee-fore.”
  38. Who is the only one who can protect the Queen Bee?
    Her hub-bee.
  39. What do bees do when they make a mistake?
    They resort to plan B.
  40. What do bees always bring to the beach?
  41. What’s a philosophical question that always confuses bees?
    To bee or not to bee?
  42. What do you get when you cross a bee and a doorbell?
    A hum-dinger.

One-Liner Jokes

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Dive headfirst into these catchy one-liner quotes and phrases that are perfect for breaking the ice or for Instagram posts! These short — and slightly corny — bee-themed sayings will have you buzzing with laughter.

  1. Bees love summer. It’s very swarm outside.
  2. You and I were meant to bee.
  3. A bee’s favorite hairstyle is a buzz cut.
  4. That bee is always dropping his nectar. He’s such a fumble bee!
  5. The male bee was such a romantic. He kept pollen in love with all the female bees.
  6. The little bee’s favorite candy is bumble gum.
  7. We bee-long together.
  8. To bee or not to bee. That is the question.
  9. A bee’s favorite musician is Bee-yonce. Or is it Sting?
  10. We always buy our honey from the same bees because they always give us their swarm wishes.
  11. A bee’s favorite novel is The Great Gats-bee.
  12. Just bee yourself!
  13. Quit pollen my leg!
  14. The bee was in great shape for his age because he always took his vitamin-bee.
  15. Those bees are neigh-buzz!
  16. The beekeeper means bees-ness.
  17. When the bee went to the blood bank, he asked if they needed bee-positive blood.
  18. Did you hear about the two bees in love? It was love at first flight!
  19. I can’t help pollen in love with you.
  20. The bees went on strike because they wanted more honey and less working flowers.
  21. What’s all the buzz about?
  22. Hey, mind your own beeswax.
  23. Never play hide and seek with a swarm because they will always end up bee-hind you.
  24. Honey-thing is possible!
  25. Honeycomb home now! It’s getting late.
  26. Hey, these puns aren’t too shab-bee.

Funny Bee Dad Jokes

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Whether you’re looking for jokes for kids or adults, dad jokes always hit the spot! Okay, teenagers aren’t such a fan of this corny humor, but everyone else can appreciate it. Here are 42 sweet dad jokes that will have everyone swarming to your place!

  1. What did the teacher give the students on the first day of school?
    A sylla-buzz.
  2. What do bees chew?
    Bumble gum.
  3. What happens when a bee burps near the queen?
    It gets a royal pardon.
  4. What’s another name for a baby bee?
    A little humbug.
  5. What do you call a bumble bee trying to make up its mind?
    A maybee.
  6. What do bees hear on the other end of the phone?
    A buzzy signal.
  7. What do bees call their backup plans?
    Plan bee.
  8. Why was the bee so hard to understand?
    It was a mumble bee.
  9. What do they call a bee who won’t stop talking?
  10. Why did the queen bee’s dessert wobble?
    It was royal jelly.
  11. What says “zzub zzub zzub”?
    A bee flying backward.
  12. What vitamins does a bumblebee take?
    Vitamin Bee.
  13. What do you call a bee that doesn’t cost anything?
    A free-bee.
  14. A man entered a pet shop and said, “I’d like to buy a bee, please.”
    “A bee? We don’t sell bees.”
    “Well, you’ve got one in your window.”
  15. What do you call a sore loser bee?
    A cry bay-bee.
  16. A bumblebee, a spelling bee, and vitamin B got into a fight. The vitamin B1.
  17. Who looks after baby bees?
    Ba-bee sitters.
  18. What do you call a bee that needs a drink?
  19. What do you call a bear without an ear?
    A bee.
  20. Did you hear about the boring bee professor? He droned on and on.
  21. Why does the bee deserve a promotion at work?
    It’s always buzz-y at its job.
  22. Why are bees good at job interviews?
    They know all the buzzwords.
  23. What did the bee say to the flower?
    “Hey, bud!”
  24. What’s on a bee’s Valentine card?
    Honey Bee Mine.
  25. What do bees learn at nursery?
    Their A Bee Cs!
  26. What is a swarm of really small queen bees called?
    A royal wee.
  27. Why do bees buzz?
    Because they can’t whistle.
  28. Where are bees from?
  29. What is a bee’s favorite composer?
  30. What grades did the students get on their honey project?
    Mostly Bees.
  31. Where do bees go on vacation?
  32. What do you call a ghost bee?
    A boobee!
  33. Bumblebees love pollen-esian wing sauce!
  34. What’s a bee’s favorite Spice Girls song?
  35. Be on your best beehive-iour.
  36. What did one bee say to the other when they landed on the same flower?
    “Buzz off!”
  37. Which Disney character do bees like best?
    Buzz Lightyear.
  38. It’s like pollen teeth with you!
  39. What do bees wear when flying in the rain?
    Little yellow jackets.
  40. Hive it your way!
  41. Why did the townspeople check out the bee’s business?
    It was creating quite a buzz!
  42. That beehive-iour is a-pollen.

Honey Bee Puns

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I’ve compiled 30 sweet honey puns and jokes about bees. These are great for sharing with kids or a loved one, as they are humorous and bee-utiful.

  1. What does a bee say when it gets home from work?
    “Hi honey, I’m home!”
  2. I’d do honey-thing for you.
  3. When do bees get married?
    When they’ve found their honey.
  4. Where do bees keep their valuables?
    In a honey box.
  5. Where did the bees go after their wedding?
    On honeymoon!
  6. Honey, I’m stuck on you.
  7. Honey, bee careful.
  8. What does a bee say when robbing a bank?
    “Your honey or your life.”
  9. What do bees do with their honey?
    They cell it.
  10. No money, no honey.
  11. A man goes to the movies and is surprised to see a honey bee sitting beside him.
    “Are you a honey bee?” he asks.
    “What are you doing here at the movies?”
    “Well,” the honey bee answers, “I liked the book.”
  12. What do you get when you cross a monkey house with honey bee colonies in hives?
    An ape-ary.
  13. You’re sweeter than honey.
  14. Honey, you’re the bee’s knees.
  15. Honey, comb here.
  16. What’s a bee’s favorite part of the relationship?
    The honeymoon period.
  17. What does the wife bee say when her husband leaves the house?
    Honeycomb home!
  18. What did the queen say when she was told her honey was the sweetest in all the land?
    “You better bee-lieve it!”
  19. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Honey bee.
    Honey bee, who?
    Honey, bee a sweetie and get me some pollen.
  20. What did the bee say to the flower?
    “Hello, honey!”
  21. What does the bee say to his honey?
    “I love you to the moon and bee-yond!”
  22. What do you call honey on a bee?
    A sticky situation.
  23. How did the queen respond when someone asked her how to make the best honey?
    “None of your bees-iness!”
  24. What did the beekeeper say to encourage his colony?
    “Honey doesn’t grow on trees!”
  25. Why doesn’t the bee like honey?
    He has a pho-bee-a.
  26. Time is honey!
  27. Why wouldn’t Mr. Bee push Mrs. Bee away?
    He loves his honey.
  28. I’d do honey-thing for you.
  29. I’m enjoying this bright and honey day!
  30. Bees love to listen to symp-honeys.

Bee Hive Jokes and Puns

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As luck would hive it, there are still some more bee jokes! These 10 jokes and puns are all about bee hives. Share them with friends and family, and you’re sure to get a laugh and a hive-five.

  1. Beehive yourself!
  2. What did the bumblebee striker say after striking?
    “Hive won!”
  3. Where did Noah keep his bees?
    In the ark hives.
  4. The teacher kept telling the naughty bee to bee-hive itself.
  5. When the bees were finished making their hive, they threw a big house-swarming party!
  6. After the bee scored the winning shot, the entire team gave him a hive-five!
  7. The worst part about being stung by a bee is that the next day, you’re going to have to take care of those hives.
  8. Why did the bee go to the doctor?
    It got hives.
  9. What do you call a bee hive with no exits?
  10. How does a queen bee get around her hive?
    She’s throne.

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