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100 Beautiful Twin Girl Names: With Meanings

Find these twin girl names twice as nice for your pair of little girls.

The world of twin girl names is full of interesting ways to pair up both your little girls’ names. You can choose classic names, international ones, and unique or popular choices. You may also choose to have them rhyme, begin with the same letter, or just feel complementary.

With all these choices, you might find you need a little guidance. Our cool list of 100 twin names for girls ranges from the common to the unusual. Have fun finding the ideal pair of names for your sweet princesses!

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100 Cute Twin Names for Girls

Keep reading for awesome names for twin girls below and give your pair of gals a reason to smile.

Abby & Adelaide

Abby means “my father’s joy” in Hebrew. It is an informal version of Abigail and pronounced AEB-iy. Abby Elliott is an American cast member on Saturday Night Live. Abby ranks in the top 1,000 girls’ names in the U.S. and Australia. Abby is quite a cheerful name for one of your little girls.

Adelaide is Germanic, meaning “noble,” pronounced AE-Deh-LAED. Adelaide can also appear as Adeleide. Adelaide Knight was a British suffragette in the early 20th-century. Adelaide is ranked 5,681st worldwide and would pair up nicely with Abby in a more formal fashion.

Informal, Old-fashioned

Abigail & Isabella

Abigail is Hebrew for “a father’s joy,” pronounced AEB-ih-GeyL. It offers 85 variations and is the 1,806th most common name worldwide. Abigail Adams was the mother of U.S. president John Quincy Adams. Abigail is a cute formal name that pairs up with Isabella nicely.

Isabella is the Latin form of Jezebel, pronounced IHZ-ah-BEHL-ah. Isabel is the most popular of the many variations of Isabella. Isabella Bird was a 19th-century British explorer and naturalist. Isabella is currently ranked 1,806th worldwide and is the epitome of vintage charm.

Formal, Feminine

Adah & Dinah

Adah is a nickname for the Germanic Adelaide and Adeline. Adah is pronounced EY-Dah and is ranked highest in Indonesia (1,595th). Aleida (Ada) van Keulen was a Dutch woman who took part in the resistance during World War II. Ada is another lovely spelling choice.

Dinah is taken from the Hebrew for “vindicated” and is pronounced DAY-Nah. Dinah Shore was an American TV personality and the top-charting female vocalist of the 1940s. Deena and Dina are similar variations, while Dinah is ranked 7,173rd worldwide. This classic will make sure your little girl always gets away with it.

Informal, Traditional

Addison & Madison

The unisex Addison means “son of Adam,” but is more popular for girls. Addison is pronounced AED-ih-SahN and can appear even more feminine than Adyson and Adisynne. Addison Timlin was an American actress known for the film The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014). Addison will rhyme well with her sister, Madison.

Madison means “son” in its English origin. The unisex name is more popular for girls, using the variation Maddison. Madison Nonoa is a New Zealand-born soprano opera singer. Madison appeared most in the U.S., ranking 1,678th, and is just as special as Addison for your matching girls.

Formal, Creative

Adriana & Catrina

Adrianna is Latin for “dark” and historically means “of the Adriatic.” It is pronounced Eyd-Riy-AEN-ah and has 42 variations, including Adrianna. Adriana Barbu was a Romanian marathon runner who won a bronze medal at the 1994 European Championships. Adriana is the 304th most common name worldwide.

Catrina comes from the Germanic Katherina, meaning “pure.” Its main variation is Katrina. Catrina Frierson is an American former basketball player and coach who won a WNBA championship with the Seattle Storm in 2004. Catrina ranked highest in Scotland (767th) and will complement Adriana like a charm.

Feminine, Pretty

Ali & Ari

Ali comes from the Arabic for “exalted” and is unisex. Ali also appears as Allie, Ally, with many other spellings. Ali is the 11th most popular name worldwide and ranked #1 in Iraq. Ali MacGraw, an American actress, made the name famous in the film Love Story (1970).

Ari means “lion of gold” in Hebrew and is used for Ariel or Ariella when given to girls. It is pronounced AAR-iy and can also appear as Arie. Ari Graynor is an American actress known for the TV series The Sopranos. Ari is the 1,910th most popular name worldwide and could be the ideal other side of the coin for your little Ali.

Informal, Common

Alice & Hazel

Alice is from the German “Adalheidis” for “noble” and is sometimes used for boys. Alice is pronounced AEL-ihs, and offers 151 different forms, with Alicia being a favorite. Alice Sebold is an American author known for her novel The Lovely Bones. Alice is ranked 227th worldwide and is a beautiful classic.

Hazel is English, meaning “hazelnut tree,” and is unisex, pronounced HHEY-ZehL. It is the most popular spelling. Baroness Hazel Osborne Byford is a retired member of the British House of Lords. Hazel is ranked 513th in the U.S., where it is the most popular. Hazel is the earthy equivalent to your noble Alice, for a well-balanced pair.

Traditional, Old-fashioned

Amber & Margo

Amber is an Arabic unisex name referring to the orange Amber stone. It is pronounced AEM-Bahr and has many variations, from Amberlyn to Ambria. Amber Rudd is a British politician who served as Home Secretary from 2016 to 2018. Amber is ranked 2,858th worldwide and is the most popular in the U.S.

Margo comes from the French, meaning “pearl.” It is pronounced MAAR-Gow, and can be spelled as Margot and Margaux. Margo Dydek was a Polish basketball player and the tallest professional female basketball player in the world. Margo doesn’t rank in the top 10,000 names worldwide, but its charm can round out the prettiest twin girl names.

Creative, Classic

Amelia & Olivia

Amelia derives from the Latin for “work” and is pronounced ah-MIYL-Yah. Amilia, Amelie, and Emilia are some common variations. Amelia “Minnie” Driver is a British-American actress and singer known for the film Good Will Hunting. Amelia is ranked 1,427th worldwide, with the most usage in Mexico.

Olivia is Latin for “olive tree,” pronounced Ah-LIHV-iy-Ah. The diminutives Liv and Livia are often used. Olivia Carlsson is a Swedish ice hockey player for the national ice hockey team. Olivia is ranked 1,270th worldwide, with the most occurrences in Mexico. Olivia is famous throughout history and can accompany your little Amelia anywhere they wish.

Cute, Pretty

Anna & Isla

Anna means “grace” in Hebrew and is pronounced AAN-Naa. Anna has almost 200 variations, including Ana and Anya. Anna Tsygankova is a Russian ballet dancer currently with the Dutch National Ballet. Anna is the 20th most common name worldwide and is most popular in Russia. Anna is a winner and will make sure your little girl is just as popular.

Isla refers to an “island” in Scottish and is pronounced ES-Laa. Isla is a trendy name sometimes used for Isabella. Isla Traquair is a Scottish TV host, producer, journalist, and host of the TV show Buy.o.logic on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Isla’s top ranking is 503rd in Scotland and is the trendy counterpart to the traditional Anna for your little girls to share.

Popular, Cool
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Annalise & Annika

Annalise means “oath of God” in German and is pronounced Ae-naa-LIYZ. It can be spelled Anneliese and Annalisse. Annalise Murphy is an Irish sailor who won a silver medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics. In 2014, 5,321 people were named Annalise worldwide, with the most usage in Denmark.

Annika means “graceful and merciful” and is of Germanic origin. It is pronounced AAN-niy-Kaa and can appear as Annike or Anika. Annika Kjærgaard is a Swedish singer and former member of the Swedish pop group Alcazar. Annika is ranked highest (45th) in Sweden and is an exotic form of Ann, bringing these two “A” names together for your pair of queens.

Traditional, Formal

Arianna & Brianna

Arianna comes from the old Greek “Ariadne,” meaning “most holy.” It is pronounced Aa-Riy-AEN-aa, and can appear as Aryana, Ariana, and Aryonna. Arianna Huffington is a Greek-American co-founder of The Huffington Post. Arianna is the most popular (ranked 375th) in Italy. Arianna is classic and powerful at the same time for your sweet girl.

Brianna is Irish for “strong” and is pronounced Briy-AH-Naa. Brianna appears in many variations, from Briannah to Breeana. Brianna Glenn is an American long jumper who finished ninth at the 2002 World Cup. Brianna is ranked highest (983rd) in Australia and will form a rhyming bond between two pretty sisters.

Feminine, Unique

Ash & Aspen

Ash is of old English origin but means “happy” in Sanskrit. It is pronounced AESH and, though unisex, is short for Ashley, and sometimes Aisling. Ash Santos is an American actress best known for the TV series American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Ash makes the top 10,000 names in India.

Aspen is of English origin, named for the “Aspen tree.” It is unisex and is pronoucned AEZ-Pehn. It can appear as Aspyne, Aspina, and Aspine. Aspen Ladd is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Aspen is ranked in the top 10,000 names in the U.S. and would round off the quirky factor for your little duo.

Modern, Cool

Athena & Aphrodite

Athena is the Greek “goddess of wisdom and war.” It is pronounced Aa-THEE-Naa, while Thena and Althea are other variations. Athena Loizides is a Greek Cypriot television presenter, cookbook author, and food writer. Athena is ranked highest in Cyprus at 151st- a tangible Greek goddess’s name for your little girl.

Aphrodite is the Greek “goddess of love,” rising from seafoam. It is pronounced AE-frah-DIE-Tiy and has some variations like Aphrdyte and Afrodite. Aphrodite Jones is an American author, reporter, and TV producer. Aphrodite is ranked 212th in Cyprus and would be a great partner to Athena for these two goddess sisters to flourish.

Classic, Mythological

Aubrey & Elsa

Aubrey is English for “elf ruler,” pronounced AO-Briy. Aubrey has over 20 variations like Aubary and Aubery. Aubrey Morgan O’Day is an American singer-songwriter and member of the girl group Danity Kane. Aubrey is the 8,183rd most common name worldwide, with the most usage in the U.S.

Elsa is a Germanic name going back to Hebrew for “God is my oath.” It is pronounced EHL-sah and can be seen as everything from Else to Elsie. Elsa Lindberg-Dovlette was a Swedish writer and princess of Persia in the early 20th-century. Elsa is ranked 590th worldwide and is most popular in Argentina. Elsa is the fun other half of the grounded Aubrey.

Cute, Pretty

Aurora & Arabella

Aurora is Latin, meaning “dawn,” named after the Roman goddess of the dawn. It is pronounced ah-ROWR-ah, while the variation Aurore is more common. Aurora Ljungstedt was a Swedish writer known as Sweden’s Edgar Allan Poe. Aurora is the 1,712th most common name worldwide and the most popular girl’s name in Mexico. Aurora could be a magical name for any little twin girl.

Arabella is Latin, meaning “yielding to prayer.” It is pronounced AA-raa-BEHL-Laa and has almost 20 variations, like Arbella and Arabell. Arabella Mansfield (born Belle Aurelia Babb) was the first female lawyer in the U.S. in 1869. In 2014, 6,729 people were named Arabella, the most popular in the U.S. and England. Arabella is the spiritual pair to your goddess Aurora.

Mythological, Feminine

Ava & Ella

Ava is a version of the Hebrew Eve, meaning “life.” It is pronounced AA-Vaa. Ava has many forms, but none as popular as Ava. Ava Lavinia Gardner was an American actress and singer and one of the top iconic film stars of the 1950s. Ava is considered somewhat rare, with the most use in the U.S.

Ella is a name with Germanic origins, meaning “beautiful.” It is pronounced EHL-ah and can often appear as Elle and Elie. Ella Fitzgerald was an American jazz singer called the “First Lady of Song.” Ella is ranked in the top 5,000 names worldwide, most popular in the U.S. Ella and Ava are just as famous a duo for your pair of iconic girls to make notorious.

Traditional, Pretty

Barbie & Harper

Barbie means “stranger,” with an American origin. It is pronounced BAAR-Biy and is usually short for Barbara. Barbi is a common variation, while Barbie Hsu is a Taiwanese actress, singer, and TV host known for the pop band ASOS. Barbie is relatively uncommon worldwide and most popular in the U.S.

Harper comes from the old English for “harp player” and is pronounced HHAAR-Per. Harper is unisex and can be Harp as well. Nelle Harper Lee was an American novelist best known for her novel To Kill a Mockingbird. In 2014, 2,584 people were named Harper worldwide, most popular in the U.S. Harper is serious to the lighthearted Barbie and will keep her in check.


Bella & Carmen

Bella is Latin for “beautiful” and is pronounced BEHL-aa. Bella can appear as Bell and Belle, among others. Bella Rosenfeld Chagall was a Jewish-Belarusian writer and the first wife of painter Marc Chagall. Bella ranks in the top 5,000 names worldwide, most popular in Russia. Bella has its own charm, even when not attached to Isabella or Anabella.

Carmen is Spanish for “garden,” pronounced KAAR-Mahn. The unisex Carmen has variations like Charmaine and Carmella. Carmen Miranda (born Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha) was a Portuguese-Brazilian samba singer, dancer, and film star. Carmen is ranked 93rd worldwide and is most used in Venezuela. Carmen and Bella are a shared beauty for your twin girls.

Cute, Pretty

Blake & Bobbi

Blake is a unisex name of English origin, meaning “dark,” pronounced BLAYK. Variations include Blayke, Blaek, and Blaque. Blake Lively is an American actress known for the TV series Gossip Girl. Blake is not ranked in the top 10,000 names worldwide, with the most usage in the U.S. Blake is a name as cool as a cucumber if that cucumber were a badass little girl.

What Does the Name Blake Mean?

Bobbie means “bright fame” with a Germanic origin. It is pronounced BAAB-iy and can appear as a first name with a second name (ex. Bobbi Jo). Roberta "Bobbi" Sykes was an Australian poet, author, and campaigner for indigenous land rights. Bobbi is pretty uncommon worldwide and most popular in the U.S. Bobbi is the top counterpart to Blake for your little twin girls.

Creative, Modern
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Brooklyn & Adelynn

Brooklyn is an American unisex name meaning “broken land,” named for the borough of Brooklyn, NY. It is pronounced BRUW-KLihn. Some variations include Brookelyn and Brooklen. Brooklyn Decker is an American Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model. Brooklyn is ranked 2,879th worldwide, most popular in the U.S., so grab her before she tops the charts!

Adelynn has French roots, meaning “noble,” and is pronounced AED-Lihnn. Adelyn and Adaline are variations, while famous Adelines are more popular than Adelynn. Only 97 people in 2014 were named Adelynn worldwide. This offbeat name will play nice with her hip sister Brooklyn.

Cool, Unusual

Camilla & Medea

Camilla originates from the Latin, meaning “attendant at a ritual.” It is pronounced Kah-MIHL-ah and has many variations like Kamilla and Camile. Camilla d'Errico is an Italian comic book illustrator, painter, and visual artist-designer for Walt Disney and Hasbro Toys. Camilla is ranked 7,029th worldwide, most popular in Brazil.

Medea comes from the Greek for “ponder” or “funny,” referring to the sorceress in Greek mythology. It is pronounced Mah-DIY-ah and can be spelled Mediya and Medeah. Medea Japaridze was a Soviet Georgian actress at the Kote Marjanishvili Academic Theater. Medea is most popular in Georgia, ranked 154th. Medea is the answer to your ritualistic Camilla.

Classic, Mythological

Charlotte & Eliza

Charlotte comes from the French “free man,” pronounced SHAAR-Laht. It has over 100 variations and is derived from Charles. Charlotte Pistorius was a German poet who belonged to the circle of friends around Ernst Moritz Arndt. Charlotte is ranked 732nd worldwide and ranked 12th in DR Congo.

Eliza is Hebrew for “pledged to God.” It is pronounced eh-LAY-Zaa and can also appear as Elisa. Eliza Orzeszkowa was a Polish novelist nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1905. Eliza is the 2,710th most common name worldwide most popular in Brazil. Eliza meets the depth of meaning in Charlotte, so the two can play together hand-in-hand.

Traditional, Old-fashioned

Cheyenne & Wynonna

Cheyenna is of Native American origin, meaning “unintelligible speakers.” It is pronounced Shay-AEN and has many variations from Chayenne to the shorter Chiana. Tarita Cheyenne Brando was a Tahitian model and daughter of actor Marlon Brando. In 2014, almost 9,000 people were named Cheyenne in the U.S. Use this native name for your grounded little girl.

Wynonna is of Native American origin, meaning “firstborn.” It is pronounced Weh-NOW-Naa with the popular variation Winona. Wynonna Judd (born Christina Claire Ciminella) is an award-winning American country music singer. In 2014, 3,557 people were named Wynonna, most popular in the U.S. This Wynonna could be your firstborn, even if just by a few seconds.

Unique, Uncommon

Chloe & Zoe

Chloe means “blooming” in Greek, pronounced KLOW-iy. Chloe’s spelling rarely changes, but accents differ across countries. Chloé Zhao is a Chinese-born filmmaker known for the independent film Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015). Chloe is ranked 12,997th worldwide and is ranked 356th in England. Chloe blooms as the softer half of Chloe and Zoe.

Zoe means “life” in Greek and is pronounced ZOW-iy. Zoie and Zoey are two familiar variations. Zoe Adjonyoh is a British writer, cook, and founder of "Zoe's Ghana Kitchen." Zoe isn’t ranked in the top 5,000 names worldwide, yet it’s most popular in England. These two English names go side-by-side down the country road of coolness.

Modern, Cool

Claire & Lilly

Claire means “bright” in French and is pronounced KLER. Clair and Clare are two other popular variations. Claire IsaBelle is a Canadian politician elected to the National Assembly of Quebec in the 2018 provincial election. Claire is the 1,031st most popular name worldwide and is top of that list in England. Claire is simple yet feminine for your little girl.

Lily is Latin for “passion” and is pronounced LIHL-iy. Lily varies from Lilian to Lila. Lily Kempson was an Irish revolutionary who took part in the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin. Lily is ranked 3,741st worldwide, with the most usage in the U.S. Lily is a dramatic name, blending nicely with the mindful Claire.

Classic, Cute

Clara & Della

Clara comes from the Latin “clear, bright” and is pronounced KLAER-ah. Klara and Clarie are also used. Clara Maniu was a Romanian feminist, suffragist, and the president of the Romanian women's movement organization. Clara is the 730th most common name worldwide and is ranked 82 in Columbia. Clara is classically lovely for the little girl in your life.

Della means “of the nobility,” with an English origin. It is pronounced DEHL-aa and can translate to Dahlia or Dalia. Della Au Belatti is an American politician and Democratic member of the Hawaii House of Representatives. Della ranks in the top 1,000 girls’ names in the U.S. This down-to-earth noble name will fit together well with the sweet Clara.

Pretty, Unique

Clarissa & Marissa

Clarissa means “bright” and of Germanic origin. It is pronounced Klah-RIHS-ah and is a variant of Clare. Clarissa Kaye was an Australian actress and the second wife of the British actor James Mason. Clarissa is fairly uncommon worldwide but ranked highest (875th) in the Philippines. Clarissa is ready for her close-up with this pretty name.

Marissa comes from the Latin “of the sea.” It is pronounced Maa-RIHS-aa, and its forms are Marisa and Maris. Marissa Ponich is a Canadian fencer who won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games in 2015 and 2019. Marissa ranks in the top 5,000 names worldwide and ranked 100th in the Philippines. Marissa sails the romantic sea with her sunny sister Clarissa.

Old-fashioned, Traditional

Cordelia and Cleo

Cordelia originates in Latin, meaning “little heart.” It is pronounced Kor-DIY-Liy-AA and varies as Cordula. Cordelia Fine is a Canadian-born British philosopher of science, psychologist, and writer. Cordelia is somewhat rare worldwide but is used most in Nigeria and ranked highest (330th) in Sierra Leone. Cordelia’s Shakespearean heroine fame precedes her.

Cleo comes from the Greek for “praise” and “acclaim.” It is pronounced KLIY-ow and can appear as Chleo and Clea. Cléo de Mérode was a French dancer of the Belle Époque, known as the "first modern celebrity.” Cleo doesn’t rank in the top 20,000 names worldwide but is most popular in the U.S. Cleo is a girly name for your little queen to go with your formal Cordelia.

Old-fashioned, Uncommon

Crystal & Cora

Crystal is a Latin name meaning “ice.” It’s unisex, pronounced as KRIHS-Taal. There are almost 100 variations of Crystal, like Chrystel and Cristal. Crystal-Margaret Bennett was a British archaeologist who founded the British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History. Crystal is ranked 231st in the U.S. Despite this, Crystal feels as special as a rare gem.

Cora comes from the Greek and Latin for “maiden.” It is pronounced Kow-Raa and can vary from Corah to Coralee. Cora Lunny is an Irish violinist, singer, actress, and daughter of Irish musician Dónal Lunny. Cora is ranked somewhat uncommon worldwide and is ranked 372nd in Ireland. Cora is the earthy maiden’s name who will keep your bright Crystal grounded.

Common, Old-fashioned
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Darcy & Taylor

Darcy is French for “dark,” and is unisex, pronounced DAAR-Siy. Darcie, Darci, and Darsi are often used as well. Dame Darcey Andrea Bussell is an English retired ballerina, and former judge on the BBC TV series Strictly Come Dancing. Darcy is ranked 10,866th worldwide, most popular in the U.S. and Brazil.

Taylor has an English origin, meaning “tailor.” It is unisex and pronounced TEY-Laor. Variants include Taylore and Tailar. Taylor Russell McKenzie is a Canadian actress known for the Netflix science fiction series Lost in Space. Taylor is ranked in the top 10,000 names worldwide and is most popular in North America. Taylor could be your sophisticated little girl.

Old-fashioned, Modern

Delaney & Dahlia

Delaney’s unisex Irish origin means “dark challenger.” It is pronounced Deh-LEY-Niy and variations include Delaine and Daleney. Delaney Jane is a Canadian singer/songwriter known for the film Juno’s song "Limitless.” In 2014, Delaney ranked highest (top 4,000) in New Zealand.

Dahlia is Latin for “elegance” but is known for its flower namesake. It is pronounced DAAHL-Lyaa and can also appear as Dalia. Dalia Mahmoud Quotb El Behery is an Egyptian actress, also crowned the 1990 Miss Egypt. Dahlia is uncommon worldwide but most popular in Indonesia. Dahlia is the classic partner to the quaint Delaney.

Creative, Pretty

Diana & Elisha

Diana comes from the ancient Greek/Latin for “divine,” or the goddess of the hunt. It is pronounced Day-AEN-ah and has variants from Deana to Diane. Princess Diana (born Diana Frances Spencer) was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. Diana is ranked 118th worldwide. Diana is as classical as an ancient bow for your little warrior goddess.

Elisha comes from the Hebrew “God is salvation” and is pronounced Iy-LAY-Shah. Elissia and Elicia are well-known variations. Elisha McCallion is an Irish Sinn Féin politician and previous Mayor of Derry (2015-16). Elisha is ranked in the top 5,000 names worldwide and ranked 181st in Tanzania. Elisha is a unique Biblical name to complement her strong sister Diana.

Popular, Biblical

Dylan & Dakota

Dylan is of Welsh origin, meaning “sea.” It is pronounced DIHL-ahn and has other forms like Dillon and Dylen. Dylan Lauren is the daughter of American fashion designer Ralph Lauren and the owner of New York City's Dylan's Candy Bar. Dylan ranks 11,250th worldwide and ranks 261st in Wales. Dylan has been trendy for a while, so help make it more popular for little girls.

Dakota is a Native American place name, meaning “friend.” It is pronounced Dah-KOW-tah and can appear as Dekohta and Dakkota. Dakota Fanning is an American actress known for her first film, I Am Sam (2001). Dakota ranks 251st in Myanmar, where it is also the most common. Dakota will bring the Americana feel to these sisters together nicely.

Cool, Creative

Elena & Marina

Elena comes from the Greek Helena, meaning “torch.” It is pronounced Eh-LEH-Naa and can vary from Elene to Elina. Elena Anatolyevna Gerasimova is a Russian gymnast who represented Russia at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Elena is ranked 31st worldwide, most popular in Russia. This traditional Slavic name is full of femininity for any little girl.

Marina comes from the Latin “marinus” meaning “of the sea.” It is pronounced Maa-RIY-Naa and has many other forms like Marena and Marnie. Marina Abramović is a Serbian conceptual and performance artist known for The Artist is Present exhibition. Marina ranked 92nd worldwide, most popular in Russia. Marina is the water element to balance out your fiery Elena.

Classic, Common

Elizabeth & Isabella

Elizabeth means “God is my oath” in Hebrew and is pronounced Ih-LIHZ-ah-Bahth. Elizabeth is loaded with global variations, from Erzebet to Elisabeth. Elizabeth II is Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. Elizabeth is ranked 56th worldwide, most popular in the U.S. Elizabeth is the ideal classic half of pretty twin names for girls.

Isabella is the Spanish/Italian version of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.” It is pronounced IHZ-ah-BEHL-ah and can be called Isla. Isabella Rossellini is an Italian-Swedish actress and daughter of the actress Ingrid Bergman. Isabella is ranked 3,221st worldwide, the most popular in Brazil. Isabella is the Latin equivalent of the Anglo Elizabeth, yet stands on its own nicely.

Biblical, Traditional

Ellie & Millie

Ellie’s Greek origin means “shining light,” pronounced as EH-Liy. Ellie can appear as Elle or Elly, among others. Ellie Crowe is a South African-American author of over 16 books on the culture and history of Hawaii. In 2014, Ellie was used 23,939 times in the U.S. but ranked the highest (615th) in England. Ellie is an adorable name with no pretensions for a special girl.

Millie is a German diminutive of Emily, meaning “strength.” It is pronounced MIHL-iy and can appear as Miley and Mali. Millie Bright is an English footballer who plays for Chelsea and the England national team. Millie does not rank in the top 20,000 names worldwide but is most popular in the U.S. Millie is cuteness-overload and will suit Ellie well.

Cute, Old-fashioned

Eloise & Ebony

Eloise comes from the French for “healthy” and is pronounced EL-oh-Weez. It can appear as Elois and Heloise. Eloise Smith was a survivor of the 1912 RMS Titanic disaster. Eloise is used the most in the U.S., ranked just above the top 1,000 names. Eloise has all the sophistication your little girl could want in a name.

Ebony originates from the Greek for “black wood.” It is unisex and pronounced EH-Behn-iy. It can appear as Eboni and Ebonique. Ebony Hoffman is a former basketball player and current assistant coach for the Seattle Storm. Ebony is used the most in the U.S., but ranked the highest (883rd) in Australia. Ebony is the new-world partner to your vintage Eloise.

Feminine, Cool

Emma & Florence

Emma is based on the German for “universal” and is pronounced EHM-ah. Emma can appear as Emmelyn or Emie, among others. Emma Bonino is an Italian senator for Rome who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2013 to 2014. Emma ranks 458th worldwide and is ranked 33rd in England. Emma is as classic as a rose for your little girl to make her own.

Florence comes from the Latin for “blossoming” and is unisex, pronounced as FLOWR-Ahns. Florence has other variations, from Flo to Florella. Florence Provendier is a French politician serving as a Member of Parliament since 2018. Florence is ranked 361st worldwide, the most popular in Uganda. Florence accompanies Emma like flowers in a garden who grow well together.

Common, Unique

Esme & Zoey

Esme has French origins, meaning “loved.” It is pronounced EHZ-meh and can appear as Esmie and Esmee. Esme Church was a British actress who acted at The Old Vic Company, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and on Broadway. Esme is used the most in Turkey, where it ranks 465th.

Zoey comes from the ancient Greek for “life” and is pronounced ZOW-iy. Zoe can also appear as Zoe and Zoie. Zoey Deutch is an American actress known for the 2014 film Vampire Academy. In 2014, 4,155 people were named Zoey worldwide, with the highest-ranking (2,127) in England. Zoey and Esme are sweet reminders of the importance of ideas like life and love.

Creative, Modern
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Ethel & Nelly

Ethel comes from the old English for “noble” and is unisex. It is pronounced EH-Thahl and can show up as Ehtel or Ethlyn. Ethel Percy Andrus was an educator and the first woman high school principal in California. Ethel is ranked 3,455th worldwide, most popular in the U.S. Ethel is old-school and is experiencing more popularity as vintage comes back with a bang.

Nelly comes from the Greek Helen for “light.” It is unisex and pronounced NEHL-iy. Nelly can look like Nell, Nelli, and Nellie. Nelly Nechama Ben-Or Clynes is a concert pianist, music professor, and Holocaust survivor. Nelly is mildly common worldwide, with the highest-ranking (218th) in Malawi. Nelly has informal goodness that pairs nicely with Ethel for vintage charm.

Old-fashioned, Informal

Eva & Mia

Eva is a version of the Hebrew root “Eve,” meaning “life.” It is pronounced IY-Vah and is known as Aoife in Ireland. Eva Perón (known as Evita) was the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 to 1952. Eva is ranked 167th worldwide, most popular in Germany. Eva is one of the prettiest names for a gorgeous baby girl.

Mia comes from the Hebrew Miriam, meaning “dear.” It is pronounced MIY-ah and stands on its own for many names, from Maria to Mary and Michaela. Mia Pojatina is a Croatian model crowned Miss Universe Croatia in 2018. Mia ranked in the top 5,000 names worldwide. Mia and Eva are the epitome of adorable twin names for girls.

Popular, Pretty

Faith & Hope

Faith comes from the Latin “fides,” meaning “trust.” It is pronounced FEYTH and can look like Faithe or even Faye. Faith Chepngetich Kipyegon is a Kenyan runner and 2016 Rio Olympic and 2020 Tokyo Olympic champion. Faith is ranked 967th worldwide and is most popular in Kenya at #4. Faith is more than a name, but a great way to bless your little girl with good tidings.

In old English, Hope means “desire of fulfillment” and has no obvious variations. Hope Sandoval is an American singer-songwriter and the lead singer of the group Mazzy Star. Hope is ranked 3,856th worldwide, most popular in Nigeria. Hope is the ideal twin sister to Faith, so they can help each other be the best sisters possible.

Popular, Unique

Flora & Hana

Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers, which mirrors its meaning. It is pronounced FLOWR-ah. Flora has many variants, from Florita to Flores. Flora Brovinais is a Kosovar Albanian poet, pediatrician, and women's rights activist. Flora ranks 1,373rd worldwide and 81st in Tanzania. Flora is everything about a spring day in the garden for your little girl’s name.

Hana is Spanish for “flower,” can be unisex, and is pronounced HHAAN-aa. Hanna and Hannah are well-known variations. Hana Bajtošová is a Slovak mountain bike orienteering competitor and World Champion. Hana is ranked 962nd worldwide and ranked 12th in the Czech Republic. Hana accompanies Flora and two pretty flowers in your family’s garden.

Pretty, Cute

Gaia & Aria

Gaia refers to “mother earth'' in ancient Greek. It is pronounced GAY-ah and can look like Gaea or even Kaia and Caia. Gaia Germani was an Italian film and television actress who worked with Lucio Fulci and Segio Sollima. Gaia is used the most in Italy, where it ranks 593rd. Gaia is the most bohemian way to name your little girl after the great Earth Mother.

Aria means “song” in Italian and is unisex, pronounced AAR-iy-aa. Aria can appear as Ariah, Arya, and Aryia. Aria de Vries-Noordam is a Dutch Paralympic athlete who represented the Netherlands at the 1972 Summer Paralympics. Aria has the highest ranking (778th) in Iran. Aria sounds like the memorable song the sister to Mother Earth listens to.

Mythological, Feminine

Georgia & Montana

Georgia means “farmer” in ancient Greek and is pronounced JHOWR-Jhah. It can be everything from Georgie to Georgianna. Georgia O'Keeffe was an American modernist artist called the "Mother of American modernism.” Georgia ranked 3,384th worldwide, most popular in Greece and Cyprus. Georgia has both an ancient and new-world meaning kept in her name.

Montana comes from the Latin for “mountain” and is unisex, pronounced Mown-TAEN-aa. It can be spelled Montanah and Montanna. Montana Cox is an Australian model and the winner of the 7th season of Australia's Next Top Model. In 2014, Montana was used 5,090 times, mostly in the U.S. Montana and Georgia are Americana at its best with an ancient history.

Creative, Cool

Grace & Esther

Grace comes from the Latin, meaning “God’s grace.” It is pronounced GRAIS and can look like Gracia and Gratia. Grace Kelly was an American actress in the 1950s and the Princess of Monaco. Grace is ranked 148th worldwide, most popular in Nigeria. Grace is the ultimate elevated spiritual name for little girls to use.

Esther comes from the Biblical Hebrew for “star” and is pronounced EHS-Tahr. Well-known versions include Ester and Estar. Esther Roth-Shahamorov is a former Israeli track and field athlete known for 100-meter hurdles and the 100-meter sprint. Esther is ranked 116th worldwide, most common in Nigeria. Esther and Grace are both ideals for twin girls to become.

Popular, Biblical

Gretchen & Gwynne

Gretchen means “little pearl” in German and is pronounced GREHCH-ahn. It can appear as Gretchan, Gretchin, and Greta for short. Gretchen Magbanua Abaniel is a Filipino boxer who held the WIBA mini-flyweight title from 2009 to 2011. Gretchen is ranked 9,726th worldwide and is ranked highest (311th) in Puerto Rico. Gretchen is charming for half of your dynamic duo.

Gwynne means “white” in Welsh and is unisex, pronounced GWIHN. Gwen, Gwinn, and Gwyn are some variations. Gwynne Geyer is an American operatic soprano performing at major opera houses all over the Western world. Gwynne is ranked highest (887th) in Wales, though used most in the U.S. Gwynne and Gretchen together make adorable white pearls as sisters.

Old-fashioned, Unique

Harlow & Piper

Harlow means “rock hill” in English and is unisex. It is pronounced HHAAR-Low and can vary as Harlo, Harloe, and Harlowe. Jean Harlow is the most famous person with the surname, but the first name is rare. In 2014, 1,675 people were named Harlowe, mostly in the U.S. Give into the fantasy of naming one of your twin girls Harlow and she will live up to it.

Piper literally means “flute or pipe player” in English, is unisex, and pronounced PAYP-er. It can show up as Pyper or Pipper. Piper Laurie (born Rosetta Jacobs) is an American actress known for the films The Hustler (1961) and Carrie (1976). Piper ranks the highest in the U.S. (3,977th).

Modern, Creative

Hazel & Maeve

Hazel comes from the old English word for “hazelnut tree.” It is unisex, pronounced HHEY-Zehl and can appear as Hazelle, Haizel, and Heyzell. Hazel Gaynor is an English author of historical fiction and fantasy based in Ireland. Hazel is ranked 2,993rd worldwide and ranks in the top 100 in Jamaica. Hazel has an old-world English charm for your new-world little girl.

Maeve means “she who rules” in Irish (and is the goddess of love). It is pronounced MEYV. Maeve can look like Mayve and Mave. C. Maeve Lewis McCarthy is an Irish mathematician researching inverse problems and modeling biological systems. In 2014, less than 10,000 people were named Maeve, mostly in Ireland. Queen Maeve and earthy Hazel will make quite a duo.

Old-fashioned, Mythological
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Heaven & Nevaeh

Heaven has old English origins, referring to “home of the gods.” It is pronounced HHEHV-ehnand can appear as Heavan or Heavenly. American actor Terence Howard’s daughter's first name is Heaven. In 2014, 5,433 people were named Heaven, most popular in the U.S. Heaven is real and a gift from above.

Navaeh’s meaning is “heaven” since it spells it backward. It is pronounced Nuw-Vey-ah and can appear as Neveah and Neviyah. Nevaeh belongs to the daughter of Sonny Sandoval of the American rock group P.O.D. 367 of 410 people were named Nevaeh in the U.S. in 2014. Nevaeh and Heaven could make divine sisters.

Biblical, Creative

Isabel & Elisabeth

Isabel goes back to the Hebrew for “God is my protection.” It is pronounced IHZ-ah-Behl and has tons of variants, from Isabelle to Ysabel. Isabel Toledo (born Maria Isabel Izquierdo) was a Cuban-American fashion designer in New York City. Isabel is ranked 230th worldwide and is used most in Angola, where it ranks #4. Isabel is an antique spelling of a classical name.

Elisabeth means “God is my protection” in Hebrew. It is pronounced Ih-LIHZ-ah-Bahth and varies across nations, from Elizabeth to Elisabet. Elisabeth Jastrow was a German-born American classical archaeologist. Elisabeth is ranked 405th worldwide, most popular in Germany. Elisabeth and Isabel mirror each other’s divine protection.

Popular, Formal

Iris & Eden

Iris originates from the Greek “goddess of the rainbow.” It is pronounced AY-Rihs and can appear as Irys, Yris, and Irisa. Iris Komar is a former German swimmer who won a gold medal at the 1970 European Aquatics Championships. Iris ranked 1,202nd worldwide, most popular in Germany. Iris is a graceful mythological name for your little girl.

Eden comes from the Biblical Hebrew for “place of pleasure.” It is unisex and is pronounced IY-Dahn. Eden has many forms, like Edun and Edyne. Eden Riegel is an American actress in the soap opera All My Children. Eden is ranked 5,793rd worldwide and #63 in Israel. Eden will make a grounded counterpart to her rainbow sister.

Mythological, Biblical

Jade & Jillian

Jade comes from the Spanish for “stone of the side,” or the “lucky jade.” It is unisex, pronounced JHEYD, and its variants include Jayden and Jada. Jade Baraldo is a Brazilian singer-songwriter in the reality show The Voice Brasil. Jade is ranked 3,475 worldwide, most popular in England. Jade can be a lucky elemental name for your new girl to enjoy.

Jillian means “child of the gods” in old English. It is pronounced JHIHL-iy-Aen and can be Gillian or Jilianne, among others. Jillian Becker is a South African-British author, journalist, and lecturer researching terrorism. Though in the top 1,000 in the U.S., Jillian ranks the highest (299th) in Scotland. Jillian and Jade are a pair of unique “J” names with significant meanings behind them.

Modern, Pretty

Jordan & Jasmine

Jordan comes from the Biblical Hebrew, meaning “flowing down.” It is unisex and pronounced JHOWR-Dahn. Jordan has many variants, like Jordyne and Jordanna. Jordan Hewson is the daughter of U2's lead vocalist Bono and is an activist and entrepreneur. Jordan is ranked 3,520th worldwide most popular in the U.S. Jordan is unique for girls, so don’t let it go by!

Jasmine’s Persian origin means “gift from God.” It is unisex and pronounced JHAEZ-Mihn. Jasmine can appear as Jasmin or even Yasmina. Jasmine Valentin is a Finnish Romani singer who sang in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest. Though in the top 1,000 in the U.S., Jasmine ranks 421st in Haiti. Jasmine is another gift from above for your little girls to wear well.

Biblical, Feminine

Julia & Juno

Julia comes from Roman origins, meaning “supreme God.” It is pronounced JHUW-Liy-ah and has many variations, from Julija to Julienne. Julia Pérez Montes de Oca was a Cuban poet and the sister of the poet Luisa Pérez de Zambrana. Julia ranked 205th worldwide, most popular in Brazil. Julia is as classic Roman as it gets for your modern-day queen.

Juno refers to the ancient Roman goddess of love and marriage. It is pronounced JHUW-Now and typically appears as June. Juno Wright is the daughter of American actor Jeffrey Wright. Juno is quite rare and is used the most in Pakistan, with 866 uses in 2014. Juno is the other half of your Roman sister clan.

Popular, Mythological

Juliet & Gertrude

Juliet comes from the French for “youthful” and is pronounced Jhuw-Liy-EHT. Juliet’s variations are Juliet, Juliette, and also Julieta. Juliet Stevenson is an English theater and film actress known for the film Truly, Madly, Deeply (1991). Juliet ranks 1,241st worldwide and is ranked 41st in Uganda, where it is most popular. Juliet is everything a pretty French name should be.

Gertrude is German, meaning “strength.” It is pronounced GAHR-Truwd and varies widely, from Gertrut to Gertrud. Gertrud Rasmus Skomagers was an alleged Danish witch whose case affected the law for witch trials in Denmark. Though not very popular worldwide, Gertrude ranks the highest (32nd) in Austria. Your Shakespearean ladies will live up to these cool names.

Feminine, Classic

Juniper & Astrid

Juniper comes from the Latin, meaning “young,” and is unisex, pronounced JHUW-nay-Per. Variants include Junipyre, Junyper, and Junypyre. Juniper Sage was the pen name of American children’s writer Margaret Wise Brown who wrote Goodnight Moon. Juniper is very rare worldwide but ranks highest in Australia. Juniper is a celestial symbol of a little girl’s youth.

Astrid means “divinely beautiful” in Scandinavian and is pronounced AA-Strahd. Many variations include Astryd and Astred. Astrid Kirchherr was a German photographer known for her photographs of the Beatles. Astrid ranks 2,577th worldwide, most popular in Germany. The divine Astrid meets the young Juniper to create a magical set of sisters.


Kinslie & Adeline

Kinslie means “king’s meadow” in old English and is pronounced KIHNS-Liy. Kinslie is unisex and also appears as Kinsley. There are no notable Kinslie’s around, and only 10 people were named Kinslie worldwide in 2014. Kinslie is utterly unique with a lovely pastoral meaning.

Adeline is French, meaning “noble.” It is pronounced AD-uh-Lin and appears as Adelyn, Adalene, and Adeleine. Adeline McKinlay was an American tennis player who won the US Women's National Championship in 1892. Adeline ranks in the top 5,000 worldwide and ranked highest (81st) in Haiti. Adeline and Kinslie’s names will appear to be perfectly behaved girls!

Uncommon, Cute

Kylie & Kayla

Kylie comes from Australia, meaning “boomerang.” It is unisex and pronounced KAY-Liy. Kiley and Kiely are common variations. Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer and the highest-selling female Australian artist of all time. Kylie is not very common outside of Australia, where it ranks 90th. Kylie is fun and exciting for your little girl’s life.

Kayla comes from the Greek Mikaela, meaning “laurel crown.” It is unisex and pronounced KEY-Laa. Kaila and Kaela are variations. Kayla Steindl is an American basketball player who played for the Joondalup Wolves of the NBL1 West. Kayla doesn’t make the top 10,000 names worldwide but is most popular in the U.S. These “K” sisters have full-of-life names.

Unique, Pretty
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Lainey & Kenna

Lainey means “bright” in old English. It is pronounced LEY-Niy and Lainie and Lanney are different variations. Lainey Keogh is an Irish fashion designer specializing in knitwear. While Lainey is used the most in the U.S., it ranks the highest (7,298th) in Australia, making it somewhat rare. Lainey is different enough to suit your special little girl.

Kenna is based on the Celtic name “Kendra,” meaning “beautiful.” It is unisex and pronounced KEHN-Naa. Kenna itself is considered a variation of Kenneth. In 2014, 8,437 people were named Kenna, mostly in the U.S. Kenna is another great diminutive of a more formal name that will match Lainey in style.

Unique, Informal

Lane & Laken

Lane means “small path” in old English. It is unisex and pronounced LEYN. There are many variations like Lanie and Layne. Lane Moore is an American stand-up comedian, author, and former writer for The Onion. Lane is used the most (more so for boys) in the U.S, ranked 1,306th. Lane is the name for a little girl without boundaries!

Laken is old English for “who comes from the lake.” It is unisex and pronounced LEY-Kiyn. Laken can also appear as Lakyn, Laeken, and Laiken. Laken has no famous namesakes. Laken is relatively rare worldwide, with 709 of 1,654 people named Laken in 2014 in the U.S. Laken is just as cool a choice as Lane, so your pair of stereotype-breaking sisters are sure to succeed.

Modern, Unusual

Liberty & Honor

Liberty means “freedom” in old English and is pronounced LIHB-er-Tiy. Liberty can appear as Libertie and Libertas. Liberty Phoenix is an American former actress and the younger sister of Joaquin Phoenix. The uncommon Liberty is used most in the Philippines but ranked highest (654th) in Zimbabwe. This freedom-loving name will make all the difference for your little girl.

In old English, honor means “dignity” and is unisex, pronounced AAN-aor. It can appear as Honore, Honora, and Honoria. Honor Mary Crowley was an Irish Fianna Fáil politician who served for the Kerry South constituency from 1945 to 1966. The rarest Honor ranked highest (1,324th) in France. Honor and Liberty will be set for great things when they grow up.

Cool, Unusual

Lois & Lydia

Lois is Greek, meaning “most desirable.” It is unisex and pronounced LOW-ihS. Lois can appear as Loise and Lo for short. Lois Lenski Covey was a Newbery Medal-winning author and illustrator of picture books and children's literature. Lois ranked 2,521st worldwide and ranked highest (217th) in the U.S. Lois has a lovely retro-feel for your little girl to own.

Lydia means “beautiful” in ancient Greek. It is pronounced LIHD-iy-ah and can appear as Lidia, Lydea, and Lidiya. Lydia Vladimirovna Litvyak was a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force during World War II. The very popular Lydia is used the most and ranks highest (62nd) in Uganda. Classical Lydia and vintage modern Lois will lead the way for each other.

Common, Mythological

London & Paris

London is English, referring to “the great river.” Variations include Londen, Londun, and Londyn. London Breed is the 45th mayor of the City and County of San Francisco. Less than 7,500 people were named London worldwide in 2014, with one-third in the U.S. London will serve your little girl well when it comes to being unique.

Paris is Latin, referring to the city of Paris, France. Paris can vary from Parisse to Parish. Paris Hilton is an American media personality, socialite, and granddaughter of Conrad Hilton. Paris is somewhat rare, used mostly in the U.S., and ranked highest (154th) in Cyprus. Paris will be the flavor to London’s dignity for your twin girls’ names.

Unusual, Uncommon

Lorelei & Willa

Lorelei is German for “alluring enchantress” and is pronounced LAOR-eh-Lay. It has variants like Loreley and Loreli. Lorelei De Cora was a Native American nurse and civil rights activist known for her role in the second siege of Wounded Knee. Lorelei is relatively rare, primarily used in the U.S. Lorelei is a unique feminine name for your little girl.

Willa has German origins, meaning “resolute protection.” It is pronounced WIHL-aa and can be spelled Wilah and Wylla. Willa Muir was a Scottish novelist, essayist, and translator for works including Franz Kafka. Though Willa is very uncommon and mostly used in the U.S., it ranks the highest (1,561st) in Poland. Willa has an old-world allure that meets old-world beauty in Lorelei.

Pretty, Uncommon

Luna & Lilah

Luna is Latin for “moon” and is pronounced LUW-Naa. It can vary from Lunah to Lunetta. Park Sun-young (known as Luna) is a South Korean singer, musical actress, and television presenter known for Korean versions of stage musicals. Though mildly uncommon, Luna is used the most in Brazil and ranks highest (526th) in Spain. Luna shines like the moon for your little girl.

Lilah is Persian for “lilac tree” and a nickname for Delilah. It is pronounced LIE-Laa and can appear as Lila. Lilah Estrada is an American actress known for The Wonder Years (2021). Lilah is rare worldwide, used the most, with 1,500 people in the U.S. named Lilah in 2014. Lilah and Luna are nature’s beauties brought to life by your sweet duo of girls.

Creative, Informal

Mabel & Maude

Mabel is English, but derived from Latin, meaning “dear.” It is pronounced MEY-Bahl. Mabel is short for Maybelline, Maybel, and others. Mabel Louise Smith (known as Big Maybelle) was an American R&B singer known for the 1956 hit single "Candy.” Mabel is ranked 2,661st worldwide, ranked highest (122nd) in Argentina.

Maude comes from the German for “powerful battler.” It is pronounced MAOD and can also appear as Maud. Maude Harcheb is a French singer appearing in the TV series Les Anges de la téléréalité. The uncommon Maude is used most in the U.S, but ranked highest (1,164th) in France. Maude and Mabel share nice, strong qualities of these fun names.

Old-fashioned, Unique

Madelyn & Morgan

Madelyn comes from the Hebrew for “high tower.” It is pronounced MAA-Dah-liyn. Madeyn appears more as Madeline or Madeleine. Madelyn Vega is a Puerto Rican journalist and a former reporter for Telemundo. Madelyn is somewhat common and most popular in the Philippines. Madelyn is a unique spelling of an ancient name your little girl will love.

Morgan means “sea dweller” in Welsh and is unisex. It is pronounced MOWR-Gahn. Morgan’s variants include Morgana and Morghan. Morgan Hurd is an American gymnast and member of the U.S. women's national team. Morgan ranks in the top 5,000 names worldwide, most popular in the U.S. Morgan is the modern take on your classic Madelyn and these M’s are ready to rule.

Formal, Modern

Malika & Khadija

Malika is Arabic for “queen” and is pronounced MAA-Liy-Kaa. Variants include Malikah, Malyka, and Maleeka. Malika al-Fassi was the only Moroccan woman to sign the Proclamation of Independence of Morocco in 1944. Malika is ranked 1,1,28th worldwide, with the most usage in Algeria, where it ranks 12th.

Khadija means “respected” in Arabic. It is pronounced Kaa-DIY-Jhaa. Khadija can appear as Khadeeja or Khadijah, among others. Khadija al-Salami is the first Yemeni female film producer and director. Khadija is ranked 375th worldwide, the most popular (5th) in Morocco. These beautiful Arabic names for twin girls could fit your special ones like a glove.

Feminine, Popular
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Marianne & Annemarie

Marianne means “grace” and “beloved” in French. It is pronounced MAA-Riy-aen and has many variations from Marianna to Maryann. Marianne Dubois is a French politician representing Loiret's 5th constituency in the National Assembly since 2009. Marianne is ranked 959th worldwide, most popular in Germany.

Annemarie means “grace” and beloved” in French. It is pronounced AA-NahMaa-RIY and has forms like Annamaria and Ann-Marie. Annemarie Huste was a German-American chef who worked for Jacqueline Kennedy. Annemarie is ranked 3,748th worldwide, most popular in Germany. These similarly opposite names will make a playful choice for your beautiful girls.

Traditional, Feminine

Mila & Arietta

Mila means “dear,” from Slavic origin. It is pronounced MIY-Laa and varies from Milah to Myla. Mila Horvat is a Croatian TV host who appears on Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT). Mila is somewhat common, used most in the Philippines, but ranked highest (162nd) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mila is sweet and simple for your dearest one.

Arietta is Italian for “little aria.'' It is pronounced Aa-RIH-eht-Taa and can appear as Aryetta and Arieta. Arietta is rare, with 447 people worldwide named Arietta in 2014, with 245 of them occurring in the U.S. The unknown beauty of Arietta and the warmth of Mila will keep these two girls close to your heart.

Traditional, Rare

Minerva & Danae

Minerva means “intellect” and was the Roman goddess of the arts (pronounced Mih-NAHR-Vah). Minerva Hamilton Hoyt was an American activist who worked to preserve California desert areas. Minerva is common, used most in Mexico, and ranked highest (100th) in Puerto Rico. Minerva is one of the coolest Roman goddess names around for your little one.

Danae refers to the Greek mother of Perseus and means “thirsty.” It is pronounced DAEN-ay, with variants like Danay and Dinae. Danae Kara is a Greek classical concert pianist known for her interpretations of 20th-century composers. Danae is relatively rare, used most in the U.S., and ranked highest (535th) in Cyprus. Minerva and Danae will have all divine bases covered.

Mythological, Uncommon

Mya & Mariah

Mya comes from Greek, meaning “great.” It is pronounced MAY-aa and can be written as Maya and Myia. Mýa Marie Harrison is an American singer who started her career as a VJ and dance posse member on BET's Teen Summit. The somewhat common Mya is used most in Myanmar, where it ranks 63rd. Mya is a cool spelling of a name destined for great things.

Mariah means “bitter” in Hebrew. It is pronounced Maa-RIY-yaa and is unique among variations of Mary and Maria. Mariah Buzolin Oliveira is a Brazilian actress known for the soap opera All My Children. Mariah is somewhat uncommon, still making the top 1,000 names in Indonesia.

Unique, Feminine

Nora & Nola

Nora has French origins, meaning “light.” It is pronounced NOWR-ah and also appears as Norah. Nora Barnacle was the muse and wife of Irish author James Joyce. Making the top 1,000 names worldwide, Nora is used most in the U.S., Egypt, and Argentina. Nora has vintage appeal and stands on its own for your little girl.

Nola has Irish origins, meaning “fair shoulder.” It is pronounced NOW-Laa and has multiple variants, like Nulla and Nolah. Nola Marino has been an Australian member of the House of Representatives since 2007. The uncommon Nola is used most in the U.S., and ranked highest (482nd) in New Zealand. Nola and Nora will make a complementary set of fair sisters.

Old-fashioned, Cool

Olive & Lillian

Olive is from the Latin, meaning “olive tree.” It is pronounced AO-LihV and also appears as Olivia. Olive Schreiner was a South African author known for her novel The Story of an African Farm (1883). Olive is mildly popular worldwide and used the most in England. Olive is an elemental name that feels just the right amount of old-fashioned to thrive for girls today.

Lillian comes from the English for “lily” (flower). It is pronounced LIH-Liy-ehn and varies as Lilian, Lilliann, or Lilliane. Princess Lilian of Belgium was the second wife of King Leopold III of Belgium. Lillian is ranked 2,695th worldwide, most popular in the U.S. Lillian’s flower origins pair nicely with Olive’s tree, creating a duo of sisters happy to play in any garden.

Classic, Formal

Paige & Natalie

Paige is originally Latin for “helper” and is pronounced PEY-JH. Payge and Pagett are common variants. Paige Hareb is the first New Zealand woman to qualify for the ASP Women's World Tour. The uncommon Paige is used the most in the U.S. and ranked highest (809th) in Australia. Paige is a thoughtful choice for a girl who wants to be different.

Natalie is Latin for “birth of the Lord.” It is pronounced NAE-tah-Liy and has many variations like Natalee and Natalia. Natalie Griesbeck served as a Member of the European Parliament for the East of France from 2004 to 2019. Natalie ranked 1,730th worldwide, with the highest-ranking (82nd) in the Czech Republic. Natalie and her modern Paige will make a fine pair.

Modern, Traditional

Paisley & Rhett

Paisley means “church” in its Scottish origin. It is unisex and pronounced PEY-ZLiy. Paisley can vary from Paislee to Payslea. Paisley Wu is a Hong Kong singer and television presenter on music programs for TVB. Paisley is very rare, with only 777 people in 2014 named Paisley worldwide. Paisley is a unique gem for a little girl.

Rhett is Dutch and English for “advice.” It is unisex and pronounced REHT. Rhett is a form of Reese, also appearing as Reed. Rhett is somewhat rare, with most Rhetts occurring in the U.S. Rhett is a cool name for your little girl to go along with Paisley.

Rare, Unique

Paloma & Camille

Paloma is Latin for “dove” and is pronounced Pae-LOW-Maa. Paloma can vary as Paluma or Poloma, among others. Paloma Herrera is an Argentine ballet dancer who was a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater. The somewhat common Paloma is used most in Brazil, where it ranks its highest of 439th. Paloma is beautiful and unusual at the same time.

Camille means “priest’s helper” in French. It is unisex and pronounced Kaa-MIYL. Camille has many variants, like Camilla and Camil. Camille Claudel was a French sculptor known for figurative works in bronze and marble. Camille ranked 4,061st worldwide, used mostly in France, ranking 178th. Camille is uniquely antique to Paloma, but they match up well.

Feminine, Classic

Phoebe & Penelope

Phoebe means “radiant” in Latin and is pronounced FIY-Biy. Phoebe’s variations include Phebie and Pheby. Phoebe Di Tommaso is an Australian competitive figure skater who won the senior national title in 2010–11. Phoebe is not in the top 10,000 names worldwide and is most popular in Kenya. Phoebe is adorably cute and classic at the same time for one of your twin girls.

Penelope means “weaver” in Greek and refers to The Odyssey. It is pronounced Pah-NEHL-ah-Piy. Variations include Penelopie and Pennelope. Penélope Cruz is a Spanish actress with an Academy Award. Penelope is not in the top 10,000 names but is most popular in England. Penelope and Phoebe can weave fantastical stories with their gorgeous names.

Classic, Mythological
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Poppy & Hadley

Poppy means “red flower” in Latin and is pronounced PAAP-iy. Poppy can appear as Popie and Poppi. Poppy Ackroyd is a British composer, pianist, violinist, and a regular member of the live project Hidden Orchestra. Poppy is quite rare worldwide but used most and ranked highest (1230th) in South Africa. Poppy is fun and full of life for one-half of your twin girls.

Hadley is English, meaning “heather field'.” It is unisex and pronounced HHAED-Liy. Forms include Hadleah and Hadly. Hadley Freeman is an American-British journalist known for working at the Guardian. Hadley is very rare and not in the top 100,000 names worldwide, but most popular in the U.S. Hadley and Poppy make the most organic sisters with natural names.

Cute, Cool

Reagan & Riley

The unisex Reagan means “little king” in Irish. It is pronounced REY-Gahn and can appear as Ragan and Raegan. Reagan Neis is a Canadian actress known for The WB sitcom Maybe It's Me. Reagan is not in the top 20,000 names but is mostly used in the U.S. Reagan is a rarely-used name for little girls, so yours can be one of the lucky few.

Riley is Irish for “valiant” and is unisex. It is pronounced RIY-Liy and has many forms like Rileigh and Rilee. Riley Keough is an American actress and granddaughter of actress Priscilla Presley and singer Elvis Presley. Riley is rare outside the U.S., but ranks 1,074th in Australia. Riley and Reagan are Irish twins who are sure to make you smile!

Unique, Cute

Rhiannon & Nia

Rhiannon means “great queen” in Welsh and is pronounced Riy-AEN-ahn. It can vary from Rheanna to Rianon. Rhiannon Ifans is a Welsh academic specializing in English, Medieval and Welsh literature. Rhiannon is quite rare worldwide but ranked 226th in Wales. Rhiannon feels like a fairytale where your little girl is the star.

Nia is Welsh, meaning “bright.” It is pronounced NIY-aa and can appear as Niah, Nya, and Nyah. Nia Rhiannon Griffith is a British politician who has served as a Member of Parliament (MP) since 2005. While Nia isn’t in the top 5,000 names worldwide, it is most popular in Indonesia. Nia and Rhiannon are two different sides of a gorgeous Welsh history of names.

Feminine, Unique

Rory & Winter

Rory is Scottish and Irish for “red king” and is unisex. It is pronounced RAOR-iy and can appear as Rori and Rorey. Rory Kennedy is an American documentary filmmaker and the youngest daughter of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Rory isn’t in the top 10,000 names but is ranked highest (204th) in Ireland. Rory is an offbeat name for your little girl to enjoy.

Winter refers to the “cold season” and is of English origin. Winter is unisex and is pronounced WIHNT-er. Winter can look like Wintr or Wynter. Winter Lee Vinecki is an American marathon runner, triathlete, and aerial skier. Winter is extremely rare (> 50,000), but ranks highest (641st) in Zambia. Rory and Winter are truly special names ready for anything!

Modern, Creative

Rose & Daisy

Rose comes from the Latin for “rose” (flower). Rose has over 100 forms, like Rosy and Rosa. Rose Combe was a French railway worker, writer, and archetype of Proletarian literature. Rose ranked 181st worldwide and is most popular in Uganda at #5.

Daisy comes from the old English for “day’s eye.” It is pronounced DEY-Ziy and has many forms like Dasey and Daizy. Daisy de Peinder is a Dutch softball player who plays for the Dutch national team. Daisy ranks 2,245th worldwide, most popular in the Philippines. Daisy is the alter ego to your Rose and will cultivate a beautiful garden of sisterly love.

Popular, Cute

Rowan & Wren

Rowan is Scottish for “little redhead” and is pronounced ROW-ahn. It is unisex and can appear as Rhoane, Rowen, and Roanne. Rowan Hisayo Buchanan is a British-American writer whose novels have received the Author's Club First Novel Award in 2017. Rowan isn’t in the top 20,000 names, but is most popular in Egypt. Rowan is a Scottish mainstay for boys and now girls.

Wren is English for “small bird” and is pronounced REHN. Some variations include Wrenna and Wrene. Wren Blackberry is an American children's fiction author using American-Portuguese protagonists in her work. Wren is very rare worldwide, with less than 2,000 incidences in 2014, mostly in the U.S. Wren and Rowan are lyrical nature names for your girls.

Unique, Rare

Ruby & Esmeralda

Ruby is Latin, meaning “deep red precious stone.” It is unisex and is pronounced RUW-Biy. Ruby’s forms include Rubey and Rubi. Ruby Florence Murray was one of the most popular Northern Irish singers in the British Isles in the 50s. Ruby ranks 1,872nd worldwide, most popular in the U.S. Ruby is vintage and shimmers like the stone it represents.

Esmerelda is Greek for “emerald.” It is pronounced EhZ-Mah-RAAL-Dah and varies from Emmie to Ezmerelda. Esmeralda Santiago is a Puerto-Rican author known for her memoirs and trans-cultural writing. Esmeralda is fairly common, most popular in Mexico, and ranked highest (43rd) in Albania. Esmeralda and Ruby will be the ideal gems for you to love and cherish.

Pretty, Formal

Sadie & Shea

Sadie means “princess” in Hebrew, based on Sarah. It is pronounced SEY-Diy and can appear as Saydee and Saydi. Sadie Frost is an English actress, producer, and fashion designer, who ran the fashion label Frost French. Sadie is most popular in Chad and is cool and traditional all at once.

Shea means “stately, dauntless one” in Irish. It is unisex and pronounced SHEY. Shea has many forms like Shaye and Shai. Shea Ralph is a former basketball player and current head coach for the Vanderbilt Commodores women's team. Shea is somewhat rare but is most popular in the U.S. Shea is the modern equivalent to Sadie’s charms and will be great buddies.

Traditional, Unique

Sienna & Sahara

Sienna is Italian for “reddish-brown” and is pronounced Siy-EHN-aa. Sienna can also appear as Siena. Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi is the daughter of Princess Beatrice of York and granddaughter of Prince Andrew. Sienna is extremely rare, not ranking in the top 100,000 names. Sienna may be worth keeping for your little girl, no matter her hair color.

Sahara means “desert” in Arabic and is pronounced Sae-HHEHR-ah. Its variations are Sahare and Sahar. Antoine Ashley (known as Sahara Davenport) was an American drag queen best known as a contestant on the reality TV series RuPaul's Drag Race. Sahara is in the top 10,000 names worldwide, mostly used in India. Sahara and Sienna are ready to roll and have tons of fun.

Feminine, Cool

Stella & Savannah

Stella is Latin for “star” and is pronounced STAHL-aa. Stella can vary from Stellah to Stela. Stella McCartney is an English fashion designer and daughter of Paul McCartney. Stella is ranked 711th worldwide, most popular in Nigeria. Stella is a memorable name that knows your little girl is already a star.

Savannah is named for the American town in Georgia, meaning “grassy lowland.” It is pronounced Saa-VAA-Naa and can appear as Savanna and Savanah. Savannah Churchill was an American R&B singer in the 40s-50s. Savannah is somewhat rare but mainly used in the U.S. Savannah can be the earthly equivalent to your celestial Stella.

Popular, Unique
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Summer & Autumn

Summer refers to the summer season in English. It is unisex and pronounced SAHM-Mehr. It can vary from Summar to Somar. Summer Phoenix is an American actress and the sister of Joaquin Phoenix. Summer ranked 1,064th in the U.S. Highlight the warmest season for one of your little girls with this cool name.

Autumn comes from the Latin for the “fall” season. Variations include Autum and Autom. Autumn de Wilde is an American photographer known for her commercial portraits of musicians. Though somewhat rare, Autumn is mostly used in the U.S. Autumn and Summer will follow each other around like the seasons naturally do.

Pretty, Creative

Sydney & Salem

Sydney is French for “Saint Denis.” Sydney can appear as Sidney or Sydie. Sydney Washington is an American ballet dancer who has performed in The Nutcracker and The Wiz. Sydney is not all that common but is ranked highest (69th) in Jamaica. Sydney is a cool place name moniker for your little one.

Salem comes from the Hebrew for “peace.” It is pronounced SEY-Lehm and can vary from Saleem to Saleme. Salem Mitchell is an American model known for her facial freckles signed to LA Ford Models and New York Model Management. Salem ranks 1,737th worldwide, ranked 3rd in the United Arab Emirates.

Unique, Cool

Tabitha & Talia

Tabitha comes from the Aramaic for “gracious.” It is pronounced TAEB-ih-Thah. Tabitha has variations like Tabbytha and Tabithah. Tabitha King is an American author and wife of Stephen King. Tabitha is somewhat commonly ranked in the top 5,000 names worldwide, most popular in Kenya. Tabitha is a Biblical name that’s very approachable today.

Talia means “morning dew” in Hebrew and is unisex. It is pronounced TAA-LYaa. Talia can be spelled Thalia. Talia Shire is an American actress best known for the Rocky series. Talia is quite uncommon and unranked in the top 20,000 names worldwide, though ranked 493rd in Algeria. Talia and Tabitha can make ancient music together for your little twins today.

Biblical, Cute

Tessa & Tyler

Tessa means “one who harvests” in Greek. It is pronounced TEH-Saa. Tessa can appear as Tess or Tessie. Tessa Virtue is a Canadian ice dancer and the 2014 Olympic silver medalist. Tessa is somewhat uncommon T name for girls, ranked in the top 14,000 names worldwide but ranked 182nd in The Netherlands. Tessa is a pretty version of Theresa that is unique all on its own.

Tyler comes from the old English for “tile maker” and is unisex. It is pronounced TIE-Ler. Forms include Tylar, Tyller, and Tylor. Tyler doesn’t rank in the top 5,000 names worldwide and is used mostly in the U.S. and Canada. Cuteness knows no gender for Tyler and Tessa, who will be sure to charm all they meet.

Informal, Modern

Valerie & Vanessa

Valerie is Latin for “strength” and “health.” It is pronounced VAAL-eh-Riy and can appear as Valorie, Valory, among others. Valérie Lacroute is a French politician representing Seine-et-Marne in the National Assembly of France from 2012 to 2020. Valerie is ranked 713th worldwide and the highest (35th) in France. Valerie sounds like the valor and strength it represents.

Vanessa can mean “of Venus” in Greek mythology. It is pronounced Vaan-ES-aa and has many variants, like Venesha and Venessa. Vanessa de Lisle is a British fashion journalist who worked for Harpers & Queen and British Vogue. Vanessa is ranked 579th worldwide, most popular in Brazil. Vanessa and Valerie are catchy “V” names that will be victorious for your little girls.

Classic, Mythological

Vesta & Victoria

Vesta comes from the Latin for “pure” and refers to the Roman goddess of the hearth. It is pronounced VEHS-Tah and can vary as Vestah and Vessie. Vesta Kasputė is a Lithuanian chess player and Women's FIDE Master. Vesta is quite uncommon but ranked 394th in Belarus. Vesta is an awesome way of bringing mythology into your little girl’s name.

Victoria means “victory” in Latin. Victoria has many forms, from Victoriah to Viktoria. Victoria Anna David Tolbert was the First Lady of Liberia from 1971 to 1980. Victoria is ranked 206th worldwide, most popular in Sierra Leone. The formality of Victoria can meet the mythological whimsy of Vesta and create a bond of sisterly love.

Mythological, Traditional

Willow & Winona

Willow is of English origin, meaning “freedom,” and can appear as Wyllo and Willo. Willow Shields is an American actress playing Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games' sci-fi film series (2012–2015). Willow is so rare that it doesn’t rank in the top 100,000 names worldwide. Willow can be the bohemian name to crown your little girl.

Winona comes from the Sioux language, meaning “first-born daughter.” It is pronounced Wih-NOWN-ah and forms include Wynonah and Winnona. Winona Ryder is an American actress and Golden Globe winner for the series Stranger Things. Winona is very uncommon but is most popular in the U.S.

Creative, Unique

Xanthe & Thalia

Xanthe is Greek for “blond-haired” and is pronounced ZAEN-thee. It can appear as Xanthia and Xantha. Xanthe Huynh is an American voice actress known for her voice work in dubbing English for anime series. In 2014, only 1,505 people worldwide were named Xanthe, most popular in Australia. Xanthe is a unique goddess name for your little nymph.

Thalia means “dew from Heaven” in Hebrew and is pronounced TAA-LYaa. Forms include Talia and Thalea. Thalia Iakovidou is a Greek pole vaulter who competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Thalia is quite uncommon but ranked in the top 1,000 in Brazil. Thalia and Xanthe will bring different parts of the heavens home for your twin girls.

Mythological, Biblical

Zara & Delilah

Zara comes from Arabic origins, meaning “radiance.” It is pronounced ZAHR-aa and can vary from Zahra to Zarah. Zara Dolukhanova was a Soviet Armenian mezzo-soprano known for radio broadcasts during the 1940s-1960s. Zara ranked 2,576th worldwide and #6 in Chad. Zara has all the magic that a “Z” name with ancient roots can give to your new daughter.

Delilah means “delicate” in Hebrew. It is pronounced Dih-LIE-Lah and can appear as Delylah and Delilia. Delilah Gore was a member of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea from 2012 to 2017. Delilah isn’t ranked in the top 40,000 names worldwide and is rare outside of the U.S. Delilah, and Zara both have long histories to bring to your twin girls’ lives.

Pretty, Biblical

Zosia & Sonia

Zosia is a Polish version of the Greek “Sophia,” meaning “wisdom.” It is pronounced Zow-SZHAH and replaces Zofia. Zosia Karbowiak is a Polish singer-songwriter appearing on TV in Poland and Denmark. Zosia is ranked 258th in Poland but is rare elsewhere.

Sonia is the Russian form of “Sophia,” meaning “wisdom.” It is pronounced SAON-Yah and can look like Sonya and Sonja. Sonia Gandhi is an Indian politician and the president of the Indian National Congress. Sonia is ranked 176th worldwide, most popular in Bangladesh. Names for twin girls like Zosia and Sonia can come from the same root yet be totally unique.

Unusual, Traditional
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