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100 Fierce Names That Mean Warrior: Boys & Girls

Give your baby a fierce start in life with one of these names that mean warrior. 

There are many reasons for wanting a strong, warrior baby name for your child. Perhaps you have fought long and hard to become a parent, or your baby struggled to get here. Maybe their path here was easy enough, but they had to fight hard once they arrived.

No matter why you want a fighter, guardian, or protector baby name, we have 100 fabulous names that mean warrior so you can find the one meant for your child.

50 Warrior Names for Boys

We have 50 warrior baby names for boys. Your son will be ready to battle for the life he wants with one of these names leading him.

1. Agnar

Agnar is a Norwegian name meaning warrior.

Agnar Mykle was a Norwegian author. His most well-known work is the 1957 book “The Song of the Red Ruby,” which was banned in Norway when it was first published.

2. Alfonso

A Spanish and Italian name, Alfonso may mean battle or noble and ready.

Alfonso Ribeiro, the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, is also an excellent dancer, winning season 19 of Dancing With The Stars.

3. Alvey

Alvey is an Old English name that means elf battle.

You will see Alvey used as both a first name and a surname. It is a modern form of the much less user-friendly Ælfig.

4. Asim

Asim is an Arabic name that means protector.

The meaning and written form of Asim is different in other cultures. In Turkish, Asim is written with a dotless i, and in Sanskrit, Asim means bottomless, limitless.

5. Blair

Blair comes from the Gaelic word blár, which means plain, field, battlefield.

Blair started out as a surname. So, someone named Robert might be called Robert of the Blar to denote he was famous for his feats on the battlefield. This spelling of Blair can be used for both girls and boys, although you will also see the feminine version spelled Blaire.

6. Cadel

Cadel is a Welsh name that means battle.

Cadel Evans is an Australian cyclist. He began his career as a mountain biker, but after switching to road racing, he won the 2011 Tour de France.

7. Cathán

An Irish name, Cathán means battle.

The “cath” element of Cathán means battle. The “án” is the equivalent of putting an “i.e.” at the end of a name, like Alf being changed to Alfie.

8. Chanda

Chanda is an Indian name that means fierce or passionate in Sanskrit.

The masculine form of this name is चण्ड, while the feminine form is चण्डा, but both are transcribed into the Latin alphabet as Chanda.

9. Clovis

Clovis is a French name meaning glorious in battle.

This name was relatively popular at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, but by the 1950s, it was rarely used. However, it has recently had a resurgence in France.

10. Duncan

Duncan is an anglicized Scottish name from the Gaelic words donn, meaning brown, and cath, which means battle.

Anglicized as Duncan I, Donnchadh mac Crìonain was king of Scotland from 1034 to 1040 and was the inspiration for Shakespeare’s King Duncan in Macbeth. Fans of the fictional Highlander: The Series television show will remember the lead character, who was Duncan MacLeod.

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11. Edmund

An Old English boy’s name, Edmund means rich protection.

The New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay were the first people confirmed to have climbed Mount Everest.

12. Elbrus

Elbrus evolved from the Proto-Iranian Harā Bṛzatī, which means high guard.

Mount Elbrus is a stratovolcano in South West Russia with two peaks. It is the highest point in the Caucasus Mountains and a UNESCO World Heritage property.

13. Evander

Evander evolved from the Old Norse name Ívarr, meaning bow warrior.

Evander Holyfield is the only boxer to win the undisputed championship in two separate weight classes. In 1988, this fierce fighter became World Cruiserweight Champion, and in 1990 he became World Heavyweight Champion.

14. Faris

Faris is an Arabic name that means knight.

Faris is most frequently used in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it was the 32nd most popular name given to baby boys in 2019.

15. Gunnar

Gunnar is from Old Norse, meaning war warrior.

Pronounced GUUN-nahr in Iceland, GOON-nahr in Norway, and GUYN-nar in Sweden, this is an exciting, tough-sounding option for families with Scandinavian heritage.

16. Harvey

Harvey is the English form of the Breton name Haerviu which means battle-worthy.

In 2019, 762 newborn boys were given the name Harvey in the U.S., which makes it the 404th most popular name that year.

17. Ho-jin

Ho-jin is a Korean name that can mean fierce advance.

We’ve said Ho-jin can mean fierce advance because this is the Latin alphabet transcription of the Korean 虎進. However, Ho-jin can be written using different kanji, which would give it a different meaning.

18. Howard

Howard evolved from the Ancient Scandinavian Hávarðr, which means high guardian.

There are several sources for the name Howard. Another is the Ancient Germanic Hughard from the words hug, which means heart, mind, and hard, meaning brave, hardy.

19. Humphrey

The English name Humphrey means peaceful warrior.

Humphrey Bogart was an American actor. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1951 for his starring role in The African Queen.

20. Igor

Igor is a Russian name meaning ancestral warrior.

Igor Sikorsky was an aviation pioneer. He designed the Sikorsky R-4, the first large-scale mass-produced helicopter and the first helicopter used by the U.S. Army Air Forces, U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

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21. Íomhair

Íomhair is an Irish name beginning with I that means warrior with a bow.

Mac Íomhair is an Irish surname that means son of Mac Íomhair. In Ancient Ireland, children were given a surname to denote who their father was. So when the same man named Íomhair had a daughter, her surname would be Nic Íomhair, which means daughter of Nic Íomhair.

22. Jarek

Jarek is a Slavic name that means fierce, strong.

As the short form of names that begin with yaru, Jarek is an option for those who have ancestors with a range of names, including the Polish Jarosław or the Czech Jaroslav.

23. Kemp

Kemp is from the Middle English kempe, meaning brave warrior.

As a word, rather than a name, a kemp was a competition between two young men or two groups of workers. It was usually used to mean a reaping contest between groups of farmworkers.

24. Lorcán

An Irish name, Lorcán means fierce little one.

Saint Lorcán Ua Tuathail was an Archbishop of Dublin who was canonized a mere 45 years after his death in 1180. The English anglicized his name to Saint Laurence O’Toole.

25. Louis

Louis is a French name that means famous battle.

One significant downside of naming your child Louis is the never-ending battle over pronunciation. In France, it is LWEE, in Dutch loo- EE, and in English, it can be either LOO-ee or LOO-is. No matter which pronunciation you settle on, you will always find someone else who disagrees.

26. Ludwig

Ludwig is a German name meaning famous battle.

Ludwig and Louis have the same meaning because they are closely related. Louis is the French version of Ludovicus and Ludovicus is the Latin version of Ludwig.

27. Manpal

Manpal is an Indian name meaning protector of the spirit.

Although listed as an Indian name, it would be more accurate to describe Manpal as a name from India and Pakistan’s Punjab region.

28. Mao

Mao is a name from the Limburg region in Europe, and it means protector.

Limburg is an area in Europe where Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany now meet. Here, the mix of languages produced Mao, which is an abbreviated form of Edmao.

29. Mete

Mete is a Turkish name that means brave hero.

Mete evolved from the Turkish mispronunciation of the name of a Mongolian warrior, Modu. Modu was given the honorific title baghatur, which means hero or valiant warrior.

30. Montford

Montford is an Old English name and means the protector’s ford.

Montford Thomas Johnson was an extremely successful Chickasaw rancher and entrepreneur who was raised by his grandparents after the death of his mother.

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31. Murdock

Murdock is the anglicized form of Murchadh, a Gaelic name meaning sea warrior.

This name is thought to have evolved from Marduk, which was the name of an ancient Mesopotamian god and the patron god of the city of Babylon. People alive in the 1980s likely remember Murdock as a member of the A-Team.

32. Ned

Ned is an Old English name which means guardian of prosperity.

Short for the name Edward, Ned arose as a nickname because in Old English, the phrase mine Ed meaning my Ed was used. The words were squashed together to make Ned.

33. Oliver

Oliver evolved from the Ancient Germani Alfher, meaning elf warrior.

The spelling for Oliver came about because the pronunciation of Alfher sounded similar to the Latin oliva, which means olive tree.

34. Oman

Oman is a Hindi name meaning protector.

The Sultanate of Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. However, here Oman does not have the same meaning and is thought to have come from the Arabic word for settlement or settled people.

35. Pan

Pan is a name from Greek mythology and means shepherd, protector.

The Greek god Pan was a goat from the waist down and a man from the waist up. He was the god of shepherds and their flocks, the wild, and impromptus.

36. Rainer

Rainer is an Ancient Germanic name that means army advisor or deciding warrior.

Rainer Weiss is a physicist who, along with Kip Thorne and Barry Barish, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2017.

37. Ramon

Ramon is a Catalan name meaning advisor, protector.

Ramon was most popular in the United States during the 1970s and 1980s when it was given to roughly 1,000 boys a year. It is now less used, and in 2019 only 326 boys were given the name.

38. Raymond

An English name, Raymond, means protector.

There is a character called Raymond in the game Animal Crossing. He’s a cat in a business suit and glasses. And there is the famous hit television show, Everybody Loves Raymond.

39. Reima

Reima is a Finnish name that means wise protector.

In some parts of Europe, you celebrate your name day, the day of the year associated with your name. In Finland, November 5th is the name day for Reima.

40. Seward

Seward comes from an Old English name meaning victorious guardian.

Sigeweard was an Old English first name that evolved into a surname to denote someone who was a victorious warrior. That surname then became the first name, Seward.

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41. Sigmund

Sigmund is a German name that means victorious protector.

Although the standard pronunciation in English is SIG-mund, the correct German pronunciation is ZEEK-muwnt. Meanwhile, in Sweden, you will hear SEEG-mund, and in Norway, it is SING-muyn.

42. Sivert

Sivert is Swedish in origin and means guardian of victory.

The earliest documented usage of Sivert is in Sweden in 1524. However, it is now more commonly used in Norway.

43. Swithin

Swithin is an Old English name meaning strong warrior.

Saint Swithin was a bishop in Anglo Saxon England. An English legend says that if it rains on St. Swithin’s day, July 15th, it will rain daily for the next 40 days.

44. Tore

Tore is a Scandinavian name that means Thor’s warrior.

The Scandinavian name Tore is not to be confused with the Italian name of the same spelling. In Italy, Tore is short for Salvatore, which means savior.

45. Umberto

An Italian name, Umberto means bright warrior.

In 2018, 169 baby boys were given the name Umberto in Italy, but it was bestowed upon fewer than five boys in the U.S. that year.

46. Vermundo

Vermundo is an archaic Visigothic name meaning true protector.

There is also a Spanish name with the same spelling, but with the meaning of protective bear. Consequently, Vermundo gives you two similar but distinct meanings for the price of one.

47. Ward

Ward is an Old English name that means guard.

Ward was initially an occupational surname given to the civil guards or keeps of the watch. The Irish surname Ward came from the Gaelic Mac an Bháird, which means son of the bard.

48. Warin

Warin is an Ancient Germanic name meaning guard, protect.

A nickname for Warin is not, as you might expect, War, but Wazo. It is unknown how the jump from Warin to Wazo was made.

49. Werner

Werner is a German name that means the defending warrior.

Werner Herzog is a German film director, actor, documentary maker, and screenwriter whose most recent appearance has been in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

50. Wymond

Wymond is an Old English name meaning protect through battle.

Wymond is a name with the same meaning as Wigmond, another Old English name. However, we think that any child called Wigmond is bound to end up being called Wiggy, making Wymond the better option.

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50 Warrior Names for Girls

We have 50 names for the tiny female warrior in your life.

51. Agrona

Agrona is possibly a Celtic name meaning battle, slaughter.

Agrona was a Brythonic goddess worshiped by the Celts in what is now known as Great Britain. Her name comes from the Latin root Agravare, from which we also get aggravation.

52. Alala

Alala is an Ancient Greek name that means war-cry or battle-cry.

In Greek mythology, the barbarian Alala was an attendant of Ares, the god of war. Alala’s war-cry was “Alale alala,” making it an onomatopoeic name.

53. Aldara

Aldara is a Galacian name meaning caution in battle.

Roughly 50 babies are given this warrior girls’ name every year in Spain. However, fewer than five, if any, little girls are named Aldara in the U.S. each year.

54. Alojzia

With Slovakian roots, Alojzia means famous battle.

As well as being a Slovakian name, Alojzia is also considered a Hungarian name. The Slovakian name day for Alojzia is October 23rd, and in Hungary, it is June 21st.

55. Armista

Armista is a Modern English girl’s name meaning an end to battle.

Armista evolved from the armistice, which comes from the Latin words arma, which means arms, and stitium, which means stoppage.

56. Bellona

Bellona is a name from Roman mythology and means to fight.

The ancient Roman goddess of war, Bellona, was usually depicted wearing a military helmet and brandishing a blazing torch while riding into battle in her chariot.

57. Bodil

Bodil is an Old Norse name meaning improve through battle.

Rarely used outside Scandinavia, Bodil is used as both a boys’ name and a girls’ name in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

58. Boriša

Boriša is a Vlach name meaning fighter.

Vlach is a Romanian language spoken by an ethnic group from what is now North Macedonia, southern Albania, southwestern Bulgaria, eastern Serbia, and northern Greece.

59. Borna

A Croatian name, Borna means fight, battle.

Before naming your child Borna, be aware this is also the name of a virus that causes neurological diseases in a variety of mammals.

60. Claremonde

Claremonde is an archaic French name that means bright protector.

The use of the forename Claremonde, also spelled Clairmonde, slowly evolved during the Middle Ages. It also became used as a last name, eventually giving us the surnames Clermont and Clermond.

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61. Ditti

Ditti is a Hungarian nickname turned forename and means fortune or war.

Ditti, pronounced deet-TEE, began as a nickname for girls named Edit, which is pronounced EH-deet in Hungary, where it is the 20th most common name.

62. Editha

Editha is an old French name that means older sister or protector.

A pretty and unusual name, Editha might be suitable for a family with French heritage who is looking for something out of the ordinary but not too strange.

63. Elda

Elda is an Italian name that means battle.

Toward the end of and after World War I, Elda rated as high as 389 in the 1,000 most frequently used names. However, since 1946 it hasn’t ranked at all, so perhaps the time is ripe for a comeback.

64. Forta

Forta is an Albanian name meaning strong or tough.

A cute name from Albania, Forta, may not work as well in the U.S. The top results of a quick Google search of the name were all for a “male enhancement” drug.

65. Gorgo

Gorgo is an Ancient Greek name that means fierce, grim, or terrible.

Gorgo was the name of the Queen of Sparta. Married to King Leonidas I, Gorgo, Queen of Sparta, was known for her wisdom and sound political judgment.

66. Griselda

Griselda is a name from Spanish literature and means grey battle.

Griselda is the name of a New York record label and a crew, both named after Griselda Blanco. Blanco was a Columbian drug lord nicknamed The Cocaine Grandmother.

67. Hariasa

Hariasa is a name from Germanic mythology meaning army goddess or war goddess.

Although scholars agree that Hariasa was a goddess of war, they are divided about her name’s exact definition. While most agree her name means army goddess or war goddess, a few believe her name may mean goddess with much hair.

68. Hedy

A shortened version of the Germanic boys’ name Hedwig, Hedy means battle.

Rather than a nickname, Hedy is a stand-alone name in Estonia. In January 2019, the latest date for which details are available, 69 Estonian women had the name Hedy.

69. Hildegard

Hildegard is another Germanic name and it means battlefield.

From 1908 to 1938, Hildegard was an incredibly popular name in Germany, reaching the number one spot in 1922. However, by 1938 it had dropped to number 17 and the next year fell from the charts entirely.

70. Ingvild

Ingvild is a Norweigen name that means battle.

Ingvild Deila is a Norwegian actress whose most high-profile role was one in which she is not seen. Deila played Princess Leia in Rogue One: A Star Wars story where Carrie Fisher’s face was superimposed upon her body.

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71. Isolde

Isolde is a name from Arthurian romance, meaning ice battle.

The opera Tristan und Isolde, by Richard Wagner, was based on the 12th-century Arthurian romance Tristan. The opera is considered a turning point and a landmark piece in the development of classical western music.

72. Kelsey

Kelsey is an Old English name that means “fierce island.”

Kelsey was initially a surname that was used for people from the town of the same name in Lincolnshire, England.

73. Koa

Koa is a Hawaiian name that means bold, fearless, warrior.

Koa is also a species of tree in Hawaii. The wood from the Koa is tonal and used in ukuleles, acoustic guitars, and Weissenborn-style steel guitars.

74. Louise

Louise is a French name meaning famous battle.

Louise is the French feminine version of Louis, but it has been used as a boys’ name in the U.S. The peak of its male use was 1910, when 39 boys were named Louise.

75. Lutine

Lutine is a French name that means the tormentress who fights.

In 1779, the French Navy launched the warship Lutine. It was captured by the English and renamed the HMS Lutine. In 1799, the Lutine was carrying a large cargo of gold when she sank.

76. Madison

Madison is an English/American name meaning son of Maud. Maud means mighty in battle.

Madison was exclusively a surname before the movie Splash was released in 1984. In the film, when Daryl Hannah’s character is asked her name, she looks around, sees the sign for Madison Avenue, and adopts Madison as her name.

77. Malou

Malou is a Danish name that means rebellious, famous battle.

Malou is used almost exclusively in Denmark and the Netherlands. Consequently, it could be the right choice for the little fighter in a family with Danish or Dutch roots.

78. Marisa

Marisa is a western European name meaning rebel famous for war.

Pronounced ma-REE-sa, to rhyme with Teresa, people with this name often complain it is mispronounced as ma-RISS-er to rhyme with Clarissa.

79. Matilda

Matilda is an English name that means strength in battle.

Roald Dahl wrote the children’s book, Matilda. It tells the story of a little girl of unusual intelligence who discovers she has hidden talents.

80. Maud

A French name, Maud means strength in battle.

Maud is a medieval French version of Matilda. Rarely used after the 14th century, it experienced a brief revival in France during the 1980s.

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81. Monet

Monet is a French name that means fortunate protector.

French painter Claude Monet was the founder of the impressionist movement. The term impressionist came from the name of his painting, Impression, Sunrise.

82. Munda

Munda is an Old Norse name meaning protector.

An ancient name from Scandinavia, Munda can also be seen in the surnames Munduson, which means Munda’s son, and Mundudóttir, which means Mundu’s daughter.

83. Olivia

Olivia is a European name with Ancient Germanic roots. It means elf army.

People often assume that Olivia comes from the name of the Olive tree. However, in reality, it comes from Olivier, which is the French version of the German Alfher.

84. Ouida

Ouida is a manufactured name related to Louise, which means famous battle.

Ouida was an English writer. Her pseudonym came from the mispronunciation of her middle name Louisa. Author Jack London cited Ouida’s novel Signa as one of the reasons for his success.

85. Raksha

Raksha is a fictional name meaning protector.

Raksha is a character in The Jungle Book. She explains her name means nurturer or protector because she is a ferocious warrior who will fight to the death for her cubs.

86. Ramona

A Hungarian name, Ramona means wise protector.

The Ramona series of children’s books tell the story of Ramona Quimby. The fifth novel in the series, Ramona and her Mother, won the 1981 National Book Award.

87. Ritta

Ritta is a Finnish name that means fight, force.

The Finnish name Ritta is different from the Greenlandic name Rîta. Rîta is short for names ending in ita in general, but usually, it is an abbreviated form of Margarita, which means pearl.

88. Rosamund

Rosamund is a Norman name that means protector of horses.

Many places mistakenly list Rosamund as meaning pure rose. This is because the Latin for pure rose is rosa munda.

89. Ruihi

Ruihi is a Maori name and means famous battle.

Although listed as a Maori name, it would be more accurate to say that this is the Maori translation of the English name Louise and not a traditional Maori name.

90. Samaria

Samaria is a Greek name meaning to keep guard from the mountain.

Samaria was the ancient capital city of the Kingdom of Israel during the 9th and 8th centuries BC. The ruins can still be seen six miles to the northwest of the Palestinian city of Nablus.

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91. Satella

Satella is an English name from the Latin satelles, meaning attendant or guardian.

Satella Sharps Waterstone was a teacher, composer, and author from New York. She wrote, among other things, articles about kinder symphonies played on toy instruments.

92. Seron

Seron is a Hungarian name that means fierce brightness.

The name is a feminized version of Charon. In Greek mythology, Charon was the deity that ferried the newly dead across the River Acheron to Hades.

93. Shamira

Shamira is a Hebrew name that means guardian, protector.

In the roleplaying game Pathfinder, Shamira is the name of a demon lord and succubus who rules over the central dark realm.

94. Shiwen

Shiwen is a Chinese name meaning warrior of culture.

Shiwen is the anglicized spelling of Shiwen, which can be written with several different hanzi. The changing of the characters will retain the sound but change the meaning.

95. Sigrid

Sigrid is an Old Norse name meaning beautiful victory.

Popular as a first name in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Sigrid is used almost exclusively as a middle name in Finland.

96. Valve

Valve is an Estonian name that means to guard, to watch over.

Vilvi is also an Estonian girls’ name meaning to guard, watch over, but it has a spelling that doesn’t have a meaning in English.

97. Veerle

Veerle is a Dutch name that means battle.

Pronounced VAYR-lə, Veerle is a modern Dutch name evolved from the much less user friendly and harder to spell Ancient Germanic name Pharaildis.

98. Veli

Veli is a Turkish name that means guardian.

Veli is also used in Estonia and Finland, making it a suitable warrior or guardian baby name for those with families from any of these countries.

99. Vigita

Vigita is a Lithuanian name meaning war, battle.

Vigita also has a variety of meanings in Sanskrit. First, it means contradictory and inconsistent, then it could be sung badly or sung differently, and finally, it means abused, censured, or reproached.

100. Xosha

Xosha is a variation on Xhosa, which means fierce or angry.

Xosha Roquemore is an American actress who is best known for her roles as Tamra in The Mindy Project and Jo-Ann in the movie adaptation of Precious.

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Your Little Warrior

It doesn’t matter whether you have a child you want to become a warrior or one who has already proved to be a little fighter.

If your family has a military past or members who are currently in the military, there are warrior, protector, and fighter names aplenty on our list.

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